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Painting/whateverthehellyouareworkgon thread!

post em and please no fighting, had to delete the last due to a raging tripfriend.

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WIP bike for my warboss

really don't know what the hell I'm doing with it color wise other than the grot/squig

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looking good, can't wait to see that boss go on there.

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That is so sick. Fucking orks mang.

The lure is strong.

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I'm currently working on scratch-building Trukks for my boys. It's a skeleton for now, but it's getting there

Note: this is oldish, I've done work since it but I'm moving house and as such, it's safely packed away

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Stop now

buy plasticard
Measure again
then cut

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That is plasticard anon...

I thought the idea of making an ork trukk was that I couldn't really get it wrong during to the shit being basically a ramshackle of bits anyway?

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>Scratchbuilding Ork vehicles
>Actually measuring your materials

You have the right of it. If it doesn't look right afterwards, throw more bitz on it until it does.

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KoB Line Infantry for Dystopian Legions.
Production lining, go!

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here's a Skink Priest that I Converted. He aint finished, but he's getting there.

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here's my Blood Ravens Sergeant. I Still haven't Washed it in Black ink, or fixed the Highlights.

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My Old Chaos Lord/Exalted Hero

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Another angle

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The Sword isn't finished, I'm still not sure on what to do with it...

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Seam lines everywhere.


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Thanks, solid advice right there.

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As far as I see there's not a goddamn thing wrong with the "no" option in that pic

Also, quit'ya'bitchin it's not meant to be pretty, it's a trukk, the thing is there to blow up horrible and fling boys out like a poorly made Christmas cracker

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Not meant to be pretty and functionally stupid are two different things

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Hey guys, quick question: Is there a good chemical for dissolving glue without destroying the model? There's a horribly painted Defiler for fifteen bucks on my FLGS's used shelf, and I've been looking for one to play around with to try and make a bipedal one. The paint'll come off with Simple Green, but I'm not sure if it's possible to get the thing taken back apart--I'm not sure if it's superglue or plastic. Anyone know of any reliable methods?

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As stated, the things a skeleton for now. Yes, a engine is being made to go in the back, yes wheels are being added, a pill box on top has been made, if what you're worryin about is it'll look like a bunch of nonsensical stuff thrown together without thought, then no, that's not the case. However, like a Mek, as I'm going through if a though comes to mind that I think "oh shit yea, that'd look nifty/be cool" then I'm gonna add it. It's meant to look like a canvass that had one too many painters, with each their own idea of what the picture should look like

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Acetone/nail-polish remover works on super glue, I always wash my hands with it after deal with the glue (masseuse by trade, can't have that shit on my hands) and it comes right off.

As for the effects it'd have on the plastic....I have no idea

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>acetone on plastic

It's like you're firing real meltaguns at the models!

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Does anyone have EMPEROR_I_AM_MELTING.jpg? That's all I can think of right now.

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just finished painting my trygon, gotta make the base for it now :)

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damn nigga, those some good highlights
what colors did you use to blend up to that blue on the ends of the talons

>> No.23103032

its blended twice. first with hawk turquoise, then again with a 1,5:1 mix of hawk turquoise and skull white

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I asked this in a previous thread, but it got derailed by shit talking and explosions: I just picked up some washes to try out on a ten man squad of robed cultists. The robes are pure black with Codex Grey highlights, and since I want them to look clean I figured Nuln Oil (formerly Badab Black, I believe) would be the best to use. Two things: first, do I apply the wash evenly over the whole model, or just into the crevasses? Second, every cultist has a hood; would the Nuln Oil give a shadowed look to the face or is it best to stick with a flesh wash?

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I would apply the wash over the whole model and yes, even in the face. Just add some fleshy highlights where they're supposed to be and it'll look good.

>> No.23103432

if they are black with grey highlights, then I don't think the nuln oil is gonna help.

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They've got belts and holsters and buttons too, so that's really what needs the definition. I figured Devlan Mud would look a little too dirty; I know it won't be super-vibrant on the folds of the robes.

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