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Previous Thread:

"Hey, Liz?"


"I'm worried about this archmage thing. I want to spend a lot of time practicing and preparing in the next few days. I'll try to watch your back, but I want us to be ready."

"Thanks, Max," she says, leaning her head on your shoulder. "I'm glad you're protecting me."

You decide to take a nap for the rest of the ride up. You want to be nice and fresh when you get to the school. Liz doesn't get up off your shoulder, so you expect she has a similar idea.

You're not sure how much longer you're asleep, but you feel when the bus jerks to a stop. It's grown silent, and lots of people are looking out the window. You seem to be at the top of a narrow mountain path, a small, rough hole split into the rock face the only hint of anything out of the ordinary.

"Wakey wakey," says Dane, leaning in and shaking both you and Liz by the shoulder. "We're here."

What do you do?

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Snap his dick

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Wake up, stretch, wake up Liz. Then get our stuff, say hi to Lin, ask about her plans for where she's staying, if she's joining any societies, and walk with Liz and Lin to where we're going.

>> No.23091318

Give a Liz a peck on the cheek and get off the bus. Maybe ask Lin if she wants to room with you and Liz or something.

There isn't really much one can do in this situation, is there?

>> No.23091334

Penatrate the hole

>> No.23091335

Make sure to ask Dane about Lotus house. Like if they all stay in a mansion or if there are dorms they claimed as their territory or something.

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No earnibbling ? that was the best part...

Okay, then grab our bags and get off the bus. Try to avoid bumping into unfriends.

>> No.23091351

What do we know about the campus? Ask about it while we walk.

>> No.23091354

tickle her awake

>> No.23091365

Take a moment to get a good look at the other first years, try to size them up

>> No.23091378

Can that strength-increasing mojo be turned outwards instead? Make ourselves seem a little stronger or more solid the moment we step off the bus, keep it up indefinitely?

Just wondering if there was a way to keep from looking like a target amongst all the new students in this busload. We can mellow out when we are out of the limelight.

Other then that, get with the ladyfriends and get down.
>get down meaning off the bus.
>any other getting down will wait.
and pester Dane for details on how things work.

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'Accidentally' grope Dane's crotch or butt when we get off the bus.

>> No.23091408

Wake Liz & get offa da bus.

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Hey FemCOCK maybe add a section to the statsheet for notable spells and abilities?

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Get of the bus, grab bags, find place where to sleep. Do not sleep.

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Sounds good. Seconded

>> No.23091449

I will if you ever enchant yourself with something or build a focus or something. Magic in this setting is mostly freeform, presuming you have the skill to cast it, rather than having specific spells.

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Can someone give me a quick rundown on why this quest is rated so popularly?

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Life is freeform. A lot of people *can* build a nuke, few people know actually how to make a single component.

>> No.23091534

It's about a half-incubus dickgirl going to a dodgy school of magic.

It draws people in with equal parts porn and a surprisingly interesting setting.

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I just went to bathroom and something crossed my mind.

Does this whole thing mean that we're among the 64 most promising potential wizards of the year ?
That's something.

Are the first years all 16 years old ?
Is there other schools ?

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Enchant yourself with a slight "you don't want to risk fucking with me" kind of aura. Giving the impression that you're not an easy target, whilst still not overly standing out.

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Rolled 97

I came for the porn. I stayed for the wizards. And the wizard porn too I guess.

>> No.23091600

No, don't do that. I don't want to make him expect that kind of things from us.

To be more precise, I only want to fuck pretty girls. Or maybe traps.
But certainly not older men.

>> No.23091613

addendum: a "you don't want to risk fucking with me, but you do want to be fucked by me" kind of aura.

>> No.23091633

He's 20 at most...

It's cause he's black, isn't it. Check yer privilege

>> No.23091653

Do you mean why is it high up? New thread.
Do you mean why we like it? Hawt Porn and Magic.

>> No.23091673

20 to 16 is too much for me if there's no love.

And I'm no racist : I'm perfectly willing to fuck Lin. So there.

>> No.23091686

He's probably referring to the fact that the quest threads get 20+ votes on sup/tg/.

>> No.23091692

Not the other anon, but somehow I didn't catch that Dane was black.

Fuck sweet, Afro Samurai is our mentor.

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You know what would be a really cool quest?
You're a 3edgy5me serial killer trapped in a world where furries and humans live together.

>> No.23091723

So does SWQ and all its derivatives. Doesn't say much for the quality.

>> No.23091730

I can't be the only one who's holding out hope for a hot girl amongst the Dextra firsties, whom we can turn from her racist ways to the one true path of Max's dick.

>> No.23091766

So we cleanse the world of furries? I can dig it.

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"So, what should we be expecting in there?" you ask Dane as you start shouldering up your bags.

"Well, first, don't get disoriented. It's bigger on the inside. Way bigger," he cautions you. "After that, you'll get a room and a random room mate - you're going to want to find your own place as soon as possible, though. It's the size of a city in there, and most of it is abandoned. Find a good place to turn into your base, start setting up wards, and keep its location as secret as possible."

"Is that what you did?"

"Yeah, it is. As far as I know, nobody knows where it is, not even the head of the Lotus. You'll probably spend a few nights in your assigned room with your room mate, but once you find a good enough place and prepare it sufficiently, get out."

"So it's a bad idea to have room mates?" asks Liz.

"Absolutely. Who's in a better position to kill you in your sleep? Even if you trust someone, it's a bad idea to trust them in your sanctum. Even if you trust them absolutely, mind control is still something to consider. Always be on your guard."

You wouldn't have expected Dane to be so paranoid. Maybe he's right.

You all walk into the cave entrance, and you're struck by the sight. It really is enormous. Towers and bridges, ancient and modern, intact and ruined. The entire cavern system is dark save for lanterns and other lights. It looks like it goes on - and down - for miles. There's a plaza before you with a man with a grey beard at a table.

What do?

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Approach plaza, but don't be the first or last one there. We don't want to stand out from the crowd just yet.

>> No.23091977

Go to the greybeard

>> No.23091998

Damn. Let's approach the plaza, blend into the crowd, keep Liz and Lin close, see what the old man has to say. Honestly I'm wondering if we should even bother going to our assigned room unless we coincidentally are rooming with Liz.

>> No.23092008


so is there illusion magic?

>> No.23092103

Is it possible this school was started with noble intentions and over time devolved into the backstabbing battle royale that it is now?

>> No.23092113

Did we ever find out why people want to kill each other so much?

Also, approach the guy with the grey beard.

>> No.23092127

This one looks good.

>> No.23092132

Maybe, but that seems unlikely. Anyone with half of a braincell would know if you offer lots of power and restrict the number of people who can have access to it you're going to have backstabbing. This place is tailor made for the battle royale.

>> No.23092140

Sure, good a theory as any.

>> No.23092198

Walk right up to beardfag and snap his neck.

>> No.23092216

" sup, Gandalf"

If people this we're a thug, they'll be stupid when they attack us.

>> No.23092219

You walk out into the plaza with the group of people. The older students walk right past the table without so much as a pause. Everyone else lines up - you overhear building and room numbers. You think that each of the students are being assigned their room designations.

When you finally make it up to the front, the gray-bearded man asks you, "Name?"

"Max Power."

"Ah. Hmmm. Says here you can either take a room in the female dorms or a room in the dormitory for students with special personal needs."

"Special needs?" you ask, slightly insulted.

"Yes, for students with dangerous or otherwise disruptive natures. Burning skin, sleep-telepaths, unusual or disturbing physiology, that sort of thing. It doesn't list your specific condition - that's confidential. So, it's up to you - which assignment do you want?"

Well, which do you want? Or do you just fuck that and walk off into the school to try to find your own place without using your assigned room as a base camp for exploration?

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Special needs room. Lets play the odds and see if we can get freaky with a goo girl

>> No.23092248

Special is more likely to keep us among others who hate the anti-demon guys. Do that.

>> No.23092254

Let's not go to the special personal needs ones. The people there are likely to be less stable, and less stable means more stabby.

Take the female dorms, though we'll move out ASAP, having an official place is a good idea.

Take the female dorm and ask who we'd be rooming with.

>> No.23092256

>You wouldn't have expected Dane to be so paranoid. Maybe he's right.
There's an easy way to ascertain that.
Among the 64, 32 are chosen. How many are left beyond those ?

At the very least, we have a 50% chance not to get killed.
And the goal shouldn't be to be unkillable, but to be a more difficult target than some others.

>> No.23092267

Female dorms.

If we're lucky we might get a half decent roommate, can't hurt to get the assignment even if we ignore it.

>> No.23092282

Rolled 50

Take the female dorms and room up with liz

>> No.23092286

Hmm. On the one hand, special needs will help us establish a power base. On the other hand, female dorms.

Eh, special needs. We're moving out of either soon anyway.

>> No.23092290

And Dane is in the round of 8, so he's got his shit together.

>> No.23092293

We won't have to be there long. Let's take a gamble with a special needs roommate.

>> No.23092296

Special rooms. we should try to meet some new demons and stuff. finding a budding necromancer would be totally tits

>> No.23092297

I'm for female.

>> No.23092298

Female dorms. I can see the Right Handers going on a first day purge of the special dorms. Let's avoid that if at all possible. Choosing those dorms makes us into a target and makes us stand out in a bad way.

>> No.23092308

It's randomly assigned. We have something like a 2% chance of being with liz in there.

>> No.23092309

>he people there are likely to be less stable, and less stable means more stabby.
No. Here, being stabby is the rational thing. Irrational people might be more agreeable.

But that's a moot point. Special needs means more fun.

I'm worried about Liz though.

>> No.23092314


We could go the special dormitory but I don't mind taking female dorm temporary.

The most importing thing is that we need to find our own secret home/love shack.

>> No.23092316

Even if we take the female dorms, we might not get a room with Liz, fantastic though it would be. We should get contact info to make sure we can keep in touch with her.

>> No.23092358

Rolled 23

Female dorms. Roll to bunk with Liz.

>> No.23092359

Check to see if cell phones work here.

Keep contact with Liz if they do.

>> No.23092380

Your room mate is picked at random, in case I wasn't clear. Even if you pick the female dorms, you probably don't get Liz.

>> No.23092384

>2% chance
More like 3%. If there are a high number of special needs kids, maybe even 4%.

>> No.23092387

Damn you dice gods!

>> No.23092401

Then change me to the special dorms.

>> No.23092414

In that case, the special dorms.

>> No.23092436

Can we just switch rooms ? Are the repartition enforced by someone ?
There's also the chance of bunking with Lin.

Nonetheless, special needs is excting, voting for this.

>> No.23092554

Rolled 15

/tg/ dice are strange sometimes, you never really know

>> No.23092591

Special rooms then

>> No.23092618

Special dorms, for fun.

Also, I wonder if we'll ever become more incubus in appearance. Or maybe Inc and Suc look normal?

>> No.23092639

Well, Dale advised us to seek alternate housing anyways, so we should go for special dorms and then begin looking for a sanctum at our earliest opportunity.

>> No.23092647

> become more incubus in appearance

>> No.23092670


>> No.23092679

"I'll go with the special dorms," you say after a little bit of internal deliberation. You wait around long enough to trade room information with Lin and Liz and for Lin to trade her contact information with you and Liz. Then you set out, following the vague instructions to try to get to the dorm and your room.

After about a solid hour of getting lost and searching, you finally find it. It's built into the still-intact lower levels of a tower whose roof has collapsed. In the dorm, there are students who are, to put it lightly, unusual. A girl with green skin and hair the texture of grass, a student with a giant head being wheeled around by an aid, a student with fire instead of hair wearing a fireproof pair of shorts - including body hair, based on the flames on his forearms and legs - and even a student with a fish-like face walking around in what looks like a scuba suit feeding him water.

You find the right numbered room and open it on up with the key you had been given. There's someone in the room. It's a blonde boy, lithe, maybe a little skinny, and not much taller than you. He's wearing a fitted t-shirt and a pair of pajama pants and lying in one of the two beds in the room. He's reading the intro to magic book.

"Hey, are you my roomie?" he asks, setting aside the book and giving you a relaxed smile.

"Yeah, I think so," you say, setting down your bags. "My name is Max."

"Sam," says the boy, still just relaxing.

What do you do?

>> No.23092714

[x] female dorms

at-least we can stay in touch with her.
though if she is picked to be a magi candidate i doubt her mates will permit her to talk to us again.

better find other trustworthy maidens.

>> No.23092718

What you in for?

>> No.23092732

>seeming normal boy

You can't fool me! It's a male succubus!

Fuck it!

>> No.23092751

with our penis

>> No.23092754

join a group yet? what do you think about all of this ? any idea how we get classes?

so this is weird to say but why you over in the special dorms?

>> No.23092756

I was going to say the exact same thing as >>23092718

We need to figure out if we're about to die when the dickening ensues.

>> No.23092760


>> No.23092770

make friends at the least.

Create one more person in our level who would hesitate before even thinking of trying to snuff us out

All the basic "hey, I am max, how are you, why did they stick you in here" etc, etc. Don't slap him around with the Wizard Stick or anything at this time. Be a little cagey if asked what got us put in special dorms.

>> No.23092777

He's half succubus and has a pussy. Calling it.

>> No.23092780

We need to water the grass girl, with our dick.

Sit down on our bed, stretch.

"Nice to meet you Sam, I'm Max. You know any more about this place than I do?

So, how'd you end up in this dorm?"

>> No.23092789

Is this quest being archived? Anyone got links?

>> No.23092792


Ask him what kind of magic he is currently reading about.

>> No.23092799

I already posted my suggestion tripless, but have you filtered me FemCock? I remember you threatened to last night.

>> No.23092805

At first glance, I must say that I'm impressed by your cool demeanor. I can't shake off a feeling of dread myself.
Do you know a lot about this school ?

>> No.23092811

Introductions & chit-chat. Hometowns, backgrounds, thoughts of the school, what you're in for, etc.

>> No.23092815


Organize our important belongings as though we were planning a hike/urban exploration.

Once we figure out how we know when to go to class and shit, we are getting the hell up out of here and finding our own place.

>> No.23092821

and giant-head is either going to be super-powered level or picked off early by someone. Be careful around that one.

>> No.23092825


most likely its that psycho's brother.


>> No.23092828

Hes a cuntboy, calling it now.

>> No.23092840

I kinda hope he isn't. I want to cross some swords.

>> No.23092843

>It's a blonde boy, lithe, maybe a little skinny, and not much taller than you.
Is he pretty ?

>> No.23092862

>Those golden locks

>> No.23092872

Uh guys, doesn't taking a special needs room mean that we are much further from Liz and will be unable to protect her for the first few days of school? Dane said that the first week is the most dangerous. I imagine first week is especially dangerous for someone trying to join the fasttrack to archmage club as they only take a member at the end of week one of classes, so she will be groupless and isolated for a whole week, minimum.

Secondly, isn't living here without obvious unique appearance going to mark us out to the demon killer assholes?

>> No.23092894

Yes on both of those counts. I said it was a terrible idea when I voted against it earlier, and now we're going to have to suffer the consequence. We need to move out and bring Liz with us within a day or two at most.

>> No.23092895

"Nice to meet you, Sam," you say, sitting down on your own bed. "Why are you so cool? I find this pretty foreboding."

"I got here a few days ago. I'm starting to get comfortable with it."

"You interested in anything in particular?"

"Oh, you know. This and that."

"Where are you from?"

"Manchester. You?"

"New York. Got any friends? Family?"

"Just my mum back home. You?"

"Same. Single mother. What got you landed here in the special dorms? You don't look so odd."

"I would... Rather not say. It's nothing too dangerous, but it should be obvious sooner or later. I'll tell you if you insist, but I would rather leave it for now," he says.

What do you do?

>> No.23092905

Yes, that's why we're finding a little corner of the world to hide away in right after we fuck this half-succubus.

>> No.23092915

We address those concerns by getting out of this living arrangement ASAP, same with Liz. We can find a place to stick together for the first week and then go our separate ways a bit if she gets into the Society.

>> No.23092920

No, I haven't. I've started to find your suggestions to snap necks funny as you've become increasingly creative with them.

>> No.23092931

please don't turn this like fantasy quest. please don't turn this like fantasy quest. please don't turn this like fantasy quest.

>> No.23092933

"Oh? Well do you want to see why I'm here?"
Show him our dick, and he'll show us his.

>> No.23092934

ill show you mine if you show me yours ;)

>> No.23092937

EAST SIDE NIGGA got a chuckle out of me

>> No.23092938

Get insistent. "I have no secrets" and whip out the dong.

>> No.23092941

Rolled 71

Girl Dorms and Rolling to bunk with Liz

>> No.23092951

"I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours."

>> No.23092956

We shouldn't let them know we're here. And according to Dane's explanations, the first year is more dangerous to them than it is to us.

I am worried about Liz, thougg. Send her a text, tell her we're with a blonde lithe boy, and that if she doesn't see us tomorrow, that's the one she'll have to kill in revenge. Ask her how it's going for her.

>> No.23092963



Our current plan is to move OUT asap, though.

Being in the special needs place is a double-edged sword: Plus! It means we're located AWAY from all the backstabbing fucks of our gender. Minus! We're consolidated around other people that might be Extra Special Targets For Competition.

I think our current plan is to take an Introductory Accomodation AWAY from most of the chaos, and just go hang out with liz - hopefully HER roommate goes out and we can move in.

>> No.23092968

Respect his privacy, if he feels that way.

Now is not the time to whip it out.

Ask him what he's reading now.

>> No.23092983

Seconding this

>> No.23092988

Keep asking him as the night goes on. IF he still refuses look in his pants when he goes to sleep.

Aww yiss <3

>> No.23092991


Even I love to whip it out but I must agreed with this anon.

>> No.23092993

As long as it doesn't become obvious in a threatening way for me, I'm okay with secrets.

Observe him more attentively. Is he a bit too hairy ? Too pale ?

>> No.23092995

Nigga you supah slow.

We're fine with that. Ask him if he's got any advice.

>> No.23093017

Don't just whip out our dick, offer to tell him why we're here if he does the same. It's the sane option.

And get some basic exercise in ask ask him about the school, any interesting places he's seen, any people to keep an eye on.

>> No.23093020

>Aww yiss <3

:D :D :D

>> No.23093048


at least this quest will have a room in, if moot finally creates a /gay/ board

>> No.23093079

Let's not piss of our roommate, yeah? Either offer to swap information for information or just wait. Because ours is likewise going to become fairly quickly obvious. From the morning wood, if nothing else.

>> No.23093107

Start working on the enchantment chapters.
Don't whip out our dick.

>> No.23093139

Thats what I was thinking.

I also dont get why went special dorms. Seems like that would paint a big ol target on our back.

Whatever, just leave him to his shit and go find either Liz or some good territory to claim.

>> No.23093156

Whatever happened to that quest anyways?

>> No.23093157

>I also dont get why went special dorms. S

I agree here. It seems most of the thread wanted girl ones.

>> No.23093177

>I agree here. It seems most of the thread wanted girl ones.

and then like, last minute people speaking up just decided for everyone.

Come on, fuck, everyone wanted the ladyboner smack dab in the middle of the hunting grounds for.... things. and making people like us.

>> No.23093178

"If that's the way you want it, I'll leave mine private for now too," you say, shrugging. "I'm happy to share, but only if we're both sharing."

He shrugs - he doesn't really seem to mind at all. "I don't suppose you've joined a prestige society yet," he states, though you think he's really asking you a question.

"I have, actually," you say. "The Lotus."

That gives him pause. "Look like you got started early. I'm thinking of joining the Four Pillars."

"Who are they?"

"Western elementalists. Lots of raw power, mostly sorcery and alchemy. Seems good for survival and fundamentals. Also considering the Walkers - they're conjurers with a focus on teleportation and dimensional manipulation."

"Huh. Any reason for them?"

"Can't trap a walker. Anyway, I'm going to get back to studying, if you don't mind. It's nice meeting you, Max."

"You too, Sam."

Well, it's late night, or early morning, but you're still relatively fresh from your nap on the bus. Do you do anything here at the school tonight, or do you go to sleep?

>> No.23093208

Because we felt adventurous.

Also, it's actually safer here, I think. The demonshunters won't attack here, and netiher will the ambitious normals.

>> No.23093211

Call up Liz and demand a phone sex session..

Make no effort to hide from Sam. No shame. No fear.

>> No.23093212

read read read no time to waist

>> No.23093216

Explore. We're actually reasonably safe, the only people who'll go after us are other first years and I'm pretty sure we can rip their throat out with our bare hands.

We need to find a safehouse that we can use and somewhere to stay out of the way, and also to have wild crazy sex in.

>> No.23093217

>Do you do anything here at the school tonight

Findlizfindlizfindlizfindliz. make sure she's not getting ganked.
Look for upperclassman to talk too! there's no reason we make friends and meet people, since THEY don't have any reason to compete with us... and we may be able to pick up some neat tricks just by pretending to be new.

>> No.23093222

Ask Sam if he wants to study with us.

Study Enchantment, or if Sam is already reading something else, join him if wants us to.

>> No.23093230

Put on our skimpiest clothes and start working out, practicing our chi moves independently.

Make sure Sam gets good view of our bulge.

>> No.23093247

Work on our enchantments.

Also, text liz. Tell her about the boy who might kill us tonight, and asj how it goes for her.

>> No.23093251

No, don't reveal our secret without getting his as well. For fuck's sake.

>> No.23093256

Study, then go through the tai chi forms(fully clothed)

>> No.23093259

Oh god this. Pushup handstands with halfmast wang straining against the fabric. Bending over to show him the toned ass and flash dem abs.

>> No.23093268

Start exploring. Use Parkour skillz to reach difficult areas in attempt to find good hiding spot.

Send Liz a text to make sure she's alright.

>> No.23093282

Who says that's not what we're doing? We need to get his mangina quivering in anticipation.

>> No.23093288

Find Pierre, bend him over a table.
Fuck the crazy out of him.

>> No.23093290

Now that we've read a bit about the four categories, can you tell us more about what sorcery, enchantment, alchemy and the fourth one do ?

>> No.23093306

No you fucking idiots. What's the point of just spilling our secret to every goddamn schmuck we meet?

>> No.23093312

We need to explore and find a better place to live.

>> No.23093317

Stop being dumb. We have no clue what it is, you're making a stupid assumption about what it is, we can't trust him in the least, and you're giving away our secret without any benefit to us.

Leave him to his business, explore.

>> No.23093329

>Is this quest being archived? Anyone got links?
I'd also like to know, if anyone has them.

>> No.23093330

>What's the point

Dick. Our dick is the point.

>> No.23093332

Finding out his so we don't wind up with a sleep-pyromancer burning our eyebrows off.

>> No.23093337

Sorcery manipulates energy - heat, kinetic energy, raw arcane energy, and so on.

Alchemy manipulates matter - transforming, reshaping, and imbuing with enchantments.

Enchantment manipulates minds - emotions, thoughts, memories, and perception.

Conjuration manipulates space - teleportation, summoning, and weird spatial manipulations.

>> No.23093340



has same word as my favorite tv show too...

>> No.23093349


>> No.23093355

Walker... Texas Ranger?

We could have been Norris.

>> No.23093366

Because conjurers blow

>> No.23093369


If you wanted to find out we should have fucking said "I'll tell you yours if you tell me mine". But stop trying to whip our your dick at every fucking opportunity no matter how dumb. We're in backstab central, not fluffy kitten land.

>> No.23093371

We have no reason to be open, lets play it cautious.

After all, The Dick is best served cold.

>> No.23093399

Perhaps spend a little time going around to meet the other "freaks" just to try and make a positive impression and feel out their specific abilities? And while doing that we can get a glance around the immediate area for preliminary locations.. probably not places for Us to build a secret hideaway, but where others might.

>> No.23093410

and then hit the books.

With our brain, not a demonic member.

>> No.23093416

>Sam and Max
It took me way too fucking long to catch that.

>> No.23093418

Why the fuck would he bother telling us his secret when we've just practically waved ours in his face with no provocation? This is a school where people kill each other off for little or no reason. Why should you expect anything resembling honor?

>> No.23093423

Do a little exploring. Learn the area around our dorm and find our way to the female dorm if we can.

>> No.23093450

>Sam and Max

>> No.23093472


not browsing /cm/ /hm/
what are you straight?

>> No.23093492

You pull out your phone and toss Liz a text.

"Blnd guy frm manchester roomy. If i die he did it. U ok?"

She texts back almost immediately.

"My room mate is South African, black. She seems trustworthy, but if I die, know that she specializes in summoning and controlling spirits. We should find somewhere safer soon."

Wow, she types like she's actually trying to write something. Well, you decide that now is as good of a time as any to do a little exploring. You head out of the dorm and start walking around, trying to get a good idea of the layout around this dorm and of a path to the female dorms.

Roll Mind to start exploring and learning the place's layout. I'll take the best of the first two rolls.

>> No.23093494

Unless we're fucking that student who was on fire. They probably don't like the cold much.

>> No.23093506

Rolled 34

Fuck you, dicebot.

>> No.23093508

Rolled 67

Can we use our Parkour skills to help? It's good for spatial awareness and finding routes.

>> No.23093518

Rolled 17


>> No.23093522


the walking dead actually...

>> No.23093526



>> No.23093545

New episode soon, fellow viewer!

>> No.23093555

We played to our existing strengths. None of the other ones we've heard of match us any better.

>> No.23093565

Rolled 40


Better for snapping necks than teleportation. Besides, conjuration is our worst fucking stat.

>> No.23093577

How angry do you think they'll be if we skip to another club?

>> No.23093585

Rolled 20

Rolling for the Library! After Finding Liz of course.

>> No.23093588



>> No.23093590

You get lost. You wander around for a long time, completely lost, before you retrace your steps and find your way back to the dorm. By this point, you actually are feeling tired, so you head on back in to your room. Sam is asleep in bed, so you ditch all but your underwear and crawl into yours. You're asleep pretty quickly.

You're woken up by your phone buzzing on your night stand. You still feel fucking tired. You're not sure how long you've been asleep.

What do you do?

>> No.23093595

>implying Im not perfectly content with being the Hidden Dragon of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

>> No.23093600

Hey, hey, hey. It's exactly as bad as Sorcery. Which is also really bad for you.

>> No.23093607

Answer the phone?

>> No.23093612

Answer that shit and grumble out a greeting.

It's probably Max's mother.

>> No.23093621

Rolled 33


>> No.23093628

Alarm? Text? Call?

>> No.23093637

Check phone. If Sam's still asleep try to catch a peek under the hood.

Well excuuuuuuse me for having a hard time seeing the 1 pixel light-blue on white.

>> No.23093639


Why I'm thinking about them...


Answer the phone despite being tired.

>> No.23093642

Answer the phone. Liz might be in trouble!

>> No.23093643

see who it is caller id then answer?

>> No.23093645

>implying Max knows what a library looks like

>> No.23093651


>> No.23093660

Answer. As in, right the fuck now.


>> No.23093676

Some brotips for you:
- Click 'update' at the bottom of the page before you post. You be slowpokan' like a muthafucka.
- Stop rolling with noko on. Those are usually ignored since it's annoying to check their authenticity.

>> No.23093711

You fumble for your phone and talk into it without getting up. "H'lo?"

"I expected you to call me last night to tell me you got to Romania safely," you hear your mother say on the other end of the phone.


"Sorry, mom. I forgot again."

You hear her sigh. "You're making me worried. Why do you keep forgetting to keep me in the loop?"

"Sorry, mom. Been busy meeting people and moving into my dorm and stuff."

"You've been making friends, then?"

"Yeah, a few."

"And how's the school?"

"Scary. Old."

"I'm sure you'll do fine. You sound tired. I'll let you get back to sleep. I love you, sweetheart."

"I love you too, mom."

Then you close your phone and put it back on your night stand. You still feel tired, but it feels like it will take you forever to fall asleep. You find your mind wandering to Liz. You're pretty horny.

What do you do?

>> No.23093729

Explore again

>> No.23093733

mah nigga

second fave is spartacus, though really sad its ending this year.

>> No.23093742

Peek at Sam, see if we woke him.

Then watch him sleep, creepily

>> No.23093747


>Blnd guy frm manchester roomy. If i die he did it.

>> No.23093752

Ask Max if he wants to spend some time with you and Liz. Maybe try to set him up with Lin. Double dates!

>> No.23093764

Fap on Sam, pretend we don't know what happened when he wakes up the next day.

>> No.23093767

Hold back until we can cum in her mouth.

If we can't sleep go for a walk again. Explore some more, we ought to do better this time.

>> No.23093771

Send her a text arranging for a meeting point, so that we can get there first thing in the morning.

I just got back in the loop and I have to say, I'm not enthused that you people let us get separated from the one person we SORT OF trusted, even knowing full well how cut-throat the place is. YOU DON'T. SPLIT. THE PARTY.

>> No.23093780


>> No.23093783

We are Max and we can't trust Sam.

>> No.23093784


If we are still tired, try to keep on sleeping. We need all the sleep that we can get. If we are too horny then we should go to the toilet and release our need.

>> No.23093789

Double dates implies that we won't fuck ALL OF THEM.

In the meantime, go explore, maybe send Liz a text to see if she's asleep. If not, it's descartes time.

>> No.23093794

you are max

>> No.23093795

We're Max, he's Sam. And no, find Liz and bang her brain out.

>> No.23093797

This for shizzle

>> No.23093798

Go back to sleep. Finding a safe haven here in Magical Murder School is going to take a bit of energy.

>> No.23093807

No, you idiot. You fold Lin into the harem before trying to hook her up with someone.

>> No.23093809

Shit I got them mixed up.

>> No.23093815

I hear you, all the more reason we need to explore and find good locations, the sooner we can move ourself and Liz out of the dorms the better.

>> No.23093824

No, that's retarded. Let's not go burning bridges with our roommate on the first night we're here.

I agree, it was dumb to choose these dorms, so the only thing we can do is find a new place as soon as possible.

>> No.23093829

Then we fold the person we've hooked her up with into the harem too.

Unlimited Dick Works.

>> No.23093863

And then all of their friends that we want to fuck. Later, we "begrudgingly" allow the ones we're uninterested in into the fold as bait for the ones we brought in, to do what we ask. Use them like tasty slabs of meat to get our favorite pets to dance on their back legs.

Then we fuck them all. Some passionately, some like pigs, and some to make them feel loved. Our dick will shape the world.

>> No.23093893

leave sam alone and explore the shit out of the school city to find ya crib

>> No.23093898

>Unlimited Dick Works.
That...that doesn't fit at all. We're not even creating any dicks yet!

>> No.23093906

You decide to get up. You've got massive morning wood, but you decide not to masturbate with Sam in the room - at least not yet. You pull on some athletic clothes real quick that should be fine for running or fighting in, then slip out the door. You're going to explore some more. You toss Liz a text to see if she's up, but you don't get a response.

Roll Mind for exploring. I'll take the best of the first two rolls.

>> No.23093909

You sir are a visionary.

and speaking of potential conquests, we need to look out for that grass girl before she disappears off to some hidden base. A healthy girl like Max will be up for eating vegetarian once in a while, I'd wager.

>> No.23093921

Rolled 74

Here we go again.

>> No.23093924

Rolled 16

Do we get a bonus for having explored already? Do we get a bonus for using parkour?

>> No.23093927

Rolled 69


>> No.23093931

Rolled 79


>> No.23093933

Rolled 76



>> No.23093936

Rolled 86


>> No.23093937

Rolled 22


>> No.23093938


>> No.23093940

Rolled 49


>> No.23093961

I am the flesh of my dick
Hard is my body and semen is my blood
I have fucked over a thousand bitches
Unknown to Death, Nor known to Life
Have withstood pain to create many children
Yet, those hands will always hold something
So as I pray, unlimited dick works.

>> No.23093969

Exactly. One step at a time. Plan in advance and do not reach beyond your grasp until properly prepared.

>> No.23093998


awright, now lets pimp da shit out of that crib

>> No.23094007

After about an hour of exploring, you've got a pretty good idea of where the boys' dorm is, the girls' dorm is, and the special dorm is in relation to each other, and the main paths between them. You also take the time to explore the areas immediately around the dorms, even doing a little free running to get to certain vantage points. By the time you're done with the exploring, you're relatively near the girls' dorm. There are only a few people out and about this early in the morning - older students and faculty, for the most part.

What do you do?

>> No.23094019

>I am the flesh of my dick
>Hard is my body and semen is my blood
>I have fucked over a thousand bitches
>Unknown to viagra, Nor known to premature ejaculation
>Have withstood pain to create many climaxes
>Yet, those hands will always fondle something
>So as I pray, unlimited dick works.

>> No.23094032

See if we can find an awesome hiding spot for our base that is only reachable by free running.

>> No.23094035

Go try to find Liz

>> No.23094041

Duly noted.

>> No.23094045

Search for approachable looking faculty

>> No.23094047

>if it's 7:30+
Call Liz & see if she's up for breakfast.
Continue exploration.

>> No.23094050

Try to peep in on some of the students in the special dorm. See if there's any good ones we could bone later.

>> No.23094053

You have my thanks.

>> No.23094057

If Liz was up she'd have responded to our text. See how it's laid out some more, look for out of the way hidden places for a new place to live, preferably ones that are hard to access without parkour or someone helping you get there.

>> No.23094060

There are teleporting and levitating wizards here.

>> No.23094062

Rolled 11


>> No.23094081

>preferably ones that are hard to access without parkour or someone helping you get there.
This, because then we get to help Liz in every time, which means fondling her if she ever wants to get into our secret club.

>> No.23094090

Yes, but it cuts down on those who can reach us.

>> No.23094096

I second finding a parkour-accessible base.

Perhaps, but it cuts down the number of people who can access it easily, and makes it less likely someone will stumble upon it by accident at least.

>> No.23094110

I vote to skulk around the special dorm. I want to bags me a googirl.

>> No.23094115

Wards and anti-magic fields and whatnot mate. Good old fashioned conventional boobytraps too.

We aren't gonna be the best magic user, but if we focus on blocking and nullifying we can just snap the twig-like necks of our foes with our muscles.

>> No.23094129

Yes there are ones who can fly, but among the current crop of first years I doubt we'll find any who can do it yet. We can improve it over time, but this is a good first layer of defense against most of the people who will fuck with us. The other way is to also know parkour, and most of those will probably be Lotus.

>> No.23094135

I'll second that.

>> No.23094158

We have more important things to do now, we can do that later.

>> No.23094161

I actually like this idea...

>> No.23094174

Survival is first priority, getting laid is second priority. Get it straight.

>> No.23094180

Liz obviously isn't awake yet, so let's head off the beaten path. Get a better idea of the area. Keep an eye out for places we might be able to set up a sanctum - especially places hard to reach without parkour or similar.

>> No.23094201

Look for a good place for secret base! We shall be futa batman! Liz can be Robin.

>> No.23094216

You decide that now that you have the beginnings of a map in your head of the area, it would be a good time to find a place to make your own personal base. Somewhere only accessible by free running or some other form of enhanced mobility, like levitation. You head off the beaten path and start exploring, hoping to find somewhere perfect to set up.

Roll Mind to try to find somewhere fantastic. I'll consider the best of the first two rolls.

>> No.23094234

Rolled 22


>> No.23094237

Rolled 90

Damn low Mind, does our instinctive knowledge of parkouring help with this, lower the DC somehow?

>> No.23094238


>> No.23094239

Rolled 60


>> No.23094243

Rolled 84

Awright, let's see what we can dredge up.

>> No.23094246

Rolled 46


>> No.23094247

Rolled 72

don't fail us dicegods

>> No.23094256

Rolled 14

Damn our retardation.

>> No.23094280

Apparently it does, with that roll.

>> No.23094286


>> No.23094370

You find a place that could be pretty good. It's an truly ancient-looking clocktower - it looks vaguely middle-eastern, and it's crumbling. It's made from blocks of white marble, gilded in brass, with a tarnished onion dome on top. One of the walls has partially fallen apart, and it has studs and rings of metal going up and down the sides. It's far enough from the main path that you can't jump to it, you would have to free run across a series of roof tops in order to actually get to it, then climb up the collapsed section.

Yeah, it could really work. You bet you could event take over multiple floors in there - maybe even get the clock working again. You would need to use Alchemy or something to fix the place up, but it's a good option, at least. You're about to start running out across the rooftops to get a closer look when your phone buzzes.

Liz texted you.

"Hey, I'm up now, Max. What's up? You wanted to talk to me?"

What do you do now?

>> No.23094371

Aww yiss

>> No.23094398

Take her to your sanctum. Then take her at your sanctum.

You know, really christen the place.

>> No.23094405

Fuck yes awesome base
"yeah, want to grab breakfast? "

>> No.23094414


"wnt 2 meat n clktwr pl0x?"

>> No.23094420

It's a good start. We can always move later.

Problem is Liz can't get in so we'll have to help her find a place too.

Let's arrange a meetup and breakfast.

>> No.23094429

nonono that is not what it is for we can find anywhere for a decent fuck you DO NOT take people to your sanctum

>> No.23094432


>> No.23094434

Let's meet up with Liz and then meet up with as many new students as we can.

>> No.23094441

no just found a place to stay you should look for one too

how was your night?

want to get something to eat?

>> No.23094458

Ask her about grabbing breakfast and then showing her our find.

And for fuck's sake stop typing the texts like an illiterate. Mind 2 is no excuse.

>> No.23094461

Listen to this man. No one sees the sanctum. Ever.

>> No.23094476

Oh please, Liz is relying on US right now for protection, so its better to get her all dependent and indebted to us now before she becomes an allpowerful archmage and no longer needs us.

Besides, we can always find an even more secretive place later if need be.

>> No.23094478


>> No.23094479

This is Liz. We won't be half as good at wards as she will, she can help us pimp our crib. She's the only one we can actually trust here.

Text her back "Yeah, let's meet for breakfast, I have some stuff to talk to you about."

>> No.23094487

>> No.23094538

I blame the mods. People want this FemCOCK not banned just as much as they want Max to not die.

>> No.23094564

She can get in with our help. We want her reliant on us so when she gets more magic she is on our side. It also gives us a good place to make her completely submissive to our cock.

>> No.23094571

>not using an image of Makoto with a bulge

>> No.23094614

As awesome as Liz is, I suggest we locate a second (or, technically, third) secure location where we can fuck her.

Let's text her that we just wanted to check up on her - make sure she's okay. We can go see her at the girls' dorms if she'd like, or we can go back to our dorm and find out more about our roommate.

>> No.23094642

I'm not complaining, this is fun!

>> No.23094664

Rolled 12

find a second location close by to fuck in rolling

>> No.23094681

You text her back.

"Thnk i found a base. Want 2 meet 4 brkfast?"

"Yeah, sure. I think I know where the dining hall is. Meet me outside the girls' dorm?"


You jog on back to the girls' dorm. By the time you get there, Liz is waiting out front with Lin. Liz is wearing a short skirt, an attractive pair of shoes, and a zip-up hoodie. Lin has jeans, a pair of canvas sneakers, and a graphic t-shirt that you expect is one of the disproportionately expensive variety. The three of you head off towards the dining hall with Liz taking the lead.

"My roomie is South Africa - some kind of voodoo chick, I think. She scares the shit out of me," says Liz, shivering. "Has her face painted up like a skull."

"My room mate is from Mexico," says Lin. "She's pretty and friendly. I think she's going to try to join Dextra Domini, though. She's extremely catholic and seems paranoid about demons."

"Mine's some blonde guy," you say.

"A guy?" asks Lin. She sounds a bit jealous.

"Yeah. Thin, always relaxed. Won't really go into what his deal is. I don't trust him, but he doesn't really seem dangerous. That kind of makes me even more worried."

Liz leads you into a large, open halls. There's food set out on the long tables, and you start walking towards them when Dane walks out in front of you all. "Don't risk it. Food out in the open might be poisoned. Make something for yourself in the kitchen instead."

What do you do?

>> No.23094683

If we want to make it through this we'll have to. We only allow a very select few people there, we exchange our protection during the day time, ripping the lungs out of anyone who tries anything and use of a damn nice sanctum for helping ward the sanctum, helping us with studies and other such things, protecting us from less physical and more mental or magical avenues of attack, and sucking our cock.

We need allies if we want to survive this, and the best way to ensure loyalty is to fuck them so they can't get enough of us.

We will be a magical brute, good at punching, resilience both physical and mental, and so on while they specialize in other things.

>> No.23094714

I agree, but sooner or later, only one person can be at the top. Someone will have to drop out or get backstabbed. There's no other way. So, we need to consider the fact that we might need to drop out if we want to help Liz graduate, or that we might need to kill Liz if we want to graduate.

>> No.23094723

For real? We only just got here.

can we alchemise the poison out of it?

>> No.23094727

Go into the kitchen and make some of your own stuff then. Ask Dane what kind of stuff is easy / good to make with the stuff they have. Also ask Liz and Lin if either of them can cook. Can we cook?

>> No.23094730

Wait and see of anyone else eats it.

>> No.23094738

That seems a bit excessively paranoid, but then the guy's been here awhile. He may well have a good reason to be. Let's go get some food from the kitchen.

>> No.23094740

>Food out in the open might be poisoned
Damn. Well, let's go see what's in the kitchen.

>> No.23094743

Ask Dane the following:

"Are you sure the kitchen staff isn't in on it?" Try and gauge his reaction.

>> No.23094761

The person who poisoned it could be immune to poison or some shit. Better not risk anything we don't have to.

>> No.23094777

Only one becomes archmage, that's fine, we can hit a high rank, get all the awesome benefits of that, and leave Liz alone.

"If I wanted to poison someone I wouldn't poison the food, I'd poison their silverware, harder to detect from a tester and less collateral damage."

He has a good point, make something in the kitchen, keep Liz and Lin with us at all times, scan the crowd. Once we have food find somewhere private to sit with the two of them.

>> No.23094783

Rolled 48

do what the man says he knows his shit

>> No.23094800

I like. See how he handles that.

>> No.23094801

well, other then dickishness Dane seems to have no reason to lie to us about this kinda thing. And, hey, cooking is fun.
>maybe just something for Liz and ourselves until we are sure about loyalties in the case of Lin.
>Don't be a jerk about it

we could probably settle for not being an incredibly advanced musclewizard in the school rankings if it meant success for Liz (or a harem). Dropping out or whatever will be dealt with far from now.

>> No.23094830

Risk of poison? Holy shit, this place is not friendly!

Go to the kitchen and make some food then.

>Liz wearing a skirt.

Order her to take her panties off and give them to us.

>> No.23094839

>What do you do?
Bread honey and butter with chocolate milk.

>> No.23094865

Ask Dane how many of his first year reached the end alive.

Ask Lin if she took a decision about joining the Lotus.

>> No.23094883

Not right now, once we have talked to Lin and Liz about stuff we can take them to our place and have them suck our dick and have them put resources into furnishing the place.

>> No.23094888

>enjoy your loss of muscle and abs
Let's find some chicken or something.

>> No.23094891

"Really?" you ask. That seems really paranoid - though Dane seems really relaxed and nonchalant about it. "Are you sure the kitchen staff isn't in on it?"

"I'm not even sure it's poisoned," says Dane. "I've only seen a half-dozen poisonings in the dining hall. Hell, it's probably safe. Still, better safe than being poisoning number seven."

"How do you know the ingredients in the kitchen are safe?" asks Liz.

"I don't know that either, but the less they've been processed, the less opportunity there's been to be poisoned. I actually have a garden and a kitchen in my sanctum, and sometimes hunt monsters for protein. I only come to the dining hall when I have to."

"Do either of you know how to cook?" asks Lin. "Because I don't. I assume you do, Dane."

"I can cook," says Liz.

"I can make grilled cheese," you say. "And sometimes a quesadilla. Which is really just Mexican grilled cheese. Oh, and I can make a panini if they have a panini press."

"Isn't a panini just a fancy grilled cheese?" Dane jokes.

"Shut up," you say.

Do you try to make yourself some kind of sandwich, try to get Dane or Liz to make you something, or do something else entirely?

>> No.23094923

Rolled 68

Be a Man(?) and eat the already prepared food.

>> No.23094933

Have Liz make something to share with you. Promise her some alternate protein sources tonight.

>> No.23094949

Yeah, I'm all for this.

>> No.23094955


>> No.23094968

Let's work at it together. If Liz can cook, help her or do the same next to her.

>> No.23094973

I think asking Dane to cook for us would lower his opinion of us since it'd imply that we trusted him and he's big on the paranoia, for good reason.

Have Liz cook for us and Lin, we can help her as she does her thing.

As Liz cooks and we assist flirt some with Liz and Lin, ask Lin if she has a boyfriend or a girlfriend, why she was so interested in our 'relationship', what she wants from the school, that sort of thing. We need to build up some bonding with her and then turn her into our second personal cockslut.

>> No.23094977

Rolled 45

fuck it its to early to poison some one and I am to lazy to cook take 3 things taste all three offer the to we dont like to the girls

;) poison free

what kind of monsters?

>> No.23094990

Qurl, you're drunk, go to sleep.

>> No.23095006

Sounds good.

Also ask Dane about the monsters.

>> No.23095009

We should ask Dane how to conceal ourselves and our lairs.
Also, ask for a list of recommanded books on alchemy and enchantment.

>> No.23095015

We can make our own damned sandwich!

>> No.23095020

Rolled 92

Let's make bacon&eggs. Nothing is easier and it tastes delicious. Rolling for it

>> No.23095023


We want Dane to think well of us, he's a good teacher, can help us out a lot, and impressing him has benefits. And eating food we made together brings our group closer together.

Also ask Dane what he means by monsters and get advice on how to ward and fix up sanctums.

>> No.23095024

Rolled 93

I have been drunk since the first thread started I hardly see how that is reverential

>> No.23095032

>asking someone how to do a specific task, in an area completely founded on being as paranoid as possible.

Boy, you are asking for trouble. Keep the questions general enough to keep them guessing, specific enough to get you what you want.

>> No.23095042


Is there sauce on that first pic?

>> No.23095048

> ask Lin if she has a boyfriend or a girlfriend,
>why she was so interested in our 'relationship',
No. If we get inquisistive that'll only convince her that something is going on.
> what she wants from the school,

>> No.23095064

Well, seems like a good time to learn how to into cooking. Yet another thing Liz can help us with.

Then we can show her the new place.

>> No.23095091

Man, he's older than us and we're part of his guild.
We'll have to trust him a bit, we can't discoverr every step on our own. And concealing ourself and a place is a pretty general task. No need to reveal the location, but we need some basic ideas on how to go about it. we'll customize things later.

>> No.23095126

He said he didn't even let his guildmaster know about his sanctum. You think it's a good idea to get nosy about it?

>> No.23095131

Everyone with half a brain is going to be getting their own place, it isn't revealing to ask about that.

Well there is something going on, she's part of our guild, and if we get her involved on it and make it worth her while she can pay us back for it in spades. We want to get her indebted to us and stuck in with us and Liz before other people can grab her.

>> No.23095140

Plus, whether we get them from his mouth or after research in the library, the basic principles are the same, so I don't see how it'll endanger us.

>> No.23095155

There's a difference between asking for advice on concealing a sanctum, and giving anything away about it. All that this does is show that we're not going to be staying in the dorms.

We double check what he tells us of course.

>> No.23095207

>Well there is something going on, she's part of our guild, and if we get her involved on it and make it worth her while she can pay us back for it in spades.
She's not yet in our guild, and sure making her an ally is a good idea.
But probing about why she asked about our relationship (we know why, natural curiosity about the romantic undertones of our paris story) will not help, just make it obvious that this relationship is on our mind.

>> No.23095208

You decide to make a simple breakfast together with Liz. You make up a whole ton of bacon, scrambled eggs, and cheese, and turn it into a sandwich using toast. Lin tries to help too, but she keeps burning things. Dane goes and does his own thing in the kitchen.

"So, Lin, do you have a boyfriend?" you ask. "Or a girlfriend, maybe?"

"No, I'm single," says Lin. You catch her looking down towards Dane while she says that. "I'm hoping dating won't be out of the question while we're here, but with how dangerous everything is, it might be."

"Hey, Dane?" you ask. "You mentioned something about monsters."

"Yeah, escaped experiments and their descendents, mostly," he says. "A few specimens from the surface too - unicorns, griffons, that kind of thing. There are even a few wyrms hiding in some of the abandoned buildings; they tend to be guarding pretty good stuff."

"And you hunt them?"

"Yeah, the monsters aren't what you need to worry about after a while. I've got skin like stone, can levitate, and can shoot fire out of my hands. Killing a griffon for food is no big deal," he says, casually. "And yes, the only reason I listed those powers is because they're public knowledge already."

"Any advice when making a sanctum?"

"Put up mind-blocking wards to stop tracking spells. Don't have any exposed windows, or people will know the area's inhabited by the light shining out at night. Aside from that, be creative."

You all chat and eat.

What do you do now?

>> No.23095231

Make cupcakes. Use cupcakes to make friends.

>> No.23095244

People will think we're poisoning them.

>> No.23095250

Ask dane to recommend us some books. Check the library with lin and liz.

>> No.23095253

If we try to give people cupcakes, they will assume they are poisoned and hate us.

>> No.23095254

Keep practicing the mind blocking things. See if you can keep it up throughout normal activity.

Maybe go see if Sam wants to hang out with you liz and lin.

>> No.23095257

Then they don't get to be our friends, or have cupcakes. Their loss.

>> No.23095258

Well we will be adding our own “special batter” so they wont be too far off.

>> No.23095260

play footsie with Lin

so how do we get our classes?

>> No.23095277

>use poison cupcakes to reduce enemies
>put them out on a plate with a WELCOME FIRST YEARS! card from the Demon-hunters

>> No.23095279

Oh yeah ask Dane about classes.

>> No.23095304

Ask about tentacle monsters, I have a plan involving the girls dormitory.

>> No.23095307


>> No.23095311

Either play footsie with Lin or something similar, depending on where we're sitting in relation to each other.

Talk to Dane about classes, where to go to get books, resources, and daily living supplies. Ask what Circle he's in, what happens to Wizards who get to a decent leveled circle and don't graduate but are still alive. Prod him for as much information as possible.

Then take Liz and Lin, find somewhere private, and talk to them about making an alliance, and that we have found a place to furnish and stay.

>> No.23095320

And googirls. If there are none, we may just have to ALCHEMY! our own googirls. With labcoats. And blackjack.

>> No.23095346

Also, who/what is Lin? I missed that sume how.

>> No.23095358


>implying they are that dumb to eat it
you know what do it, its could kill their supporters.

seriously guys give up on lin, give her to dan.
if you want asians then we should search for japs/koreans

>> No.23095359

Some Asian we found and are gonna make No. 2 of our harem.

>> No.23095382

I don't think the clock tower will do for our sanctum. We'll have to keep looking.

It's clearly visible from far away (being a clock tower) and partially ruined so there's a very good chance of someone spotting light or movement from it.

Also, the fact that we have to leap and bound over a few roof tops to reach it means that our coming and going isn't exactly subtle.

>> No.23095398

Lin, Asian girl, new student, might go into Lotus, smart, doesn't have much in the way of connections here yet so it won't be that hard to get her on our side. Might like girls, might also like the cock, might like both. Good candidate for alliance and fucking.

>> No.23095401

It'll work for a few days, but not as a permanent arrangement.

>> No.23095404

Thankyou for saying it. I'm kinda worried some prick is gonna put ice on one of the ledges we jump from and make us snap our neck.

>> No.23095410

First we would have to obtain a decent sample of a slime. Then we'll have to figure out a why to "hire" a girl we don't know so we can tern her into said googirl.

>> No.23095417

She seems to lean towards the cock, she was jealous about our probably male roommate and keeps making eyes at Dane.

>> No.23095425

Also can we get a statsheet for Lin at some point or do we need to more thoroughly haremize her first?

>> No.23095433

That's what the dorm is for. That's just moving from one temp place to another.

>> No.23095445

It could use some improvement, we can seal it up some to keep the light from going out, and there's a lot of things like clock towers about. It's crumbling a bit, but there are probably sections that are in good shape. We'll have to move on eventually, but it's a good place for now and keeps most of the threats we have to deal with currently at bay. With a bit of warding, a bit of Alchemy to fix it up while still keeping it looking beat up on the outside, and making a few secret entrances it will do just fine for a fair while.

>> No.23095450

Before talking to lin about making an alliance, we need to make sure that she joins the lotus. It'll make her more trustable.

By the way, ask Dane how their protection works. Do they organize reprisals when a member gets attacked ? What if members betray one another ?

If guilds are some kind of alliance, does that mean that they band together against other guilds and that after a few years the remaining students are all from the guild that emerged victorious for that year ?

>> No.23095453

We need to murderize Pierre. For the shiggles

>> No.23095457

If she's here that means she's magic. Not a lot of magical things in Asia that are totally human. We need to coax her heritage out of her.

>> No.23095464

The tower is a lot safer than the dorm.

>> No.23095471

Lets do it before he formally joins the dicknazis.

Snap that frenchy neck. Maybe rape him a little first.

>> No.23095475

Ask Dane if there are any notable places that are already taken, either by other student groups or by monsters.

Don't tell him about the clock tower, see if he mentions it. Lin can come with maybe, it'd be a nice show of trust and we might need the extra set of hands.

>> No.23095487

"How do we find out about classes?" you ask Dane.

"Well, classes don't start for another three days. You'll just have the intro class five days per week for a few hours each day," he says, then gives you directions to it. "Aside from that, it's all independent study, free time, and your prestige class. We meet on Saturdays - don't worry, I'll come find you and show you where."

"What about the library? Are there any good books?" asks Liz.

"Yeah, the library's right near where the intro class takes place. It's big enough to literally get lost in too. I suggest getting books specializing in mental warding and teleportation theory. I've seen people get teleported from right out in the open, then never seen again."

"You said you're in Fourth circle, right? Are you aiming to graduate?" you ask.

"Maybe," he says. "It depends on who gets eliminated this year. There are a couple of students in my circle that I can't handle, but they might deal with each other. That would be ideal. Hey, I'll catch you three later, there's some stuff I need to take care of. Things to set in motion."

Dane heads out after that.

"So, are you going to join Lotus, Lin?" you ask her.

"I've been thinking about it," says Lin. "I think I will. It makes the most sense to me."

You all finish your breakfast.

What do you do now?

>> No.23095498


>> No.23095511

We should ask Liz if she wants to go look for somewhere else to live, mention getting away from the South African chick as a benefit.
Don't involve Lin.

>> No.23095526

Well, I guess we can at least inspect it. With a closer look it might be more acceptable but the biggest concern for me right now is access.

Our current method of entry is parkouring over a few roof tops and leaping onto an exposed ledge or something.

Leaping through the air in a display of "LOOK AT ME" gymnastics is asking for someone to find the place.

>> No.23095527

Begin to investigate Pierre and his filthy frenchy routines, we must lay the groundwork for >>23095471

>> No.23095530

Clock Tower is cliche though. But we could use it as a front for a pocket space.

>> No.23095533

Start plotting to SNAP Pierre's fucking NECK

>> No.23095537

Meet more first years, scope out other potential sanctum locations.

>> No.23095538

Let's check out the other students.

Mostly the special needs students.

>> No.23095540

Ask liz if she has plans to get the notice of the archmagi.

>> No.23095552

So, the intro class starts in three days? Then if we have no other obligations, I say off to the library! We can learn to ward our mind and figure out how to stop teleporty shenanigans.

>> No.23095557

I can't disagree with that. Though we'll have to get him alone for that. Once we get him alone I think we can just beat him up, not give him a chance to use whatever magic he has, put him in a choke hold and asphyxiate him.

But that comes later.

Have the both of them come with us. Us and Liz are pretty much already a team, offer Lin a chance to work with us for mutual protection as Lotus might not be enough.

Once the both of us get her on board we can show them the place, investigate how viable it is for long term stuff, and we can get some fucking in.

>> No.23095577

Rolled 99

Look for a better base, the clock tower is to… open to be of use. We could make it into trap-central and make it seem like easy pickings. Then, BLAM! Rolling boulder.

>> No.23095579

Study Pierre.Look into creating pocket dimensions for a safer sanctum.

>> No.23095588

Y'all know what would be badass? Becoming a lich. I say we embark on a quest to make Max into a badass lich. Dildo phylactery.

Are you down with the thickness?

>> No.23095594

I know we have stuff to do, but if possible we should find somewhere to have a little intimate time with Liz.
The new environment requires a renewal of the bond I think if we're to establish proper trust.

Looking for somewhere to live could double as looking for some private space.

>> No.23095599

So is the plan to stalk Pierre? That's what it seems like the consensus is.

>> No.23095608

Maybe Liz and Lin can help.

>> No.23095614

It's pretty out of the way and this is a fucking ginormous place, it isn't overly likely that people will see us before we can set up.

I'd rather not, we have higher priorities than him. We solidify our alliance with these two, get started on setting up this safehouse at least on a temporary basis, and get laid.

>> No.23095620

That's a terrible idea.

>> No.23095622

Do it.

>> No.23095627

Check out the library & follow up on Dane's advice.

>clock tower and all that exposed
There's nothing saying we can't just make use of an inner area where the light can't be seen from the outside.

Regardless of where we choose to bunker down we need to secure at least one, preferably two or three, escape routes.

>> No.23095640

Nah, I'd rather work on temporary safehouse arrangements.

>> No.23095644

Lich? God, how cliche. Think a little beyond that. Lets create a phylactery-style device, but instead of becoming a lich, we inject our soul and living essence into the grounds of the school. Every plant, animal, monster, and other (psudeo)living growth will be extensions of our bodies. We'll be able to create new creature from the flesh of those already there, and you know what that means? Tentacle rape. We'll turn the entire school grounds into our giant, cavernous stomach, and tentacle rape every single person in the area.

>> No.23095645

Who is Pierre?

>> No.23095647

Fuck that shit. We have more important things to do before worrying about offing that racist shit.

>> No.23095648

>vision blocking wards
>magical elevator
There, everything is fixed.

Still, we could use a better spot.

>> No.23095652

Let's not, we'll kill him later. He's low priority, safehouse and alliance with Liz/Lin is high priority.

>> No.23095654

No that's dumb.
We can hope some other demon person will take care of him, no need to become their first target.

>> No.23095675

Or make a pocket dimension.

>> No.23095682

I would rather study than stalk the Frenchman. Let's grind up some stats, yo! (Also stalking is a terrible idea. Let's do anything but that.)

Also I don't trust the chink.

>> No.23095686

Okay, what's the plan then? I see a lot of long-term plans, but not a lot of what to do next.

>> No.23095688

Check the library.

Try to find something about oaths, in addition to what Dane advised us.

>> No.23095689

Rolled 68

Dick Nazi that hates people who are part demon.

>> No.23095691

Dicknazi "pure humanity" demon hunting thicker than thickasfuck Max. He's an ass.

The only reason I want to kill him ourselves is so we can sodomize him a bit first, but there's time for that later.

>> No.23095692

Guys, let's not murder someone.

I am completely willing to kill the fuck out of these bastards if the make a move on us, but just killing some random asshole we met once and annoyed us a bit would just reduce this to LOLrandumb-murder Quest.

Also, going out of our way to draw attention of the fanatics seems like a bad idea in general.

>> No.23095693

Do you not realize how stupidly high-level that is bound to be?

>> No.23095702

This >>23095627

>> No.23095704

I suggested murderising as a joke, never expected it to get taken seriously...

>> No.23095707

Hell no. We need to learn warding and get a secure base before striking out at our enemies.

>> No.23095713

Take Liz and Lin somewhere private, discuss an alliance with them for mutual protection and improvement, get Lin on board with us an Liz. Once that's sorted we can show them the clocktower and plan from there.

>> No.23095724

Lets just go to the library then. Maybe we'll run into someone interesting. If not study time.

>> No.23095730

I don't want to.

>> No.23095736

I think that learning how to reduce our need for sleep and increasing our ability to focus and learn is among the first things we should do. It will make our progression much faster.

>> No.23095757

Increasing progression rate works for cheap-as-shit broken characters in FO3/F:NV, it'll work here!

>> No.23095786

We've just met Lin. Let's not share secrets that could get us killed until we know her a bit better.

>> No.23095795

Oh fine. Conditional portals. Keep the Tower as a front while any one that walks through carrying a key will be transported to the real sanctum. Should very simple.

>> No.23095808

Just checking, but you do know that you don't even have a single box of Conjuration, right?

>> No.23095838

Roll Conjuration.

We will take the highest of the first zero.

>> No.23095841

But Liz does right?

>> No.23095843

I kind of trust her, she's planning on joining Lotus which has some intergroup loyalty there, she likes both us and Liz, and she doesn't have really have anyone in this class other than us who she has a connection with, who she can rely on. If we move her in with us we foster her dependence on us and our Sanctum.

>> No.23095844

Do we feel ready to move out of our rooms today ?
I'm not sure that isolating ourself in an unwarded location is a good idea for now.

How big is our bed and our lockers at the specials building ? Maybe we should get Liz to sleep with us. I think Lin is safe with her Dextro roomate. She may be a terrible person, but she probably won't attack Lin (unless she's part demon and we don't know about that).

>> No.23095851

The majority of posters here have no idea what they're doing.

>> No.23095854

>Replies: 414
Just a heads-up.

Before you go shooting for all these conditional portals/pocket realms/whatever maybe you should get an idea of what the difficulty would actually be?

>> No.23095856

A more reasonable defense might be an enchantment to make people not notice us in the first place, or to make anyone but us who comes inside it forget about it after leaving.

>> No.23095864

We're not moving out yet, we haven't even furnished or warded the place. But we're scoping it out, evaluating it with them, and then we'll work together on furnishing it, warding it, fixing it up properly.

>> No.23095877

It's a twin-sized bed, a footlocker, and a dresser.

>> No.23095878

Rolled 38

Time to do something crazy stupid.

>> No.23095898

No Kero, stop being dumb.

>> No.23095899

>Conditional portals

i don't care how, but i want it that it involves our dick was/is/goingto inside that person so she can enter.

>> No.23095900

I feel bad about spending our nights too far away from Liz to help one another should need arise.

>> No.23095907

Okay... I fail. I'll just shut up now.

>> No.23095909



>> No.23095926

Better than being in the dorms

>> No.23095927

One thing, if we do decide to room mate with one or both of them, do NOT tell anyone that we're rooming together.

As far as the rest of the school will ever know, we all have separate cribs somewhere and don't know where the others stay.

>> No.23095936


>> No.23095943

Well the bed is large enough, so offer that solution to Liz. I think sleeping with the specials is safer.

>> No.23095953

I'm working on it. I voted against going to the dorms that were away on it, and now I'm trying to get us to look at the new arrangements we found so we can get started on getting the place habitable.

>> No.23095954

So, what are you guys actually doing now? Going to the library? Visiting the clocktower? I see a lot of eventual plans, but I have no idea what you actually want to do right now.

>> No.23095964


>> No.23095970

Hit up library. See about those Dane-recommended defenses. Ask Liz about shared bunker.

>> No.23095973

Get Lin, get Liz, go to private place. Discuss alliance and mutual partnership, have Liz help us get Lin on board. Bring to clocktower for evaluation so we can work out what needs to be done and divide work on pimping it out.

>> No.23095979

I vote library to read upon on wards for the Cocktower.

>> No.23095982


>> No.23095989

Why ? If they know that we stick together, they might turn against easier targets instead.

>> No.23095997

I say head to the library first.

We need more information.

>> No.23096003

I vote we head to the library. We can find a private alcove, study, and hash out alliances there.

>> No.23096006

Or they'd try to get inside one of our heads and then have three easy kills for the price of one.

>> No.23096008

Go scouting for a better hideout, use the 99 from before to find the best place possible.

>> No.23096010


>> No.23096018

Library. We need to touch on the fundamentals before other things.

>> No.23096024


library with liz

>> No.23096035

The three of you head off to the library. After all, what better place to get started than a massive repository of knowledge? After a few twisting passages and staircases, you eventually come to a pair of huge wooden doors with with word LIBRARIUM printed on a plaque. You push open the doors and are greeted with what looks like miles of book shelves. The place is fucking massive, smells of mildew, and is almost deathly silent.

You walk in and look around, trying to see if there's any kind of card catalog or other organizational system. If there is, you can't find it. There's no librarian to be seen either.

What do you do?

>> No.23096043


>> No.23096047

Library. Check mental warding first. Research into making binding oaths too, maybe into mixing the two, so that we are able to shrug off mental control that goes against our vows of mutual support, for example.
Also, enchantments.

>> No.23096049

did we carry any condoms? was hoping for a quicky in the library..

>> No.23096050

Or use mind-control magic to make one of us slit the others throats in their sleep.

Or the anti-demon dicks might grab one of the girls and beat the location out of them so they can find us.

Someone might use is as a chance to take 3 potential rivals at once. Ect ect ect...

If no one knows about this then no one can take advantage of it.

>> No.23096061

You said we could do anything granted we have the skill to pull it off. What would we roll for to "feel" the books we want? Whoever has better stats for it either have Max or Liz try to find books on warding.

>> No.23096062

I don't think our first year rivals have that kind of talent... or we're fucked anyway.

>> No.23096066

Turn left, walk for a minute or two, and pick out a book.

>> No.23096074

sure, because why would a library in a place of learning be useable when it comes to learning?

freakin' magic people.

Experimentally shout for help! LIBRARIAN! or INDEX, PLEASE!

>> No.23096078

Yeah but they could offer sexual favors to older students to do it for them.

>> No.23096090


Its good enough for NOW - we can worry about upgrading later

>> No.23096096

Oh right. One of these days, we should research if half-incubis are fertile and if there's any magical ways to terminate a pregnancy.

>> No.23096100

Seems legit...

>> No.23096114

If the older students wanted sexual favors they'd get them anyways. The older students are busy with their own stuff, we only have to really worry about the ones in our year, at least for now.

Take a quick look around, see if there are other students here, especially higher level ones, and see what they do. If we don't get anything take a closer look, see if there's any method to this madness or rely on instinct.

>> No.23096116

It's exposed and isolated. How is it good enough ?

>> No.23096123

>Be a first year in cut throat magic school.
>Join a gang for protection.
>Older members of the gang take out rival first years dumb enough to make themselves easy targets.
>Competition is reduced allowing us to advance to the next year.
>We do the same for new first years while our upper-classmen continue to do the same for us.

>> No.23096138

>Just checking, but you do know that you don't even have a single box of Conjuration, right?
buuuuut LIZ does!

>> No.23096149

Guys, what if we make the library our hideout? This is later in the game but we want to be safe it could work.

>make a false panel
>cut into a bookshelf
>add a tunnel
>make it a full on hobbithole with a TV, dojo, multiple bedrooms(king sized, of course), kitchen, garden, chicken farm, anything and everything we want
>we be pimping

>> No.23096153

It's no where near as exposed as you're saying, it's not in perfect repair but we can fix that, it's hard for anyone who would be gunning for us to get to, and there's multiple levels that we could use. We could probably even go to the lower levels of it which are unlikely to have any windows or leaks.

There's lots of buildings, a ruined clocktower off the beaten path won't raise anybody's suspicions.

It's a good place.

>> No.23096175


There's also the high likelyhood it has a BASEMENT we can use, which has even less risk of people seeing it.

>> No.23096178

Yeah. Plus we got it from a 90.

>> No.23096199

I really like this as an eventuality. Right now though we have to find some books on warding. Or just study.

>> No.23096205

I don't think they do that until their new members are confirmed to be a solid part of the gang. It wouldn't make much sense for them to follow the instructions of members who joined a few days ago.
And they'd want to avoid getting into new conflicts with our own sempais.

>> No.23096228

Liz starts setting up to cast some kind of summoning spell to find the book that you guys want on warding. She writes down a description of the book as a focus, then holds it in her hands and starts focusing. While she's doing that, you decide to do something experimental. "Hello!" you yell out into the library. "Is there a librarian who can help us?"

Out from behind a shelf dashes and older woman with graying hair and a stern disposition. "Shhh!" she whispers harshly at you. "Keep quiet in the library!"

"Sorry," you say. "We need help finding a book."

With much exasperation and many long sighs, the library helps you find the exact book you're looking for. You check it out under your own name. "It's due back in one week," says the librarian. "If you're late, we'll send the bats to retrieve it."

Well, now you have Elementary Architectural Enchantment: A Primer on Warding.

What do you do?

>> No.23096231

>There's lots of buildings, a ruined clocktower off the beaten path won't raise anybody's suspicions.
Unless they have ways of detecting us. Which they do until we get proficient with wards.

>> No.23096249

>it's hard for anyone who would be gunning for us to get to

In a magic school where people can fly and teleport?

Security = secrecy. If they know where it is they can reach it. That's why I don't like the clock tower.

We can still look at it I guess. But as long as our only access route involves us doing roof top acrobatics through the air- practically screaming "LOOK AT ME" - then it won't work.

Also, how the fuck would Liz or Lin reach it of they can't do the crazy acrobatics?

>> No.23096253

Work on it with our new friends.

>> No.23096264

Study the shit out of those wards with Liz. I'm predicting rolls.

>> No.23096268

Ask our compatriots if they can figure out how this shit is organized. Max is possibly too stupid to recognize organization. Failing that, grab some things at random! Not like we have anything better to do.

>> No.23096291

is there a Lin character sheet we could see

>> No.23096293

Work on it with new pals! Also make a new thread, because we're way into autosage.

>> No.23096295

No. Way too exposed, too much traffic in the area, someone has almost certainly thought of it, people are always going to be paranoid in the library and will not give anyone the chance to do that.

That too. With a bit of work we can make a nice basement level pad, make some alternate secret entrances, and if anyone tries to get in through the parkour route there'll be traps upon traps.

We're working on that.

Okay. We have a book on warding. Take Liz and Lin somewhere private, discuss alliance, both us and Liz can work on getting Lin to agree to it. Then we can show them the clocktower, survey it closer. And start studying the wards once we're there.

The people who are going to be going after us are other fucking first years. We have no way of defending ourself against a 4th circle so don't worry about it, the other first years can do about as much as we can. We don't have to worry about flight and teleporters yet, those people are more advanced than us and don't give a fuck about us.

We can help them get there, we're just that good.

>> No.23096298

>I don't think they do that until their new members are confirmed to be a solid part of the gang
Okay, so at best this won't be a problem /right away/.

It's still an issue. If we room mate with them, we tell NO ONE.

>> No.23096300

Let's go back to our room to study some. Maybe bring Liz too if she wants to study, and introduce her to Sam? Or should we ask Sam first to see if he's okay with us bringing a friend over?

>> No.23096304

If we all can put up mental wards before the evening, it'd be great. Try it.

>> No.23096317

well girls its time to STUDY!!!!

>> No.23096325

Study it. Can we use our basic Lotus training to help us focus ?

>> No.23096343

Studying is good, but not in the library, it's exposed as hell. If we study in the clocktower we can work on putting the wards into effect and have a quiet place where we won't be bothered for the time being.

>> No.23096373

>In a magic school where people can fly and teleport?

In a magic school where FIRST YEARS can't Fly and Teleport YET

Any hideout we have will have that EVENTUAL problem.

>> No.23096381


>> No.23096400

>Studying is good, but not in the library, it's exposed as hell

We want to study with liz, though. Do we want her in the (temporary or not) sanctum, and are we going to try to set up a cross-society buddy group?

I'd personally like to try fucking between the lines, trying to pry other societies secrets from them.

>> No.23096413

>We have no way of defending ourself against a 4th circle
Should we get some ways to defend ourselves against a 1st circle ? Like jacknives or somethins ?

Easier said than done. Rooming separately means we can't help one another. Rooming together means kicking out another roomate. We're not ready for the tower yet.

>> No.23096419

i would feel safer knowing how to already use wards before going to the tower, just incase

>> No.23096433

i half to wonder if our mom knew about this school well enough that it involves killing.

also what kind of world is this btw? is magic common or a government secret?

judging from the school regulations...

>> No.23096447

>We don't have to worry about flight and teleporters yet,

Has femcock been giving you information the rest of us don't get?

You don't know that. Stop making stuff up that could get us killed.

We were raised by a muggle and just go the intro book for magic a week ago. For all we know half the firsties could be from proud wizard families and had private magic tutors their whole lives.

We know for a fact that one of the other groups hates us just for what we are. No reason to think we only have the first years to deal with if they launch a jihad at us.

>> No.23096461

This library has be called "miles of book shelves", we can find a shelf on some obscure, boring topic(Advanced Conjuring of flying basket hounds). After that, just add a ward that makes us invisible and boom, we have a hidden hideaway that has easy access to books. Best place to live and probably one of the safest.

>> No.23096491


We should do that now while we're here, then.
We'd certainly need liz's help for it.

>> No.23096497

>Studying is good, but not in the library, it's exposed as hell.
I don't expect an attack her, when we're together and ready to respond. And I bet the librarian can enforce quiet.
This is exposed but safe.
Also, we should be prudent, but not toatally paranoid. It's not like there's been any death yet. I think.

>> No.23096499

Our mom knowingly fucked an incubus and thought it was no big deal. That says something.

>> No.23096502

See >>23096447

>> No.23096512

Can you guys please try to come to something even approaching consensus - whether you're bringing Lin and Liz to the clock tower, or just Liz, or neither of them, or studying at the library, or studying at the dorms, or whatever. It's getting to the point where I feel like I have to just pick an option arbitrarily, and I would probably pick based on what provides me the most plot hooks, not what's smartest or safest.

>> No.23096523

Just Liz!

>> No.23096540

Just Liz for now.

>> No.23096542

>We know for a fact that one of the other groups hates us just for what we are. No reason to think we only have the first years to deal with if they launch a jihad at us.
There's several reasons. Two are named Nemesis and Lotus.

>> No.23096546

Yes. We're going to want her help warding and improving the place. Hell I personally want Lin in on this. We need allies, being the ones Lin relies on during this period means that we can use her to help improve our sanctum and have another ally. By all three of us working together we're forcing us to rely on each other and none of us can betray the others without fucking themselves over.

Being in the tower while we're working on learning wards is safer than being somewhere else.

We can probably beat the fuck out of most other first years, though a shiv might appropriate.

That's why we don't tell the Handies that we're a demon, and that's why we joined Lotus, defense against the big stuff, Lotus probably won't do too much about small individual conflicts, but they won't let themselves get pushed around in a big way.

It's a reasonable assumption that the other first years aren't going to be flying around and throwing fireballs around willy nilly.

Talk to Lin with Liz, discuss alliance, once we have convinced Lin to work with us for mutual protection we take them both to the Clocktower and study.

>> No.23096550

The author of For House and Dominion uses this to sort things out when it gets divisive:


You might find it useful, especially considering how large your audience is.

>> No.23096566

Study here with both. Try to have mental wards before we go to the tower.

>> No.23096567

Well, the clock tower isn't really a good long term base, apparently, so I guess it's okay to bring Liz. But I'd rather study in the library with both Liz and Lin.

>> No.23096569

No one goes to the clock tower except us. Study with both of them at the library.

>> No.23096573


you can't see hers since she won't be here long.

>> No.23096581

Take both of them to the tower. Or discuss alliance with both of them and then take them to the clock tower. Safety in numbers and three people working on the place will bring us closer together and make it more secure.

>> No.23096582

>>23096540 here
Actually, make it Liz and Lin. We might get her indebted to us early on before the paranoia sets it too heavily. Make her imprint on us, so to speak.

>> No.23096585

That's what quest runners do. Pick the most interesting idea, anything else and nothing happens.

>> No.23096592


I don't think we should go to the clocktower without wards; and we should study those in the library for now - with lin and liz and ourselves - until we get some working. THEN we can move in.

>> No.23096593

Have the alliance discussion with lin

>> No.23096609

I say study at the library. At least until we know what we're doing about the wards and had the chance to scout out the tower and either confirm or deny it as our sanctum.

For all we know it may take a day or two to figure out the wards and we might need some supplys to do it. No sense rushing off to try and do it right away.

>> No.23096610

Just Liz. I don't trust the chink, as stated before. Nothing personal. We just don't know her well enough.

So yeah, to the clock tower with Liz!

>> No.23096617

neater take paranoids seriously keep the tower to our selves

but work with them to find a place to study to gather as a back up home for any of us a safeish place we all practice wards there

at least we can use it to fuck

>> No.23096629

Being in the library without wards is just as dangerous if not more than being somewhere out of the way while we're making wards.

Take both of them to the tower, we get Lin indebted to us now for future benefits.

>> No.23096639

Why get out of the library ? It's safe here, see >>23096497.
And we might finish early with this book and want to start on teleportation, or search for other things (like oaths...).

>> No.23096647

>Being in the library without wards is just as dangerous if not more than being somewhere out of the way while we're making wards.

Not if we do it in a really boring section! Better get this shit done quick/fast while everyone else is getting settled in.

Also I like that one anon's suggestion of secreting away a section of the library for ourselves.

>> No.23096651


>> No.23096675

Okay, I'm just going to arbitrarily pick something.

>> No.23096686

>Nothing personal. We just don't know her well enough.
So we'd better work on that, getting to know her over a book, instead of excluding her.

>> No.23096713

Numerate the options and then roll to see each one you will take.
Let the tg dice decide our future, as always.

>> No.23096714

Don't take something too dumb, remember that wev've got Liz with us to be wise for two.
Or make a mix of the various propositions.

>> No.23096743

Why not roll for it? List them out and let /tg/ dice decide. Then we'll all blame the dice insead of you if we fuck up..again.

>> No.23096748


>> No.23096761

I thought "show Liz clock tower" had gained some momentum?

>> No.23096766

You lead the other two girls to the clock tower. It's about fifteen minutes away from any of the main walkways, and even then hard to see. As far as you can tell, it's only accessible across a series of rooftops, but you haven't actually gotten close enough to it yet to check. When you point it out to them, Liz takes a good, long look at it from where toy stand, while Lin says, "Are you sure it's a good idea letting us know about this? We could spill the location of this if we were mind controlled."

"It will have to work for now," you say. "I'm just looking for something better than the dorms at the moment, and a clock tower that only two other people know about is a lot better than a room in a public building that I openly share with a stranger."

"Okay, let's try to get to it. I'll probably need some help," says Liz.

Roll Body to help Liz and Lin try to make it across the rooftops to the clock tower. I'll take the best of the first four rolls.

>> No.23096774

>Lotus probably provides defense against the big stuff
>t's a reasonable assumption that the other first years aren't going to be flying around and throwing fireballs

How about we don't just assume things that could get us killed?

Let's just take some reasonable precautions and actually try to find some stuff out instead of crossing our fingers and hoping for the best.

>> No.23096778

Rolled 92

Let's do it.

>> No.23096780

It's a bad idea, and no better than just having the runner pick something.

>> No.23096785

Rolled 90

dancin across rooftops

>> No.23096787

Rolled 97

Time for a threesome in the clocktower.

>> No.23096792

Rolled 88

Fuck yes

>> No.23096800

I'll just go with that.

>> No.23096805

Rolled 14

Its time

>> No.23096813

Rolled 47

Aww yiss

>> No.23096817

ffs tg dice

Can that mean everyone finds a perfect grip and never needs help or needs to roll again?

>> No.23096818

That's it, we're officially muscle wizards.

>> No.23096826

Dice god, why hath thou forsaken me!

>> No.23096830

Dice, wtf. Where were you yesterday?

>> No.23096835

Holy hell, did we succeed on those body rolls.

Also, since they know about this place, I propose we make this our private meeting point. It's none of our sanctums that way, but it's a more private area we can meet up.

>> No.23096840

God damn.

>> No.23096847

Holy shit.

>> No.23096848

Agreed. Most of the second years and above have no reason to come after us, and the majority of the first years probably aren't much of a threat yet. The more preparation we get done early, the better our odds are in the long run.

>> No.23096852

>runner pick something.

I feel like FemCOCK has done a great job with narrative, events, cause and effect and just general story presentation so far.

I would trust fem to choose the best of presented options for the greater amusement.
Though perhaps rolling for minor variations of the shit the thread can't decide upon

>> No.23096871

Lowest roll is 88.

Did we just throw both girls over our shoulders and leap across the roof tops like fucking spiderman?

>> No.23096882

I support this and vote to make the library sanctum our main hideout

>> No.23096883

Don't worry, this is just a thinly-veiled curse so that we'll horribly fail something else later.

>> No.23096885

Can we just gradute now?

>> No.23096890

We have to worry about the things we can deal with and the immediate concerns. That being other first years trying to take us out early.

Setting up shop in the basement of a clocktower that is hard to access for most is good. It severely cuts down on the number of people who can threaten us or gain access to our place, and if they can fly around performing feats of super wizardry it doesn't hurt in the least.

I certainly hope so. And Lin probably is in love with our muscles now.

>> No.23096893

I support this and vote to make the library sanctum our main hideout.

>> No.23096904

I think it means they both get wet as shit the second we pick them up and beg for a 3way the entire time.

>> No.23096924

I dislike the library sanctum. There's a lot of traffic going back and forth in it, I would be surprised if other people hadn't though it up and also had hidey holes in there. We don't have the skills to make it work, and there are going to be people combing the library for secret passage ways looking for repositories of hidden books. It'll be found.

Also, we're on page 8.

>> No.23096928

Nah man the Librarian will kill our ass if we fuck with her books. She's probably an archmagus or some shit.

>> No.23096933

Can we do that Inu-Yasha thing?

>> No.23096946

You soar across the rooftops - it feels like you're back in Paris again. It's easy enough to help Lin and Liz across, giving them boosts and catching them as you go. You would compare it to a rooftop ballet or something fruity like that if you were the poetic sort, but you're not, and you're not big into analogies either.

The hardest part is getting them up the hand-holds in the side of the tower. You end up hanging on to a brass ring on the side of the tower and doing a full-body catch of each of them, then helping them get their hand-holds. You take the opportunity to grope them both - Liz notices, but you're not sure whether Lin realizes you did it on purpose. Finally, you all climb up into the tower itself.

The top room of the tower is mostly filled with gears and other machinery that you assume is normally used to run the clock and giant bell above you. The wall is partially collapsed, but should be relatively easy to fix by restacking the bricks and a small application of Alchemy. The floor is wooden and needs maintenance, and there's a trap door in it that leads further down into the body of the marble brick tower.

Do you go deeper?

>> No.23096960

Balls deep

>> No.23096975

Yeah, let's head down into the tower itself.

>> No.23096976


>> No.23096978

Only after we've kissed them both.

Ask what they think.

>> No.23096989

WE NEED TO GO DEEPER And bang the shit out L&L while we're at it

>> No.23096995

Sure, let's explore now that we're in. Maybe we'll find interesting loot. It isn't a very good place to study anyway.

>> No.23097007

Are you some kind of tin coated apple?

>> No.23097008

and leave it uncertain whether we are asking about the kiss or the tower when it comes to Lin.

>> No.23097024

Can we not start rampantly kissing people who have yet to show interest in us? Also, Liz isn't necessary cool with open relationships yet- got to lay the groundwork there first or we'll lose her.

>> No.23097025

>Do you go deeper?

Yeah, we need a good look around to see if it's any good as a sanctum/meeting place/whatever we do with it.

Also, the spiderman access route clearly isn't any good for the girls. Unless we find better ways in/out this place won't be any good.

>> No.23097035

First, laugh, make sure that both of them are doing okay, give L&L a kiss and a grope so that she knows it wasn't on accident. Ask how they liked jumping around and the how they like the tower.

Then go deeper, very carefully and quietly, we don't want to spook whatever's down there if there's something down there. We'll go down first alone as we're the quietest and it might be in bad repair so it'll require careful stepping. Have the other two stay up here for now, keep watch and be prepared to lock and seal the trap door if we come running up saying "HOLY SHIT A DRAGON."

>> No.23097036

Also just throwing this out there, but basement hideouts are the worst hideouts, followed closely by ground floor and any floor above 4.

Gotta keep your escape options open.

>> No.23097046

Err, I should rephrase. Only continue after we've seduced them both a bit. Start by asking what they think of the tower/view/our muscles.

>> No.23097057

Lin has expressed no interest in us and appears to be straight. Lets not go kissing her just yet.

>> No.23097072

I agree. Unless there's secret tunnels of course.

>> No.23097075

Only if there's only one way in and out. If the clocktower is connected to tunnels, various passages, and isn't known about that'd be great.

What would be really nice is if this place was used as a sanctum by a now dead/graduated student. Already all set up for us, we just have to fiddle a bit with it.

Let her feel some of our muscles and I'm pretty sure that'll change. If she's attracted to masculine traits we've got them in spades. And we've also got a dick.

>> No.23097076

We've already fucked the shit out of Liz. Lin is questionable, but this is fucking Blatant Fetish Quest. Everyone needs to take off the tin foil hats and heed the wise words of Descartes.

>> No.23097088

eh, that is fair

for now we just enter the magical realm? i mean, the tower?

>> No.23097101

>Lin has expressed no interest in us and appears to be straight.

So did Liz.

>> No.23097106

Can we get her to feel our biceps and abs first? Let her grope us a bit to make up for groping her.

>> No.23097110

Je pense, donc je suis?

>> No.23097117

Hmm, don't want Li getting jealous.

Need to take her aside at some point and ask her what she thinks of Lin.

>> No.23097123

We're on top of page 9, new thread time methinks?

>> No.23097124

Page 9 by the way, we might want a new thread.

>> No.23097126

Well if we want to use this place we should make sure nothing is going to pop out and try to eat us one night, go exploring. By the way, do we have bad ends and check points for rebooting in this quest? If so this is probably a good point to save in case we fuck up our rolls for our first fight that might be soon.

>> No.23097132

>Je penis, dong je suis


>> No.23097134

If it gets down to sexytimes, we just have to order Liz to eat out Lin, and she'll love it.

>> No.23097140

Possible future plan, if we can ever portal properly:

Get a standard dorm room, without a roommate. Fill it with clothes and random training equipment. Hide an invisible portal to the place we actually sleep in the bathroom mirror.

>> No.23097150

If you die, you'll get to play one of the other characters whose sheets you've unlocked.

>> No.23097151

Too obvious and easy to follow or detect

>> No.23097185

But they're not half as interesting... they don't have penises...

>> No.23097198

We'll just have to search the special needs dorm for somebody interesting to use as a backup.

>> No.23097212

We're a half-incubus. If we actually take after Dad, we should be able to visit women in their dreams.

We should therefore construct our lair as a dreamweb spun across the minds of female students. We'll probably lose half of them per year, but that's a predictable loss and we should be able to plan for that.

>> No.23097214


Or consider it an incentive to keep Max alive

>> No.23097218


welp only one life for me then, its going to be hard playing some one who lost a lov- close friend.

>> No.23097246

Isn't dream-walking usually portrayed as just a mental dive while your body goes comatose?
If it isn't, this sounds genius, though it might be open to interference from the girls themselves.

>> No.23097255

You give Liz a celebratory kiss and grope. Lin stares and snickers You then turn and do the exact same thing to her. She seems more surprised than aroused - she doesn't kiss back, and she doesn't push you away. When you disengage, she says, "I didn't expect that." Then, after a moment of pause, says, "I've had worse. Why did you do that, though? Just couldn't control yourself?"

"Yes, why did you do that?" Liz ask. She has a very annoyed tone in her voice. "Kissing her out of nowhere like that, that is. Right in front of me. Right after kissing me."

"It seemed like the right thing to do at the time," you say, trying to give both of them a good-humored smirk.

"It wasn't," says Liz, throwing open the trap door. You can't tell if she's more angry or hurt. She starts stomping on down the ladder under the trap door.

Lin follows, tossing you a wink and saying, "I think your timing needs some work, Max. Or maybe just your targeting."

And then you're standing in the top room alone.

I'm ending it here for tonight. I plan to start up the next thread at 12:00 4chan time tomorrow. Also, you just unlocked Lin.

>> No.23097256

That'll take some work, but if we focus enough on Enchantment, which we have a natural aptitude for, we could do that. Though any smart students will set up protections against that which we'll have to combat.

>> No.23097271

Oh, uh... Well shit, things just got serious. I guess we could use another character to try and bring Max back to life if it came down to it, if that's even possible. For a first year that could be a huge quest that might be pretty fun in itself but, I'd still rather not see Max die in the first place.

>> No.23097276

>end up deliberately trapped and played with in a kinky girls mind
I'm ok with this

>> No.23097279

If we use the clocktower as a living space, or some other similar building... Does anyone have any idea how will we get the furniture to make it habitable ? What about running water, a bathroom, electricity and heating ?
Is there seasons in this school ?

>> No.23097280

That's a combination of Conjuration and Enchantment and something only spiritual beings can do. Being half-incubus might be enough. Even if it is, it will require plenty of skill in both Enchantment and Conjuration to slip into the dream web.

>> No.23097284


>> No.23097295


>> No.23097297

Right, why did we do that ? It was a pretty stupid thing to do, as was said.

>> No.23097301

Seems like a good goal.

Can we lose character sheets if we piss them off too much?

>> No.23097319

>Lin follows, tossing you a wink and saying, "I think your timing needs some work, Max. Or maybe just your targeting."
That stings.

>> No.23097323

Good night, sweet prince

>> No.23097330

What happens if we accidentally step into/get intercepted by someone's dream who actually knows what they're doing when it comes to that sort of thing? I really don't like the idea of badending via getting soul-trapped.

>> No.23097333

RAID = Redundant Array of Independent Dames

>> No.23097342


nice going king of romance /tg/

anyway hoping there will be treasure under there. and thnx fem!

>> No.23097352

Everyone remember to upvote in the archives.

>> No.23097380

We can still make it work. We up Lin's attraction for us, she'll fall in love with our muscles and cock soon enough.

And Liz won't be that hard, she loves our cock and cum too much to give it up even if she has to share it.

>> No.23097405

The "has to share it" part is very arguable, though. We are at a magic school where it's entirely within the realm of possibility for any of our girls to decide that we're not good enough and proceed to alter our personality forcibly.

We should be stepping lightly.

>> No.23097437


she was more relieved when we said we should be friends for now, i don't know where you get the idea that she is far deep into us.

>> No.23097488


>> No.23097518

We're going to be doing a lot of stuff with Enchantment and we're part of Lotus which has a heavy basis in chi, meditation, and self-enhancement which ought to lead to our mind being pretty much an unassailable fortress with a bit of work.

Our goal should be to be an unstoppable Juggernaut who knocks the other person unconscious before they can get a spell off.

There's all the stuff we did in Paris, she's submissive in bed to us, and jumped us something fierce at the airport, though that was because we teased her for hours. She's into us, she might not be sure about girlfriend/boyfriend, but she ought to be on board with serious fuckbuddy.

>> No.23097531


>> No.23097583

We could break the fourth wall and tell Liz we were trying to get it so we could see Lin's character sheet.

>> No.23097601

We could unbreak the 4th wall but still reference it by saying we needed to get a feel for what kind of person she is.

It would also be a funny pun.

>> No.23097630

Bug out and apologize in person? Also we'll presumably mostly be using first-years for this; by then we won't be their competition, so unless they're with the Domini Dextra, I don't think it'll be much of an issue.


That's an entirely plausible incubus power -- so much so that I suspect it's what we actually just did.

>> No.23097644

You know... that really does make some amount of sense. Needs further testing and evaluation.

>> No.23097656

Or as a serious response, we could always tell Liz that we kissed her in the heat of the moment and then kissed Lin to hide any attachment to her. After all, we have to be paranoid, and hard feelings between us and Liz could be exploited.

Until we can trust Lin as much as we do Liz (ie, we get her addicted to our cock), we can't afford to let anything slip that could give Lin power over us or Liz.

>> No.23097679

I just realized, not a single fuck was given this day.

>> No.23097695

That's a first.

>> No.23097700

I second this answer.

>> No.23097717

Also, dub dubs.

>> No.23097762

We could combine the two. Seeing what kind of person Lin is would be essential to whether or not we decide we can trust her.

Covering up as much attachment as possible to Liz is just a bonus to that goal.

Whatever the response we choose, we need to convince her that we kissed Lin with her best interests in mind, not necessarily because we wanted to kiss Lin.

>> No.23097806

Welcome to /tg/. We don't do that here.

>> No.23097931

Well now that we've given up a perfect hiding place we're going to have a rough time finding a new one and we're on a time limit to boot.

>> No.23098003

In what way have we given up a hiding place?
We were intending on keeping Liz with us anyway, and Lin is incapable of reaching it without our help for now.
Not to mention most of these fa/tg/uys seem intent on giving her the D as well.

>> No.23098005

>628 posts
Fucking hell, /tg/, I'm not even angry, I'm impressed.

>> No.23098044

Fetish quest is best quest

>> No.23098055

It's not a half bad quest either to be honest, my only complain would be that it's like a magnet for anyone fresh of the boat.

>> No.23098100

Thats what I'm saying. This quest is great and its fucking hilarious.

No quest has the right to be as engaging as this one, especially not a Blatant Fetish Quest. Like, people come to /tg/ thinking they will be the next papa-N or Ellington and that their quest will be THE quest, you know? And then they all get upstaged by a guy writing about a dickgirl fucking her way through political intrigue and punching goddamn gypsies in their thieving faces so hard her hand fucking splits open.

>> No.23098155

That's because most of them don't design their quests to be interesting to the /tg/ audience, regardless of whether or not this quest was designed to appeal to /tg/ it has alot of strong appeal, from magic, /d/ material and adventure to a modern, just relatable enough setting and decent humor.

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