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So I took a shot at making the thing that Bikini Bimbo Barbarians was originally going to be -- a rules light, quick character creation, clunky but versatile pseudo old school rpg, featuring excuses to have ladies going on dungeon crawls implausibly dressed as well as tons of misogyny.

I think I sort of succeeded at making a playable alpha, but I'd appreciate your input. Rules in next post.

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There we go.

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...and I just realized that I haven't put in flanking/AoO rules, thus making the grid fairly useless. Well, revisions.

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Also, how do these look as rewards for "leveling up?"

Opportunity Attack
When an enemy leaves a square you can hit with a melee attack, make a melee attack against that enemy.

When you hit an enemy that you flank with a dagger, deal an additional d6 damage to that enemy.

Gain the following ability, usable once per scene.

Tags: Magical Attack, Ranged Attack
Resolution: Intelligence vs Dexterity
Range: 10, striking the target square and all adjacent squares
Damage: 1d6 to Health

Gain an additional 2 movement.

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I am bump OP's thread

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I just ran a combat. It works, but there wasn't much point to the hot-off mechanic, which I find to be hilarious. Maybe give characters a free hot-off challenge per turn, or something?

Without posting opinions?

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someone post the elf regretting her choice of attire

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sauce on this please

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4chan has a sauce detection system built in. Look at the G and I buttons next to the filename.

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>as well as tons of misogyny.
Stop misusing that word.

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That chainmail must chaff and pinch like a mother fucker.

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She's a female in a fantasy setting, if she was wearing full platemail those arrows would pierce right through anyway to "prove" chicks don't belong in adventures.

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I'm pretty sure I'm not misusing it. What does it mean/not mean according to you?

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Misogyny means hatred of women and what it doesn't mean is every other concept.

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I'm pretty sure "make chainmail bikini barbarians and bring five sheets because this is some high death shit" counts.

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> Misogyny
> Anything but "hatred of or distrust for women."

Words have meanings. They don't just mean what you want them to mean.

Unless your game depicts all women in a negative normative way, it isn't full of misogyny.

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You're mistaken.

Glad we've cleared this up.

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Riddle of Steel is misandrist because men die in it.

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Is it bad that I don't think this stuff looks as good in real life?

.. I need to make an appointment with my local Commissar..

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Men in Riddle of Steel aren't portrayed as universally humorously incompetent. It's gritty, not splatstick. Not the same.

I really just demonstrated how this fits into your definition. Sorry if you don't see it.

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You merely have a common case of 3DPD. Take two capsules, fap to anime, and call me in the morning.

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Yeah, Busty Barbarian Bimbos strayed pretty far from misogyny. Sorry about that, folks.

On the other hand It's still quite light in the rules, quick to pick up and play, and way lighter on math than this. With any luck it'll be a printed book with bespoke cheesecake art and everything.

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It's sort of like that /fa/ rule: Don't dress like people do in animes. See Fedoras: What You Think You Look Like/What You Look Like Dot Jaypeg.

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what is wrong with her arm?

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>Chainmail bikini

I can see why they would be hilariously incompetent. That and, holy shit, it's a joke system.

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>I really just demonstrated
>Sorry if you don't see it.

If we don't see it, then you haven't demonstrated it.

Obviously you're drawing some link to misogyny that you're unable to verbalise (probably because it's an emotive, connotative, link, not one you actually understand) and that you think is self-evident.

But it isn't. Verbalise it or stop pretending it exists.

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I've found that people have a hard time turning off their verisimilitude switch once it's ever been engaged. I have a lot of trouble with "longsword" and "falchion" as they're often used in games, even though it really shouldn't matter.

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winner winner winner

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Normally people in dangerous situations take reasonable precautions to avoid death. In this game, women universally do not do this. Therefore, in this setting, women lack basic common sense. This fits the definition of misogyny that you wrote.

By your definition of "demonstrated" you can prove any argument flawed by sticking your fingers in your ears. This is stupid.

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You're presuming that the situations are dangerous.

They aren't.

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Yes they are, because
>"make chainmail bikini barbarians and bring five sheets because this is some high death shit"
like I said.

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Not the guy claiming misogyny here, but having skimmed OP's PDF the only situations they find themselves in are ones where they can be reduced to 0 health and killed on the next strike. The rules, such as they are, only represent dangerous situations.

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By that same logic, the rules give no penalties to wearing bikini armour, so the women aren't skipping any precautions by doing so.

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You make a strong point.

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This is sort of an oversight, actually. I do have eventual plans to have multiple armor types. In fact, there isn't even any armor in the game whatsoever currently, bikini or not.

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What sorcery is this?

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>Normally people in dangerous situations take reasonable precautions to avoid death.
Nobody ever used impractical armour in real life? Wrong. Guess real life must be misogynist.

>In this game, women universally do not do this.
>Therefore, in this setting, women lack basic common sense.
Because there can't be any other reason for that besides lacking basic common sense? Not suspension of disbelief? Or whatever reason any of the many different ancient peoples who've used impractical armour had?

>in this setting, women lack basic common sense.
>This fits the definition of misogyny that you wrote.
No it doesn't.

If everybody wore impractical armour (which, in all likelihood, they do), then everybody must be lacking common sense, so the setting must hate men and women! That makes it misogynist and misandrist! Or would you, at that point, just say it's misanthropic and drop the sexist claim?

Again, you're creating an imaginary link between the setting and misogyny, and you're doing it by not even considering alternatives to the narrative you've created. If you had, you wouldn't be able to stick to the misogyny narrative without questioning in in the face of these genuine reasons.

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will you fags shut up and post women in armor?

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>I do have eventual plans to have multiple armor types.
Will it penalise bikini versions? If not, the point stands. If so, that conflicts with the style of game you're aiming for.

>there isn't even any armor in the game whatsoever currently, bikini or not.
There's no rules for it, but a chainmail bikini is listed in the bikini barbarian's equipment.

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good enough, take it to kickstarter

I wonder if i could get a trip to the bunnyranch paid for by kickstarter?

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>If everybody wore impractical armour (which, in all likelihood, they do)
Right, but the game exists in the context of the real world and fiction where largely male adventurers are usually more concerned with surviving than looking hot.

Can you name a thing that meets your standards for being misogynistic?

>Will it penalise bikini versions? If not, the point stands.
Regular armor will provide protection, but leave the wearer vulnerable to psychological attacks because she's less hot than the bikini armored ladies. To spell things out for you, women are vain and stupid according to the game.

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>but the game exists in the context of the real world
No, whether something is woman-hating or not doesn't depend on other things. It either is or isn't.

>Can you name a thing that meets your standards for being misogynistic?
I'm not sure what you're asking. Someone who advocates or possesses hatred of women is misogynistic, and a book that advocates or expresses hatred of women is misogynistic.

Because that's what misogyny means.

I don't know why you're implying I have a different standard for misogyny. I'm just using the definition, and you're including things that don't seem to be misogynistic under that label.

Either you're just unable to explain how they do really meet it, or you're including them wrongly.

Either way, there's no "standards of misogyny".

That would only happen if you were actually using it to mean something it doesn't. Are you?

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>Regular armor will provide protection, but leave the wearer vulnerable to psychological attacks
So bikini armour isn't mechanically inferior. The point stands, wearing it isn't skipping precautions, it's making a risk assessment.

>To spell things out for you, women are vain and stupid according to the game.
Why is vulnerability to psychological attacks "vain and stupid"?

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Oh please don't. I'm literally putting together the Busty Barbarian Bimbos Kickstarter to launch sometime this week and really don't need another chainmail bikini campaign splitting the base. I'm only cautiously optimistic I'll hit my bare minimum to pay the artists as it stands.

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>Can you name a thing that meets your standards for being misogynistic?

A game where female characters have -4 STR and are always Chaotic Evil.

Or maybe a game where male characters hunt women and rape them.

Or, hell, just a game where you deal extra damage against women.

That would be misogynist based on actual definitions. Like FATAL.

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>Can you name a thing that meets your standards for being misogynistic?

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Because the psychological attack is "you are less hot than this other lady," which should not cause a reasonable person to become unable to fight.

>Or maybe a game where male characters hunt women and rape them.
That would be misandry because it implies men are monsters.

>Or, hell, just a game where you deal extra damage against women.
That just implies that women are inferior, which isn't hatred OR mistrust. Definitions definitions definitions.

See, those things actually are misogynistic by any reasonable standard, which is why you picked them, but you can totally argue that they aren't by your (bad) definition.

I am not doing a kickstarter. I actually rather like BBB. Hopefully people will hate my thing and remember that BBB exists.

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Umm, no. normally people don't take reasonable precautions in dangerous situations.
This is especially true of the military.

>> No.23095590


So it's not misogynistic, simply sexist. Got it.

Not that I have any complains about hot women in bikini chainmail, no sirree.

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I like the idea of sex appeal but don't like the idea of demeaning women in general (one at a time, I guess, is fine). Hrm. A most unappealing combination.

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But, something that is sexist, against women, is misogynistic. Just as something sexist against men, is misandristic.

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>I am not doing a kickstarter. I actually rather like BBB. Hopefully people will hate my thing and remember that BBB exists.

I'm in favor of as much lighthearted, fun gaming material as the market will bear. Sexist or otherwise. Seriousness has been eating away at the joy at the heart of our hobby for far too long.

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Misogyny/misandry is HATRED against women/men, not just sexism.

Both sexes are sexist against their own and each other's sexes all the time.

A good example of misogyny is how on /tg/, you constantly see people glorifying races that either lack females or have no feminine traits (warforged, dwarves sometimes, space marines, orks, lizardmen) as well as expressing insane rage about anything that showcases female attributes ("why would warm blooded creatures that have live young have breasts," "oh man I love that pic that has a woman get shot in the tummy" etc), traps are superior, etc. Misogyny. But not actual sexism; there is no behavior or other stereotype attributed to women; just a seething fucking hatred for women.

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>which should not cause a reasonable person to become unable to fight.
That's your judgement about what people should do and about what makes a reasonable person.

When people don't fit your judgement, you dismiss them, in this case (as fictional characters) as being part of a sexist setting.

>That would be misandry because it implies men are monsters.
Nope, just because the players have male characters doesn't mean it's making any implications about men in general.

I suppose it's some relief you're not being sexist here; you're as bad at telling what's misandrist as misogynist.

>That just implies that women are inferior

>See, those things actually are misogynistic by any reasonable standard
Except you just said the one was misandry...

>but you can totally argue that they aren't by your (bad) definition.
So you admit you're not using the normal definition (because you've judged it "bad") and have made up your own one?

Mind telling us what it is?

In fact, next time mind telling us before you start using it?

And what's bad about the normal definition?

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Considering that both misogyny and sexism are pretty broadly insulting to women and their white-knight internet protectors, drilling down into the fine details here probably isn't going to help anybody better understand that "hot chicks in skimpy clothes fighting and killing each other for the amusement of presumably-male players" isn't exactly a sensitive and considerate approach to creating a game.

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that pic is a rough from one of the artists working on BBB, by the way.

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wtf is g and i buttons?

>> No.23096111

>both misogyny and sexism are pretty broadly insulting to women and their white-knight internet protectors
Most sexism doesn't even register on the radar of women or white knights.

And a lot of the philosophy of white knights is sexist and feminist (in the sense you're using it, if not its definition).

>drilling down into the fine details
That's what you call "using words correctly"?

>isn't exactly a sensitive and considerate approach to creating a game.
People should seek to make good games, not be "sensitive" and "considerate" towards people they don't even know exist and have no interest in the game.

Besides which, considerate is a way of interacting with other people. You aren't interacting with people when you're making a game by yourself. And I wouldn't say putting something on the internet where others might see it is "inconsiderate" if they don't like it.

>> No.23096781

>You aren't interacting with people when you're making a game by yourself

You are when you put the game you've made in front of other people, whether privately to your playgroup or publicly on a web forum or a bookstore shelf. I certainly don't feel that there is some absolute mandate to be considerate of others when posting on the internet (I frequent 4chan after all), but showing a little consideration is better than utterly failing to.

As for white knights being simultaneously sexist and feminist, that's a debate I'd just as soon not have. People have a myriad of working definitions of each of those terms and only very rarely will stipulate to an alternate meaning for the purpose of discussion. Making strong assumptions about what somebody means by "misogynist" "feminist" or "sexist" is ill-advised, whether you have your Dictionary of Gender Studies handy or not. Go ahead and assume that you've deftly defeated me rhetorically and hold your head up proudly, if that makes you happy.

>> No.23096945

>simultaneously sexist and feminist
No, this is indisputable: no significant feminist, feminist group or feminist organisation is not sexist, using the literal, normal definition of the word, bias according to sex.

This isn't even bothering to define feminist; it's going with the experts, the people who define themselves as it.

If someone's definition of sexism isn't bias by sex, I'd be surprised if we spoke the same language.

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I'd say probably the greatest strength of the white knight is being able to destroy a thread with a single post.

>> No.23096994

>only one person sperging the fuck out
>is the person who is the opposite of what you are saying

>> No.23097041

>wants to get people to use normal definitions when talking about contentious matters instead of highly-specific and often-obscure niche definitions

You're adorable. Good luck with that.

>> No.23097155

post since a sexy female. fuck you all just go look up the definitions.

>> No.23097183

Here. Please help by making naked lady posts or talking about the game or something.

>> No.23097202

I hope that these two get stabbed right in the gut the moment combat starts. Fucking hate impractical armor.

>> No.23097240

>Implying that armor isn't enchanted or they just have a fuckton Dex bonus.

>> No.23097267

You win this thread.

Does it have to be a photograph? Otherwise I contend >23095981 should have been your cut-off point. Boobies feature prominently.

Regardless, have another BBB rough

>> No.23097289

okay, sure it is in some form tasteless. Any reasonable person can see that, but that is okay because our most base fantasies are tasteless. If you can't understand the fantasy of a strong, beautiful, brave, scantly clad woman running around wrecking shit that is fine, but it is easy to understand how your fellow /tg/ browsers might.

regardless of your opinion on the matter, please don't waste your night arguing semantics on 4chan.

sure the armor is impractical, but no more or less absurd than 90% of the game.

>> No.23097307

I was looking for a photograph of a woman.

>> No.23097308

What I don't get is why /tg/ sperges so much about titplate. Its not like its any worse than just fighting in regular clothes, or even nude. People did and still do fight that way. For thousands of years. We did just fine.

>> No.23097336

People have also been dying of easily preventable diseases for a very long time. What's your point?

>> No.23097353

Because if they had time to make shitty titplate, that means they actually took the effort and resources to obtain armor. And that means they could have made REAL armor instead of something for people to jerk off to.

>> No.23097359

>> No.23097369

and every other fantasy makes sense right?

do you mind if we play fantasy based games?

>> No.23097384


Well, shit. We already went all the way from >>23093982 to >>23095391 without photos. Don't get your panties in a bunch.

>> No.23097388

But they wanted to look cute. Aesthetics often took priority over quality when it came to armor crafting, even in real life.

This really isn't something worth getting mad about.

>> No.23097422

ITT: I don't like your fantasy realm because it is unrealistic in different areas than my fantasy realm is. I want realism in my fantasies so I only beat off to girls in my league.

>> No.23097441

Because /tg/ hates women.

>> No.23097454

no everyone in history has ever only gone out in full plate.

>> No.23097480

Suuure, men can go to battle half naked and its "Manly", but as soon as a women is shown doing it people are up in arms, expousing the various ways she will me murdered and raped in a fight.

Be truthful, /tg/. Its not about the armor. Its never been about the armor. Whether a woman is dressed to the nines in adamantium or if she simply has copper pasties glued to her nipples has never been the issue. You will never respect a female combatant regardless of what they deign to wear into battle because you will never respect their combat ability.

The man pictured is assumed to be capable in combat because he is a man. The woman in other pictures, both armored and unarmed is assumed to be incapable in combat because she is a woman.

If the man were wearing nothing but a loincloth and stood on a pile of bodies you'd call him a badass.

If a woman did the same thing you'd call bullshit.

>> No.23097500

Except for these sluts. Look at them, they've got practically no armor at all, just some steel hats.

>> No.23097515

I hope one day some woman with a fit and coreacious body costume up as a bikini-barbarian.

Preferaby a woman with Caroline Munro's body, pic related.;

>> No.23097532

>If a woman did the same thing you'd call bullshit.

Only the tumblr brigade would. Barbarians are well-loved on /tg/.

>> No.23097553

look at >>23097369
it is a fantasy game. the games we play aren't realistic or they would be boring as fuck. who cares if they add a little more shit that doesn't make sense if it enhances the game for them

>> No.23097561

They're well-loved by me, at least. I suspect 99% of the tumblrite presence on /tg/ is just trolls putting on a front to get a reaction.

>> No.23097571

I think you're missing the point of "fantasy" rpgs.

If you're aiming for realistic, the boobplate gets the axe. If you're just playing for fun wazoo hoowee dragons n magic n shit, then I don't see what's wrong with boobplates. Dragons are more unrealistic than boobplates - at least boobplates are real.

It all depends on setting/feel. Some things are acceptable in some settings, and not in others. In a realistic medieval England setting, you wouldn't wear a boobplate or suffer the slings and arrows of playing as a female character in the first place. But, in a Mermaid Quest you wouldn't ride a terrestrial horse. It's just an anecdotal nod to coherency in your setting to respect this sort of thing.
If you wear a boobplate in medieval England, you'll be killed. Or, depending on where/when you are, perhaps raped, too. If you ride your horse down into the sea in search of mermaids, you'll fucking drown.

I really don't see why people get worked up about this sort of thing.

>> No.23097587

>that knife

This thread just became sexual.

>> No.23097598


>> No.23097621

Ever been to other boards? tumblr has been invading 4chan for a while now. That's one of the problems going mainstream - too much publicity.

>> No.23097669

I'm just skeptical that any substantial number of people might actually be sincerely that reactionary and perma-offended. It's too easy to fake an extreme position in this kind of context.

>> No.23097688

Welcome to the next generation of the internet. People who think their opinions matter and think their "Like and Share" Facebook posts are helping anything.

>> No.23097689


Hey, I like titplate and loincloths. It's fantasy, after all: You can wear whatever you like, and kick ass with improbable aplomb. I'm certainly not going to complain about that!

(Though I admit a fondness for elaborate outfits - Especially on women.)

>> No.23098002

>tumblr has been invading 4chan for a while now.

No it hasn't, I don't understand how people have to come to this conclusion. tumblr (and redddit) don't give a shit about us. Certainly not enough to consider an "invasion", not even an unintentional cross pollination of userbases. Unless you're using tumblr as some newfangled derogatory slur against newfags instead of someone who actually visits the site, but even then the zeitgeist of 4chan, the media boards in particular, has been moving consistently against the prevailing socially-liberal sentiment of the internet at large. If anything places like tumblr are, by their proximity, making 4chan more racist and misogynist. It certainly appears that way to me, but then again I've only been here since 2008.

I just don't get how people are taking the tumblr boogeyman seriously when he clearly doesn't exist in any relevant fashion and the people opposing him are actually dominating the narrative.

>> No.23098098

>No it hasn't, I don't understand how people have to come to this conclusion. tumblr (and redddit) don't give a shit about us. Certainly not enough to consider an "invasion",
Actually, on /q/ logs have been posted of organised efforts by one of the worse subredddits to raid 4chan, including discussing how to derail threads, make anons argue each other, and avoid genuine discussion when they can't win arguments.

So yes, it literally is an invasion.

>> No.23098135

Is it so hard to imagine that 4chan would be raided when 4chan has raided everybody else in the past?

>> No.23098165

ha. I can't even write a response to that without 4chan thinking it's spam.

>> No.23098196

That's just for /pol/, though. Nobody cares about them.

>> No.23098242

Thanks 4chan, saving us from invasions!

Look for suspect words/phrases and edit them, like saying redddit with three Ds.

Something like that will not stay contained on just one board, not when we have inter-board linking and so many people who browse multiple boards.

>> No.23098400

SRS is a meme like JIDF and Stormfront. There is no invasion, it's just /q/ meta shitposting itself into oblivion like it's been doing since it came into existence.

>> No.23098433


anyhow, enough about that nonsense. Hey OP, are you intending to expand on how this system would handle other tasks that might make a lonely gamer's thoughts turn to picking up dice? How does a bimbo mercenary contend with a locked door or navigate a pool filled with JELL-O to get to her adversary?

>> No.23098454

See Non-Combat.

I'm probably also going to add some sort of treasure/utility items system. I'm totally open to suggestions.

>> No.23098484

Would there be modifiers? Like trying to grapple a bimbo that's all oiled up or otherwise slippery?

>> No.23098523

As of yet, no. Grapple would probably be Dexterity to initiate, Strength as the target's resistance, and then Strength to maintain on further turns. I think you'd have to keep the modifiers to +-1, or else auto success becomes possible.

>> No.23098549

Well that sounds reasonable.

>> No.23099250

NICE! You are taking BBB to KS? I will back the shit out of that, or at least enough for a printed book. I love it.

I encourage this simply because you completed your game already. Get a few artists and some marketing plan, and set the funding goal low, and you got a controversial, awesome, KS project.

>> No.23100242

Pretty lewd.

>> No.23103903

Hey thanks. I've already got a few artists with different aesthetic styles lined up, having commissioned a few pieces for use on the Kickstarter campaign itself. We're just in the process of finishing up the presentation video right now.

The target is literally figured to cover the cost of the artwork after margins, as small as I can set it without making the whole process a net monetary loss (not counting my own time that I've sunk into it; this is my hobby not my job).

As for marketing, that's never been a strong point of mine. I'll be relying heavily on a small network of friends, coworkers, a podcast interview I did last Friday, and you guys.

>> No.23105501

Ok, so it seems that's died down. Like I said, the game is playable, but extremely limited at the moment. In your opinion, what should I put in next to maximize awesomeness to effort?

>tables, piles of them
>more npcs
>an adventure

>> No.23105820

What manner of tables did you have in mind?

How about tables, piles of tables of NPCS and Equipment?

>> No.23105961

I was thinking about random encounters and such.

NPCs and equipment are probably more relevant. This is definitely a game where treasure gets generated randomly.

>> No.23106044

More equipment. In particular, make more armor. I'd do it like so:
Leather, chain plate normal/bikini: Leather has DR 1, chain 2, plate 3. Bikini reduces the amount of damage you take from a moral attack by 1, but otherwise acts the same as the normal version of that armor.

>> No.23106494

Sauce on pic?

>> No.23107055

Ok, incorporated pretty much everything people said. A few things are different though; armor reduces hotness, while bikinis have no effect on it, rather than providing morale DR. Also, added the skills I posted previously, added grappling as a default ability, and cleaned up a few things.

The loot tables aren't quite done because I'm short on ideas for special items.

I should probably make an absurdly long list of mundane equipment and prices eventually. I feel like this is the sort of game that would have that.

>> No.23107170

Needs a way to regain hp

>> No.23107287

Argh, you are totally right. Slipped my mind completely.

So I'm thinking that magic specialists should get various wand abilities more focused on utility than on damage. Obviously, a heal spell is appropriate. I'm not sure how to handle this exactly, because I was thinking that spells should be tracked per-scene rather than per-day/at-will, but obviously a once per scene spell is going to get used repeatedly until people's health is back to full once the fight is over, and I don't really want that. Maybe the healing spell should transfer any amount health from one character to another -- that would make it useful for combat healing, but not for out of combat healing. I'm probably just going to have to introduce some kind of spells/day mechanic, unfortunately. Then again, there's no reason not to have a 1/day free 1 health spell and a 1/scene any amount of health transference spell.

Also, speaking of days, sleeping. I'm torn between having it replenish health completely and having it regain a certain amount.

Potions should probably also be a thing, which means shops, which means an economy. So many things.

>> No.23107452

Health should be recovered through shower scenes.

>> No.23107494

Alternately, recover an amount of health related to the Hotness of another character by making out with her.

>> No.23107519

This will encourage players to keep hot party members around even though their other stays may suck.

>> No.23107565

It sounds good at first, but
>at-will, non-combat healing that raises health to maximum if repeated
is not really compatible with what I'm going for.

This could actually work, since the characters would have to find and defend a shower in order to heal.

>> No.23107619

Combine the two.

>> No.23107654

How would I do that in a way that effects anything? If the players can take multiple showers, hotness boosts to shower based healing become irrelevant.

>> No.23108037

I don't see why the mechanical benefit of msking out with hot chicks cannot be capped just like a spell.

>> No.23108169

I believe he means making out in the shower.

>> No.23108174

Actually this is kind of a good point. It could just be a 1/post fight thing, with no mechanical benefit afterwords. I'm still pretty attached to the dungeon shower idea, though, so those are probably going to make it into any adventure paths I make.

>> No.23108859

Ok, so characters can now heal by showering, sleeping, or spells (transfer health and heal).

>> No.23108931

Can the health xfer spell be used offensively?

>> No.23108961

>First target loses any amount of health, target's choice.
>target's choice
So, unless the target is mind controlled or something, not really. Something to consider for future spells.

>> No.23109666

I never learned to read, apparently

>> No.23109770

I'm being kind of sparse with descriptions because I want players to interact with combo-creation in a meaningful way. The tags, for example, currently do roughly fucking nothing, but will interact with skills later (once there are more than like three skills).

>> No.23113082

Safety bump.

Anyone have any good ideas for equipment? Particularly upgraded versions of the existing stuff.

>> No.23113714

+1 to a stat, more health, costume that increases moral, 1/day rerolls, miss chance.

>> No.23113818

Not necessarily with that pic. He's in a jungle, he has an excuse to have not much on. Barbarian hinterlands? That's just gotta be cold.

>> No.23113884

Looking more for fluff than mechanics. Obviously stat boosts are going to happen.

Tiaras/headdresses would be good solid morale boost items, I think.

>> No.23114043

Antiperspirant and tampons are good for femsle morale, if ads are to be trusted.

>> No.23114540

The various Lea costume knockoffs for are an obvious choice for hotness.

>> No.23115012

Maybe they could transfer health by scissoring.

>> No.23115058

we need a "transfer stds" spell

>> No.23115178

Make-up as a hotness-boosting item.

And women can expel poison damage by purging.

>> No.23115192

I think this is already the default costume.

>> No.23115242

>And women can expel poison damage by purging.
I'm putting poison in the game just so this can happen.

Poison probably means alchemy, but that's a skill that I was probably going to make anyway.

>> No.23115303

Can women who've taken excessive morale damage over time develop and eating disorder?

>> No.23115318

That's so fucking good but a pain in the ass to track, so no. Talk to your GM, I guess.

>> No.23115373

>Talk to your GM
>your GM

Is anyone a bad enough dude to run this shitfest?

>> No.23115508

Having run some BBB, I can attest that it takes some gall to participate at any level in face-to-face bimbo gaming. Once everybody gets over the initial spate of awkwardness pure awesome and hilarity ensure.

>> No.23115855


>> No.23117045

Sorry, I couldn't possibly do it justice. A lot of the humor early on came from bashful squirmieness on the part of players, the players teasing each other about their initial reluctance, etc. Once we'd settled in a bit more, there was a fair amount of quality "Bitch, you did NOT just do that!" overacting. I had a lot of fun with forcing my players to make an Uhm check any time they had a noticably good idea to make sure the character was bright enough to come up with it herself.

Also I got quite drunk and am a bit fuzzy on a few points. When we ran the sample adventure with the gorillas, I recall they chose to be rewarded with the magic rod instead of the motorcycle.

>> No.23117207

Rolled 3, 1, 4, 2, 4, 1, 2, 4 = 21

Generating a character.

>> No.23117265

Hotness 3, Strength 1, Dexterity 4, Intelligence 2. I will take my dagger and cloth bikini and name her Sally.

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