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Based off of Chapter Master Quest
Awaken my child and and embrace the glory that is you birt... wait wrong Hive Mind.
Welcome one and all to Hive Fleet quest. Here you will play as a newly created Hive Tyrant put in charge of a Hive Fleet. You will devour worlds, crush all that stands before you and push towards the astronomicon.
But first let's determine what your Hive Fleet is like. Roll d100 for progenitor of your fleet. Average of posts will determine the overall role.

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I think it rolled off the table.

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Rolled 47


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Rolled 90

I rolls the dice.

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Rolled 48

Eh, might as well.

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Rolled 95

The hive hungers.

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Average =62 rounding up
We are a branch off of Hive Fleet Dagon. While not one of the 3 most famous fleets, we will show why all Hive Fleets are to be feared.
Next d6 for classification

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Rolled 1

Time to nom

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Rolled 4

Classify the SHIT outta of it.

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Rolled 5

aw shiet

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hmm are we rolling high or low?

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Just roll with it, namefag.

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Avergae = 3.
We are a splinter Fleet. While we can't exactly crush everything in our path, we are a huge threat and can grow ever larger. Just make sure to avoid lark Imperial Fleets.
Next roll a d10 for size. Also please reply to the post you are rolling for so I don't mix up ones from past rolls.

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large not lark. My keyboard Ripper had briefly left synapse while my tendrils were typing that.

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Rolled 10

size roll

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Rolled 4

Rolling for XBOX HEUGH

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Rolled 6

messed that up, trying again

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Average= 7
We are of medium size. Which by other species standards are still pretty big. Our ships number in the 1,000s, enough to move the fleet around the galaxy and have some offensive ships.
Next d100 for our current goal. Note this may change over the quest.

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meant to type 10,000

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Rolled 81


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Why don't we spam genestealers and spread it all across an entire segmentum for massive covert shenanigans. Keep us on the lowdown but get a lot of xenos and human worlds to change sides with us. That way we wouldn't solely rely on bio-tech for everything.
>inb4 hormissar gaunt

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Rolled 1661

alright, rolling 1d10,000

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Rolled 8117


oh, I see, oops

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Meant for fleet size not for the die roll. Try again.

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Rolled 75


Here we go!

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..... Hah

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Rolled 53


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Average= 70 survival of the fittest
We are hunting down other Hive Fleets in order to gain their bio morphs. Maybe we lack toxin sacs or the Doom of Malan'tai template. Whatever it is, we want it.
Role d100 for strategic tendency.

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Rolled 68


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Rolled 18

here. we. go.

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Rolled 47


>> No.23086828

Rolled 64


Let's do this!

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Rolled 9701

Aw yiss gimme dem nids.

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Rolled 3


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Average = 49 Stealth and Infiltration.
We make use of Lictors and Genstealers. Our fleets may hover above a planet but its inhabitants never see our ground forces until it is two late.
Next up role a d100 for common biomorph. The biomorph opposite of the one we get will be the one we are hunting for.

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Rolled 42


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Rolled 34


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Rolled 12

Might morphing power rangers!

wait thats wrong.


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Rolled 96

(hopefully i roll better now)
(captcha: fails iamnste)

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Rolled 4


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Rolled 91


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Rolled 89


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Rolled 69



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Average =37 Bioplasma. Thats right, we have the plasma cannons that don't over heat. And naturally occurring.
The biomorph we want is toughened carapces. While we are deadly our guys are not very resistant to attacks. We must fix that.
role a d100 for allies.
Also for future reference I'm gonna do the first 5 posts for the average.

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Rolled 81


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alright I believe we are rolling low.


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Rolled 88

Allies come forth to you summons.

>> No.23087004

Rolled 64


>> No.23087013

Rolled 43

now with roll

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Rolled 53


Roll 'em!

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Rolled 32


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Average= 66 Unkillable Beast. We have a creature in our army that just won't die. Its been hit with meltas, shot by hundreds of bolters, and even shot by a Titan but just won't stay dead.
Finally d100 for enemies. Also vote for what kind of Tyranid our unkillable beast is.

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Rolled 47

Vote for Hierophant ally.

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Rolled 33

That is rather fantastic

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Rolled 83

I vote lictor

>> No.23087137

Rolled 48


I'd say that it would be cool if our hive tyrant was the unkillable beast. Or maybe a tervigon.

>> No.23087142

Rolled 77

i want an unkillable tervagon

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Rolled 43



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Unkillable hormagaunt? I think so

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Actually, that is a great idea. Ultramooks are go!

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Rolled 38

I vote for a very sexy unkillable genestealer.

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Average = 58 A chaos Marine warband.
The forces of Chaos have taken an interest in us. Perhaps we fed on a planet they were planning to strike or ate too many of their cultists on a world. Whatever it may be the Chaos Lord sees us as a Moby Dick and himself as Ahab.
As for now I must take a brief break to do battle with the forces of the Necrons. In the meanwhile you guys can decide on our unkillable beast and the name of our Hive Fleet. Maybe something else from the Cthulhu Mythos due to being a branch off of Dagon.
Expect me back in 3 hours time.

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Rolled 99


>> No.23087210

Rolled 56


Unkillable dominatrix

>> No.23087259

Rolled 73


>> No.23087265

Sexy unkillable genestealer? Perhaps call it the deep one?

>> No.23087337

Rolled 60

Not sure if he'll allow us to have that, but if so, I change my vote from hierophant to dominatrix.

>> No.23087455

Rolled 46

Sounds like we got Old One Eye for our ally.

>> No.23087771

Either this or an unkillable Lictor.

>> No.23087921

How about Gur'la-ya for a fleet name. It has the title Lurker in Doom-laden Shadows.

>> No.23088114

Rolled 60

Hive Fleet Hastur

>> No.23088171

Hastur Hastur Hastur.
How sexy should it be?

>> No.23090267

Boop for sexy unkillable genestealer.

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Wow, nice to see my quest inspired someone. I am running my own atm, but when I have time, I'll check out yours. Please join us in the chat, here:
I'd love to talk with you.

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Celebrate my children of the swarm for I have returned.
And now let us get down to business of figuring out what our unkillable beast is and what our name shall be. Please cast your vote and roll a d100 with it. If you agree with what someone has said you can also roll a d100 to support their roll, adding the two together. Whichever side gets the highest will be the one we go with.

>> No.23090692

Rolled 90

I like the name Hastur and the genesteeler for our unkillable fiend.

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Oh goodie! More nyd time

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Rolled 69

>Not an unkillable Tyrant Guard


>> No.23090917

.....So what now?

>Not unkillable Hive Tyrant
You want to not live forever?

>> No.23090949

Waiting on more replies is all. Though I think Hastur is gonna win the name department.

>> No.23090950

Well if its about that, can we get reprocessed into a unkillable hive lord later?

>> No.23090964

Rolled 33


Hastur. Dominatrix.

>> No.23090969

Hastur is fine.

Starting off this will give us a hueg starting bonus for our personal actions.
And Hive Tyrants are practically unkillable as it is anyway!

>> No.23090993

Rolled 17


>> No.23091010

Rolled 31

Hastur. And sexy unkillable genestealer, because it sounds fun.

>> No.23091134

Rolled 63

Hastur Hastur Hastur
Sexy genestealer.
I have no idea what i am voting for and what i am doing.

>> No.23091196

Rolled 35

Does it matter? Hastur and sexy genestealer! Nothing can go wrong.

>> No.23091243

Rolled 60

I have no idea what a genestealer is. But my incredibly educated guess would be that it is someone that steals genes? Possibly steal identity like in prototype or something?

>> No.23091257

Rolled 99


Smells like same-fagging in here...

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It is thus decided. We are Hive Fleet Hastur. Where we go, none dare speak our name for all fear us. We are silent.
We posses a genestealer that has survived more injuries than any other genestealer. By all rights he should be dead. Yet somehow he preserves on. He is the Deep One. And he may be our greatest weapon.
You however, are new to the Hive Fleet. The last Tyrant of Hastur became trapped in a tesseract labyrinth while fighting Necrons. With no way to recover his biomass he is lost... for now. As we are knew we are a basic Hive Tyrant right now, with scything talons and lash whip/bonesword combo. However, as begets from our lineage, we can spew Bio-plasma at our foes.
The Hive Fleet is currently floating in deep space between worlds, having dropped out of FTL travel when the Tyrant died. The Hive fleet was traveling to an agriworld in the Skyrex system, seeking more biomass to increase the fleet's size.
We currently possess 400,000 units of biomass. To make creatures, we use up biomass equal to their points cost on table top. Thus an un-upgraded hormagaunt costs 6 points of biomass. Deep One costs 60 units to create.
Our fleet also posses an organism unique to it, the Plasmavore. A enhancement on the Biovore template that shoots bioplasma instead of Spore mines. They cost 55 units to create.
So Hive Tyrant what shall you do? Will you continue to the Agriworld or choose a new target? And what shall you create with your biomass?

>> No.23091295

More like implants a certain bit of viral code that takes over the host and puts them under the sway of the hivemind. Prototype shit, I guess. And sexy is always good.

>> No.23091314

What are our targets?

>> No.23091323

It's basically an alien that looks like a Human and can infiltrate Human Worlds. They breed with Humans to create more Genestealer or something.

>> No.23091333


It's a nid that can work independently of the hivemind. It's the closest thing to a spy and assassin as they've got

they reproduce by implanting genetic material into a host, who then is driven to reproduce and eventually gives birth to more genestealers this way. The genestealer method of implanting genetic material is... liberally interpreted

>> No.23091369

The Skyrex system is the closest system to us. It contains an Agri-world, a Hive World that acts as the center of government for the system, and a heavily fortified military planet filled with Guardsmen. To look for an additional System, you will have to break the gravity lock on Skyrex and see if our Navwales can find another system nearby.

>> No.23091376


What options other than the agriworld are within our reach, right now?

And do we have any knowledge of what type of defense the agriworld may have?

>> No.23091382


What is the nearest and most undefended target?

>> No.23091398

Define heavily fortified military planet.

>> No.23091428

Based on information from the Genestealer cults in Skyrex, the agri world is the most undefended, as it is farthest from the military base planet there. It will take the Navy and Guard a long time to organize forces and reach us, giving us free reign to devour without opposition besides the PDF.
Several Guard regiments and Orbital defenses. It is the military might of the sector.

>> No.23091434


Let's take the poorly defended angriworld, and consider sending our genestealers to the hiveworld.

Depending on how much biomass we can easily gain from those two sources, we'll decide if we skip over the heavily defended military planet for greener pastures or not.

>> No.23091448

Send our genestealers to the Agri-world to begin infestation.
When the Guard forces begin to move against us we take their planet.

>> No.23091466

I say that we should fight the military world head on. If we take too long nomming another planet, then we'd be stuck in a two front war as enemy reinforcements attack us. If you guys still want to go fro elsewhere, the military planet should definitely be our second target.

>> No.23091480

We already have Genestealer cults on the Agri world. That is why the fleet was locked on it in the first place.

>> No.23091497

Well, I meant take more drastic action with it.

>> No.23091515



I agree with these guys. Use genestealers to begin infestation and then when the guard army is out of position, begin an invasion on their planet

>> No.23091528

So you would like to tell them to start the uprising then? Be aware this might give away our impending arrival.

>> No.23091545

Is there any way to hide the fleet?

>> No.23091548

Do we have a Cult on the military world, too?

>> No.23091575

The sector is not aware of our coming yet. There is only a chance the uprising will give us away not a guaranteed.
Not really a cult only a few individuals who moved from the Agri world.

>> No.23091578

Can we make the agri world attack obvious to the humans so they send significant amounts of their defence on the main planet away?
That way we can take them piecemeal, a nice 2 course meal.

>> No.23091629


Starting the uprising of our genestealers might do the trick.

>> No.23091632

It sounds like the Agriworld is gonna be our favored target. The Fleet re-enters FTL and locks on the Agri-world's location. We still have a while until we arrive though so let us settle what our Genestealers should do and what forces we should build with our biomass.

>> No.23091664

>It sounds like the Agriworld is gonna be our favored target.
Whoa whoa whoa.
We're doing a joint-attack here.
Agriworld is secondary (Genestealers and a few others) while the Guard Planet is our main concern.

>> No.23091728


Lets do a joint attack!

Lets use the genestealers to infiltrate and disable persons of importance when it comes to resisting us. Have them reproduce whenever possible

For armies with our biomass, do we have any information on the kind of armies we will be facing during the resistance?

>> No.23091741

>For armies with our biomass, do we have any information on the kind of armies we will be facing during the resistance?
Sounds like Guardsmen.
Should base most of our decisions on the world.

>> No.23091753
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We send the Deep One to the Hive World.

>> No.23091764

How do we best make use of our nigh-invincible sexy beast?

>> No.23091814

Send her to the military world, I think.
Infiltrate their headquarters and kill all the high Admirals etc. during the attack and give out orders in their name?

>> No.23091826


Then Hormagaunts, genestealers with Zoanthropes and Carnifexes support as our many army. The guardsmen are weak, bad shots and terrible at dealing with melee combat, our best bet is to infiltrate their front lines and best deal with their tanks with heavy support

The Deep One should probably lead the charge.

>> No.23091848

Why don't we assimilate Guardsmen's ships?
It could help for our hive building.
It would take time of course.

Deep one is stealth and infiltration.
We'll have him behind the scenes infesting tank positions.

>> No.23091862


>behind the scenes infesting tank positions

Okay, my bad. Yeah, this sounds like a perfect use for the Deep One

>> No.23091884

So who is up for the Deep One hijacking a baneblade?

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Oh cool. Infect by implementing our genetic code? Sounds cool...

The best tactic i see is to push as many genestealers as onto the planets and when we are discovered we strike at once. Max damage with genestealers and max damage with main army.

I like this.

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File: 154 KB, 900x1175, 1347201483873.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Determined to show the Hive Mind your worth you decide upon a joint attack. The Hive Fleet shall crush the Military base, with the Deep One itself leading the attack, while your Genestealer cult shall begin the uprising and defeat the Agri world on its own.
Now then, what forces shall we make. As an added bonus, all of our Monsterous Creatures have Bio-plasma as a free upgrade.

>> No.23091954

>Determined to show the Hive Mind your worth you decide upon a joint attack.
In more detail, we wait for the IG to retaliate to the Revolt in the Agriworld, at that point we attack the Hive World, the Deep One being our advance guard to begin assimilating figures of high authority.

And, what exactly is our opposition on the hive world?

>> No.23091958

What, no. The Deep One are not leading the attack. Read >>23091814 or >>23091848 or >>23091862.

>> No.23091982

Leading the attack in the way we lead attacks. So sneaking behind and attacking the rear.
So everyone good for this plan then?

>> No.23092012

Currently yes.
But depending on what the hive world is like we may change it later on.

>> No.23092034

Yes, looks good

>> No.23092037

Seems good to me.

>> No.23092046

Oh okay. That seems good to me.

>> No.23092050

The Hive World is the seat of power of the sector. It is 50% Hive cities and 50% desert wasteland. While it is only slightly more defended than the Agri-world, your genestealers say it will be more quickly defended by the military planet than the Agri-world.

>> No.23092072

Yup. Let's do it.

As far as how we use our biomass, I'll leave that to someone who knows tyranids better than I.

Obviously we're gonna need a good portion of troops that can take on fortified positions and armor, especially considering that the IG will respond to the agriworld attack with their most mobile/flexible units (their infantry), and so we'll be facing a reduced presence of those types of enemies if our plan goes the way we expect.

>> No.23092076

Desert wasteland?
Can I assume that's generally the entire planet's ecosystem and whatnot?

>> No.23092165


Based on this idea, we should send our monstrous creatures to the hive world and use mostly genestealers, nid Warriors and the gaunts on the agriworld

Upgrade our Carnifexes with the Bioplasma unless someone has a better use for the bioplasma or the carnifexes

Zoanthropes are absolutely devestating and good armor-killers so we should probably make a healthy supply of those and send them to the hiveworld, as they'll probably have the most armor and fortified positions

>> No.23092171

Basically. It sits closest to the sun than the other planets so it is a very hot place.
Alrighty then, let's divide up our forces. Remember we have 400,000 biomass units to spend on organisms to build. We have a standing force of Tervigons,as they patrol Tyranid ships as well as:
500,000 Hormagaunts with no upgrades
100,000 Warriors, which can be converted into Raveners or Shrikes
300,000 Gargoyles
A fleet of 1,000 Harpies
800 Carnifexes
500 Trygons
750 Mawlocs
And countless Ripper Swarms

>> No.23092189

>Basically. It sits closest to the sun than the other planets so it is a very hot place.
I want to camo all of our troops going to the hive world desert then.

>> No.23092215

Let's have a combo of Zoanthropes/Tyrannofex + Mawlocs.

Zoan/Fex pops heavily armored targets, and mawlocs snap up the fleshy remainders.

And a fuck ton of gaunts or something.

>> No.23092236

Would you like to create additional creatures or use the standing forces?
Also what tactic shall we use to attack the planet.

>> No.23092251


Glad we have people who know all the tyranid types well.

>> No.23092264

some what experienced Nid player here signing on.

Since we have all of our genestealer assets on the agriworld we're looking at a potential siege for the hive world. I say we have a large chunk of termagaunts supported with tervagons to reinforce and give them adrenal glands, toxin sacks, and feel no pain. have enough of those to have a battle line. Then have a couple of of plama biovores start bombarding the hive while normal biovores surround the exits with spore mines. The population should pull back into the center of the city away from the walls. That's when we have a god awful amount of mawlocks and trigons burrow their way through the center of the hive(also creating a burrow that rippers will fan out to start devouring the lowest reaches of the hive. If we can destabilize the base of the hive and tip it over, there won't be anyone in a position to fight back while we swarm through the city. Thoughts?

>> No.23092283


Well we might as well use what biomass we have.

The more overwhelming and decisive we can make the first strike, the more we save in the long run - there's no sense in trying to conserve resources, especially since we can regain everything back in biomass later.

>> No.23092322


I like it. What strategy for the other two worlds - especially knocking over the guard/military world, since with that out of the way the other two should fall much more easily.

>> No.23092330

Alright then so we have our finalized plan. Have the Genestealers attack the Agri-world with Termagant and Tervigon defense, while the Hive Fleet attacks the Hive World with the Monsterous Creatures and Bio/Plasma Vores.
If this is all good by you guys, Role a d100 for effectiveness of the attack +20 for our stealth nature taking them by surprise.

>> No.23092334


This and >>23092264 sounds good to me

Use reserve biomass, make carnifexes, zoanthropes and mawlocs and biovores with gaunt/stealer support

The more one-sided the battle is in our favor, the more we save in the long run since we can just melt everything down in the digestive pools later

>> No.23092353

We, if we strike fast enough could cut off IG communications as well.

Just before we roll.
We're prioritizing IG communications on the Hive World.

>> No.23092386

Delay the attack on the argiworld. When the imperials hear that the hive world is attacked, have a huge amount of genestealer cultists "volunteer for the draft" to fight back the monsters. I'm sure we can find a delicious use for them later.

Honestly when it comes to eating the agri world we can just drop a shit load of rippers on them and then have a couple harpies with bio plasma swooping around blowing up any resistance.

>> No.23092405

As the Guard is most likely to send infantry forces to the Agri-world to defeat our cult, I think it would be best to create some lictors out of our biomass and send them there as support units.

As for the military planet, as it is a heavily defended military outpost, we should expect armor and a lot of fortification, so we should build some more Carnifexes and potentially a Hierophant or two.

>> No.23092419

By communication you mean from high ranking officers to the rest of the troops right? Because shadow of the warp gets rid of inter-planetary communication right? Or not? I'm not exactly sure how it works.

>> No.23092442

>Because shadow of the warp gets rid of inter-planetary communication right? Or not? I'm not exactly sure how it works.
Not exactly sure I must say.
But if we can rid them of their astropaths and whatnot then it would be best for us.

>> No.23092453

Yes that is how it works.
How about you guys lay down your plans and roll a d100 and highest roll is the plan we go by? Once more you can support roles like before.

>> No.23092456

I like this, I like this a lot. Although could we add new morphs? Some sort of tyranid version of a basilisk?

>> No.23092464


Didn't we want to attack the Guard world? I thought the plan was to initiate an attack on one of the other two to initiate a response on the guard world, then while their troops were in transit launch a second attack there as well.

>> No.23092473

Eventually, maybe.
For now however, it's not the time to experiment.

HiveWorld is Guard World.

>> No.23092493

Gotcha. I misunderstood and thought we had three worlds (agri, hive, guard).


>> No.23092499


>> No.23092510

Rolled 77


>> No.23092520

No its not.We have 3 worlds. Guard World, Agri world, and Hive world.

>> No.23092522

No, there are 3 Worlds.
Military World, Hive World and Agriworld

>> No.23092535

Oh shit.
I've been meaning to say Guard world all along.

>> No.23092593

Ok then everyone do this for what plan of attack you wanna do so we can get the attack underway.

>> No.23092600

I say we send a large amount of Gaunts, Rippers, and Tervigons to aid our cult on the Agri world. Strip it as fast as possible so we have the appropriate biomass to deal with anything that goes wrong with the Hive world and the Guard world.

Lots of spores, Mawlocs, and Tyrgons and other MC's to begin sieging the Hiveworld, with the Deep One and other Genestealers attempting to assasinate the HQ on the Hive world.

>> No.23092605


>> No.23092610

Rolled 11


>> No.23092612

Rolled 84



>> No.23092626

Rolled 43

supporting this

>> No.23092719

Rolled 84


Let's just do something.

>> No.23092721

As these two plans can be done in conjecture of each other this is what we are going with.
Roll 1d100+20 for being taken by surprise for effectiveness of our initial invasion.

>> No.23092762

Rolled 31 + 20


>> No.23092771

Rolled 2 + 20



>> No.23092775

Take the old rolls.


>> No.23092779
File: 105 KB, 670x500, Catachans_vs._spook.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 96 + 20

Go swarm go!

>> No.23092802

Rolled 30 + 20


>> No.23092816

Rolled 52 + 20


>> No.23092878

Average= 56.2
The Agri world's defense are nothing more than a speed bump to our invasion. The Hive world's outer hive cities are quick to fall, but as forces from the outer hives move in toward more inner hives, they are more able to concentrate defenses. While they are by no means winning, they are slowing us.
The Military world is beginning to send ships to the Hive world, confused after the silence brought about by the shadow of the warp.
We now have 900,000 units of biomass, thanks to the huge influx from the agri-world.
What shall we do now. State plans.

>> No.23092940

Did our Genestealers make progress on the Guard World?

>> No.23092973


How are our genestealers doing? If we sent them at all

Do we have time to prepare against the guard invasion of the world we now control?

>> No.23092980

We sent the Deep one.

>> No.23092996

Right. The Deep One and hiss retinue of genestealers have succeed in taking out several ranking officals on the Guard world, but no really high ups yet. However, the Guard still have no idea what is doing the attacks.

>> No.23093015

>Taken out
>Not assimilated

>> No.23093034

Focus our efforts on creating a bio-spore minefield around the Hiveworld to slow down the incoming Guard reinforcements. In addition to this, begin the process of planet stripping the hiveworld; and re-double our gene-stealer infiltration efforts on the Guard world.

>> No.23093068

I say we continue Genestealer shenanigans on the Guard world, as well as send a small amount of Lictors and various gaunts to begin hit and run attacks.

And let's begin bombarding the remaining defenses of the Hive World with wave upon wave of Gargoyles. Drown them in our own blood if we have to.

Let's put the ships incoming to the Hive World in a difficult place.

>> No.23093082

I went off what he said and had them do assassinations. If you want something different be more specific
The Guard is not yet aware of the invasion due to the Shadow in the Warp but will find out soon.

>> No.23093169


Work as quietly as possible with asymmetrical warfare on the guard world with genestealers and the old on. Gaunts if needed. Try to kill more key figures and distract and disorganize the IG forces

Begin fortifying the worlds we now inhabit with spore mines and whatever monstrous creatures we can.

basically disorganize the IG as much as we can while preparing to shove our mighty Tyranid dick down their throat

>> No.23093171

you would think the Imperium would realize that Shadow in the Warp equals Tyranid by this point.

>> No.23093191

Anyone want to do something about the Guard scout ships or just let them find out?

>> No.23093234


Kill all but one. Send him back with an edgy message

"We are waiting"

>> No.23093240

I like it.

>> No.23093254

Do tyranids leave messages?

>> No.23093275

Hide a few Genestealers on that last one just for fun

>> No.23093280


Can't genestealers infect human hosts and allow the hivemind to control them?

If so, send the ship back full of thralls and genestealers

>> No.23093283

Not usually. It will confuse the fuck outta them.

>> No.23093302

Ok then. We fortify the planets we control, kill all but one of the scout ships, bombard the defenses of the hive world, and continue our attacks on the Guard world.
role 1d100 to see how effective we are on this

>> No.23093320

Rolled 67

inb4 nothing but 1s

>> No.23093321

Rolled 48


>> No.23093359
File: 545 KB, 1680x1050, wallpaper-640694.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 40

Our rolls aren't going too well

gogo gadget bugs

>> No.23093368

Rolled 18


>> No.23093388

Oh god we're fucked

>> No.23093407

Rolled 86


>> No.23093411

someone else roll!

>> No.23093412

Rolled 47


>> No.23093420

Rolled 93


>> No.23093442

Rolled 70

please be good

>> No.23093467

Rolled 100


>> No.23093488

Fuuuuck yeah. Nat 100 bitches, i think that deserves a name.

>> No.23093512

mmm 52 average. what a surprise.

we've been averaging the first five rolls here. Pity about that 100.

>> No.23093523

Rolled 6 + 20

Pity about the last three rolls - all pretty huge.

>> No.23093531
File: 42 KB, 500x400, 1346788824807.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Average= 52.
While our fortification and destruction of all but one scout ships go well, the siege of the Hive world is still being slowed.
Worse yet, the guard have discovered the Genestealers on the guard planet. The Deep One even go hit by a battle cannon from a Leman Russ. He was fine, of course, but the genestealers are being hunted down and the guard are mustering forces to push us out of the sector.
What shall we do?

>> No.23093581

Rolled 71

The Deep One hijacks a baneblade.
Or the largest tank/artillery around, and attacks the imperial Palace.
As soon as it looks like his ride will blow he runs though.

>> No.23093632

Rolled 10

Invite them to tea. Tell them it was a big misunderstanding and you thought they wanted to die.

>> No.23093658

Go for the throat! Reveal all hidden genestealers and decimate Imperial High Command on the Guard world.

Increase undermining efforts on the remaining hives and intensify the daily airborne attacks

>> No.23093705


With Genestealers discovered and being hunted, it might be worth just using them to try and cause as much damage as possible

We should prepare for an all out attack. The IG are numerous, but we have just consumed two worlds. I think we can stand toe-to-toe

>> No.23093739

All out attack by the Genestealers on Imperial High Command then?
Alright you know the drill. d100's
This gets to be one of the 5 for the average. Don't want to waste a high roll and it is kinda related.

>> No.23093766
File: 17 KB, 300x206, genestealers-in-the-grass.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 100


>> No.23093773

Rolled 41


>> No.23093793

no. one. else. roll.

>> No.23093800

Two 100's in one thead.

Based nids.

>> No.23093825

Fucking, this.

Also, 100 guy needs a name.

>> No.23093897


We need two more for him to average it out

>> No.23093941
File: 249 KB, 577x791, 1347202352947.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For the epic success of a second 100, the Genestealer's assault goes swimmingly. The Deep One and his retinue of genestealers managed to hijack a baneblade from the Imperial Guard base, blowing up several war machines on their way to the imperial palace. They blow down the door and rampage through the building, causing havoc and destruction as they go. They reach the landing pad where the Lord Generals and high ranking members of the Guard are attempting to escape. Realizing the Baneblade has run out of ammo, the Deep One does the logical thing. He rams the Baneblade into the escape craft, causing a massive explosion. And from the flames emerges the Deep One triumphant.
The Guard world leadership is crushed. Invasion would be wisest now.
Also 100s are now insta successes and all other rolls are disregarded.

>> No.23093985

Rolled 91




>> No.23094006

Epic win.

Continue the siege of the hiveworld but move the majority of our fleet to assault the Guard world. Its time to bring the hurt.

>> No.23094061



Full scale ground retreat of the Hive World. Leave plenty of Lictors to prevent re-expansion, along with small bombardments of spores and gargoyles.

Turn the Guard world into an ocean of Rippers, Gaunts, and Imperial blood. Let our enormous and plentiful Hive Tyrants block the sun, darken the sky, and destory any hope that remains in the pathetic hearts of the humans.

>> No.23094100

Invasion of the Guard world. Time to rule d100s. Add 30 for the utter crushing of the leadership.
This role will be included.

>> No.23094138

Rolled 61

I love this Tyranid picture

Feast my pretties, feast!

>> No.23094153
File: 121 KB, 873x582, Tau-Tyranids-Warhammer-40K.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

forgot pic and + 30


>> No.23094191

Rolled 89 + 30


>> No.23094222

Rolled 52 + 30


They are so boned

>> No.23094394

Rolled 9 + 30


>> No.23094424

Rolled 82 + 30

And now, we nom.

>> No.23094438

Rolled 14 + 30


>> No.23094517
File: 2.16 MB, 2136x1200, 1350866182103.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Average- 103.25
The Invasion is more of a slaughter. Caught completely off guard, the humans defends are completely wiped out in a matter of weeks, with little casualties of our own. We now possess 1,500,000 units of Biomass. The worlds are nearly sucked dry of all life... when suddenly a massive warp portal appears. Out from the portal appears a fleet of ships. Chaos ships. Our old nemesis has caught up with us. The Chains of Torment Chaos legion caught up with us. They are led by Chaos Lord Ralgar the Vengeful. Long ago the Legion was part of the Iron Warriors legion when our fleet interrupted his siege of a space marine homeworld, wiping out the chapter before he had the chance to. Since then he has sworn vengeance on us, to hunt us down and wipe us out.
How do we react?

>> No.23094534


Destroy them.

>> No.23094555

Rolled 11

Prepare masses of boarding parties, armed with plenty of Bio-plasma. Delicious biomass has been served to us on a nice spiky plate.

>> No.23094562

Rolled 58 + 30

Is it safe to assume that since they came from the Iron Warriors legion, that they still have some of the same battle-docrines - which would be specializing in siege warfare?

Definitely gonna fuck them up either way.

>> No.23094587

Rolled 78

Using our new biomass to create hundreds of explosive bio-mines and hurt them towards the CSM fleet, which should slow them down. Then continue sucking the dregs of life from the worlds while we analyze the composition of the CSM fleet.

>> No.23094597

Use our new biomass to fortify, and destroy the invaders. Boarding, antiorbital weapons, and superior numbers. Try to take them out before they can make planetfall.

>> No.23094599

Rolled 11

Yah this is cool

>> No.23094649


If these are marines from the Iron Warriors chapter, we don't want to fortify or get into any planetary fight with these guys if possible. Taking the fight to them in their cramped ships where fortifications and artillery/bombardment aren't a factor is the best strategy.

"Emphasis on artillery and mechanized warfare means that Iron Warrior forces often fare best in siege warfare and armored advances on enemy territory."

"Where possible, field fortifications will be used. Iron Warrior doctrine includes extensive use of fortifications to occupy the maximum number of opponents while using the absolute minimum number of troops."

"When an Iron Warriors force launches a planetary assault, they begin with an intense orbital bombardment"

>> No.23094667

We decide to go on the offensive, launching countless spore mines and boarding Spore pods onto the oncoming fleet. We manage to take out several ships. However more are coming and coming. He seems to have gotten some other legions to join him this time. Worse yet, Chaos forces have begun to teleport onto our planets. Daemons and Chaos Marines have begun fighting our ground forces.

>> No.23094688


I agree about assaulting them before they get a chance to set up a siege or bombard us, but when we choose which tyranid forms to attack them with it's probably worth keeping this in mind:

"n combat, Iron Warriors are terrifyingly adept at both ballistic warfare and close-range melee bloodshed, and use a mixture of the two to slaughter opponents in vast numbers. The typical Iron Warrior is armed with a powerful bolter, plasma gun or other such ranged weapon, as well as a close-combat Power Blade or chainsword."

So melee combat isn't necessarily our best choice, although our overwhelming numbers might make their close combat abilities less of a factor.

>> No.23094701

How many of them are on which worlds

>> No.23094704

I say we retreat, regroup, make troops and come back to kick some ass.

>> No.23094705

The Legion has a unique combat doctrine. Basically it tries to set up siege lines around enemies very rapidly, encircling them and then bombarding them with artillery. Its like the hit and run version of siege warfare.

>> No.23094720

So far only a couple 1,000 mixed chaos forces, however reinforcements are constantly streaming in.

>> No.23094724

Rolled 32

This. How many are we talking about here?

>> No.23094747

I support this. Using spore mines and boarding pods to cover the hive's retreat into a neighboring empty system.

>> No.23094787


That + additional legions + our fleet's focus on stealth/surprise/weak defense = retreat and regroup.

Let's use the fact that we have the advantage while they're still organizing and have yet to set up to inflict as much damage as possible, then disappear. Don't fight them on even ground, and try to do as much damage in space-combat as possible.

>> No.23094833

Yeah, we should probably 'bug out', as it were.

>> No.23094836


Definitely this. If their specialty is siege warfare, boarding actions should favor us. Let's hit them hard and quick while we can to give us the advantage later.

>> No.23094845

So we are going for a hit and run. Try to damage as much as possible then retreat and regroup.
d100s. Add 10 to these rolls due to our per-existing foothold on the planets within this sector.

>> No.23094849

We are stealth fighters, not confrontational. I still say we retreat.

>> No.23094875

Rolled 43 + 10


>> No.23094885
File: 118 KB, 600x484, Kraken_Tyranid_Warrior.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 99 + 10

You can do it bugs

>> No.23094895

Rolled 77 + 10


>> No.23094897

Rolled 13 + 10


>> No.23094898

... I think the dice have a biased towards us.

>> No.23094913

Rolled 21 + 10


We are legion!!

>> No.23094921


Ha, not all the time...


>> No.23094924

Rolled 40 + 10


>> No.23094927

Rolled 75 + 10

Hit 'em hard.

>> No.23094966

Also, thanks for doing this, OP. Having fun with this quest.

>> No.23094992
File: 2.00 MB, 2311x1625, 1347203491447.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Average= 60.6
We manage to down some ships in our retreat, but take losses of our own.
On the ground, large swarms of our lesser creatures are bombarded heavily by artillery but our Monsterous creatures manage to break open the siege lines and allow our escape.
We are currently on the outskirts of the sector and falling back. What shall we do next?

>> No.23095008

You're welcome. I'm gonna archive this thread and try and do this regularly. I'm just glad Tyranids are finally getting some love on /tg/

>> No.23095052

Proceed to an empty system or deep space to regroup and spend some of new biomass on new ships/ evolutions.

>> No.23095063

Guys can I be an Eldar? I want to be a farseer whose dad was a tyranid and his mother was a half daemon who was secretly Slaandsh so I basically am a half daemon half eldar half tyranid. Also I am in the Ultramarines because I was so strong but I also am friends with you guys too also I can speak tyranid because of my father and I am also one of the best psykers in the universe and I beat Eldrad in a psykers duel

How is my character? Can I play with you guys?

>> No.23095082

I don't think anyone hates tyranids...

>> No.23095093
File: 154 KB, 624x644, 1355689147659.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23095106

I think it's more that there's very little you can do with a hivemind (within reason anyway) so not many people bother

Let's do this for now, we have a shit ton of biomass after raping those three planets

>> No.23095121

I know but hardly anyone talks about them anymore. Cruddance almost drove us to extinction.
Sure. We eat you for biomass right away. Thanks for playing.
We retreat to empty space. Now what forces shall we build to counter attack with.
Also we are now archived.

>> No.23095139

Forgot link to archive

>> No.23095146


Find the next tasty system. Ideally one that has a strong-ish Imperial presence, so that we can play to our stealthy strengths, and potentially shake off the Chaos Marines.

If the chaos forces follow us, it'll hopefully incite conflict between them and the Imperials. While they're fighting, we infiltrate planets with lictors/genestealers and then begin our all-out attack on whichever side is the victor of the Chaos-Imperial conflict.

Alternatively, we stick to our primary goal and search for other Nids to gain their biomorphs - specifically toughened carapaces.

>> No.23095210

While in empty space, send our infiltrator probes with genesteelers to nearby systems to try and seed them for future conflict.

As to our forces, I think we should focus our upgrades on our space fleet and on our stealth units (genestealers, lictors, etc), as well as on some heavy units (Carnifexes, maybe a Hierophant)

>> No.23095212

And miss out on finishing off the worlds we have already crushed?

>> No.23095349

We decide to upgrade our fleet while in empty space. How shall we upgrade our units. We have tons of biomass to spend. 1,00,000 at this point.

>> No.23095369
File: 269 KB, 800x800, tg40k16.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh Hai Guys! Mind if I join in? *Giggle*

>> No.23095430

Experianced Nid again
Here's my vote. We're specialists in camo and bio (aka we blast them with plama guns from point blank range) we should focus on striking hard and fast, then leaving so our opponents don't know where to focus.
I think we should focus on sucking up what biomass we can by harrying the enemy fleet with decoy fleets(aka hollowish bioships that are half stealth so the enemy had to spend a god awful amount of time fending them off.
While this happens we have genestealers sneak aboard all the fleeing civilian and military ships(from hive and military world).
We proceed to have small fleets roughly 25,000 units of biomass each go and do hit and run attack on nearby systems to draw the chaos space marines off our trail. We then retreat to deep space while we seed the asteroids in this area with a few sleeper cells of nids and bio ships (it's really really hard to see a ship that's gone dark in BFG) after the chaos marines leave to follow the decoy fleets they wake back up and go digest the remainders of the worlds before regrouping with us.

>> No.23095454
File: 247 KB, 1183x676, 1350423994909.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well gents, I must be off to sleep for now. It has been very fun. Will pick this up again tomorrow, maybe with a new thread.
Remember to vote for us in the archive.

>> No.23095460


We can come back. The chaos marines have no reason to occupy the system, and Imperial forces are crushed beyond repair. Staying to glean any remaining biomass would probably be offset by the losses we'd take trying to do so.

>> No.23095466

By having the genestealers sneak aboard fleeing ships they will go infest other worlds. Once they become a large enough cult they will broadcast a psychic beacon that the world is ready for harvest. We use this to help us choose the next targets for us as well.

>> No.23095470
File: 155 KB, 463x600, 1347200206044.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whoops clicked the wrong picture.

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