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Knight thread? Knight thread!

Dragon Slayan
Damsel Savan
Court Chivalran
Hardly encumbered by his armor due to the fact that it's well fittedan


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You what mate?

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not sure if knights, but definitely sir's

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Yes! Come to me, my merciless warrirors! Together we shall deal with the Ottoman menace!

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Knights at the Battle of Vienna, just for you Vlad

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If you ain't orthodox, you ain't shit.

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> thou fockume

well fock thyself too captcha

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and that's all I got, hope you all have yourselves a good knight.

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The Souls games have the best knight armor I've ever seen.

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Miserable insect

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By the grace of gods and fate, I am Nerevar reborn.

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>Knight armor thread
>no FFXII Judges
I'm not sure whether to be proud or disappoint.

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Huh, she looks like some kind of part-demon or vampire but she's wearing armor that doesn't have tons of superfluous spikes?

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stop being a fag and post them then.
Be the change you want to see in the world

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wait, what's the middle one, that one's new

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sauce on this?

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Where da Bretonnians at?

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He's the Dark Souls 2 "main character" like how the other two armors represent the "main character" of the other Souls games.

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As I said, part of my is proud that nobody was getting them and their retarded helmets confused with better knights, but if you want the pic here ya go.

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A wonderful hymn for the adventuring knight
"Lo, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. For I am the baddest motherfucker in the valley"

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As long as there have been men, there have been monsters.
As long as those men bear steel, those monsters shall fear.

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Awwwwww shit yeah.

Gonna ride into the Forest Perilous. fight some guys on a bridge made of glass, get ALL the favors of them fae honeys. No giants messin' with me.

Word to your princess.

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that's it, I'm watching Excalibur tonight

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>getting with fae

Is this Saracen serious?

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By the Eight and One, our nerves shall be as steel and never faulter

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Nigga, you tellin' me you never got directions from a forgotten forest god to the Gateway of the Twisted Oaks? And then rode through to find a castle made of silver, where you unhorsed the Knight of the Fountain, earned the thanks of the faerie queen, then fetched her the cauldron of mists?

You a punk ass bitch knave.

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>don't do it for the money/pussy/fame/narcissim
>do it because if you don't then nobody else will

gg no re

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>not destroying all you see in the land of the fae with cold iron and christian righteousness

Do you even chivalry?

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Brother of mine, you understand

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I have done no such ignoble actions sir.

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The dagger hilt looks too small to fit in his hand

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How can you even tell they're thankful? I can't ever figure out what a fae is feeling.

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Yes, brother

Ignore these pleasure seeking hedonists.

We fight for a much higher cause.

Truly, the most heroic sacrifice of all is knowing that you may never be remembered for doing it.

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And truthfully the most fulfilling. Knowing our deeds are done so well, and to such completeness that whether they were done at all is not needed to be known.

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Generally, I judge by whether they are fondling my lance or not.

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Not the knight you were replying to, but I must confess that for me, that is the most difficult part of this duty. I would like to think my concern is only that my memory could serve to inspire others, but I suspect that it is moreso a failing I must overcome.

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Space Paladins reporting in. Marines of the Celestial Lions chapter.

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And, that my son, is why you are not yet a Paladin.

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But he will be, he shows strong heart and body.

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>pleasure seeking is bad
>helping people is good
but i get pleasure from helping people

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I said it is difficult, and I would like to think the reason is a noble one. I did not say it is impossible, or that I have not done my duty anyway. To be human is to be flawed, to be a paladin is to overcome such flaws.

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Forgot to mention another important point, which is that while "I would like to think the reason is noble" I have not succumbed to such self-deceit. I recognize my failings for what they are. To pretend that we are perfect is to allow evil to exploit the gaps in our armor, only by recognizing those gaps can we improve our defenses.

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HaHa, perhaps we shall keep this to a low voice

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You are farther onto your path than many of us with wisdom like this

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We aren't human. We are ideas. We cannot show the rest of humanity that we are like them. That we can be corrupted and subject to the same failings that they are.

We are beacons, brother. Never, ever forget that. We are the wind that the wings of hope take flight upon. Were we to break this illusion, this simulacra we would condemn the righteous hearts of countless who look to us for answers. For Justice.

No brother, we are not human. We are more.

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So you would rather we be silent ghosts on your journey? Instead of a living example of what a person can truly aspire to be?

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Sometimes, words DO speak louder than actions, dear brother

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Does it not give greater hope for them to know that those born as mortal men can rise above their limitations? We are no help at all if the common folk are convinced that only a mythical paladin can shield them from the darkness, all of them have the same light inside them that burns within us, they must simply realize how to ignite it.

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You would be wise to cull that tongue. Were such chatter to full upon ignorant ears, it would be snapped straight from you skull. Mortal men cannot think for themselves. Mortal men rape, pillage, and destroy what they cannot attain. We are nothing like the peasants outside these walls who would skin each other alive for a breadcrumb.

I grow tired, brother. Leave me, I must attend to my duties and make peace with my god. I recommend you do the same.

Now off with you.

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Brother calm yourself, lest your rage make you a beacon to less desirable motives.

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But OP what if you are a dragon knight?

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If you truly think so little of them why not smite them and be done with it? I suspect the answer is that even you know such a thing would cause your divine favor to be taken away, because it is not true. All men are inherently good, but the multiverse is rife with wickedness that seeks either to tempt them directly or feed their doubts. It is part of our duty to remind them that Good is stronger.

I fear for you brother, you are very close to the path that leads to a blackguard who tyrannizes all around him because he sees them as unworthy and deserving of whatever punishment he chooses to mete out.

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You dare question my integrity? My faith? My honour? How can you speak so callously to a brother? You cannot understand how much I have given to the Order. How much I've toiled. How much blood I spilled over our banner, both my own and of the doubters.

Keep your fears. Worry for nobody but yourself, for I sense that much strife will come your way. No doubt to solve that petulant tongue of yours.

Good day to you, "Brother".

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Brothers, I would ask for both of you to calm. We do not need to see the thoughts and words of good and law become more relevant than the deeds and motives.

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I refuse to Grandmaster. I will not allow such ferocious insults to be liberally tossed about.

To think that my own brethern, the same men with whom I've mixed blood with in the heat of battle, would deny my purity and bring question to my zeal.

I resign to you, Grandmaster, my shield and hammer. Take them, I need them not. I shall forge my own way. Free from the weak who plague the streets of the cities of men with their perversion and depravity and free from the doubters of this Order who would allow them to do so.

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...as justice must be temper with mercy, our duty most by carry out with empathy for others...
Gran Master Alisia taught me those words went I first came to our order seven decades ago...heed those words brother.

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Anyone else ever notice that the Elite Knight Armor has a really Swedish color scheme?

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It heavies my heart to see you leave Brother. I will pray that your will be strong and your mind sharp as a true blade. May the Divine watch over you and guide you.
Know also, this Order will watch over you. As we do all that may faulter and trouble the balance of law.

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No, Grandmaster

Feel no remorse for me.

I will show the mortal men, the scum, who plague this world true hope. I will teach it to them. They will learn to transcend their disgusting, impure frames and become constructs of faith.

The Kingdoms of men will crumble beneath my righteous heel, you'll see, and from these ashes will arise a paradise free from the wickedness that befell us currently. A retribution of such immensity that it will sunder this world in it's cataclysmic fury.

Pray now Grandmaster, pray that when the reckoning comes, you will know which side to stand behind.

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Before you fully renounce the Order, you must know this:

Remember, Brother, that very few enter with a pure heart and of pure deed. You had your own sins and transgessions that heavied your heart. So did I. So did the Brother you quarrel with. But rather than revel or despair in sin, we chose to reject it. We dedicated our lives to a greater calling, and became far greater than we once were.

That is the Path of Redemption. Mankind is very much the sinful beast you chastise, but Redemption gives Mankind the path to the other Blessed Virtues and the final, decisive end of evil. To reject Mankind the chance of Redemption is to not only condemn them to damnation but to harden your heart from the Virtues. I know that is not a path you wish to tread.

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I've yet to encounter the setting that depicts knights banking as the templar and hospitales did irl.

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