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Sheoldred thread? Sheoldred thread.

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>Not having Norn as your Phyrexiafu

Pleb tier

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I can approve of this.

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>I-it's not like I want to return you from my graveyard to the battlefield or anything.

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Norn has a mostly humanoid anatomy. No fun monster-girl-bits.

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Kinda looks liker her?

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Juri Han's mother?

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Not quite.

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>tfw only two of the five brides of Yawgmoth are actually girls

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How can you tell with Vorinclex and the others?

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They don't have girly-sounding names.

Or tits.

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Norn doesn't have tits.

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Sometimes she does. Depends on the artist.

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Why does Sheoldred have danmaku orbs around her?

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Danmaku orbs?

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funny, in some ways, that the black praetor wasn't even the most evil or disturbing looking of the colours. not even second place really.

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Ah, Sheoldred.
You and Norn and make my deck the monsterous nightmare that it is.
I fucking love you.

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Mai Husbando

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>You will never be pushed to the ground and forced to clean Urabrask's fatally sharp claws with your tongue.

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Feels bad, man

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Superior Phyrexian waifu is superior.

Shiny white porcelain and flayed bloody flesh > giant spider girl.

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>lower than Vorinclex

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Fan art: tits
Official art: no tits

Tits are just fans projecting and it's actually kind of gross.

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I bet he has a barbed dick, too.

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She has fairly impressive tits in some official art.

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Of the three cards she appears in, her titular card is the only one where she doesn't actually have tits.

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That feel when volrath, gix, Daavol, belbe and crovax are all gone forever in the fluff.

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Hence the variable breastplates here >>23066015

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Why do the Japs love Elesh?

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No, but Vorinclex apparently does.


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For you, anon.


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I don't wonder about the ways of the moonpeople, but I enjoy the magic art on pixiv whenever possible.

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Why did you quote >>23066015
That was done by a /tg/ drawfag. This is Jap Norn.

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The best part is the wolf token.

The poor thing has no idea whats going on.

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>Sheoldred will never whisper ever so delicately into your ear that you are her's until Phyrexia itself crumbles

>You will never offer up your life's blood to Sheoldred's dripping maw as the ultimate act of devotion to her

>Sheoldred will never be content knowing that, even if she doesn't obtain the omnipotence she craves, she will never have to worry about obtaining your unconditional love

>The other slaves will never fume with anger knowing you are Sheoldred's personal toy

>You will never proudly display the gashes and lesions you receive from your mistress

Not being a Planeswalker is suffering

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elesh master race bitches

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>That feel when you lift Sheoldred from her carapace and she lovingly coils her tail around your waist as you embrace.

It is an unknowable feel, it came to me in a dream.

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I've always loved the red cloth Elesh Norn always carries around with her. The whole idea of "clothing" that covers absolutely nothing is ever so appealing.

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>dat ass

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>That feel when she squeezes you until your ribs crack and she sinks her teeth into your neck.

Truly, it is the greatest of all feelings. And we shall never know it.

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>her titular card is the only one where she doesn't actually have tits.

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So if there's pastebin stuff of the dudes - is there any for Elesh? Or Sheoldred?

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Urabrask x Melira

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Urabrask x Melira

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Please sir, may I have some more?

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Does she look like Metroid Prime to anyone else? Even has the full lower body mouth.

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>Steve Argyle will never draw risqué images of sheoldred and another female character

Goddammit, if he stopped fapping to Lilliana he would see how much potential Sheoldred has

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Wizards ordered him not to.

Like everyone in a position of power over fa/tg/uys, they're very no fun allowed.

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Man, fuck Wizards.

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>tfw you'll never get this as a play mat

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