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Lord of Slaanesh Feels like im missing something...

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All of the dildos.

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and it looks like a ALpha Legion

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This is a matter if opinion, but I think your color scheme would work better if you had contrasting colors (or at least tertiary colors) incorporated into their pallet.
Slaaneshi colors have always been bright and excessively bold, and could almost pass for a rubric or alpha legion marine.

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Durp. Fix that last part to
>and what you have right now could almost pass for a rubric or alpha legion marine.

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Really does not Scream Slaanesh to me.

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For the love of god, learn how to FOCUS a camera, and RESIZE your images

Here's an example, taken with my cheap ass old camera.

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fuck, I wish I could paint like you.

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Just takes a bit of patience really. Thin your paints, add white or black to create a consistent gradient and blend with a separate damp brush.

Everyone could paint better if they took more time doing it

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But look at how horny he is!

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It requires years taming your neckbeard, anon.

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I love how of lately /tg/ seems to be populated with photography buffs, and not in a bad way.

And lovely mini by the way.

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>Not taking photos of your mini with a high-end DSLR in a photography studio like this.

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>Not taken and photos of my mini's because I don't have a camera but want to.

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whenever I thin my paints, I can't get any coverage. I don't think I know what I'm doing.

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How on earth do you highlight with the white like that? How do you get that gradient in to the black. If I did that it would just look like a white splodge.

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>RESIZE your images
>posts 3648x2736


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Is that your work? I absolutely love that.

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here's a horribly lit photo of some guardsmen. Other than thinning my paints, any recommendations?

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Highlights are always welcomed, using the side of a brush will work wonders.
And maybe a more solid coats of watered down paints?
Try and get a consistency of milk, if that helps.

And washes are always a must for shading.

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milk, eh? I'll see what I can do. thanks for the advice, I'll try it out!

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I await for the results.

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First shot at NMN. Doing up some Rainbow Warriors. How did I do for a noobie?

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Yeah, I hoped no-one would notice I didnt resize that one

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>Dark grey
>Light grey

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Your first mistake is that you don't put any undercoating first (example black or white color). Without undercoating the mini will look real shit.

If you want to paint Rainbow Warrior, undercoating the mini with white color then you can start coloring with blue color first before you add any detail color.

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Oh I did, but just on the gold and the dark blue of the body (white and black, respectively). I just put the gray parts on so I can see what he'll look like kind of assembled. I'm impatient like that.

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needs a penis

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