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This is how I paladin-

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This is how i barbarian

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This is how I DM.

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This is how I bard in winter

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This is how I progress through Fighter levels.

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This is how I NPC prosecutor.

>"The defense will remain seated for the duration of this trial or it will BE seated."

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This is how I Avenger.

"By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down,
yea, and we wept when we remembered Zion
Remember, O Lord, the children of Edom in the day of Jerusalem
who said 'Raze it, raze it, even to the foundation.'
Oh daughter of Babylon, who art to be destroyed.
Happy shall he be, who rewardeth thee as thou hast served us.
Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones."

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This is how I bard.

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This is how I ask questions that aren't answered in the movies.

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Doesn't the priest's whole speech basically state that god is either too weak or too unwilling to fix all of that shit?

"well sure, he deliberately made your life shit instead of using those abilities to prevent that crap, but since you didn't end up turning into a nasty fucker as a result, it was all training and you have to be thankful and help him for it now."

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Alternatively, this. (I made like 10 of these)

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Got this one?

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Depends on whether or not god is "allowed" to do more than that by some arbitrary law of the universe.

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>Doesn't the priest's whole speech basically state that god is either too weak or too unwilling to fix all of that shit?

Isn't the entire premise that the means by which God has chosen to fix this shit is this person?

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That's... a picture all right. yep.

my god its like he's staring into my soul

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World's doomed anyways. Every end of the world myth from every religion and culture happens. All of them. In B.P.R.D. there was a vision of the future and it's all giant monsters everywhere.

They should be investing in space technology and trying to get off that deathworld.

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This is how I illusionist

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This is how I answer your questions.

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this is how I trap

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This is how I Inquisitor

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This is how I Paladin

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This is how I bard.

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>Every end of the world myth from every religion and culture happens
>Escape to space
But then you're just inviting Xenomorphs and Event Horizon meat in.

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This is how I guardsman.

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I always had to laugh how /tg/ jumped at the chance to call the Landkreuzer Ratte improbable and unworkable bullshit but would cheer Bolos on no matter what happened.

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This is how I guardsman.

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I have Bolo Strike sitting on my desk right now. Pretty cool book

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This is how I BBEG

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This is how I summoner.

That was a very interesting Pathfinder game.

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Remember when we had an idea about tank wars on Mars? Ratte would be nice there, yeah.

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They'd get orbitalstrike'd or STURZKAMPFBOMBER'd anyway so why bother. I love me some havy armor but it's just 2improbable4me.

Maybe sanic fast zoom zoom hovertonks or something.

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This is how I death knight.

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This is how I all-druid party

I wish

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This is how I NPC

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This is how I Only War

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this is how I critically fail

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This is how I Bag of Holding

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This is how I use Edge

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this is how I melee character in modern/futuristic setting

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This is how i cleric

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Amen to that

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And this is how i pally

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this is how I paladin

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This is how I Warlock.

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>Shopped her dick out
What's WRONG with you?

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This is how I Tremere.

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This is how I Bardic Music(Fascinate).

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This is how I make my exit.

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well, he isn't gay for starters.

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This is how I Cleric/Monk.

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This is how i beast master

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Yknow Animorphs aren't technically magic-based right?

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Sufficiently scienced magic indistinguishable ishkabibble.

>This is how I Paladin.

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this is how i TN/CN fighter

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This is how I final battle between the weeaboo and the westaboo of my group.

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you must be new here

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Is that Marvel Thor?
Why is he a Zombie horse?

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That's Beta Ray Bill buddy.

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Naw its space horse thor also known as thorse

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And then they end up bros for life.

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Yeah, let's go with that.

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I'm guessing that question comes up a lot, given by how quick you posted that.
Also I was thinking ''why is a Literal god acting all edgy athiest?'', but your story gives a pretty damn satisfactoy answer to that.

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Yeah it comes up a lot on /co/ because despite being a really good character he is underused.

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I'd rather have a good character underused than have him go the way of wolverine or deadpool.

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It's not photoshopped, the artist knows perverts and was kind enough to make a version not for gay people
Because you know, there are more of us and that's more money

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Yeah but i would love to see him a little more, the planet hulk movie had him in it and it was amazing

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How about an underused character that doubles as a walking archetype?


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Shining knight and vigilante OTP

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I was going to correct you, saying that it's "stereotype" instead of "archetype." Then I watched the video.

Well played.

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This is how I carry on.

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This is how I botched Gather Information check.

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This is how I paladin

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This is how I go to battle.

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This is how I pass a Fortitude Save, followed by successful Charisma check.

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This is how I Ordo Hereticus

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this is how I fail my san checks

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Oh god is that the Witchsmeller Pursuviant?

I need to re-watch that series.

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Really? Because this is how I see it.

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This is how I history check... (if there is such a thing)

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Yes, yes it is.

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This is how I seduce
>Meanwhile in Iceland

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This is how I stealth natural 20

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3 deep 5 me.

You will be subject to people that can kill you we regardless of your willingness to kill

>Implying the cops wont save me

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