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I'm trying to work on a catachan IG army, and good suggestions?

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>positioning of the battle cannon relative to the head

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Blast it out of your Baneblade.

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What do you expect from Imperial technology?

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>chain knees

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>typical catachan greeting.png

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Make friends with the techpriest, guys. He's the only guy who will be able to strap speakers to the side of your vehicle.

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Playing in a Catachan squad in only war. I've lost three characters so far to digging into underground tunnels and them collapsing on him. My current character has survived this twice. God I love high toughness.

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runnin' in the jungle

it's hot and it's dry

can't stop runnin'

for to stop is to do

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I hope whoever drew that dies a slow and painful death, so gruesome that it'l make drawfag-blood run cold for thousands of years.

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The Sidewinders look fucking great. The current Catachan models are a little too roided for conversions to work, though.

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Yeah, I remember when Tallarn was that pretty.

Now it's a virus-bombed shit-hole of course.

But it's our virus-bombed shit-hole.

Nah, you're alright, Catachan. You crazy motherfuckers.

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The fuck are you fighting?

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Space Kobolds

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Old /tg/ drawfag probably. Why are you so upset?

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Da fuck is wrong with that Sentinel... and why is that Ogryn so small

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>Drawing Catachans
>Not drawing them as manly as possible

You are a despicable creature that does not deserve to draw breath.

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Oh shit nigga I used to have that Trex toy I think.

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That's no Ogryn, that's just a catachan with a ripper gun. Common mistake.

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It's probably because it's not a muscle girl.

I remember when it was drawn. I still like it. Ragathol, I think?

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/tg/ if you love Catachan why don't you play a game with their own official rulebook?

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Lesser regiments?
How about I combined arms your shit?

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Yeah, it's almost as it /tg/ never makes any kind of cheesecake at all.

There is plenty of muscled cata-chan out there. Gap toothed thing she was.

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Is that even still tourney useable?

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Our combined arms are my arm next to my buddies.

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no because it's only for a gamemode based around the catachan's, however they are legitimate rules and i'm sure a games workshop store would allow you to play causally.

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I think the dude was joking. At least I hope he was. That or hoping for some muscle girl pics to be dropped.

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I'm down with that.

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>I'd go down on that.


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You, I like you!

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i had some potential updates/houserules to that old codex i never got to try. or complete. herpaderp. have some posting. it's shit.

the deathworld veteran benefits are replaced with (there's one benefit i don't know how to update scince that's no longer a thing, that you can see and shoot farther into terrain. nowadays terrain either blocks line of sight or not.) deathworld veterans rule(nearly every unit in the dex has this rule) now gives: Move through cover (and treat all terrain that they can move through as clear terrain for movement purposes), Stealth, any unit on foot may infiltrate but only into terrain

revamp the ambush system. but it's probably gonna be NO SCATTER DEEPSTRIKE INTO TERRAIN THAT YOU CHOOSE WHEN THEY SHOW UP, EVEN ON OPPONENT TURN(obviously you can't do anything with them on opponents' turn except like. get shot at. or recieve a charge. I don't even know why you'd drop them on the opponent's turn really). OH? AND YOU CAN ASSAULT FROM IT.'

Frags and ccw come standard

Ironhand and Marbo work as per 5e guard dex, with the addition that marbo may ambush like a sniper and may replace a sniper in the army at his normal cost.

Sentinels are as per the guard dex. 35p and come with free camo netting and heavy flamer, with +1 attack over the base 5e sent due to chainsaw. these things need all the help they can get.
Snipers(the unit) are now 15points each and in the "counts as an elite but doesn't take up a slot" zone. They can move like normal now, and during your move if they're in terrain, they can be removed from the board to redeploy from ambush again. they can't come back until your turn is over. also, shrouded

+1p/m krak grenades
5p voxcaster
Armoury purchases don't replace already equipped weapons (just because ahnold in commando did it.)
Reprice weapon upgrades to match current guard dex. perhaps lower the price of regimental specialty weapons. perhaps make democharges unlimited use? they're hurting for antivehicle, i think.

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Hey guys what's going on ITT?
Also feeling pretty grimdark right now.

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0/10 shit troll not even mad learn the lore get back to leddit

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I approve this thread.

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I have never seen a Catachan Commissar.

Why is that?

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Best regiment coming through

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Because no Commissars are from Catachan.

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You can't survive there with that kind of mantle and Emperor-propaganda. You'd die to heat exhaustion.

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The more I read about the Vostroyans, the more I like them.
Most IG regiments have really cool aspects to them. I can't think of any that I actually dislike.

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And you will die for trying to tell them how to fight, which they can do better.
So they will dispose of the useless meat.

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Pshaw Look at all these small time regiments. DOn't mind me, just keeping you safe while you sleep.

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>mfw Guardsmen thread

Traitors and weaklings.

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The Oussivian Riverines don't get enough love.

I was actually hoping my group would roll up a LRRP.

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Because Catachran's tend to frag their commissars at the first provocation. Hell I think their codex actually had a rule where a commissar model had a 1 in 3 chance of being fragged before the game started.

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>Playing Dow2
>IG vs IG
>Send my Catachan squad against the other player's commissar
>Random Catachan : You are not the first commissar I killed today
>mfw treachery in my army

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The canon traitor says as he plots more treason.

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>mfw a guardsmen was weak near me.

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I thought it was Thaddeus, and thaddeus killed Avitus

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Hey, hey, Cadia.

I hear your planet is covered in Chaos Space Marines.

Need any tips?

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Avitus was the traitor.

Tarkus slew him.

Thaddeus, as always, was useless.

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>Claims to have encountered a Greater daemon
>Still alive

Burn him alive, he's clearly fallen to the worship of the Prince of Excess.

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" Tarkus states that the traitor was one he fought alongside with at Kronus, and that they became regular friends during the Tyranid Invasion on sub-sector Aurelia. Now, it is impossible for Tarkus, Cyrus, Martellus, Jonah Orion to be the traitor, as all are present in said game, fighting alongside Gabriel Angelos and Apollo Diomedes. This leaves Thaddeus and Avitus. But as far as we know, Thaddeus did not participate in the Kronus campaign, plus he is not part of the group if you start a new campaign in Chaos Rising without importing your previous save file from Dawn of War II, as all commanders who died in the final mission of an imported save file are. This leads us to concluding that only Avitus could have been the traitor."

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what was that?


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Threadshitting from a spess mehreen player?

How shocking!

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Avitus was definitely the traitor

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>Threadshitting from a chaos spess mehreen player?
fixed that for you.

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Cadian are exempt from the whole HE SAW CHAOS KILL HIM thingy... They kinda have seen it all.


Nah we got this don't worry. Kinda done it before

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That picture is kind of dumb, they look like they're just walking, not charging which indicates they should be getting mowed down.

Also all the faces in that picture without exception bug me for some reason. Would have been better if they all had stormtrooper helms.

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Why is a 12-year-old girl carrying the regimental-standard?

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Catachan kill commissars constantly. They don't like outsiders and distrust Commissars. Especially with the brotherhood Catachans share, the prospect of a Commissar shooting one of them is unspeakable. No one really gives a fuck though because the Catachan get results.

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I was about to say Whiteshield, but the pauldrons don't have the requisite paint.

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if i remember, there are actually only 2 commisars that the catachans like

and both of them kicked enough ass that they earned it

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"Dammit, Marbo! You're a loose autocannon but, dammit, you get RESULTS!"

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Ever read the short story "Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong" by Tim O'Brien?

Seems relevant to your interests.

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They aren't fighting, me thinks. More like, patrolling the zone, with the company standard bearer singing some stuff to keep the morale high.

She's at least 16 (because height), which makes her a soldier since at least 6 years. Probably she's good at leading, so that's why she gets the flag.

On a side note, I highly doubt that's the regimental standard. Okay it looks like it, but waving the Cadian 8th regimental standard is Colour Sergeant Kell's job.

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Are you talking back to an Inquisitor? Thats right, I didn't think so.


There's getting off the hook because you saw a cultist once, and somehow surviving hand to hand with a Greater Daemon with nothing but a bayonet.

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Hey, he said he charged at it. Not that he actually got to the thing before watching it get mowed down by support fire.

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Marbo is easily my second favourite unit on tabletop.
The Catachans have some of the coolest characters. Pic related, one of the coolest motherfuckers in the lore.

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I drop pictures, don't bother interpreting ideas from them, it's worthless endeavour. Thank you for a recommendation however, thinking about your fellow anon as people helps keep the board somewhat civil. Thats the wrong word, but humanitarian sounds even stupider. Reminders that the board is people, even if they don't really have a life beyond the board.

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Whiteshields don't have to have stripes on their pauldrons. Just they need it somewhere. Its usually on the helmet.

She's probably older and been a soldier longer than most of the people in other regiments

Probably board and did a photo-op? Soldiers can do amazing things when they are bored.

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Don't forget that the commissars there usually gets the wrong orders or have most of it's squad abandon him in fear while close to some dangerous catachan wildlife. That and sometimes they get stabbed, but that means it's a heretic.

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I'm sorry but honestly you fellows always jihad and all that, you are just so unsafe when the commissar calls one guardsman a traitor.

>> No.23064837


Where exactly is that coming from, again?

>> No.23064841


It's cute that you think there's a difference.

Purge the fucking mutants, bringer of heresy and rebellion.

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>somehow surviving hand to hand with a Greater Daemon with nothing but a bayonet.
That's how Imperial Saints are made, Interrogator.

>> No.23064927

I've seen crazier things happen. Never underestimate a person's will to survive. And remember, guardsmen seldom fight alone.

>> No.23064964

Saints are made by the propaganda branch of the Administratum, son.

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attached evidence

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>they're just walking, not charging which indicates they should be getting mowed down

It happened in WW1. The soldiers needed to keep proper order or they wouldn't hit the trenches in any order to take them. Fuck the fact that they might come under fire (due to poor timing from the softening barrage they were), unless they all drop into the Huns lines as one gestalt unit they couldn't take it.

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It was seriously the most TERRIFYING tactics of WWI. and that shit was COMMON place amongst the brits

>> No.23065062

You died.

>> No.23065105


Tallaran are some of the most devout Emperor botherors you can find. Their Commissars are usually trying to keep up with their rigid adherence to the Imperial Creed unless they're also humourless god bothering twits.

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What's going on in here, bratʹya? Borya! Dima! Come check this out!

>> No.23065144


Dude was saying something might be relvant to my interests. I was saying I just drop pics, and not to read into my interests from the dumps. I'm a grognard that's always on the board, but having someone recommend shit is nice, especially with the often "hostile" atmosphere.

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Hakim, Habib and Al-Swarja reporting in

>> No.23065167

>Soldier for 6 years
lolno just because a Cadian can disassemble their lasgun at age ten doesn't mean they are fighting at that age. She is probably over 18 since mid to late teens tend to be whiteshields. Either way Cadians are scrawny people anyway.

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I had to triple-check before I realised you hadn't said "Taliban".

>> No.23065190


>Dude was saying

Christ, I've even got to the point of dropping my personal pronouns on the board.

Sorry, I was saying. I'm getting so used to talking in the 3rd person to avoid issues on this board due to being anon. Keep forgetting my personal pronouns. I apologise if it makes the reply chain a little difficult or annoying to follow.

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>Keeping anyone safe
Don't mind us, just holding swarms of Orks and Daemons from flooding into Segmentum Solar and destroying Terra.

>> No.23065318

Along with 15 Cadian shock trooper regiments, 3 Catachan regiments, 5 Death Korps regiments, 14 Squadrons of Elysian Drop Troopers, 2 regiments of Krourk Ogryn Auxilia, 3 Minervan Tank Legions, 6 Mordian Regiments and 6 Savlar-Chem Dogs. And alot more.

Don't get me wrong, you Steel Legion fellahs are alright but don't think you're the Emperor's everything.

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>Keeping anyone safe

Pull your head out of you ass and realise that every fucking guardsman is fighting to keep hell from becoming hell on earth.

Steel Legion? Yeah, they did well in their theatre of war, and probably many otherwise. Cadians? The fact that the Steel Legion even exists proves that the Cadians haven't failed in their duty to not let Chaos do what they want with the Imperiums back passage.

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Tanith 1st > Rest

How many of you were the honor guard of a living saint?

>> No.23065424

Valhallan 597th

>> No.23065434


Because the Cadians held the Gate alone, amirite?

>> No.23065448

Thats cool and all and I'm happy for you, but Cadians fight chaos at its source. Not to downplay you any further, but you guys held out long enough for Gahzkull to get bored and leave.

There is not "gets bored and leaves" for Cadians its " Oh the one dude left? Heres a new dude to keep you occupied"

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>steel legion
>not being the Death Korps of the Krieg

Oh, dont mind us, just fighting the emperor's toughest enemies

>> No.23065475


>Pull your head out of you ass and realise that every fucking guardsman is fighting to keep hell from becoming hell on earth.

It's like you didn't even read the post.

>> No.23065476

>Implying one regiment is more important than the other
>Implying every single soldier, every single regiment is not a mere cog in the vast machine that is the IoM

>> No.23065483

Do you even take off your cadian armor?

>> No.23065493

But I did read this one!

Death Korps are shit, space-marine-lite faggots.

>> No.23065511

Ah yes, you guys were so useful during the Second War for Armageddon, never showing up and forcing us to hold the line alone until the Blood Angels arrived. Let us never forget how Armageddon was nearly depopulated because the Cadians take their sweet time getting here.

How many large scale planetary invasions have you weathered since the Horus Heresy? One. The 13th Black Crusade was the only major effort to conquer Cadia since the Horus Heresy and despite the support of the entire Imperium you were driven back to one tiny continent.

Cadians don't do anything, they have been invaded one time, Tallarn has been invaded twice, Armageddon three times. Maybe if you guys were actually competent you wouldn't need over 843 Imperial Guard Regiments and over 173 companies of space marines to resist a single invasion.

>> No.23065525

What's spessmehreeny about them? The fact that they aren't afraid to die?

>> No.23065548

Best regiment?
I happen to be an expert on that subject!

>> No.23065562


So you read the wrong post or you read the post that was AFTER yours?

>> No.23065578

That their shitty fanboys play them out as super-soldiers. As does FW and that terrible book, Dead Men Walking.

They are literally Space Marines without the bio-augmentation. They 'no know fear', 'live for war', and even hit the redemption for failure that a lot of Marine Chapters have. Shit, as depicted they are -more- inhuman than the supposedly inhumane Astartes.

They just do it while dressed in black trench coats instead of power armour.

>> No.23065580

Look at all these throats, ripe for the slitting...

>> No.23065589


Yoyoma's 311th. Their string arrangements are quite pleasing and their battle record speaks for itself.

>> No.23065609

Orks aren't warriors, they are pests, just because their leaders leave doesn't mean that the conflict is over. For about 60 years we have battled the Orks in the jungles of Armageddon resulting in the Ork Hunters, the hardest bastards in the Imperium that put the Catachans to shame, our cities have the worst hive scum in the galaxy, gathered up and formed into the toughest conscripts in the Imperium, our Steel Legions are made up of hardened veterans skilled in mechanized warfare.

Ghazkull never left because he got bored, he left because now that Armageddon was ready he faced an unbreakable wall. If the Steel Legion wants to hold a place they can damn well hold it, Ghazkull never took Hades Hive, and Helsreach only fell after he used psychic powers to slaughter the inhabitants.

Meanwhile your world is only held through the force of more than 17,000 Adeptus Astartes and nearly a thousand known Guard Regiments.

>> No.23065611

Nope, no mistake, you were implying that the Cadians hold the Gate alone. Which is bullshit. And GEoM further faggotry spelled out the attitude even further.

Cadianfags are the worst. Ultras of Space Marines.

>> No.23065628

>They are literally Space Marines without the bio-augmentation

So they're fanatics then? Space Marines without the gene therapy, organs and psycho-indoctronation are just people that have proved they cab excel on their worlds.

>> No.23065636

There is a reason its called the 13th BLACK CRUSADE. as well Cadians kinda fight everywhere at once, kinda like the krieg and Vostryans

When our shift is over then yes.

>> No.23065641

Serican Bushmen are like ANZAC Catachans. So bush hats instead of headbands and funny accents all round

>> No.23065645

Why don't you say that to my face Xenos scum.

>> No.23065656

> There is a reason its called the 13th BLACK CRUSADE

You know why I don't like you? Because you know fuck all about the fluff.

The previous Black Crusades have had objectives that had nothing to do with Cadia, being staged at different points in the galaxy, often broke through Cadia only to be stopped elsewhere, and often succeeded.

>> No.23065664

Honest question;

Do Catachans ever do anything other then "Holding the line in Jungles of X until Y deploys"?

>> No.23065668

>, you were implying that the Cadians hold the Gate alone

I implied the Cadians hadn't failed in their duty, not that they did it alone. You're just projecting because you have your own agenda to push.

>> No.23065689

> I implied the Cadians hadn't failed in their duty

But they have, multiple times.

And by implying that they hadn't, you were implying the Steel Legion had.

Ipsofacto, you are a faggot.

>> No.23065705

With the thirty-seven keys of Tzeentch, we open the way for our brothers. With the thousand whispers of Slaanesh, we call to them. With the twelve plagues of Nurgle, we fell their enemies. And with the mighty axe of Khorne, we cut open the world for them. You weaklings shall be consumed like the rest.

>> No.23065714

You guys are arguing about imperial guard regiments as if they were soccer teams.

>> No.23065718

>Cadianfags are the worst. Ultras of Space Marines.
They literally are this, Cadiafags act like they are the best regiment period. They aren't, they are jacks of all trades. You want mechanized warfare? Go steel legion. You want vertical envelopment? Go Elysian Drop Troops or Harakoni Warhawks. You want to hold the fucking line? Go Death Korps. You want to survive in a hellish jungle? Go Ork Hunters or Catachans. You want unparalleled desert survivalists? Go Tallarn. You want to hold out in a city for months at a time? Go Vostroyan. You want to drown the enemy in corpses? Go Valhallan. You want to lay down an endless torrent of lasgun fire? Go Iron Guard. If you want a regiment that can do fairly well anywhere, go Cadian.

>> No.23065743

Sure thing, 'umie, just turn around.

>> No.23065747

>Tzeentch: 37
>Slaanesh: 1000
>Nurgle: 12
>Khorne: 1
Yeah sure. What are you, vice half-quartermaster slave in your local choas cult?

>> No.23065751

49th Abhuman Auxiliary reporting, sir! The Emperor Redeems!

>> No.23065753

It is kind of an important planet.
Quite the angry one you are. So whats your favorite regiment?
While this is true, Cadian's are usually the first responders to a black crusade. Or whoever happens to be in the direct path. That is when they do start from the eye. Because like you said sometimes they don't. My point was 13 wasn't the first Crusade to hit Cadia.

>> No.23065761

>There is a reason its called the 13th BLACK CRUSADE. as well Cadians kinda fight everywhere at once, kinda like the krieg and Vostryans
Yes, because Abbadon has launched 13 crusades with different goals. If you think each crusade was meant to capture Cadia you should kill yourself now, only the 13th Black Crusade had that goal, the 12th for example didn't involve a single battle on Cadia and was to seize the blackstone fortresses for Chaos. Great job there by the way with all of the blackstone fortresses in Abbadon's hands or destroyed.

>> No.23065763

>unparalleled desert survivalists

You can cut that middle bit out.

Tallarn survive fucking everything.

Al'Rahem basically exists to be dropped into a hostile environment and then Lawrence of Arabia that shit to death.

The Tallarn just want you the fuck off their planet.

They're actually a surprisingly nasty regiment in a siege simply because that's part of their tradition - they got their start as a guerilla action against the Iron Warriors after their planet got virus bombed after all.

Tallarns are pretty hardcore.

>> No.23065770

And what are the achievements of your fragile Imperium? It is a corpse rotting slowly from within while maggots writhe in its belly. It was built with the toil of heroes and giants, and now it is inhabited by frightened weaklings to whom the glories of those times are half-forgotten legends. I have forgotten nothing and my wisdom has expanded far beyond mere mortal frailties.

>> No.23065773


I bet a Guardsman wrote this

pic related: The best commander the Blood Ravens had to offer

>> No.23065790

> While this is true,
Indeed it is.

>Cadian's are usually the first responders to a black crusade

In fact it is not.

You are trying to cover your arse and failing spectacularly.

>> No.23065797

Less important than Armageddon which is the gate to Segmentum Solar and produces much of the basic weaponry that is supplied to forces throughout Segmentum Solar. Also, we may have had a corrupt planetary governor, but we never got our entire high command killed by having a welcome party for a bunch of traitors.

>> No.23065804

So whats your favorite regiment?

I've been a smurf player since 2nd. Got some Court of the Young King Eldar from 4th, but they will never see the table. It was a "I own it" army.

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>> No.23065812


>> No.23065819


>dat abhuman
>dat imperial guardsman

Absolutely heretical, declaring you a renegade regiment, furfag.

>> No.23065820

I'm willing to bet money on Valhallans or Vostroyan over Tallarn for surviving in an Ice World.

>> No.23065825


>> No.23065826


>> No.23065834

He crafted cadian armour. I'll let you guess what's his favourite regiment. No hate, he actually did a good job.

>> No.23065838

Ice Worlds are just Desert Worlds in reverse baby. Its all the same game.

>> No.23065843

Unlike you whelps, I once walked the same ground as your idol. I breathed the same air as him. And I tell you this, without lie or artifice. He never wanted to become what you have made him! He did not wish to be your god-thing. He abhorred such ideals! The slavery of your crippled, blind Imperium would sicken him, if he had eyes to see it.

>> No.23065846

Мы армию нашу растили в сраженьях.
Захватчиков подлых с дороги сметём!
Мы в битвах решаем судьбу поколений,
Мы к славе Отчизну свою поведём!

>> No.23065858

>> No.23065860

>Ira Longissimmi Catti

>> No.23065878


>> No.23065884

Less important? I wouldn't say that More important? I STILL wouldn't say that

Both act as their respective gateways to keep an unending tide of FUCK YOU from spilling into Terra

Still very mad.

Now look at it from a munitorium point of view. You can have a nice box of specialized tools, or one tool that pretty much does the same as all of them.

Cadians have their appeal, its just other people hate them so fervently they try to turn caidans into "Standard stock" guardsmen when they are just as special and unique as your special and unique regiment.

I don't really hate on other regiments either. its just /tg/ chose they wanted to hate on Cadians for some reason

>> No.23065885

Knowing Tallarn they would find a way. Tallarn are pretty much space Green Berets/Guerrillas. The one thing they do well is survive. Exterminatus against your world? They survive. Iron Warriors attack your world? They survive. Eldar attack your world? They survive. Daemons unleashed on your world? They survive? Chaos tainted world in your path? Drop off a Tallarn Captain to raise the entire planet in revolt against the forces of Chaos.

I mean I respect the hell out of Valhalans and Vostroyans, but Tallarn are fucking determined.

>> No.23065891

Even more obligatory.

>> No.23065896

>World made of frozen water
>A survival threat for the Tallarn

That's a supply drop.

>> No.23065902

> Lucky 13ths

Moebius Guard. Amusing.

>> No.23065914

>space Green Berets/Guerrillas
Stop wanking.

>> No.23065919


>calling our emperor false
>allowing yourself to be a slave to the powers of Chaos

My Emprah's sides are moving on their own

>> No.23065925


the whole image is meme incarnate.

Inquisitorial seals. Her face. Space marine's face. That "this is an ass sandwich" guy top right. Maid sororitas. Baww bunny.

>> No.23065926

> Still very mad.

Still very -wrong-. No amount of 'u mad' will change the inherent wrongness of everything you say.

>> No.23065935

This is what separates real soldiers from rabble:
But yeah, the picture is kinda shitty.

>> No.23065937

...Man, Tallarn is a shit-hole.

"Well, glad that's over..."
"Alright I think we killed 'em."
"Woo, purged the Xenos!"
"Again? Fuck, at least that's over with."
"Hey guys, this planet just got captured by heretics."
"...Does it have bunkers?"

>> No.23065938


Did you quote the wrong post or did you drink the cool aid?

>> No.23065948





>> No.23065961

> or one tool that pretty much does the same as all of them.

Only half as well and melting like snow to a blow torch.

>> No.23065969

Except that is what they do. Al'Rahem fought in the Macharian Crusade. Macharius came upon a Chaos tainted world and Al'Rahem found some villagers in the desert that weren't tainted. Raising them into a competent army he defeated the forces of Chaos on that world. That is literally what Green Berets do, they teach the enemies of America's (or in this case the Imperium's) enemies how to fight.

>> No.23065970

The recent trend to make Tallarns into space Arabs is fucking retarded. Especially when their tactics are directly based on LRDG and their only special character is basically T.E. Lawrence.

>> No.23065973

Triple obligatory.

>> No.23065990


>> No.23065998

Or, you know.
What T. E. Lawrence did.
You fucking twat.

>> No.23066000

Mordian stands ready! Glory to the first man to die!

>> No.23066001


>> No.23066008

...they have -always- been Space Arabs.

What the fuck do you think TE Lawrence led into battle? Fucking Arabs!

>> No.23066022

I like this look of this chick. The Dneipr Mountain Men are apparently based on Alpini but have a pretty Polish feel to them.

>> No.23066025


That's still pretty great though.

They're Fremen with Lawrence of Arabia as a leader.

>> No.23066031

You really don't get that?

>> No.23066034

>nudist guard
>guard wearing giant ratskins
>amerigo secundus
>desert fox
Fucking love the 4th edition guard codex for this.

>> No.23066035

What's with the random dude at the back just firing into the air?

>> No.23066056

Oh my~

>> No.23066064

I see you finally got that request filled.

>> No.23066068

>implying the Jopall Indentured Squadrons aren't objectively the best
A military run on the truck system. Fucking fantastic.

>> No.23066073

I know what the Alpini are. I'm just saying their headgear looks like a czapka as opposed to the distinictive grey felt cap of the Italian Alpine troops.

>> No.23066093


>being cannonfodder for the cannonfodder

You dont deserve to live

>> No.23066111

How awesome would an all-female shrine world regiment be? I mean, like marine auxilliary or Maccrage PDF, but with battle sister as mentors instead.

>> No.23066117

Not how they have ridiculously tall hats and took "severe losses" in the "Battle of Low Corridor". This is how GW used to reassure us that grimdark is not serious. Not anymore.

>> No.23066123

Just for clarifying, the "all-female" part is because such a regiment would be under Ecclesiarchy control, I think. Or would they?

>> No.23066140


lets talk about traitor IG

>> No.23066142

So, unrelated to specific regiment-wank, I was wondering...

A Guardsman, on the brink of death and about to be coup-de-graced after felling several Xenos/traitors in a skirmish, destroys his copy of the Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer to prevent it from falling into Xenos/traitor hands.

However, he's unexpectedly rescued by his squad's medic, receives medicae, and ultimately survives to fight for his Emperor another day; Should he be executed for not having his primer on him, or can a new one be issued?

>> No.23066145

The Imperium has a cricket team who collect Eldar?

>> No.23066162

Willful destruction of Imperial property. Death. Next case.

>> No.23066171

>What the fuck do you think TE Lawrence led into battle? Fucking Arabs!
And al-Rahem led those untainted desert tribes.

Either way, I meant that more as them not being derka-derka jihad muhammad kind of Arabs. Like the recent mention of them being fanatical Emperor-worshippers and having different sects that fight each other.

>> No.23066172

He should be executed for taking his Primer to the frontline and risking it falling into enemy hands.

>> No.23066174

Can we leave that Torture Device faggot out of it?

>> No.23066187

What a shit picture...

>> No.23066189

Haha they look like a clown patro-.... pic related.

>> No.23066202

All female regiments exist and are common place.

>> No.23066209

I was talking about the dude with the name with the other anon.

>> No.23066213

>All female regiments exist
>and are common place.

>> No.23066222

There's one on the regiment list here >>23065878
bottom left hand corner

>> No.23066224

It's pretty clearly just a reference to them being mountain troops.
"Dneipr" sounds Slavic to me.

>> No.23066226

Didn't these guys suck hard on Taros which was a desert planet? They got their asses kicked despite being in their element.

>> No.23066227


Heresy in thought for believing the Xeno could win, Heresy in deed for burning the book.

>> No.23066229

You take sixteen miles, what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt.

>> No.23066238

They are not commonplace according to any fluff ever made.

>> No.23066246

The precision was to keep the "fetish bad" crowd out. I don't think the PDF of a shrine world would have males, but I'm not sure.

Do shrine worlds even have PDF?

>> No.23066256

>"Dneipr" sounds Slavic to me.
It's the name of a bigass river that runs through Russia.

>> No.23066260

How is that not awesome?

>> No.23066266

Why would they need them, anyways? They all have Battle Sisters.
They do raise Guard regiments, though.

>> No.23066274

>Do shrine worlds even have PDF?
Yes, and they contain men too.
That's how that whole Vraks thing started

>> No.23066276

Dnieper (or Dniepr) is a river in Ukraine. The caps do resemble Polish four-pointed hats (I dunno why people call them czapkas - czapka is any kind of soft hat or cap in Polish)

>> No.23066279

So it is Slavic. Polish is a go.

>> No.23066297

They exist. They're rarer than all-male or mixed regiments, but that still means there's probably thousands in the vastness of the Imperium.

>> No.23066319

Reminds me of Mordian Guard

>> No.23066330

Hmm, how 'bout fucking NO.

>> No.23066338

I didn't say they didn't exist.
I said they weren't common.

>> No.23066369

Do you mean regiment as in Planetplace 483rd
Or Regiment as in Planetplace

Because yes, then The Planetplace style of regiments being female is rare.

>> No.23066377

The sand of the desert is sodden red, --
Red with the wreck of a square that broke; --
The Stubber's jammed and the Colonel dead,
And the regiment blind with dust and smoke.
The river of death has brimmed his banks,
And Praetoria's far, and Honour a name,
But the voice of a scholaboy rallies the ranks:
'Play up! play up! and play the game!'

>> No.23066387

Relevant music is relevant


>> No.23066466


damn. avitus and his squad were friggin BOSS!

but i can see him being the tratior... he had the most bloodlust. thaddeus was to idealistic to turn. give him a few more decades.

>> No.23066490

Steel Legion.

>> No.23066609

>should be excuted for bring it to the front lines
Do you even believe in the emperor heretic?
A proper guardsman has his equipment on him at all times.

>> No.23066659

Clearly you are a foul heretic trying to trick loyal guardsman into allowing the Emperor's foes to learn the secrets of His Holy Primer.

It should never be taken into frontline combat.


>> No.23066694


>the Primer

That's a single best thing an Imperial Guardsman can have on him, it has the prayers one can say to the emperor so something never goes wrong

>> No.23066774

Guardsmen should learn prayers and litanies off by heart.

>> No.23066912

Not having your primer on your person at any time is a shooting offense. Of fucking course you're supposed to have it on the front lines.

>> No.23066941

cant forget not knowing offenses is a shootable offense

>> No.23066986

All of 'em, sounding off!

>> No.23067026



>> No.23067050


Going to need a citation for that. You don't need to know everything, but when you break a law you get the lash or worse. Only the lashman (commissar) needs know all the laws.

>> No.23067085


Especially the 5-second litany to prime a 3-second fuse.

>> No.23067089


"A flogged soldier learns only one thing... how to turn his back."

>> No.23067130

what the fuck are they trying to kill? Grizzlies? Dinosaurs? That knife is huge.

>> No.23067188

>Amerigo Secundus
This is relevant to my interests. We know anything more about them?

>> No.23067190

But three is the number of the counting, and you shall not count past three.

Four is too many, and five is right out.

>> No.23067197

you don't know much about catachan do you son?

>> No.23067205

I was just joking around, get back to be /b/ you autistic, antisocial freak

>> No.23067220


Aw, man. Maybe I shouldn't introduce you guys to our aquatic operations regiment.

>> No.23067229

There are dinosaur grizzlies on the planet these guys come from, and worse stuff. The knives are the only thing they can depend on not to jam at a critical moment.

>> No.23067247


Space Marines are biological programmed "robotic" bioweapons.

Kriegers are HUMAN BEINGS through propaganda and culture and society reformed into INHUMAN warriors with no concept of self-preservation.

Kriegers are WW1 soldiers with the mindset of Al Quada. How is that not awesome?

>> No.23067262

Complaining about the orders or actions of a superior officer carries the punishment of being flogged by said officer. Since you have complained about the policies of the entire Imperial Guard, it won't really matter what you learn from this, because you aren't going to survive.

On Catachan? Undergrowth, mosquitoes, leeches, etc.

>> No.23067277

Look at this faggot trying to ruin the good Felinid name.

>> No.23067287

They're brainwashed clones.

At least the Space Marines started as humans.

We root for humanity. Fuck the Inhuman.

>> No.23067308

>Fuck the Inhuman.
Well don't mind if I do!

>> No.23067335

>brainwashed clones

10/10 I was taking you seriously up until this point. Good job.

>> No.23067343


Being grown in a tube doesn't make them clones.

>> No.23067385

Also I have a quote here from the codex saying that They're some sort of badass human lemmings. "Contrary to other less brainwashed loyal units they're truly happy to do so and would die with a smile on their lips for the glory of the Emperor, if they'd ever smile." Being HAPPY to die I'd an emotion which I felt you fucking nigger.

>> No.23067394

The only regiments from those pictures that appeared in other fluff, but didn't get minis are, to my knowledge Chthonians, Kovnians and Teutons. And even with those it was only name dropping. If GW didn't develop those any further until now, it's unlikely they ever will.

they. aren't. motherfucking. clones. fuck. you.

>> No.23067440

My point stands.

We root for the guard because they're human. What's the point in having an IG regiment that's ''inhuman.

>> No.23067473


How does being grown in a tube make them inhuman?

>> No.23067488

Kriegers are excellent for rooting out newfag scumsucking fuckarsecancer shits that roll in on vidyagaems.

You see, only true 40k lore loving motherfuckers like me and my brethren know why no one in 40k uses cloning.

Except for the Dark Eldar then.

>> No.23067510

They're still human.

Is Al Quada inhuman for not caring about living or dying?

Is every US Airforce officer in the nuclear defense program inhuman for potentially blasting himself to death in a nuclear war?

>> No.23067528

The anon before you was celebrating their inhumanity. Which kinda odd, in a IG thread!!

>> No.23067541

Technically, by the standards of our current culture, every IG soldier is inhuman.

>> No.23067555

So why is the clone bit such a massively sore toe?

>Being HAPPY to die I'd an emotion which I felt you fucking nigger.
Should we call an ambulance for this guy?

>> No.23067606

EVERY CLONE in the 40k universe becomes unlucky, or goes completely crazy.

>there's no soul attached to the cloned body

It seems that Dark Eldar have no problems with that, or just don't give a shit about their clone slaves being unlucky. It probably amuses them to see unlucky clone slaves dying by the hundreds.

>> No.23067610

>So why is the clone bit such a massively sore toe?
It's not. It's people not having reading comprehension or common sense and making shit up.

Compare with: "herp Ork technology works on make believe" or "Eldar are dying out because having sex is Slaaneshi".

>> No.23067643

Comparing "Kriegers are clones" with "Ork technology works on make belief" is like...

...like... comparing Obama's drones with the fucking Holocaust man. They're on completely different levels of stupidity.

>> No.23067663

anyone have pictures of IG fighting orks? as an ork player they're my favorite faction to fight other than other orks.

>> No.23067694


>>23067610Here, Dark Eldar don't use clones either. They use test tubes to give birth, but the children aren't clones. They can regenerate dead bodies using pain, but that's not cloning either.

>there's no soul attached to the cloned body
That's a misconception as well. It comes from the problems with cloning Horus, but that was because his soul was special, a Warp construct made by the Emperor that couldn't be replicated.

Clones not having souls would mean twin siblings not having them either, and that's ridiculous.

Afrieli Strain weren't pure clones - they had gene-splicing to make them better. The one canon character was a clone of Macharius and she was a female. Genetic tampering was the problem with them, not the fact that they were, for all intents and purposes, twins of famous people.

>> No.23067721

>The one canon character was a clone of Macharius and she was a female.
should read:
>The one canon character was a "clone" of Macharius and she was a female.
Obviously, she had his genes, but wasn't his exact copy.

>> No.23067727


I arrived about 150 posts too late, but yes.

>> No.23067735

Dark Eldar do in fact use clones.

That's how they keep Commoragh running you dumbass.

The Dark Eldar avoid the Craftworld problems of not having enough manpower, by CLONING a slave force.

>> No.23067737


>> No.23067753

>The one canon character was a clone of Macharius and she was a female.

Wait. Seroiously? They did the M.Bison thing?

>> No.23067764

In fact, Horus couldn't be cloned because when the Emperor destroyed Horus, the Emperor's psychic power arced into the Chaos Gods and DESTROYED their memory of Horus.

The Emperor BURNED Horus out of the Chaos Gods.

Horus can't be resurrected by the Chaos Gods, and he can't be cloned again by their servants.

The Emperor truly killed Horus utterly.

>> No.23067780


>> No.23067830

Except for the times that Fabius Bile cloned him successfully, and the Black Legion and Abaddon turned up and purged the clones.

>> No.23067831

The codex begs to differ.

>> No.23067837

The Emperor removed Horus' soul from the memory of the Chaos Gods and time itself.

Which means, even by travelling back to the time when Horus lived, a Chaos servant couldn't recreate Horus' soul, because the Emperor destroyed it utterly throughout time.

You know, just like how Slaanesh existed before He was born.

>> No.23067855

It's just an empty vessel.

Even if one lived, it wouldn't be Horus. It'd just be the body of Horus. With a weakass personality.

>> No.23067875

>implying Fabius Bile expects to resurrects Horus

Fabius Bile doesn't care about Horus. He's just toying with the Black Legion.

>> No.23067904

There are very very very very few media series where time travel makes them better. 40k is not one of them.

>> No.23067926

>herp Ork technology works on make believe"

Both Tau and Admech say it's MAGIC!

Why doubt the experts, anon?

>> No.23067948

>expert on anything except dying

>> No.23067968

Got a citation for that?

>> No.23067979

Learn the difference, it could save your life.

Also, orkish technology that does not work outside of the presence of the WAAAAGH! isn't that far from being able to work on its own. You see, the WAAAAGH! never provides more than a little push necessary to make it work.

>> No.23068014

I added them just in case one of them comes and spouts ''HERP A DERP are admech are xenophobic retards'' bullshit. The Tau actually understand science and embrace it and are also not xenophobic.

Both of them say it's magic and Ork Technolgy should not work at all..You got no where to run to now. Both faction examined Orkish Tech and came into the same results.

>> No.23068030

OMG, is someone posting my pix or did I post in this thread and not remember it?

>> No.23068031

I don't remember. It's old lore. And it will take a long time until it resurfaces into the Horus Heresy books.

But yeah, the Emperor zapped Horus' soul out of existance - FOREVER.

So it doesn't matter what people do with clone bodies. Horus will forever and ever be dead and never coming back.

Because not even the Chaos Gods can bring Horus back.

>> No.23068043


The Waaagh is the magic. Anzion examined Ork Tech and saw that Ork gear performance degrades or ceases when its handled by non-Orks.

It's magic!

>> No.23068069

You do realise that the AdMech techpriest you referred to was a dumbshit fuckass from a prehistoric world that never had a proper education on a forge world?

As in, he probably would think Power Armour works on magic if he saw it.

In other words, "Ork tech is magic" is NOT THE IMPERIAL POLICY on Orkish technology.

>> No.23068075

>Tau are experts on dying
>Ork weapons kill Tau
>Therefore Tau are experts on Ork weapons

Checkmate, athiests

>> No.23068107

There are quite a few IG regiments that use Ork weapons when fighting Orks - makes the Orks a bit more insecure about fighting back.

And there are plenty of Imperial 'heroes' that tactically retreated from battle in Orkish vehicles. And those vehicles didn't stop working when they left Ork controlled areas.

>> No.23068108

Just that I've been in the hobby since 2nd edition (1994-1995), and I've never heard or read fluff that said that Horus' soul was utterly destroyed.

>> No.23068124

Actually, they found that the PRESENCE of orks or lack thereof was the key factor concerning whether or not certain ork technology would work, not who was wielding it. Also, it's a field of psychic energy, not magic.

>> No.23068131

Read better then.

Besides, if Horus' soul wasn't utterly destroyed... why is Abaddon still leading?

>> No.23068149



>> No.23068152

Being a dick to the black legion was just practice, he now plans to clone the emperor.
>Fabius Bile leaves the Eye of Terror riding a chariot driven by God Emperors.

>> No.23068153

Like pic related.

>> No.23068163

Says the anon who doesn't know where the source was.

If you don't know where it is, how can you know for sure that you are correct.

>> No.23068191

Explain to me how the fuck Horus' soul could still be around while Horus would remain dead then.

>> No.23068192

>You do realise that the AdMech techpriest you referred to was a dumbshit fuckass from a prehistoric world that never had a proper education on a forge world?

Wait, what? Are we just completely making things up now?

>> No.23068194

I definitely recall Horus's soul being destroyed, but recall no mention of him being destroyed throughout space and times and the memories of the chaos gods, which sounds like pure fanwank.

The chaos gods already have the means to destroy the Imperium whenever they want to -- eat all spaceships that enter the warp and carbon copy all the chaos battleships infinity times. This is probably why the Emperor is repeatedly said to rule by the will of the gods -- the chaos gods don't give a fuck that the Emperor is in charge over an Imperium that's become a mockery of itself, and have no reason to.

>> No.23068196

Well Cain is also able to resist Slaneeshi corruption that mindcontrols Sisters on pure willpower, fuck ALL the bitches, and probably shits promethium, so I wouldnt be surprised if he had his very own WAAAGH field too since he isn't special enough yet.

>> No.23068216

LIES. He is a respected Magos and a key expert on Orks.

Still you have to account for the Tau as well.


So this explains the things this anon brought up (>>23068107)

>it's a field of psychic energy, not magic.

It's the stuff of the Warp. Foul Magiks vile sorcery. Spawned by Orkish pysker abilities.

>> No.23068220

>The chaos gods already have the means to destroy the Imperium whenever they want to


But the Chaos Gods are CHAOS GODS. They have absolutely ZERO free will. Their actions are dictated by their personalities, enslaved in their Godly portfolios.

They can't just destroy the Imperium outright, because that's not what their portfolio dictates.

>> No.23068250

No he wasn't. Dumbass.

And the Tau, the Tau are fucking dumb retarded shits with too much ego. They think they're good at shit, but they're not.

>> No.23068330

So...they're us?

>> No.23068393

Yes, he was. You don't reach the rank of Magos by being an idiot.

And the Earth Caste are according to their fluff scientists beyond compare.

The evidence and scientific proof is overwhelming. The experts have spoken.

To function effectively Ork gear must be in the radius of the Waaagh effect, or it will fall apart and be rendered inert. This doesn't include all Ork gear of course. Choppa can theoretically still work without Ork Magic but I am sure it won't be as sharp.

>> No.23068403

I think their weaponry and technology says otherwise.

>> No.23068445

Because he failed the Chaos Gods, and generally speaking, unless they do it for shits and giggles, they tend not to resurrect those who have failed them so completely as Horus did by not killing the Emperor when he had the chance.

>> No.23068451

>To function effectively Ork gear must be in the radius of the Waaagh effect, or it will fall apart and be rendered inert

It works BETTER near orks, but it can still work otherwise. Its like spraying WD40 on a hinge.

>> No.23068464


>> No.23068527

Gaunt and Major Rawne also drove an ork truck-sleigh-thing

>> No.23068554

Abaddon doesn't fail nearly as much as /tg/ likes to believe. Otherwise, all those blackstone fortresses wouldn't be Chaos territory.

He just doesn't set flashy goals.

>> No.23068699

As >>23068554 said, Abaddon hasn't failed as much as anon wants him to have. In fact, I believe each of the Black Crusades (1-12) has actually accomplished the objective set (such as getting the Blackstone Fortresses, getting his daemonsword, etc).

Remember - none of the Black Crusades of Abaddon have had the objective of destroying the Imperium. They've all been to secure items or strategic advantages that will allow him the best chance of destroying the Imperium when he chooses to.

Unlike Horus, he doesn't rush into things. Abaddon has the long-term game in mind.

>> No.23068790

Isnt the 13th black crusade to supposed to be the crusade where his objective is to destroy the imperium? Or just take over Cadia?

>> No.23068880

It's initial objective was to conquer Cadia, and then summon enough daemons and warpspawn to overload the Necron Pylons on the planet, therefore allowing the Eye of Terror to swallow Cadia and the surrounding systems. His forces would then conquer each world with Necron Pylons in their way, absorbing more space into the Eye, until he was eventually able to attack Terra.

He's have succeeded in taking Cadia too, since Chaos beat the shit out of the Imperium on the planet during the Eye of Terror campaign, but GW went "lolnope, can't have the Imperium beaten!" and made it only a minor foothold on the planet and the general war a stalemate.

Not to mention the Orks took most of Segmentum Obscurus too, but GW "lolnoped" that too.

>> No.23069066

foothold past the cadian gate. thing is, the imperium bfg players OBLITERATED all the naval engagements. while the chaos platyers did the exact oposite to the imperials in 40k. so they went LOLNOPE FOOTHOLD WITH NO LOGISTICS SUPPORT. HAHAHAHA.

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