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>> No.23054342

It looks like the mars rover only 1 000 000 years old

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>> No.23054348

Are they blind? That's clearly a pygmy metalsaurus rex.

>> No.23054426


>Metallic arm

Fuck. It's the Necrons

>> No.23054458

>yfw Mars is a Tomb World
>yfw you have no face after gauss rifle impact

>> No.23054463

It's probably from a lightning strike, fulgurite. Shows up on Earth too.


>> No.23054485


I don't Mars has enough of an atmosphere to have lightning.

>> No.23054524


It did millions of years ago.

>> No.23054535


You don't need a watery atmosphere for lightning. Just enough friction.

>> No.23054554


Stop being reasonable and put on your tinfoil hat.

>> No.23054649


Fulgurite doesn't lead to rash decisions and X-Com getting formed. Be quiet

>> No.23054652


Praises the Omnissiah!
Let the CLANGING begin!

>> No.23054707

It's the Void Dragon, you fools. Beware!

>> No.23054730

And planet engulfing dust storms make a lot of friction.

>> No.23054743

Good thing I bought a red robe yesterday.

>> No.23054747


Get Delta Green on this shit

>> No.23054748

Anyone remember how a couple months ago they found a mysterious screw on the surface of Mars?

Martians confirmed for machine race.

>> No.23054759

No. What? I didn't hear about that, you have my total interest

>> No.23054791


At the time they tried to say it was something that fell off the rover, but considering it's in front of the rover rather than behind it, that doesn't seem likely.

>> No.23054818

Fuck Necrons.
What the hell are we gonna do when the rover drives up Void Dragon's cock and wakes that shit up?

>> No.23054893

The question must be asked:

Who on /tg/ is a bad enough dude to have sex with an ancient alien robot?

>> No.23054909

I volunteer. Pic related is my pickup line.

>> No.23054987

>Necrons on Mars
W-We don't have the space travel necessary to take them on! They'll just land on Earth and fuck us over. Say hello to your new Necron overlords.

>> No.23055000

Hoping it's: remnants of a martian civilization
Really hoping it's: a repairable FTL system
It's probably: more boring Mars junk

That's heresy, anon-kun.

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>> No.23055026

Looks like a rock.

>> No.23055034

Who on /tg/ isn't?
Didn't they also find a flower on Mars recently?

>> No.23055046

Funny story.

>> No.23055070

>quotation marks on the bottom left
I... what?

>> No.23055094


I don't know what you are talking about...
I don't see Creed at all.

>> No.23055098


So do we see this to the end, or take the 9mm retirement?

>> No.23055115

If they found multicellular life on another planet, I think that'd be pretty big news.

>> No.23055124

The people in that video are fucking retarded.

>> No.23055133

I need to see where this goes bro...do what you want, but this could be cool. I want to find out how to become a Necron anyways...

>> No.23055139

Nah, it was a crystalline rock or something that vaguely resembled a flower. Supposedly a fossil, though I don't know what NASA said about it.

It's probably a rock.

>> No.23055165

Well at least this solves the question of why Mars is such a shitty planet now despite having been nice and Earth-like in the past.

They had a Terminator-style machine war that wiped out everything and burned the atmosphere.

>> No.23055168

>tfw when were a lost imperial world all along
>tfw the face-eating people last year, all the recent shootings and political/corporate conspiracies, and rampant drug use and sex among the younger generation are the beginnings of chaotic influence now that our planet's population is reaching a critical mass
>tfw we will soon be discovered and taken into the imperium by the glorious armies of the Space Marines
>and then be forced to work 18 hour days, enlist in the guard, or just be eaten by tyranids

>> No.23055172

Welp, looks like we cant make our power armor in time

>> No.23055178

Here is your xeno. Now you must fuck it.

>> No.23055189

C-can't we be discovered by the Tau or something...?

>> No.23055200


Our Spiritual Liege will lead us to victory. All this time Ward was just preparing us.

>> No.23055232

What if its just space debris that didn't burn up in the atmosphere?

Do you think if they found something groundbreaking they'd make it public right away, or would it be like every form of media ever and they hush it up for no real reason.

>> No.23055238

>Ward is actually a high up officer in the Imperium.
>He's be recounting all the tales of the Imperium to us, to prepare us for this day.

>> No.23055270

Get ready to praise the Omnissiah fellow meatbags!

>> No.23055276

marsrock30085.jpg, imo.

It's probably something dull and uninteresting. Also, by repeatedly covering up any exciting, significant discoveries, are they not digging their own graves? Who cares about space exploration if it's repeatedly shown to be a waste of effort?

>> No.23055290

Guys, this is just reminates of the Ancient Human civilization before we were stranded here. Or devolved if Halo is right. Or its a Cylon.

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>> No.23055366

I for one will whip out my butcher knife and start slaughtering my town until Khorne rewards me with not getting eaten by Tyranids.

I will choose an immortal life of insanity and violence, over death.

>> No.23055388

I for one will whip out my dick and start fucking my town until Slaanesh rewards me with not getting eaten by Tyranids.

I will choose an immortal life of insanity and sex, over death.

>> No.23055395

On the left you can see a recent high-res image of the "face" on Mars. On the left you can see and object found on Mars that appears to be a skull.

Would you fuck an alien with that facial shape?

>> No.23055414

I for one will whip out some shit and start dirtying my town until Nurgle rewards me with not getting eaten by Tyranids.

I will choose an immortal life of insanity and disease, over death.

>> No.23055431

I for one will whip out my books and start manipulating my town until Tzeentch rewards me with not getting eaten by Tyranids.

I will choose an immortal life of insanity and magic, over death.

>> No.23055433

All. Day. Long.

>> No.23055434

He is....... Roboute Guilliman

>> No.23055435

I for one will STAB FUCKING TYRANIDS, since if I'm badass enough a chaos deity or space marine chapter or something might spot me and pick me up.

That is, if I am not abjured by the psionic power of the tyranid's leaders, shitting myself in fear, or vomiting my lungs due to spore-based environmental attacks.

>> No.23055441

Do you really need to ask?

>> No.23055462

Really guys?

>> No.23055479

The large opening in the front of the skull, combined with the lack of a separate jaw bone, suggests that the alien had a soft fleshy mouth adapted for sucking rather than chewing.

Of course I'd fuck that alien.

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>> No.23055500

Holy fuck, I've never seen that before. The similarities do seem rather more than coincidental.

>> No.23055531

Maybe it will be plastic/metal remains of a past civilization. Oh god that would be so cool. Inter planet archaeology.

>> No.23055551

Damn straight.

>> No.23055559 [SPOILER] 


>inb4 it's not metal or plastic, it's finecast

>> No.23055560

I would change my major to xenoarchaeology so fast.

>> No.23055592

hahaha, hahahah.
>aliens on mars have their own version of warhammer and warhammer 40k.
>all kinds of mind fucks.

>> No.23055628


What would they play? Maybe they've been watching us and marveled at the atrocities of WWII. So they nope'd the fuck underground and the legend of our brutal race spawned countless games (tabletop too), movies, etc.

>> No.23055651

>what would their peroids be like
>new fresh ideas for fantasy and sci-fi
>new ideas for academia.
>the boons to our culture

The xeno's deaths would not be in vain.

>> No.23055663

Silly /tg/, you don't have to go all the way to Mars to find alien technology. There's a 3500 meter long wrecked ship on the Moon.

>> No.23055677

We put the "opening" quotation marks on the bottom in German (and I suppose some other languages, but don't know that).
I didn't give it much thought but it seems Photoshop uses the system language to decide automatically how to format quotation marks (and probably numbers).
We put our currency sign behind the amount, use comma as a decimal mark, etc.
The software (and OS) tends to deal with that by itself.

>> No.23055697

>dat streamlined hull
>dat bridge tower
All of my want.

Why couldn't it have crashed in Arizona or something? The moon is too far away.

>> No.23055735

It's not wrecked.

>> No.23055748



>> No.23055750

Doubtful considering what we know about Mars' past. I mean, just look at these magnetic fields.

Here's the thing: I'm quite sure that the universe is so full of life that if we ever make it to a "space age", it'll lose some of its significance. However, given the vast distances between basically everything in space, I doubt that anyone is going very far very often. Plus, out star is really boring. It'd be like vacationing to Iowa to see a rock in the mud if you didn't already know there was life here.

I doubt that's a spaceship, though I suspect you were being facetious.

>> No.23055754



>> No.23055755

There is a much more detailed version of that pic.

The visible ornamentation on the hull confirms it's not a natural formation.

>> No.23055789

pff, since they went from unstoppable undead robots to boring tomb kings even a standard guardsmen with a defective snubgun could pushover a tomb world

>> No.23055821

It's... it's beautiful.

>> No.23055829



>> No.23055855

It looks pretty wrecked to me. I mean, it's partially buried and has impact craters (or weapons damage?) all along the rear portions of the hull.

>> No.23055892

What has this thing been named?

>> No.23055907


Holy fucking shit. I couldn't care less about some stick of metal on Mars, but this DOES look engineered. My body, mind, and soul are ready.

>> No.23055909

Why don't we ever do shit with this stuff? If I were in charge I'd send a manned mission up there to check it out.

>> No.23055919

Cannot... Resist... Neckbeard... Urges...

Only two sets of limbs instead of three? 0/10 would not fuck/Fake Tyranid

>> No.23055928


It's because we don't want the Eldar to wreck our shit.

>> No.23055930

I don't know. The government has not officially recognized that it exists, and the photos that were leaked came from a Moon mission that wasn't supposed to have happened.

What do you want to call it?

>> No.23055941


We'd actually be left mostly alone, aside from missionaries preaching and AdMech trying to intimidate corporations and engineering schools into joining the franchise. Hell, they'd probably adopt some of our tank designs.

>> No.23055947

>a Moon mission that wasn't supposed to have happened.


>> No.23055955

I would assume it's because the Soviets also knew about it and would have attacked our astronauts if we tried to salvage it.

>> No.23055966


Fucking machine spirits man.

>> No.23055967

The pics came from Apollo 20. Officially, that mission was cancelled.

>> No.23055981

So it's a fake, then?

>> No.23055982

Absolutely hilarious? I looked it up.

"Both of these missions, according to Rutledge, were “classified joint Space missions” resulting from collaborations between U.S. and Soviet governments."

>> No.23055986

>given the vast distances between basically everything in space, I doubt that anyone is going very far very often
I like to think if we just keep searching for billions upon billions of years, eventually someone has to encounter someone. And man, can you even imagine the total meltdown of everything the day that happens? Makes me giddy.

>> No.23056044

That's possible. But there were plenty of secret military projects back during the Cold War, so I wouldn't discount the images based on that alone.

>> No.23056060

So it really was the Monolith.


>> No.23056062

We have a lot of things to work out before being reasonably responsible enough to own anything capable of interstellar flight. I, for one, want to figure out how to make a perfect Arcology.

>> No.23056067


It's likely a fake. There wasn't *officially* an Apollo 20 mission, which either means that it was secret for some reason (Likely related to the pic, if it was) or never happened.

>> No.23056068

Nah, let's just build a massive ship and be like the aliens from Independence Day, flying around the universe conquering worlds and carelessly using up their resources.

>> No.23056083

Arcologies are terrible and you should feel bad for wanting to build one.

>> No.23056102

with Nasa's current operating budget that isnt a problem, the goddamn south koreans will reach another solar system before we replace the shuttle at this rate

>> No.23056117


But there are other images supposedly from the mission. Could be one big hoax, sure, but until anything is proven, I'll stick with the Eldar crashing on the moon.

>> No.23056125

Which works too, I guess. I don't particularly care if we establish a galaxy of human dominance and bloodlust. I DO, however, care if we're able to maintain it.

Instead of just telling me I'm wrong, would you detail your objections?

>> No.23056151

Given how easy it is to make fake pics these days, I'm still somewhat skeptical.

I mean, it looks realistic enough, but a few hours in photoshop can make anything look just as good.

>> No.23056174

A piece of 'debris' was nicknamed a Martian flower. Pretty sure it was the same thing in that article

>> No.23056178


I know, I know, but as I said, until anything is proven, it's Eldar trickery.

>> No.23056198

Arcologies by their very nature involve authoritarian rule, and force people to live in unpleasantly compact housing units.

>> No.23056216

Because photoshopped picture taken of a tinfoil website

>> No.23056254

>Curiosity shows what appears to be a 0.5cm metal spoke protruding out of a rock.

mfw I accidentally sit on our new 2cm tall Necron overlords and crush their hostile takeover of our planet by tripping.

>> No.23056263

I don't see how simple city structure implies an authoritarian society, unless, of course, you're referring to the fact that resources would be closely monitored.

We have way too many people on the planet. Yes, I'm aware that I am a contributing factor.

>> No.23056264

Doesn't look very Eldar to me. Looks more like an Amarr ship from EVE Online.

>> No.23056286


>2011 Edition Three: Caves of Icia
>shitting on a man's dreams to draw parallels between reality and WH40K

You disgust me.

>> No.23056305


This was supposedly in the seventies. If it were just "a few years ago, 'MERICA, etc, found spaceship on Moon." I'd be more accepting.

But when you throw in a conspiracy between the United States and the Soviet motherfucking Union, our arch-nemesis for half a century...

>> No.23056312

The more densely you pack people together, the more strict the government has to be if it is to maintain an orderly society. Just look at the difference between living in New York City and living in a rural area. When you live in the city, life is much more regimented.

Since an arcology is significantly more dense than any current type of city, it would suggest an even more restrictive government. Pick up that can, citizen.

>> No.23056323


Oh, it was in the 70s? Damn, I was excited there for a minute.

>> No.23056372

Judge dredd style police enforcing litter laws?
it would be amusing if it wasnt so horrifying

>> No.23056373

It says Vandenburg Seven in the picture a few times.

>> No.23056374

Don't worry guys, the happening is cancelled because the aliens would have to go through Judge Dorner first.

>> No.23056375

As far as I'm concerned, it's way more interesting to find wreckage from an unknown alien civilization than to find that we're part of the shitty Imperium of Man.

>> No.23056417

>Judge Dorner
As far as I'm concerned, he'll always be LA's Reckoning.

>> No.23056437

Er, Vandenburg Twenty.

>> No.23056455

I wanna call it Her Majesty's Most Majestic Moon Base Marvel.

>> No.23056456

We'll never know for sure until we try. Unfortunately, we really do have too many people consuming too many resources, and very few people are willingly going to forfeit their standard of living and reproductive success to start balancing things out. Our only real options are to change our way of living or face a disaster.

>> No.23056468

That's the transcript of what the astronauts were saying while the pics were taken. Vandenberg is an American air base.

>> No.23056481

No. More likely the Government said it's canceled cause they didn't want us to know about this. They found it, went "Shit, uh...HUH WOW NOTHING UP HERE. IN FACT, WE DIDN'T EVEN GO. I DOUBT THERE'S ANYTHING UP THERE. WHY WASTE THE TIME"

>> No.23056495

Don't worry we'll have a plague or famine or something soon that will take down a few billion.

>> No.23056500

Why would they cover up a spaceship? Seriously justify that to me right now.

>> No.23056535

Honestly, I condone the death penatly for littering.
Is there any more useless act? Is it too much to ask to put your fucking garbage into a bin?
I can be more forgiving of someone murdering another and robbing the fucking body before dumping it.
He had a better reason to do that than the son of a bitch littering.

>> No.23056546

>Hell, they'd probably adopt some of our tank designs.
>implying that's not heresy

>> No.23056557

Because they don't want us to lose it Another race out in the stars would seriously freak us the utter fuck out. Maybe not you or me but billions of others would go nuts. Relgions would have to be rewritten, people would be terrified of an invasion, it'd be nuts dude. Our first contact will be BIG.

The government has totally met aliens before. They're trying to take it easy till we're ready for this. It's like we're their strict father and they're waiting for the right moment to come out of the closet.

>> No.23056587

That's a topic perhaps better suited for a /pol/ thread. Suffice to say, there are certainly those who suspect the government is more interested in maintaining the status quo and the current balance of power, than actually serving the best interests of the people.

The kind of technology present on a ship that massive would fundamentally change the world, probably bringing a bout a post-scarcity society (since its richly ornamented hull suggests that the civilization that built it has sufficient resources to focus on form over function). That would not necessarily be the best thing for the government.

Alternately, even if the govenrment isn't workign for some sinister purpose, if they lack the technology or budget to salvage the alien wreck, they may want to keep it secret in order to avoid a sort of global arms race to reach the ship.

>> No.23056603

>Relgions would have to be rewritten

I don't know of any religion that says "There are no aliums"...

>> No.23056635

Oh off the top of my head, uh, Christianity? Isn't that kind of a big one?

>> No.23056642

Jesus specifically acknowledged aliens in John 10:16.

>"I have other sheep that don’t belong to this sheep pen. I must lead them too. They will listen to my voice and there will be one flock, with one shepherd."

>> No.23056644

Humans "were made in God's image"
There'd be xenocide

>> No.23056652


>> No.23056663

No? What are you talking about?

Yes, human were made in God's image. That doesn't mean other thing were never made in God's image. It also doesn't mean God never made anything else.

>> No.23056665

Listen, I sincerely hope that aliens have actually made contact with us, but consider the way the universe works.

Distances between objects are so vast that it would take generation to reach our nearest neighboring star at our current speeds. The speed of light is a limiting factor, not a savior that makes things easier. And then there's the fact that there's nothing to advertise our location to anyone other than some weak radio waves. I'm not saying it isn't possible, just highly unlikely.

I know this is extremely off-topic, but we are /tg/ and /tg/ is pic related.

Anyway, it's very likely that the governments of the world all have secrets to keep. I just doubt that aliens are among them.

>> No.23056678


>> No.23056697

"God's image" doesn't necessarily imply shape or form.
It actually implies very little.
You know the deal.

>> No.23056761

eh, could be worse.

>> No.23056785

Fucking sandpeople again.

>> No.23056811

This was my thought as well.

Now all we need is for the Emperor of Man to go capture that Void Dragon and well be peachy keen.

So, who misplaced the Emperor of Mankind?

Soon, it'll be pic related.

>> No.23056843

The Emperor is Richard Branson.

Why do you think he's been spending so much money building space ships?

>> No.23056867

What this comic again?

polite sage for off-topic

>> No.23057084

Yeah, nah. It's just not real.

>> No.23057366


The amount of money, manpower, time, and everything that goes into a moon mission makes it impossible to cover one up. I mean, fuck. It's a rocket launch. You can see it with your eyes for hundreds of kilometres. Every basic shitpiece launch detection system in the planet can't have missed it.

Literally hundreds of people would have known some shit was up as soon as something was found. Now, you can stop peopel from saying an acurate account of finding something by controlling information. But you can't stop people from knowing something was found and it was a big deal. Fuck, when you try to control information, it makes it even more obvious to more people that something was found and it was a big deal.

There's not a word of anything about an
Apollo 20 except on stupid conspiracy sites. It never happened. There's not a trace of the evidence there would necessarily be shitloads of if it did.

>> No.23057394


Could you link to them?

I like to keep an open mind without going fully into tinfoil hat territory, but I distrust the US government (ESPECIALLY the Cold War US Government) so much that I'd be completely unsurprised if this was real.

>> No.23057440


All that population bomb bullshit was proven completely false. All the real, actual statistics point towards world population topping off in the next few decades, coupled with the fact that the guy who came up with the theory predicted famines happening in the 70s.

>> No.23057483


Maybe they just couldn't understand any of what they found and decided that societal upheaval outweighed the possibility of future scientific gains. Hell, they could have just snapped some photos and decided it wasn't worth the risk to go any closer.

>> No.23057550


>Implying the Admech wouldn't just "discover" a couple STC fragments, that just happen to be for tank designs that closely resemble several of our designs, suitably upgraded.

>> No.23057754

oh fuck this is rich
You mean to say that fucking INTERSTELLAR TRAVEL isn't delicious enough to risk an astronaut or two?

>> No.23057779

Would you be that astronaut?

>> No.23057794

Not the guy you're asking, but fuck yeah. There's always the chance I won't die, and this is something for which I am willing to risk my life.

>> No.23057799

HELL YES. I may die, but i will be immortal, and live on in the minds of humanity as one of the pioneers who first went to the stars.

>> No.23057803

>We have way too many people on the planet.

No. I don't get how you guys come up with this stuff? Don't you read any books beside Al Gore or whatever?

>> No.23057824

Would I, a sci-fi buff who went into aerospace because I wanted to help bring the space age on faster, want to be the guy on the fucking moon exploring new technology?

>> No.23058143


Oh man I loved those books.

>> No.23058196

>Not wanting first contact to be with incredibly advanced, stable, similar, and wealthy humans with ships anywhere up to the size of small cities
You disgust me.

>> No.23058247


Oh man I loved those books.

>> No.23058772

You should distrust any government, tbh. Especially nowadays. Regicide is not an option anymore.

>> No.23058972

Fuck, you can't even trust the press. Everyone nowadays is motivated by money.

>> No.23060697

All is lost!

>> No.23061660

No. Think of how bad Nuclear fission was for world governments. Now that the power generation necessary for effective interstellar travel and give that shit to two diametrically opposed factions waiting for an opportunity to kill one another. Now they can do it with three times the effectiveness. One bomb wipes out a continent, more at 11.

>> No.23061837

Excuse me, are you fucking retarded?
>cold war US
>Not grabbing new weapons tech
For fuck's sake, we tried to weaponize LSD and the gay.

>> No.23062033


>first contact with another species is made by koreans
>ultra advanced species introduced to k-pop

I look forward to our eventual destruction

>> No.23063794


>Implying the aliens wouldn't love gangam style

>> No.23064000

>For fuck's sake, we tried to weaponize LSD and the gay.
I would had paid for CoD:BO if that shit had been ingame.

>> No.23064020

It's clearly the dukes of hazzard jumping a canyon

>> No.23064961

>We'll never know for sure until we try

IF you want to propose the phrase "we need a few thousand people to live under an authoritarian, strict rule for a few months so we can test the population standards" and not expect a humanitarian backlash, be my guest.

Also, if you find someone who you can give complete and total control of thousands of people to, and have them have NO THOUGHT of letting that power go to their heads, then please the theological society because clearly Christ has risen

>> No.23064976

Could you imagine an interstellar Holy War, my god, it would be terrible.

>> No.23065058

Sandyhooks was a conspiracy!

>> No.23065070

It would be forty thousand times more terrible than the old wars.

>> No.23065160


>> No.23065388

>Wanting to make contact with the Amarr, an overzealous empire that may be worse than the Imperium in 40K and is the equivalent of the space KKK.

You disgust me.

>> No.23065435


>> No.23065638



>> No.23065861

I wonder how well the Imperium measures up to EVE...

>> No.23065894

Eve out logistics them hard and has easy ftp, though to get to non-gated systems they'll need cap ships.

>> No.23066080

Also, fuck DBRB and that entire shitstorm.

>> No.23066245

An individual Imperial Frigate is about equivalent to an EVE Battlecruiser in a stand up fight. An EVE Capital Ship is about equal to an Imperial Cruiser, except the Titans, which can probably match Imperial Battlecruisers. EVE has no match for an Imperial Battleship. EVE's weapons are also ridiculously short range, but their better point to point FTL compensates for this.

Essentially, EVE could probably give the Imperium a run for its money if the 40k setting was as it is, but in a straight up fight the Imperium would win by sheer attrition. EVE would just be losing ships faster than they can replace them, especially once the Imperium takes down the jumpgate network.

>> No.23066388

B-but muh supercarriers ;_;

>> No.23066452


>weaponized homosexuality

>> No.23066938

>huffington post

>> No.23067271

No one was ever trustworthy ever.

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