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Who's down to start up a Slaanesh thread? For entertainment/inspiration purposes! ;D

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What's the source on this pic? It is freaking amazing.

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Found it on google images a while back. It's gorgeous.

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Bump? I think so.

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I forget he made more though hold on I got a slaanesh folder.

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the furry god without dick

no thanks, GW has ruined it

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deviant art is kombat unit, something like that

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He goes by Torture Device on Deviantart. He's a neo-Nazi fuckhead, but damn does he do good work.

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I love you for informing me of this! x3

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it's this person from deviantArt. Their art is awesome but their politics are racist and retarded.
But the art is amazing, so I don't really care what they do with their free time.

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Needs more Femarine... and why did you waste a perfectly good Sororitas like that?

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Fuck off gaylord

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Eww. Who let the PMS Legion in my thread?!

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think this is the last one I got. Gonna re-upload my slaanesh folder to mediafire and just stick it in this thread.

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I had to. Just 'cause I have the picture laying around. ;3

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Fuck. The Hell. YES!

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>Who's my pretty kitty cat?
>Purr for me darling, don't be a bore

The artist's name is torture device, and his stuff ranges from fantastic to disgusting, sometimes both

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See, a much better use for a Sororitas!

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>and her stuff
Fixed for you

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I don't know how to feel about this

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Since I dont want to annoy people by making my own Warhammer thread, I'll ask here:
Should I use a combi rokkit/shoota or a custom megablasta on my big mek?

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Feel misled, because Torture-Device is an angry, weedy Russian guy and always has been.

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Combi-Rokkits are kinda derp because one-use-only and BS2 don't mix very well.

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Nope, she is a not that attractive Russian girl who wants to seem dark and edgy.

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Every time I see you post, I hate you a little bit more.

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But it has a shoota, which is nice.

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But...the Megablata is better than a Shoota. Why should you give even a single shit if it has a Shoota? Fucking EVERYTHING has a shoota.

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I'm with you, brother. Somehow it's easier to dismiss a Nazi-crazy guy, but a Nazi-crazy chick?

Eh, she's about a 6.5-7. I'd fuck the Nazi right outta her.

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What makes the megablasta better? shoota is assault 2, blasta is assault 1.

I've tried the megablasta, and its never freaking landed.

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here you go folks.

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I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, but do you have proof that these pics are in fact Torture Device?

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She is Russian, thus the proofs are in Russian as well.

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I'll Google Translate them. Post away.

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Here you go

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Hmm, interesting. Thanks.

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Dude at least one third of 40k fans are neo-Nazi's.

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I always wonder what Slaanesh really looks like. I'd like to see a definitive form of each god.

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Slaanesh would never be content with any one look, and being a god...

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Most accounts describe it as taking the form of a male form on one side and a female form on the other side of its body with long flowing blonde hair and two long ram-like horns protruding from its head.

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Some people forget you don't have to be gross to be slaaneshi

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I'd say only about 10% of Slaanesh fans actually understand the point of being Slaaneshi.

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Indeed, Slaanesh is not only the god of excess, but of beauty and perfection

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>dat see through loincloth thingy

Is this official geewee art? Seems strange to see heterosex appeal in anything of Warhammer.

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But what if I am gross AND perfect?

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Does that look official to you? You're such a dingus.

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Yes, rare are the pictures of office Daemonettes who are, you know, actually filing and organizing.
By the way, never fuck with an Office Daemonette's system, they will make you plead for the sweet release of death.

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Well excuse me, they looked like they were from a set.

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It's from aerion the faithful, best 40k fan artist out there IMHO

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What if you're perfect at being Just As Planned?

Or perfectly angry?

Or beautifully despairing in the face of mortality?

Would a person who is sexually aroused at being infected with diseases be a Slaanesh worshipper, or Nurgle worshipper?

What about a person that is sexually aroused by killing; Slaanesh or Khorne?

I believe Slaanesh isn't the god of perfection, but of hedonism. All the Slaaneshi icharacters who claim to seek perfection instead hedonistically indulge in their own sense of perfection.

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Found a couple pictures of torture-device on his deviantart. They are all of him super covered up. Could be a girl.

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Could be an edgy loser. spoiler: he is

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"he" is both.

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But a talented one nonetheless.

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Is Khorne pronounced the same was as "corn"?

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kinda want to go replay DoW2

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How does random LJ prove anything?

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extremely talented at drawing, yes. But WHAT he draws is just as edgy and lame as he is. I submit that he is a, quote, "Fucking dork" and reminds me of my "hard core" cousin who I must insist is also a fucking dork.

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Or a trap?

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=torture-device is a disgusting, sadistic, psychopathic piece of human garbage. He's not talented, just a deeply disturbed and revolting
"human being."

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I do understand that, but I do enjoy the twisted side.

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then you are slaanesh

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He might be talented but he has a UMG OC DONOUGHT steal in 40k and is a crazy neo nazi fuck.

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DO NOT STEAL argument is invalid. He doesn't give a damn about someone using his stuff to the point that he asks people to stop telling him about it. Because it would be hypocritical since he's a pirate like 99% of Eastern Europe.

Also, he's more about REMOVE KEBAB FROM PREMISES than world-wide genocide of Jews and untermensch.

>Captcha: Amermed approach
Why do I find this fitting?

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I always kinda liked his stuff.
Especially the weapon design.

shit's a lot better than the regular blastmaster.

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Except he has way too much shit going on. Raptor + Noise marine (he has a fucking blastmaster that has a chainsword attached + sonic pistol with chainsword attached) + Champion with trophy rack + possessed powerfist (daemon tendrils).

God forbid my special self insert character have some sort of weakness.

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Oh, lets not forget he can summon a harem of daemonettes as well.

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>namefag starts thread with ;D
>/tg/ still replies
Fuck off, cancerous bastards.

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>God forbid my special self insert character have some sort of weakness.
IIRC he becomes a confused coward once he's out of drugs, and had to run home with his innards hanging out on a couple of occasions. Plus, the whole "loss of face and legs" thing.

Stil, I'm fairly convinced it's actually a joke character written solely to be a huge mary sue for trolling purposes.

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Come on now, let's get this thread back on track. I need some more Slaanesh in my folder.

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This thread needs to be purged!

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ha, still had sage as a name from last trhead

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Loss of legs thing? Most raptors lop off their legs so they can have talon feet.

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thats it for now from me.

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guys, chill. How about little Rn'R?

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>women covered in scars
>why the fuck am I getting a boner
/tg/.../tg/... what's happening to me?

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Requesting the SoB wearing a grey knight head as a hat

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shhh... its all good. Let it rise.

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you're getting ready to enter the slaneeshi kingdom, otherwise known on earth as /d/

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I've gone to /d/ a lot. It's never been able to induce a new fetish in me, only /tg/ has.

Damn you /tg/, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have a thing for Snake Girls or Monster Girls in general or Muscle Girls or Blueberries or Robot Girls... or a lot of other shit.

Now girls with scars? Really guys?

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becuase /d/ is like a cheap bar, and /tg/ is a fine establishment.

however, my supply of graceful and scarred SoB is limited.

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hey, scars are sexy as fuck. that's not even in the ballpark of weird

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Well now that you say that, you're probably right. But its just some character that probably originated form art, then had his fluff made, while the rules for him would be this kind of tabu, that noone talks about, as it would be pants-on-head retarded and even more overpowered.

Maybe he could go as a special character, count as HQ of the Abaddon kind, or even a greater deamon.

Would love to play him in a Spcae Marine-like game.
Just imagine blasting your enemies with those gune, then switching to the sidearm and mauling them with your powerfist, during a mad and flashy combo.

God I'm getting a boner.

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Yes, really. now quit whining and enjoy the ride!

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>Sororitas dump

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Erm, no, a cursory glimpse of the DA account shows worship of Brevik and other horseshit. This is another angstry 3edgy5me asshole who thinks he's special, but is totally held back by those faggot liberal do gooders

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Don't forget, he has fucking psyker powers too.

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I see what you did there.

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And he hates angrymarines. Reading why it's pretty clear he doesn't understand the joke, and takes the grimdarkgrimness of 40k seriously. Which makes you the worst kind of faggot.

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>Chaos Gods
>not all cowardly faggots

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Do Chaos Space Marines really have SoB corpses strapped to their armor or is it an EDGY2DAMAX fan addition by this guy?

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Some do sure, and that's not what makes him edgy. What makes him edgy is celebrating it in real life and talking about how all of the weakling liberal do gooders are just fodder for the apex white predators like him.

I aint even exagerating that's word for word what he wrote on his white male apex predator picture.

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Wow what a faggot. He's russian isn't he?

Slavniggers aren't even white

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>elements of emotion manifest

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