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fa/tg/uys Help!

After taking a good brake from GMing for over year some brave sole has taken up the Mantle of being a GM and has started to run Rogue Trader for us, letting me play the RT and Generate the Warrant and ship.

I've yet to tell him but I'm basically built the Kiith SomTaaw's Kunlann, on top of that I've convinced the crew to work on the notion of "Adapt and over come"

Our GM has yet to catch onto this... should I tell him?

On a side Note who would play the shit out of a homeworld themed game?

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> tfw Kharak is burning.

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I would. I'd also aks that the pre-Mothership tribal issues have an impact in the RP. Dat fucking background, dat fucking manual.

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One of my characters backgrounds is the Lost worlds advantage where we have some pretty advanced fuel systems for our smaller vessels which are a closely guarded secret saving us on things like Plasma fuel cells or Petro-chem fuels giving us a 50-100-150 Bonus to endeavours that involve using smaller ships e.g. Mining, Exploring, Military.

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Will the big ships in your game be the answer to anything as well, completely obsoleteing fighters and corvettes?

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God knows, but by god we'll try and do what any smart player done in the early part of the game and Hijack the first big non beast ship you found.

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> That feel

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As long as you and your GM come to an understanding that your mission is to hunt down an extragalactic horror that converts living creatures into biomechanic circuitry to control ships of all races.

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I just downloaded the fucking OST's before I saw this thread too.

What the fuck OP.

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>tfw only the Crew of the Mothership and the paltry 8-10 thousand survivors from the Cryo-trays are all that is left of the Kushan people.
>tfw when you still have the manual
>tfw Kiith Somtaaw's history and future, starting as a scholar / priest kiith, to miners and traders, to Warrior Kiith with ship designs almost unrivaled.
>tfw Emotions.

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With the ship points we went for the basic pilgrim bulk freighter, due to the ship history rolls it's a Wolf in sheep clothing (3 hidden parts namely its 2 plasma macrobatteries and the sunspear lance) and its a cowardly ship.

We also pack Mining components, Clan Crew and other bits and bombs that would basically make us a mining brick.

Who doesn't love that OST?

It's Rogue Trader dude, you know it'll happen!

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>The subject did not survive the interrogation

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Do not tell them. Keep playing it out.

At some point, you're going to have the use the line: "This is the command ship speaking: All ships, prepare for emergency warp jump; set a course for the homeworld."

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Is it just you doing this or is the rest of the group in on it too?

If it's just you steering it this way, tell your GM and work something out.

I mean, how many chances are you going to find and track down a Biomechanic-based Primordial Extra-Galactic monster?

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The price was heavy, Kith Somtaaw burned out the heart and mind of The Beast, but the bodies of their loved one could never be recovered all that remained of them was a glittering infinity of wire mystery and micro circuts. For years to come isolated pockets of the cancer would flare up to threaten the quadrant, but the new technologies born from Somtaaws bitter campaign soon rendered Hiigaran ships immune to the infection in time the last remnants of the monster were crushed The Beast never rose again. The miners of Kith Somtaaw sacrificed much and risked all for their efforts they were brought into the inner most circle of hiigaran power Nabaal, Sejet, and Sobani bowed before them and from that day to this somtaaws children have been known to one and all, as Beast Slayers.

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Nice to see others referencing Homeworld a bit in their RT games.

In mine, we had to purge the ship's Enginarium of daemons (flesh pile zombies even!) by venting the entire area with plasma from the ship's drives.

We called it the "Saint Somtaaw protocol".

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1 Is willing in on it
Another is in on it but without knowing it when I gave him the idea of giving his Arch Militant the last Name of Soban

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A homeworld campaign may be one of the only things I wouldn't need to inject my fetishes into.

But what dm could pull off something so magnificent?

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Gotta love the Naar Directive and Deacon-class destroyers.

Still find it somewhat funny that a mining kiith could take normally civilian designs and outfit them in such a way as to surpass other the actual warrior-kiiths.

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Some sort of deep space version of planes and Merc, with Rogue Trader or Traveller ship management and sort kind of system for being on the ground? (maybe just more Traveller?)

Ran with 3 characters for each of the players, the fighter pilot officer, command crew, and away team/marines

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"no one is left, everything is gone, kharak is burning...."


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But seriously suggestions on how to either derail this game or make our ship more like the Kuun-Lan
We're only a pilgrim class transporter outfitted with mining equipment and simple pointdefence microlaser turrets and... mumble mumble hidden plasma lances...mumble mumble A SINGLE GUN CUTTER

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The thing is obvious.

You NEED manufacturing facilities on board your ship.

Talk it out with your GM to see if you can hunt down archotech which allows you to construct vessels out of whatever shit you mine.

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I would love to play the fuck out of a Homeworld game. Really wish there was an actual PnP RPG or homebrew of it going around...

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Everyone has at least one variation of the Naar Directive. We called it the Beast Protocol in ours.

Really helps when you open up the screen door to the warp.

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Nothing like a plasma bath to make the insides slick and clean.

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Same bro, maybe /tg/ should run off and get some creativity flowing?

Some Tau Tech, STC's and a lil good old Elbow tech Heresy?

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Well, you would probably need a Factory Ship from BFK, or a Manufactorum.

I always found it odd that a Manufactorum cannot be put on a Factory Ship due to Cruiser+ requirement.

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For a quick and dirty game, use Homeworld and Homeworld 2 to related to Space Tech, then use Ground Control and Ground Control 2 for Ground Tech.

Then run adventures the crew of some mercenary or trading Kiith, having adventures in the galaxy, dodging Taiidani remainants, Turanic Raiders, and refluffing as much Egyptian and Persian mythology to be more Dune as you can.

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LOTS of Tech heresy to keep spawning ships like a mofo and not once every decade.

And steal cloning tech for Krieg for crewmembers of your new vessels.

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Know a PDF? I'm interested.

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