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You know what time it is!


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can orks loot females and make them orky as well

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Oy! Stop Muckin' About! Git Back Ta Stompin'!

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Mandatory for ork thread

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Should have painted him red, that way it wouldn't take 4 posts to get to the point.

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Zog, youz a sneeky git, scared dem livin daylights outa me

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All threads belong to da Orks!

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So what are peoples favourite Klans?

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'Course they do. Someone else iz holdin' em fer us. Just gotta walk up, punch em in da face, and git it back.

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I say, I do find green to be unsurpassed by any other color.

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all of em da boyz are equal in all respects

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>this thread
pic related

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Holy crap that is awesome

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I love footsloggers

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Dis tread smeuz... green... Mmm smuez liok victree.

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The best paint job on any Orks I've ever seen. Somebody show me something better please

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that isn't an ork

eldar pls go.

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Well zog me iffn it aint dem Ork Co. boyz. Roight proppa scrappas dat lot. Best wotch ya step aboutz dat bunna boy, hez straight snappy he iz. Burnt a Nob flat to da ground fer steppin on uh squig he had taken a liken to.

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I get it now

Orkz are supposed to be black people. You can totally tell by the facial structure

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That's the shittiest picture. I can't even tell what those orks look like.

It's like they took the picture with the abortion that is instagram.

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Age old question

If an Ork WAAAGH beileved the Empire was alive and well would he be so?

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No. WTF?

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Yes, if the Orks truly, honestly believe and a lot of them do it'll more than likely happen.

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No. Im pretty sure that is limited to orkish stuff.

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Must be you, brah. I can see it fine.

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