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Painting! Playing! Partying!

What's your favorite chapter?
Chaos or Emprah?
Do you want to eat everything, fight for the greater good, or just reclaim your lost galaxies?


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Shoot some heretics

Also does anyone have an extra copy of WH40K Space marine to gift? :3
Dumping meanwhile

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the dead chapter
chaos, i suppose
reclaim sum gud galaksies

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Kissin Emprah' arse? 'Ya bett'r get out, 'ya git!

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Cobalt Crabs is my favorite chapter.

Personally I prefer Chaos, because Papa Nurgle's love is hard to do without.

Eat everything, the armies I actually play are Tyranids, Orkz, Necrons, and Tau I have a lot of disposable income

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>Speaking like a retarded scott
Only serving my point.

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>40k General
>What's your favorite Chapter?
>Chaos or Emprah?

Kill yourself.

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>Grot, do yuz even' Ork?

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I don't really have a favorite Marine chapter.
Ave Imperator
I want to crush all the dirty heretics with the weight of my dead.

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Orkz iz besht

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of course you didnt make a point, so copy pasting this here is doing what?

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Iron warriors/Minotaurs
The imperial bureaucracy that developed despite the Emprahs better intentions
just grimderp around

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Mighty Imperial fists were here, iron warriors are anal candies

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Lamenters or Flesh Tearers
Neither - I like renegades
Reclaim lost galaxies - Newcrons ftw!

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If there's one thing that bothered me about the DA codex it's that they actually managed to give LESS information about the DA successors than before.

At least the BA's got sections showing successor colours for certain units (Particularly the Angels Sanguine and their white coloured DC+SG). Plus, yknow, Seth.

What would be a good alternate colour scheme for Deathwing and Ravenwing in a DoC army?

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The Flawless Host
"greater good" >pic

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Deathwing: replace the green with the 'bone' colour. The black/bone look would be pretty awesome. You'd probably want to tie some DAGreen in there somewhere too though.

Ravenwings: You could probably just stick with the normal scheme instead of going full black.

Alternatively, make them all the base scheme, with one shoulder pad bone/black. Or a combination of the above. What the hell do I know, I'm a dog.

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I've heard that with the new flier codex, Vanilla marines might get the Stormraven.
If this is true, is it worth the points investment to deck it out with a squad of Hammer termies, Lysander, and a Ironclad, fully kitted out?
If it influences your decision, everyone in my FLGS plays Guard, Chaos, GK's or Necrons.

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That rumour has no basis in anything and the Vanilla marines have Stormtalons and Stormeagles anyway.

I say highly unlikely.

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>Iron Warriors.
Didn't an old man break his way out of one of their fortress worlds naked, with no weapons, after being tortured for days?

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Chaos or Loyalists? Gee I dunno.

My first conversion, first large model and 21st model I ever painted. Base still yet to go but otherwise...

Be kind.

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GW studio doesn't give a damn about what forgeworld options an army has when releasing new stuff for them.

So what if Marines have Stormeagles, they can still allow ravens for them.

Same with Ork fighters, they already had plenty from forgeworld yet studio did their WD supplement.

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And again, your 'rumour' is based on nothing.

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I know its pretty buzzword but Jesus, thin your paints.
It still far better than my black blobs of paint.

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What exactly is wrong with the paint thickness? Like, what is wrong looking on it?

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Probably Salamanders
Emprah, I guess, he's an easier target
I dunno what I want to do, I thought we were just serving some shiny giant people, but now I guess we're trying to reclaim our empire, and we apparently killed our former masters, but that was like 60 million years ago.

Shit, I dunno, I'm so tired. My metal feet hurt. The gauss lighting hurts my eyes. I don't like screaming. I wish I was back in my tomb world.

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na but seriously, what do you think?

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World Eaters

My favorite berserker champ who always goes on a rampage

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go to bed necrons

no seriously tho you seem tired

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The metallics need to be thinned, and next time put a brown basecoat down for your gold, it will go on much easier and be a lot brighter vs putting it straight onto black. Remember, many coats, this is the key to the thin your paints process, you thin it so you can apply many coats to get a nice bright full color.

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Not that guy, but I'm not sure I see why you need to thin your paints. I guess the gem/eye on the torso is slightly questionable, but I can't see much of the detail blurring that using thick paints normally has.

Maybe he's talking about the lascannon arm conversion work? Honestly, your painting looks fine to me.

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Black Templar, because we gonna hit shit with chainswords
To hold the line even at 97% casualties

Related note: How would one work BT allies for a guard army (aka what should be taken)

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WIP bike for my warboss

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Blood Ravens because fuck you I'll steal your shit.
I want to own all the gifts. All of them.

I also have a (very) small Thousand Sons army.

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The Guard...


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You need a warm third detail color, something yellow or green that can pop out and create something interesting for the eye. also...
Where is the blue light coming from?

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what is your current BT build? kind of important to determine what you need. Off the bat a 40 man guard blob is never a bad idea.

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>having a favorite character

>not instead eating everyone else's favorite characters for breakfast

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And they tell me this is the best board.

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it is

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Holy Emperor! Venerable dreadnoughts look like sex on stumpy legs.

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I'd take off the helmet just to be sure.

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>Do you want to eat everything, fight for the greater good, or just reclaim your lost galaxies?

The VERY NEXT LINE references the other factions in the universe.

You whiny bint.

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The issue isn't your thinning the issue is you didn't put a base colour down underneath the gold.

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Really says a lot about the other boards then, huh?

If you look at the other boards this format of OP is quite common. It's the first sign a board is dying.

I bitch about /tg/ being bad, you really think I visit THAT shit hole?
>implying snickers is unique to /v/ because of people cross posting all the time.

I visit mu, fa, tv, and here. I also visit a handful of other chans but only rarely because they're so slow. Once 4chan officially dies my computer will see a lot less use.

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No anon, YOU are the shitposter.

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I don't trip on mu because it doesn't need saving yet.

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Blood Angels, fucking furious men that want see blood everywhere and every time. Black Rage!!!!!!

Malal, the best Chaos God. Malal rules!!!!
Come Chaos! Dreadaxe, thirsts for you!!!!!

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>Really says a lot about the other boards then, huh?
This IS 4chan after all, its always been a shitty place.

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>What's your favorite chapter?
DA (or rather my special snowflake homebrew chapter)

>Chaos or Emprah?
Emprah of course, I mean, I play a Dark Angels successor, and DA's are known for their eternal loyalty that cannot and will not be called into question. Ever. Period.

>Do you want to eat everything, fight for the greater good, or just reclaim your lost galaxies?
I wanna get rid of anyone who knows or even suspects the existence of the ██████

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Death Guard
Spreading Papa Nurgle's love.

Face you atheist fucks, the gods are real and only one of them gives a shit about. Embrace your grandfather cause the galaxy is going to decay and die no matter what piddly little things you do. Your corpse-god and your empire itself is a testament to Nurgle's success. Look at how rotted and decayed you are, a giant festering sore on the galaxy.

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We have had a break in playing 40k and haven't played with 6th ed rules yet. I've been revising rules since we should be able to play soon. What caught my eye was new wound allocation rules and especially regarding template and blast weapons. Blast and template weapons used to used occasionally for breaking up unit cohesion. But it seems to be impossible now and apparently useless since moving is counted model-by-model basis. What's the general feel of this? Has 6th ed improved playing?

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I play imperial fists because i think it most closely resembles my own sensibilities. I like to defend, turtle and camp in other games so its an extension of that being the reason i play the most defensive space marines in the entire game. Also dorn was the best loyalist primach, smart and strong with a penchant for building pillow fortresses. Unlike the grand autist guilliman, a blonde closeted asshole like johnson, a winged vampire freak like sanguinius or a wolf themed furry like russ. (corax and vulkan got their dicks kicked in, mannus let himself be decapitated AND got his dick kicked in and the khan was too busy doing circlework in the intergalactic carpark)

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Also alpharius/omegon couldnt make their collective minds up.

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Assembling my new lychguard/couts-as necron lords, currently cutting and re-gluing their warscythes to all be one-handed.

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>Has 6th ed improved playing?
It is considered an all-around improvement, yes.

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It's the other way around. I have a guard army and am looking for BT allies. Have a 30 man squad, 20 man squad, plasma vets, and 4 Russes.

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Only reason someone should ever buy that kit, Lychguard are shitty as hell.

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Lychguard are some of the most badass fucking models in 40k.

So, two reasons to buy that kit.

I'm magnetizing mine to be Lychguard w/ Warscythe, Shield/Sword, or Lord w/ Warscythe and Res Orb.

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not familiar with the BT dex, but a chaplin, 2 squads of BT troops and their version of vanguard should do you fine.

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I have omnomnom bugs and stompy krumpin Orkz

Life is good

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Take an emperor's champion and 2 full squads of troopy marines with attached scoutsies

more hordes for your horde

>> No.23026502

BT work best as shooters after taking your required troop picks, consider putting a squad of terminators with two heavy weapons

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My favorite chapter is the Ultramarines

I don't even care what you faggots say

Yes I do ;_;

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You've already got a good, solid body of infantry and a lot of firepower, but not a lot of speed and counter-assault capability. Use the BT allies to fill those holes - a couple of squads in Rhinos, one geared for shooting and one for assault, can either lurk in your rear lines and quickly deploy to reinforce an area where the enemy's made it through your shooting, or can be sent out to take ground and hold an objective some distance from your deployment zone.

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>Buying the plastic table

>> No.23027615

Let me elaborate.

You got ripped off, son.

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you'd be hard pressed to find a better assault unit than some bt assault termies led by a chaplain. costly though

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Lychguard aren't THAT shitty.

Now, I'm not arguing that they're an especially good unit- Royal Court Disco Inferno or a unit of Wraiths does any job they do better for a similar cost.

But they're not so much worse than those choices (especially with a Lord with MSS + Res Orb to babysit) to automatically completely wave off. Especially with just how badass their models are.

For example, take a unit of five give 'em Sword/Shield, Lord w/ MSS, Wardcythe, and Orb, and a cryptek with veil, and now you have an effectively 350-ish-point deepstriking deathball that can fuck up any vehicle, and most non-CC-oriented infantry in a single combat, can veil away if they get in a tough spot, and with T5 and cheap 3++/4+ WBB, can contest an objective deep in enemy territory and won't die short of half the enemy army rapid firing into them.

Personally, I wish praetorians and Lychguard had been combined into one unit, and that I could have Lychguard with Warscythes or 3++ jumping around the battlefield, but alas.

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