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Greetings /tg/, I require humorous picture of 40k

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This one do anything for you? If it doesn't, try listening to this while you look at it.


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I like it!

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This is fucking amazing

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HA! You pitiful Astartes took the bait!

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Boss, weze looted the shiny gold 'umie!

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Anyone got the blood raven holding the coffee cup?

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How about the necron with a coffee cup?

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There's a whole thread full of them on the archive, bro:

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what about the one where he holds the galaxys loudest faggot

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>the Imperium spans dozens of planets
>most Guardsmen know little beyond their homeworld
>Space Marine murders him for not knowing the details about Chapters
>and wastes a perfectly good meltabomb in the process

That man is a disgrace to the good name of the Ultramarines.

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>oh my

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>the Imperium spans millions of planets
>most Guardsmen know little beyond their homeworld
>Space Marine murders him for not knowing the details about Chapters
>and wastes a perfectly good meltabomb in the process

That man is a disgrace to the good name of the Ultramarines.

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Rolled 11

>Usin a meltabomb to kill a single guardsman
>Waste of the meltabomb

Yes! The meltabomb was worth atleast 70 of those guardsmen!

They have only a limited number of those but uncountable number of idiots to give those flashlights.

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>Lol, they thought we're the same person!

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Anyone got a picture of the looted Emperor model somebody made?

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>But the golden throne is composed of shit tons of machinery that goes on for miles.
>Also requiring psykers to still live.
>Also Imperial Webway
>Also the Emperor's armor was melted down.

If you happened to think any of these questions while seeing this pic, then I have only one logical coherent response to give you.


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This one?

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not sure which is which tho.

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Ultramarine is literally written on him.

Ultramarine are the most famous chapter.

They are fucking blue.

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Do most citizens of the Imperium know how to read?

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Heresy grows from illiteracy

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Heresy grows from literacy. Illiterate person will believe in whatever Imperium priests tell him. If he find a heretic book or propaganda pamphlet, he wouldn't be able to read it

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It also grows from retardedly derp, unfunny comics.

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is that free-handed or transfers?

>this phrase caused about a 5min breakdown of the party when the Heritek was trying to kidnap children (can't remember why, think it was to sacrifice them) in Black crusade

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but it's not in the form of a question!

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Someone needs to make the Hugh Mann scene where one of Zoidberg's race infiltrates Zapp's ship with a shitty disguise and the name "Hugh Mann" replacing Zioudberg's race with an Ork.

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Believe there is a quote from a Krieger on that subject. Something along of the lines of "we don't need educated people, and educated man destroyed Krieg."

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"Nah, soon as you're old enough you're sent to join the regiment. Colonel Stagler don't approve of educated men, says it was educated men that got Krieg bombed to shit in the first place. The colonel says that all a man needs to do is fight and die. That's the Krieg way."
- an unnamed Death Korps soldier, explaining his illiteracy

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>He doesn't know who we are!

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In the one left to the firetruck, is that everyone's favourite disney character?

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>Standard Guardsman model is worth five points
>Unlimited number of Melta Bombs for a single battle is also five points
>The math adds up!

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Rolled 98

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What orks?All I see is a shrub, some garbage, and a perfectly respectable ultra marine

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/r/ing the Crimson Fist with the whacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man superimposed over the top.

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I got an entire folder of those, though I guess dumping them all would be too much...

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I wanna be like that kid's dad when I have kids.

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This was a fun thread....

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/r/ing more grumpy guardswoman.

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Are these from the Only War rulebook? If so, where at?

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"Pvt Linda Redshirt", Google it.
It's like archaeotech, no one makes any new ones.

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Ye ask'ed, ye shall receive.

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I was kind of hoping he'd say, "Sounds like it's worth a try."

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>>Shortcut evil's description
>>Pic not of failbaddon

bro, do you even 40k?

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They're all from DoW, Soulstorm specifically I think.

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And this is the last of the Linda Redshirt I have.

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Point taken, but you have to admit, that pretty much sums up Abaddon.

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yeah, it's pretty stupid that they actually put the only competent chaos lord in the whole DoW series in that pic. Still, it's from the first game, no failbaddon there.

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Just a normal day for the local PDF.

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>caring about the Deceiver

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>tfw nobody has the I HATE EVERYTHING Linda Redshirt

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>not worshipping chaos

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Yeah yeah, but the fact that he's fighting a bottlenecked battle against the largest concentration of Imperial forces (lead by /tg/'s favorite tactical genius) has to give him some leeway.

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I did, but I thought I posted it, oh well.

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Gah, sorry this took so long to look up.
"Taking Cover", David Nash. Not sure which page, though.
The one with her holding a chainaxe is from a different artist and featuring a different redhead (you'll notice she's wearing leg armor and her pants don't have any camouflage. Though, she could have looted them if she was going on a rampage.) Don't know that one's name, sorry.

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I suddenly want to see Redline redone with all the characters redone as Orks who start a deathrace on an Imperial Hive world.

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I happy that most people have used this image I cropped.

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And that's all the funny /tg/ bits that I have, I'll end my dump with this.

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The rest of it wasn't terribly funny anyways, so that's really the only important part.

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Oh good.

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those poor orks

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This is about the only one I've got.

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Oh good, we'll take the bolts too.

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That's what you get for calling the Emperor chicken.

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Fucking Noone even fucking saw it and didn't do anything to stop them.

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>Seeds of Slaanesh

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PMS guardswoman is from the Black Crusade core rulebook.

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woah you marines get gypped. thats only 12 melta bombs for five points.

guard gets 120 melta bombs and a demo charge for 20 points.

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>of nurgle

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Glad i capped dis

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>the warp

good lord that was funnier/more developed than I thought

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That second panel gets me every time

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Do you have the "purify them" one with the terminators?

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read... felt like i saw something familiar. read again, once more vague sense of familiarity.

see yotsuba.

fuckin lost it.

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Awesome, thanks!

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Last I got of the IG captions, I think.

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This one gets me all the time.

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No that's Baus
Baus is the prettiest Boss

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The dude in the red shirt in one of the trukks is meant to be Gaston. It's all /b/ memes and Gaston was popular.

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>it's only a model.

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man this was a fun thread

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from the same thread

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I fucking lost it, my sides are now with Tanith.

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Oh god! What should I do?

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Answer the call.

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Imperial tanks only have 2 speeds. Closer and Hit Them With My Sword.

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Sign me up

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>mfw parents just don't understand

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I'm now imagining a commissar putting one of those hollywood, exploding fake blood pouches on his chest.
Detonating it.
Falling to the ground.
And when some guardsmen flee "AHA, I TRICKED YOU, YOU TRAITORS." BLAM BLAM BLAM

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Who got it?

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Some thieving cat.

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The sad truth is that his sister married a Stealer cultist.

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Max image limit, damn shame.

Last contribution:

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Ignore it, maybe he'll think you are taking a shit.

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