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Why is this card a top seller this week? Has anyone found a proper use for it?

My idea is an Esper control deck using Realmwright to make all lands swamps and using this to turn any X spell into a lethal weapon.

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And this is a much better Uborg but dies to removal more easily.

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What interesting X spells do we have apart from Sphinx?

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Op could use this

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For esper:

>Biomass mutation
>Demonic revelation
>Entreat the angels
>Immortal servitude
>Increasing Confusion
>Killing Glare
>Killing Wave
>Mikaeus, the Lunarch
>Mind Grind
>Sphinx's Revelation

Which isn't bad at all.

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What about a monoblack control deck using this guy and liliana from M13?

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Are milling decks viable in standard?

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Yes, see Esper.

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Planeswalker control is where it's at. The only milling I do is Memory Adept as a one of, sideboard a second if I'm playing another control deck.

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Where do you guys check top selling cards?

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Not all Esper mills. In fact, the most successful Esper decks do not run mill except in the sideboard.

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In Grixis, the turn after you play this guy, you can play Bolas. Chew on that one.

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Or Army of the Damned in any deck.

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... how is it a much better Urborg? It may be a less narrow Urborg, but Urborg is a land that functions as a swamp the turn it comes into play, it doesn't have much of a cost associated with it unlike this guy.

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It could be casual demand, that happens sometimes.

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