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If I was a engineer I would tattoo pic related in a heartbeat

Anyone else annoyed that their hobby doesn't translate to tattoos at all.. neither comics or /tg/ stuff

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The aquila is just simple and cool
That and your birthdate in Imperial format

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The only real issue with the Aquila is that people mistake it for a Nazi thing.

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Exactly my friend, exactly

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How come nobody has made a Imperial date converter online?

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Two of my friends got this tattooed on the inside of their elbows. They regret it now.

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Around here it would probably be mistaken for the huelga eagle, which is a Norteño thing.

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Is there an issue?

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Because people are idiots. Half the people the Nazi's steamrolled in Eastern Europe used the Double Eagle as an icon, because it dates back to the Roman Empire.

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It´s generally assumed that people who play 40k can handle basic math.

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The Imperium intentionally uses nationalistic German symbolism.

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Everything else is e-z but what the hell is that divide year in the thousands thing?
How do you impliment your birthdate on that?

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What did the swastika symbolize originally?
A new dawn or something? Originating from asia?

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Ok. So nazis themselves never used it. Well now I can make someone feel like a dumbass after getting my Aquila tattoo.

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40k symbols are easy to get done as tats. If I had a dollar for every nerd I've met with a 40k tat somewhere I could afford a 5000 point army, at Australian prices.

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In this case it's Hittite Symbolism.

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The double-headed eagle was a symbol of Prussia and Eastern Europe, so yeah, the Nazis never used it. The Reichsadler is entirely different.

regards, a Nazi

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What the hell should be the Year fraction be if my birthdate is 9th of October (not a leap year)

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Not everyone may know the imperial dating system.
All right. The imperial dating system is 10 full digits. 0123456789 M41. 0 being the relative distance to Terra either by physical distance or ease of reaching it by transmission. So Sol system basically. The last 3 digits are the year. 789 being the 789th year of the 41st Millenium. The other 6 I can't remember. Minutes/hours/days maybe. Divisible by 1000.

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I also really want something by Bradstreet as a tattoo but not sure if it would work out

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I know just the guy who I trust to do it though if I ever succumb

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Ok. I'm too tired to do good math tonight. But you're somewhere between 0750XXX M21 and 0846XXX M21.

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Good way to ensure everyone knows you are hateful white trash.

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Yeah that's true too...

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Full Imperial dating is 7 digits, not ten.

First the accuracy digit. 0 or 1 (I can' recall) for Terra and any place fully synched up, 9 is what you put there if you've been lost in the warp for the last few Emperor-knows-what, and haven't really got a clue what time it is on Earth any more.

The next three digits is the year fraction. Split the year in 1000 equal parts, numbered 0 to 999, ie a year fragment is 8.76h long. (I'm guessing leap years have been done away with.) So for a rough estimate (off by about 10%) just assume each day is three year fragments (6th of February -> year fragments 109 to 112) but to be precise you'll have to start counting hours. Then the 6th of February begins just past halfway through year fragment 098, and ends about a third into year fragment 101.

The last three digits is just which year in the millennium it is, followed by M and the millennium in question.

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Please, don't call yourself a "Nazi". It's degrading. Call yourself a National Socialist, "Nazi" is a term made to help propaganda efforts against the Third Reich, similar to the term "commie" for communists.

Regards, a National Socialist.

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>implying he's a national socialist and not just a "kill the niggers" skinhead

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>Wrap a fucking ink mural around your arm

Yeah.. you can see it better if you stretch it out, dude. Fucking moron.

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Yeah. It was bugging me and I looked it up. Figured out that guys day now. 0773XXX M21. Rounded up as it was 772.6xxxx.

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I want to get the Maple leaf with swords as a tattoo, probably over my heart or shoulder, and the Aquila on my back.

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Paying for a tattoo of a trademarked GW symbol is illegal.

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Thanks guys, M21 or M2?

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What are they going to do, steal your skin?

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They'll never enforce that, though.

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I get 0769xxxM2 to 0772xxxM2

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Sue the artist who recieved payment to reproduce their copyrighted work.

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GW regularly asks people if they want their tattoo to be removed by the knife or by fire.

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Unless we're currently living in the year 21013...

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Wait! M21 means you were born post 2000 AD. So M20 if you're 13 and shouldn't really be here. I don't care. Also slightly drunk.

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He was born in the 20th Millenium?

1990 (for example) is 990M2.

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Yea, I got it, I'm M2

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Me again. You should really not listen to me. Listen to the other guy who can do math and isn't drunk. It is M2.

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I like the way you think good sir.

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I already took the tattoo NOO WHAT HAVE YOU DONE

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Nazis whining about hate speech being used against them is always priceless.

regards, a race traitor

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Go update facebooks. Then grab your cellphone and spam everyone with SMS messages.

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Lol. Sorry. If it helps I THINK I'm 0893989 M2. Maybe. I should redo that math in the morning.

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Hate Facebook. And my friends know me well enough to put their phones on alarms only when I drink, kind sir!

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I never whined about hate speech being used against me. I just pointed out that using it on ourselves is a very strange decision.

Frankly, I couldn't care less that you're a race traitor. There are plenty more like you, and I have more important things to do than fret over it.

Excellent try at getting me angry though, I commend you for the effort.

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>0893989 M2
From 22:19 on the 21st of November to 07:26 on the 22nd, 1989.

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Morning of the 22nd. So yup. Danke.

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What would the typical font of the Imperium be?

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Blackest blackletter.

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Also what was the format of Imperial messages

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The Imperium does not standardize across agencies. It rarely even standardizes within agencies larger than a few thousand people.

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i want this but not that large and not in the middle of my back.

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as someone who's great grand aunt was a Nazi and called herself that, where are you from?

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I kind of want the Imperium seal on my arm but I think people would confuse it for a Nazi eagle.

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Just put it on your chest
If anyone sees your chest they are probably someone close enough that you can just explain it

And either way you can think about this everytime you remove your shirt if you don't
>so edgy

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>In every thread ever.

I want a few more /tg/ related, but I've got quite a few tattoos/mods planned. Scarification and Branding included.

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I would like a Chaos star but more for Moorcock reasons then the lame GW Chaos gods.

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Isn't there a dot in it?

Like 1995 AD = 995.M02

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Black templar's Iron cross

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I'm an artist, so...

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No, it's nationalistic German symbolism. Space Marines don't have double-headed eagles on their chest to evoke hittite imagery, they have them on their chest to evoke nationalistic German imagery.

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You misspelled Autist.

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also, chaos marks (especially the undivided star which extends beyond 40k) make good tatts.

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But I don't play 40k!

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And it marks you out as an edgybro from a mile away to anyone that knows what it is.
lololol choas lets fuck shit up anarchy lololol XD

>> No.23007508

Uh, not necessarily. Nurgle/Khorne would rather have stagnation and order. Anarchy is a Tzeentchian/slaanesh thing.

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Odd, I was just thinking of getting a /tg/ tattoo.
I was thinking of getting this in UV ink on the back of my hand.

The only problem is, I have no idea how it looks when it is healing and I don't want it to scar too much (as I want to be employable).

I also considered getting the Emperor's Children symbol on my upper arm but I'm not certain about that.

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I'm currently in college for engineering, and i was thinking about the theme for my next tattoo. might be worth a shot

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>Chaos star is actually a symbol of order

>> No.23007534


Just out of curiosity which arm did you get your tattoo on?

>> No.23007542

imagine an itchy layer of dry (you're supposed ot keep it moist) dead skin over top the tatt itself, you can't scratch it or you'll fuck up the ink- that's what the healing is.

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Fuck you cunt want to fight about it.

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>I'll never get employed in a respectable job

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I know how the healing process works, I have another tattoo, I just don't know about the UV one. If it'll just look like dead skin over top of a faint red shape or if the star is going to be really visible.

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Come at me bro, my triple chin protects my jaw from any mortal punch.

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>Implying tatts disqualify you these days
Also, what are armed forces?

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Ancient Indus Valley/Buddhist symbol of protection. Look up the word manji.

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>Also, what are armed forces?

He said respectable.

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Depends on who you're dealing with, some cities love the guys.

>> No.23007615

They're just sanctioned hitmen, that's it.

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Yeah, but there are also plenty of images where it is completely invisible. I guess that sort of healing would be months later.
Thanks though, I doubt an unsightly red blotch on my hand would go over well at my job.

>> No.23007638

For most armed forces policy is no visible tats when in short sleeve.You can ink your back and upper bicep all you want.

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one person's opinion makes a job unrespectable now? shit, when was this memo passe dout

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>implying hitman is not a respectable job

>> No.23007655

this is true, I'm just referring to them being pretty liberal about it- don't forget the calves

>> No.23007662


There are tattooable AdMech symbols, bro. Most of them are.

>> No.23007667


It was circulated on the first BBS that was created and has been rule 0 of the interbutts since.

>> No.23007669

That just looks like a particularly interesting burn scar to me.

>> No.23007679

funny you'd say that- they feel like really bad sunburns when healing.

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>not tattooing your favorite traitor legion/chapter symbol on your arm
>not getting the mark of Khorne, Nurgle, Slaanesh, etc.

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Or rather it's to evoke imagery of the holy roman empire (present day germany).

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Now this is an interesting thread. Gave me some inspiration too.

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I'd get this on my back if I wasn't so painfully aware of how much I'd regret it in a decade.

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I chuckled.

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I've been tempted to get the mark of Slaanesh on myself somewhere. Thinking of somewhere normally hidden by clothes (such as my chest or leg). Essentially the only people who'd see it would be someone indulging in carnal pleasures with me. The idea makes me chuckle.

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This would be an amusing tattoo.

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Please, don't pretend you know what you are talking about, cunt.

Regards, a Socialist.

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Lol, manual labour.

I love being a welder.

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Please, don't call yourself a National Socialist. It's degrading. Call yourself a "Nazi", National Socialist is a term made to help propaganda efforts for the Third Reich.

Regards,your mum.

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