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Jimmies status
>rustled [ ]
>unrustled [x]

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Should have approved of all the bad ones, and hated on the good ones. Not hate on all of them. The Orks one made me chuckle a little


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>Black Templars

makes sense

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>Black Templars not being WORSE about the FOR THE EMPEROR stuff than basic Spess Marines
>No Sisters
I mean it was incredibly obvious you're full of shit, and a horrible troll.
But both of those are the final nails in the coffin

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>implying sisters are a legit army

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>spaess viking
>edgy and 13 year old


>ever losing


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grey knights player sounds like a cool bro

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>not screaming about your opponent's death before playing

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sauce on that chat show/whatever, i wanna watch dat

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not including Dark Angels faggot

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i've never played 40k but tau seem the coolest

are they space-chinese?

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I started necrons as a counterpart to my tomb kings last edition when they were a mediocre army. I dont see how this image applies

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Kinda. They are caste based and follow their Glorious Leaders without question.

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>i play tau
Jokes on you, i don't even own skinny jeans or need glasses!

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lol, babbies first troll post. how sad.

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weeaboo communist

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Less Weeaboo, they have a lot of eastern asian, and even indian, culture injected into them. But yes, asian space commies.

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japans gay doe

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gundam style is the one true way to run them

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Suck my Kroot hammerclaw

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>no Dark Angels
come on now, be thorough

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you wot m8?

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Guardsman reporting.

I never kissed a girl and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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LOL at the Dark Angels entry

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OP is just butthurt about IG being the real man's codex and projects his failures onto us.

Stay mad.

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Fabled Dark Eldar player reporting!

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This post is why guardfags are the worst fags on /tg/.

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>mfw painting my necrons like skeletons

best choice ever

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Apparently I have both shit taste and I don't exist. LEL

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Now I must play Necrons. My logic processors attempted to deny it too long but the Newcrons were made for me and are relevant to all my interests. Beep boop.

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Dark Eldar Master race reporting

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>be a Tau player
> don't own glasses or skinny jeans

that's not even a good stereotype... could have gone with being a weaboo, that would make /some/ sense.

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Pretty accurate chart IMO except the Grey Knights part

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