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> My character attempts to create a potion.

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>my character attempts to handle an animal

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Animal cruelty.

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What in the fuck is going on?

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I think it was shot or something.

>> No.22997166

It got shot, that's how they put down food animals before processing them.

>> No.22997190

And now you know how bacon is made.

>> No.22997207

But why is it twitching so much? And the blood from the ears?
I thought they were just funneled through a narrow chute, strung up by their feet, and sliced in half?

>> No.22997211

Unless they're chickens. I think they are just plucked by a machine and cooked alive.

Their beaks are generally removed in life, to keep them from pecking themselves or other chickens.

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It got shot in the part of the brain that keeps pigs from twitching.

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>Rolling seduction.

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You mean pigs constantly want to twitch, but a part of their brain stops them? What?

>> No.22997264

So Pigs natural state is spasms?

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>My character attempts to contribute to this thread.

>> No.22997281

Probably the part of the brain that controls reflexes or motor control or something.

>> No.22997283

>Bluff to convey a secret message

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Congratulations, now you can into pig farming.

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There's a part of your brain, and every brain, that controls muscle. If a bullet explodes it, your body randomly spasms.

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jesus christ why

>> No.22997320

Haha nice. I'm rather hardened, but that's somewhat chilling.
The delayed effect.. it takes a moment for its brain to disintegrate enough to die, blood vessels bursting et cetera.

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Shot in the head.

>> No.22997346

supgrati much

>> No.22997362

>rolling 20 on an intimidate check

>> No.22997386

It's probably pretty damn dead when the bullet has finished its path through the brain.

Thing is the body is not a lamp where everything gets shut of in a second. I'd say that it doesn't feel anything from those spasms, but I'm no expert at animals brains.

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>my character attempts disguise check

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This gif goes to my derail dolder

>> No.22997397

But that's a god damn natural twenty.

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this gif goes to my derail folder
Capcha:camoned wes

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>My character trying to detect trap

>> No.22997470

Rolling to seduce.

>> No.22997508

Rolling to jump.

>> No.22997569

>Nat 1 on perception

>> No.22997586

>Rolling to hit in Star Wars

>> No.22997637

>derail folder
damn that's glorious

>> No.22997718

no, no, no.

That's a nat 1 on perception
and 8 nat 20's on disguise,

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>Nat 20 on Going fast

>> No.22997744

Eh, I'd say some of those were just acrobatic movements into superior cover/concealment. But at least a couple wer disguise.

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The guy with the plant did not roll a nat 20.

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>My character attempts to tumble

>> No.22997822

>"I cahrge down the slope"
>"That's difficult terrain, I'm gonna need an acrobatics check."
>rolls "58"
>"Yeah 3+55 is 58"

>> No.22997845

Rolling for Sneak Attack

>> No.22997860

Rolling to intimidate.

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>my character attempts escape artist

>> No.22997899

>My character mourning for yours
I told you about the stairs bro

>> No.22997910

>"I attempt to repair the door"
>Nat 20

>> No.22997917

>My DM when we enter his dungeon

>> No.22997922

Bloody hell, that hat could barely contain the anger
>my character attempts alchemy

>> No.22997927

is he... wait... is he naked? While in a chair? Thrown by a chick with weird hands.... and still spinning and kicking some other guys?

>> No.22997928

Nat 1 on Roll to Hit
Nat 1 on Roll to Confirm Nat 1
Nat 20 on Effects Chart

>You and Adjacent Target Die.

>> No.22997943

>My character attempts to keep sanity

>> No.22997999

>rolling to seduce

>> No.22998017


and I notice he never got out of the chair.

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>my character is the target of Summon Swarm

>> No.22998050

Nat 20...I don't even know, I just thought this was sad as hell.

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>My character trying to force his way past a door.

>> No.22998069

Party running away from monsters

>> No.22998078

Nat 1 combo on roll to hit.

>> No.22998085

Natural 20 to Not Letting You Go, Jack

>> No.22998086

Rolled 7

>rolling seduction

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>My character rolls for intimidate

>> No.22998133

Looks like Kemonozume

>> No.22998140


No, that's girls, as illustrated by various anime-style .gifs that can't be posted here.

>> No.22998163

On an unrelated note; this is how I imagine my limit break.

>> No.22998164

Why are Thom gifs so insanely funny?

>This is how I bard

>> No.22998192

>rolling to detect traps

>> No.22998216

>Prussias attempt at forming Germany in Vicky2
Why can't we all be Bismarck?

>> No.22998243

Why can't the fucking AI? All I'm asking is to play Victoria II with a very essential part of the Victorian Age: Germany. Is that really that much?

>> No.22998264

Is that from one of those infomercials?

>> No.22998265

What game is that?

>> No.22998269


The full size image is better.

>> No.22998332

Battlefield 3, bad game tho.
Even worse, you need Origin to play

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My players when I reveal that the BBEG was the sad sack NPC who got lost in the first dungeon... And he's been training since then.

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>not this for intimidate

>> No.22998346


What's that from?

>> No.22998358

Battlefield 3. Tank shooting down a jet.

>> No.22998364

(Gumby representing the BBEG, of course.)

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Thanks!, didnt have it

>> No.22998394

The anime is quite simply called Another.

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>The party attempts to escape the town guard.

>> No.22998437

AKA Pie: The Anime

>my character rolls a Will check

>> No.22998445

>yfw you see the guy leaning knock on the wall to let Gumby know when to come in.

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Attempting to spar with my characters melee combat tutor

>> No.22998459

Nat 20 Acrobatics roll.

>> No.22998463

>I try to play D&D with my friends.

>> No.22998492

>I roll to detect traps
>You don't detect any traps

>> No.22998495

>my character gets over his previous attempt to handle an animal and tries again

>> No.22998508

>Nat 20 on Craft (Alchemy)

>> No.22998532

Damn it, puppy...

>> No.22998543

>My turn to DM

>> No.22998560

I don't get it.

>> No.22998597

This is how I necromancer

>> No.22998600

Me either

>> No.22998601


>Followed by a natural 20 on perform
>GM tears several pages out of notebook

>> No.22998609

>My character attempts to grapple that rogue

>> No.22998620

>My character attempts to feint

>> No.22998641

>Nat. 1 followed by Nat. 20

>> No.22998642

that's gotta be staged.

>> No.22998667

I think he's trying to refer to spess station 13.

>> No.22998672

>sanity check

>> No.22998676

Okay, sauce

>> No.22998696

That one always gets to me.

>> No.22998697

>my character embarking on his adventure

>> No.22998704

>my character attempts disguise check

>> No.22998706

>Rolling seduction

>> No.22998712

>my character attempts to save an NPC from being killed

>> No.22998742

>my character attempts to craft wondrous item

>> No.22998748

>Rolling for seduction

>> No.22998760

Hey it got him a surprise round.

>> No.22998765

I think I did that to a guard once.

>> No.22998780

Our medic arrives as my character is moments from death

>> No.22998781

>my character gets a surprise round

>> No.22998796

>My character rolling a ride check

>> No.22998799

That's like our entire campaign, dear god.

>> No.22998806

oh god that made me lol

>> No.22998812

Whats that from?

>> No.22998816

It's the "I think" part that really intrigues me.

>> No.22998817

All aboard the choo-choo train?
Or is it because of player stupidity?

>> No.22998827


>> No.22998835

My Bard is kind of like that.

>> No.22998901

> my character rolls to dodge

>> No.22998916

>my character rolling for trap detection

>> No.22998919

>I Roll to detect ambushes

>> No.22998942

>Roll to distract

>> No.22998952

>Nat 20 on Hide check

>> No.22998961

Rolled 63

I'm not >>22998799, but in our campaign it's basically player stupidity (no, sure, a portal INTO the river is a perfectly sensible thing to do to put out fires... *sigh* )

>> No.22998976

>My character when the DM attempt to TPK us
He's already been the sole survivor twice over thanks to common sense and pressing luck

>> No.22999021

Rolled 12

>Roll intimidate

>> No.22999044

I need 5 of them.

>> No.22999047

>my character rolls Sleight of Hand

>> No.22999078

Wizards: No sense of right or wrong!

>> No.22999107


Who is that man?

>> No.22999114


>> No.22999151


>> No.22999175

Man. I knew Luther was a good cop, but I didn't know he was a repairman too!

>> No.22999176

Asliha shattan, The god of fire and last stands.

>> No.22999187

Apparently after some googling this:http://www.youtube.com/watch?GthZEd35xwI some policeofficer in a riot, with molotov cocktails.
that or Inferno Cop

>> No.22999246

>My character enters to the dungeon

>> No.22999252

>I accidentally a cursed sword of berserking

I THINK it's Girls Bravo.

>> No.22999274

Forgot .gif

>> No.22999275

>my character puts his lowest score into INT

>> No.22999292

It is Girls Bravo

>> No.22999303

>Nat 20 on turn undead

>> No.22999313

>For attacking the GMPC, you are killed.
>Roll up a new character

>> No.22999338

GM being an asshole

>> No.22999354


Like this?

>> No.22999372

>nat 20 on Perform (Dance)

>> No.22999381

Damn it, man. Now there's coke all over the keyboard.

>> No.22999384

shit nigga that's kawaii as fuck

>> No.22999391

>My character rolls sleight of hand

>> No.22999416

>My players on any given day

Reverse image search is giving me an "image too large, etc" error. Mind telling me what this is from, assuming you know?

>> No.22999419


>> No.22999424

>Nat 20 on acrobatics

though im sure goats always get Nat 20 on that.

>> No.22999430

Character rolling for Animal Handling.


>> No.22999435

Ok now watch this pic. And play gangam style

>> No.22999445

Sorry man. Not getting much.

>> No.22999454

>my character rolls intimidate

>> No.22999460

>my character attempts to duel the barbarian chief

>> No.22999467

What the fuck.
That describes my character so well.
Followed several minutes later by>>22999430

>> No.22999470

It's "Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?"

Yeah, I know...

>> No.22999487

What did you call me?

>> No.22999492


It's from Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?

Basically three high schoolers with broken ass powers get sucked into this fantasy world where guilds compete with each other for resources and each other's powers by playing different sorts of games.

>> No.22999496

>nat 20 on stealth check

>> No.22999506

Rolled 15

>rolling profession(maid)

>> No.22999514

>Rolling Intimidate

>> No.22999515

i like how that horse is like "im getting too old for this shit"

im trying to come up with something for pic related but no ideas come to my mind right now

>> No.22999516


>> No.22999517

>My paladin teaches his mount a new trick

>> No.22999521

STOP RIGHT THERE, criminial scum!

I have violated your mother

>> No.22999536

Oh god I'm gonna need a video I'm laughing way to hard here. Do they scream like girls? I bet they scream like girls.

>> No.22999551

Rolled 2

>all points in luck or not giving a fuck

>> No.22999559

>Corn flakes = Video games
>Milk = Origin
>Homer = EA

>> No.22999560

Almost definately. I'd say it was a demonstration rather than a match.

>> No.22999591

God damn it, Stopman.
What I wouldn't give for your powers.

>> No.22999601

>My first time DMing


>> No.22999603

>rolling for stealth

>> No.22999638

Oh yeeeees

>> No.22999643

>Boss fights in Adeptus Evangelion

>> No.22999653

oh fuck i laughed too much at that

>rolling for bluff

>> No.22999683


Here's the second part of this.

>> No.22999747

>Will Save

>> No.22999756

>roll for perform (dance)

>> No.22999787

>sneak attack, nat 1

>> No.22999794

>>Nat 20 summoning

>> No.22999805

WTF is that shit?!

>> No.22999808

>Nat 20 summoning

>> No.22999818


>> No.22999821

Chemistry, faggot

>> No.22999834

What a critical miss on an inanimate object looks like

>> No.22999837

rolling balance

>> No.22999838

Wow, really?
I had no idea.
I had a fucking idea, dipshit

>> No.22999839

and now i roll for sanity check

>> No.22999841

Well okay, but still what is that shit, how teh fuck you do that

>> No.22999844

>critical damage

>> No.22999860

>You ever gotten so angry that you just up and punched a tank?

>> No.22999867

reminds me of the first time i went into the bathroom at the food court in the mall
such a mistake

>> No.22999871

That sign clearly rolled a 20.

>> No.22999875

i shouldnt like this song as much as i do

>> No.22999887

Did she died?

>> No.22999901


>> No.22999905

>that file name
brb, applying for passport to retrieve my sides

>> No.22999911


>> No.22999914

This Anon clearly critical punned.

>> No.22999929


>Critical hit

>> No.22999931

Don't fight it! Embrace it!

>> No.22999937

Dat gif! What is the name of the anime it comes from? I barely recognize it.

Also, roll for melee

>> No.22999946


>Exploding dice

>> No.22999951

Blue Sub 6.

>> No.22999954


Blue Submarine No. 6. Used to come on Toonami back in the day.

>> No.22999957

>MFW when i recognised is Napoleon Dynamite

>> No.22999966

High level party in Ravenloft

>> No.22999976

>sneak check

>> No.22999978

Well played

>> No.22999991

It's both shocking and funny just what our squinty-eyed cousins pick up from our culture. They get more than you think, considering western movies are just as popular as domestic films. Panty and Stocking is from beginning to end Japanese emulating western cartoons, with references throughout.

>> No.22999994

Athletics check

>> No.22999995


Many thanks

>> No.22999998


>> No.23000001


Shit, it's toxic
Well fuck you, players.
Roll for SAN loss.

By SAN loss I mean mercury poisoning.

>> No.23000022

20 charisma

>> No.23000031

>fighter in 3.5

>> No.23000038

indeed. followed shortly by this poor sod
>nat 1 luck

>> No.23000039

That stuff is awesome.
Dat clicking sound totally adds to the effect.

>> No.23000041

Stubborn player + cursed dice

>> No.23000054

What is this? And is it a comedy? Cause I'm crackin up here.

>> No.23000066

>> No.23000068

Another is such bullshit. Pic not related. Mirai Nikki was bullshit too.

Hell, anime is generally bullshit.

>> No.23000079

it's SUPPOSED to be supernatural horror.

It's comedy.

and speaking of japan referencing the west

>> No.23000082

Another, I believe, same as the ones before.It's Final Destination: the anime. Gruesome, ironic deaths which gradually descend into rube goldberg-style hilarity.

>> No.23000083


It's sort of an unintentional comedy.

>> No.23000090

I think we've all been there before.

>> No.23000092

ED of the year.
Yes, I am aware that the year just started.

>> No.23000094

It is called Another. It is basically Anime Final Destination.

>> No.23000098

Another is unintentionally hilarious.

>> No.23000099

I don't think it was meant to be a comedy but it's wall to wall of school children dying in hilarious ways.

>> No.23000100

>My character attempts to deal non lethal damage

>> No.23000107

>rolling a 1 on a perform check with a ThatDM

>> No.23000112

So did nobody play with ground snakes on the 4th of july as a kid or something? Because I've known about this shit for years.
I remember lighting the entire roll of ground snakes, that was boss.

>> No.23000117

Funny thing about Pigs, anatomically speaking they're very similar to human beings.

So if pigs have it, you probably have it too.

>> No.23000119

>tfw DM letting me burn 3 luck points on a lifesaving acrobatics roll
I'm exceedingly lucky on roll-above systems, but roll-under on the other hand....

>> No.23000123

it also gave us quite possibly the only 2channer in anime.

we never see him, but from what we gather of his room

>mfw I suddenly realize its the dance from pulp fiction

>> No.23000134

>Natural 20 Charisma check has unintended consequences with twin sister

>> No.23000141

Critical failure on spot check

>> No.23000149

>Rolling 20 just wanted to post this gif

>> No.23000159

Sorry no...most likely because im from Mexico

Seen it, and still dont know wahts going on here...

>> No.23000162

>The one-trick pony has his chance to shine

>> No.23000172

It's a cattail.

>> No.23000173

The Japanese love Tarantino. He fits the quota of static lifeless backdrops, senseless ultraviolence, and pointless 10+ minute digressions. Godm I love that director.

>> No.23000181

>Rolling 1 on stealth

>> No.23000183


I'm almost certain thats a cattail bulb he's grinding, probably to make flour or something.

>> No.23000190

Cat tails. Their seeds or whatever are tightly packed in, so once they get damaged a bit, they tend to spew fluff everywhere. It's annoying as shit.

>> No.23000193

oh my
is he ok?

>> No.23000197

>skyrim player's first time playing Morrowind

>> No.23000199

Are they... jerking off a breadstick?

>> No.23000203

So wait, were the pterodactyls trying to stealthily Eiffel Tower her? Or was she trying to stealth through the area with no clothes on in a misguided attempt at avoiding their frog brain eyesight?

>> No.23000208

>attempting to persuade an NPC with cursed dice

>> No.23000209

>Nat 20 Charisma check

>> No.23000215

It's just a cattail. Me and my friends used to hit each other with them and make them explode when we were at the river.

>> No.23000217

>1 roll on disguise

>> No.23000221

Rolling a 20 on a challenged intimidate check.

>> No.23000227

Thanks, /tg/, you've given me an anime to watch. You really don't need the other boards, do you.

>> No.23000240

>nat 20 stealth check

>> No.23000241

since it's going straight into the trashbin, i'm quite sure he's grinding it solely for the purpose of showing what grinding it does.

>> No.23000246

No you dont, sadly i dont have pic related...

>> No.23000248



Oh fuck, you hilarious bastard.

>> No.23000249

fuck, Doc was so cool.

>> No.23000254

Player over-complicates things again

>> No.23000259

nat 20 intimidate

>> No.23000273 [DELETED] 

>Nat 20 intimidate

>> No.23000283

>Nat 1 san check

>> No.23000289

There was one time some friends and I were going on a camping trip, and one of them needed to stop at the bank to withdraw some cash.

While he was doing that, one of the other guys decided to go grab a cattail growing in the nearby ditch. None of us at the time knew of their seed-spewing properties. He fiddled around with it for awhile, then dropped it on the floor where he was sitting.

Some hours later, we stop for gas, and realize that the cattail has exploded into fluffy seeds all over the floor by the passenger seat. Just a carpet of fluff.

Fortunately, the gas station we were stopped at had one of those vacuum cleaner dealies we could use to clean it up.

>> No.23000290


>> No.23000292

Is that a maggot filled dick?

>> No.23000293


My first time playing Morrowind when it came out.

>> No.23000296


>> No.23000298


>> No.23000301


>> No.23000302


I love things like this.

>"Go 'way, you little bastard!"
>Oh shit, oh shit, it's less than a tenth of my size but it's still charging, it knows something I don't, oh shit
>"... Better check yourself before you wreck yourself, junior."

>> No.23000307

>Gif fucked up


>> No.23000310


>> No.23000314

>rolling a 19 when you needed a 20.

>> No.23000324

That's kinda interesting. The maggot do debridement of a piercing wound? It doesn't look as disgusting as it should; I suppose because the maggots are sterilized and super clean.


>> No.23000326


>> No.23000338

That's Madoka. I suggest watching it.
Magical Girls with LMG

>> No.23000341

When I first played Morrowind, I didn't realize you could hit cliff racers with melee weapons when they were hitting you.

I had no ranged weapons, and no ranged spells. I spent so much time just running away from the things in pure, utter panic.

>> No.23000342

>all those replies
Well I'm not clicking on that.

>> No.23000343



>> No.23000348


That's fucking adorable.

>> No.23000384

Continuing the thread...
>player ruining another player's plans

>> No.23000386

>cursed dice.

>> No.23000397

we hit image limit


>> No.23000420

thats fake right?

>> No.23000429

No. It could happen to you!

>> No.23000435

omg did he die?

>> No.23000453

Yeah they used a watermelon for the head explosion.

>> No.23000455

>Gets head blown off

Nah, I'm sure he's fine.

>> No.23000483

You poor sod.

At first I couldn't quite figure out what to do in a game where you can do whatever you want.

>> No.23000513


>> No.23000515

Nope, saw this on the news. Not actual recording, but story.

>> No.23000530

Indeed, it's a surprisingly common accident.

>> No.23000544

It's like putting tape all over the window before breaking it, it keeps it from making a sound or getting your hand lacerated to hell.

>> No.23000551

My experience in Morrowind was:
-Spend way too long trying to kill a beetle or something, never knowing if i'm not hitting it properly or some random roll is screwing me.
-Wandering around, getting lost and finding a bandit cave.
-Dying to the first humanoid enemy i'd ever seen.

Maybe i'd have more patience today, though i don't think i'd enjoy the combat.

>> No.23000573

Yeah, but Spiderman didn't need to break the glass in the first place. He just opened the window normally.

>> No.23000580


Except you break a window so you can reach through it and unlock it from the inside.

>> No.23000627

There was a time when I was far too broke to afford new video games. As a result, I played the shit out of Morrowind. Those fucking cliff racers pissed me off every fucking time. For years. I've had nightmares.

>> No.23000697

They essentially becomes liches doing the bidding of LE incarnate. I, personally, gave it a 10/10.

>> No.23000723

Just needs a potion. He'll be fine.

>> No.23000736

Those Eyebrows...

>> No.23000899

What I miss?

>> No.23000941

Dick maggots.

>> No.23000980

Ep. 10 nevar forget ;_;7

>> No.23001063

One my weabros linked me this earlier.

No, I don't know what motivates these people.

>> No.23001078


That. Is. AWESOME.

>> No.23001177


>TFW I haven't watched that yet..

Fuck I need to get working on that

>> No.23001354

>I don't think it was meant to be a comedy but it's wall to wall of school children dying in hilarious ways.

Sorry dude, Impaled by an umbrella, falling off a building, and being crushed to death under a pillar are not things I find funny.

.. Least of all the crushing one.. that's the kind of death that's always bothered me the most.

>> No.23001374

You clearly haven't been on the internet long enough to enjoy really black sorts of comedy.

>> No.23001384

the dude has serious shit luck to be frank. he and some other kids are trying to escape a burning building, the chandelier falls on them, he survives, sprints for the exit and then the pillar happens

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