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Since both ERP threads and Gamefinder threads have been popping up more frequently lately, I thought /tg/ might be able to get this done, too.

It's hard to find a campaign that keeps a decent balance between the E and the RP in ERP. As I'm sure most of you know, the vast majority of online roleplayers who are interested in 'adult roleplay' are ONLY interested in focusing on sexual scenes and not on an actual long-running campaign. I see this complaint everywhere, and can relate to it myself, since I've run into the same problem. I'm tired of keeping my fetishes out of my games. I want to put them in!

So, /tg/, if you're out there, and interested in running or playing in a campaign where you don't have to pretend your belt of genderswapping isn't because you have a fetish, this is the place to network. Surely there's enough of us out there to get a game or two going.

Here's the template to get people started:

>GM or Player
>Available time / Time Zone

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And here's mine:

>Pathfinder/3.5, WoD
>EST, Most weekdays/nights
>Email in Email field

>Looking for a fun, not-too-serious game that has some fetishy elements without being completely focused on them.

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Bumping with pictures for interest

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I'd be more fine with this if this was MRP, as in Mature Role-Playing, instead of Erotic. As it stands, it's only natural that these campaigns attract people who are in for the erotic side of the whole thing.

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If you want to call it that, that's fine. I guess when I hear 'Mature' I often think of darker themes rather than sexual ones. I just used ERP because it's the only good term for it I know.

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Yeah, I'm the sort who wants plenty of cake and not much frosting. Some sex, plenty of romance, and lots of actual game.

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Wondering if anyone's interested in re-enacting the Mahabharata through a consistent long-term ERP, but with sex instead of battle. I will expect you to come up with sexual version of all your divine weapons, and to describe how you out-sex all 165,000 faceless mooks (and/or elephants) of the enemy's spiral formation. Applications to play Draupadi will be competing against one other.

Fluency in ancient sanskrit a must.

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>dat as-
"Cute" is taking priority over "sexy" for me. What's happening with me, /tg/.

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Exactly! It's so hard to find that sort of thing, though...

Not going to lie, I would play in this.

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Interested in anthropomorphised u-boat on WW2 merchant shipping erotic games. Obviously, you have to be able to describe penetration really well.

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Yeah, it is hard to find. If that's the sort of thing you're interested in, though, here's my email. We can talk and see if we can't put something together.

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More ca/tg/irls, because why not.

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Are you fluent in ancient sanskrit?

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If you're purely looking for ERP, we have #mymagicalrealm on rizon for IRC chat. We're pretty organized by now, with a player list, game list, etc.

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I tried going there, but the fact that everyone already knows each other and already have games going makes the whole thing seem very intimidating. It makes me feel nervous to introduce myself. I think I would prefer putting together a group for ERP rather than trying to get into an established community.

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How about a game where everyone plays troubled, hormonal teenage girls in a magical high fantasy Jewish ghetto where all sorts of alluring or seductive situations are on offer but ultimately get turned down as you devoutly return to your family home and synagogue and build golems.

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I've been there, but I got the impression most people were more in it for the E than the RP, if you know what I mean. Plus it's very insular already, there were never any new games recruiting while I was there.

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I would love to do that.

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A create-your-own-ERP sandbox real life game set in Iran.

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An ERP campaign where you have to randomly determine every feasible physical and mental statistic and all sexual acts down the most intimate or minor details are worked out via mathematical function.

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>This Thread
>Mithra ass, Mithra ass EVERYWHERE

Im completely fine with this

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Do you like Madoka?

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I wouldn't mind running such a thing, but life being an issue is a pain at times.

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A game where everyone plays catgirls who are like, much smaller, live on the streets and aren't particularly humanoid.

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You're becoming a furry.

Just accept it.

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In fact, I do like Madoka. Even without the lesbian overtones.

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Pitch: 'Deadliest Warrior' but with sex. I expect you to have at least one professional acting credit in the role of the person you're playing, so I know you can stick to the true historical character.

I understand this limits the options on offer, but it's a necessary sacrifice (on which note, Jesus Christ probably a good candidate).

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>build golems.
Leave that to the men.
There's tapestry to be studied.

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You know, I would play the fuck out of a felid race like from Dungeon Crawl.

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I got the same impression, as to the insular-ness. There's a lot of people there, most of them are idle, they don't really acknowledge new arrivals, it's mostly a couple of people talking about personal stuff... or at least it seemed that way on my visits.

It's not a bad place, but it mostly seems to be a handful of friends organizing games with each other and a whole bunch of idle people lurking the lewd bits.

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FATAL's math is bad. Also it doesn't go far enough.

I think they're just 'tones' at this point.

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Is it just me, or does ERP simply NOT WORK unless it's only with two people?

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Go fuck yourself, are you saying a woman can't kill a goat from horseback and heal a bird's broken wing?

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ERP works best in groups of 2-3. As you add more, it falls apart faster.

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Yeah? I'm thinking they would look something like this.

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How so? If the primary focus of the game is the story, then it's just like any other campaign. Only difference is there's some fetishy stuff and nudie bits around.

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Neither of those have anything to do with golems.

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For me, I have to be running or I get tunnel vision for one other character, resulting in terrible drama.

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A campaign set in a decaying fantasy culture where everyone wears full face opaque veils and voluminous robes, also the men and women are mostly the same height and have more or less the same voices. Sexual contact before marriage, which occurs only after several years of contractual negotiation, is punishable by death.

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They have a lot to do with the latest chapter of the manga you posted, though (which is about Muslim central asian nomads, not Jews).

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I've tried to run group ERPs and I can see where the difficulty comes in. Mostly that you have to engage all the players or it's everyone sitting around while a couple of people have fun. And even then, if you're actually taking your time and putting your effort in on the sex scenes, it can take as long or longer than doing a major combat, which as we all know can take the majority of a session.

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A group of dwarves who don't know what a woman is aim to produce an oberver's report on the sex lives of humans and elves.

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That's cool.

The felids in Dungeon Crawl are basically witch and wizard familiars uplifted to sentience, faster than humans (so they are quite good at defeating melee monsters by running and casting), can eat meat (one of the main weaknesses of wizards is that casting makes you hungry), can see invisible, have extra lives. For melee types, cat-berserkers are decent too.

Only problem is that with little gear, it becomes a bit boring and lacking in depth.

But yeah, more RPGs should have cat-familiars as a playable race.

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I think I might ERP with my wife sometime.

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I was actually gonna do a whole RPG like this once. Set in anarchic city-states. Cats'd farm chickens like emus and hunt carp like whales. So yeah that actually does sound pretty cool.

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Before I got married I preferred text based IM mediums, such as irc.

Http://www.belariath.com used to have the perfect balance I think. Not so sure how its doing now.

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I don't mind doing Fade to Black because of sexual content. I do mind that it takes a long time.

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Are you all like what if we *weren't married* and she just fucking drenches the floor.

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this sort of thing happens in my setting.
dwarves are not "born" they are crafted by masons and blacksmiths then have life breathed into them by priests.

They see themselves as masters of the sciences and that they have a duty as a people highly resistant to that annoying thing called time to survey and document all natural life.

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>mfw I'm not even reading the thread, I'm just scrolling through for more catgirls.

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A sexual adventuring game where everyone plays the sole surviving member of a different species which are all mutually sexually incompatible in every way. The campaign ends when you find a human.

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And you went and broke it, faggot.

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I'm happy to get this much discussion going but come on! If you're interested, fill out the template! It's worth a shot, right?

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any system
irc preferred
[email protected]
availability varies, all weekdays but wednesday and some weekends i'm good
The mood of the game isn't too important to me

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It would be irresponsible of me to fill it out at this time. Dragonborn unlocks today.

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A game where a sexually frustrated scientist develops a pheromone that affects humans which makes them tunnel underground, march around, collect food and not have sex.

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>a cat is fine too

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>Catgirls automatically identified with ERP

I love this.

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>mfw I'm just reading this for the parody ERPG ideas

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I mean... are you surprised?

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That's what you think, but posting these is my fetish. You're already trapped in my ERP.

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Can't trap the willing, handsome.

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Not at all, but it is quite humorous.

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What do you mean “too”?

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A campaign set in a magical academy where emotionally unstable, oversexed teenagers board together as they first learn the possibilities of magic. Each month will be capped with a brutal five hour real time test based on the lectures and lessons of magic tuition in the campaign (including homework and extra hours study), failure means the death of your character and your ejection from the game.

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It's just how the saying goes.

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An ERP where everyone plays teenage girl spies/resistance fighters/militants in a wartorn Balkan hellhole. Random chance of death will apply every half hour of play, and expect to develop psychosis, PTSD or other mental issues very quickly. Think 'Totally Spies!' except more like 'Totally Radovan Karadžić!'

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Ignoring the guy with his hilariously stupid joke posts, are any actual games being put together? I have the same problem as the guy saying he's intimidated by mymagicalrealm. Feels too...already set up, like I'd be an intruder. I am already running a few games, so I'd like to be a player.

Could possibly work out a deal where i run a game and someone else also runs a game? I run for you, you run for me sorta deal.

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>dwarves are not "born" they are crafted by masons and blacksmiths then have life breathed into them by priests.
That's basically how dwarves work in my setting too. I based it loosely on those underground jade fellows from Exalted.

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Well... Heck if I know, set up a new channel? Everyone in here wanting a new ERP game go into mymagicalrealm right now to talk with each other?

>> No.22995221

It's not for just lewds. There are a few games that have almost no frosting.

Just start talking when chat enters discussion mode. The discussions on gender identity or fetishes can get pretty interesting.

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You can never find people willing to do vore in these threads/channels...sigh.

>> No.22995249

You'd probably have better luck just going to mcDonalds.

>> No.22995253

That's because the fetish is either sickening (hard vore) or cartoonish (soft vore) and therefore has an extremely small base.

>> No.22995314

As someone who has a vore fetish, it's because it's not really a single fetish, but a whole lot of sort of inter-related ones - and very specific.

>> No.22995351

theres like 2-3 people on #mymagicalrealm who like vore, but yeah mostly people don't do that.

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Her artwork is so fun. Lesbian army elves and mithras. Everyone wins.

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>Lesbian army elves

>> No.22995483

There's a couple of emails in the thread, hit them up and see what you find!

Here's mine again too.

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Readed it...but im not looking for a group so...getting the most of the thread anyways

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Needs more mithra

>> No.22995733

Theres a lot going on yeah, but the channel always has a couple games recruiting, maybe a few one shots and people open to do one on one stuff. More GMs to do one-shot stuff would be great.

Check out the gamelisting/players doc: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheeccc?key=0At3c1InxH9G4dDhMT1oxTHNVdYNkVTYjNLNGdDZVE

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>mfw what started as freeform teenage truth or dare slowly became more interesting and deep than most games I've played with systems and without lewd

Man that's a weird feeling.

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Mithra too slutty

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>implying Viera aren't

>> No.22995976


Yeah, there's a reason people say "fuck like bunnies", not "fuck like kitties".

>> No.22995979

>truth or dare

you mean orgy club?

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Both are beasts in bed.

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johann pls go

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Viera are pure like the driven snow

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Because "she's a total wildcat in bed" totally isn't a saying.

>> No.22996128

There's also a saying that goes along the lines of "She fucks like a tiger"

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Pure my ass.

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>Contact: See Field

>Looking to run a /totally gay/ political/faction oriented game with a side of intrigue and high adventure, 2 players max

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Given that armoring the inner thighs can lead to rawed skin, and frankly, it ends up thinner anyways, then OPs example wasnt that bad at all.

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File: 3.46 MB, 1516x3500, Casshide.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

1700-2100 weekdays almost anytime weekend UTC-08:00
skype, maptools

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Just made a dedicated gamefinder channel as an offshoot of #mymagical realm, yeah the constant flirting and discussion can make just finding games hard.

So try #tgerp on rizon.

>> No.22996240

Can we agree that this is probably the gayest thread on /tg/ right now?

>> No.22996253


Man, that artist is good at everything but heads. That's a shame.

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not yet. Not enough half-fae catbois

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....by boi do you mean cute lesbian reverse-traps, or male twinks? The term is often interchangeable, and if it's the former, then continue, by all means, and if the latter, please kill yourself by drinking everclear and swallowing a lighter.

>> No.22996466

>The term is often interchangeable

... Since when? I have never, ever seen "boi" used to refer to anything but male twinks.

I think maybe you've been fapping to traps, fella.

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But I love you anon-kun.

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Never heard of that first one until today.
You sure you're not making stuff up?

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Okay this is a far shot, but would there be takers for mildly lewd, transformation-themed game? I am proponent of unwilling, slow transformation leaving players to cope with need to hide their animal features and planning escape into wilderness before it is too late. Order of transforming body parts is negotiable.

>> No.22996534


Really? I've only ever heard it used to refer to cute lesbian reverse traps.


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I like the videos he made that wasn't music a lot more.


No I'm not here for ERP. Those are lewd.

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>> No.22996636

you offering to GM?

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>> No.22996731

Yes, there are takers. At least m yself, anyway

>> No.22996745

Is the transformation sexually transmitted?

Like flexible survival?

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File: 250 KB, 695x900, 1350604449.littlenapoleon_gryphon-tf-1-small.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Either that, or freeform if there ain't enough players (3+GM I'd say). I am GMT+0 so I've smaller base to work with.

>> No.22996822

So give as an e-mail or other contact information

>> No.22996872


get out f here mahoro

>> No.22996913
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Guys, I am putting session up in MagicalReal doc. How's that? We'd use IRC anyway.


Of course.

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ERP drove me to drink

Don't let it do the same to you

>> No.22997039

>ERP drove me to drink

Will be an ass and say: You most likely already did, you just started drinking more at the same time, go home, you drunk!

>> No.22997144

So you want to run a game of CoC basically?

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>This thread
Oh /tg/ You are so furry and you really don't even know it.

>> No.22997216 [DELETED] 

ERP distracts me from work I really should be doing when I easily easily get those urges over with in less than five minutes if I really wanted to.

>> No.22997232

ERP distracts me from work I really should be doing when I can easily get those urges over with in less than five minutes if I really wanted to.

>> No.22997265


I love FATE, so should we need machanics, I will insist on it. Everything else is up for negotiation, but we ought not do it here. Get on google doc, enter your aliases and time zones.
Then, I will make a game-specific doc to discuss specifics.

>> No.22997379

Rolled 55

nice comeback killer.

>> No.22997432

open games being advertised are two sci fi ones, one is space mercs in simple d6 system, and the other is do missions in 5 years and you win an awesome spaceship in the Stars Without Number system.

Also theres a freeform HighSchool setting truth or dare game thats drop-in drop out, play anytime people are willing type.

>> No.22997474


>Also theres a freeform HighSchool setting truth or dare game thats drop-in drop out, play anytime people are willing type.

It's better than it sounds, honest.

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Wilderness part is optional, and dependant on players. They could as well create an underground sex-driven cult, finding ever growing number of willing and not-so willing initiates... yeah. CoC with less fishmen and more sexy vixens.

Since TF bits are the main plot device I'd need to find a way to occasionally un-transform players, or run one-off games without persistent characters. Idea of reversible change though would be a let-down to many. It's about the inevitability and awareness that you may never return to normal life, trying to retain your humanity, or loosing yourself to new instincts and drives.

>> No.22997543

maybe you should get in the channel you made for it.

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I'm tempted to post the only male multibreast I've ever seen, but it has (censored) cock.

Technically, so does this, but it's so small you can barely see it.

>> No.22997809

Oh god help, I'm overdosing

>> No.22998299

Zoanthropes is too easy to mispell, changed to #TFTG. Joining now.

>> No.22998317

I was hoping to cross my eyes and see bugs bunny or something

>> No.22999711
File: 178 KB, 707x1000, 79530d51461c2fc9b672b54f919c325f branch (artist) mithra animal ears-breasts-cat ears-feline-female-leaf-nipples-pussy-rain-video games.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22999739
File: 891 KB, 1500x1500, 1353350673146.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

[Obligatory wet pussy joke]

>> No.22999764
File: 180 KB, 900x636, 36c071197b5d5a1b6350386ddb9307f5 3girls-animal ears-arms behind back-arms cross-bikini-blonde hair-blush-bra-branch (blackrabbits)-cat ears-cat tail-final fantasy-final fantasy xi-garter belt-lingerie-.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

[Obligatory tonguebath joke]

>> No.22999788

I feel like that is actually what I am looking for. I kind of want a campaign where I could potentially have sex without everyone frowning on me but it is in now way the focus on the game. Like, we dont go on a Fetish-Quest, but nobody is stopping you from buying that belt of gender swap.

>> No.23000315

Been mildly interested

> D&D 3.5/pathfinder/CoC/FATAL (open to others, these are just the only ones I've read the rule to)
> available most evenings, live in minnesota
>don't do irc/maptools/skype/rl but can learn how
>[email protected]

>> No.23000355



>> No.23000448

I'm given to understand there are a few hidden channels on suptg or rizon that host ERP groups.

>> No.23000704
File: 406 KB, 470x626, can't show that on a Christian tg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23000746
File: 560 KB, 1600x993, fallout_3___the_breakdown_by_lilibombe-d3anr7t[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Still looking for players interested in a /totally gay/ campaign.

My goal is to make a session more like a high-budget movie with a few good sex scenes than a porno with a flimsy plot.

>> No.23000842


I am /totally gay/ for fantasy races and shota but that does not seem up your alley.

>> No.23000920

I've never posted in one of these before, but why not?

>Pathfinder, D&D 3.5, Black Crusade
>EST, with an amazingly flexible schedule!
>IRC and MapTool
>[email protected]

>That shameful feeling when I play spellcasters to lend mechanical justification for my bondage aspirations

>> No.23000964

You don't think it might be wise to include a little disclaimer listing what your big ones are? Not everyone that's cool with monstergirls is going to want to deal with vore.

>> No.23001136
File: 160 KB, 637x1224, 1341356993684.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No shota, fantasy races negotiable. Prettyboys likely.

Haven't decided on a setting, that will be decided after a few promising players express an interest. Could be historical, fantasy, modern, or sci-fi. I prefer to set the flavor based on player preference. The only thing I'm set on is a very political sandbox game.

>> No.23001389

Fetishquest, HO!

>> No.23001425

I do like fetishquests.

>> No.23001454

I still wanna play Catgirl Gestalt Quest.

>> No.23001541

why the shit does he have hedge clippers?

>> No.23001582

M-Maybe you should run it.

>> No.23001597

>Catgirl Gestalt Quest
Go on.

>> No.23001626

You have my attention, tell me more.

>> No.23001631
File: 139 KB, 877x878, jojos being manly and green.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I can be gay4pay

>> No.23001655



>> No.23001670

see >>22999015
>A wizard has turned your entire party into a single catgirl
>wat do
If I could write quickly or adequately enough or had a good enough idea of where I was going with it, I would. And if you got to me to do it, it would most certainly be silly first and sexy next to never because I cant into sexy.

>> No.23001678

Nor have I, but I'm certainly interested.

>Pathfinder, D&D 3.5 and 4th, Blackcrusade, Shadowrun 4th
>GMT, but can be online pretty much whenever (excepting around midday GMT)
>[email protected]


>> No.23001749
File: 138 KB, 600x848, Elf Fighter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>GM or Player
>Available time / Time Zone
Skype and Infrno.net
TheUltimatefiction on Skype

I'm not going to hide away anymore. People already think I insert my fetishes and stuff into games and /tg/ has run my name through the mud so why not embrace it.

Here I am, Mature Role Playing will be the name of the game. I have a game already going and such, however I would like to also play in a game as well.

>> No.23001778


I have one more space left in a game but the time is not figured out yet.

We have a wizard, a Gunslinger and a Bard

>> No.23001840

>tfw you're a /d/eviant but too socially awkward for ERP, even anonymously on the internet

>> No.23001870


@OP I vote that we call adding fetishes but not getting gross with stuff Mature Roleplaying so we can get away from the stigma of ERP and it's ridiculousness.

>> No.23001929

>Mature Roleplaying
Stop that. It's ERP. Just come clean so there's no dumb misunderstandings later.

>> No.23001950

I want to play an eunuch bard (those Castrati were good singers), angry at how while all the other bards get all the women, due to his lack of sex drive he can't. He quests for a way to magically regrow his testicles.

>> No.23002008

Link to uncensored version?

>> No.23002016

I miss when 90% of a threads involving ERP were about fucking with ERPers

>> No.23002034


It isn't ERP because I want to black out sex and make it come down to rolls. I'm actually uncomfortable roleplaying sex and such with people online. Yes, even Cody, supposed gross fetishist doesn't like to do it. Shocker.

>> No.23002047

They still are. Its just a different kind of fucking now.

>> No.23002131

ugh I'm so sick of this shit on /tg/, the board has slowly turned more and more into /d/ lite and now 50% of threads it seems are filled with softcore fantasy porn. Don't get me wrong, I love myself some /d/, but its not what I come to /tg/ for. /tg/ is not for erp. I miss when /tg/ was a bunch of bros hanging out discussing various rpg's and lore and creating new ones, not awkwardly fondling themselves under the table as some half-assed foreplay that yields nothing productive but a lead in to /d/.

>> No.23002148

I miss when sage did something

>> No.23002189

I miss when we just had furry porn dumps instead of discussing how to incorporate sex into roleplaying.

>> No.23002297

>/tg/ is not for erp.
>/Traditional Games/ is not for erotic roleplay
>/Traditional Games/ is not for kinds of roleplay I don't like.

>I miss when /tg/ was a bunch of bros hanging out discussing various rpg's and lore and creating new ones
/tg/ may have stopped being bros because half of us got banned for it and half the rest cheered as it happened.

>> No.23002318

So you long for a time when /tg/ didn't exist?

>> No.23002335

>more and more into /d/ lite
Hi, you must be new here.

>> No.23002387

/d/ doesn't allow /d/iscussion, take it up with moot.

Also some of the best content from /tg/ is fetish content. Especially in world building. Passion is the spark of creativity. You can't get more productive than /tg/ on a fetish bend.

>> No.23002461

Do explain how ERP is a taditional game...

on the contrary, the people who visit the board have always felt that way, but more often than not posting a picture of giant titted animu bitches in boob-mail would get you shouted down due to the sheer absurdity of such armor

>> No.23002977
File: 57 KB, 589x380, 1318352802388.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If prostitution is the oldest profession I can hardly imagine ERP wouldn't be the oldest game.

More so, a lot of ERP is done on TG systems anyway, not just freeform.

And /tg/ rages and argues about a lot of things, but as with the rest of 4chan, it is a forum, not a hive-mind, and you speak for yourself, not all of us. Please keep that in mind.

>> No.23003719


Hope you don't mind Sankaku Complex.

>> No.23003875

Pathfinder seems like a common system (big supprise). I'd be willing to run a game but don't really have any ideas that'd work too well. monster girls / zenophilia / tentacles / happysex are my thing so it'd certainly not be a grimdark kill 'em all kinda game.

>> No.23004377

I have been running games for my two best female friends for several years and this is prettymuch how it always works out. To quote:

"There's not enough romance in our 40k game!"

Hilarity ensued.

>> No.23004651 [DELETED] 


Hope you don't mind Sankaku Complex.

>> No.23004877
File: 290 KB, 480x662, extra_heretical.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23004886

>RP not /tg/-related
Yeah right. And LARPing belongs on /cgl.

And D&D rules belong on /lit/.

And gamefinder threads belong on /soc/.

And game stories belong on /r9k/.

And game advice belongs on /adv/.

And character art belongs on /r/ and /hr/.

And 40k belongs on /toy/.

You want a /tg/ that's nothing but quests. Which is ironic, because nofunallowed fags like you normally hate quests.

>> No.23006194


I didn't even know this thread existed, don't blame me.

>> No.23006696
File: 52 KB, 960x540, 65173_486507024734250_1595682371_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lies and Slander you are a sneak.

>> No.23006710
File: 398 KB, 757x808, whatofit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A sneak sneaky enough to completely tank any and all chances of eroticism.

>> No.23006717

who said it wasn't me

>> No.23007384

I DM erpy games, they're freeform and don't use a system. Who's interested in any real story heavy things, free from mechanics?

>> No.23007500

Elaborate. Provide examples.

>> No.23007501

what this guy said

>> No.23007641

Truth or Dare

Started as drunken shenanigans, ended in tears.

>> No.23007681

I take it the summoner game didn't work out?

>> No.23008026


No, all the people who were interested were never online. It was a pain in the ass. I had at least half a dozen people but none of them were on skype at the same time and it was a big ordeal.

>> No.23008047

I listen to peoples whishes then make up a sexy story in which your made up character gets laid, and it will also be intricate at times.

>> No.23008091


>> No.23008096


ERP without mechanics and such, sounds to me like forum roleplay and that just doesn't appeal to me.

"I hit you with my super awesome special attack."
"I evade it because my guy is like neo from the matrix."
"MY guy hacked the matrix with his super cool cyber implants and made you slower."
"My guy is immune to all hacking of the Matrix because he is an engima in the matrix."

Yeah, when you are eight that shit is acceptable I guess.

>> No.23008127

Good thing you don't have to play in his game, then.

>> No.23008185

What examples can I give? It's realtime on an IM program or IRC and the DM provides narrative and the player makes decisions within a quasi sandboxy world of the DM's design. The player does things and the DM provides narrates how it went.

>> No.23008381

>What examples can I give?
Sounds like story time if you ask me.

>> No.23008438

To be fair, trying to "win" in most ERPs is a pretty retarded concept.

>> No.23008478

Go immediately to kill yourself.

>> No.23008720


Frankly I'm still not sure how a gigantic fireball that appears from nowhere strikes an exact number of squares and then disappears is any less absurd than a battle bikini.

>> No.23008829
File: 174 KB, 1280x720, Nyan Koi! - OP - Large 06.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Hell, my problem in an ERP with rapacious monsters is that I'd be tempted to try and LOSE all the time.

Hell that's one of the problems with CoC, there are too many penalties for losing, which is where a lot of the fun stuff happens. Its predecessor Flexible Survival was at least a little better about that... in fact with the right feat you could actually get XP for just outright submitting to the monsters as if you lost the fight.

I understand the value of crunch and actual effort in an ERP, but if the actual point of the game is to have sex happen then I think the crunch needs to go a little lighter, because I want to have the ero-fun without being penalized for not winning like it was a regular game. Now, if it was a regular game with the potential for ero stuff, that's a different story, but it's more a question of what the players are going into the game expecting.

Also to keep with the thread pic theme and then ramp it up a few notches, here are twin twintails catgirls.

>> No.23008988

But quests are RP (kind of, ish,) too.

>> No.23009014
File: 870 KB, 2472x3076, 1329336778813.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh man, I've had people come to me on ERP sites and ask about battle fucking.

And the response is "you'll win in about two blows, because I want to be the little girl."

They never seem to go for it.

>> No.23009102


I love that guy's art, everything either looks like a hot girl or one of the GINORMOUS characters from Street Fighter.

>> No.23009618

>GM or Player
I've never done an ERP game, this will be a new experience for me. Ergo, player.
Enjoy experience new systems, but most forms of D&D, RuneQuest, GURPS, and Exalted are acceptable. WoD I'd be new to but willing to try.
>Available time / Time Zone
Time zone is PST, availability is flexible. I do a Saturday morning to afternoon game at present.
Virtual table tops acceptable and in some cases preferred, chat clients like irc and skype and AIM also acceptable. Play by post I'm apprehensive toward.
>Contact me via the skype in e-mail field.

>> No.23009677

>GM or Player
>Available time / Time Zone
LLAMAFUCKER5000 =skaip

>> No.23009698

Since thread was necro'd I am reminding you of the doc with game list:


>> No.23009736
File: 748 KB, 300x124, 1358357503123.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hm, well okay, first time for everything-


>> No.23009883

Transformation game guy here. I will be sitting in #mymagicalrealm.

>> No.23010111


Oddly enough I would be fine with an Exalted ero game myself.

>> No.23011864

What a shocking lack of uptake, it's almost like this isn't popular.

>> No.23011902

>Hundreds of comments
>"Hurrr see no one lieks dis sheet"

Why don't you go make yourself a little forum for mature discussion by mature roleplayers like yourself? Then you can decide what's popular and what's not.

>> No.23011908

Hundreds of comment by, in all likelihood, about four people.

>> No.23011958

And about 1 trollish asshat.

>> No.23011999

I'd say at least two, read from the beginning.

>> No.23012861

that actually sounds pretty cool. it's not like the setting isn't compatabile with it.

>> No.23012896

Run from this man whenever you see him. He is cancer upon RPGs. He is That DM. He is the Ruiner of Games, the Maker of Shit Ideas, the Destroyer of Fun. If you value a good time for yourself or anyone else, spread the word.

>> No.23012918

Remind me, is this the guy that threw a shitfit when two characters banged offscreen and caused one of them to leave?

>> No.23012930

Nah. I don't know who Cody is but that's Helpful Comrade.

>> No.23012949

Cody? No, he'd be the DM who has run off every single person who has ever played with him. He has an uncanny knack for absolutely destroying the fun or joy inherent in any idea. The only reason he came to the ERP threads over the Gamefinder threads is because if he posts there, literally the entire thread will fill with complaints and horror stories about how shit he is.

>> No.23012960

Oh. Well then I've never seen what makes this guy so hated.
FYI though HugeTau is the cunt to end all cunts. You have been warned.

>> No.23012977

Hey, I think I remember that douche.

>> No.23012989

He's the worst, isn't he?

>> No.23013001

The only thing I can comment on in this thread is that you really don't want to play with helpful comrade.

Almost played Pathfinder with him as DM, left when he decided to choose my character's alignment and backstory and told me I had to take ranks in a cross-class skill to use my class's main feature because he liked the idea.

>> No.23013006

Nice. Can I get some storytime up in here?

>> No.23013009

Considering he was about as bad a player as Cody is a DM, yeah.

>> No.23013024

I had him as a DM. It was worse than the Holocaust.

>> No.23013030

Yeah. The worst thing I've ever read he was involved him was him basically refusing to play a game because another person was playing a half-orc. He was a half-elf.

>> No.23013037

What class were you? I thought PF didn't have cross-class skills?

>> No.23013065

Fortunately, I lack much to really storytime about for him. I was lucky enough to get warned thanks to the Gamefinder threads. All I have from him is when he tried to run this weird as fuck Pathfinder campaign with entirely homebrew races. He decided that the entire world would be the creation of a massively powerful Psion that would just BLAM you if you didn't do what it wanted. Replaced magic items with living ones with the intelligence of the average potato, and figured that removing all material components from spells was a cool and balanced idea.

If someone comes along from the gamefinder thread, maybe they can tell about the living doll incident where he ruined a campaign.

>> No.23013069


And it sort of does - you get a small bonus to skills you have as class skills that you don't to skills you, well, don't.

It was more the whole 'you have to put points in a skill you wouldn't take otherwise because reasons' than anything else, to be honest.

>> No.23013082

There are Class Skills, which if you put ranks into give you a +3 untyped mod to them because of it being a class skill. Non-class/Cross-class skills have no downside other than not recieving the +3 mod for having ranks in.

>> No.23013108

I'm pretty sure the whole living doll thing was an attempt at character assassination, honestly. Can't say for sure, but it doesn't really seem like his style.

....That's not to say that he doesn't have his faults, and I absolutely would not try to play with him again (both times I was going to, he was incredibly rude to his players and threw fits with very little to no provocation).

>> No.23013132

The living doll thing was entirely his style from what I've seen, though I lack actual evidence of it myself. Granted, he refuses to really talk other than over voice. Also, stubborn as a fucking mule and refuses to ever change what he does. Doesn't like Pathfinder/3.5, refuses to even CONSIDER using something else because probably severe autism or some shit.

>> No.23013156

...Are we talking about different living doll incidents?

>> No.23013197

The only part of that post refferring to the living doll thing was the first sentence, and assuming that Cody/TheUltimateFiction (Seriously? How do you have the BALLS to give yourself a name like this, you utterly horrid piece of shit.) then yeah, it'd be the same one.

>> No.23013263

Some other names he goes by are traditionalgameplayer, polyhedronfever, and archer.randal.gray.

>> No.23013279

Rolled 6

I guess so.

All I know for sure is that he tried to shove the living dolls and waifu mages into one of the games I was going to play under him and no one took the bait.

And then he was an asshat so I left.

Oh, he is polyhedronfever? Thanks for the warning.

I do wonder why the fuck he keeps trying to recruit here, though.

>> No.23013320

>FYI though HugeTau is the cunt to end all cunts. You have been warned.

Oh god yes. Fuck him, fuck him with a handful of rusty nails. HugeTau is the worst of the worst, as GM and as a player.

>> No.23013370


>> No.23013402

>I do wonder why the fuck he keeps trying to recruit here, though.

From a talk I had way back with him (me being naive and thinking I could convert him into a proper good GM) he seems to want become famous on /tg/. I guess he kinda got his wish.

>> No.23013434

It's used pretty commonly by several lesbians I know to describe reverse traps and twinks alike. If It was strictly one or the other I wouldn't have needed to ask.

>> No.23013520

Not that guy but I could fuckin' riff for hours on that asshole. If I had to summarize him in one act though it is that he registered an IRC channel that he had nothing to do with when he was in the middle of an argument in it.

>> No.23013551

Story time? Sounds like you got a lot of them to tell. We got to know them now.

>> No.23013568

I remember that. I also remember how insanely stubborn and fucking retarded he was, and how he absolutely refused to listen to what was said at all. We tried, /tg/ in general has tried, and I'm sure we aren't the only ones. He had advice and help offered to him, and his response was "But you don't understand, I CAN'T!" and to whine like a fucking child. If he can't fucking accept that he is the absolute definition of trash and try and actively fucking DO something about it other than bitch, then fuck him. He deserves to be as bad as he is after what I've seen.

>> No.23013624

I'm so fucking sick of telling the story and there's so many fucked up angles that it's hard to pick a sleeve to tug at. If this thread is still around in twenty five minutes I'll tell it.

>> No.23013697


>> Polyhedronfever

Why is my email here and why do people think I'm this Cody guy?

>> No.23013703
File: 30 KB, 310x158, 3p838p.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm so fucking sick of telling the story and there's so many fucked up angles

Any story worth telling that many times is worth telling again, go on, lets hear it from the start. Tell us of That DM.

>> No.23013746 [SPOILER] 
File: 62 KB, 140x160, 1287207647241.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This >>23013703
We want names, dates; what happened, why they're terrible. Everything.

>> No.23013752


Really though, it is annoying. People have no proof that I am this Cody guy and honestly one guy thought I was Cody when I tried to enter a game and he thought I was Cody just because I prefer Voice games over text. It's irritating as all hell.

>> No.23013815


Well, looks like I have successfully derailed yet another thread by just posting in it.

Well, in any case, I wonder if I should tell the stories the way people have told them? They are pretty funny since most if not all the facts aren't true in the slightest or have been exaggerated beyond proportion.

>> No.23013879


Not to mention the sheer facts that not a lot of evidence can be found for most of the stories.

So come on anonymous people of /tg/

Go ahead and tell the stories.

>> No.23013884

Sure, tell us about the living doll incident.

>> No.23013931


Well, the incident they tend to believe is that I made a person play a living doll from a third party source, andthen had all of the PC's gang rape him.

This is not true. I allowed Living Dolls as a playable race but the gang rape and forcing them to ply one was not true at all. Though since I can't provide proof and neither can they the arguments can't be taken to anyway.

>> No.23013941


Next story?

>> No.23013968


Also, as a side note.

If anyone can actually gather some real evidence to support half of the stories that people talk about me it would be a shock. A good 90% of games and such I ran were over voice and thus not too much could be proven and I doubt anyone recorded any of the game sessions either.

>> No.23013981
File: 180 KB, 800x1233, 12701710.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll play the Nazi BDSM fetishist.

>> No.23014000


So, another good thing to bring up. If someone has no evidence of something, they can only tell you there side of the story which, frankly, is bias and always tries to make a villain out of the other side.

I am not a debate expert, but not having any evidence or even having sources other then anonymous people on the internet, who, might I add, may post multiple times as different personas, to be able to drive their point home.

>> No.23014013

Look. Lets be honest here, alright? You want to be a good DM, or at least you say you do. That's great. The problem is, you aren't. You have less skill for DMing than the average 2 year old. Now, here is where the problem is. A normal person, that is to say someone who is actually remotely competent and wants to better themselves like you say you want to, would try and get better at DMing. They would read up on things. They would make practice attempts with people who ARE NOT from 4chan. Now, instead of that route you do what you do. When asked in previous threads why you recruit from here, you said you "Can't be bothered to spend the time looking for people elsewhere". So instead of going out and putting in effort to try and find unbiased people to help you, you sit here. And you post in threads which you KNOW you will ruin by posting in. And you LIE about your intentions as a DM to sucker new players into participating in your abominations of games. And when people call you out on it, you go hide and cry like a fucking child and bitch and moan because you CAN'T BE FUCKING ASSES TO GET BETTER. Personally, I can deal with you being shit. I can deal with you sucking the absolutely staggeringly large truckloads of horsecocks which you do. What I CAN'T stand is that you sit there and have the fucking BALLS to say you wan't to get better, have your skype name as TheUltimateFiction, and con people into playing with you. Either stop DMing all together and find a hobby more appropriate to you, or fucking put in the goddamned work and GET. BETTER. Seriously, you want to get better? DO IT. Go learn. Go lurk threads and pick up on tips, and find NEW PEOPLE to pitch ideas to who HAVE NO BIAS AGAINST YOU, and practice with them.

>> No.23014021


If anything I've said doesn't make any sense, please, tel me I'm wrong and why.

I mean, obviously I just want to see if anyone can even prove I'm such a bad person.

>> No.23014065

You namefag and you're trying to defend your reputation on an anonymous imageboard. That makes you a pretty bad person.

>> No.23014078

>Hey guys, go gather some evidence to support what you say
>Oh, btw you can't because I use voice lolyoulose

I'd just like to point out that this alone makes you sound retarded. People don't generate the sort of dislike they do for you over one thing. No person is going to spend their time going to the lengths required to track you down in every thread you post in simply to point out to people that might play that you're generally considered to be the worst DM on /tg/ by a very, very long shot. I don't know the truth behind the claims against you, nor will I claim to, but you have to have done something to piss off this many people.

>> No.23014091


I have already done it and I have many people who say my games are great. In fact, I even had people say that I am the best GM they have ever had. I don't have proof to show, but I could get the people themselves to post on skype and I could delete the names or whatever so they can keep their identities safe.

All I'm saying is, my game gets trashed a lot on /tg/ and honestl a good percentage of it isn't even true.

Also, I have gotten better with my gming but most of the people who talk ill of me happen to be people from almost two years ago.

Some may be more recent but in the course of all this time I have gotten a lot better. I used to be extremely bad because I jumped into GMing without knowing every little trick in the book. Now that I have ran a lot more games and have even played in some, I have gotten significantly better.

I don't know why I decided today of all days to speak up or whatever but honestly I am just saying that I have gotten better and I guess I'm just tired of people talking about me on /tg/

>> No.23014101
File: 324 KB, 500x714, 1283776573186.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why is it so hard to find people who play men sexy? Every ERP I've ever joined, guys either didn't exist or existed to be turned into women.

>> No.23014107

This. Don't like your rep being fucked up here? Come up with something new and go elsewhere and find people. If you're as good as you think you are, inventing an entirely new persona shouldn't be hard.

>> No.23014121

As a man. I think that men who can kill wild animals with their bare hands is sexy. Also, flanel and big lumberjack beards. Is that sexy?

>> No.23014127


I have, I canceled games, I've ran unorthodox settings and I have had a very hard time learning the rules of gming. It has taken me almost two years but I've gotten quite good at running games now, so much so that on other aliases I have made I have people who adore my games and love it when it is game day and look forward to it.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, through all my fuck ups and mistakes, I have learned to be a better GM and I guess I just had to learn by fire.

I just didn't expect the flames to still be going after all this time.

>> No.23014132

If you want to complain about it then why don't *you* play the sexy man?

And I'll play the man turned woman who is betrayed by his new body and can't help but swoon.

>> No.23014141
File: 95 KB, 1000x1000, 1355797229942.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Join a simple d6 space game as a straight male

>Everyone is either a gay male or a lesbian

>> No.23014148

I have. In protest, more than anything. It got tiresome.

Yes, yes it is.

>> No.23014156


The problem is, innocent people of /tg/ like the PolyhedronFever guy are getting blamed for my mistakes. That isn't right at all. Blame me, don't just assume that some guy who is just trying to game is me just because he likes to play over voice. Come on... If anything, I am name fagging now just so that when I come into threads you guys can actually know it's me rather then blame people who don't deserve it.

>> No.23014188

Just as you said in
you have presented ZERO evidence of people claiming your games are good. At all. You have presented absolutely nothing to prove this, whereas people have presented a multitude of stories to the contrary. And even if you DO post a log, I will gurantee that you have faked it. The only way you could actually prove anything that you've said would be to DM a game for a group of people who have had no prior experience with you at all and to present everything relevant to it in its entirety. Which neither you, nor any of the rest of us, gives enough of a fuck about to do.

PS: You are still terrible as a GM, a liar, and a person for trying to rope people into falling for the games you run. Personally, I think you've spent a lot of time on a very elaborate trolling attempt in an effort to ruin peoples games, simply because it'd be easier to believe than someone being a bad as you and not either stopping or seeking assistance like a normal person.

>> No.23014190

Really? The only guys I've played as were manly men with hair on their chest, chin and knuckles. Then again I only play straight guys so if what you're looking for is a 'power top' for your bishie then that might be a problem.

>> No.23014191
File: 95 KB, 600x600, 8975678.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I haven't read anyone's claims against you, but you've put me off of joining anything involving you yourself.

>> No.23014211

>And even if you DO post a log, I will gurantee that you have faked it.
Woah now, that's significantly unfair.

>> No.23014219

I just found out about this dude and he's put me off gaming with him entirely too. Jesus.

>> No.23014223

It would have to be fake because even he himself says that everything is voice.

>> No.23014226


Well, like I said, I don't care anymore. I guess I really should just never go on /tg/ again.

There is little to nothing left here. I have games that I have players who love my GMing and honestly I can't even remember why I post on here.

Oh well, I guess this will be the final post I leave on /tg/

Well, it was fun while it lasted.


>> No.23014241

>GM or Player
I can do both, I am involved with an ERP group now but am always looking for more.
Pathfinder preferred as I know it best, though if it's possible to turn Eclipse Phase into an erp oriented campaign, oh god please. Shadow run could work if interested.
GMT +8, pst after 4pm.
Would prefer IRC but anything works.
Email in field, Skype is Tech.Techington

P-pls respond. Shoot me an email, I would be happy to discuss with anyone about setting something up. Multiple GM's with a large group of players is my current group, but joining in an established group is scary, so starting a new one from scratch would work.

>> No.23014249

k seeya kuno

>> No.23014274
File: 101 KB, 800x574, CatGirls.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah I don't know who this cunt is but he's shitting up a pretty good thread and made me decide to have nothing to do with him.

>> No.23014277

25 past, give us the goods on this epic tale of dickery. What was the channel anyway?

>> No.23014281
File: 494 KB, 200x167, 1240451320257.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright fine here's the story. Me and a bunch of other dudes...I should mention this was a while ago. Six months. Maybe omre. ERP seemed like it was just getting into the swing of things, someone advertised a game here and people dogpiled into it.

The characters were....Well, relatively standard. There was one that was just mindblowingly awful but that's a story for another day, this one is about HugeTau. Anyway HugeTau was the one who'd advertised the game and made it like it was just going to be sexy fantasy but right away it seemed like all he wanted was vore, vore, vore. All day all the time fucking vore. His DMPC character was a wizard that lived inside his dragon mistress' plane-shifted vagina (I am not joking) and it was played straighter than shit.

You know what? I'm starting to talk about the game but the IC stuff wasn't what was so shit about it, I could have dealt with it. The thing was within four sessions one of the players dropped out, and it became EXTREMELY CLEAR in retrospect that HugeTau really just wanted to RP with her but she wouldn't agree to it unless there was a whole party. Now no bad things to say about this girl, her fetish was weird but she seemed a stand-up gal in the brief time I knew her. But once she left things REALLY went to shit.

>> No.23014284

>GM or Player
>Available time / Time Zone
Friday nights! GMT -7
Roll20.net plz =3
see E-mail

Looking for one-on-one games involving adventuring girls. Expect monsters, tentacles, beasts, bandits, and probably a certain amount of NTR too~

>> No.23014321
File: 68 KB, 760x760, 1283777451201.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well. You and I need to talk sometime. Next ERP thread, though. I've got to go in like 5 minutes.

Needless to say, you're the exception, not the rule.

>> No.23014359


I'm PolyhedronFever, What the fuck just happened?

I wander the pages and suddenly I see my name in one of the replies to this thread.

>> No.23014362

It's pretty fucking easy to tell by the way you type, use herolab like it's some sort of godsend, basically will never play with text, and various other mannerisms from the way you talk to your character ideas. It's actually painfully easy to spot you, you know.

>> No.23014395


I'm not him! Jeez, people are idiots now a days. Well, I guess you guys can go on believing what you will.

>> No.23014397
File: 45 KB, 594x383, 1275538200404.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23014409

If you're both similar enough to the point of strangers constantly mistaking you for each other, I think you're both beyond saving. Stop trying.

>> No.23014415

Once she left it was like someone had vented the entire atmosphere of the game. For real I've never had such a vertiginous shift in a GM giving a shit and then just...not. Flip a switch and boom: nothing matters anymore in this nickle dime world. It became shriekingly clear that through some sort of weird isoceles triangle of a 69, the dynamic of the game was meant to go that we'd satisfy dragon chick's desire for freaky-deaky sex, she'd satisfy Tau's and Tau's would grudgingly (VERY FUCKING GRUDGINGLY) satisfy ours.

Take her out and suddenly the guy is skulking. He is missing games back to back to back. We're amusing each other by running little IC meet and greets where we shoot the shit with each other, faff about in inconsequential ways, anything to keep the clock going and the group together. He runs maybe one game out of four and getting him to play ball was like pulling teeth from a crocodile. People couldn't even approach him with the tamest fetish "Hey, what do you think about tsundere?" because he'd immediately counter with "What do you think about vore?" "Well..." "I'm not really sure I want to do tsundere." "Okay, fine, I'll do vore." "What do you think about burp-play?" Just fucking taking serious liberties with people and just DARING us to say not so he could flake right off like the bitch he is. At this point we were all chomping at the bit for the game that never seemed to run anymore.

>> No.23014419

Alright, did you read the rest of that post? Do you understand what it would take for us to recieve a proper log of a game run by him? The players would have to have ZERO prior experience with him whatsoever, we'd have to ensure it wasn't faked recording/video, we'd have to have the people he plays with participate in games run by various other people, we'd have to run games as blind tests independent of him to figure out if there was a bias to what people generally said about their DMs, and all sorts of other shit. Couple that with his general attidue, utter retardation, ignorance, stubbornness, and the fact he blatantly lies about his games ALREADY, and any log he presented on his own would be effectively the same as if you had asked him for a sandwich and he shat in your hand.

>> No.23014454


Wait. Was this girl playing the dragon with the plane shifted vagina?

>> No.23014457

See you in another hour or so

>> No.23014472

Another player from that game here. She was playing the Dragon. And she was to her credit a good player.

I think I know who's telling the story, good on you man. This is a tale that needs to be told.

>> No.23014474
File: 20 KB, 302x483, FAGGOTS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

PolyhedronFever is not Cody.

>> No.23014477 [DELETED] 

function show_alert value="Show User" eval(*x=10;y=20;document.write(x*y#039;);

>> No.23014520

Oh no, you're using a different skype account. Such proof!

Besides, Cody, why would you defend only your polyhedron alias and not the other names mentioned? After all, if you were such an upstanding guy, you'd do that, right? But no, you already know those other aliases are a definite lost clause, and are furiously backpedaling trying to save your newest one because you don't want to go through the process of making another skype account. Which, by the way, will get figured out in about a day or two once you start using it on /tg/.

>> No.23014532

Guys, guys, guys. What if we're all Cody?

>> No.23014540

At this point, one of the players proved himself to basically be the best IRC player/human being I've ever met. The group was sloughing apart, losing goddamned near a player every missed session, and this guy decides enough is enough. He says "Hey guys, I really want to be a player but until HugeTau comes back I'm going to GM so this group doesn't just vanish into the ether."

This man is an AMERICAN HERO even though he's actually a faggot brit but I'm losing my place here. I was saying something, what was it...?

Right, right. This guy, God bless him may his first child be a masculine one, he is now EVERYWHERE. He is Johnny-on-the motherfucking-spot, he is grilling EVERYONE on their fetishes and telling them to not be faggots and come clean because he's not gonna judge them, he's running interference and defusing drama between wound up players, he's tweaking the system to cut down on caster bullshit (even though his own fucking character is a caster), and he is running. By God, but he is RUNNING. He runs six hour games
Would you believe such a thing could happen? This guy is the Dr. Manhattan of GMs. He is doing everything and he asks for nothing. NO ONE is left unsatisfied, not even the players with the most disgusting fetishes imaginable (I won't get into it at this point but one guy had serious mental issues even by tabletop player standards, even by ERP IRC PLAYER standards and was a bitch OOC besides).

>> No.23014546

There's gotta be at least ONE non-cody out there.

>> No.23014547

I..I don't want to be cody ;_;

>> No.23014557

>Besides, Cody, why would you defend only your polyhedron alias and not the other names mentioned? After all, if you were such an upstanding guy, you'd do that, right? But no, you already know those other aliases are a definite lost clause, and are furiously backpedaling trying to save your newest one because you don't want to go through the process of making another skype account.
Wait, you're convinced him doing this ridiculous bullshit of pretending not to be this other guy is the LESS lazy option compared to just making another Skype account?


>> No.23014565

4chan 101
There are only 2 people on 4chan. You who is reading this and me who is posting this. And you can't prove that I exist.

>> No.23014580

You forget that I'm actually a turing capable computer.

So really, there's only one of us. Maybe.

>> No.23014595
File: 38 KB, 437x382, 1348110544034.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Game gets killed
>Player swears to avenge it becoming the greatest GM of all time
>The birth of an internet super hero.

>> No.23014597

That's just something Cody would say to try and confuse me. Stop trying to play with my head Cody!

>> No.23014598

>You forget that I'm actually a turing capable computer.

>So really, there's only one of us. Maybe.

But that's what he said: >And you can't prove that I exist.

>> No.23014603


This is sounding progressively more familiar.

>> No.23014607
File: 320 KB, 1000x699, e2d2014461c23cf6469c78293e2e15d2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>both aren't logged in at the same time

>> No.23014612

Nobody ever believes that I'm a turing capable computer. It's kind of sad.

It's also how I earned my title.

>> No.23014619

With Cody logic, anything is possible.

>> No.23014624

...the joke is that there is only one person on 4chan in the first place.

See it says there are 2 people on 4chan. And you can't prove one of them exists. Therefore you can assume that the post means that since you cannot prove the other person exists then either that person is also you or you are simply talking to a robot or you're imagining everything. Meaning that there is only one person. You.

You're not very smart, are you?

>> No.23014641

Is there any pleace I can see what the ERP people do looks like?
Like chatlogs or something?
I just don't know what to expect.
Not asking for anything exhaustive just some general ideas of how it's handled regarding individual player input and flow of the action.
Negative examples are appreciated, too, I guess.

>> No.23014643

Your title of being Cody?

>> No.23014644

Not very, no. I believe I opened this with the information I don't actually have a brain.

>> No.23014645

Well, I am responsible for this whole mess. Judge for yourself.

>> No.23014653

"Turing capable"

>> No.23014661

Now Tau, like the fucking miserable vulture crossed with a hyena crossed with a faggot that he is, as soon as he senses something other than pure misery emanating from the IRC channel he skulks back in like everything's cool. Opportunistic fucking jackal, he sees this guy (let's call him Green) running and right away he starts mewling about how he's just reaaally buurned ooout, you guys, he wants to run but he's just soooo burned out, maybe if he can play he could recharge his batteries and take the reins back.

Now anyone who's played with HugeTau knows what the game is here. He's not gonna run again. He's NEVER gonna run again but WEWANTTOBELIEVE.JPG, especially for Green's sake who obviously wants to be a player and not the GM, so we're like sure roll up a character.

He then proceeds to roll up five.

>> No.23014666

>implying there are any people
4chan is like one of those counterstrike servers where bots talk about icecream forever.

>> No.23014708

And there goes anonymity, and I wonder how small the internet is.

>> No.23014713
File: 318 KB, 248x200, 1336101013819.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>we're like sure roll up a character.
This won't end well
>He then proceeds to roll up five.

>> No.23014720

it's seriously not even one dude. It's just a box.

>> No.23014723

>And there goes anonymity

>> No.23014734

I was in this group for a while. After the events being described, though.

>> No.23014750
File: 54 KB, 480x352, icecream.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23014751

Those exist? That sounds great.

>> No.23014760

Five fucking characters. I'd never understood why people got mad at guys that made a bunch of characters but holy shit, I get it now. I totally fucking get it. This man has the attention span and the depth of character of a cat. As SOON as he makes a character he's bored with it even though it's up Green to come up with an intro for him and he keeps doing it.
>I'm booooored, I want to play but I don't have a character.
>So hey why don't you use that character you made last time?
>Nnnnnooo, I'm bored with her. How about <insert entirely different character concept that will take five hours to stat up>
>Next session
>I'm booooored, I want to play but I don't have a character.
>Nnnnnoooo, I'm bored with her.
Every fucking time. In and out, over and over she goes from mindbroken berserker to neutral good Echidna to some sort of goblin or...Squat demon or some fucking thing, and this one was a DOOZY.

>> No.23014767

Doesn't stop you from being anonymous. You say yourself you WERE part of that group you say, meaning you are not now. Its perfectly possible for you to be anonymous now. Although you may reveal who who you in the past.

>> No.23014787

Rolled 2

I'm in a game with someone who does that, only she keeps all of the PCs she's not using in hammerspace or something and just randomly pulls them out whenever we're trying to get shit done so she can hog the spotlight.

>> No.23014796

I wasn't referring to... Never mind. I'm not part of this story, that was never the point.

>> No.23014878
File: 21 KB, 480x480, 1360166885994.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

NONE of these girls was down for le dick. Which, hey, fine, that's cool. But this is a man. This is a man. This is a man who will only roleplay lesbian sex in a group with no lesbians and barely any bisexual chicks or dudes playing bisexual chicks or- you get it. You get where I'm going with this.

Her last character was some kind of short-ass...Engineer or something. That refused to adventure with the rest of the group and just skulked around the castle. Green SPLIT CHANNELS just to accomodate this cunt, running her own little RP for her.

Fuck, this story is getting way too long. Basically Green has to split his attention between two groups, no one says SHIT to Tau because we're all holding out hope he'll snap the fuck out of it soon and go back to GMing (lol) and no one wants to burn any bridges. He was stringing us along hardcore. So bitchdwarf skulks around the castle, when Green asks her what's wrong she pouts (OOC) and goes nooothing and is just an insufferable fucking lump while Green tries to get anything out of here and we're all having the time of our lives fucking monstergirls at Green's expense.

There was this one player, who was not and is not a good roleplayer by ANY means and I'll say that straight out even though she can probably guess who I am. Decent human being. Not a bad bone in her body (except when someone was giving her a bone wolololo), but she was hands down eyes shut the worst roleplayer I've ever dealt with.

What she's NOT, however, is an OOC whining cunt that moans sulks until getting her way so right off she's better than Tau. She was being incredibly irritating IC when Tau suddenly tells her he's kicking her out.

To clarify Tau, the man that has not ran for a month in a game that runs six days a week, decides she's not allowed to play anymore. Tau the player who has contributed nothing for a solid month and was nothing to write home about beforehand. Tau. Tau decides this sort of thing is still his call.

>> No.23014958
File: 104 KB, 700x480, 1267589332256.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You'd think this would be the tipping point, right? This character sucks but she's not missed a DAY. She's NEVER blown the group off (figuratively speaking, literally then yeah she has she's blown the whole group off) and has NEVER bitched about me to anyone in PM. This person, while dumb as a hammer, is one of maybe three people I've met on IRC with legitimate integrity.

So you'd think we'd all lunge for Tau's throat and tell him what we've been thinking for a month, right? DOHOHOHO you're confusing us for a group with a testicle to share between them. Green, the fucking ACTIVE GM, the GM that has GMed almost FOUR TIMES AS MANY SESSIONS AS HER, begs. I beg. We're like "she'll be good, give her a chance."

Fuck, even thinking about this makes me seethe like a fucking snake. After we fucking beg her she lets this person but is like OKAY BUT THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE.

>> No.23014959

yes, they do.

It's popularly described as "eerie"

>> No.23015005

I am reading this, but I don't like it. It's not a good thing that is happening here.

I don't know why I'm reading it.

I sort of want to stop.

>> No.23015018

I love stories like these. They make me feel alive.

>> No.23015027
File: 13 KB, 170x234, 1213028516389.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This story is going on WAY too long so I'm going to fast forward because even I'm getting bored of it at this point. With Green bending over backwards to accomodate him, Tau stops missing dates as a player. When grilled on skype he's like oh I'm busy, but he says it in that shrugged shoulder little Tau way that actually means "the group bores me and you're not worth my vore-loving time". Finally after two weeks of missing Green goes alright, you miss one more and you're out. He misses one more so he's out. Fuck him. None of us really believe he's ever going to run again so any sort of leeway that afforded him is long fucking gone and Green has resigned himself to being foreverGM.

He takes it suspiciously well. The group runs like fucking clockwork without him, things are going well but we're hurting for chicks. Some ditzy japname joins the channel two weeks later and is like hi so what's this game about? It's explained to her and she goes oh so can I join? Well what's your fetish? Oh I like fatasses that aren't quite fatasses, you know when a girl treads that line between "obviously used to be fat" and "is starting to look a little blubbery around the edges again", that's what does it for me.

That and burping.

>> No.23015088
File: 48 KB, 601x291, daniel tosh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I believe it's time for a Guess What Happens Next break. Well, /tg/? Can you guess what happens next?

>> No.23015090

>totally not hugetau

>> No.23015096

Weeaboo McJapanesename is Tau and you guys can't check IPs on IRC.

>> No.23015117

You can check for samefags pretty easily unless he changes ISP.

>> No.23015119
File: 231 KB, 863x752, b67442a80b7a249ecd6e4dc5b07e8f2b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>That and burping.
No no no. Don't. Don't do this to us.

>> No.23015127

I'm aware of that.

>> No.23015215

Please tell me it isn't HugeTau. Since that'd take balls the size of the moon. Running a game, then making someone else run it, getting kicked out.
And then returning. Fucking hell.

>> No.23015298
File: 162 KB, 1920x1200, nuclear-bomb-explosion.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Yes. It's Tau. And would you believe a human being like this exists that he goes RIGHT back to sulking and bitching except now it's fat ogre chick flavored because he's decided to BE his own fetish without cluing anyone else in to this fact, so when Green tries to give her the dick because he assumes that's what she wants she gets vagina dentata level sulky. I've got Green's big fuckin' dick coming out of my left ear and Fatso McBulimia I don't know what's coming out of my right. It is the bad old days again.

Green figures out what the problem is since he's sulky as fuck and we're such gooood fucking people that we feel an obligation to try and hash out over PM why he's not having fun. Turns out he wants to be a man that wants to be fucked by someone EXACTLY LIKE THE CHARACTER he made, he doesn't want the character he made getting fucked! What were we thinking!? Couldn't we get the hint when he made the character and said she was straight!?

Fatso McBulimia starts missing dates even after it's cleared up, sure enough. She then starts dangling some superhero ERP game he might possibly maybe hypothetically run as long as we play ball with ALL HIS STUPID FETISHES. We bend over backwards because we feel bad for Green ForeverDM. Sound familiar? Soon enough asshole misses enough dates he gets kicked, responds with "Oh I meant to tell you I quit your group", and from some fucked up personal stories he talked about in OOC we quickly realize it's Tau. Green confronts her with it with a saint-like restraint and he nonchalantly admits it, then follows with "By the way, I don't want anything to do with you or the group Green so never message me again."

>> No.23015328

This isn't related to the current discussion, but HugeTau once ruined a non-ERP game I was attempting to run by playing a Changeling in Pathfinder and getting weird as fuck with transformation stuff. It was my first time GMing. I have not GMed since, nor do I plan to. I'm scared that shit will happen again.

>> No.23015341


Holy shit, man.

No wonder you don't like telling this story.

I...I didn't know, man. I didn't know.

>> No.23015345
File: 102 KB, 1280x720, [AnCo^2] Durarara!! - 12 (1280x720 H264) [D8B40E1B].mkv_snapshot_01.25_[2012.11.29_11.19.42].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This satelite-targeted cynicism is a gift and a curse.

>> No.23015352

Aww, I'm sorry.

Not all of us are that bad, I promise.

>> No.23015353

Having faith in the human race to begin with was your first mistake.

>> No.23015354
File: 18 KB, 320x375, PROMOTIONS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bottle that rage boys because that's not even the best part. They are having this discussion in PM and he posts the NEVER MESSAGE ME AGAIN THING in the middle of the biggest ERP gamefinder group we've ever discovered. He makes it look like Green is some sort of creepy stalker asshole to the only people that might have a game Green can actually be a player in.

>> No.23015370

Wait I actually think I remember seeing that if it was on /tg/... or at least heard of him doing it.

>> No.23015536
File: 33 KB, 521x507, 1279843955030.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> They are having this discussion in PM and he posts the NEVER MESSAGE ME AGAIN THING in the middle of the biggest ERP gamefinder group we've ever discovered. He makes it look like Green is some sort of creepy stalker asshole to the only people that might have a game Green can actually be a player in.

My rage knows no bounds. Go on, for fuck sake what did Green do?

>> No.23015592
File: 1.29 MB, 214x153, 1308185931420.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Really let that sink in, fellas. Really fucking let it soak in right into the root, it'll take the grey right out of your hair and replace it with peacock red. He, out of sheer pettiness, SCREWS the one that bent over backwards for her with absolutely no obligation to. "I'm done with you so it's time to salt the earth." This piece of human garbage, this dumpster that walks on two legs, fucks literally the only person that would have stopped short of smacking his teeth into his stomach and kicking his balls into his throat. For no fucking reason. No gain. Nothing. Just sheer chintzy malice.

Now Green, he clams up. He thinks maybe the situation is still salvageable, he REALLY wants to play, maybe if he explains himself later when he comes to join a group hat in hand after it's already been poisoned against him he'll have a shot.

I, on the other hand, don't give a shit about ANY of these people. Poison them to fucking DEATH against me for all I care. I go to town. I run down the LAUNDRY list of his sins, in public, loudly, paragraph after paragraph, round after round, he can barely get a non-committal explanation out before I've lashed him with another disgusting thing he did to us, and I'm just getting warmed up.

The FIFTH FUCKING FLEET doesn't have as much ammo as this guy had provided me with over the course of two and a half months of his shit. And as I'm laying into him like a snarling fucking dog, he REGISTERS THE CHANNEL HE JUST FOUND FULL OF RPers TO HIS NAME AND GIVES HIMSELF ADMIN POWERS.

If I didn't hate this man with an intensity rivaled only by the atomic anger of Hiroshima and Nagasaki COMBINED I'd have to applaud him. Never in my wildest dreams did I think a human being would have the temerity to pull something like this. An almost metahuman lack of shame.

>> No.23015648
File: 44 KB, 523x675, citizen_kanePoster.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


But I'm not gonna let that shit stop me. I keep going until there is not a live shell left on my fucking battleship. I hit him with everything I've got, warn anyone against ever playing with him, and hustle my ass out of there before he can gather the presence of mind to ban my ass.

And I've never been back on #mymagicalrealm since.

And that's the story.

And now you know.

>> No.23015696

>But I'm not gonna let that shit stop me. I keep going until there is not a live shell left on my fucking battleship. I hit him with everything I've got, warn anyone against ever playing with him, and hustle my ass out of there before he can gather the presence of mind to ban my ass.

Am I the only one who read this in this voice:

Still, christ. What a shit. Any other sins on his part? What about the rest of the group?

>> No.23015827

I sort of want to try doing a game, but I've...never really done this. Ever. And I'm nervous as fuck. But hearing the actual good things here, I'm at least interested in giving it a shot. I would go to the IRC, but I've always had bad experiences with it. See: HugeTau, among other things.

>> No.23015830
File: 40 KB, 400x373, g_313.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Never before have I heard such a story of human detritus. You've made me depressed anon.

>> No.23015873

Why are there so many players/GM's in here, but not the other gamefinder thread?


>> No.23015881

>implying /tg/ even bothers to hide their furryness.

You must be new here. Have you taken the time to browse our excellent selection of Tri-kreen porn yet?

>> No.23015892

There's always Skype if you're not comfortable with IRC.

Honestly, though, most of the people I've met via /tg/ have been pretty cool guys - and everyone bitches about the exceptions anyway.

>> No.23015903

>ERPing over voice chat

u wot m8

>> No.23015906

you know, I was reminded of SS13 too.

These tales of ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE PEOPLE make me want to play the ol' space station game.

>> No.23015911

I'm here for the drama and the storytime.

>> No.23015919

....You know it's entirely possible to just use the text chat, right? Just checking.

>> No.23015920
File: 11 KB, 273x233, 1315377747894.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, that's the story. Bump it, save it, let it fucking fade...Hell, do what you fucking like with it. I've had it. Everytime I tell it the cobwebs clear, my insides burn, my nose fucking bleeds and I feel like I'm a tugjob short of a rage stroke. That's it. That's the last fucking time.

But if ever your feet are splashing around HugeTau's stomach acid while your head is peeking out from between his jaws and you think "I played along, I'm sure he'll get me back", don't act like it's some big surprise when he doesn't. Don't act like you weren't fucking warned when he kicks out the temple pillars and ruins your entire game like Samson with the Philistines. You were fucking warned. I warned you.

>> No.23015948

seriously, this reminds me directly of SS13.

Except replace "chris" with "the captain" or "the changeling"

>> No.23015977

This is probably just stupid paranoia and me being a nervous little shit, but I would greatly prefer someone posting a Skype for me to contact than posting my own.

>> No.23016071
File: 90 KB, 706x720, 1333033205389.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Still, christ. What a shit. Any other sins on his part? What about the rest of the group?
Uh-uh, fuck off. You're trying to make me stroke out but it's not gonna work. Already my neck feels stiff from having my teeth clenched for a goddamned hour. FUCK you people. I'm pouring myself a jack and coke and listening to Heard It Through The Grapevine for as many times as it takes as it takes to stop me from feeling like a human barrelsnake.

Although maybe one day I'll tell you about that PC that was a girlified Alien from Alien in the fantasy world that impregnated every single NPC on sight with little Aliens with her special stomach goo and tried to do the same with the PC's.

God, some of these people truly were the worst ever.

>> No.23016090

Try saying so in the gamefinder threads.

I'd give you mine, but I'm in way too many games as is - just here for the drama, etc.

>> No.23016099


>> No.23016140

>Although maybe one day I'll tell you about that PC that was a girlified Alien from Alien in the fantasy world that impregnated every single NPC on sight with little Aliens with her special stomach goo and tried to do the same with the PC's.

For fuck sake, you can't just say that and then leave. That's against the fa/tg/uy code!

>> No.23016146

Yeah I know. Fuck the back of my neck hurts now. One of you guys cheer me up and tell me some awful story. I believe I've earned it.

>> No.23016185


I'm going to post this in every thread that mentioned My Magical Realm from now on.

>> No.23016204

Man, I aint got any nearly as good as that one. Basically all of them are "The game went pretty well, then I was a complete pussy and dropped out of the game because I have no idea"

>> No.23016228

I don't have any good stories to tell, I'm afraid.

>> No.23016266

Isn't it generally considered bad form to post ERP related things in the Gamefinder thread? I thought that was why this thread existed, was to keep them seperate.

>> No.23016287

The world needs to know. I'd have loved it if someone had waved me off at the start like the fucking dutchmen at the beginning of the The Thing.


>> No.23016322

Ohhhhh, I get it.

Sorry, it's late here.

>> No.23016324

So the mod's a little shit. Big whoop. Were you expecting not to run into the occasional terrible person when looking for ERP?

I know HugeTau on MMR. Never gamed with him, don't like his fetishes. But I've never had a problem with him, and I've heard an entirely different version of events. The problem with this tale, aside from HugeTau, is that nobody did shit when playing with someone they didn't like.

I think the poster said it best, not a testical among them. If you don't want to deal with someone on the internet, don't deal with them. Simple as that.

>> No.23016327


Well I hope at least you two guys have some perspective now. The next time you're bitching about fae catboi wat do you just know there's a guy in /tg/ that went through the ERP version of that 76 Hours thing where the guy hacks off his arm to escape a slow death.

>> No.23016339

>have a friend I do stuff with
>ask them if they're down for fun times
>"Well, I've... had something I've been wanting to do but I don't want you to judge me."
>Haha, fuck you I'm into dirtier shit than you!"
>well I've been kind wanting to do a trap with some STDs. But none of the nasty kinds."
>"Uhhh, what kind."
>"I dunno AIDS or something"
>And then they start freaking out and leave

If he wasn't a 3beta5u virgin who legitimately lives in his parents basement I'd be concerned knowing another one of -them- exists.

So yeah, some new friends would be neat.

>> No.23016361

Sounds more like they were trying to be nice and cut them some slack to start with.
Like a friend who's lost their job and asks to crash on your couch for a day or two, only to live there for a year.

>> No.23016366

actually, I was one of the guys who called that the girl was the guy coming back.

Cynicism! No game is better than a bad game, and I can forsee a lot of bad.

>> No.23016397

>I know HugeTau on MMR. Never gamed with him
Then I don't know on what grounds you venture to claim your opinion is anything more than worthless. Ask anyone on fucking pregerp and, again, don't say I didn't warn you if you're actually stupid enough to play a game with him.

>> No.23016445

...Birg? That you?

>> No.23016463

No, although I do happen to have read this thread.

>> No.23016498


Good lord, and you were expecting good things? And the point is, his fetishes don't comply with my fetishes. So I don't get involved in his games. Because I would find them neither fun nor hot.

>> No.23016499


I am expressing extremely common sentiments!

>> No.23016502

Goddamn. El mundo es un pañuelo. How have you been?

And who are >>23016366 you then? El- Ga-?

>> No.23016511

Right, fuck it. I'm completely new to this, nervous as all getout, and have absolutely no clue how this'll go at all but screw it I'll give it a try. My skype is chris.alder61.

>> No.23016525 [DELETED] 

IRC drama is always the most terrible sorts of drama over nothing. It's hilarious.

>> No.23016532
File: 4 KB, 300x57, machines assfile.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

IRC drama is always the most terrible sorts of drama over nothing. It's hilarious.

Let's file this under pic related.

>> No.23016534

You've made a tactical mistake brb calling FBI and your family and your employer and your girlfriend and the girl you're cheating on your girlfriend with

>> No.23016541

I don't know who those people are.

And I don't speak spanish.

>> No.23016576

meh he rarely is even there, and he leaves modding to two hops

>> No.23016577

>Implying I'd be retarded enough to use a real skype on the off chance someone seriously did this
I might be new to this, but I wasn't born yesterday. Give me some credit, geez.

>> No.23016616

I had no idea STDs were a fetish.

>> No.23016640

EVERYTHING is someones fetish

>> No.23016697


>> No.23016796

Thread is autosaging brosef. I assume you're Chris Mendleson or whatever. Fact is it's easier to find a game in IRC. #MyMagicalRealm on rizon is the place to go, and I'm saying that as the guy that posted the HugeTau story. Just because I refuse to get it involved in it doesn't mean it's not the only game in town.

If you don't have irc just go to mibbit.com.

>> No.23016895


>The FIFTH FUCKING FLEET doesn't have as much ammo as this guy had provided me with over the course of two and a half months of his shit. And as I'm laying into him like a snarling fucking dog, he REGISTERS THE CHANNEL HE JUST FOUND FULL OF RPers TO HIS NAME AND GIVES HIMSELF ADMIN POWERS.

How is this possible if there were other people in the channel?

>> No.23016943

As long as the channel doesn't have an owner all it takes is a series of IRC commands. You can look it up on google.

>> No.23017032
File: 613 KB, 1128x3448, Beware the Taubeast and their evil cunning.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Preserved forever, for all to see.

>> No.23017151

Saved. I appreciate you using that sweet cropping magic.

>> No.23017524

So I think we're about to hit bump limit. Anybody make a new thread?

>> No.23017758

we are 117 past the bump limit bro

>> No.23017863

Well, I just got informed that this shit was happening, so I just wanted to pop in and say something.

I'm a terrible GM.

I did terrible things to these people.

I wish I had never met them so I wouldn't have insulted them with my presence.

And I've tried apologizing.
But at this point I don't even care. I'm trying now to be a good DM, I'm running a game for like 12 people now and not inserting any of my own kinks into it because you know what? They are disgusting. And I'm disgusting.

And I'm glad you pointed that out.

But what I'm not glad about?

Is about how you've assumed that I'm some sort of villainous demon personally out to make your life miserable.

Just please don't. Initially my only desire was to make you all happy and you shat on that and shat on me.

I'm going to go back to running games for people without including my own kinks.

Have fun.

>> No.23017882

Also I was in fact the person who initially made the #mymagicalrealm channel so if he's bitching about me finally registering it, fuck him.

>> No.23017928

Not a chance. You don't get to act like this, kill a game, someone takes it over, then beg to be let back in, act like a fucktard, get kicked then sneak back in, then make some limp wristed apology that you don't mean and it's all good again.
Choke on a cock.

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