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Gunna post my army list. First time player.

Master necromancer
Mage level 1, Master of the Death, Talisman of Protection. 200

Mage level 1, Obsidian Trinket, The Cursed Book: 115

3x Crypt Horrors
Poison, Regenerations (5+)

5x Hexwraiths
Etheral, Fast Cavalry, Soul Reapers, Soulstriders, Spectral Hunters, Terror, Undead

38x Skeleton Warriors
Shield, Light Armour, Skeleton Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer 220

Total: 799

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Needs More Core

also Hexwraths are shit, black knights are the way to go

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PIG orliesai

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Boris. King of the Bretons

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Might wanna take some zombies, just a squad of 20. Then magic them up into a big unit.

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Oh holy fuck, pepsi is not meant to be inhaled like that.

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People play Fantasy?

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nearly most of my GW are Fantasy players

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Bendy Buses

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I claim this thread in the name of mustaches, giant swords, and fashionable clothing!

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Fuck the County
Fuck the Council
Fuck the Cars
Bendy Buses

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>warhammer fantasy orcs
>not goblins & co (feat. orcs): the army

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Fantasy is far better than 40K. every army is cool, and not everyone is HURRDUURR SPHACE MARHIN.

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Not OP, but as a Vamp player I'm saying you however valid your opinion is sir, it is not the case.
This isn't aimed at you but, If anyone are stupid enough to run Hexwraiths like normal Cav, then they are gonna bite the dust as they should.

What they are, are Knight killers, single model tie ups, and it's better to think of them as Fanatics with Etheral, hell they are only 5 more points a pop.

If you have a 10+ unit, then yes black knights are great, if you are going with small units, such as that 5 man unit, then Hexwraiths are monsterously good, seriously, Terror and Etheral at 30 points a guy, and his on a mount aswell can can rolls his eyes at his shitty WS and make an auto hit and he can't be killed by warmachines or archers and can attack without having to charge or get tied in combat, the VC's biggest drawback with smaller units? Yes please sir, may I have another.

Also, nothing will make the guy across the table waste a magic phase more then a unit of march blockers that can't die to anything none magical.

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Pfft! I'll leave it to the elves to take care of thee, knave!

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But they are not worth it in an 800 point army, thats his only killy unit and its gooing to be mashed by magic in turn 1, if not turn 2

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I vanna your blood. Bow down before your immortal masters

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Everyone in here is a faggot. you can all such the glorious god emperor's balls

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So what college of magic is best on the tabletop for an Empire army?

I've heard Lore of Metal is good at low levels but Life really shines.

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Magic ruined Warhammer

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depends if your playing with storm of magic or not

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but what about undead armies? they run off magic

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I'm just starting out tomb kings and need opinions on this list that I'm going to work to

liche high priest - 245 points
level 3
enkhils kanopi (level 3 bound spell to dispell every remains in play spells on a 2+ and get d3 power dice per spell on success)
talisman of preservation (4+ ward)
lore of nehekhara

29 skeleton archers -184 points
with champion

33 skeleton warriors - 185 points
champion and standard bearer
light armour

17 tomb guard - 251 points
champion and standard bearer with banner of flame

casket of souls - 135 points

999 total

debating on dropping the banner and kanopi for a level 4 wizard or more skeletons.

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why 33 skellies?
couldn't you remove 3 for some more points elsewhere?

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Wanted a few extra in the back rank for losses. Although I know next to nothing about warhammer so this could be terrible

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Would it work better to drop to 25 warriors and bump the guard to 20

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yes, much better

is this a fluffy army or more of a kill shit army?

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Going to be fluffy/this looks cool so I'll be fielding it.

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>People play Fantasy?
Haven't played WH40K since 2mnd edition turned into 3rd.

Been playing WHFB befor then and still am, along with most of the people around here. WH40K have been growing though, mostly on account of their brilliant miniatures (shame about the rules though).

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I only field one common goblin block, and perhaps some wolf riders. The rest is as many common orcs as I can muster, and some piggies. Looks aresome on the field and that's the no. 1 priority.

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Can't wait for Creative Assembly making a Fantasy game.

Which armies do you think will we play?

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>But they are not worth it..
Shut up befor I slap you. Seriously shut up. Stop with your competative tournament cancer garbage and let the man enjoy an awesome unit with a great and interesting tactical ability.

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Depends on situation and what synergy with which army you're going for.

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High Elves

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Delicious dreams comming true.

It'll be focused around the Empire of course, but how the handle it, do they split it up with all the provinces and their elector counts (I hope so) as well as some different tribes of greenskins, skavens, chaos, undeads and so on.. I hope so (it's alot of though).

The more exotic and distant ones will probably be left to other regions through DLCs/Expansions.

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depends on if it's new or old world

My hope though is they do 2 games with the first being old world

I figure they'll do
high elves

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Old World first: Empire, Orcs, Dwarves, Chaos, Vampire Counts, Bretts, Wood Elves, Skaven and MAYBE Ogres, perhaps as just a mercenary faction and if were really good Kislev.

Ulthuan and Lustria is the next expansion and has High Elves, Dark Elves and Lizardmen. The Elvish Civil war and the Lizardmen war against the Skaven will be the two campaigns included.

We might get another expansion beyond that which has Tomb Kings, Araby, Tilea and Estalia. But I doubt it.

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Is CA good with making a "campaign mode"?

I want to play a DoW-kind of story with hilarious voice-acting.

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I'll agree that one of Fantasy's strengths is the variety of its armies.


I've heard many say that 6th Edition is the best rule set so far.

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Well, they haven't really tried that before. But the framework for it is all there. Players get given certain plot related missions which they must complete to push on the storyline.

Hell, it could work similar to how Gihrens Greed does really easily.

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>I've heard many say that 6th Edition is the best rule set so far.
While I do like the cleanness of alot of the system emchanics, I still miss the detailed depth that earliest editions had. The formost example being the several pages of events for the mad boyz, overwatch (which has some what returned), drive by attacks (also some what returned), pop-up attacks (kinda there too) and such thinsg as the remain in play effects for grenades and so on and on..

That's what I want, that's what I miss, that's what it has not given me for several editions now.

So in Fantasy I remain, while we occationaly play Necromunda.

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Hey guys, rebuilding my Host of Sigvald army at the moment with the pics provided by chaos bro, and I noticed something about the slaughterbrute in the runes of binding it says it uses a Lord or Hero's WS instead of it's own...so if you gave that lord or hero the paired weapons that give a WS of 10 for 35 points, the slaughterbrute would also be sitting at WS 10 right?

Also what do you guys think about the vortex beast? will it see play? is it worth the 240 points you have to pay for it?

last question I haven't played fantasy in some time, what seems to be the optimum amount of wizards for an army like WoC?

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yes, I'd expect so.

>think about the vortex beast?
>will it see play?
>is it worth the 240 points?
Cthulhu Fhtagn!

Put some Ymgarl Genestealers heads on Warriors and Marauders and force some Sanity Checks!

>what seems to be the optimum amount of wizards for an army like WoC?

All Khorne All Day!

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>All Khorne All Day!
yeah no.....
Go back and re-read what I said about this being a host of sigvald army. (Read: ALL SLAANESH)

I must say though your optimism for the vortex beast is rather refreshing, most people seem to still be on the fence about it.

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>most people seem to still be on the fence about it.
Fuck them and their obsession on their niched competative tournament cancer gameplay bullshit. Tattoo The Spirit of the Game in their forehead.

The one with the best looking army on the battle field has already won. The rest is for laughs (mutual entertainment).

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haha I like your style. honestly I've got 3 fantasy armies and I don't plan on taking any of them to a proper tourney, fantasy seems like an actual beer and pretzels games whereas 40k feels like the tourney game.

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so how are maurader horsemen? I've got ten of them but I don't remember them being spectacular last time I used them

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I can only speak for the local 'scene' of mine and WHFB has always had much more fluffy players that love to come up with themes, conversions and any other crazy stuff. Also it generally has a higher average age and with a supportive community of all ages the 'spirit' of teh community becomes much less competative.

Also we don't play at a GW (or any other LFGS) and have our own place/clubs to game at generally.

They seem to be making every little odd ability a spell-like (bound) ability now though. Makes me wonder (hope) for the Dwarves when it's eventually their time.

> I've got 3 fantasy armies
Me and a real close group of friends (been playing together for around two decades) has a WHFB collective going which has every army represented with about 2,000-20,000ish points for each (Lizardmen and Ogres are a bit lacking). The armies lines the walls (all covred, floor to ceiling, with shelves).

I currently run a small all Khorne WoC list, a everything skaven one, and some very basic (common goblins and orcs) greenskin one (love just having piles of common Orcs & Goblins filling up the table backed up with some Arrer boyz, some War machines and a lil' wolf and boar flanking).

Holding off on some conversion projects though (it's what I like to do most, convert shit).

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They have their role, but with steadfast being as it is (and not breaking for flank carges) and the silly close combat warmachine rules being as they are (only six attackers, atleast make it 10 like with houses so there's some simplistic concistensy to things) it gets a bit frustrating at times running the lighter cavalry.

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>The one with the best looking army on the battle field has already won.

That still favours the Slaughterbrute though. I mean, the alternative isn't bad, but, I have a lot of time for a big beastie that can get repeatedly stabed by giant swords and not give any kind of fuck.
Although I do wonder why it isn't a mount option though.

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alrighty, I Feel like I'm in a kinda weird spot right now because the Fantasy group at my FLGS died out when I went to europe for a couple of years, and now that I'm back there's hardly a group so I'm really not sure how to re-build after being out so long. Mind if I post my stuff? maybe some building pointers?

>> No.22995963

If you're going to be wasting power dice on other things, yeah, quite udnerstandable.

>> No.22995992

Magnetize it (not 100% if its all possible, but I should asume so) and have booth. Paint them pale white with pink/purple/black tones just like most of slaanesh things and switch the bist out when you see fit (that tentacle head!).

>> No.22995999

That sounds fucking amazing. Seriously.

I'm thinking of getting into Fantasy myself. 40k seems too... autistic for lack of a better word.

>> No.22996022

>the Fantasy group at my FLGS died out when I went to europe for a couple of years
That's a shame.

But hey, Daemons of Chaos is soon and who ever jumps on that can pull double armies (WH40K & WHFB) with some lil bit of count ass and possible magnets and base switching.

>> No.22996249

Already jumped on it, I got slaanesh deamons, Slaanesh WoC, and a spider goblin army.

oh and a small 1000 point throgg troll army I'm building but that is mostly for lulz factor.

>> No.22996669

anyway WoC stuff I have other than lords and heros which I have like 12 models I can use.

20 knights
12 trolls
20 warhounds
54 warriors
10 marauder horsemen
80 marauders
3 chariots
2 giants
I'm thinking of doing an 80 man marauder anvil with sigvald at the helm. And two smaller units of warriors with a hero wizard at their helm.

>> No.22996699

It's not really possible. No.

>> No.22996767

Sorry, for some reason I thought you were talking about the hexwraiths. Which are fucking impossible to magnetize. Not the huge chaos thing with the clearly swappable head.

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>nearly most

Thankfully my LGS also has a bunch of Fantasy players. We fill up all the tables during FNM.

God dammit so many fucking teens.

>> No.22996888

Does anyone know what I should get if I want to make a shooty Tomb Kings army?

That and are the Ushabti any good?

>> No.22996889

wish we could do that at mine, though to be fair that's only at the one I like to go to, at the other shop friday and sat night are exclusively wargame nights.

>> No.22996914

>That and are the Ushabti any good?

The shooty ones.. Never used, but I figure they would be half decent nailing down monsters?

>> No.22997023


Same here.

My friends and I were lucky to find the place we play at; all the other stores "near" us (the second closest one is an hour's drive) are 40k all day erry day.

>> No.22997332

Theres something about Fantasy that makes it just seem like a second rate game compared to 40k

A friend got me into it the other day, and all I can say is, I wasted my life fighting for the Emperor. 40k has shit all cool armies, but Fantasy, man it's all amazing

>> No.22997486

I think you mean to say 40k is a second rate game compared to fantasy. but yeah I'll agree with you, that and from what I can tell it seems more relaxed, as I said earlier.

>> No.22997549

Nah man, as a long time 40k player I've got to say that Fantasy just seemed like a shitty derivative. That whole "Fantasy is one world in the 40k galaxy" thing really put me off, so I never even looked at it in depth

That probably explains attitudes like >>22992799, I'm sure it's not just me.

It makes me sad for the human race that people would ignore this in favour of that.

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