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last night i watch the superbowl long side so many others. then i remembered an old game of humans VS orcs in playing football (pic related). Now then, What would it be in football terms if all the factions of Warhammer 40k were just like football teams facing off aiming for the superbowl berth. Who would be the coaches? the star players? the teams strength and weaknesses?

...just to start it off, i can see the sisters of battle as cheer leaders as well as their own team.

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But blood bowl is it's own tabletop already.

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that it is, but adapt Warhammer 40K to it or the other way around? instead of years long wars to take a planet, the two sides pick a team and they fight it out on the grid iron over who wins the planet?

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Humanity, and I mean REAL humanity not the fucking Imperium, would soundly and conclusively trounce every other faction from the Space Marines to the Tyranids to the (lel) Eldar, DEldar, Necrons, EVERYONE EVEN IF THEY TEAMED UP.


Simple. Because Flacco is elite

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Spess Mahreens always win. Just like usual. I mean just imagine trying to put a team of fucking guardsmen up against a team of marines. You'd end up with a score of 129 to 3.

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think about it, The Tau are the newest team to the League. they have paper thin, weak as all get out linemen (if they don't sub in the Kroot boys) and have a poor ass defense patterns. But they have a super star QB that somehow keeps the team going dispite the abuse they get though shear charisma alone. they have wicked accurate pass plays and are rather quick on their feet/hoofs/etc. Just watch out when you sack the QB, they get real mad after that! unless you takeout the QG, then they fall apart.

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Drop most of the elf, skaven, dwarf, and zombie teams.

Add five flavors of Spess Mahreens.


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not true! sure the ultras have tough as all get out linebackers and rush passes are their forte (not that they are any good at pass plays, they just prefure to get up close and personal). they JUST WILL NOT DEVELOP NEW PLAY PATTERNS! they made their play book and refuse to change it, other teams know this and out smart them.

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I imagine the spess mahreen teams would have STR 3 AGI 3 scouts as their linemen, to at least keep up the appearance of being balanced.

And then they'd get a dreadnought for their big guy.

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Strength 4 Block Dodge Tackle all around, but if you play as the Ultras the AI takes your turn for you.

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the zombies are the speical team for the nurgal team. ok, no skavens. the squats don't play, they build/maintain the grind iron and stands as well work the camras, the eldars and dark eldars are their own team.

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On the subject of FOOTBALL, who is hyped for winter 4chan cup 2013?

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The IG could have an insanely deep bench due to the fragial linemen. but their offenceive line coach is none other than than Creed himself! with Cain as the QB, the IG still does well even with the massive injury list.

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Tau would be all about the long bomb and hail Mary. and jet packs to jump over everyone.

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Bloodowl already has undead, necromantic. chaos, Nurgle, and Khemri teams. Some of that isn't making its way into space.

They're catchers aren't actualy that good, uut other players can shine markerlights on them.

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Ain't nobody in 40k can boogie like this.

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God damn fucking refs. that no call on pass inf costed the 49ers the fucking game.

They played a WAAAYYY better game than Baltimore. Also,


Those two sacks say otherwise.

Stay fucking inferior Baltimore fans. 49ers may have lost but you have to live with the guilt that you unfairly won a Super Bowl that you didn't even remotely deserve.

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the necrons.. well, i would say they may not be as tough as the space marines or the orks, but they bounce back after than any other. put some oil on those joins, replace the helmet/head, and a quick shot of that neon gatoraid and they are back in the game! slow to start, but once they get moblized, not even the swarm option of the tryides can stop them! they can hit like no other to the point those on the receiving end swear the only thing left of them was their bones (that didn't hurt as much) to note, they are well known to get past ANY protection line and nail any target they want. other teams have been trying to do that same trick but has so far.

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dude, bloodbowl 40k, just think about it.

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.....starts the 2nd half. 100+year punt return. pic related

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Oh please, you butthurt 9ers fans are pathetic. They were up by fucking twenty at the end of the second quarter. God HIMSELF had to reach down and kill the lights to stop their momentum and you STILL fucking lost.

So to recap,
>49ers + Almighty God cannot defeat The Ravens

Bring on the fucking smurfs.

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The orks would be the crowd favorite as their constantly changing shenanigans keeps the crowds entertained. They don't win all that often (with 75% of their plans backfiring on them) but boy is it fun to watch.

They're also sneaky as fuck, using that low-cunnin of theirs. Replace the ball at halftime with a Squig and watch the other team freak out. Strap a grot to the ball and throw it into the end zone. Plus they'd be the best smack-talkers of the entire league

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grr. "trying to do that trick but no one has so far"

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>wanting a murderer and cheater to win the Super Bowl

Whelp, there goes any integrity this fucking sport had.

Congrats, faggots from Baltimore ruined football. Hope everyone is happy.

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son, take it back to /sp/ alright?

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gb2 /sp/

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Necron team is made up of a bunch of crypteks and lords who constantly cheat but nobody can prove it.

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Please go back to sucking your shrunken headed walking tattoo of a QB's cock. No one in the sport besides the people who've had their recievers pancaked by Lewis seriously believe your non-oooh I see what's happening here.

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i can see that. The team Black legion are well known "heel" team. they use what ever foul calling dirty trick they can use (getting caught or not, not withstanding). they know all the tricks and plays the other space mariens teams got but play nastier then them to get wins. lucky for us the head coach Abaddon screws up so often. somehow the team hasn't sacked him for losing so much.

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40k Blood Bowl would be lame.

It works for fantasy because most of WFB is po-faced bullshit, a comical take on it makes it awesome.

But 40k is a loldark clusterfuck, and adding in the football part just makes it one big splatter of derp.

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>adapt Warhammer 40K
Refluff chaos to be chaos and SPAEC MAREENs
Refluff various elves to be various Eldar
Refluff etc, etc, etc

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that's the idea! but can we do it /tg/? anyone want to take a krak at making a rules framework on this?

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I'd play this if it was slave teams in Commorragh arenas, or maybe a warp anomaly.

Otherwise the contrivance for the fluff is going to get beyond acceptable.

>inb4 implying you play BB for the fluff

Tarded themes can spoil a game. Imagine if BB had furries instead of Orcs, shop mannequins instead of undead, birdmen instead of elfs and the storyline was all trying to be 100% serious and sensible - no-one would play that shit in a million years.

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He's talking about refluff, not re-rule.

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>I'd play this if it was slave teams in Commorragh arenas
Holy shit. You know, this actually has a lot of promise. A lot of euros love to shit on American football as an ultra-violent modern day bread and circus deathmatch between two teams of indentured gladiators. Why not just lean into it and go full hog?

Great idea dude.

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that and adding new teams with play styles to match as close as possable the fluff maybe?

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Space Marines - Slow, heavy team dedicated to rushing plays and slowly but surely working one's way up the field. Good offensive and defensive lines, but would get taken apart by good passers.

Imperial Guard - Jack-of-all-trades team with a lot of depth. Ogryns provide slightly-above average linemen. Their main strength is their versatility and exploiting opponent's weakness with their massive playbook.

Orks - Massive displays of power and showmanship. They like using high-risk plays, like fake punts and hail marys. Orks love playing with passion, though this can lead to acquiring more penalties than usual.

Eldar - Notable for running a deadly pass-based offence. Defensively, however, that have been found wanting, though they have been known to make game-changing interceptions out of nowhere. They lack power and are fragile, however, so their quarterbacks have learned to pass quickly and accurately, and hope that the target star receiver doesn't get himself clattered. Good Eldar players are hard to come by these days.

Dark Eldar - Like the Eldar, but aren't afraid to rush, either. Love to play dirty and trash-talk, plus it appears that they gain pleasure from putting their bodies on the line in a highly physical play. Their overconfidence can lead to complacency, however.

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so IG are the undead/necromantic/skaven teams? shitty lines, great positionals?

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This would make a great HBO show if it showed both what was going in the field and the sexy psychopatic politics that'd take place between the Dark Eldar team owners and fans that came to visit the players in their cells etc.

I wouldn't really know how to work it as a 40k style wargame but I'm trying to conceptualize it as a regular adventure with the players in the big flashy important positions like quarterback, running back, star linebacker (yes I'm thinking of Lewis and Reed fuck off) and left tackle. I definitely don't think you could actually field a full football team of players though that's just too much.

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hahaha! do it! .. and shit. euro's soccer games are vastly more bloody and violent than any American football game.. and they is just in their stands alone! crazy ass fans all of them...

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go on. what about tau and the rest?

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I'unno. CBA'd to come up with the rest.

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well, >>22980274 had an idea for Tau at least.

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You could have at least said rugby or something. Every time anyone so much as touches those soccer guys they dive like they're looking for the bottom of a beverly hills swimming pool.

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I could PROBABLY swing the fluff but I wouldn't even begin to know how to make a football game happen with dice.

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I think he meant more the fans.

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if we can get the fluff worked out, the crunch can come later. we are /tg/ after all.

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OP here, well done guys. someone archive and keep at it. (pic related)

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Seems easy enough. Commoragh builds up a roster of other races that got last in the warp, some IG is discussing the glory days of terran football with his company to pass the time, talkin' about the great QBs the game has had, most legendary D lines, all time pass rushing, that combat drug-crazed former offensive tackle that almost twisted that space marine's head off that one time...You know. Like how POW's held by enemies talk to each other about home to keep themselves sane. A high ranking DE that was stopping by the IG cells for a quick and refreshing bout of mon-keigh torture to start her day overhears him and hides herself while allowing him to go on. Two weeks later: BOOM! The Dark Eldar captor put forth the idea to her high powered socialite friends and them, being the ancient fucking Romans that they are, immediately went full hedonismbot to stave off the drudgery of the day. Favors are exchanged and lives bought and sold as each of the friends builds themselves a roster out of the captured warriors from other races. A grid-iron is made, a few friends that didn't hear about the new game the socialities came up with are invited to watch the mon-keighs kill each other, they tell their friends, they watch and find the whole thing terribly droll and tell their friends and what started out as a silly game between friends captures the attention of all Commororagh: KEIGH-BALL! CATCH THE FEVER!

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Warp Ghosts of the 1972 Miami Dolphins.

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Make the team owners and fans sexy eldar dominatrixes and you have a deal.

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They get the ball from warp to warp like no one's ever seen!

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>Imperial Guard
Head Coach: Creed
Quarterback: Bastonne
Fullback: Harker
Half Back: Straken
Centre: Deddog
Defensive End: Straken
Strong Safety: Marbo

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DONE! (pic of your new boss)

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Guys. The crunch is just BloodBowl. It's already done.

Orks for example require almost zero changes. Black Orcs are called Nobs now, and refluff the Troll as a warboss in mek armor (Breaks down on a roll of 1). Done.

Tyranids would have genestealer linemen with good move and agility but low armor, high strength low agility warriors, and probably some exotic units like zoanthropes (rules similar to Nurgle warriors, hard to block them or pass in their presence, faster but not as tough) or maybe a thrower that's one of those living artillery pieces.

Tau would have great agility but low strength or some other rule that makes them bad at blocking. There's already a leap skill for crisis suit jump jets, and maybe a pathfinder that gives a bonus to throw and catch to nearby friendly units. Or a stealthsuit that can't be blocked on a 4+ until it throws a block itself.

Space marines would be good at everything and totally OP.

Balance is probably going to suck balls at first, but if it's a serious project at all there's going to be playtesting for that.

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>Roger Goodelf
Since he's DEldar I assume he acts like bizarro Goodell and makes the sport MORE violent and dangerous instead of pussifying it. Also EVERYONE GETS PEDS! EVERYONE!

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we're mostly there then. damn shame i don't have a copy of BB myself.

>> No.22985278

roger goodelf...
alright, i'm laughing my ass off here. good one!

>> No.22985303

>giving up yards for a helmet-to-helmet
They're an automatic one game suspension now breh, don't you remember that thing with Colt McCoy?

>> No.22985328

Fortunately the rules are online. It looks more intimidating than it actually is since you don't really need to read the league play and tournament rules.

Honestly, you only need to mostly understand the stats, blocking, and passing.

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Phase Shift to avoid getting hit...at all.

>> No.22985410

But you can't do it while holding the ball without dropping it an causing a turnover.

Adding activated abilities is opening up a whole new fairly complicated can of worms, though.

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What happened to Colt McCoy?

>> No.22985540

The Steelers D-line speared him into a weeklong coma. But enough about that, let's hear more about monkeighball. What sort of sponsors could players get and what would the benefits be?

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Sometimes the math gets a little fuzzy when you have half a dozen minis standing next to each other with different abilities, but I've never had too much of a problem playing.

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And any decent Ork team would fucking wipe both of them. Both of you are faggots.
Go back to /sp/

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Based Joe Flacco would throw a perfect spiral that would shoot through the chests of the Ork defensive line and out their backs, blow out the support of the entire south wing of the stadium causing thousands of DEldar to plunge to their deaths, achieve terminal velocity and disappear into the warp before materializing in front of Khorne and lodging itself in his brain.

All hail Joe Flacco for he is elite.

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And then he gets tackled by the entire Ork team. Who shit stomp on him.
Boom, no more Joe.

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They are obliterated before they within five yards of him by Ray Lewis, Ray of Light, who but waves his mighty cybernetic hand to destroy themall. He then ascends their mountain of bones to arrive at heaven, where God himself tells him he is his favorite son and the lights going out was but a test he knew he would overcome.

Then Ray dances.

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>this fucking thread

>> No.22986262

OP here, (looks over thread) what have i unleashed?

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One last bump in case some enterprising young man sees this but it looks like it fizzled out.

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Was fiddling around with this. Had a ruleset dealing with jump packs, Huge guys (bigger then big guy monsters a la carnifex, dreadnaught, deffdred, etc), etc. Worked on a points system, so SM teams needed to buy scouts to bulk out numbers, otherwise they'd have no points left for any of the really cool stuff. IG could get a bunch of very varied players, and lots of them. Orks used orks as their boyz, with wacky wargear to make up for poor skills, and grots with more skills. Also, fielding extra gretchin (who would be sent off permanently) was a thing. Each team was limited to so many people since the "team bus" could only fit so much.

Bringing pistols and such onto the field was a thing, though it would get players sent off at the end of the set (if they were caught. Some players could hide them). So Space Marines with their limited reserve benches would rarely use weapons, but orks, who could afford a bunch of spare boyz on the side would often just have slugga/choppa boyz who couldn't handle the ball on field to cut stuff up. My computer is in use atm, but I'll throw the wip rules up tonight if I get the chance.

>> No.22988181

Tau would have the most variety. Flying vespids, stealth suits, kroot etc.

>> No.22988216

After the fifth time he ascended to heaven and was pronounced the paragon of humankind, I got bored of it. Lewis needs to step his game up.

>> No.22988238

You'd play up the comical aspects, a la rogue trader is an alternate universe. Duh.

Eldar should have some hyperspecialised players. Like their runners can run, but nothing else. Their blockers are blodge/tackle monsters, but can't handle a ball, etc. Then you have gaurdian linemen to fill numbers.

>> No.22988245

Also, I saw this and thought we were talking about real football. I think you people call it soccer or something.

You're damn right I want to see Lord Solar Beckham take on Warboss Orkaldo.

>> No.22988252

yeah, but the fans would take a grid iron team apart in moments.

>> No.22988259

he's perpetuating the myth that crowds in north american sports are not rude/drunk/violent like elsewhere

>> No.22988270


He's so lithe and graceful for a double murderer.

>> No.22988376

We keep thinking of this is Blood Bowl terms. Warhammer Fantasy is crazy and all, but 40k is fucking ridiculous. Everything is a joke made serious so in Blood Bowl we'd have jokes made extreme in there nature. IG would have TANKS as there linebackers. Tyranids would opposing coaches and mascots for a boost. You'd have Slanaashi cheerleaders who can tentacle rape opposing players to join your side.

>> No.22988404

Yeah, a bunch of drunken European yobs vs Ed Reed. I'm sure that'd turn out well for them.

>> No.22988419

I don't know about anywhere else but Raiders fans throw d-cells like they're confetti.

>> No.22988472

I hope it's like a Gallagher show where they give you one of those big tarps first.

>> No.22988478


quick and nimble team with most of their units dedicated to use their jump packs to avoid as much physical contact as possible.

also their blood bonde would probably result in better teamplay

>> No.22988490


So something like this, but with WH40K characters?

>Is that wise, Gaffer? The Codex Astartes does not support this formation.

>> No.22988861

So, for teams we have:
SM: All round best guys, but play clean and no bench. Dreadnaught really big guy.
IG: Deeep bench, lot of variations on players. Creed as a special player(coach?). Ogryn big guys, rattling dodgers.
Orks: Orcs + Goblins. Crazy gear + Meganob big guys, nobs as blorcs, boyz as orcs, grots as goblins.
Tau: Team play with varied units and jetpacks.
Eldar: Ultraspecialied aspect players on a dodgey pass skill team.
Dark Eldar: Dodgey pass skill team that isn't afraid to get it's hands dirty and plays dirty.
Necrons: Low numbers, but good luck keeping them injured. Tough but slow. Low move and agility.
What else? Sisters? Chaos? Deamons? Admech? Ogryn team (with rattlings)? Inquisitors?

>> No.22989810

Bumping for this guy. Want to see that stuff posted.

>> No.22989987

i say the sisters are cheerleaders or have their own lingerie bowl during half time (damn it matt ward!)

>> No.22990030

star player marneus calgar single-handedly breaking the game

>> No.22991032


>> No.22991136

Ok, Back now. Got the skelleton of it drafted out. It's an expansion pack to normal Blood Bowl, with none of the old teams and all new teams.

Team rules
Each team may have 0-1 Captains and 0-1 Huge Players. There is only one captain in a team, and the team bus/thunderhawk/trukk/whatever only has room for one huge player.

Extra Rules
One Hand:
Reduces agi to one for all catching. May pass at -1 agi.
Each team may only have one Huge player, as there simply isn’t room on the team transport for more then one. Additionally, a Huge player takes up nine tiles.
Dreadnaughts are hulking mechanical behemoths, and as such roll two extra dice when rolling armour, discarding two of the owning player’s choice. Additionally, they have the mechanical special rule. All dreadnaughts are huge.

>> No.22991168

Jump Pack:
>These are complicated, simple in essence but hard to explain. Gonna need better diagrams then what I have, but for now. . . pic related.
May make a move at up to double movement and at least more then their normal movement. with the following rules in effect. As they are tempermental, roll a d6 to jump. On a one, the jump pack doesn’t work, and the player dumfounded may not move this turn.

Since they aren’t accurate, they scatter randomly. Roll 2d6 when landing a jump pack, and consult the diagram (to the right) to see where you land. T is the Target square. If you roll a six, seven or eight, make an agi test. On a pass, you instead land on target. On a double (including 3,3 and 4,4) make an agi test. If failed, the model crashes, and is knocked down. If you scatter onto a model, and are not blitzing, you are pushed back into an open square of the coach-who-owns-the-player-being-laed-on’s choice next to the player who’s being landed on. If there is no open square, your player is mugged on landing. Roll a d6, adding one for every friendly model in the landing square and surrounds, and subtracting one for every enemy model. On a 4+ the enemy is knocked out as you land on him; remove the player being landed on as if he’s been pushed off the field. On a 3 or less, your player is mugged as he lands, remove the jumping player as if he’d been pushed off the field. Note that the scatter chart changes as the model jumps in different directions. Whichever direction the most squares moved is in decides which direction the scatter chart works in. If even, the owning player chooses which direction is dominant.
>there's more to this. . .

>> No.22991180

All moves using jump packs may move over intervening models, at no penalty. However, as per a pass, a straight line is measured between the landing square and the original square. If there are any models along this line, they may attempt a tackle. Make an agi roll for the tackling player. On a success they have grabbed the jumper by the boot and drag him down. The jumping player is knocked down in an adjacent square of the tackler’s choosing. If there are no free adjacent squares, the player is removed as if he was pushed off the field.

Jumping models make great targets. If a model jumps, the opposition may fire any gun he has at the model jumping immediately. The jumping player may ignore being knocked down, but still must roll for injury as normal of he is knocked down.

All teams are limited to a maximum of two jump packs (of any kind) per team. Jump packs are secret weapons.
>Yeah. Most of it's just what ifs, but still, needs a better way to be explained.

>> No.22991213

Guns are fired by making an agi test. On a success, the target must roll a block dice on the “Shot Chart”.

Attacker Down = Headshot: The player must roll on the critical injury chart.
Push Back = Dive for Cover: The player is knocked down, but does not need to roll for injury.
Defender Down = Shot Down: The player is knocked down.
Both Down = Shot Down and Hit: The player is knocked down. If he takes an injury, he must roll on the critical injury chart instead of the normal one.
Defender Stumbles = Stumbling Dive: The player is knocked down. If the player has dodge, he may treat this as Dive for Cover.

A team is limited to four guns, either on or off the pitch. Guns are secret weapons. All guns give the model carrying them the One Hand rule.

>> No.22991226

>Now for the Teams!
Space Marines
And they shall know no fear!
Space marine teams are made of few players, often not even having enough to fill the required eleven players. However they make up for this by being among the greatest blood bowl players around.
Space Marine Blood Bowl Brother
Price: 10
Str 4, Agi 4, Move 8, Armour 9

Price: 8
Str 4, Agi 4, Move 8, Armour 8

Blitz Marine 0-3
Price: 14
Str 4, Agi 4, Move 8, Armour 9

Price: 20
Str 8, Agi 1, Move 5, Armour 10
Even in death I still score

Space Marine Thrower 0-3
Price 14
Str 4, Agi 4, Move 8, Armour 9

Space Marine Captain
Price 20
Str 4, Agi 4, Move 9, Armour 9

Price 16
Str 4, Agi 1, Move 8, Armour 10
Terminator Armour

>> No.22991236

Team special rules
Even in Death I still Score: Any space marine when killed may instead be able to become the tream’s dreadnaught. This will cost 20 Requisition, but after missing a match the player is now a dreadnaught. He replaces his base profile with that of a dreadnaught, but retains all upgrades/skills. All of his wargear is placed into the team armoury-supplies. A player who is already a dreadnaught who dies, may not take this option again.

The Playbook Astartes: The space marine team may not have more then 10 players (one for each company) plus a captain. They may begin a game with as few as 6 players, and will only accept mercenaries (scout marines from reserve companies) once they are under this number.
Artificer Armour:
Price 8
Captain Only. Give AV 10

Terminator Armour:
Price 6
Captain/Terminator Only. Gives AV10, Powerfist and reduces Agi to 1. Any player wearing this can not ‘go for it’.

Jump Pack
Price 10
Blitz Marine or Captain only.


>> No.22991241

Oh, are you elegen/tg/entlemen homebrewing a WH40K version of Blood Bowl?

In that case I have to mention that Dungeon Bowl is my favorit version of Blood Bowl, and that a awesome version of that in a WH40K BB setting would be Space Hulk Bowl!

Multiple teams (we usually run four players/teams when we play dungeon bowl), labyrinthian hallways, gravitational fluctuations, flickering or even absent voidshielding, teleportation into the SHB 'field' (just as in DB) and so on.. Awesome!

>> No.22991247

Ork teams tend towards being badly armoured and low on agility. However their tuff rule, and ready availability of ‘evy armour helps make up for this. They are also remarkably cheap for their blitzing ability.
Price 5
Str 3, Agi 2, Move 7, Armour 6
Thick Skull

Price 3
Str 2, Agi 3, Move 6, Armour 5

Skarboy 0-3
Price 8
Str 4, Agi 2, Move 7, Armour 6
Thick Skull

Price 1
Str 2, Agi 2, Move 4, Armour 4

Spanna 0-3
Price 9
Str 3, Agi 2, Move 7, Armour 6
Thick Skull
Mek Speshul

Price 16
Str 8, Agi 1, Move 5, Armour 9

Price 14
Str 4, Agi 3, Move 8, Armour 6
Thick Skull

Price 20
Str 4, Agi 3, Move 8, Armour 6
Thick Skull
Rokkit Pakk

Price 12
Str 3, Agi 2, Move 7, Armour 6
Rokkit Pak

>> No.22991266

Team SpeShul Roolz
Gains +1 Str, Move, Agi and Armour whilst blitzing.

May reroll all injury rolls after the game, with the owning player choosing the roll to use. This is in addition to all re-rolls used in game, and can cause you to re-roll a re-roll from in the game.

Mek Speshul
Before the game gets one randomly generated Mek Speshul Weapon, as rolled on the following chart:
1) Slugga
2) Choppa
3) Tankbusta bomz
4) Power Klaw
5) Rokkit Pakk
6) Player’s Choice
Additionally, whatever he is given is a prototype, and highly tempermental. Each half, roll on the following chat
1) Broke: Can’t use the Mek Speshul for the rest of the game
2) I can fix ‘dis!: Can’t use the Mek Speshul until the next down.
3) Mostly workin’: May not reroll any rolls related to the Mek Speshul
4) Workin good: As per normal.
5) Jobs a good ‘un, boss: May reroll one extra roll related to the Mek Speshul each half
6) Got da Gubbinz!: May reroll all rolls related to the Mek Speshul.

Da team gubbinz
Power Klaw: As power fist, but the user ALWAYS has the One Hand special rule.

Choppa: Gives the One Hand special rule. Any attacks made with a choppa force the victim to roll an extra d6 and discard the dice of the ork player’s choosing when making armour rolls. Additionally is a large weapon.

‘Evy Armour
Price: 3
Gives Armour Value 8

Mega Armour
Price: 12
Only may be taken by models with Str4 or higher. Gives Armour Value 10, a power klaw and reduces agi to 1. Any model wearing this may not ‘go for it’.

>> No.22991302

Rokkit Pak
As Jump Pack. However, on a one, not only does it not work, but the player must roll on the chart below as it malfunctions horribly.
1) Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-: The jump pack goes, and shoots the ork off into the sky, never to be seen again. Remove this player from your roster.
2) Booom!: The jump pack explodes. Roll on the injury chart, as if he had failed an armour roll. Additionally the jump-pack is broken and can’t be used.
3) Waaaaaaa- CRASH!: The jump pack shoots the ork off into the crowd, where he is beaten mercilessly. Treat as if the player was pushed off the field.
4) Not workin’: The jump pack fails to function as normal.
5) Outta Control: The opposing player may make any legal move with the jump pack as per normal.
6) WAAAGH! The jump pack works better then expected. The player must move the maximum amount, and go for it as many times as possible. He then moves d3 further squares forwards. If the stormboy was blitzing, he gains +1str in addition to the normal effect of jump pack blitzing.


Tankbusta Bomz
When blocking any dreadnaughts, you, not the owning player, choose which two dice to discard for the armour roll.

>> No.22991319

I think the Orks are better off if you model them somewhat after the Orcs in Blood-Bowl, and make them more of a 'beat the everloving shit out of the other races'.

>> No.22991322

Don't try to put to many options into a team just so you can reflect as much of a army list as possible.

It just clutters things up.

Perhaps save things like snotlings and such for a gretching team instead? Unless them having gretching & snotlings is an important part of teh teams balance?

>> No.22991336

Snotlings wouldn't be. But Gretchin should honestly be an option. Hell they really could just be 'Orcs', but with some name changes and a few modifications.

>> No.22991340

The Imperial guard
Hold the line!
The Imperial Guard has fielded their own teams as a mixture of training exercise, battlefield experience, recreation and out of a need to protect the IG’s honour. The team is highly flexible with ogryn and rattling allies to help fill out specialist roles.
The Captain
A seasoned player and an officer, the captain leads the guardsmen into both battle and games.
Price: 12
Str 3 Agi 3 Move 7 Armour 7

Commissar 0-1
A veteran player and a leader of men. Players find themselves working harder when he is around, lest they incur his wrath.
Price: 12
Str 3 Agi 3 Move 7 Armour 7

Veterans 0-3
Veterans have been playing for a while now, and if not specialised are more reliable then your average player.
Price: 8
Str 3 Agi 3 Move 7 Armour 7

Guardsmen are your basic IG players. Numerous, cheap and capable all rounders if not great at any one thing
Price: 5
Str 3 Agi 3 Move 7 Armour 7

Ogryn 0-3
Heavy brusers, these are good tough players that can dish out some hurt.
Price: 10
Str 5, Agi 2, Move 7, Armour 8

Rattlings 0-3
These are good agile players, but they’re not too tough. . .
Price: 7
Str 2, Agi 4, Move 7, Armour 7

>Aaaand that's all I have thus far. I thought I did more on it, obviously not. What do you guys think of it thus far? What to add/remove/fix, etc.

>> No.22991386

I personaly think the dynamic of low armor and thick skull (or other similar skills) makes for a great WH40K twist and change of theme for them, compared to the Blood Bowl heavy armored brutes.

The S4/A4/Ar9+ on Marines will be brutal though. No Idea how to balance that up unless you make scouts the core players and Marines (Tactical, Assault, Dev, Terminator, and so on) the expensive specialists (and only One specialist of each type, with skills and a piece gear to boot; something tactical (reroll?), jumpack, targeter, strength & armor..).


>> No.22991409

>But Gretchin should honestly be an option
Yes. I didnt mean exclude Gretchinsg, course there should be gretchins. But I ment there could be a only Gretchin team (based off of the revolutionists in Gorkamorka) with snotlings as their 'gretchins'?

>> No.22991430

I'm unsure if /tg/ is in shi/t g/ets done mood, but I just dumped what I had from a while back. Should actually do some more on it then a stray afternoon, but so many other projects. . .

>> No.22991624

I wanted them to be a mix of orcs in blood bowl and goblins in blood bowl. Orky weapons and beat the everloving shit out of the other team, but also disposable and crazy speshul stuff.

Gretchin at least should be in the main team. It's part of the dynamic, and we need "really disposable" players. Plus players with a bit more agility then boyz.

Cheers. The player can buy everyone 'evy armour to make the more orcy mix up, but I was making the base of low armour, who cares same as 40k.

Pssibly need to bump their costs up a bit. BAsically, a marine team will take to the field with 6 players if need be, and every casualty should hurt.

True. Though I think covering more of the main armies is higher priority then a grot revvulushary team.

>> No.22991708

Expanding on the orks.

I wanted individual orks to be disposable on the field, but wanted to be able to build up a team with skilled induviduals. Tuff was this in a nutshell. In game I could throw players around and let them get hurt (low armour meaning cheap and replacable) but after the game a visit to the dok has them right as rain. Any better players get 'evy armour or mega armour, and then suddenly aren't super fragile and have an extra layer of resistance to injuries.

>> No.22991738

I disagree. Individual Orks shouldn't be disposable. In fact, they should be reliable bruisers who keep getting back up and telling the other team that they swing like a bitch. They're fucking Orks. Not some panzee ass spess murheen, or eldar. Per fluff, Orks are hardy, easily stitched up, and a extremely difficult to fully kill on an individual level.

>> No.22991835

he did specify "on the field", I think his idea was to represent the horde qualities of an Ork warband on the bloodbowl pitch, he did specify that whilst orks would be prone to failing armor rolls due to the poor equipment of the average boy, they would be difficult to injure permenantly in any way that would require you to replace them after the match.

>> No.22991856

Again, I disagree completely. Orks in a 40k bloodbowl knock-off should feel and act similar to Orcs in the actual BloodBowl game. A tough as nails 'bruiser' team that uses expendable Goblins to make plays, and is otherwise there to beat the other team to a fucking pulp.

>> No.22991876

Oh yeah. Hence tuff. It's there to inspire a "she'll be right" sort of attitude. But they should be able to be thrown about with abandon, and you shouldn't think twice about throwing a boy in front of a dreadnaught to slow it down. As the Coachboss, you shouldn't care about your induvidual orks. One being turned to a red mist because you told him to tackle a dreadnaught shouldn't worry you. If you have a boy in your range of fire, you shouldn't even tell him to duck. Think deff skwadron's attitude. They should be disposable, even if they aren't that easily disposed of.

>> No.22991882

Eh, we'll chalk it down to a difference in perception, I agree with >>22991708
in that the boyz should be useful though generally disposeable but potentially exceptional, much like in 40k (or fantasy for that matter).

>> No.22991916

I think there's a danger in trying to take on to much of how they're on the WH40K battle field (with most armies/teams).

One has to make the game at hand work first and formost.

While I do like that they have low armor when they clearly have low armor in WH40K (with exceptions) there has to be things to represent their Toughness (thick head is one, but there might need more). But then there's already the difference of the Orks having a Strength 4 as a base (which they do not in BB/WHFB), which makes them far more brutal offencivly . But this may also be a big balance issue, as mentioned with the Marines. It's not just a cost issue it's a over all potential of a team vs other eams and if that's a base of 4 across the board or more then it's quite vicious, specially when you keep adding a variety of choises to that as well.

>> No.22991927

Grab 3 scarboyz and a nob, then give them all 'evy armour. You've got relitively cheap bruisers that can hurt faces, especially once you get some promotions on them. Then grab gretchin to make plays and snotlings to trip enemy players/tie them down so the skars can blitz them. If you really want to hurt faces, scarboyz with power klawz should be the gubbinz. Remember you can only have 3 black orks in BB, the rest have to be boyz, which with 'evy armour aren't that far behind regular orcs.

>> No.22991942

>you shouldn't care about your induvidual orks
Except taht dont really work in a BB based game. Sure linemen are linemen, but to care even less about something that's not really.. I don't know. One has so few players that the whole point is watching them grow, though if you can be fairly safe that even if they do take damage, that they heal up, and this in a very short time, I can see that quite fun and a good difference from how they are in BB/WHFB.

>> No.22991958

Another thing to think of though, is that marines *WILL* be the standard average everything gets compared to. No exceptions. And if they are head and shoulders above everyone else due to the usual (overly cliche) shticks of "best stats, best armor, best equipment", etc... Then they're going to end up less of a "balanced" team and more of the overly popular "Spyer gang of homebrewed 40k bloodbowl". Sure you have 4 guys at start... but each one is worth a team on their own. Especially if you go by what marine fans typically want...

>> No.22991966

> and replacable
Except nothing in BB ever really are, soem are more then others, but every loss fucking hurts.

I like the idea of being brutal offense, poor defence, but tough as nails and gets back up almost immediately.

>> No.22992001

You're thinking about it more like someone who doesn't play Orks, but likes their style. The pitch black humor behind them should be represented more in the army/team's callous disregard for life. Not in the actual way they play. They tried that with Orks back in RT era, and they were far less popular then because nobody really wants to play a bunch of losers that are all talk. And Ork players typically *DO* care about their individual models to a degree. Unless it's a newcomer who's just bought a pile of AoBR kits off E-Bay, you tend to always see Ork players swapping models around in their mobs whenever they take a casualty simply because they like particular boys more than others. "Eh, I prefer this rokkit-boy over that one, so the one further will be removed, but the actual casualty is just moving into his spot.

>> No.22992013

Balance is something that's going to need some testing, and I'm not too sure about costs. They're all guestimates on a gut feel at this stage. The stuff there was an afternoon just trying to get a feel for how things should feel, etc.

Orks have the 3 as a base, it's the skarboyz that get 4. They essentially have horns as well though, across the board, meanign boyz blitz at 4, and skars blitz at 5. On the blitz they're scary. Remember though, you can pay 3 more to get evy armour, giving them armour 8. This moves a boy from expendable to a bruiser, though you probably don't want to do this on boyz wihthout skills. When they get block though, it's easy enough to buy some, take some from some other boy.

>> No.22992015

The whole less guys at start is not a good way to go though (I havent read the entire thread that closely but I'm going by the core BB set-up and number of players).

I'd rather see that the team is mostly Scouts that level up into marines, and branch out to different kinds (assault w. jump-packs, devastators w. targeters, terminators w. tactical dreadnought armor incl. teleportation* and so on).

*Teleportation would be that if they don' start on the field of play and are ready they can replace an injured and removed team-player by teleporting in on the field (in its set up zone, with some scatter and so on, no action unless a blitz is called, just like in Dungeon Bowl) when it's that person-players turn.

>> No.22992056

Which of course would be a major part and tactic of the Necrons.

>> No.22992061

Yeah, I like that idea too. Tough to the point where permanent injuries are either rare, or readily repairable. And player casualties are unlikely. And even then, the "low armor" shtick should only really apply to generic boyz. Everything above that should have decent, to even good armor.

>> No.22992100

That's true. Looking after the rookie linesmen too much doesn't seem orky though. And grots should be full disposable until they survive long enough to rack up some skills.

Cheap linesmen without skills are pretty replacable. You dump them if they lose any stats as soon as you can.
Might make tuff work between plays as well or give them the hard skull upgrade too?

Marines are going to be the hard ones to balance. But being a man or two down in bloodbowl is murder. Being 4 down is crazy. It's going to be a case of every injury/red card/knock out hurts. I'm not sure on the costs, I'm thinking that they might need to be more expensive.

I play orks. Since 2e. 8k points. Played with them through thick and thin, no codex blues to mech edition. Wrote the 5th ed ork tactica that people pointed people to from the archives. Trust me, I know orks. That model swapping is because of conversions. You'll find that long time ork players will have converted everything, so won't do that nearly as much.

>> No.22992123

>This moves a boy from expendable to a bruiser
Again though, they really shouldn't be all that "expendable". That's simply not something that should be applied to anything above the stat level of a Gretchin (for any team). An Ork Boy should be no more 'expendable' than pretty much any other basic linemen. Now in a gretchin-team, yes... everything should be expendable to the nth degree. Hell this is represented great in BloodBowl with the Goblin team. And the even more expendable team being the Snotling one which actually can field extra models because the refs can't keep track of all the little bastards.

If you want to add in a team that is all about 'expendable players', it should be an all gretchin team. Orks on the other hand, shouldn't be any more expendable than any other typical team in the game.

>> No.22992137

Maaaan. That sounds like a major hassle to balance, but so cool.

I'm expecting people to buy skarboyz mega or evy armour. But what I'm hearing here is that tuff doesn't do enough to make people feel like they can throw their boyz about. Giving boyz Thick Skull basic ok? Means they won't get knocked out so easy, instead just being stunned. What do people think?

>> No.22992179

I'm thinking about the same as a cheap basic lineman, but because of tuff, less likely to actually end up being permanently injured. Maybe it's just me, but I tend to think of linesmen as very disposable until they level up? Mainly play skaven so that might be it.

>> No.22992207

Yeah, I play(ed) Orks too. That model swapping wasn't just because of conversions... It was also because you were particularly happy with how certain models look, or you liked the character behind a model more, or simply because some other model you weren't happy with would have been a better bullet-catcher. I played them pretty much as long as you, and even still have my old RT era Freeboota book. I've built 5 armies of Orks over the years, ranging from 1750 to 3k, and couldn't even begin to tell you what my total point-count is/was. 5e was a gradual let down for me, and the primary reason I don't play them anymore is because... well... I just don't find 40k to be that fun right now, even if it's with the army I love(d) most.

That all said, I still staunchly disagree that the basic, generic boy should be anymore expendable than any given linesmen for any other team. Except maybe marines, but even then I have to say that marine fans should just suck it up and accept that scouts shouldn't be any better (balance-wise) than other linesmen.

>> No.22992272

Follow your ideas, and just do (or let others do as they see fit) edition changes later. Don't over do things, add flair and fluffy mechanics (but try to keep it to existing BB rules and mechanics as much as possible) to give the WH40K sense in, but don't over do it with to much variety (after all some things has to be earned by getting the experience).

That's another thing/thought: to scale it down just a bit and let things grow into some of the roles (but never mind that now though, it's just a thought).

>> No.22992312

>Mainly play skaven so that might be it.
I think that has a lot to do with it...

Skaven have a shtick of being "fast and much more expendable" until they get some skills... then they become more of the "fast and deadly". Skaven are second only to Goblins in terms of 'expendable linemen', with the gag-team of Snotlings being the 'laughably most expendable of all'.

>> No.22992340

I'm thinking on par with linesmen, of the cheaper kind. Because not all teams care about linesmen as much. Remember they should be harder to kill then most linesmen, meaning you should be more willing to risk an injury. Because there will be big players (dreadnaughts) that will be *very* risky to go toe to toe with.

A further note on thick skull:
Upto AV7, it gives you an equal or better chance of staying on the field than a +1 AV. Granted there is an increase chance of the player eating dirt when compared to an actual +1 AV, but it is avaiable on a normal roll for some, or a doubles roll for most.
- some random on a BB tactics forum.
>Is this enough to make them have that mixture of tough but low armour that lets you happily throw them in harms way?

>> No.22992370

>scouts shouldn't be any better than other linesmen.

Yeah, that's a tough one.. They still have S4 (and T4 WH40K), but their WS and BS is only 3, which should probably mean they only have A3 (even if Initiative is a 4).

But with even a standard S4 across the board it's just craaazy (rerolls should probably be astronomical.

>> No.22992381


The original joke-team.

>> No.22992391

Bam, there we are. I'm picturing them a lot like skaven, but tougher as far as how you treat the linesmen.
>Oh, that's a nice minotaur. Claws, +1Str and Mighty Blow? Guess I'm moving my rat next to him? He doesn't have tackle break? Oh, well, guess you have to kill my rat. Lucky I have annother waiting to step into his place.
Becomes >Oh, nice dreadnaught. Mighty Blow? Cool. Well here's my boy. No, I know I won't win this. You killed him? Heheh, well he's tougher then he looks, lets see after the game.

>> No.22992399

By the current WHFB fluff they really should have ogres instead of Treemen and some delicious food related ogre bonus thingymajig mechanic.

>> No.22992417

I'm thinking marines won't have enough cash for rerolls to start. They gotta pay for the players, etc. They're on price with skarboyz, who have half the agility, same str, less armour, but gain tough, thick skull, block and horns (waaagh). A fair trade off IMHO.

>> No.22992454

Note, I'm only talking about attitudes towards linemen here. They don't play the dodge game. Oh no. The only sidestep they know is the Kiwi Sidestep (into and through the opposing player).

>> No.22992497

Yeah. But they we have two teams of ogres. . . That said, to make them less of a joke, adding two ogre big guys would be cool.

>> No.22992552

>I'm thinking on par with linesmen, of the cheaper kind.
I'm thinking they should definitely be middle of the road. Better than say cultist, or guardsmen, or whatever gaunt will make up the Nid linemen. Eldar should only be less expendable due to their agility and ability to run the field (i.e. the elf shtick from BB), but overall more frail. Scouts really should just be less expendable due to good armor, as armor should really be the marine shtick. That basicallly leaves Tau, which an Ork *IS* less expendable than a firewarrior or kroot when you get down to it.

>> No.22992568

And trolls are in three or more (has been in four or five) teams.

The Treemen can get a Forest Spirit Team (if there aint already one) along with the normal Woodelves.

But OT, sorry.

>> No.22992580

Eh, and Halflings. I always forget about those. But they're much like the snotling team. Both teams exist to have 2 'big guys' firing linesmen down-field like a fucking cannon, obliterating everyone they hit.

>> No.22992591


The Codex DOES have entire books dedicated to developing new strategies on the fly, you know that right?

>> No.22992677

Hmm, true. Though, orks shouldn't be less expendable then FW/Kroot. Still middle of the line(sman) but with tuff allowing them to be much more survivable (re-roll all injuries after the game, regardless and pick the one you want? That makes them ded 'ard. You won't be losing players often.) so you're not as worried about them being in danger.

Do they need to be tougher? Remember that AV6 + Thick Skull is harder to get off the field then AV7 and they can become AV8 with thick skull for 3 points, with the advantage that you can pass around the purchased armour to players who roll upgrades.

>> No.22992749

I'm thinking that what we should really be doing right now is taking a step back and looking at all teams as a whole ("The Big Picture"), and focusing first on what each team's "shtick" will be. Something they're unanimously good at doing. Each army should have something it does very (very) well. And from there is where the balance of the game should spread. Examples like Craftworld Eldar shtick being to dodge and make plays while running the field. Marines being good armor and flexible all around gameplay (forget the "best of the best bullshit"). IG shtick to be holding the line, with a focus towards defense (maybe slow moving ogryns for support). Tyranids to be the fast horde of fucking doom, led by some big shit (not too unlike Skaven). Orks being the "Beat the fucking shit out of them, and survivable. etc. etc. etc.

Once the 'shticks' are in place, you can better balance everything by deciding whether or not something makes sense for the team, or whether it's encroaching upon another team's area of expertise. Generally speaking, each team *SHOULD* be fucking amazing at something to the point where other teams struggle to compete in that aspect.

>> No.22992788

That makes sense to me, I think.

>> No.22992906

Craftworld Eldar probably should have hyper-specialised "aspect players" too. I mean, it is a big part of their whole thing.

IG 'hold the line' seems good. But how do we make them do that, apart from low movement high str/armour, which doesn't feel like guardsmen. I'm thinking more of a cheap linemen, relying on veterans/skilled players to make up for their lackluster average units. Ogryn big guys, rattlings as dodgers. Leaders that can inspire/threaten other players in various ways. Commisars who will shoot you after the game, so damn it, you're not going to let that nob past, power klaw or no.

>> No.22992968

As for marines, making them anything less then St A4 Mv8 Av9 seems wrong. As a rule of thumb I've been using:

Armour = Save
10 = 2+
9 = 3+
8 = 4+
7 = 5+
6 = 6+
T5 or higher is worth at least +1AV to that though.

>> No.22993254

There's some features that stick out from 40K that you could incorperate to make the game quite a different one:

Almost all armies has jump packs, teleporters, or similar units or practices, which don't only add movement but also could incorperate hight differences in the game, like see through force field plateaus that lets the ball through but lets players stand on them, shifting hight level changes along with gravity changes.

Course this becomes a totaly different beast when it comes to balancing gameplay if features like these are implemented on the playing field.

But it would make jump infantry and their movement much more interetsing (say that a hight difference of not just 1 step/stair (~25% hight of standard miniature) but 2 steps high (~50%)and it costs +1 movement point to get into that square or even hex), and course some skill that ignores that movement penalty (parkour style).

Things like bouncing the ball (off of elements) might also be a thing (look at Speedball 2 and even how it scores points (1) while a TD (well a goal in SP2) scores more points).

>> No.22993289

>force field plateaus that lets the ball through but lets players stand on them

Again, events, the force fields (plateaus or any other kind) might be of different kinds, flickering (on/off) or even micro-porting players/ball (much in line with different WH40K fields).

>> No.22993308

We made 40k into ice hockey once didn't we?

>> No.22993329

Sounds like we're diverging a fair bit there. The goal was essentially Bloodbowl 40k. 40k teams, rules to cover 40k things like teleporters/jump packs, etc.

>> No.22993601

Do what thou wilt.

I'm just spreading inspiration and suggestion. After all the Dungeon Bowl version of Blood Bowl is far more entertaining then the Original Blood Bowl.

>> No.22993939

Not played it tbh. Once we have the basis down, a Space Hulk Ball might be worth it, but not until then.

>Before I go to bed, this is what I'm thinking as far as guard special rules/wargear.

Team Special Rules
The coach may apply any one of the below regiments to all players who are not from annother unit or not eligible. Unless otherwise stated, Commissars, Ogryn and Rattlings are not eligible. Any unit from a different regiment from the rest of the team gains the loner trait, as does any unit without a regiment if the team takes one, or any players with a regiment if the team does not.
Cost: Free
Gives sneaky git and -1 Armour. Can be applied to ogryns.
Cost: Free
Does nothing. Prestigious though.
Cost: 1/player
Gives Guard skill.

Shipped In
May be from a different regiment to the rest of the team or take a regiment if the team does not.

The player is an officer, and in charge of the other players. What's more, they know it. Officers allow any players adjacent to them a single free re-roll. This bonus can be used up to once a turn.

>Any ideas?
Carapace Armour
Price: 3
Gives armour 8.

>What's missing/wrong? I'm off, hope this thread is still around when I wake up.

>> No.22993995

Why dont you just convert Blood Bowl to 40k instead of trying to do this horrible vomit of mess?

>> No.22994286

>convert Blood Bowl to 40k instead
What, I don't even?

>> No.22996230

OP here. THIS is true /tg/ gold. i orginally was aiming for blood bowl 40k, but orky shooting skills, we are all over the place. but that is fine too. as long as the target is hit, collatoral damage is acceptable. keep at it and archive this tread for the glory of emperor!

>> No.22996261

It would be better.

>> No.22996342

I think that the stat line should be less about "what do they have in 40k", and more about "how should they be in this game". For instance, marines should probably suffer some kind of minor movement penalty in comparison to other, lighter-armored teams.

>> No.22996533

I don't even understand what that is ment to mean or achive?

>> No.22996672

>I think that the stat line should be less about "what do they have in 40k"
>and more about "how should they be in this game".

Yeah, one has to go that rout. can't obsess to much on the WH40K or the end result will just suffer from it.

But it looks like Gear would be a rather big part of the game, so one one could try to diverge a bit more from BB on that part (have prefixed steps, every other, depending on a chosen path that are a "must" raise, be it stats or skills or gear).

or you just go with the BB style of advencement, don't use gear at all (statisticly) but just have gear to represent skills gained (powerfist and equivalent being mighty blow and so on) Less work that way, much simpler, perhaps not as interesting.

>> No.22997709


>> No.23000804

But the fluff doesn't show marines as slow. If you've played much blood bowl, you know how important not being a man down is. If I can get it right, that'll be the marine weakness. If not, we might have to work out something else - but I want it to still have the beakie boyz feel like marines.

>Less work that way, much simpler, perhaps not as interesting.
The last one is why I'm not doing it that way. In order for it to feel more 40k, (seeing as the whole thing is making a 40k bloodbowl) I want to see a few of the classic 40k weapons.

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