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Slaanesh General

Because too much of anything is fucking awesome!

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Slaneesh isn't about having too much, it's about never having enough. Have fun dying or being forever unsatisfied.

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I fucking hate Slannesh. Because what should be the God of sadism, torture and related horror is instead the God of LOLBEWBS.

I'm sure some cunt on /tg/ will pop up and declare that they're all about sexual assault and other disgusting things, but none of those retards would every admit it in public, would they?

Fucking 4chan, fucking /tg/ and it's fucking obese fat shithead men.

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Slaanesh in Necromunda?

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gb2Khorne, lolrage

It's not all about sadism, torture, and related horror. There's also beauty, art, music. Pleasure of the senses. There is greed, lust for power, followers, love, and knowledge.

It's about having it all and wanting more.

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That's because people latch onto it without understanding it and start spreading misinformation. Case in point, Slaanesh is also all about extreme perfectionism and seeking new experiences.

It's the same as how people still say Ork technology doesn't work and only functions at all because Orks think it does. Not how the Waaagh! works, just what they've been told by other misinformed people.

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>Lust for power

That's Tzeentch's stuff.

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Is too much of magic/psyker powers also good or is that Tzeentch only?

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Slaanesh is about being honest. You know there is more out there, so why not want to experience it? It beats the hell out of endless rage and martial faggotry, oozing sores, and constant change for the sake of change.

Where's the fun in that?

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The Outcast Dead, Horus Heresy novel. Not about Slaanesh at all.

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Point of order, perfectionism is not inherently a domain of Slaanesh. That was just a thing from the Emperor's Children, which they turned into an obsession after getting Slaanesh'd up.

At its core, Slaanesh is about excess. Whether it's obsessing about one particular thing or never being satisfied with any single one is secondary.

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Not at all. Excessive lust for anything is the purview of Slaanesh as well. Excessive lust for carnage is the weird grey area between Khorne and Slaanesh. Excessive lust for knowledge and power is grey area between Tzeench and Slaanesh. STDs are the unfortunate grey area between Nurgle and Slaanesh.

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No it's not. Slannesh does not like subtle and delicate music, it likes dubstep that makes your ears bleed.

The god of deadly and horrible excess. And also masturbating teenagers who have missed the point.

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Ah, my bad. Saw the little psyker looking dude and he made me think of a Slaaneshi cultist, with his white robes, his head thingy, and his small pale frame. Looked like he was about to get his shit pushed in by some underhive gangers.

Have some Slaaneshi Pokemon instead.

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In that case, I could argue that Tzeentch's domain covers everything too. He is the lord of Change. Khorne Changes living dudes into dead dudes. Nurgle Changes the healthy into the sick. Slaanesh Changes flaccid penises into erections.

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Maybe after a while. But the lure to Slaanesh is certainly closer to Enya than Skrillex.

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That's a terrible argument based on the very one-dimensional perception of the ruinous powers.

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>about being honest
I'm sorry, what? How do you arrive at that conclusion? Are you some kind of "all people are inherently greedy and selfish"-fag?

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>It's the same as how people still say Ork technology doesn't work and only functions at all because Orks think it does. Not how the Waaagh! works, just what they've been told by other misinformed people.

Tau and Admech both examined Ork tech.

Both of them say it runs on Magic!

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Pic related: Fulgrim being a bit of a dick to Perturabo.

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I've no idea what you're talking about. Well, I do, but I don't understand the context.

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Don't Admech think ALL technology runs on magic? And Tau are all min-maxing with their tech, licking their rifles clean between battles?

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It's all about the expression of excess. On the one hand, music that's fucking loud and fucking crazy is taking the "some=good, therefore more=better" line of thought to it's logical extreme, so that's certainly a form of excess. On the other, spending decades working to ensure each minute portion of your soft and subtle masterpiece is perfect, to the point where, say, you work ten thousand slaves to death building a continent-sized perfectly soundproofed isolation room to work in, is also a form of excessive interest. The difference is that in the latter, only the composer is worshiping Slaanesh, as only the means of it's production is excessive rather then the end result, while in the former, both creator and listener are practicing excess, so naturally Slaanesh would prefer the ear-bleedingly loud shit.

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Could you find a source for the Tau findings?

The AdMech thing can be safely discarded, because that was basically "I don't understand how this works, it doesn't even have a machine spirit. That means it must be magic!"

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>ITT: infighting

Just as planned.

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Not necessarily that all people are greedy and selfish. But all people do desire for new experiences. It's what drives art, music, sex, culinary arts. It's why Crayola has more than 9 colors. It's why we meet new people, go new places, try new things.

It's why sky diving and bungee jumping are a thing we do for fun. It's why the X-Games exist, why gymnastics have evolved over the last 60 years.

Things get bigger, faster, louder, more extreme. Because we recognize that there IS more out there, and we are honest and open about wanting it bad enough that we risk our lives to grab it.

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We're fighting because we love it. Still ours, Big Bird.

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I've got a cream for that, let me take a look.

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I'm sorry, none of those apply to me. I have not participated in gymnasticism, culinary art, art in general, bungee jumping, skydiving, I don't actively try to meet new people. Am I being dishonest by not fitting your definition of a human being?

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You're all mad. Madness is a disease of the mind.

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>AdMech recover an Ork shoota
>it has no ammunition
>AdMech concludes that Ork weapons don't use ammunition

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If you've never done anything, ever, for the sake of trying something new?


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So, all the pretenders to the throne have arrived.

This turned into an undivided thread rather quickly.

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Well that also depends on how that soft and subtle masterpiece ends up.

Like, he spends so much time on composing that single song and spends his entire being on doing so that it ends up becoming some sort of song that once you hear it you yearn to hear it again and a again until that song doesn't satisfy your needs and you end up spending every waking our wanting more and more in the end converting you to Slaanesh.

Kinda like in Fulgrim where Bequa Kynska composes that opera, except it was for already depraved fuckjobs. So a depraved fuckjob makes a song that regular folks can enjoy that in the end makes them depraved fuckjobs.

I think that Slaanesh would love that.

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Disease of the mind? Clearly not Nurgle's domain.

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fuck. I'm a cow then.


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Why serve a lesser god?

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there was a cool character i had, who was a slanneshy champion. who'd take noisemarines and lock them in a room of true silence. driving them even more insane after a lifetime of noise.
then subject them to a single perfect note at the human bodies resonant frequency so their whole body became an instrument for the vibrations.
those who didnt explode joined his chosen


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In an old Ork Codex, 1st or 2nd I believe, there is a passage about an ork shooter being examined.
A few minutes before it was being used by an Ork to kill Imperial forces, but when examined it was discovered the gun was hollow with a few bullets rattling around on the inside.

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>follow, or at least revere, each of the Chaos Gods in equilibrium
>claim this makes you more chaotic

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Dude, are you wearing black? I can't see shit on your armor. You clearly need more color.

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No, I said try something NEW, not try something MOO!

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i want my story of someone lusting after STD's as a slaaneshi worshipper now!

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yeah, dont argue with those people, their only argument is the unrelyable narrator. There is no point.

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Sensory deprivation is probably just horrible enough for a Noise cultist that it'd be really fucking awesome.

Hell, after some concerts, I'd just sit in my car and listen to the silence because it was so different compared to the three hours of deafening noise.

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All the chaos gods have a degree of overlap. The Slaaneshi sadist who gets off on inflicting pain and misery could be considered, from a certain point of view, to be empowering Khorne slightly by their taking joy in bloodshed. The sorcerer of Tzeentch who spends decades perfecting his master plan is indirectly empowering Slaanesh though his obsessive perfectionism. The berserker who reaches insane heights of rage is feeling an extreme of emotion, which could be considered to fall under Slaanesh's purview. Nurgle's worshipers experience change before they reach stagnation, and the love he bears for his followers also falls slightly under Slaanesh's domain. Slaanesh, meanwhile, inspires almost as much change as Tzeentch does, as gifts and mutations are given, experimented with, warped and used for every possible experience, and destroyed once they become boring to make room for the next.
It's foolish to say that each god's purview belongs to them and them alone, since Chaos at its base is raw emotion, and no emotion is ever so precise. But despite that, it's also foolish to claim that one god or another is more powerful then the others because "their domain covers everything", since that street goes both ways.
In the end, what really matters is the mindset behind the action. Killing for the sake of killing serves Khorne, killing for the joy of causing pain serves Slaanesh, killing to move forward a plot decades in the making serves Tzeentch, killing for the sake of stillness and stagnation serves Nurgle, and all of the above can serve anyone if it's dedicated to them.

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and I am not a human. MOO

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Bug chasers are Nurgle all day, son.

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Depends on how badly you want it. If you want to be a "Collect ALL the plagues" kind of guy, for the sake of feeling what each one is like, that's in the weird cross-over between Nurgle and Slaanesh.

I'm still sorely tempted to have a World Eaters Lord with the Mark of Slaanesh and name him Lord Murder-Boner.

Or give my Emperor's Children Lord a black mace called "Murder Boner"

Not sure yet.

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I could bring up all kinds of irrelevant, outdated and retconned shit as well.

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>World Eaters
>Mark of Slaanesh

You gonna get de-skulled.

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>Nurgle and Slaanesh.

No. Do you even god aspects?

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Thank you. It's refreshing to see someone who truly understands the ruinous powers and how the warp isn't divided into blue, red, green, and pink sections, but is loaded with overlap between them.

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Chaos Undecided? Yours is the realm of people who stand in line at McDonald's for 15 minutes, get to the cashier and STILL don't know what they want to eat.

Enjoy having Failbaddon the Punchline as your avatar.

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OP here, bumpin' with my old 3.5 edition Emperor's Children

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Actually it does.
Fun fact: if the universe were reduced to a absolutely perfect chaotic state, it would also be perfectly ordered, since it would be an infinite, homogenous, identical mass of all particles.

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and I might even include the picture, hurr

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Vague overlaps at best. There's a reason why Slaanesh is called the opposite of Khorne.

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Is that glitter I see?
Nice touch.

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Does he have tentaclelocks?

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>giving a fuck about what others do in the name of Chaos
I see you're not even a scrub when it comes to worshipping the Ruinous Powers.

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So... by equally worshiping Chaos, you become more chaotic by being perfectly ordered and balanced?

Yeah, nothing says "Chaos" like perfect balance and order.


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Fuck that guy.
As Chaos Undivided there is Alpha Legion and they kick ass!

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thats not what the warp is though. And the Warp, not physical chaos is the ideal of Warhammer Chaos

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Weren't Furies the souls of those who couldn't decide which Chaos God to worship?

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Chaos is just a name; the ideal isn't to grow into a perfectly chaotic D&D aligntment.

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I think there was a little bit of glitter, but this was so long ago, I don't recall.

Yeah, the face is a defiler face with tentaclelocks and a Gene Simmons tongue.

My chaos lord with Lash of Torment/power fist (depending on what I wanted to run that day). Everyone thought he was Lucious.

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I think that guy was confusing Chaos with chaos theory. The Ruinous Powers are about emotional disorder, not physical.

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Alpha Legion IS Chaos Undecided. They can't decide if they're for the Emperor or against, have one Primarch or two, or if each individual marine IS the Primarch (one of the two).

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exactly, though after hundreds of years of having pure noise blasted into your helmet, silence with either be the best hting youve never heard, or itll turn your brain to mush

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The worst of the Chaos Daemons? I think so. Never really gave a shit about them, though.

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If you read what I wrote again.
Then you'll find that we agree.
And Fuck that guy were a reference to Abbaddon the despoiler.

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And yet the greatest of blessings are physical? The chaos gods are all about the physical and less about the emotional.

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Today's noise cultists. They loved noise so much that they went blind in order to hear more noise. They even wore shirts so loud that they could hear them, too.

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>physical Chaos gifts
>color and shape coded to every god
>pretty orderly representation of what the warp wants

Thats the Chaos of Physics for you? Entropy and stuff?

>> No.22971756

I did, but you seemed to think that Chaos Undecided was something to aspire to.

I think it's just plain ridiculous.

>> No.22971764

Sorry, I don't reply faster. Got busy.

The Tau examined Ork wreckage aircraft in Medusa and were puzzled how does it flew in the first place. They got more surprised when an escaped Ork managed to get it flying despite its wrecked state.


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The blessings are physical because physical beings like us are best rewarded and punished with physical things.

But the gods are fed with emotions and intent, which is why chaos is fueled by the immaterial.

>> No.22971779

They give blessings to followers who please them, and to please them requires that one have an emotional mindset that aligns with that god's sphere of influence. Physical gifts follow after emotional dedication, which is what the chaos gods are really after. People aren't rewarded with emotional changes because anyone worth rewarding already feels those emotions. For example, a Khornite warrior who enters a particularly great rage and slaughters a town may be given a daemon weapon by Khorne as a token of favor. Which is more important to Khorne: that this man now has a sword, or that he's going to use that sword to decapitate seventy people today?

>> No.22971780

Well yeah, because it's about bringing the immaterial to the material until there is no difference between them.

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Can you find a source that isn't fanwank?

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The greatest blessing one can get is to become a daemon prince, a major physical transformation where you leave your husk behind, and depending on the god of worship, your body is changed to suit that god.

Chaos is about change and eternal war because it pleases the gods.

>> No.22971822

Sure thing!

Just found it.

>The Escape

>Unbelievable as it may seem, the Ork prisoner captured at the onset of hostilities on Medusa when his ramshackle aircraft crashed on our position at the Charybdis Crests facility has escaped. Over the weeks, the Fio caste noticed a marked increase in his aggression and physique as the fighting against the Orks intensified, though they could discern no obvious cause for this. The wreckage of his aircraft had been left untouched once the homing equipment had been removed and was left as scrap – the Fio declaring that it would never fly again (and should never have flown in the first place!), yet it appears that the Ork was not only able to break his bonds, but to get his craft into the air. A squadron of Piranha were sent to bring him down, but after a brief report of contact, nothing has been heard from them since…

Ork stuff runs on Magic. It's confirmed by now, it should!

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Nahhh... I don't really think Chaos is anything to aspire towards in the first place.
Three of the chaos gods don't give two shits about their followers and the last ones love for his is even worse.
But if I had to choose a CSM chapter to be in, it would be Alpha Legion.
I like their tactics and the fluff (even though it's limited) which is fuckin badass.

>> No.22971856


My point being that the Chaos gods are about physical disorders, because that's the greatest gift you can receive and the mindset is about the individual. "Disorder" would imply that their emotions are random, when it takes a dedicated mindset to please said god.

>> No.22971865

So Orks are bees and Tao stupid scientists, more news at eleven.

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File: 91 KB, 453x289, Ork Weapons 2e codex.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hmm, checking the 2nd edition ork codex, all I could find on weapons was this, and a brief bit about how gretchin are given a blunderbus which is then filled with just about anything to be used as ammo.

This was of course, still back in the day when mechanically orks used bolters, and rich grots might get their hands on an autogun.

I will investigate for other sources other than Genator-Major Anzion's work.

>> No.22971881


Alpha Legion seem pretty lame to me. The Blood Gorgons is where it at!

>> No.22971890

Furies are the souls of those who kept switching allegiances because of indecision and cowardice.

It specifically mentions that they are not the souls of those who actively choose to follow Undivided.

>> No.22971892

Fun fact, according to GW Ork planes arn't aerodynamic, yet the space marine aircraft are.

>> No.22971909


It's a good thing that there are a lot of chapters out there to choose from then.

At least there is a chapter for everyone.

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Do Chaos actual have cities? You know maybe high murder rate, but actual functioning cities?

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No, WE are about physical disorders, not them. They are not even physical, so they can't be all about physical disorders.

And it's not that their emotions are random. It's that emotions are the opposite of rationality. Emotions cause people to lose control. That loss of control, for whatever reason, is what drives Chaos.

>> No.22971924

The Black Crusade books have multiple descriptions of worlds within the Screaming Maw which have civilizations and cities.

They tend to be even more grimdark than most imperial worlds, but they at least sort of function.

>> No.22971926


The inevitable City.

Too bad Draigo destroyed it

>> No.22971927

Unless cultists burn their planet whenever they manage to overthrow the order...

>> No.22971931


If I remember correctly there are Chaos planets that know they serve the dark gods and from where warband kidnap/recruit people every now and then.

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Yessir. In the Eye.

Planet of the Sorcerers is beautiful. GPS is useless, though. The damn roads shift so much that ya reroute every twenty seconds.

>> No.22971951

>constantly switching gods
>not actively choosing Chaos Undecided

Yup, Chaos Undecided.

>> No.22971960

This is why I should read back through my posts before I post them.

>> No.22971961

Two things.

1: He will destroy it. It's most likely not happened yet.
2: It regrows anyway.

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I chuckled

Also, more of my old Emperor's Children.

>> No.22971979

Doesn't Chaos Undecided dedicate themselves equally to all Gods, if allowed to?
When others may switch Gods, if persuaded to and don't exactly intend to die for them.

>> No.22971988

What is why?

>> No.22971996

You're confusing Undivided and Undecided.

>> No.22972004

Whoah. Right you are.

>> No.22972013


>WE are about physical disorders, not them

But they give the physical disorder, it's their blessing. So it's something they make you get. No the other way around.

Meanwhile the emotional part is something we create and they enjoy.

>It's that emotions are the opposite of rationality. Emotions cause people to lose control. That loss of control, for whatever reason, is what drives Chaos.

What drives Chaos variates from person to person, and some might be driven by their emotions, other by

>> No.22972020

Chaos Undecided is the fat person at Applebee's who gets the appetizer sampler and eats the whole thing because they don't know what they want.

I may like 6 of the appetizers, but I'm not going to actually eat 6 appetizers because I know which one I want more.

>> No.22972027

>You're confusing Undivided and Undecided.
>implying there's a difference

>> No.22972030

okay, so I read that followers of Slaanesh are supposed to be the most sexy motherfuckers in the world, yet all the art of them looks like Sin had red head bastard child who got beat by the entire ugly tree.

I have to ask you guys, the fuck is going on?

>> No.22972047

>But they give the physical disorder, it's their blessing. So it's something they make you get. No the other way around.

I give a restaurant money, because that is what they want. THEY are the ones who want the money, not me.

>Meanwhile the emotional part is something we create and they enjoy.

Meanwhile the restaurant gives me food. Because, while they create it and may enjoy it, it's what I want and the reason I bless them with my greenbacks.

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File: 26 KB, 150x188, It is exactly what this looks like.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I may like 6 of the appetizers, but I'm not going to actually eat 6 appetizers because I know which one I want more.
But then only one was ever an option for you.
For you liked it more than the others, when the others five were of equal (as far as we know) bad quality, which lead to you not ingesting them.
But if we imagine that all six were of equal quality, then would you not dedicate yourself to each one for the purpose of enjoying an appetizer.

>> No.22972059


>GPS is useless, though

If in Medrengard, the home of Primarch OCD, euclidean geometrics can get fucked, I don't want to know what happens in the PotS.
Stupid warp.

>> No.22972064

They're actually relatively disturbing and have an attitude much like Hellraiser's Cenobites.

The thing is that due to slaanesh's influence, they often appear to be seductive until it's too late.

>> No.22972087

> are supposed to be the most sexy motherfuckers in the world,
No. No they aren't. And it's people like you who perpetuate that idea.
Most Slaanesh followers would look like strung-out coke whores, because most of them ARE strung-out coke whores. Chasing extremes does not help your figure.

>> No.22972088


You're comparing gods with an restaurant. Well done, you've proven ignorance.

>> No.22972115

It's not so much them granting the mutations though.

What happens is your body is filled with warp energy of their particular "flavour" or "stream". This energy, being effectively the raw matter of creation, flows through your body, shaping it randomly into bizarre shapes.
The fact the energy is associated with one of the four does lend some slightly stability to the shaping (khorne's energy being more likely to turn your skin into armour, etc), although there's always some randomness.

Of course, sometimes the body can't handle the warp energy, and can't shut down the innate gateway between the materium and immaterium (dubbed the "soul" by some), the changes then become uncontrollable, leaving the wretch a gibbering heap of constantly mutating flesh.

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File: 68 KB, 580x620, michelle-jenneke-dancing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Followers of slaanesh can be many things. They can be pretty, charismatic, and statuesque. OR, they can be the derpy looking guy that's in the process of writing a sonata that will drown a planet in the tears of those who hear it.

It's not about being sexy, it's about being desirable, perfect, or... beautiful, but on a level higher than just physical attraction.

It's not so much making a dude pop a boner as it is making a dude drag his balls through a mile of broken glass to hear you fart through a walkie-talkie.

pic related

>> No.22972119

The ones who are the most sexy motherfuckers in the world are probably the ones who have Slaaneshi gifts without necessarily being completely devoted to Slaanesh, because they retain enough of their willpower to avoid too many damaging indulgences.

>> No.22972151

The problem is that all 6 appetizers are not equal, else they would simply be the same appetizer.

>> No.22972165

No, I've compared people to people.

Well done, you've proven ignorance.

>> No.22972202


You're comparing being granted gifts from chaos gods, to paying for a meal. It's ridiculous.


The Chaos god can grant mutations or psychic powers, others get it from runic energies.

>> No.22972226

The appetizers are theoretical in being.
We have six, which are equal in all respects of ingestion and what involves ingesting them.
Technically yes, they would have to exist so that they would share the spot in space-time reality.
But really, a bad example and I'm just making it worse by doing this.

>> No.22972260

Oh, I see. No, see, what I'm doing is showing how the Chaos Gods pay for their food.

In this example, the Chaos God is NOT the restaurant, but is the person. They are paying for their food (emotion) with money (blessings and mutations) The Gods are not all about mutations (money) because they do not need mutations (money) to survive. They need emotion (food) to survive, which their followers (the restaurant) produces and serves to them.

It's unfortunate that you're too stupid to see this, as it's spelled out pretty clearly, but I went over it again in case Nurgle's rot has affected your brain more than I had expected.

>> No.22972275

So you think that the four chaos gods are 100% equal in each and every way?

There's your first problem.

>> No.22972311

Yeah but you see, the chaos gods ARE warp energy.

The whole anthropomorphising of them by cultists is a way of treating with things which are so far beyond them as to be barely qualifiable as entities.

Put it like this, a chaos warrior, devoted to Khorne, kills people and sacrifices them to Khorne. Khorne grants the warrior a mutation, this turns out to awaken his psychic potential, and thus Khorne seeks to kill him.
This is a perfectly possible situation. Gifts and mutations are merely rationalizations for the hand of some unthinkable essense which is part of a realm of unpredictable energies.

>> No.22972321

>It's unfortunate that you're too stupid to see this, as it's spelled out pretty clearly
Mmno. I think you should work on the presentation.
The other Anon, in my opinion, wasn't anymore stupid than I for not understanding your evidently vague expressions.
Perhaps you should contain their explanations as well? Otherwise I guess it's doable. If a bit of a stretch.

>> No.22972350

>Yeah? Well, I wasn't the only stupid one around here.

Interesting response. I reply to a post. I replied to yours. I'm sorry you were the only retard I called out for being retarded. I'll try to include more of your people next time.

>> No.22972351


I never doubted or said that they don't need emotions, I said you need a proper mindset to get a blessing from a god (which makes the gods part in the deal majorly physical) while a cultist need a mindset with the proper emotions or will to serve a good (which makes their part of the deal majorly about the emotions).

I'm talking about the deal between cultist-god, you're talking about what a god needs. Different topics, same thinking.

>It's unfortunate that you're too stupid to see this, as it's spelled out pretty clearly, but I went over it again in case Nurgle's rot has affected your brain more than I had expected.

You're too stupid to see the difference in the topics, you Nurgling.

>> No.22972366


Missing the point?
Have I said otherwise?

>> No.22972368

The options are, which I had so far understood as being the appetizers.
But apparently the stand-ins were for the Entities themselves as stated here, >>22972260

I don't really want to delve into blabbering about the characters or setting-related figures, so I'll explain what I meant by the appetizers.
The appetizers were to be the options, they are equal in that they are equally available to the person seeking them, so that all will possess an equal chance of being chosen then.
The options are both good and bad, when considering the well-being of the person. The individual will most likely go through events that are alike in everything but their thematics or other fine nuances.

>> No.22972376

But will you improve the expression?
Otherwise it will end as lackluster as before, sorry to say.

>> No.22972378


We are two different people. Drop the hostile attitude.

>> No.22972422

No, what I was saying is that Chaos Undecided is the fat person at applebee's who can't figure out what appetizer they want, so they order the sampler plate and eat all of them. The appetizers being the chaos gods.

If all appetizers were equal, then they'd be the same appetizer, just like if all chaos gods were equal, they'd all be the same god.

But this is not so.

The example in >>22972260 was in response to the guy saying that Chaos Gods only care about the physical because those are the form their blessings tend to take. I was explaining that he had it backwards because those physical blessings are what WE want, as physical beings. The chaos gods, who are NOT physical beings, have no need for physical mutations, but rather use them to trade for the emotions that they feed off of, the way a restaurant gives the food that people need in exchange for the money that people can't eat.

The reason the restaurant/customer analogy works is because of the symbiotic relationship between the god and the cultist. They each give and take from each other, and it's an easy way to get fat people to understand what I'm talking about.

>> No.22972426

Well no, I was merely meaning that a blessing may be from the chaos gods, but it is not necessarily to their will. They influence the mutation through their dominant stream.
A khornate getting a mutation is more likely to be martially focused, but this is not because Khorne wants them to gain, say, an axe growing from their arm, but because of the emotion of rage will bring out offensive aspects to their body.

I realise this is all rather chicken and egg though, and I appologise if I'm not making my self clear.

>> No.22972457

Yeah? Well your counterpart says you're also a retard.

Like I said, I reply to the posts that reply to me. If two people reply in equally stupid fashions, with the name "Anonymous", there's no way to tell if they're one person or two people. So, rather than make assumptions, I just reply directly to the post's content.

But when someone claims I'm ignorant for making a perfectly logical and legitimate analogy, which they somehow managed to read completely backwards, then I'm going to call it for what it is, stupidity.

Sorry if that hurts your feelings, spud. I'll go put my nice-guy pants on.

>> No.22972475

Lord Murder Boner Axe-Hand, the Chopper.

I like it.

>> No.22972477


My god, you think "ignorance" is meant to be an insult? Drop the fucking act and start being an adult.

>> No.22972528
File: 41 KB, 720x540, Intredasting.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"You've compared the Chaos gods to a restaurant. You've proven your ignorance."

Oh, that's not meant to be insulting?

>> No.22972550

Oh, alright.
The complications may have come from how I am not familiar with how the establishment in question might function.

What kind of a restaurant is the Applebee's?

As an afterthought this may be regarding the manner in which the Chaos Entities seek to sustain themselves, but they are not beyond possessing plans and the like through which they intend to achieve greater gain.
This is when they can possibly work against the Applebee's form and in some ways conduct events that detrimental to the conventional gain it tends to procure.

>> No.22972562


An insult would be "You've compared the Chaos gods to a restaurant. You're fucking retarded for thinking that way". Ignorance isn't an insult you whelp.

>> No.22972592
File: 118 KB, 730x431, american food restaurant what.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>conduct events that are detrimental*

Had a look at what I think is their site.
I have no idea how this can be categorized as a restaurant.

>> No.22972635

fuck me, everyone look at sanguinius' face, pahahahaahahahaah

>> No.22972647

But claiming that an analogy that the claimant misunderstands is proof of said ignorance is.

Good thing this is a Slaanesh thread, I'm loving this.

>> No.22972653

Yeah... neither can most Americans, myself included.

>> No.22972657


That's not insult unless you're easily offended by lacking knowledge in said topic.

>> No.22972659

That's Fulgrim.
You can tell from the lack of wings.

>> No.22972729

is that a cape?!? what a retarded length for a cape- we've all seen incredibles

>> No.22972765

He's a primarch. If he got sucked into a jet engine, then I pity the engine.

>> No.22972804
File: 76 KB, 396x691, 1357946813363.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what about a "daemon engine"

>> No.22972830

It's not that I was offended. I just assumed that our relationship had progressed to the next level and that he was trying to offend me because he misunderstood what I was saying. So, I simply pointed out that he was a fucking retard, but that I would still try to dumb-down and thoroughly explain what I meant because I still cared about saving him from the pitiable existence he leads.

If caring about others is wrong, then I don't want to be right.

>> No.22972842

Daemon primarch caught in a daemon engine?


>> No.22972905

Well, given that a daemon engine is a machine containing the essense of a daemon, presumably one could use a daemon primarch to power one, if you got rid of their corporeal form.

>> No.22972983

Hmm, damn, I'm having trouble finding anything in the Ork books supporting the Anzion Theorum of Orkoid Mechamorphic Resonant Kinetics, other than the Genetor-Major's own work.

Anyone able to give me ideas for books with potential references?

>> No.22973000

If I grow up, I want to be a noise marine

>> No.22973001

If you bastard's haven't read Fulgrim from Black Libary. Do.

The Musical scene in the later chapter is so lovely Slaanesh!

>> No.22973014

it shall be so.

>> No.22973063
File: 844 KB, 2560x1440, 201208398904.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And then The Reflection Crack'd.

>Marius followed Lucius’s example and selected an instrument of torture from the collection of devices Fabius had laid out. He turned the pear-shaped device around in his hands, twisting a metal cog handle that gradually spread the leaves of the pear apart. Satisfied, he returned it to its original shape and moved down the gurney to place the device between the primarch’s legs.

>‘None of this coming together is random,’ explained Fulgrim. ‘It is all part of the universe’s nature, its tendency towards complexity. Ah... yes, that is most exquisite, Marius, another turn of the screw!

>> No.22973081

Anyone check out the new WoC book (WHFB)? It's looking pretty interesting, some really cheesy characters to be had.

>> No.22973088


>> No.22973150

Hmm, not a bad idea. Unfortunately, all I could find in there, unless I managed to overlook something, was details on their genetics.

>> No.22973167

That's so gay of you

>> No.22973168
File: 1.79 MB, 1191x1750, 41.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It only really focuses on the biological aspects though. Still, might as well post the relevant pages. If nothing else, it's proof (inb4 not canon) that the Ork psychic field does *something*.

>> No.22973202
File: 2.32 MB, 1191x1750, 42.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.22973217

Well yeah, it'd be a very small number of people who claimed the waaagh! field had no affect, but it's most likely merely a "massaging". It's been noted that ork weapons do run out of ammo, so the whole idea that they're entirely mind powered makes little sense.

>> No.22973226
File: 79 KB, 500x549, art-28.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>‘You were talking of good and evil,’ said Lucius, taking hold of the plain wooden handle of his awl and pushing it in deeper.

>‘Oh, you wield that spike like a master craftsman,’ said Fulgrim. ‘You are as skilled with a smaller weapon as you are with a larger.’

>‘I practise,’ answered Lucius.

>‘I know,’ said Fulgrim.

>> No.22973314
File: 2.43 MB, 1191x1750, 40.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It's been noted that ork weapons do run out of ammo, so the whole idea that they're entirely mind powered makes little sense.

Anzion himself says that "many" of the captured Ork items should and did not work, meaning that there were those which did. Something that's often overlooked by people on both sides of the argument.

Pic isn't really related, but fun. One Ork, I assume Boy-sized, kills five Space Marines on his own.

>> No.22973451

True, and this probably most applies to the kustom weaponry designed by Meks.

Still, Anzion isn't the greatest of sources, what with relying on speculation (so much in fact that what we actually read of his work is heavily edited by a third party).

Plus, of course, misusing terminology which kind of borks up his own argument.

>> No.22973502

Are they...
Talking about masturbation? Wat?

>> No.22973544

An awl is a spike.
He's being tortured for fun.

>> No.22973630

Fulgrim is the most fabulous of the Primarchs in his normal state. What you're reading is Fulgrim getting tortured with a spike up his rectum while jacked up on Slaanesh.

>> No.22973657

How... odd. Talking about good an evil while anus puncturing is not something I have ever heard of.

>> No.22973682

He likes to spice the torture porn up by bringing philosophical ramblings into it.

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