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> tfw Space Marine (Including all the players who play Space Wolves, Grey Knights, Blood Angels), Orks, IG, Newcron (Ward band wagoners) and Chaos players hate your guts
> tfw nearly everyone in Apoc gangs up on you and laughs at you for losing
> tfw people talk shit about your army only for some of the kids and neckbeards to use some of your units as allies
> tfw nearly everyone tries to make sure I can never play 40k by hogging or blocking the tables, use the paint area, or do anything just because of my army
> tfw I'm not looking, they mess with my minis or hide my stuff
> tfw I complain about it, they told me to suck it up and laugh at me for being a xeno player
> tfw my only friends are the Oldcron, Nid, SoB, Daemonhunter (He limits himself and plays his army as if it's still the Daemonhunter codex), Black Templar, Dark Angels, Eldar and Dark Eldar (Suprsingly twins and they like teaming up on people team matches) players

All the hate because I play Tau.

Any other Tau players experience this?

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Kroot are superior to Tau.

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they should, if they don't

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Even GW designers recognize this. They had to develop the tau purely as a marketing move, but still shoehorned one of their original choices (the kroot) into them because they were simply too awesome to abandon in favor of a lazy weeaboo-pandering army.

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usually no, sounds like you should try find a new gaming spot.
That store has a chronic infection of douchitis.

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Either YOU are a faggot and no one likes you anyway, or those dudes are cunts.

As for you question, can't answer. The only Tau player I 'know' is the French ETC one.

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Sounds like your store sucks bro. Where is your local?

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>2013 - still waiting on an offical Kroot mercenary 'dex.

Guess I'll have to keep making do with the fan one.

Even DoW was like "oh, let's go with the badass Kroot dinosaur as the super relic unit". Krootoxes were fucking insane in Soulstorm, too...

But yeah. A change in fluff with renegade tribes of Kroot would be awesome. If the Greater Good was ever realised, the Kroot would stagnate and die.

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As much as I don't like Tau, why the FUCK is that a character-defining trait?

Like previously said, either you're a douchebag and can't see it, or everyone else there is.

It's probably everyone else, because only faggots play MEQ

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Can't it's the only closet store in western PA. The other ones are 3-4 hour drives, not including traffic. Not only that, but I heard most fans of 40k act like this to Tau players.

Depends, all I did was come in one day, brought a Tau Crisis suit along with paint, model snow, and a Callidus Assassin blister then some neckbeard noticed me with my stuff and soon word spread about me being a Tau player.

Next time I came there, I brought my army (Just a battleforce and the suit) and they started to shit on me for it. Luckily the Eldar/DE, and Daemon Hunter players invited me to a team match and we became friends.

I tend to just be quiet, only talking when spoken to.

Of course I sometimes buy stuff for my friends like FW stuff during Christmas (Or WAAAGGHMAS!!! as it's called in the store), b days, etc for them and they do the same for me.

Does this make me a faggot?

Western PA, near Pitt. It's around 30 minute drive from me place and other stores take 3+ hours to get to. The nearest GW store is in Philly.

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that makes no sense, to the kroot, the tau are just another client, except they're an especially gullible and preachy one, that's why they pretend agreeing with them. Technically no Kroot genuinely belongs to the tau empire.

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chaos strong

come at me brah

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Thanks for the example.

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do you go on about how Tau are the good guys?

basically the stigma around tau players comes from a few vocal ones who are absolute-mega-faggots, it'd be like having a Ultramarines player around who constantly spouts the spiritual liege lines.

do other players act like this about their armies?

if so, they are the faggots, if you do, you are the faggots.

but then again tabletop gaming is full of anti-social neckbeards, so often it'll just be dicks being dicks, and the 'normal/nice' players know who these people are and secretly hate them whilst not doing anything about it.

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1k points
My place
You bring the chips, I'll bring the pop

P.S I'm taking 4 Leman Russ', just to make no friends.

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I mean personally I don't dislike the tau, I think the fluff needs more effort put into it by GW, but being a relatively new army it's fair to see why they might not have a lot of it.

I mean hell, I even got my brother into 40k and helped him start a tau army.

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It's why I was saying a change in the fluff wouldn't be amiss.

And you say that, but the Tau have imposed some hefty restrictions on them. Key of which is that the Kroot are forbidden from ever eating a Tau.

The reason why they'd be renegades is because the Tau saved the Kroot homeworld from the Orks.

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where do you live faggot? your fucking russes aint shit against dedicated anti transport squads

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The only good fluff-fag is an Ork fluff-fag. All the Marine players I know always cry about the ridiculous things their Mary-Sues have done.

You know what stories I share? The one where they lost, because I drowned them in 120 Shoota Boyz.


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This makes me maaaaaad OP, unless you are trolling.

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I personally hate no armies, just some fluff of each one. *cough* Bloodtide. *cough*


No, I actually try to make them out of sort of neutral. Some Septs and Ethereal do sterilize populations until they come to the Greater Good, while sometimes some Septs give away advanced tech for free like candy.

The other players on the other hand constantly go on about how powerful and strong their army is or do circlejerks about each other's armies.

Though usually in Apoc, it's:

Space Marine Chapters, IG, Chaos/Daemons, Newcrons, and Orks vs Xenos plus SoB and Daemonhunters

We tend to lose since they mostly spam super heavy tanks and walkers, but our side usually use flyers and gargantuan creatures.

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Sounds like a player after my own heart.

My Ork stuff is Big Mek Cargob. He has a bumper plate for a jawplate.

Orks are the master race.

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*And some septs exterminate the populous if they repeatedly refuse to join the Greater Good.

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Ooooh, so you're one of those "hurr mat ward rapes sisters and is a snuff fetishist misogynist" guys?

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Aren't there four forbidden meats for the Kroot or something?
And, IIRC, the 'no-eating-Tau' thing was self-imposed by Kroot Shapers

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The only good fluff-fag is the one that actually knows his stuff. Bonus points if his army is fluff-based too.

Honnestly, the worse I've seen was a Space Yiff neckbeard. "SPACE WOLVES STRONG! They are the bestestest."

That was before the 5th ed codex, I can't even imagine what the guy is like now.

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taus, daemons/chaos-corrupted, tyranids/tyranid-infected. And maybe Kroot, I don't remember.

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I remember Tyranids, Chaos flesh and Tau are forbidden.

Anyway, point of what I'm saying is that they could easily break away. They're warp capable for Christ's sakes.

Also: "When traveling the Kroot have no difficulty using warp-drives unlike the Tau, though how they do this is unknown to the Tau. They appear to have a natural affinity for navigating towards inhabitable planets, almost like a sixth sense."

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Never said that, I just didn't like it.

Kroot aren't allowed to eat: Tau, Chaos, Nids, Space Marines.

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I don't remember the anti-Marines rule, just Tau, Nids, and Chaos

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>And you say that, but the Tau have imposed some hefty restrictions on them. Key of which is that the Kroot are forbidden from ever eating a Tau.

Nope. According to the 3ED Codex, the Tau know about Kroot activities of fighting outside the Empire. The Tau don't care and will ignore it as long as the Kroot continue to support their Empire.

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>you will never have a Kroot lab assistant

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Anyways, I am interested it knowing what restrictions you're talking about. Because I never heard of any.

They allow them to eat the dead, they allow to build ships, and they allow those who don't agree with the treaty to go and come as they please to their home world. So what are these hefty restrictions? The just ''don't eat us'' one?

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what? he dissed my army of choice, he had it coming

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>Any other Tau players experience this?

Nope, just Xenophiles in general. Especially the ones that don't understand their place.

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Yeah, I fucked up on this one. My bad.

I still want an official Kroot codex, though. They have fluff for pretty much every role and support role.

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To bed honest, I would take another edition of my 4th edition Tau if it'll mean another Kroot codex.

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Sounds like they don't like you not your army.

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you're in for a good krumpi', ya git

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Your ork player is a gigantic faggot. Us xenos scum have to look out for eachother.

Fuck imperials and kayoss.

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Oh god I loved dat kroot 'dex. Flying shaper council with melta guns, power weapons, and power fists? Yes please.

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Sounds like they donĀ“t like him.

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He said "some" fluff of "each one".
So presumably he only hates a few select pieces of every codex's fluff.
Which is perfectly reasonable.
Don't be jumping to conclusions.
The road to Cruddace is paved with good intentions.

As a player in an area with all those area armies plus tau OP.
I came to the same conclusion as >>22970087

Speaking of cruddace OP, I'm so sorry.

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They laughed at me when I started my first army as Tau two years ago. I laughed and drank their tears as their main force in Apoc died to a nuclear explosion when a seeker missile killed the warhound. Farsight then dropped down with 7 suits and opened a can of whop ass. Because seriously, I have no experience of this mainly because all those types of cunts are weeded out from my local GW's and go to play in FLGS'.

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I play chaos, the worst I get is the odd gentle razzing about Abaddon. I don't see why any player should be hated for their choice of army... unless they play Grey Knights.

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>gentle razzing about Abaddon

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Nothing wrong with Grey Knights.

>> No.22970588

There WAS nothing wrong with Grey Knights, untill Ward got his sweaty palms on them. Killing Sisters of Battle to coat themselves in their blood? What?

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Blood of the innocent containing magic purity is one of the oldest tropes in fantasy.

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Yes, but normally the people who coat themselves with the blood of the innocents, especially after slaying said innocents themselves, are typically treated like evil bastards, not BEST UNIT SO GRITTY.

>> No.22970614

How many times do I need to explain this....


>> No.22970615

Grey Knights kill allies all the time, and magic body fluids is nothing new.

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At least it's not Boobaddon.

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It's 40k, the good guys have baby cyborgs just to float around and look creepy. Grey Knights are much more grey than just goodguyheroes.

>> No.22970641


It appears to be both. And with a side of Hottopicaddon for flavor.

>> No.22970650

I get the impression there were two different bloodtides, they were described very differently.

It's to show how WAAC and pragmatic the GK are. Is it good? No. Is the the god-awful abomination people make it out to be? No.

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>typically treated like evil bastards.
You... Do know what setting you're talking about right? The only faction that doesn't come under the above is (maybe) the Tau and (maybe) some fringe Necron Overlord somewhere.

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They're the Grey Knights, not the White Knights, so pack it up beta faggots.

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But that's the worst kind of -addon.

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>All the hate because I play Tau.

What the-

That is so wrong on so many levels (the hate, not your post)
I'm going to assume you are winning games because that's the one thing that gets under the before mentioned skin, "How could this low class warrior beat me, a sayian elite" retardation logic that powers their little worlds.
It falls outside of what they are use to, the armies you mention are a part of a closed ring common updated armies that deals in MEQ and nothing else, if you beat them by doing something is (oh the irony) alien to them, and win, they will run amok.

Seriously, I play sisters, Eldar and Daemons, and I have to hear loud whines from CSM, marines of all flavors, to some extend guard, nids and pretty much every other army out there, I can't help but roll my eyes when the Space wolf/dark angel threaten to quit the table while calling me a horrible person when I'm winning with DAEMONS, freaking mono god army to boot.

Alright.. Rant over, in short, these people are the problem not you, I have nothing but respect for people playing with older armies because in all fairness they are playing with a handicap which they have chosen to deal with, and anything other than more marines and guard or newcrons are a welcomed sight.

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>Eldar and Dark Eldar (Suprsingly twins and they like teaming up on people team matches)

Holy shit, I've got this same deal going on at my LGS. You're not in London, are you?

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>Incoming fapfic of Paladins getting bukakke'd by Ecclesiarchy priests.

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I win once in a while, but mainly due to the fact they run the same lists and hardly deviate from their play style.

Western PA bro.

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>play guard since 4th edition rules
>new book comes out
>get constantly called a bandwagoner
>ditch my guard
>buy CSM
>new book comes out
>get called a bandwagoner


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Because people are faggots who think using a new book == bandwagoning.

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Exactly, small closed minds that can't think outside the box.
They are horrible and frankly should be thankfull they got something other them marines and guards to play against.

It's getting rampant, seriously it's starting to be like large club games of Warhammer fantasy (On a side note, fantasy's players are waaaay better IMHO) where there is always, ALWAYS one Orc player more then there is room for on the evil team so he have to play for the good guys, and ALWAYS ends up playing against the other Orcs.

I managed to win a tourny as Eldar mainly because the necron players managed to eliminate themselves against eachother and a few lucky matches against guard.

Pardon, went on a rant again, but these kind of people really ticks me off.

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Know that feel, been playing Necrons for 10 years.

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oh fuck /b/ is leaking again

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nope. at the store i play at everyone i've met has been a bro

the only people who get hated on are the weirdos with aspergers and they bring it on themselves and even then, they're OK guys if you can look past the obvious aspergers

but I only play fantasy, I don't know what goes on at the 40k tables although 40k does seem to skew younger

I'm not really interested in playing warhammer 40k because half your opponents would be like 12 years old

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There was a kroot army list in white dwarf not too long after they were released. Not sure how it would hold up in 6th ed though, I don't play 40k.

>> No.22970960

Tau player since 3rd. I can't wait to be called a bandwagoner and laugh as I hold up the really old models.

>> No.22970979

We only have one marine player in our group, and he just plays his awesome fluffy army made up 90% of scouts and one terminator squad because of hilarious backstory. Our ork player plays a looted marine army - looted from said spess muhreen player. Everyone else is one flavor of xenos or another. We get asked to attend local tourneys a lot because then the MEQ crowd has non MEQ opponents.

It's not all bad out there.

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Allies killed kroot. Ork boyz are superior in every way. Nobody bothers with kroot anymore.

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>>play guard since 4th edition rules
>>new book comes out
>>get constantly called a bandwagoner
Find your 4th ed codex and force-feed them with it.

And explain that they are lucky you weren't a Daemonhunter player, because most people have only one codex, while .pdf can be printed eternally.

>> No.22971025

I might simply be projecting, I can't rule that out, I'm just going from what you said in the OP.

>tfw Space Marine (Including all the players who play Space Wolves, Grey Knights, Blood Angels), Orks, IG, Newcron (Ward band wagoners) and Chaos players hate your guts

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>Our ork player plays a looted marine army - looted from said spess muhreen player.
That's brilliant.

>> No.22971077


Do any races/armies have actual bandwagons?

I'd assume that noise marines do but...

>> No.22971100

Ork Rokkas.


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Goff Rokkers with a personalized BattleWagon.

Or whatever this thing is.

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>> No.22971158

Tiesto-pattern Land Speeder. Don't have the pic though.

>> No.22971460

He gets new shit whenever he kills mureens. The warboss has about 15 marine head trophies on his rack as well as looted termie mega armor.

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They regularly eat their own dead to recycle biomass and useful traits, to keep them as Kroot as they can while still keeping other traits.


Ork player probably got in with friendly with the SPESS MAHREENS, and now he has to keep being a gigantic faggot with them or be ridiculed as a xenos player. Probably got no spine, not Orky at all.

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>Ork player probably got in with friendly with the SPESS MAHREENS, and now he has to keep being a gigantic faggot with them or be ridiculed as a xenos player. Probably got no spine, not Orky at all.

Confirmed for grot player.

>> No.22973140

they're probably not even green.

>> No.22973383

I think like half the regulars at my store play Tau, which is funny since last year it was only me and 2 other guys who played them.

>> No.22973483

Why'd they start? Tau are shit tier in 6th and were only mid tier in 5th.

>> No.22973616


Maybe they're getting excited for the Cruddex.

>> No.22973632

Probably snotling tier.

>> No.22973677

Ork player here, I love Tau--I just refuse to start up an army until they get a new codex.

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It'll be great!

>> No.22973799

Same. I hope and pray a kroot mercenary list will finally be viable. Also yes, I ain't buying didley until the new suit sculpts are released.

Kroot are by far the most interesting xenos race.

>> No.22973871


That's a funny way to spell Rak'Gol.

>> No.22973931

what, why? they just take on traits of those they consume, over very few generations. Thats not that interesting

>> No.22974260


Chapter Approved has a Kroot Merc. list if you're interested. Might smooth over the jimmies of some players if you show them the Chapter Approved version, make it more "official".

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Are you implying he's not?

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Yes good.

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