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We all know what a high Strength can do, or a high Dexterity... But do we have good examples of combinations of high stats?

Preferred gifs to demonstrate to players.

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>That grace
>That strength
>Dem rogue skills

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high STR and CON

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>Pole dancer 'walking' upside down from the top of the pole in a semi-circle
That's when it stops being sexy and just becomes ridiculously impressive and you ask her why she's not doing Cirque De Sole.

>maxed out dex, climb, and nat 20 grapple roll

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That's a 13 Str 18 Dex 15 Con or something along those lines - with a human.
Which ain't too shabby if she also has decent mental attributes.

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pole dancing isn't just for stripping.

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The average performer in CdS makes around 1-10% of what you can make at a high level strip club in Vegas as your average if you are attractive and skilled.

Cirque is prestigious, but it is really only your leads who make any sort of money out of it.

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>Feminazi dected!

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It's for empowering young women, right?

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no seriously. pole exercise and chinese pole are things it has nothing to do with feminism. pole requires good strength.

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Not the guy you replying to. My GF poledanced and showed me vids of competitions. Seriously impressive stuff.

It was also an Olympic sport for a while.

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No you schmucks, it's for flexibility and endurance training of acrobats.

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This is what high charisma lets you do.

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Yep. Except that then someone realized how interesting it would be to do that while naked, rather than dancing or doing other tricks and voila!

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Epic Strength

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>High Dex.

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That is pretty fucking impressive.

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See, I have that marked as "Why Called Shots are a BAD IDEA".

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high con

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I am happy that gif gets so much use now.

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high wisdom

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high dex

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Anything can be interesting while naked you tart.

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I cast summon bear!
>nat 20

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ungodly dex, wis, and str

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>Rogue skills
>Implying a fucking 5th lev el wizard can't do this shit with two slots
>Not respecting caster edition

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I've only ever seen it posted once, and then saw what it was from. For those of you who have never seen it, this is a completely real commercial for a real company:

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>your argument is invalid, i feel no pain

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>Hot chick doing sexy things on a stripper pole
>Turns into an edition war after feminazi flamebaiting didn't work

I fucking love you, /tg/

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being naked is good for grip on the pole.

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Ehh, I didn't see any real feminazi bait. Just people who don't realize that the pole is a great exercise for sluts.

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High Stealth.

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Why does suggesting pole dancing as a form of exercise make you a feminazi?

If anything, doesn't it imply the opposite? i.e.if you believe that pole dancing isn't inherently oppressive then you're not exactly a bra-burner.

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str dex sup lex

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high perception

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>Dat Filename

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You best run... Those guys have an Escape Artist score high enough to beat DC: 80.

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What are you doing, The Stig, that isn't a car at all and you seem to have shrunk in the wash too!

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Ignore them, it's the new brute force trolling thing, complaining about twitter and feminism.

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special rule: Tactical Genius

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high Dex

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The original is better, especially with the brits completely shrugging off the point blank attack. Also, that doesn't involve multiple stats so kinda off-topic.

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Source on that?

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So /tg/, which is most compatible with feminism, 4e/Essentials/5e/AD&D or 3.0/3.5/Pathfinder?

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Well that is a +10 bonus to Intimidate.

And it is a once/season thing, so we'll let it pass.

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Full Metal Alchemist. Don't know which series though. If you are to watch it I would suggest going with Brotherhood.

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Brotherhood, Mei Chang is basically a monk in a Western setting.

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I'd go with 4e or 3.5 since there is no -4 STR

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Brotherhood. She's not in the normal series.

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full metal alchemist

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Best part is how, shortly after that gif ends, the thing in the jar escapes and eats all the zombies, she taunts it by saying that it'll be much easier to dodge now that there's only one opponent.

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Low dex

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Highest stealth.

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High Will, high Int, high Char.

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evidently high luck too.

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self explanatory

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>high Char

High strength, surely? I mean -


Ohhhhhhhh, I see.

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another dex

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escape artist/stealth

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>[Poledancing] was also an Olympic sport for a while.
I googled it and it doesn't look like this is true.

There are people wanting it to become one at future Olympics, though, but that's not likely to happen for a while.

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God damn it, I thought the anal spelunking had died off

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High Intimidate, high Brawl, moderate Dex.

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Another Dex.

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Old Boy was such a crazy film.

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>Refusing to accept feminist herstory as truth

You seem to be in a state of not checking your privilege.

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Un-godly high strength.

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>implying I'm not a historically oppressed ethnic damn those Normans! and religious how many Protestant atheists do you know? minority, whose proud traditions aren't even less privileged than feminist herstory

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High perception.

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High charisma, high craft, high bluff.

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>Protestant atheists
how does that even.....

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It's post-protestantism!
You know, inevitable result of education.

>> No.22962236

Atheist coming from a protestant family background.

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>inevitable result of education
You do know that not every Protestant is a Southern Baptist Creationist, right?

>> No.22962257

wouldn't that just make you Atheist? Or does the family impact it somehow?

Not trolling, honestly confused, though that might be because religion just isn't brought up very often

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So...a good chunk of northern europe then?

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I had certainly no-idea!

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That's acrobatics/jump/tumble/whathaveyou, not Dex.
Her Dex is probably high, too, but the deal here are her shit-ton of points in those skills, not her attributes.
She probably has a base of 20 +3 or more from Dex - so she'll easily beat a DC30 check to perform such a routine.

Dex alone doesn't allow that.

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I'm more Protestant than the the rest of my family.

I'm an atheist when it comes to the supernatural, but a Protestant when it comes to culture.

>> No.22962280

There are some places and some people for whom that kind of religious background is very important. Catholicism vs. Protestantism has been a big thing in Ireland even in these modern times, and even if you're individually an atheist you'll probably get some shit based on your family's affiliation.

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You're saying you don't like moments as awesome as that?

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Like we'd ever let the anal spelunking die. Especially the weaponized variety.

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Rule of Cool shouldn't run the game.

You don't do jokes do you?

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That's not postmodernism, you mouthbreather.

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With very high CON, would it be possible to pack your colon with caltrops to guard against anal intrusion?
And how would you roll damage for that? I assume you don't roll for every caltrop at once, since some will have gotten out of alignment or are otherwise ineffective.

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Im post catholic. Its a lot like being a post protestant except you are the child of my oppressors. I want reparations.

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Check your privilege

>> No.22962361


Why waste the time with that when you can just use Otiluke's Toothed Orifice?

>> No.22962376

So he can shit caltrops, obviously.

>> No.22962392

Or D4s
Or Lego pieces

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Charisma critfail.

>> No.22962414


>accusing a protestant of oppressing them

Oh boy this'll end well

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I can't, all my spell slots are filled with Mage Hand and Grease.

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He probably got his ass beat by the police but it would have been worth it.

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>pope orders Normans into Ireland
>pope-worshipping Irish hate Anglo-Saxons ever since

>> No.22962536


well, they kind of took it in turns. and it's ongoing.

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I'm sorry that I could only become aware of such matters due to my privileged upbringing, but postmodernism still isn't a strawman argument about feminism and tumblr's definition of what's pc. If you post that comic, you're a mouthbreathing retard and have to fuck off to /r9k/ to hang out with the other idiots who think they're smarter than normalfags because they fall for strawman arguments like that.

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You're thinking of old feminists. New feminists want to look and act like ducks without being called ducks.

>> No.22962640

Old feminist thought was "We want everything men get". New feminist thought is "We've got what men get, now we want everything women who don't have what men get get too".

>> No.22962675

Four Lions is such a fucking hilarious film.

>> No.22962717

High intimidate

>> No.22962829

High strength

>> No.22962848

> High roll to Seduce

>> No.22962859

Charisma, Intelligence, and Dexterity.

It ain't easy to hide in the front of a crowd from a guy who knows your face. But sometimes, the simplest ideas are the best ones.

>> No.22962875

High derail roll

>> No.22962876

Boner, what are you doing? Why do you have the phone? Why are you getting a flight to China? Boner calm down we can't just go to China. No boner stop, get out of the car.

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>> No.22962897

Rolled 8

Link to this video? I want to watch it again - bitch is in so much heat I bet the whole hallway smelled like musk

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>> No.22962916

Rolled 11

It's a cattail before anyone asks

>> No.22962949

Dex and Wis.

>> No.22962957

oh internet

>> No.22962974

>> No.22962977

I've never seen the video, what exactly is going on?

>> No.22962999

That'd be Dex and Wis. In the spirit of the thread.

>> No.22963050

Women reporter is interviewing an MMA/weightlifter guy and his wife. Women reporter is ovulating or something and is craving the dick somethign crazy while trying to suppress it as she reports

>> No.22963079

So do you have a link or not?

>> No.22963086


What the fuck is going on here?

>> No.22963104

Maxed intimidate.

>> No.22963119

Oh god, his fucking hat. What the shit.

>> No.22963132


Point. And now for something from /v/. Not a gif, but I really don't want to sit down with GIMP to make it one.

All of the stats.

>Strength: Holding your ground and gaining more against the mob
>Constitution: Taking blows for an extended period of time
>Dexterity: Avoiding the ranged touched attacks from everyone and everything
>Intelligence: Picking your targets wisely and finding tactically advantageous places to be
>Wisdom: Spotting the guy that has the camera phone, passing Will saves versus demoralization
>Charisma: Making the shot you take against that mouthy rioter affect the masses

>> No.22963140

Just found it!

I guess the dude is a bodybuilder not fighter.

>> No.22963155

sup /pol/

Barbarian Rage. Not so much a nat 20 as just erry time. Also reaction.

>> No.22963162

9/10 would play

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>> No.22963196


The other half.

>> No.22963222

My god I hate pro wrestling..

>> No.22963250

wha..what was he gonna do? Was he gonna touch it? just...just poke it? With his pointer finger? A goddamn spider? What a HORRIBLE, TERRIBLE plan.

>> No.22963270


High Strength assisting with Repair.

>> No.22963272

I thought mage hand didn't take up any spell slots.?

>> No.22963279

haha, 8/10 would laugh again.

>> No.22963285

11/10 Would play

>> No.22963295

High stats is good and all but its pretty worthless if you don't have actual skill to apply them.

>> No.22963302

>not Shadow and Cyan.

>> No.22963316

>someone doesn't think feminism is the be and end all of egalitarianism
>they must be /pol/!
You don't even know that /r9k/ is the anti-feminist board...

>> No.22963325

Str and dex

>> No.22963340

High strength.

>> No.22963355


>> No.22963361

>High Luck

>> No.22963365

Dex, Int, Cha.

>> No.22963379

Or low bluff, thats clearly a fake gun

>> No.22963405

I don't even know.

>> No.22963407

That guy seems really cool.

>> No.22963415

Barbarian Rage vs low level monsters.

>> No.22963461

Low Dex

>> No.22963462

Dexterity and Constitution.


>> No.22963489


...I don't get it

Clearly I have the autisms

>> No.22963519

>not using the proper filename
You ruined half the fun.

>> No.22963544

What should it have been?

>> No.22963582

the reporters body language bro.

>> No.22963604

The reporter is using all her willpower not to strip and jump the guy, she has none left for disguising her interest.

>> No.22963635

Just a reminder that no woman will ever look like that when talking to you.

>> No.22963656


>> No.22963695

Dexterity and Charisma.

>> No.22963717

>implying I mind
>implying I don't want the attention of mighty but gentle bodybuilders instead

>> No.22963731

They don't look at you like that either.

>> No.22963754

I know ;_;

>tfw not a pretty girl

>> No.22963768

Its something like, "I swear to god if I see that cunt Mike for what he did to my bike chain I'm going to break his sternum" or something

>> No.22963830

High Agility

>> No.22963852

that's clearly grapple, preform, and maybe something else i'm forgetting

>> No.22963860


>> No.22963886


that gif is 100x more funny with that name

Any plate wear vs low lvls

>> No.22963890

I've made a girl look like that before, though. And I'm pretty average in looks (maybe a little above, but not much).

>> No.22963894 [SPOILER] 

Except that Guatemalan exchange student last year.
We fucked.
True story.
>inb4 we didn't
>because we did
>pic related

>> No.22963932

Was ecstasy involved?

I've only ever seen a girl look like that in real life when she was high off her ass.

>> No.22963937

Actually cat's have been reported to survive nine story falls but not 3 story.

Something about falling triggering an instinct to fall safely even at extreme heights.


>> No.22963976

High Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence

>> No.22963993

I was described as a 3/10 by a female friend of mine. Hit me right in my man pride.

>> No.22964016

>Mouse Guard meets The Matrix

>> No.22964312

What race is that? I want to play one.

>> No.22964387

Nah. Mildly buzzed at most. Just like 20-30 minutes of flirting.

>> No.22964449

Luckily for you, it's subjective.

Paul McCartney was not a particularly good looking guy either, but women everywhere fainted when he walked in the room.

>> No.22964483

El Sexy Lizardo

>> No.22964538


McCartney had a presence though. My father worked as an advance man/tour manager during the 60s, 70s, and 80s. McCartney, according to him, was the most disarmingly sexual man he ever saw. He described how he saw Paul just sort of lock eyes and get what he wanted, whether it be a groupie or a model.

Also helps that the Beatles were some tough motherfuckers.

>> No.22964811

This synchronizes with this

>> No.22964846

Reminds me of that assassin /tg/ created.

>> No.22964877


High Dex High Perform (Dance)

>> No.22964950


You're something special

>> No.22965746


>Using broken drowning rules to bring PCs back from the brink

>> No.22966473

Dat accent. The moment he opened his mouth all pretenses left the building.

>> No.22966622

oi that dog just stole that chaps sled!
shouldn't we help him?

>> No.22966762

I am legitimately upset that this mouse was likely eventually eaten.

>> No.22966809


I saw the video.

It did not survive against the Turtle, but damn it did it live long enough to trail its organs and try to run away.

>> No.22966831

athletics check.

>> No.22966864

autocard anywhere stikes again

>> No.22966905

Max Stealth + sneak attack

>> No.22966975


>implying that door isn't clearly made out of cardboard

>> No.22967007

>Dex, Int, Chair

Fixed that for you

>> No.22967017

It's just a hollow core wooden framed door.
I've put my fist through one of those.

>> No.22967165

i'da shat myself right there...

>> No.22967166



High Charisma, Perform(Uncanny Valley Appearance)

>> No.22967300

Sweet mother of mercys, that was insane.

Does this guy earn honorary android status?

>> No.22967404

Even though this looks rediculous, it is possible (Minus the explosion)

An American soldier I know was in a helicopter that had to make an emergency landing because some kids threw glass bottles at them from a rooftop and one of the bottles hit the Rotor.

>> No.22967435

The things I would do to the Chromebook girls...

>> No.22967460


That's the joke, friend.

>> No.22967537

This fucking gif.
Why is it so fucking funny?

>> No.22967549


I feel you may need to look above the comic.

>> No.22967630

Dex as a dump stat.

>> No.22968362

Because some crazy fucker just unhinged his teeth and lit his beard on fire while doing some crazy-as-fuck eyes?

>> No.22968678

nice bike.
it must have cost him an arm and a leg

>> No.22968716


Come on. This guy is a half of a man and a hero!

>> No.22968859

That's the point

>> No.22969149


>Low-level spellcaster
>DR 10/-

>> No.22969378

So almost all of northern Europe, among them myself?

You know it's only in America where protestants are batshit. In Europe protestantism has always been a secular teaching.

>> No.22969410

You really have no idea about protestantism in northern Europe, do you?

England, Germany, Scandinavia and Holland are all among the most secular nations in the world, and has been for a long time, unless you count the Soviet Union of course. Protestantism in America =! Protestantism in Europe.

>> No.22969567


>> No.22970019

Did I say I was talking about England, Germany, Scandinavia or Holland?

>> No.22970059

>In Europe protestantism has always been a secular teaching.
Sure was, that's why we had the 30 years war. Oh, no, wait, it was because both protestants and catholics were behaving like mad dogs.

>> No.22970064


>> No.22970070

Nope, this jsut means that your DM misread the hardness rules.

>> No.22970114


>> No.22970122

High brawl, high strength, high intimidation

>> No.22970144


>3rd level Fighter in a building filled with commoners

>> No.22970153

...who's Flint?

>> No.22970218


The father of Lucas, from Mother 3, also known as Earthbound 2.

It wasn't available in English for the longest time, but a fistful of guys got together and translated that bitch. Pretty faithful to the Earthbound tradition of goofiness, in my opinion.

You should try it.

>> No.22970260

Damn, i wish i had some Fist of the North Star gifs. High strength, endurance, and pretty much everything right there.

>> No.22970283

Sir, everyone with the slightest hints of taste should try it.

>> No.22970318


I wouldn't want to offend him, just in case he is tasteless.

Even if such a thing could be fixed with a dash of salt, a squeezing of lemon, and some vanilla extract applied liberally throughout his body.

>> No.22970320


So that's what's going on in that gif, never figured that out before.

>> No.22970327




It is a game. Find it. Try it out.

>> No.22970341

Dont forget the cinnamon!

>> No.22970355


That man is not for eating.

>> No.22970375

You cant tell me what to do! You're not even my real dad!

>> No.22970388

Fuck y'all bitches. The only thing I see there is high int...that's some god damn wizardry son

>> No.22970389

lol'd hard

>> No.22970571

Max bluff

>> No.22971819

Cats grace and bulls strength help with the stats. The acrobatic skill to back it up? Not so much.

>> No.22973287

Intimidate max

>> No.22973300

Seduction check max

>> No.22973326

Larceny m- rolled a one anyways

>> No.22973515

He's an atheist, and he rejects the authority of the papacy.

This should not be a very hard one.

>> No.22973562

No, she can't have 20 ranks in it, because she's at MOST level 5.
Level 5 means at most 5 ranks in acrobatics.
If she's pulling off this, then she's likely to have 19 DEX or so, (Max human starting dex is 18, +1 at level 4), and acrobatics as a class skill giving her + 12 to her roll in total, before shit like Skill Focus for + 3, and Acrobatic for + 2, for a total of +17.

So her acrobatics roll is d20+17.

IF we're doing pathfinder, and she's level 5.

>> No.22973579

Failed Spot check,

>> No.22973586


>> No.22973681

Fuckin' beautiful.

Max Ride(cars)

>> No.22973903

But a hairbun does.

>> No.22973942

critical fail twice in a row

>> No.22973983

max weapon skill

>> No.22974021

wrong, rule of cool should run the game, makes it more fun

>> No.22974056


Then you hate life.

>> No.22974062


She's trying to look empathetic on air while listening to his tale of mental and emotional struggle leading up to his victory and fetishists are choosing to interpret her expression as undisguised lust.

>> No.22974067

As I've come to understand it, the order tends to go like this from top to bottom:
>Rule of Fun
>Rule of Cool (though these two are actually likely to be one in the same, just make sure it's the Players who get to be cool too)
>Rule of Lore/Story

Realism is naturally placed very very low.

>> No.22974081


When you see the lip curling and the biting and the glances?

Those are classic signs of arousal, especially during ovulation.

>> No.22974109


Well since you've visited wikipedia I suppose that must be the most likely explanation in the context of a professional journalist. By all means then, continue fapping.

>> No.22974143


Just remembering that psychology of human sexuality course I took as part of my BA years ago.

Why don't you stop being a twat and realize that the body language is very, very common in primates and even lesser mammals to signal arousal?

>> No.22974195


No need to get defensive; I didn't mean to ruin your fap flick with a more logical alternative like professionalism. Please, don't spare a hand for me.

>> No.22977634

>fap flick

>> No.22978042

>"You mean you've maxed out CON and CHA, at the expense of EVERY other stat?"
>"Yeah, but I've taken every rank of grapple and Improvised weapon I can."

>> No.22978616

was that a description of your man pride,
or just your face?

>> No.22978648

If my gym instructor looked like that, do you think i'd be 40 pounds overweight?

>> No.22980678

Is she mouthing "I love you" at 1:20?

>> No.22980765

is there any news i can read about that

>> No.22980934


>> No.22981133

did he die

>> No.22981576

Gah damn, I have never seen a woman fight so hard to not lick a man's chest.

>> No.22981622

I really shouldn't say this about real-life situations, but... I'd play the hell out of that.

>> No.22981660

>you can't just walk to the end zone.

>> No.22981728

Max dex
Max endurance
Intelligence is a dump stat.

>> No.22981783

Stat me /tg/

>> No.22981864

max DEX, high STR or CON

>> No.22981991

is this a critical hit or critical fail?

>> No.22982010

So uhh... What's the circumstance bonus for that?

>> No.22982062

Stat me?

>> No.22982092

Man, I wish a journalist would act that professional towards me.

>If you get what I'm saying

>> No.22982094


>> No.22982126

hp 0

>> No.22982247

Low Perception

>> No.22982284

All of the STR.

>> No.22982299

But such Wizardry...

>> No.22982336

>respecting caster edition
Why would I?

>> No.22982385

I don't think you can have poor perception if you can drive at those speeds.

>> No.22982465

Did you see them driving? half the tiem they were spinning out or getting shot at. The only time they didnt suck was when they used their magic.

still one of my favorite duo girls

>> No.22982560

That's a nat 20 with two additional confirms on a flying target.

Then a nat 1 on a d100 for additional effects.

>> No.22982589

I recall a story about an underleveled paladin rolling 4 nat 1's in a row on an attack and not only did he kill himself the crit killed the boss Orc next to him that he was trying to kill.

>> No.22982603

I don't follow at all.

I don't watch things I don't care about.

>> No.22983000


I was just writing about this

Andrew Magdy Kamal has the world record for highest IQ, with an IQ of 232, giving him an Int scvore of 23. Professional bodybuilder Ryan Kennelly bench pressed 1075 lbs (487.612 kg) giving him a strength score of 23.

>> No.22983025

>restigious, but it is really only your leads who make any so

That's a bluff check

>> No.22983158

what, mastur chief.

>> No.22983192

The faster you travel, the less your human senses matter. You rely more and more on your instruments to tell you what is going on as your senses become incapable of deciphering what is going on. The floor is behind you, around you is flowing, above you is an infinitesimal point growing infinitely, and there is nothing in front of you. These are all lies, your instruments tell you the truth.

Perception is a dump stat. Put it all in drive and dex and never get out of the vehicle.

>> No.22983379

>brother over 2003 series

You are small time.

>> No.22983449

No, because you would lose all fluids in your body via masterbating

I know I would

>> No.22983589


What is this from?

>> No.22983644

She looks kinda gross to me.

>> No.22983654

That's Spartan 1337. No really.

>> No.22983852

High omgwtfwasthat?grenade?

Low courage/ High self preservation

>> No.22983948

I'd play the shit out of this.

>> No.22984517


>Gets logical explanation
>With explanation of reasoning
>Durr don't know nothing

What a faggot.

>> No.22984951


Jesus Fish that was amazing.

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