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Adventure time! Come on, grab your friends!

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...I want to go on an adventure.

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Nah, this thread'll be deleted way before that. Mods hate Xeno.

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This is gonna be good.

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Xeno you can't play with that Immortal, it's got poo brain!

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Hiya Xeno. Ready...

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Xeno would probably fit in really well in the Land of Ooo.

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Adventure Time already has a Death Princess though, right?

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The adventure was inside you all along!

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... she really, really would. Land of the Dead with Necro Princess Xeno!

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>Nah, this thread'll be deleted way before that
It never is.

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>Mods hate Xeno.
So the mods are sentient creatures with IQs above 70?

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We're go'n to very distant lands.

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>Horrible cartoon
>Horrible character
>Horrible art

I see.

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Is that a condom building in the upper right?

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It has two, ghost princess and skeleton princess.

Theres plenty of room for robot skleleton zombie princess.

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With Tezzeret the Wizard

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>sentient creatures

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That is not really a good thing, though, but it's precisely because she doesn't fit in 40k that she's parodic material.

And she's about to finish her battle-sister-clone-of-herself, apparently.

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And Old Man Henderson the human.

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It has a Skeleton Princess. It had a Ghost Princess, but now she's moved on ahead.

And a Vampire Queen.

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Why can't it be John Freeman the humen?

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Lest we forget, it is also a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Or candyland. Post-apocalyptic candyland.

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Because he isn't /tg/.

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Did somebody say candy?

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Xeno will fit riiight in. Look at how the sight of candy lights up her eyes with intellectual acuity.

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Actually, the light is from her sucrometer. It lights up in the presence of simple sugars and because there's nothing else in her head, you can see it through her eyes.

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I feel like Xeno's attempts to create life will end up something like this.

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If Xeno drinks hot cocoa despite being a robot with her own internal energy source, it's not because she unconsciously feels the inner cold of soullessness and death taking over her self, but because she likes cocoa.

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And Artorias the Abysswalker

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she already did create a shoggoth that keeps exponentially growing and had to throw it into the webway.

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In Adventure Time, Xeno would be the cute inept daughter of the Lich.

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Ron Perlman would be an awesome dad.

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Why does she have massive thighs. Jesus fuck.

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Because thighs are awesome. What are you, a fag?

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Hey, Xeno! Why'd you steal our garbage?

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it's not garbage! it's candy past its expiration date but still good!

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I really don't remember giving you permission.

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you don't even need to try to integrate her into a setting that's already an incoherent bunch of silly ideas throw together. Just have her land here through a dimensional rift along with her tomb and friends.

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