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This is spess Muhreen Quest where we manage a fledgling chapter of space marines.

More incoming.

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Alright. So we are one 26 full battle brothers from the Blood Angels (and one Flesh Tearer, Brother Librarian Arbun) sent in this new founding to the Targon System on the only habitable world of Targon Prime. The planet has one small fortress that was more the ceremonial residence that, with the handover of the system to us, is now ours. The former Planetary Governor is now one of our attendants, he commands the PDF under us.
On our new homeworld has a single large continent. The north is mostly snowy mountains. The people here make food through hunting, trade and light mining.
In the far east is a small desert, roughly the size of Australia, inhabited by a mix of nomadic herders, fishermen and some permanent settlements around the coast and some in the interior. While they are ethnically the same as the rest of the planet they are a bit different culturally. This area is notably a lot like Baal. But with less radiation and no mutants.
The south, west and central area is a mix of forested areas and planes that are used for cultivating fields or grazing cattle.
Several years ago we had a battle with the Blood Ravens chapter as they attempted to plunder our relics on our homeworld. In the end, we killed them all, "sunk" their strike cruiser and went over the the contents of what we could salvage. We eventually brought the ship back to being space worthy and we also recovered a mix and match of relics from other chapters and have been returning them as they come for them.

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We then began to expand. on our world we have began to construct two cities. One around the old governors fortress residence and the other to the east where we have built our fortress monastery.

In the far mountains to the north our Magos friend, Jarvus, has built a massive anti-orbital gun with 20 smaller suport guns built in a ring around it and 200 Anti-ship missile silos. this will protect our world fairly well.

Our chapter master earned his place as a captain on Baal but he seems to be of the same stock as the people of this world as he bears their unique facial tattoos. However he spends most of his time with his face concealed.

As for the people of this world they are a refined feudal society with a honorable warrior culture. They have proven a stable and reliable recruiting pool.

Living in fortified villages they are nearly self suntanning but in previous thread we have taken efforts to improve their lives.

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As for our current resources here they come.
We have two planets:
Targon (Plus the other worlds in the system that are uninhabited)
Population -14-16 million

Seldus IV A world we brought into compliance with a mostly Asian populace. We have domain over it for another 90 years, but we could petition to extend it.
Population 2.3 Billion (Pre war calculation)

We have 26 full battle brothers.
1 Chapter Master
3 Sanguinary Priests
1 Librarian
1 Chaplain
1 Librarian
1 Techmarine

275 Scouts (One of them has even sprouted vestigial wings)

1 Strike Cruiser we took from the Blood Ravens and repaired.(Wrath of Targon)
1 Battle Barge Rich Retaliation (under construction at Baal)
2 Strike Cruisers Blood Herald and Red Tear (Also at Baal)
1 Contemptor pattern dreadnought with no occupant. Right arm crushed.
3 Rino Transports. One is badly crushed and bares the Lamenters heraldry. Being used as spare parts.
3 Thunderhawks One landed on a rino in the crash and has a badly damaged cockpit. She will never fly again. (Spare parts)
2 Thunderhawk vehicle transports.
1 Landraider
155 complete suits of various types of power armor plus other parts that do not make a complete suit.
64 drop pods.
8 space based Anti-ship platforms.
16 anti orbital Laser batteries with generators.
600 Lance Missiles
A suit of IX Legion Armour from the Terran Legions before the finding of our primarch.

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Also forgot that we have a helmet made of animate metal with our Primarch's face we bought. the Chapter master wears it into battle.

our PDF

75 000 men under arms on Targon organized into 25 regiments.
The 1st being known as the Pure Bloods. The are given into the Cult of our primarch and are given a special implant that keeps their blood pure and free of taint. They also forgo lho-sticks and alcohol to become living temples of war for our primarch.

All of our men are armed with ancient G3A3 Autoguns. We found a way to make lasguns fit into the same frame but have not put them into production.

Each regiment has a pioneer attachment that carry both engineer and sapper duties. The 13th regiment is our dedicated Pioneer Corps and will be our dedicated siege regiment once we have the ability to arm them properly.

As for other PDF related resources.

1 Old Emperor Class battleship, the Accuser.
2 unarmed transports.
1 Valkyrie
2 Aquila Landers
500 Averus transports
1 baneblade
300 Chimera transports
1000 Mortars and Thudd guns

We also have a wandering law enforcement group known as Wardens who enforce our laws and settle disputes while respecting the peoples common law. We have about 300 of them

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As for our mechanicus allies we have:
1 Magos, Jarvus, pic related.
1000 servitors
65 tech priests
1 Large Anti-orbital network built around one large gun in the center.
8 space based Anti-ship platforms. Manned by Servitors.

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Targons resources:

Targon produces over 500 million metric tons of food a year. This is a mix of gains, Cattle and fish.

We have 1 small ship manufactorum we placed next to the old fort.
1 Large manufactorum built on top of a mountian and is operating at about 15% due to lack of tech priests.
1 Sanguinary Temple where we train our clergy.
We have a small growing Guild system developing in the Oldfort city.
We have built a train line to link the two cities of Oldfort and Highfort (monastery) so even during the hard 8 month winters we can move between them.
We built a simple dirt road system that connects all the villages on the continent.
We have also introduced tractors the are powered with large lasgun style batteries that charge in the sunlight.

We have 20 greenhouses on some of the island chains that grow potent medicinal herbs. however if they grow out of control we could be living on a death world. The greenhouses are laden with melta charges and flamer armed servitors.

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On Seldus IV we have a mess.

When the Governor rebelled one city on an island remained loyal. It was heavily damaged but we took back the world with the Aid of our PDF and the Imperial Navy.

But the economy is in ruins. The world once produced Centaur chassis but the factories are ruined. The farmers and fisher men are back at work but no one else is.

To top it off the war killed 70% of the male population.

But they do have a orbital shipyard that is intact but unmanned since the end of the war.
We also found some old Ruins here, looking to see how old they are.
Last thread we went over and spoke to the governess and gave her a free hand to get the economy back on track. We also told her to raise all female regiments.
We also found out that the Governor of Seldus Prime was putting pressure on her. So we went and straightened him out. We struck a deal that he would give us 5 regiments from his world as well as technical experts to help rebuild Seldus IV as long as we supplied food to Seldus Prime ans Centaur chassis for his PDF once the factories are rebuilt.
We also found a small sapient small reptilian race that worship humans. we have set up a research facility on their world to excavate human ruins on this world as their legends tell of floating cities the humans lived in when they uplifted their species. teaching them math and science. Possibly be able to locate STCs here. but the species is fractions into 3 major power blocs and seem to have nuclear weapons.

But last game was also had our Magos send out a call to gain aid from the mechanicus. We have gotten one reply so far. But it has been from the Ultramarines... We gave them a First Edition copy of the Codex Astartes and they said they would repay us for our good will at some point.

They say they are on their way to Targon.

What do?

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Let's try some more testing on the lizard people.

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The Xenos were taken back to their homeworld.

The research station is more interested in digging through the ruins.

We could contact them and ask about their findings.

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Bump for late night /tg/

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what for?
The mods said quest threads where here to stay... like over a year ago.

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Now that was just rude. Anyway, I suppose we should roll out the welcome mat for our friends.

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Worst ruling ever.

You know it's against the rules to report your reporting, global 7

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Probably for the constant bumping, Although I'm not sure that that is actually a rule violation.

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We muster a welcoming comity.

Our Chapter master greets them as they step of the bright blue Thunderhawk.

"Brothers, to what do we owe the grace of your presence?"

"Let it be known that the Sons of Guilliman are not ones who forget hospitality."

Since we returned their relics and gave them that First Edition copy of the Codex they have come with gifts.

15 suits of Terminator armour, Unpainted and right from Mars and a set of master crafted Power Claws.

But they have given a personal gift to our chapter master. A heavily gilded thunderhammer and a gold bound copy of the Codex.

What do?

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Say thank you. Wonder if you have the highest ratio of terminator gear to marines of any chapter in the history of the Impirium. We still need engineers, Maybe the admech needs our skills for something.

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I jerk it in the broom closet!

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I may not have read your posts carefully enough, but why does one of our scouts have wings?

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I think mutation.
If you want to rage against quests please do it in the one where the 10 year old is getting a blowjob. You'd do us all a favor

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This is our first set of terminator armour. We found one that was heavily damaged and has been put on the back log with all the rituals and such that are associated with each bolt.
Yes one scout has sprouted vestigial wings, They are roughly the size of ones palm but have not gown since.

The Ultras pack up and take their leave. So far the relationship between the two of us relations have been ok.

But now on Targon the harvest is done and soon the long winter will come. Lasting about 8.5 months. This will cut off nearly all non airborn transit on our world.

So if we are to go out on some campaigning now would be the time.

Should we or should we stay and build up more?

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We should jerk it in the broom closet!

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are we going to kill him

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>Should we or should we stay and build up more?
build build build

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Oh, i didn't know. wow i suck imma go

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15 sets for 26 marines is still an absurdly high ratio. Anyway, how long until our scouts become full marines? And us needing to recruit females from Seldus IV gave me an idea for some unique equipment. After all, nothing says codex compliant than a large unit of "chapter serfs" equipped with Sorates pattern power armor. To fund that though we need to gain perminant ownership over Seldus IV

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I like the way you think! I agree with this man!

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Man, why we gotta be Blood Angels? Blood Angels are shit.

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We have 15 who have shown promise and if they see some more combat experiance they would be formed into the 9th company.

As for that we are not compliant to begin with.

We currently are working on expending our chapter fortress by adding towers with anti-orbital laser cannons.

Magos Jarvus has been working on them.

On Seldus IV we have gotten word that the water distributional and treatment systems are up and running again. Next will be the mines and civil housing.

Also the expidition has dated the ruins on Seldus IV as being from the Dark age of Technology.

Now would be the time to propose new projects from our fellow battle brothers?

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Parade around to make our presence known.

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Lets see what we got in those ruins! Dig, scouts, dig, while literally nearly everyone else has terminator armor and you have jack squat. Also, lets work on arming our PDF better.

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I was being sarcastic. I'm pretty sure having large numbers of chapter serfs equipped with power armor is not codex approved, but I don't really care.

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>dozens of scouts running around tooting horns while like three space marines walk past, waving and looking around awkwardly

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Shit forgot me name and trip.

post incoming.

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So as our expedition and archo tech magi work to dig down into the ruins for anything interesting.

Magos Jarvus has suggested that we go and oversee it ourselves. With the added support he could bring more manpower to the excavation.

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Are there any servitors helping? If not, send some down, along with the chaplain and a small contingent of battle brothers, to make sure nothing heresy-esque is dug up/kept/used,

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You're saying that like it's a bad thing.

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Respond by telling them to fuck off and all hail Tzeentch.

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We load up the Accuser with our contingent work force.

But when the master arrives on Seldus IV there is something odd about.

There are the assembled governors from Seldus I, Seldus I-I, Seldus II, Seldus III, Seldus V and Seldus Minos.

The only one absent is the Governor of Seldus prime.

They are asking for an Audience.

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no its a great thing the picture in my head was funny

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>well, we were going to tell you about a new threat in our neck of the woods, but forget it.

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>we have reports of a possible Xenos infestation starting on our planet and wonder if you can assist.
>will you?

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Meet them.

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What kind of Xenos? Because if they just look like short humans with slightly funky tech they're actually alright.

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hmmmmmmmmmm yeah sure. Invite them to the fortress.

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listen to thier demands but let them know that mere mortals cannot hope to "suggest" things to the astartes

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>uh, tyranids sir.

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You are taking to the Govornate office that was once an Administrutim memo production house.

The governors all sit down and get right to the point.

"My Lords.... We have been unable contact you and we are in desperate need of your aid."

"Governor Zhao on Seldus Prime controls the system with an Iron Grip."

"You see, he is the only one who controls in system transport. You see without him the system would fail. Without him food would not leave seldus IV to the other worlds, the minerals would not come from Seldus I and the arms would not come from Seldus III. It is near impossible to manage our worlds without his consent to anything beyond our means." Says Governor Yamata.


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>lead by a "hormissar"

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I am assuming this continues?

if not we need to check on that gubna and if he is doing it for no reason we need a new gubna that understands the importance of playing nicely

>> No.22945511


Send the govnuh in question a vox to stand the fuck down or we will be aggressive.

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"He is completely unreasonable!" Jumps in Governor Sochi.

"We fear he is intending to become a renegade, attempt to succeed from the Imperium and for all we know Join the Tau."

"But, when you spoke to him and brokered a deal, none of us could believe it. he has never capitulated in such a way before.:

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"And Quite frankly we think you would make a much finer leader, Your Lordship."

"But we all doubt he will step down willingly."

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What do, brothers?

>> No.22945710

I would hate to have to spill blood, but we gotta do what we gotta do. Lets try and talk to him, at first, but if he is doing shit that's against The Emperors will, we gotta do something about it. we are The Emperors will

Thank them, and give them small gifts of their way out, along with a way to contact us directly. These guys seem like bros, could really help us out in the long run.

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alright faggot.
this is the ACTUAL steak who has been with that quest thread since it began.
i don't know why you posted in this thread but they are doing fine on their own doing their own thing.
you make the other people in my quest look like the same brand and make of faggot you were made from, same Serial number and everything.
so please don't do this again, nor use MY NAME again, and we won't have problems.
you don't want problems.

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yessir understood.

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shits going down, better pull up a chair

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The issue here is that we are a new chapter. I'd prefer him to give us a reason, then take him out. I'll be honest, I really want this for logistical reasons. Serfs of Battle anyone?

>> No.22945817

You make it clear that you dnot wish to spill blood but they then jump to their feet.

"My lords, if you wish to remove him, know that you will have our full cooperation and our military forces in full. We are your instruments to do with as you will."

"For nearly a century Zhao has been standing firmly against the will of the Emperor."

They then all fall to their knees and bow before us.

"We beg you, my lords."

>> No.22945831

i assure you sir that this isn't worth getting a chair.
good. now get out of here.
do i need to send you another threatening email?

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Tell them we need an ironclad paper trail.

>> No.22945875

They stand and call in a servitor with a large create in its arms.

"We have been keeping records of all our communications in the event we have outside Imperial forces to aid us. You may look them over at your leisure, my lords."

What do?

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Have us and our serfs look over them at our leasure. If it terns out to be legit, we've got some planning to do.

>> No.22945989

We are soon looking over a mass of information. Printed transcripts, recorded vids, data slates, vox recordings.

Our surfs start to catalog and correlate the data. We are even given some stuff from the former governor of Seldus IV that we dug up ourselves confirm the pattern of behavior.

70 years of this behavior recorded but the governors claim it has been over 100.

Not only that but records of both Tau, Eldar and even Dark Eldar ships stopping at Seldu Prime and then passing through unmolested.

It all seems to check out.

>> No.22946045

Well then, lets find some arbites or someone to sign off on this and do a proper decapitation strike.

>> No.22946074

Seems like we have a governor to usurp. Of course we need to do this with as little local turbulence as possible, don't want the population to rise up against us. See who else is involved in this, and make a plan. Thank the other governors, tell them that we are on the case. We cant tell them definitively what we will do, but assure them that we will do something. We got some investigating to do, boys

>> No.22946103

Additionally, have the chaplain look over what the governor has done, to check out that it is indeed heretical, or at least anti-emperor.

>> No.22946251

The governors give you a list of the resources at their disposal:

Govenor Sochi has 2 full regiments on Seldus I and another one on the moon Seldus I-I with a small spaceport
Governor Yamata has 15 regiments on Seldus II and about 70 mines
Governor Bo has 5 Regiments on Seldus III and factories that can build small arms and light artillery
Governess Lady Izumo has a Loyal Militia formed around the first female recruits of her new PDF on Seldus IV and the centaur factories are being repaired.
Governor Himiyachi has 1 regiment on Seldus Minos and a factory that can make small fliers of various types.

Nothing seems to be openly heretical in his communications with the other governors. But he seems to be somewhat anti-imperial at times but then complains about his tithes being on time. So it is hard to say.

How shall we proceed?

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Invite the Governor of Seldus prime to the fortress, gauge him, and ask what was up with the anti-imperial bullshit. If he turns out to be heretical, dispose of him there. While the gov is out, have the top 150 scouts waiting in orbit, along with the battle brothers, the Chaplain, the Techpriest, and whatever armor/other stuff would be needed. If shit does hit the fan, we need to contact the PDF forces immediately and tell them that we have assumed direct control of the Seldus Prime, and to not resist. Do not have other planet's forces intervene, we dont want this to be an inter-planetary war or something.

Would love for some more people to help plan this thing, i feel like imma mess this up!

>> No.22946703

The governors also inform you that Governor Zhao has 50 regiments of PDF on Seldus Prime and her 4 moons.

But they loyalty of these regiments is unknown. Zhao has never permitted the other governors to land on Seldus Prime. They also do not know the state of his anti air and anti-orbital weaponry.

The other governors say they would be more then willing to ship to full war production for the conflict.

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bumping with pics till we get more input.

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Tell them to shift to full war production and put all soldiers on standby.

>> No.22947358

The governors thank you and then take their leave back to their worlds to make perpetration.
They say that within a year they can probably be ready to have enough transports to carry the whole force from space to the planets surface if we provide the ships.

now we have men and women in the shipyard above Seldus IV.

What do we tell them to produce?

What do we give for production orders on Targon?

>> No.22947437

Whatever our advisers suggest? (I have no fucking clue...))

>> No.22947557

Well for the shipyard we will need transports for sure.

But back home Im not sure.

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Ideas for the Seldus System PDF.

Would you guys mind if I make a suggestion, or would you consider that railroading?

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>> No.22948243

Alright, well here we go anyway.

The Sledus IV shipyard begins production of armed transports.

Targon currently has no production orders.

If I may make a suggestion the production of teleportations devices it could save on production and make troop deployment much easier and in the locations it matters.

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Not quite related. But I thought it was funny.

>> No.22948925


Oh shit, the Rising Sons and Tojo Imperial Guard. I loved the IG concept. I'm actually kind of surprised there isn't a fatalistically Emperor-worshipping regiment based off the WWII Japanese.

>> No.22948973

I was too. My idea was originally have Seldus as Chinese. Then i thought, hell, why not make the whole system East Asia?

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Transports, lasguns for the PDF. we should really get in contact with the primes PDF as well

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