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This is how I monk.

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No one else has animated gifs that work?

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This is how I Shadowrun

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You must be new here.

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How I shadowrun.

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This is how I fuck with my players.

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Well I hope that's a fake.

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This is how I shake up my player's monk.

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It definitely is, the first woman's head even falls of.

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This is how I wizard

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This is how I Only War

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This is how I Druid.

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This is how I nat 1 heal

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Its seeing scenes like this that make me relieve that Delorene cars went out of business.

When the time line gets fucked, the worst thing is no one will even realise it.

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>When the time line gets fucked

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This is how I Only War.

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This is how I Barbarian with trade: Cook

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Isn't there usually paper in the bottom?

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That looks like fun.


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Not in Sweden, I guess.

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Chris Rock.



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No, we have the butcher paper at the bottom too.

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This is how I alchemist
I have no idea, sorry friend

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This is how I wish my players psykered

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>Monking like that
>Not Monking like this.

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Well, thanks anyway.

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Surely you mean monkeying

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this is how I monk

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>Oh you!

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What's this from?
it's just toooo cute

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Mah nigga.

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This is how I fumble.

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and this is how they do

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This is how I bard.

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This is how I Techpriest.

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This is how I monk, everyone else can get out
Atelier Totori or Atelier Meruru

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There is only one way to monk, and this is it. Accept no substitutes

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This is me now.

I want to play a techpriest with biology specialty especially interested in the ancient Terra beasts known as pandas.

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I certainly hope you won't be like the Terran pandas that are out to destroy all the Omnissiah's work

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Thanks. Damn, now I really want a PS3.

This is how I merfolk.

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There should be a Space Pandas chapter. They just sit around and eat bamboo all day.

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This is how I Rogue Trader.

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Must just not have shown up in the video then.

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This is how I barbarian
Game's fun man

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Not 100% sure but it looks like the anime for Parasite. Basically aliens come to earth and attach themselves to people and they can turn into monsters and do all kinds of crazy horror shit like that. Great CoC material if you are ever looking for that kind of thing. Not sure how the anime is but the manga was pretty good while I followed it.

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You know, she _could_ actually be viable as a Shadowrun character. Including the personality - well, as long as the beloved one is reasonable about ... well, not so much controlling her, let's say treating her and steering her in the general direction where mayhem should occure...
But then, 9th would work so much better...

on topic
This is how I Perform: Maid.
Also this is how I Disguise: Trap.

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This is how I homebrew.

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I like it.

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This is how I Handle Animal
>Implying the "official" rules are just the lightweight version

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this is how I thief

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I stand corrected then. but if you like that kind of stuff you should still check out parasite.

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this is how I mutants & Masterminds

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This is how I DM.

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This is how I CoC
This gif still confuses me to this day. Does he break down the wall with the ostritch? Is it even with him? Why is he not wearing a shirt?

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this is how I wild shape

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What the fuck is this? My sides are... I don't even know where they are.

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I finally got to see that movie last week.
Thank you, /tg/ for another enjoyable experience

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This is how I fighter

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It's from Cabin?

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This is how I disguise.

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Was that Donnie Yen?

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random encounter?

This is how I Shadowrun

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This is how I Tyranids

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This is how I CoC

The hell if I know, I wish I could ever know the story behind this one.

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This is how I spice things up when my players take too much time planning.

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I love how many medieval fighting techniques involved dirty tricks.

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This is how I shoot with the pistol.

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This is how I random encounter
>A dog disguised as a dog
That's brilliant

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this is how I fighter in 3.5

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This is how I shadowrun

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He's a lucha, you silly fool!

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this is how I trapsmith

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It's from a gum commercial in latin america.

it's Rey Mysterio.

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This is how I sneak.

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This is how I Adeptus Evangelion

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This is how I Traveler.

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reminds me of my favorite ren fair stage fight when a knight grabbed a folding chair out from the audience and beat the other knight with it.

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This is how I Intimidate check

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This is how I druid

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This is how I roll with improvised weapons.

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This is how I Shadowru

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Yes, that is Donnie Yen.

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This is how I CoC.

How do you guys do this? I find it more fun to find random .gifs in my folder and try to assign them names, rather than have one in mind already.

I'm your huckleberry.

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There are two ostritches. Look at the second aisle.

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i always wondered why in any movie or show, they never decide to shoot through the bar.

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This is how I paladin.

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This is how I shadowrun

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Any halfway intelligent barowner would install bulletproof plating in the Samurai Jack universe.

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This is how I wizard

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>/tg/ filename thread
>this is how I nvidia graphics card.
>this is how I PS3 game
>this is how I Bioware

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This is how I trigger plot shift.

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This is how I mount

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I hope nobody ever said that. Ever.

Also you could at least use a gif from an anime that isn't below the trashiest of trash.

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thi is how I random ecounter

Reminds me of Bartende from Black Lagoon, who did exactly that.

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this is how i wizard

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This is how I MaidRPG

Roanapur isn't exactly a normal place either though.

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This is how I character development.

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This is how I react, when I can't find people for my games.

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This is how I monk.

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You are an idiot.

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This is how I bard

I use it whenever weaboo trolls on /co/ start talking how realistic anime are

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This is how I CthulhuTech.

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This is how I diplomacy

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>Roanapur isn't exactly a normal place either though.
That's why it makes great and dynamic setting.

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This is how I monk.

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I fucking loved that scene, rewatched it a lot of times. Badass loli is badass.

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This is how I 10/DR

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Are you the little panda or the little girl?

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IMHO: Izma > Urta > Amily

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This is how I 0 sanity.

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>those helmets

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This is how I MaidRPG cont.

Sure does, you can make it work in almost aaaaaaaany system.

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Original Kelt is better than all of them.

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>can't unsee the fact that he is yelling "I AM SOMEBODIES MOMMY"

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This is how I 3.X Monk

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This is how I Shadowrun.

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source please?

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Little girl with little panda for pet.

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I believe that is a wig that falls off. If you look closely you can see that her head is still there and her hair is up in a nylon cap.

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They changed him from being that haughty asshole that turned you into willing centaur whatever or something? Not big into CoC.

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Gotta agree with you there.
But Dominika was my personal favorite

Also this is how I high Dex fencer

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My dick

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This is how I NPC.

It's Fist of the North Star with Dark Souls helmets.

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This is how I Cleric

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this is how all of my attempts at DMing go

>> No.22939017

I need more pics that can so greatly express "VAMOS LUCHA!"

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>dat alkahestry

>> No.22939023

Originally from Fist of the North Star.
Annon put some Dark Souls character heads on them.

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I sincerely doubt that anyone has ever said that.

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This is how I DMPC.

God, I hate DMPCs...

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This is how I assassin

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What animango is this from? I see it all the time.

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It's a 4chan banner, too.

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This is how I 4e monk.

>> No.22939040

You have two image search buttons. USE THEM.

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Why do you people shitpost?

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Yes. I think that's the coolest ever use of magic in anime.

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how bout this?

>> No.22939070


It's a cat.

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This is how I Paladin

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You'll hate me for asking it, but... what is that from?

>> No.22939084

The digimon v-pet for the pc?

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This is how I wizard.

People ask for sauces. It's polite to tell them.

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hey man, I had a gm once use that to fuck with us... did not work out too well. We were a bunch of crazy goblins and started worshiping it as a god.

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Fullmetal Alchemist, the second anime based on the manga.

>> No.22939092

Full metal alchemist: brotherhood.

>> No.22939094

Oftentimes animated gifs are too big to use those functions with.

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Oh really? Well, this is how I Paladin.

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There are many stupid people in this world.


You are but one of them.

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Would you say you have seen a lot of anime?

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This is how I bard.

>> No.22939134

Bo... um... sorry - It's from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. It's like 60 episodes, but most certainly worth seeing.

>> No.22939138

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. Relax. Not all of us are as autistic as this guy >>22939049

>> No.22939149

Gentlemen Broncos.

Only about 15% of the movie is like that, unfortunately. The rest is pretty bad.

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This is how I snatch arrows

>> No.22939156

Well, not really, maybe 20-30 or so. I'm always open to new ones, though.

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This is how I fighter.

>> No.22939174

This is how I stealth.

>> No.22939190

If this were /a/ I'd be adamantly against giving sauce but we''re on /tg/. Not everyone watches anime here.

>> No.22939192

This is how I hardly pass Bluff.

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I thought so.

>> No.22939218

Then you've missed the entire point of "not spoonfeeding".

>> No.22939219

I had a funny image i was going to post pointing out that the joke went over your head but I can't seem to find it

>> No.22939225

So you're saying you'd be a faggot if you were on /a/?

>> No.22939227

Perhaps you're new to /tg/
We help each other here.
If you don't like it, hide the comment. "It's just one button," afterall.

>> No.22939231


I feel like I should know what this is from by now.
Reverse image search has been massively unhelpful.

>> No.22939232

>giving people helpful information is shitposting
No, I'm pretty sure it's the exact opposite.

>> No.22939233

Wow, I thought the whole 'spoonfeeding' thing was a joke about /a/, but apparently it's real. Why you gotta be a dick, dude? Sure they click image search, but it isn't exactly skin off your back if you just drop a name.

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Pretty much.

>> No.22939239

This is how I Only War when fighting Necrons.

>> No.22939241

You're right, they should have given some le epic maymay answer like Boku no Pico or Battletoads instead.

>> No.22939245

Well, stupid is as stupid does.

>> No.22939251


It's fine if we give sauce. It's not like the board is gonna be overrun by people demanding to know about anime stuff because /tg/ doesn't know shit about anime (mostly).

>> No.22939254

More like you're new to /tg/, saw one guy shitposting and decided its how you're gonna keep doing it. But mostly likely you got it from some braindead forum.

Also hiding things doesn't delete them. So what the fuck is your point about that?

>> No.22939257

Good to know.

>> No.22939259

The "entire point" is to belittle and demonize people for not getting your obscure reference, and to feel good about yourself for refusing to spend approximately 2 seconds clarifying instead of making it everyone else's problem.

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>> No.22939267

I'd have to agree with >>22939056
Well, as long as we are talking "personal" magic in somewhat realistic setting, not over-the-top whole-planets-destroying showoffs.

>> No.22939269

Where is this from? it's awesome

>> No.22939271

Hey, guess what? No one cares.

>> No.22939279

Bitch, do you even Perform (Recorder)?

>> No.22939280

That is sadder than a sack of drowning puppies.

>> No.22939282

If you can't be bothered to even try looking for something yourself then you don't deserve to have it.

If you spoonfeed more people will keep spamming sauce sauce until nobody has any source ever because everyone has been spoonfed and has no idea how to find shit for themselves.

I'm not asking people to never ask for a source. I'm expecting them to take a fucking look themselves before resorting to asking for source.

>> No.22939284

The only one shitposting here is you.

>> No.22939290

Fate/Zero, it's well worth a watch.

>> No.22939293

Yeah no

>> No.22939295


>> No.22939296

the whole joke about the panda was that it was an exotic animal so no one knew what it was and assumed it was some kind of a cat for the entire length of the story.

>> No.22939298

no fucking way
i love that show so so much
and this is the last place i expected to see it

>> No.22939303

Fate/Zero. It's the fight between Berserker and Archer.

>> No.22939305


I've been here for years and I've never seen giving sauce as a problem. Even if a thread does get jacked by an anime it never lasts longer than 2 more threads

>> No.22939312

but he's not dying horribly.

>> No.22939323

That's not lucha, that's an unchivalrous and dishonorable move no true tecnico would resort to. That is work of a graceless rudo, which must be punished in the name of honour, brotherhood and LUCHA.

>> No.22939326

Girls, Girls! you're BOTH pretty!

now shut up and let's get on with the thread

>> No.22939327


I have given sauce

I've always given sauce

I've seen other people on /tg/ give sauce

For years.

/tg/ is still doing just fine. Hell the threads that ask for sauce usually just die and I've never seen more than 3 at any time.

>> No.22939329

This is why I love /tg/ you guys are so nice <3

>> No.22939330

No shit.

>> No.22939342


Or, you know, encourage people to try looking for something before breaking down and asking?

Self reliance is good for people.

>> No.22939346

this is how I Shadowrun

>> No.22939352

What's this from?
Before anyone would attack me, I tried google.

>> No.22939359

It's called fitting it.

>> No.22939370


Actually there have been threads that essentially ask /tg/ to do a bunch of work for them. If /tg/ is interested, then it helps. If not, it doesn't. Sauce is super easy to give and some guys want to feel fuzzy inside and look up the sauce.

>> No.22939372

This is how I Imperial Guard.

>> No.22939384


I love how this even gets the "poorly thought out plan" part correct

>> No.22939398

This is how I bard.

>> No.22939399

It's an /a/ thing. They fucking hate people asking for sources on stuff, which has mysteriously done nothing at all to stop people doing it.

It would be nice if everyone knew about Google reverse image search and/or IQDB (which is why I'd typically suggest recommending them instead of answering directly), but going on about "FUCKING SPOONFEEDERS" just gives the requester a view of your weak spot and a reason to make use of it.

>> No.22939416

This is my backstory for murderhoboing.

>> No.22939420

This guys gets it. Knights tactics in battle were pretty underhanded sometimes, even though they followed a similar code of honor as true LUCHA.

>> No.22939425

you seem to have some misgivings about how the word "encourage" is used

>> No.22939434

This is how I alienist

>> No.22939443

This is how I charge

>> No.22939449


Why is she walking like that?

>> No.22939456

This is how I character developement.

>> No.22939459


I don't understand the preference against it. If you don't want to tell them, then don't. If they get pissy then ignore them or point out that no one is obligated to give sauce.

>> No.22939461

dragon in her pocket

>> No.22939464

Not used to wearing armor, and is trying too hard to walk 'like a man.'

>> No.22939465

This is how I monk.

>> No.22939470

Because it's Mulan, and she's trying to pass for a MANLY MAN.

>> No.22939471

I don't know who 'she' is. That's clearly Ping, manly man and savior of China.

>> No.22939482

This shit is pretty fucking damn LUCHA if you ask me.

>> No.22939485

The knigh's code of honor and chivalry as we tend to think about it is about as accurate as our views of the hono among gunslingers in the wild west and the Japanese bushido code for samurai. Yes, there were some high minded ideals that someone at some point put on paper. Yes, some people may or may not have actually agreed to live by such a code. But realistically very few people actually gave a shit about any of it. Samurai, cowboys, and knights in shining armor are just more fun to think about if they aren't all portrayed as a bunch of well armed thugs.

>> No.22939492

this is how I improvised weapons

>> No.22939499


>> No.22939500

this is how I Arch-Militant
>I'm our driver

>> No.22939502

This is how i DM.

>> No.22939505

Yesss. I love those movies.

This is how I get a failed Self check in Unknown Armies.

>> No.22939509

Pretty Cure/Precure.

>> No.22939512

Honestly, read Don Quixote. It's all about some guy who accidentally thought the stories were real, and proceeded to get his shit kicked by every thug who understood that it's always easier to stab in the back.

Earliest example of deconstruction I can think of.

>> No.22939517


You've never seen Mulan? Cool film. She's trying to pretend to be a man; her pet dragon climbs into her armor and tries to get her to walk "manly". Shenanigans ensue.

>> No.22939528

This is how I M&M

>> No.22939529

I do to, best kung fu movies ever.

>> No.22939544


Obviously you guys never actually saw the movie. That's when Ping finally shows up and starts getting shit done. That's why Mulan was so scared, because she didn't want her dad AND her brother to leave.

>> No.22939553

This is how I diplomacy

>> No.22939556

This is how I rogue.

>> No.22939565

How the hell did he got a ICBM on his beard?

>> No.22939588

Thi is how my party teamwork

>> No.22939589

Interchin ballistic missile?

>> No.22939590

Ok so you've been shitposting for years. What do you want me to do? Call the cops? Hahahahaha

>/tg/ is still doing just fine
Its one of the shittiest boards on 4chan now.

If there is demand and no supply. Then if demand is high enough then the person with demand will find supply to satisfy his demand.

If everyone is given supply whenever there is any demand the man will never find his demand on his own because he has always been given supply to any demand he migh have had.

"Press image search button" vs "here source"

>> No.22939591

This is how I monk

>> No.22939592


One of the best fights ever.

>> No.22939597

This is how I PC

>> No.22939608

hey what's that gif from

>> No.22939625

That's actually a she - the show is Dennou Coil, which is about augmented reality cyberspace. The beard is actually a population of tiny AIs that start having a civil war. It has no importance to anything else.

Dennou Coil's a pretty great show.

>> No.22939627

First of all
Second of all
Its a civilisation that grew by mistake.

It becomes interfacial warface with the rest of the cast

>> No.22939638

Bro, you need to pull the stick out of your ass. You seem to be the only one with such a problem of giving source. You're probably right about the shitty part, just look at all those threads doing nothing but asking for source here.

Wait, shit. Those don't exist.

>> No.22939654

Do you seriously believe any of the shit you just typed?

>> No.22939659

There was no anime, dipfuck. It's probably Wicked City.

>> No.22939662

>attributing all of the posts to one person
I'm definitely on /tg/, that's for sure.

>> No.22939666


>thinking /tg/ is the shittiest board

What boards do you go to that are so great? Seriously this place is awesome.

>> No.22939669

We should just ignore the trolling and carry on.

>> No.22939673

Oh yes, of course, you're right. Not sure how I managed to get such a heroic warrior mixed up with a woman.

Now I feel like the man who insulted Sir Bearington.

>> No.22939676

Is from the same anime or is 2 different scenes pasted together?
If the former then: What is ths from, google has not been helpful.
If the latter: What caused the tank to explode.

>> No.22939681

Outside of this thread i don't think i have ever seen anyone on /tg/ get up in arms about giving sources.

>> No.22939695

/a/ and /v/ are better

More ontopic
More informed posters
Less shitposters
Less beggars

You might not like them, but the posters are definitely better.

>just look at all those threads doing nothing but asking for source here
You mean like this one?

>> No.22939697

>every post uses similar language, diction, etc.
>every post has shitty animu gifs attached

The evidence points to one answer.

>> No.22939703

Outside of this thread i don't think i have ever seen anyone on /tg/ spoonfeed this hard

>> No.22939705


You are the cancer killing internet community, and /tg/ is worse for your presence. You have spent more posts within this thread shitposting than any of the actually contributing individuals you're losing your aspie shit at. Get a shower.

>> No.22939709


>> No.22939721

This is how I chaotic good

>> No.22939725

This is how I character development.

>> No.22939736

Why are you even here?

>> No.22939772

This is how I assassin

>> No.22939773

This is how I NPC guard when PCs arrive

>> No.22939793

This is how I Catachan

>> No.22939800

This is how I Rigger

>> No.22939803

This is how I monk.

>> No.22939813

OR this

>> No.22939819


>> No.22939821

This is how I animal companion

>> No.22939833

Hello there mod!

This is how i Big Mutherfuckin' Crab Truckers

>> No.22939834

this is how I rogue

>> No.22939836

Meanwhile on /tg/: 100 MARY SUE QUEST THREADS ON FRONT PAGE, elf slave wat do, random image with no text, image unrelated to /tg/ and two sentences only made to be derailed into the more interesting picture, and more!

>> No.22939843

this is how I trap

>> No.22939851

This is how I monk

And Fighter

And Barbarian

And Bard

And Wizard

>> No.22939858


I love this image.

>> No.22939880

This is how I perform (dance)

>> No.22939882

This is how i Maid RPG

inb4 complaints: filename

>> No.22939899

What version of /tg/ are you looking at? I just checked the front page and the only legit complaint I have is that 5 quest threads is definitely excessive.

Also, this is how I intimidate (cooking)

>> No.22939926

Could we stop raging over the opinions of a guy who thinks /v/ is a good board? Please?

>> No.22939936

this is how I alternate dimension

>> No.22939945

This is how I /tg/ mod shitposters

Thankyou for your intervention mod-sama

>> No.22939957

I like you. Never finished this game, shit's bonkers as a kid

>> No.22939963

oh whoops sorry, forgot this was gif only

This is how I illusionist

>> No.22939973

This is how I dramatic tension.
Stare at the player in question for a full minute. Not blinking, not speaking, not moving an inch(Beethoven in the background of course) and then tell them that they crushed their one true love.

>> No.22939974

>No penis
Truly a most elaborate trap
>The God Hand
>No one is flying into orbit
Really now?

>> No.22939989

Here, have an uncensored version.

>> No.22939996


Times like this makes me love WWE

>> No.22940028

This is how one PC's

>> No.22940036

Nevermind. Image cap achieved.

>> No.22940044

Or maybe it's a subtle implication that one shouldn't PC?

>> No.22940067

>Alright guys, here's my next idea for a game.
>We're all the GM
I can dig.

>> No.22940068


Aww, the bear must of thought it was people and wanted to help.

>> No.22940077

Fun fact: that's how crabs show their inferiority. Instead of fighting off the rival, they cripple themselves and escape.

>> No.22940084

Or a subtle implication that one should not try to define PC's?

>> No.22940089


>Times like this make me love WWF

Fixed that for you. Nothing this awesome would happen in the WWE.

>> No.22940136

Chinese Adam Sandler will fucking end you.

>> No.22940137

I never have been able to figure out what the hell that's from.

>> No.22940144


>> No.22940284

He did do quite a bit of shit-kicking himself everytime someone was dumb enough to offer him anything close to a fair fight, though.

>> No.22940302

>someone uses my gif

>> No.22940468

So you play 4e?

>> No.22940949

Yeah, sorry about asking for sauce that had already been given later in the thread. I checked that the one I replied to didn't have any such link but didn't expect the same image to get posted again.

>> No.22942377


>Thinking the rolling tire is going to cause some fuck up.

Holy shit I'm dying.

>> No.22943402

My favourite one.

>> No.22944129

Where is this from?
I feel it's from robocop, but it's been 10 years since I've watched it.

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