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Hey /tg/, I'm gonna be GM-ing a Pathfinder game set in something like Golarion in the Industrial Revolution era. Definitely not steampunk, though. Could anyone upload some pics in that general genre? Industrial era with fantasy. I searched but couldn't find.

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Bumping with totally random character art

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Maybe try /tg/'s booru?

I'll see what I have.

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.../tg/ has a booru? Can I have a link?
Thanks, by the way.

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Would you seriously use this as character art OP?

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Try googling 'tg booru' you dumb helpless fucking idiot.

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Sure thing, homie. http://grognard.booru.org/

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Nope, I just saved it because I thought it looked good.

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Aw c'mon, just be nice and link it.
Here you go.

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I can't get over how uncomfortable those upper arm bulbs must be.

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Looks like I have a new NPC.

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Rad. More portraits in this style would be great.

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These look pretty fuckin' good. Another NPC idea, thanks.

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All the guy's artworks have disappeared from his deviantart account for some reason.

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Shame. I do also mean like the triptych, not too stylised, adventure-ish portrait in general though.

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Well, it looks like that may be it for me. Sorry, OP, I never really gathered that many pics for a gunpowder-based setting. :\

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No problem, these ones are really really good. Thank you very much!

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Heads up about the booru, OP: I just remembered that they have pornsite banner ads. Dunno if that matters to you, but it's not worksafe despite being created and supported by a worksafe board.

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When the janitors are awake, sure.

>not using AdBlock
For this there's no excuse.

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