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Why do so many people on /tg/ nurture a desire to be a girl? Why the "/tg/ is for TG" thing? Is i part of the appeal of roleplaying, to want to be someone else? Sexual issues?

I've been in many many campaigns over my time as a roleplayer and never met a crossplayer until I went online so I have no real clue what makes them tick.

Help me understand.

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I don't want to be the girl, but I do definitely play plenty of females. Didn't tolerate having a female PC til about age 29, at which point I found myself able to portray a greater sense of emotional depth if I had a char who wasn't bound by the guy code. My wife feels the same way, she doesn't enjoy male characters much because she feels they have to be manly.

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Well first, some roleplayers are girls. But I know you're just talking about "crossplayers."

For some people it really is a gender identity thing, but I think most just got bored of playing only male characters at some point. Some people who really get into their roleplaying do it just for the challenge of pretending to be the opposite sex.

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more important question OP: what is up with all the quests on /tg/ being about some dude turned into a chick?

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Also, its fun to try to identify with someone of another sex.

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This. If you roleplay a dwarf or an alien, roleplaying a female if you're a guy is a lot closer to home anyway.

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I've wished since I was a child that I was a girl. I feel that I identify better with girls rather than boys. Unfortunately my build isn't cut out for genderswapping. I'd look hideous and unconvincing. Plus mother loves her son and just wouldn't understand anyway. Internet anonymity allows me to indulge in my fantasies freely and to communicate with others who feel like I do without feeling like a freak.

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Could be any of the reasons. I'm not gay, but I wouldn't mind trying what it's like to be a chick and get with another chick, if it was reversible.

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Girl on Girl is pretty gay.

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Could be gayer. It could be futa

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It's just a fun RP exercise for most people. I've never played in an ERP, so I never had to deal with the romance aspect or "LOL I RAPE U" DM's.

If I did ever get exposed to that I'd walk from the game, regardless what character I played.

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Well. I'm actually trans. So there's that. But-

I've noticed this a fair amount on /tg/, at least, more than I was expecting. I can't decide if it's a sexy fetish thing, a simple roleplaying thing, or that there's a fuckton of self-denying trans people on /tg/. Probably a mix.

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whats that pic from sir?

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This for me.

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I think most of them are in it for the quick masturbation. TG/TF fetishes are extremely common without people being gender dysphoric or trans. No different than any fetish.

As to why they all pop up on /tg/... fuck if I know.

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Moral decay from playing Dungeons and Dragons too much.

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Get out of here, mom. How did you find this place? You don't even know how to use a computer.

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Oh please. Your mom plays a bishie drow elf boi with a huge dick online anyway

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Because life as a girl is easy mode. It's only logical that the average 4chaner, who probably has a shitty life, would want an easier time.

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Shitstorm incoming

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Where do you get your statistics from, OP? How large is your sample?

You are making an assumption that people on /tg/ DO want to become a little girl, rather than it being just a running joke.

How can you tell someone is a crossplayer over the internet?

And even then, there doesn't need to be anything inherently sexual to the experience.


again, where do you get your statistics? Do you work for an ISP and try to analyze the traffic, or what?

Are you certain that you do not simply put too much weight on perception of the few instances of "wanting to be a little girl"?

Have you considered that your perception might be flawed?

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Shit thread needs some good pictures to save it.

>Would you become her?

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Since teenage years for me. But otherwise the same.

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Or her? Just stop me if you see someone you'd like to be.

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Can't speak for anyone else, but when you're built like a living weapon and get paid to be an intimidating flesh wall for a living, playing a female character is kinda like detox.

I'm not allowed to display this fact at work, but i do, in fact, have feelings. being able to RP the plucky 14 year old girl who's (successfully) turning a band of do-nothing gold-grubbing mercenaries into a fighting force for good, all the while having pink hair [semi-low magic setting, but the battle alchemist "wizard" is supernaturally good at making hair dyes due to a fuck high alchemy check] because she saw all the nobles doing it but her mom wouldn't let her buy any of her own... is a decent way to remind me there's still a working part of me that's optimistic and fun.

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There are basically two types of men in the world, those who think it would be at least sort of awesome to be a chick, and those who haven't yet done the necessary introspection to arrive at this conclusion. And I guess /tg/ is an introspective bunch.

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would be

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There are two types of men who believe that: closet homosexuals and trannies.
Take yer pick.

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Th-that's the most beautiful thing I've heard.
I crossplay because I come up with ideas for characters that are more interesting as women. You can't really have the mother archetype as a male, and I think the female revenge archetype is a particularly fun one to play. Not to mention that there are so many exciting and interesting woman characters out there, that you can pick many things and be inspired by so many sources.

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I honestly don't think it's that big of a percentage, just a very vocal minority.

There's a lot of us who try to cockblock (vagblock?) them whenever they try to fuck up a quest to be about their fetish. But sadly you may now be shouted out as being a troll for pointing this out.

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/tg/ is made up of people who are failures as men and as human beings and as such believe that being female would change this.

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Her if she had a prettier face.
Her if she was drawn better.
Her. She'd do nicely.

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Word up, homeskillet.

I'm a dude, and I like being a dude, but I'm a dude RPing a dude all the damn time. It's nice to try and pretend to see what it's like to have titties and long hair and painted nails is like once in a while. It's fun.

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>you will never discover you are a beautiful, kind princess from a magical land who was cursed into your crude male body and banished to this dull mundane world

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Bleed out of your vag once a month, have mood swings, and see the world differently.
I like being male. Fuck.

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heh, dat Solange.

I wonder if Lady Zozo isn't more up /tg/'s alley though, honestly. Necromancer chick who created a new body for herself and transferred into it, now going around as a patchwork undead girl.

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But anon, only one of those is a type of man.

It's not so much that being female would change it, rather, that being female would make it not matter.

You'd get used to periods and mood swings and different perceptions are just personal things that vary from girl to girl. Besides, better having them than having to put up with them from a girl.

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I don't understand why you newfags can't just lurk instead of incessantly posting about things you don't understand.

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honestly? cause i roleplay alot, that and coupled with the fact i have all in my life only known 3 guys i can stand being within 50ft of, all my other friends being girls. bred a kind of "wish i could participate with my group" yearning to be a girl, since girls were pretty much what i was stuck with.

though by age 21, due to my friends years-long comfortability around me, i have had nude chicks in and around my house more often than most men, i just cant "touch" outside of jokingly (and only on the two that hoenstly know i joke, since one is hardcore gay, and the other is a bigger pervert than anyone on 4chan).

so yeah, thats a reason i suppose, wanting to be like my friends since age 3.

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...Is this Acen in Chicago? Because I stayed in a hotel that looked exactly like the one in this picture.

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As far as I remember it was from some con that moot went to and a picture was taken of him. But don't expect me to remember these things after more than 5 years.

By the way yes that is him, and yes he did indeed say that on the 4chan IRC. I was there.

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Thank you, all three of you.

In a little bit of reflection, I'm beginning to think that I have a difficult time seeing male characters as being able to be colorful, vivacious, or exuberant; I'm not sure if it's out of some sexist disassociation of male characters and fun, silly things or if I just tend to have an easier time making female characters that are less restricted by the norms I tend to conform to.

I'm going to take a few moments and jot some notes down. When I next get the chance, I'm going to play the fuck out of some whacky, high-energy fellow and see if I can't break out of my funk with toned-down men.

Also, wouldn't be a lot of these if all of them are options, but could make most work. Still,>>22912925 because fuck yeah dinosaurs.

>But multiple appendages yes please.

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>Implying we all wouldn't do that if we had that body

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>I was there.
Got logs?

If moot doesn't need the body, why should we?

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I would be impressed if you kept logs of IRC chats for MORE THAN 5 YEARS

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>Implying the majority of /tg/'s late teen/early twenties population isn't built like that
Lactose-free cheesecake FTW

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>ever deleting anything
Do you even into hoarding?

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My nigga. Took the words right out my mouth.

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>and the other is a bigger pervert than anyone on 4chan

Any more details?

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I only hoard images and my oldest HD has died before I backed it up.

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But you can save things from broken HDs, right? Right?

>> No.22913364

You can? I've never been into these things. I still have it around somewhere because of the memories.

Although I would never want anyone to see anything that's on that HD... ever.

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No worries. I'm not saying that anyone should solely play one gender, because that's limiting at best. Some characters kinda need to be one or another gender. If you are into ROLE playing then you should be more concerned with if you are playing your character well rather than whether playing a girl makes you a fag.

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I sympathize with you bro.

Maybe give a happy-go-lucky swashbuckling dude a try sometimes. unless your game is filled with grimderp faggots (or a grimderp DM), swinging from a chandelier with a mug of ale in one hand and a lovely lady in the other while shouting insults at the enemy soldiers hunting you always works for cheering me up.

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aside from genreal assholery like carrying scissors to the beach to cut bikini top/bottoms off for lolz, filming girls in their sleep, sneaking into the bathroom while i or any other houseguest are in the shower and pouring ice water on us so we would jump out and shed take pictures.

and the fact that she couldnt go 5 seconds without making a sex joke, or hitting on anything that moved (really made thsi one shy girl i knew since elementary uncomfortable whenever they both visited at teh same time, especially sicne she kept trying tog et her to "open up" in all the wrong ways).

but yeah, she was a perv, and im not talking about anything she did besides what i have, the rest is embarassing and private shit.

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Supposedly, although I couldn't do it myself. /g/ should know, or you can post a "I lost my /tg/ folder" thread here and I'm sure knowledgeable anons will see it and help.

But why not, anon? We all want to see your cool lost knowledge, and many of us likely have worse saved ourselves.

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The first piece isn't what I took from the post, but thanks anyway. As for Role Playing, that's exactly the concern I think was behind the line of calm, quiet, reserved intellectual (Mental stat focus) male characters I've been playing for a while now.

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>We all want to see your cool lost knowledge

N-no you don't.
>and many of us likely have worse saved ourselves.

You definitely don't.

But if you want some "true old /tg/" then I have a few things. /tg/ was only made in 2007 anyway.

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I meant as in lesbian or bisexual.
because aside from being dickish, that's fairly tame.

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>Majority of my friends are female
>I have had nude chicks in and around my house more often than most men
>I just cant "touch" outside of jokingly (and only on the two that hoenstly know i joke, since one is hardcore gay, and the other is a bigger pervert than anyone on 4chan
>wanting to be like my friends since age 3

I know how that feels bro. Growing up, disliking most of the guys for various reasons, girls being overly comfortable with you because "you're an angel" or variation there-upon. Only a couple of guys you can honestly think of as friends.

The kicker? I'm bisexual and the nymph is my roommate. For her it's like Bible Black or Discipline, for me it's look but we assume you'd never want to touch and therefore create boundaries while flaunting everything.

I don't really mind, but... sometimes you do just want to, having semi-nude to fully nude attractive people and expecting no one to give a damn even though one of you "flirts" like all the fucking perverts melded together is just plain confusing for the subconscious

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There is one for each god of course.

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>> No.22913505

You can't keep saying that without explanation! It's just making me want to prove you wrong!

But yes, glimpses at what /tg/ used to be like is cool.

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Huh. I'll look into this as an option as well, though most of the DM's I run with are cool with character development, so I may look into ways to liven up the ones I have as well as start anew.

>> No.22913521

>/tg/ history

I joined up in'08. This is the first thing I ever saved from /tg/.

Don't fucking ask me any questions, man. I have no answers for you.

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>> No.22913544

One heck of a guy that Kharn.

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Hmmmm, i guess i like to play girls because they are easier to play a good social character with. In social situations girls are so much easier and more fun to play. And i really like playing social character.

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On a more srs note, first Original Content I saved was this. This was before most of the (in)famous drawfags came around, so good /tg/ art was damn scarce

>> No.22913589


Just giving suggestions. Playing a character with a positive outlook on the world is not always easy, but it can be very satisfying when it works out. Hope it works out for you.

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Eldrad is a dick

>> No.22913596

In the time of fucking Desu

Gosh darn it, I've teared up

>> No.22913605


Its always the time of desu. She's the real Alice after all.

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>In the time of fucking Desu
>Gosh darn it, I've teared up

Without sounding like an oldfag, it does take me back as well. Before Love Can Bloom, before Ruby Quest, before Muju, Culexus, before TauQuest, before Cultist...

This is a bit later. I forget who drew this, but he was really good. Was it the necron dude?

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>> No.22913645


You forgot one important drawfag. I'll post one of his after this one.

>> No.22913653

This guy

>> No.22913663

Back to ice cream

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>> No.22913677

Most of 4chan is closet bi or gay and submissive.

>> No.22913678

God DAMN it

I totally read that in Yahtzee's voice.

Fuck you.

>> No.22913684


Damn shame he got killed. His perverse Chinese antics always amused me.

Loli daemonette was the board mascot for a bit there before Kuhlteest usurped her role.

>> No.22913686


>> No.22913688

And now the cat's out of the bag

>> No.22913692

This thread is infinitely more interesting and civil than the ones on /v/. Here people can express a rational argument for why they enjoy it, rather than the stock "lol I like watching girls asses" answer you get there.

>> No.22913694

And now Xeno has usurped her. The cycle continues anew.

>> No.22913700

Oh and of course someone NOBODY is going to remember.

>> No.22913704

/pol/ is better than /v/. Mother fucking /b/ is better than /v/. But I agree with your sentiments.

>> No.22913708

I only know this from 1d4chan.

>> No.22913711


>> No.22913715

And this one

/v/ is better than /tg/ right now which is just fucking sad.

>> No.22913720

You are not mah nigga

You're my nigger

>> No.22913726

And this girl

Who gets posted more, anon? I guess it would be more prudent to say /tg/ has no mascot right now. But still, if one should be chosen its not cultist anymore.

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>> No.22913742

It's because our media is inherently social, methinks. Even if you spend all of your time imagining the fade-to-black scene where your female orc barbarian takes the skinny bartender up to her rooms, you still have to talk to your group like a normal person, so those of us who...

Fuck, I totally lost my train of thought thinking about sexy female orc barbarians.

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>> No.22913746

>> No.22913748

Coincidentally, I've hated all the stupid /tg/ mascot characters.

Also, I miss meatbread. That used to be the food go to.

>> No.22913758

I guess I can't post Kroot-chan since all of those images are technically gore and I don't want to bother resetting my router.

>> No.22913763

/pol/ is a Stormfront shithole. There is NOTHING worse than /pol/ on 4chan.

>> No.22913764

>> No.22913773



>> No.22913775

You can't seriously be nominating Xeno as "mascot"

>> No.22913780


>> No.22913781

Lol no

>> No.22913783

Agreed, I appreciate my dong and would never abandon it. I'd like to think it would not abandon me either. Like in that one doujin everyone knows. Being abandoned by one's dick would be heart-rending.

>> No.22913789


>> No.22913796

Posted by trolls is does not, a good or popular character make

>> No.22913804

True, it's not cultist anymore, but Xeno is only the cause of shitstorms and Thread Exterminatus. You've got a vocal minority liking her, a vocal minority using her to troll, a larger vocal minority than either having the worst reaction to her posting because of said trolls and the silent majority not giving a shit but wishing their thread wasn't derailed.

/tg/ does not want troll bait as it's mascot.

As sad as it is that all she is now is fond memories and troll weaponry

>> No.22913811

>Coincidentally, I've hated all the stupid /tg/ mascot characters.
As have I

>> No.22913812


>> No.22913817


Its a popularity contest, always has been. If you don't want it to be true you better start making up the next "best /b/ meme in months" or post some other character for mascot.

Don't blame me for /tg/ posts.

Also I found a Kroot chan picture that wasn't explicitly gore.

>> No.22913820

I don't consider them /tg/ mascots
They're just 40K fandom shit after all. Hardly representative

>> No.22913832


>> No.22913840


>> No.22913841

You mean the one where the dick is removable and three, then four, the the milf, abuse this fact? If so please remind me of the title

>> No.22913843

>post some other character for mascot.

>> No.22913846

Enough of this waifu shit

>> No.22913847


>> No.22913851

True, but my point is Xeno is not popular

>> No.22913862

Where he's in the background... figures

Incedently, fuck the trolling Xenofags

>> No.22913864


Ok ok I have a bunch of those too in one of my newer /tg/ folders along with the Paladin turned Succubus images (whose story is now dead) and genderbent Minsc by that one drawfag that didn't draw anymore after a week or so.

>> No.22913868

>> No.22913877

>> No.22913882

No, Kroot chan are the ones in the foreground eating.

Also one more "waifu" image because its of the GOOD Cata-chan.

>> No.22913887


Have another kazy marines

>> No.22913900


That's an angry marine tank iirc.

>> No.22913904


1d4chan, as useless as half of that site is, names cultist and Love can bloom as /tg/'s mascots for good reason, everyone loves them. Even now that they've stopped making content, they're basking in their well deserved long lasting fame. Like Paul McCartney

>> No.22913914

>> No.22913916

>One more
It's not over until Voystran and Kreig are at the table

>> No.22913918

Goddamnit I found screencaps of the lazy marines threads but the screen resolutions are too large now.

Wow I must have been stupid when I saved it because I see it now

>> No.22913926

>> No.22913928

There aren't that many people here who are transgender but I think due to the fact that we roleplay all the time we've a greater ability to empathize with certain groups and their issues. Gender issues topics in general were pretty chill up until recently when /v/ misogyny kicked into maximum overdrive and started bleeding into other boards.

>> No.22913931

Also bald

>> No.22913932

Unless I'm failing at my /tg/ history, that's a Predator Angrinator, designed to fire angry marines directly into combat because VEHICLES ARE TOO SLOW.

Can't tell you how happy it makes me seeing Lazy Marines again, though.

>> No.22913942

Ok I'm gonna take a chance with this one I hope you forgive me.

>> No.22913948

>Ok ok I have a bunch of those too in one of my newer /tg/ folders along with the Paladin turned Succubus images (whose story is now dead) and genderbent Minsc by that one drawfag that didn't draw anymore after a week or so.

This one? it was drawn a few times.

>> No.22913950

>> No.22913952


Well how about this

>> No.22913953

tidf was worse

>> No.22913955


Is that... Horus as a catgirl?

>> No.22913959

>> No.22913967

Well since this is mostly untitled now (And thus not worksafe) I'll go to my next folder.

Although this folder had more images than could be posted in a single thread

Yeah I have like almost every stage of that drawing being made.

>> No.22913969

>> No.22913975

>> No.22913986

These don't even feel old.


>> No.22913988

Waaay back in the day, I suggested this and it actually got drawn.

>> No.22913989

Oh please.

At least with him you know he's trolling and you could always filter his trip. You can't do the same with Xeno.

>> No.22913991

>> No.22913993

>Love Can Bloom
>Everyone loves it.


I'm pretty sure that's the Rocky Mountains of bullshit right there.

>> No.22914000


>> No.22914001

>Yeah I have like almost every stage of that drawing being made.

I'm pretty sure it was by Painful Elegy, who is still around (just does not draw much at all).

Here's the paladin succubus.

>> No.22914005


Are you saying you didn't like the original?

>> No.22914006

>> No.22914016

i just treated xeno the way /co/ does with their avatarfags.

by ignoring them. i never really understood why people responded to them or for that matter got that upset that people liked xeno. i guess because it never stayed in it's own thread.

>> No.22914017

>> No.22914020

Haha, yeah, I remember that story.

>> No.22914021


Yeah it is.

If that's Painful Elegy then I don't know why he draws so shittily now.

>> No.22914027


>> No.22914032

One of the few Jeanstealer images I bothered to save.

>> No.22914038

>> No.22914039

I thought everyone hated it.

No one talks about it because everyone hates it, or doesn't get it. There was, like, maybe a small cadre of oldfags that liked it, but that's way way way in the past.

It's not part of /tg/ culture anymore. It's a dead thing.

>> No.22914045


>> No.22914046

>> No.22914047


Could be any generic scribblefag I guess.

Here's Edwina.

>> No.22914053


>> No.22914056

For me, it's how every Tau or robotics thread is in danger of Xeno spam. Aside from being unrelated, it's also shit art

>> No.22914066

except it's not.
and it's related

>> No.22914067


I have a few minor folders until I get to the one with mine in it.

>> No.22914075


>> No.22914079

Newfag, no. We liked it. No one talks about it now, because there's a flood of newfags who think they're the new /tg/ and everything that predated them is shit or disliked

>> No.22914082

It's shit art.

And Xeno is another pus filled zit of /tg/'s obsession with adding eyecandy to every fucking thing.

>> No.22914083

>Thinks he's the 99%
Confirmed for cunt

>> No.22914084

>> No.22914085

Reasonable Daemonette

>> No.22914089

You haven't read it, have you?

>> No.22914096


>> No.22914099


Wow, some unfunny fucker decided to add to the entries to kill the jokes.

>> No.22914100

As a follower of Slaanesh, this offends me.

Furries reject the human devotion to endurance and dexterity.

>> No.22914103

then what are you doing in a thread filed with shit art? All of which is eyecandy, and not strictly related to traditional games?
why aren't you being as autistic to it as you are with Xeno?

>> No.22914108

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Past his movie prime, still fucking famous. Did fuck all for a few years, still known and loved

>> No.22914111

>> No.22914113

Its funny how Kneesocks is kinda like her in some ways, huh... never thought about that before.

I haven't because I was never interested.

Wanna hate me now?

>> No.22914118

You thought wrong.

Also that's just a stupid opinion to take

>> No.22914124

>I have a few minor folders until I get to the one with mine in it.

See, my folders are all a big grab-bag of stuff. A lot of the old old drawfaggotry I never saved because I didn't care at the time.

I wonder what happened to this guy.

>> No.22914126

>> No.22914129

It's never related to modern robot designs or Tau army lists and canon (hah!) fluff threads.

And yet there the shit can be found

>> No.22914139


Someone tried to push the idea that furries was Slaanesh in 200...9? (anyway the image is from before /tg/ existed) until people started pointing out that Slaangor were the only ones to lose pretty much all of their fur.

Slaangor are from Warhammer Fantasy. I don't know if neo-/tg/ knows what that is anymore.

>> No.22914146

Dude! You cannot compare the pukeface artist of Xeno to the visually acceptable art of most of the others

>> No.22914147

>> No.22914148


>> No.22914154

Callin' our art shit huh?

Well you just burned the only friend you coulda had.


>> No.22914155

Xeno is a robot
Xeno is a tau
Xeno's fluff is strikingly close to the newcron fluff

ergo, it's related

and it's not like derails are a surprising thing.

>> No.22914158

>> No.22914165

But 95% of the pics ITT are the same level as Xeno fanart.

If you call Xeno's fanart shit, you have to call the stuff in this thread shit.

>> No.22914166

I have a fairly big Cultist folder but I don't really want to post it. Never did anything for me.

>> No.22914170

No, because the former is a person, the latter are pictures.

You can't.
And yet you sound like you are.

>> No.22914171

>> No.22914174

Where are my flat-chested Eldar?

>> No.22914180

>> No.22914183

Oh right these images are from when /tg/ got overrun by furry spam. How do I know? There are random bits of furry porn everywhere in this folder between the /tg/ images in here.

The filename here represents the exact months when /tg/ went to utter shit and never recovered.

>> No.22914185

"Oh shit I forgot I can't read."
I have literally never heard about this thing before this thread.

Isn't it just an eldar/assassin slashfic?

>> No.22914187

>> No.22914191

Xeno is fanwank that's unrelated to army lists or official fluff. Xeno is fuck ugly unrealistically proportioned cyborg. So why is it posted in my Terminator, Starwars, S.H.O.D.O.N., Portal, Fucking Wall-E. atomic-theory, Laputa Castle in the Sky, Deus Ex and anything to do with robots?

It's unrelated.

Also It's not surprising, every Xeno poster is unfortunately a troll nowadays

>> No.22914199

a slashfic is a gay fapfic

LCB doesn't contain sex, it just pitifully tries to be a tragic romance story, but its premise is too ridiculous, and the characters too inexpressive for it.

>> No.22914200

Holy shit, someone who isn't delusional on /tg/.

>> No.22914203

I don't. The artist or artists (if there's more than one as untalented) are terrible at drawing a character that I don't want to hit

>> No.22914205

Alright the folder with Disney and Minsc genderbending. Starting from the bottom because I feel like it.

>> No.22914208

I don't want to be a girl, but I fap to /tg/ porn.

>> No.22914215



>> No.22914216

Could you perhaps be referring to Sei So Tsui Dan Sha?

>> No.22914217

Didn't we already do this shitstorm?

Xeno has shit pictures. Period.

>> No.22914227

Jafar looks really samey. But the subtlety is what makes it good.

I'm way too fucking jaded to care at this point, the board is pretty much dead on its feet and things are never going to be the same ever again.

>> No.22914230

>Xeno is fanwank that's unrelated to army lists or official fluff.
exactly as much as everything ITT
>unrealistically proportioned cyborg.
which makes her far less ugly than any realistically proportioned girl
>So why is it posted in my Terminator, Starwars, S.H.O.D.O.N., Portal, Fucking Wall-E. atomic-theory, Laputa Castle in the Sky, Deus Ex and anything to do with robots?
same reason why any of those get posted in threads having to do with robots: they're kinda robots. S.H.O.D.A.N especially.

it's related
>every Xeno poster is unfortunately a troll nowadays
I know I'm not, I genuinely like her.

>> No.22914231

>> No.22914233

Fine. Argue like a hipster.

It's not contesting my point. It's just being a childish person. If I misspell a word you're going to fixate on that too aren't you?

>> No.22914234

Oh and to alleviate the anger in my previous post listen to some music


>> No.22914238

man i almost feel left out.

I remember when Xeno was just getting started, then my job took me on tour across the US for 2 weeks. then I came back and got back on the internets and the Xeno spam was already on the downswing so i never really understood the hatred for it. i just saw it as mildly annoying at it's worst.

>> No.22914244

There are dozens of them.

Several people who drew pictures posted ITT also made Xeno fanart, usually of the same level.

>> No.22914249

It's actually not as good as I'm stating, but the art is far better than the crap we usually have

>> No.22914250

>The filename here represents the exact months when /tg/ went to utter shit and never recovered.

Eh. I have seen no discernable drop in the general quality of threads, ever.

Perhaps during the "heavy enforcement" period when threads got shut down and deleted for the slightest offense.

>> No.22914251

And we also concluded from it that everythign else /tg/ produced was of the same level, and that therefore everything on /tg/ was shit and had to be showered with hate just as much.

>> No.22914253

Oh and the whole argument here I just read a post by mistake and saw someone complain that Xeno isn't part of army lists and whatever.

Well neither is Cultist, she was entirely a byproduct of Dawn of War. So that's a moot point.

I don't give a shit about either.

>> No.22914256

Put like this, ask someone familiar with it whether they'd have shit like that on /tg/ or quest threads and most will say LCB

>> No.22914258

There's a lot of crappy art, but there's also some god damn GOLD in here.

>> No.22914260


>> No.22914266

Well do you have any earlier images than that? Which is your earliest?

>> No.22914267


>> No.22914270

>> No.22914271

It was a good light in a time of furries, we will stand tall and defend that

>> No.22914272

Meant to quote >>22914250

>> No.22914273


>> No.22914276

Meh, better than crap like quests or Xeno

>> No.22914279


>> No.22914280


>> No.22914284


>> No.22914287


>> No.22914288

Actually it's significantly, and essentially worse.
It starts with a ridiculous premise and tries to be serious; Xeno doesn't try to be serious, and quests usually achieve their goal.

LCB is a failure.

>> No.22914289

>> No.22914293


God you're stealing my thunder here I was about to post the exact same thing.


>> No.22914295

Well newfags wouldn't understand, /tg/ was different place then. We had to fight to clear the fur off our board. It's a veteran thing. It's like you're born after the WW2, you understand why the Nazi's are bad, but you don't really get what happened because you don't care because it's "oldfag" stuff, which by the may, make up more regulars on /tg/ than newfags

>> No.22914301

>> No.22914302


>> No.22914314

you sound fucking silly.
And you're encouraging newfags to be obnoxious against everything that's vaguely popular by trying to mimic your attitude.

>> No.22914316

>disarmed policeman stuff
Whatever happened to that guy anyway? I missed a shitton of threads.

>> No.22914321

No faggot. I asking why it's posted in threads specifically for Terminator, Starwars, S.H.O.D.O.N., Portal, Fucking Wall-E. atomic-theory, Laputa Castle in the Sky, Deus Ex and real-life working robots.

>I know I'm not, I genuinely like her.
You're arguing for the sake of arguing. None of your points are valid facts.

>> No.22914324

>> No.22914328

Terrible, terrible trolls, worse fans and shitty art

>> No.22914333


>you sound silly
Yeah, like old people sound silly. to be honest its the truth. I stopped browsing /tg/ for an entire year until your "nazi mod regime" came in and made the board a place that could actually be browsed again. Many of us left.

>> No.22914334

That's just sad

>> No.22914337

But I explained you. All of my statements are facts. Try to disprove them without sounding delusional.

>> No.22914341

Just as much as everything /tg/ ever did.

>> No.22914345

Oh here's another anti-furry /tg/ made.

>> No.22914347

No we didn't. You as in YOU PERSONALLY, got a thread single handedly exterminatus and another derailed, all the while claiming they were bad threads so it didn't matter, while both were reposted complaining of you and both grew

>> No.22914350

Then what the hell are you doing on /tg/?

So far the only argument against Xeno I've heard is "I don't like the fact that her hips are bigger than a human girl's".
All the rest is blatant lies.

>> No.22914356 [DELETED] 


>> No.22914357

But I was right, and YOU, personally and specifically, were wrong.

>> No.22914358

>> No.22914359

>Xeno better than anything
No, just... no

>> No.22914363

Where are the chinks? We demand more chinks!

>> No.22914365

Actually, as I remember, we disagreed with you and three threads later concluded that you needed to work on your art

>> No.22914366


>> No.22914371

Stop being mindlessly dogmatic.
It's just cutesy little pictures and writefagging (except the original quest, which was as much of a failure as LCB, potentially even worse). LCB is a bunch of text telling you how sad you should feel from reading about an idiot risking his life for a bitch.

>> No.22914372

I'm talking to a /b/tard who only comes out to troll

>> No.22914374

Try to disprove everyone else without sounding delusional

>> No.22914377

And as I remember, there were two or three of you, the result was that I, as a drawfag, was worse at drawing simple things quickly than LMK, not that the drawings I made were usually worse than LMK's.

>> No.22914380

Oh that was the last possible image that could be posted in this thread.

Now feel free to argue about... whatever it is you kids argue about.

>> No.22914381

I just did.

>> No.22914383

In you're opinion. Which considering you were the only one arguing for yourself, was not even agreed with despite several posters telling otherwise, just like what's happening now... Why do you even bother?

>> No.22914389

No you didn't

>> No.22914392

Because I'm still right, none of you disproved me and you just left.

>> No.22914399

Well that kind of happens when the threads get deleted

>> No.22914402

The second one didn't.

>> No.22914403

Remember when I said, "Xeno is only used as troll bait now"?

Well here's your proof

>> No.22914408

I haven't read it, but 'a bunch of text telling you how sad you should feel from reading' describes mostly every book ever, if you replace the emotions with what's relevant to the book.

>> No.22914410

You created a third with the purpose to argue this, which was deleted. So Really that's a disproved point of yours

>> No.22914415

by haters
here's your proof, they brought her up, like with the last thread.

>> No.22914418

Except we did prove you wrong.

It's just delusion for you to think otherwise

>> No.22914423

And who's derailed this thread Xenofag? You. My point is proved. Xeno is a scourge of /tg/

>> No.22914428

and what came out of it was that my drawings looked better, but that it took me more time than it took him.

I'm right, Xeno art, even shitscribbles from her quests, is better than something that /tg/ finds okay.

>> No.22914431

Don't bother mate, it's over, the Xenoshitposters are here

>> No.22914436

All you proved was that you didn't like Xeno's character design, and that I was slower than LMK, which is irrelevant.

>> No.22914438

No, you brought her up, you derailed it.
My point is proved.

>> No.22914439

So why draw her so god damn ugly?

Everyone else draws tau pleasant. Why does Xeno have to be the leper?

>> No.22914442

Deleted an image just to say this: Its always the people who incessantly defend anything that are the worst shitposters. Nobody gives a shit if you like it. People that dislike it shouldn't give a fuck if other people like it either, but they should at least be free enough to say that they DON'T like it without being attacked by rabid fucktards.

>> No.22914444


>> No.22914445

We proved that we don't like her

>> No.22914453

God this!

I want to be able to say that I don't like something and that it shouldn't be spammed in a unrelated thread. But unfortunately shit happens

>> No.22914457

what is that supposed to mean?
And if everyone else draws the tau pleasantly, doesn't that mean that every Xeno fanart that I didn't draw is pleasant?

>> No.22914462

me too kinda. i have a girly build, but i dont want to become i girl, i just think i would prefer if i naturally was one. thats completely separate from playing girls though, i play girls because it weirds people out and because i play charisma characters and its easier to be a girl when doing that (for me anyway)

>> No.22914463

You're insane

>> No.22914467

But you are the rabid fucktard, you're using words such as "spam" and "rabid fucktards" to designate what you don't like.

>> No.22914468

Maybe. But Tau aren't naturally cyborgs, so that's a stretch

>> No.22914470

Its how old 4chan worked. Too bad becoming a "fan" of something has become more and more of a popular mentality.

People who like something are good people. Fans are fucking awful.

>> No.22914472

Google it dumbass

Hint: Leprosy

>> No.22914480

which is why you shouldn't like anything else coming from /tg/ since it's the same kind of crap of the same level

>> No.22914483

>People who like something are good people. Fans are fucking awful.
Mah Nigga In Paris

>> No.22914484

A lot of it on/tg/ at least is probably because it's easier to roleplay something you're obviously, physically not on the internet than in person, so fa/tg/uys who would be otherwise embarrassed/not be convincing to less serious group members can try out roleplaying something that's not 'masculine'.

Sexually(and for ERP purposes), it's 'easier' for someone to identify with a female for the purposes of Sex(on the internet), because than you can be soft and pliant(or amazonian), and be -desired-, which is the big thing. Unfortunately current western society enforces the male-chasing-female paradigm. So sometimes it's nice to be the one pursued, or at least the one desired, even if you're not specifically playing for that.(or your character might not even like the attention!)

>> No.22914485

And you are wrong.

>> No.22914490

>Thinks he is the 99%
Confirmed for cunt

>> No.22914494

I'd say it's the people who can't just hide what they don't like and move on that are the worst.

>> No.22914499

You're a sad, sad person aren't you?

>> No.22914506

What the fuck is going on here?
How did a simple, innocent "/tg/ wants to be the little girl" troll thread devolve into this?

>> No.22914507

I'm not saying that my opinion is widespread, I'm saying that everyone should share it and realize that Xeno fanart is not worse than what /tg/ enjoys all the time.

>> No.22914509

Nononononono, I'm using "Spam" to describe images containg xeno filling up a Terminator thread.

>> No.22914515

And you're an hypocritical, mean person, aren't you?

>> No.22914528

That's the newfag mentality that shits up every board.

>> No.22914531

me too kinda. i have a girly build, but i dont want to become i girl, i just think i would prefer if i naturally was one. thats completely separate from playing girls though, i play girls because it weirds people out and because i play charisma characters and its easier to be a girl when doing that (for me anyway)

>> No.22914532

One word: Xenofag

One fan of Xeno is troll of mass destruction. The best trolls don't even let you know they're trolling. They bait the Xenofags and let them do the work. Xenofags are the best weapons, they truly believe they are not trolls, but they tick all the boxes

>> No.22914534

I don't remember that happening, and it's far from being exclusive to Xeno, or a bad thing at all.

>> No.22914539

See >>22914442

>> No.22914550

For the hundredth time, a troll isn't someone who is being polemic or controversial, it's someone who is dishonest when arguing a point in order to make people angry.

I hardly think that Xeno haters genuinely hate her.

>> No.22914561


So it's not a bad thing to annoy perfectly content posters by filling their thread with Xeno Fan art saying "XENO THREAD"?

It's happened to 14 threads in the past month. And those are just the ones I'm aware of. Most of them were good or interesting ones too. We were working out if an N2 mine could kill a Bloodthirster. But no. XENO SPAM

>> No.22914565

This is the exact opposite of how 4chan works.

You like something and post it? Cool. Does the board then collectively dislike it? Don't post it again.

That's how we kept shit out like Naruto, like Bleach, like Modern Warfare, like Warmachine out of 4chan.

Defending what you posted is just a part of the whole "I AM IMPORTANT" mentality that is the antithesis of the Anonymous board culture. Nobody gives a fuck if you like it because nobody fucking knows you, on 4chan YOU ARE NOT IMPORTANT. YOUR OPINIONS ARE NOT IMPORTANT. NOBODY GIVES A FUCK ABOUT YOU.

I wish I wasn't so bad at explaining things.

>> No.22914571

Ah the "mentally deranged murderer is really just a manslaughter" argument

Same outcome

>> No.22914580

You're grossly exaggerating those figures, four threads at most.
In the other ones, there were just a handful of posts about her, not disrupting the discussion.

And none of them were good or interesting.
>We were working out if an N2 mine could kill a Bloodthirster
see? this is not interesting.
I also find it highly unlikely to have happened, I found out that Xeno spam never happens without my involvement.

>> No.22914581

Y'know. I have evidence supporting the fact that all Xenofags are Paedophiles. And Paedophiles have more genes in common with a crab than you or me

>> No.22914587

Well I sure don't give a fuck about you and the fact that you don't like what I like.

>> No.22914588

You're a terrible person

>> No.22914593

>Brass Eye
My gangsta

>> No.22914600

I'm not. It happened to 3 threads in one day a couple weeks ago. One of them wasn't even on /tg/

>> No.22914604

That shitty argument can be turned right around on you. You are nobody. Who gives a fuck if you don't like it. The "board culture" argument is the reason /v/ is what it is right now. Fuck you and fuck your culture.

>> No.22914610

>Paedophiles have more genes in common with a crab than you or me
Oh shit. I remember that people were actually believing that because they didn't say it was a joke at the start of every joke

>> No.22914611

But you are. You're arguing over pointless, boring stuff like if a mine could kill a daemon, as if that had any incidence or if it involved any kind of pleasant reflections. It's not a cute, funny, badass, enlightening, beautiful, or important thing to talk about.

And yet you give it more importance than people humoring a fictional character, and possibly fapping to her.

>> No.22914615

I'm gonna go on foolz and see if you're not lying.

14 threads derailed in the past month, you say?

>> No.22914616


>Everything has to pander to me or I will defend what I like forever instead of leaving when a majority dislikes me
>Fuck you and fuck your culture.
Gentlemen, the reason why 4chan is shit.


>> No.22914623

Why the fuck does that fictional character have to derail LAPUTA QUEST?! WHY FUCKWIT? Why couldn't you trolls, because that's what you are, create a Xeno thread? Do they deleted the moment they're made? I wouldn't be surprised knowing who's going to be on int

>> No.22914629

Go on. Xeno in every one. Not a single one to do with Xeno.

>> No.22914634

Moral of the story people.

Fuck off to a board that gives a shit about your shitty fanfic

>> No.22914635

>Who gives a fuck if you don't like it.

Does the fact that nobody cares whether I like something or not prevent me from saying I don't like it?

>> No.22914639

>Gentlemen, the reason why 4chan is shit.
So far I have hope for 4chan as a whole. Right now it's only a given for a few items, Xeno being one of them

>> No.22914640

I'm doing it, but you know, you could make it easier and help me by either posting their links or giving me keywords

>> No.22914647

you're not saying that you don't like it, you're saying that it's shit and that you want it to never be posted and that we shouldn't post it.

>> No.22914652

Who or what is this?

>> No.22914653

Who do you think I am? And whats the problem with saying that? You know, besides the fact that you like it even though [Insert Thing] is shit and it should never be posted and you shouldn't post it.

>> No.22914656

>everyone should bow to the will of the majority regardless of whether their desires are justified.

Might as well turn 4chan into another Something Awful.

When shit is related to the purpose of the board it's wrong for you to bitch about it no matter how much you hate it. Bet you sage spammed quest threads back before the mods outright said the were /tg/ related.

>> No.22914668

The problem is that it creates unnecessary conflict.

>> No.22914669

Try 40K, Tau, Elder, Orks, Mat Ward, Phil Kelly, What's his name Cruddace, Codex, I know, vague right, but it's a couple of weeks old and was about what we want in future codexi. I'm mentioning that one because that one was a particuarly bad one with this Xenoloony in it too. Got Exterminatus. Wasn't the last to be that day either.

>> No.22914682

Except that if everything else is shit but that you're not saying to everything else not to be posted, you're inconsistent, therefore wrong, and shouldn't post as a result.

>> No.22914685

Only if you defend it because you care whether someone else disliked it.

>> No.22914687

she was bi, i guess i wasnt clear when i said she tried to get the really shy girl (and i mean SHY, like turtleneck and hair in front of the face levels of shy) to open up, it was in really eprverted ways, trying to force her into near-illegal clothes and watnot, ebcause she was interested in her.

she also on one occasion dragged a friend of hers to her bedroom for sex because her friend insisted "nothing is better than a huge dick" (well, it was something along those lines, wasnt too focused on the exact words back when it was said, was too focused on a girl being dragged into a bedroom, adn then the feeling of awkwardness of sitting in a living room with 3 other girls and 2 guys, listening to 2 girls have LOUD sex down the hall).

like seriously, thats embarassing stuff, if this board wasnt anonymous i woudlnt even post that shit.

>> No.22914693

No, we're saying you shouldn't shitstorm to defend it just because we said we didn't like it (or for that matter, what happens (ie. what YOU DO) when someone mentions it)

>> No.22914697

so far I've only got the muju drawthread, and it only lasted a dozen posts.

I know which one you're talking about, and if we also include the one that didn't get deleted, that amounts to three.

Four with this one.

>> No.22914698

>Might as well turn 4chan into another Something Awful.
>he doesn't know

>> No.22914701

Been there, had that done

>> No.22914707

But I don't shitstorm because you say you didn't like it, I argue because you claim that, since it's shit, it souldn't be posted, and yet, for no reason, you don't say the same about everything else on /tg/ despite the fact that it's also shit.

>> No.22914711

and for clarification, that leevl fo perversion was a one time thing, she didnt make it a habit of raping people, but she was damn pushy and forward with peopel she even had the briefest fo thoughts about hopping in bed with. was a sweet girl in almost any other circumstance though, good for fixing cars / household electrical work, never complained when you asked her to help ya, hoenstly only reason our group put uip with her.

>> No.22914716

How many mentions of Xeno does it take to shit all over whatever it was you were doing?


>> No.22914717

"Man has a love for fire. Napalm, white phosphorus, promethium, oil, gasoline, meltas, plasmas, firestorms, incendiaries, firepower, fireline, flamethrower, fireteam, firefighter, the flames of war, fire, fire, fire. What else could be said to have benefited as much from man as fire? What other element has been defended, nursed, tutored, fed, and loved more than fire? Our cities, our books, our people, our enemies, our friends, our dead, our living, our greatest works and most heinous feats; all of them, fed to the ever hungry flames, and there it is. Years of brilliant minds worked on that one. For warfare, for country, for humanity? No. We wanted to see what fire, raw unchained flame, could do."

>> No.22914721

Because they're "fan*base" doesn't wreck every thread it's mentioned in


>> No.22914725

I have no idea what you are talking about, but you know what? The board doesn't have to accept anything the majority dislikes just because you're a fan of it.

>> No.22914739

You do realise, that, as the Xenofag, you lonely person are the most minor of minorities, right?

>> No.22914747

I'm talking about 99% of what /tg/ likes. Such as what is posted ITT. it's bad referential humor with pics of the same technical quality as Xeno fanart. If you claim that Xeno fanart and everything related to it is shit, you logically have to admit that pretty much everything that /tg/ likes is shit as well, and therefore stop liking it (since that's allegedly your reason for not liking it. That and the fact that it gets posted often, which is also the case of what is ITT) and express it.

>> No.22914751

Apparently they do. See quest threads.

>> No.22914756

You do realize that it's utterly irrelevant because liking Xeno is the same as liking anything else /tg/ produces, right?

>> No.22914765

Anon 1 "How do we cure world hunger?"

Anon 2 "Well it's quite simply we just need to..."

Troll! "Xeno!"

Anon 2 "Oh you faggot!"

Anon 1 "Oh shit! Delete you're post before..."

Troll! - Posts 53 badly drawn images of Xeno

Anon 1 - Fights with Troll! for hours, even though that's what the troll wants
Anon 2 - Left ages ago

>> No.22914768

You're truly delusional

And can't prove a word you say

You're Insane

>> No.22914778


>> No.22914780


>> No.22914782

>>22914765But that's not right, here is an accurate rendition of what happens;

Anon 1 "How do we make a necron brush its teeth?"

Anon 2 "Well it's quite simply we just need to..."


Anon 2 "Oh you faggot!"

Anon 1 "Oh shit! Delete you're post before..."

Troll! - Posts 53 images of Xeno that are drawn just as badly as everything else from /tg/

Anon 1 - Fights with Troll! for hours, even though that's what the troll wants
Anon 2 - Left ages ago

>> No.22914785

I just proved it to you, I even asked /ic/, and it's commonplace to talk about her along with cultist-chan and other /tg/ fanon.

There, you did it, you began sounding delusional.

>> No.22914787

Quest threads are a format of game.

Xeno is smallpox.

Now. It can be argued that games belong in /tg/
It can't be argued (except by the sick and Insane) that smallpox belongs in a nursery

>> No.22914789

But I am saying the truth, if you can disprove it, why don't you do it?

>> No.22914794

That's not even close to what happens

>> No.22914798

Prove us wrong. You are the minority.

>> No.22914802

Xeno is a character that appears in quest threads and drawings both based on 40k.

it can be argued that Xeno is other things than that.
it can't be argued that quest threads and 40k-based content belong in /tg/

>> No.22914803

Xeno is the reason WW1 happened.
Which is why WW2 happened.

>> No.22914809

Actually I belong to the majority; people who like shit.
Prove me that Xeno isn't the same kind of content as what the majority of /tg/ likes.

>> No.22914813

Why did Hitler blame the Jews?

Becuause Xeno claimed she was Jewish. She lied

>> No.22914815

It's what happened ITT, minus the pictures spam.

>> No.22914819

Prove to me that the majority like Xeno.
And liking things similar but different is not the same. Because they're different.

>> No.22914827

/tg/ stands for That Guy, which refers to the entire community
Most of /tg/ is too uptight and prudish to have any interest in switching gender, as that would imply that someday they'd have sex.

>> No.22914829

In this thread, it was brought up by a nostalgia fag. Who was dissuaded after several testimonies. And then you found us...

>> No.22914834

What happened ITT is that a guy mentioned Xeno, we all agreed we hated her. Then someone came in and defended her.


>> No.22914836

So were questers

>> No.22914842

So you can't prove us wrong then?

Oh my how surprising /sarcasm

>> No.22914846

I don't have to prove you that the majority likes Xeno, I just have to prove you that Xeno is the same kind of thing as what /tg/ likes (which I did) and that therefore the majority has no reason to hate her.

Now, a difference can be significant or insignificant.

If the difference between Xeno and other content is significant, it can be a grounds to hate her and not the rest.

I proved that they were similar, now prove me that what differences there may be are significant.

>> No.22914850

One person agreed. and we're still determining whether or not he was right to hate her.

>> No.22914853

>and that therefore the majority has no reason to hate her.
Why is this important? Hate doesn't have to be rational.

>> No.22914855

Hint: We do

>> No.22914859

>determining whether or not he was right to hate her.
Of course he is right to hate her. Everyone is right to hate anything they want.

>> No.22914863

Hate is hate.

Go clean /tg/ of Xeno's (or more correctly, Xenofag's) hate crimes

>> No.22914868

If it's not, then it's not legitimate and you cannot defend it.

>> No.22914871

Wrong anon. You want >>22914846

I'm despondent. Quests prove that if xeno's fans group up and push hard enough then mods will okay her cause she is /tg/ related.

>> No.22914879

So you like raping children. But because the Ancient Greeks and sex with minors you're arguing you should legally be allowed to rape children yourself?

See why that's not a winnable arguement

>> No.22914880


Not if what they hate is not actually hatable, then what he hates is actually an erroneous representation.

>> No.22914883

>then its not legitimate
>you cannot defend it
Who gives a shit about defending what they hate? See >>22914442 You're proving it more right with every post you make.

>> No.22914889

I don't think you understand how hate works.

>> No.22914895

But if you cannot prove that raping children is wrong, you should allow it.

>> No.22914896

Why did 9/11 happen?

Because Xeno told Al'quaeda she was there. She lied.

>> No.22914906

Oh... my... god...

>> No.22914915

Dude no. 4chan went to the authorities about that board. This is not the place for it.

>> No.22914921

This, so much. I love being the one who's desired and pursued. It's probably why I want to ERP with a prostitute character.

>> No.22914924

You absolute monster

>> No.22914929

I fucking love 4chan

>> No.22914935

I am going to screencap this and post this everytime Xeno is mentioned in the future.

Xenofags confirmed for paedophile. Freaky crab guy!

>> No.22914937

No, it's about defending your hate. That's what they're all trying to do, by talking here, and they're invoking such weak arguments as "it's shit" as if it were decisive, and "not realistically drawn" as if that mattered.

If something is not legitimate, you're wrong to do it and should therefore be ashamed and stop manifesting it.

Then you're wrong to do so, because If you misjudge something and hate it as a result, what you actually hate is something that doesn't exist; now, what you have to do in order to be right to keep manifesting your hate, is to prove that you are not misjudging xeno, and that she is indeed a worse thing than regular /tg/ content;

>> No.22914939

Same situation with quest threads. Someone would say they hated quests and the thread would devolve. Only difference is questers were a larger fanbase and some opponents of quests were dumb enough to get themselves banned by spamming illegal content in quest threads.

>> No.22914952

You don't have to be a paeodphile to think that raping children is right. Many paedophiles think that raping children is wrong.

>> No.22914957

>I'm a paedophile

>> No.22914962

but that is not what I said at all.

>> No.22914969


Sure it was.....haha

>> No.22914973

Now you're just embarrassing yourself.

>> No.22914979

Is that what you tell yourself?

Because under modern first World law, sex with a minor is rape. Legal age that defines a minor varies from country to country, but it's still classified as rape.

>> No.22914982

No, I'm really not.

This is why 4chan is fucking epic

>> No.22914990

Maybe, but that doesn't make rape right or wrong.

>> No.22914991

Now you're just embarrassing yourself

>> No.22914996

>fucking epic
I hope you're doing it on purpose.

>> No.22914999

Why did the war on terror happen?

Because Xeno said she was in Iraq. She Lied.

>> No.22915006

No, I'm just a bit frustrated to see that people genuinely think that even if something is visibly right, it shouldn't be allowed, just because they don't like it.

>> No.22915012

Yeah I am. I figured "to fight shitposters, you need to become a shitposter yourself"

I am the original LWDM after all

>> No.22915019

If it's bad for the community, how can you promote it?

>> No.22915024

Damn, you're sure good at it, but less at winning.

>> No.22915026

Dude you;re not. I am

>> No.22915031

You can't say "Under first world law, X is wrong" when what X is varies between countries.

Also, it's called statutory rape for a reason; because it's not literal rape when there's consent. "Statutory" means it's called rape in law despite not being rape.

>> No.22915034

Haha! You're obviously the 110th LWDM, who can't be the first!

>> No.22915040

Because if the community is not what actually matters, it can be sacrificed.

>> No.22915046


>> No.22915053

I won last time remember? You admitted your inferior artskill at my behest.

Considering you've yet to "win" anything, It's a bit rich for you to make that statement. But then again, you are dangerously impaired

>> No.22915058

unwarranted obnoxiousness. aka shitposting

>> No.22915059

You confession to paedophillia just made so much more sense

>> No.22915060

>If it's bad for the community
That's a bit "if" right there.

>> No.22915061

God you're so creepy

>> No.22915065

I admitted that I was worse at drawing simple pictures in a short amount of time.
But that wasn't the point, the point was that regardless of the efforts put in them, my drawings were executed better than LMK's.

>> No.22915066

It just keeps getting better and better

>> No.22915079

A point none agreed with

>> No.22915084

I'm just proposing a thought experiment: if it was proved that raping children (since it's the example you guys introduced) was a good and right thing to do, shouldn't it be allowed? If not made mandatory?

>> No.22915085

Dude. Just stop

>> No.22915089

except /ic/.

>> No.22915092

>since it's the example you guys introduced
The dangerously mentally ill Xenofag is not to be considered part of 4chan. This is just an unusual drifter

>> No.22915094

except /ic/ didn't

>> No.22915103

But Xeno haters did introduce child rape as an analogy with Xeno spam and quest threads, their point was that if the majority didn't like it, it shouldn't be allowed, in both cases. But that supposes that the majority is always right.

>> No.22915105

I knew you were going to act like that. /ic/ didn't agree with you. We were in that thread. It's an archived thread. Why are you lying to the people who were there with you? This IS sad and/or delusion

>> No.22915113

It did, that's precisely why they said that it was unfair to compare them, since LMK had less time to work.

>> No.22915116

>I'm just proposing a thought experiment
>expecting "it's against the law so it's wrong" style moralfags to understand thought experiments
>expecting them to admit their lack of reasoning and cognitive dissonance even if they did
There's your problem.

>> No.22915124

And that's why we're glossing over >>22915084

FBI came to ask 4chan questions last time, not gonna try proving paedophillia is right again

>> No.22915130

Actually you guys did bring up pedos first >>22914879

>> No.22915133

No it didn't

The ARCHIVED thread clearly shows you're in the wrong

>> No.22915136

They said that since I had more time to draw, it was normal that it looked better and that I was therefore probably worse than him in the same amount of time. There was indeed one guy who said his stuff looked "fresher" and another one who said that my stuff was confusing.

>> No.22915143

then let's see it, it's not on foolz.

>> No.22915146

Actually, this has happened before, and it suddenly wasn't all fun and games >>22915124

>> No.22915153

So your point about them saying you're better was wrong.

Please stop being so god damn juvenile

>> No.22915157

Seriously? When was this?

>> No.22915168

My point is about them saying that my drawings looked better. Not that I'm a better drawfag.

>> No.22915180

A long time ago, before Xeno

It's on 1d4chan too, one of the few pages on that site that are true representation (prolly due to being too old for the newfags to remember)

>> No.22915184


>> No.22915191

And you had a bias selection, your scribbles had much more time that his which were done on the fly. So why you're bothering to argue this is beyond me

>> No.22915208

Oh yeah. That was a dark chapter in 4chan history. And one of the truly eventful ones. It's one of the contributing factors to why captcha was eventually installed.

>> No.22915214

I simply tried to pick the best pictures of both quests, I omitted the shrunken hand, the scribble water, the bad foreshortening, and the portrait of Marcia was said to be better than some of my drawings.

>> No.22915220

Uh-huh. Fuck off now, it's history time

>> No.22915225

Yeah great, I'll say you win if you don't derail this, I want to know what happened

>> No.22915229

Details please!

>> No.22915233

I'll keep derailing this if you don't admit it or disprove it.

>> No.22915234

Good for you

>> No.22915242

So you're trolling then

Fine.... you win Faggot

>> No.22915246

No, good for him, actually, but that wasn't sufficient.

>> No.22915249

Ha! Finally told the truth then

>> No.22915253

Yeah... bad for you, good for him


>> No.22915254

No, I'm preventing you from avoiding the conflict or admitting my point, a troll would not have believed in his point and would have sought to derail it no matter what.

>> No.22915268

I'm pressuring you into either disproving me or admitting I'm right. A troll merely tries to fuck things up and doesn't want to reach an agreement.

>> No.22915297

Okay, this is the skimped version, the full thing can be found on 1d4chan.

Back before captcha, just about anyone could post here uninhibited. And as such we got spam from adds and shit but, whatever. There was this one particular namefag whose name escapes me, but it is on 1d4chan, who wanted the right to post and share pictures and tips on how to have sex with young children. Now this is against the law, which 4chan DOES have to abide to, so when "moralfags" tell you not to post that shit, it's because you're technically in breach of the law and can damage 4chan

>> No.22915304

>No, I'm preventing you from avoiding the conflict or admitting my point, a troll would not have believed in his point and would have sought to derail it no matter what.
>derail it no matter what.
Like you're doing now

>> No.22915315

No, I will stop derailing once you do either of those:
disprove me
admit I'm right

>> No.22915328

Moot said no, and namefag threw a bitchfit. He started trolling 4chan and complained that 4chan should "Be truly free as it claims to". He got himself banned and decided to start up his own 4chan, call "anontalk" or something similar. Where the posting of sexual images/text of children and how to approach them was encouraged

>> No.22915335

I see.

But that's nothing to do with what's being discussed here, which is the morality of laws and actions.

>> No.22915350

Anontalk then created an spambot that well, spammed 4chan and various other sites with adds for Anontalk. They also tried their best to spam 4chan with paedophillic pornagraphic content, claims and even theories

>> No.22915355

Didn't we telly you to fuck off? Oh yeah we did

>> No.22915361

I admit whatever the hell is deluding you


>> No.22915365

Okay. Weirdo. You win.

>> No.22915368

That's not me.

>> No.22915372

The least you could do is let the guy finish before you disregard it and start what could land us all in a permaban

>> No.22915375

I believe that the moment you show some variation from his braindead stupidity

>> No.22915379

that's not me.

I'm here

We're not talking about the morality of laws in general, we're talking about whether or not xeno fanart is mostly worse than what /tg/ likes. Since most of /tg/ likes LMK's drawings and since most of Xeno fanart is mine, all you have to do is prove that the latter is worse than the former.

So far, evidences tend to prove that mine are a bit better. admit it or disprove it.

>> No.22915381

Sure it's not

>> No.22915387

If that's true, I wouldn't of said you're a different person, since it's just a hit for you

>> No.22915404

In your own words
>Since most of /tg/ likes LMK's drawings
>since most of Xeno fanart is mine

It proves that that your art is inferior. AND THAT IS ALL I'M ARGUING

>> No.22915407

No, it's a hit against one guy posting about a story about pedophilia. and against me since I'm not talking about laws right now.

>> No.22915415

There's no point in samefagging

>> No.22915433

No, actually it proves that /tg/ likes thing that are shit (since /ic/ proved that LMK's drawings were a bit worse than mine, and that you say that mine are shit)

That would be cool, if you guys weren't using the fact that mine are shit as an excuse to hate them, WITHOUT hating other similar stuff like LMK's drawings.

>> No.22915453

Wild theories about how the law should be changed and debates about the morality of paedophillia and the law were rife on anontalk and copy&pasted on 4chan. Eventually the FBI got involved and locked BOTH sites down. Anontalk was disbanded, several people were arrested and 4chan managed to get off with a fine and a warning. And Yes, they do keep tabs on 4chan, so no, it's not worth discussing.

>> No.22915473

True story, I'm the second anon and I have no interest in Xeno, only in the laws part of the conversation.

>4chan got fined

>> No.22915488

/ic/ proved that LMK's drawing were of equal quality to yours, and with the revelation that it was unfair and that LMK was handicapped in this contest, he was deemed better.

They Proved you wrong. I am proving you wrong. You have NO evidence to support you, the very evidence you're using is proving you wrong.

What more do you actually need? Except a psychiatrist

>> No.22915505

I was a 4chan poster at the time, it's been mentioned a few times, we reference it on our wiki, oh and go ask oldfags and Moot himself what happened.

Although by the sounds of it, you're gonna ask them for "source" too

>> No.22915510

Go look for it, lazyfag, they're be a legal record

>> No.22915521

>True story, I'm the second anon and I have no interest in Xeno, only in the laws part of the conversation.
No one's interested, start a thread on /pol/ it's their domain

>> No.22915525


>> No.22915530

But they didn't say that it was of equal quality.
One of them said "they're both anime shit", but then he said that mine were more elaborated.

>LMK's drawing were of equal quality to yours
this is relevant, because it means that they are shit and that, by your logic, they should be hated

>he was deemed better.
This is not relevant.

>> No.22915547

We're proving you're wrong, and you're picking and choosing facts so you can keep doing this. You're a troll.

>> No.22915560

Why did the FBI come after 4chan?

Because Xeno posted paedophillia. Xeno never repented

>> No.22915574

What's worse? Xeno or My Little Pony?

Obviously Xeno. MLP actually has a legitimate reason to exist.

>> No.22915590

>we're proving you wrong
At most, you're proving me an irrelevant fact (that I'm slower than him)

But okay, let's admit that they didn't in majority say that mine were a bit better.
Let's say that they did indeed say they were of the exact same level. Let's even say that his drawings looked even better than mine, and that they were merely of a roughly similar level.

I still win the argument; they're shit, and you have to either:
hate them
like mine
stop pretending that you hate mine because they're shit.

>> No.22915593

>Although by the sounds of it, you're gonna ask them for "source" too
Well, yeah. I can't exactly trust your word that random other people word on a site who's slogan is "works of fiction" to be the truth.

Your claim, you back it up.


>> No.22915669

>people don't like my drawings waaaaah
>you all have shit taste

No, we have taste for not liking your shit. Deal with it.

>> No.22915690

Then why the hell do you like other people's shit if it's still shit?

>> No.22915715

Because, now here's the shocker, different people like different things. I realize I have blown your mind and you need a few minutes to rest. My apologies.

>> No.22915728

Whose worse? LMK or Xenofag?

Xenofag obviously.Aside from being a mentally ill and likely dangerous person,to families, communities and especially childrenby his own admittance no less!Xenofag is actually just terrible at drawing and spends most of his time trolling his "fanbase". Not to mention his only niche, which he claims to be the main poster of, is a much soured and by his hand, quite ugly character. And can't get it into his head that /tg/ and 4chan at large well, that that has unfortunately been visually assaulted by his "work"just don't like the content, his style, him, Xeno, HIM, his neurosis, the fact that nothing relevant to his work exists right now to make any of this worth it, FUCKING HIM AND HIS INSANITY!, the negative use of Xeno and it's pictures/image/everything, and the fact that he's an absolute, undeniable, loony, trolling Cunt.

>> No.22915731

But you brought the fact that mine were shit as an argument to support your hate.

>> No.22915749

But not liking people is a terrible, terrible excuse to hate what they make.

>> No.22915758

Not really.

>> No.22915767

Who cares about comparing me and him? we're comparing Xeno content with the other content /tg/ produces.

Well at least that's what I'm trying to do, but you're going "NOPE, LET'S RATHER TALK ABOUT HOW TERRIBLE A PERSON YOU ARE".

>> No.22915770

Yeah, becuase, as mentioned several weeks ago, in my opinion, they offend me

>> No.22915778

No it really is, it's soured by association

>> No.22915781

>200 posts past sage limit
Ladies and gentlemen, proof that the only polite sage is a noko+sage.

>> No.22915784

Actually it very much is, it denotes that you're incapable of discernment, and that you're superstitious, as if there were a mystical taint emanating from the person's behavior into his or her drawings.

>> No.22915785

That does compare Xeno content with other content on /tg/

>> No.22915788

But why doesn't other people's shit offend you, despite the fact that shit offends you?

>> No.22915799

Or maybe my mind is clouded by rage at the fact that he insist on being a arsehole and I'm reminded of it everytime I see his drawings and am overcome with negative feelings

>> No.22915803

But I am not Xeno content.
Why are you including me in your evaluation?
>by association
that's absolutely illogical and subjective.

>> No.22915815

Then, in other words, you're being wrong, and illegitimately losing your temper over trivial things.

Wouldn't that be a reason to stop manifesting your dislike altogether?

>> No.22915825

>you're being wrong
Actually, that's right.

>> No.22915833

To do that I'd have to never see one of your images or the subject of your images, ie. Xeno, ever agian.

Which is actually what I want to do

>> No.22915854

No, because I am not a part of what defines Xeno. If he loosens the definition of a character widely enough to include his judgements upon one of its creators, he might as well loosen it enough to include all of his knowledge into it, and start hating the whole world, by association.

>> No.22915861

The dislike only manifests at the sight of your heinous "work" and it's "muse" Xeno

And since more reason to dislike Xeno follows every mention of Xeno, It's really a reason to never follow Xeno, since it's a source of hate

>> No.22915875

You know, that sounds fair enough, you've at least renounced to defend your point of view, you're not responsible for your manifestations of temper.

>> No.22915887

Actually it isn't.
You said quite clearly that you hated the drawfag as a person, and hated the character as a result;
so, she's not the source at all, she's simply an occasion for you to be reminded of your hate.

>> No.22915899

But Xeno is a subject of your's and actually your only know work. Xeno is associated with you and my intense spite of yourself. I do not dislike you because of Xeno, although many have many more reasons to dislike Xeno herself, but I, in my unique case, actually dislike Xeno because of you

>> No.22915915

No I didn't retard, I hate Xeno because of how trolls use her derail threads they arbitrarily deem boring despite that it may be a fun pastime or source of interest to them

>> No.22915941

Xeno is a source of hate to myself and many others, I hate Xeno, as Xeno is the flag of Xenofags, who commit truly terrible things

>> No.22915956

By logical conclusion, many if not all of us, do hate Xeno's world, purely by the fact that it's poster child is a terrible, terrible creation

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