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What's the girliest published RPG out there?

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Changeling: the Dreaming.

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Blue Rose

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Certain iterations of Maid.

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Fifty Shades of Greyhawk.

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that wizards of the coast witch girl thing is probably the girliest one that was meant to be marketed to girls I've seen.

Everything else is pretty homolust (sometimes in a good way)

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I mean just look at the official site: http://bluerose.greenronin.com/ind.php

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Out of the blue I'd say Witch Girls Adventures

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I actually played that in a group with Mercedes Lackey once in a game run by Larry Dixon. It was a painfully mediocre experience.

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Oh how I laughed.

Also Op probably one of the touhou ones or /tg/ made ones like the magical girl stuff (usually excellent but I wouldn't be caught dead running it)

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I can imagine. One of my ex's love Mercedes Lackey and tried to get into it. It's like you said "painfully mediocre".

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Do you know what the witch girl game is called?

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That game is fucking deceiving.

>Polymorph anyone who opposes to you.
>They retain their conscience, but are subject to being crushed, eaten or stomped as long as they are morphed.
>Girls found it amusing.

Made no mistake, it may be targeted to little gals, but is a fucking manual on dictatorship and torture.

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That's how girls operate, Anon. They don't need manuals to dictate and torture.

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Not sure what the girliest is, but the one that got the most girls into RPGs is, by a ridiculous margin, Vampire the Masquerade. Girls played it and, during its heyday, you could introduce girls to roleplaying games by inviting them to play it with your group. That wouldn't work with any RPG before then, although it might work these days.

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Hot Guys Making Out
>a yaoi role-playing game, set in the Spanish Civil War, in which a tormented nobleman and his young ward attempt to resist their forbidden love for each other, and fail.

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Car Lesbians?

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>Satisfying male fetishes
Not sure you understood the question.

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>starring Antonio Banderas and young Antonio Banderas

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I think someone on /tg/ once made an RPG for playing... What, dime romance novels? Things like Wuthering Heights, I think.

It was... surreal. I think this may have come from that thread, but I could be imaging things.

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Mediocre? You're breaking my dreams dude. I would have expected that to be pretty dope.

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I'd say the nWoD supplement Girl: The Womaning is pretty girly.

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Dime novels were serials. Wuthering Heights actually wasn't one. They were more the "proper-lady gets kidnapped by redskins" of the civil-war era, USA. Interestingly, it's more accurate to portray Dickens as belonging to the genre, even though he's widely regarded as one of the greatest authors to ever write in English.

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Like how Neil Gaiman writes comic books.

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Larry runs an intense game of Spycraft and Shadowrun, so there's that. His heart just really wasn't in it that night and you could tell he was just running it for his wife.

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Fair enough for comparison. I like his novels pretty well.

Are you honestly name-dropping on /tg/ as anon? 'Cuz damn--that's weird.

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It's a manual on /d/eviancy.

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It's weird because it's being done pragmatically and you're interpreting it as boasting.

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I don't remember what the genre was specifically. It was trashy, vaguely victorian romance novels, though. Some guy lost a bet and had to write a (simple) system for it as a bet.

Again, extremely surreal.

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It's weird 'cuz it's weird--I'm not projecting anything. But that's cool.

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Alright then.

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Found it.

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I'm halfway through that thread, and do they ever tell you which dice type to use? The TN adjustments being +/- 1 seems to imply it should be a tiny die to me or something, like using d6 pools and taking the highest two rolled or something.

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Sailor Moon BESM?

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I have no idea. I think it was d6. Couldn't say for sure.

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Witch Girls Adventures.
It is surprisingly dark despite that.

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Anyone who finds it surprising how dark that has very very little understanding of girls.

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40k, it's filled with little bitches and played by bigger ones.

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Eh, the ones with the human wizard who drove a magic hotrod, recruits ex-neonazi survivalists to his party (Don't even get me fucking started on how retarded that Compound Raid was...), fucks Kitsune/Dragon hybrids and fucks up unseelie Fae with a Cold Iron crowbar were pretty fucking rad.

I mean, just look at this fucker. He completely looks like the kind of person that would closeline banished Death Gods with magic squares and crowbar Trolls in the face.

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So they independently invented Shadowrun?

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Kinda, yeah, now that you mention it.

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What about Wraethtu or whatever it's called?

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