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Recommend me a system to play with my cat.

She's not the brightest bulb so make something casual.

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Catch-the-string is pretty good and really simple to pick up.

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Please tell me you don't play the 4E version.

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Cat RPG.

Alternatively, Cat (the RPG).

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GURPS can do anything.

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Catch-the-string is fucking garbage and has been since 2e. If you want a good game, try Laser pointer, OP.

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Nah, I play 2e. It doesn't have baubles and uses yarn as string.

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You disgust me.

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Well, OP did want something casual.

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Laser Pointer A Go Go is a lot of fun, though at one point my cat caught on to what I was doing and nearly sodomized me with her claws.

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That's why you get a GM screen.

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>not Boxing with your cat

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Fair point.

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Go to bed, Teddy.

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>Try to play Laser Pointer with the cat
>Cat's too fucking snobbish to play
>Try to play String
>Gives it a shot and loses interest almost immediately
>Poke Da Kitty
>Turns into That Cat and rakes my arms

>Visit my mother
>Try to play Laser Pointer with her dachshund

Get better players.

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That Cat thread?
That Cat thread.

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I say play Dogs and Drapes with her.

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Any miniature wargame or CCG, only idiots play them

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>not Cats and Curtains

You are scum.

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Pretend is pretty casual, why don't you start with that?

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>mfw reading this thread

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Under the Blanket Foot Pounce is one that always works for my players, but you have to be ready to deal with That Cat, so the choice is yours.

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Cats in The Orchard

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>Implying That Cat doesn't make it more exciting
Maybe it's just because I like the way it hurts

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;_; I-it's not like I like you or anything, anon

dictated, not read, graciously, your cat

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>She's not the brightest bulb so make something casual.
Any edition of D&D, a cat should be smarter than most of the players so have her DM

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> ctrl + f
> No Mouseguard

/tg/, I am dissapoint.

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Mouseguard is to cats what FATAL is to humans

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my cat is better than your cat OP.

just look at the smug bastard

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>That modem
Are you some sort of slav?

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...what Modem? there is no modem in that picture.

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Mine's just divine tier

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Looks like a piece of paper to me.

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Sorry to break it for you, but your cat looks as though it's sick od your shit.

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Your cat doesn't like you
Are you blind? It's a buttplate

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My babies. Spartacus on the left (metalhead little sister named him), and Jack on the right.

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ah, thats a power supply-thingy for an old Mac Laptop i was fixing for a friend.

great, now i have to find my other cat in Buddha-stance.

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My cat is too artsy for RPGs

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Would you a peppercat?

>> No.22912881

and then her aunt

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My cat died just over a month ago, about two days before I got home from school.

This thread makes me happy, though. Thank you for sharing your cats with me, /tg/.

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Sorry to hear that anon

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here, have another one.

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That cat has an abnormal growth sprouting from its head. Did you consider seeing a doctor about it?

>> No.22912950

She's pretty.

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>Start playing Catnip 30k with my cat.
>I think the game is utter shit.
>Cat for some reason is allways fucking estatic.
>He doesn't even know the fucking rules.
>Moans all the time if I don't get new overpriced miniatures for him to play with.
>Play as in toys, not as in miniatures.
Fuck this game.

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he has no abnormal growths, he's just really fat and long-haired

i'll be sure to tell him that he looks like a pretty girl

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My bad. 'Regal'. Totally meant regal.

>> No.22912999

All cats are regal

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Well, yeah, but I used it relatively. Like, regal even for a cat.

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In thanks for putting my sides on the moon, I give you this picture I saved of a cat.

So cute I wanna hug the damned thing

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If you are fine with being extremely passive game master, I suggest Dungeons and Drapes.

>> No.22913063

'nother one of him

>> No.22913065

... wow. If that was my cat, I might wind up wearing him on my head some morning because he looks like my wool cap. The whole lack of torso or limbs adds to the appearance.

>> No.22913087

Limbs are overrated
>Your cat will never be as awesome as Maru

>> No.22913115

>a cat should be smarter than most of the players so have her DM

>mfw a cat could literally do anything and still be better than my last 'magical realm' DM

>> No.22913123

I just died from adorableness overdose, I had to pay a necromancer to animate my corpse to type this.

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40lb box of rape being loaded?

>> No.22913141

I tried playing FATAL with my cat... It didn't go well.

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How can you not know Maru?

>> No.22913221

Souuuuuuuuuuunds like it's


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Lil' Adolphia.

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This thread will make me last another week.

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>"I will exterminate all those filthy mice!... Right after my nap that is."

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On a more serious note, the Warriors RPG. Unless your cat GMs, it won't even have to do anything.

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>You think this is a motherfucking game?

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It's a pretty crap story. Basically he wanted to do an AVATAR homebrew with rather poorly thought-out mechanics and an emphasis on the role of those nerve cord thingies. We made it all of 15 minutes before finally called it.

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D'aww. Lil' Adi even has it's own little bunker.

>> No.22913629

Glorius african race

>> No.22913648

Except right now she's kinda just flopped on my lap.

>> No.22913656

>Those eyes

>> No.22913669

I like his fuzzy ears.

>> No.22913761

This is an awesome place.

>> No.22913822

Oh yeah, a former teacher directed me there after I wrote a persuasive essay, "My Cat's the Reincarnation of Hitler."

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Cat: The Indifferencing

>> No.22913949

Are we posting pictures of our cats now?

>> No.22913982

That's the fucking gaze of death right there.
>Yet so fuzzy!

>> No.22915935

My cat enjoys LARPs.
We usually play live action Claws & Catnip

>> No.22916072

>mfw this thread

>> No.22916296

my cat doesn't do any larping... but she has two modes: "sleep" and "kill everything that moves"

>> No.22916301

If I see that fucking cat one more time...

>> No.22916341

Why are dogs so much better than cats?

>> No.22916369

>Pleb detected.

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I wish I had a cat. One who is really damn pathetic and lazy.

we'd have so much in common ;_;

They would not like the amount of miniatures I leave around holding pikes though.

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I used to have two cats, both of whom died, one a couple months after I got her from a Cat Rescue shelter type thing, ad the other one about a month ago. He (Mel, or Watermelon when you wanted to be formal) fucking loved Laser Pointer A Go Go, with the handheld laser pointer. I see they tried to update it, I don't know much about it though, with the automatic laser pointer, seems like it takes away all the fun from the DM. He also loved Foot the Blanket Foot Pounce, especially during summer. He would sleep on my bed with me, curled up like a dog, but if I nudged him with my foot, he was always ready to go. Thanks y'all

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Goddamn, my carpet has this strange blood splatter from where my cat decided that murdering local birds couldn't be done outdoors.

'Kill local fauna' is my least favourite cat game.

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>They would not like the amount of miniatures I leave around holding pikes though

You know nothing about cats. They would absolutely LOVE the miniatures you leave around.
On the other hand you would hate to leave them around after the first few days

>> No.22916678

Dude, you've obviously never seen a cat try to take on a pike formation.

A trip to the vets is usually required from the dozens of stab wounds, because they're pretty much all steel pins (plastic pikes break too much).

>> No.22916757

or maybe I've only seen competent cats taking on a pike formation

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>> No.22916820

>no mittens, your character does not have human ears and no tail

>> No.22916821

Dog-lover detected!

Our cat had a game he would play with his lessers (dogs) where he would bite them on the nose and drag them across the kitchen. He then proceeded to graciously allow the dog to ferry him to the other side, so that he may drag them again. Game was only in Beta though, not even a name before he died.

>> No.22916827 [SPOILER] 

> Cat is a fat piece of shit who doesn't know how good he has it
> It's too goddamn cold to let him outside even though he goes apeshit in the snow
> Try buying him expensive toys
> He kicks them around for a couple seconds, then looks up at me, as if he's saying "Oh, that's the best you can do?"
> Try strings and ribbons with special toys that are supposed to trigger the "insane axe murderer" portion of a cat's brain
> I've never seen a cat scoff before, but he did
> Finally just bust out an old yellow ribbon from Christmas presents
> He goes fucking berserk
> It's his favorite thing ever

Strangely, it's only yellow ribbons.

Gif related, it's what I wanted to do to him throughout the entire ordeal.

>> No.22916839

Spartacus looks like Hitler.

>> No.22916855

Rolled 17

[X] Touch Fluffy Tails.

>> No.22916876

Were you in the Harem Knights threads?

>> No.22916904

clearly you do not understand the subtle art of the "furniture destroying and other collateral damages"

>> No.22916933

>sitting around finishing up some work
>have the blinds drawn
>cat walks in from the kitchen
>leaps onto my lap and crawls up to my neck
>sleeps for half a second before jumping into the blinds
>blinds immediately collapse
>lose my security deposit over 20 dollars worth of damage

Why can't I get some well behaved cats to hang out with?

>> No.22916970

My cat has been meowing for food and mostly refusing to eat what we give it, and ripping off the fur on it lower back and tail. For months, or maybe years now.
What should I do ?

>> No.22916973

My cat died two days ago.
I had her from a kitten. She was my neighbour's, but he ignored her and always forgot to feed her. Eventually I started putting food out for her and she would come in and curl up on my lap.
Eventually, he got a dog. A lovely golden retriever puppy, but still not the best move. She spent more and more time with me and when I moved, she followed me. Just showed up scratching at my door one day.
I still saw my old neighbour around and he didn't even notice she was gone until I mentioned it. I had to re-name her because she hid in the closet whenever she hears her old name. He didn't even treat the dog right. I saw it not long before she passed and it was missing an eye.

This thread gave me feels. I'm literally weeping right now. I hope you're happy.

>> No.22917008

This. I'm >>22916973 and she loved my IG army. Batted the guardsmen around with her paws and even tried to take on my Basilisk once. I was always tempted to get a Baneblade and see how she reacted.

>> No.22917012 [SPOILER] 


> Cat has been evicted from his normal sleeping space by vacuum cleaners
> Comes down to basement where I am playing a televisual entertainment about irradiated casinos
> Sees the pile of Xbox games and my contented face
> You can tell he's about to do something stupid, so I keep my feet on the coffee table
> He tries to leap onto the pile of Xbox games and onto the window, but he sends the games flying off all over the place when he jumps
> His claws catch on the curtains and pulls them down with him, along with the TV

My cat is a goddamn retard.

>> No.22917025

Cone of Shame time.

>> No.22917026

Pic extremely relevant

>> No.22917035

It doesn't have to be shame exactly.

It could be a cone of cool if you do it right.

>> No.22917036

because you are the slut of that cat that's why, and the cat knows it

>> No.22917042

>not owning two cats

You guys realize that they keep each other busy and out of your hair, right?

>> No.22917044

Your cat sounds nice. Appreciate him while you can.

>> No.22917056

What if we enjoy fussing over them, cleaning up their trail of destruction and apologizing to their victims with that peculiar mix of pride and embarrassment known only to parents and cat-owners?

>> No.22917060

The color or reflectiveness of the ribbon is probably what he enjoys seeing. Cats a visual creatures and respond to visual stimuli, which is why they will sometimes watch TVs.

>> No.22917079

My cat loves playing "sit on all of your damn stuff".

>> No.22917104

Ha ha! 2 cat.

>> No.22917106

Make a potty hole.

>> No.22917115

Your Cat is called NightRape!

>> No.22917139

True. I did not consider that. Takes all kinds I guess.

>> No.22917141

Here's mine

>> No.22917145

She also enjoys "rub my tummy you filthy peasant" and "how much blood do feet have"

>> No.22917180

Where's its limbs

>> No.22917183

yes... and it makes her sad

>> No.22917191

My great aunt's old cat fucking loved those little bits of plastic that secure the tops of gallon jugs of milk to the plastic jug. She actually asked us to mail her some, because she could only fit smaller cartons of milk in her fridge (she lives in NYC).

>> No.22917192

>She also enjoys "rub my tummy you filthy peasant"
My cat does not tolerate tummy rubbing.

It's frustrating...

>> No.22917220

>> No.22917225

It's true.

>> No.22917240


My cat doesn't like people touching his stomach.

Oh, he'll raise his paws and roll over so that you have access, and he'll pretend not to notice you, but once you touch him it's only a matter of time before he claws your shit up.

>> No.22917248

Nope, generation a.

>> No.22917254


>> No.22917267

Why do all cats act as if they're in need of a software patch?

>> No.22917275

Eh, it made me chuckle. And this it /tg/. We're more tolerant than the lesser boards.

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>> No.22917310

There, can you click the image without having a hissy fit now?

>> No.22917319


>> No.22917335

Get. Out.

>> No.22917339

Congratulations you just turned an image made on 4chan which had been posted on 9fag into an image that has been edited and reposted on 4chan.

Doesn't stop people who go there from being cancer.

>> No.22917347

You can get out and see that most boards are way better than /tg/ ESPECIALLY /v/.

>> No.22917348

I can change him. He loves me, dammit!

>> No.22917355

>not owning a telekinetic cat

>> No.22917358


I like it, it doesn't mean she has to rape anything...

>> No.22917365

I never had a cat or even a dog because satanism and mom was allergic

>> No.22917369


this will be interesting

>> No.22917371


>> No.22917380

I was trying to say how I've seen this image without the tag at the bottom, and how I hate stupid websites that put their logo on images. Really rustles my jims.

>> No.22917385

Not really. He played his hand too fast.

>> No.22917392

A lot of cats are like that, but a smaller percentage actually do like their stomach or chest being rubbed. My mom's cat likes his chest being scratched, but if you touch his stomach too much he bites you and kicks you with his back claws.

>> No.22917404

Yeah, i don't mind if they use their logo on stuff created on the site. If they put their logo on stuff that is taken from somewhere else though, that really rustles my jimmies. It is sort of like stealing.

>> No.22917412

>"how much blood do feet have"
My sides just burned up on re-entry.

That said, cats are shit, and most of you probably have brain parasites.

>> No.22917422

"I will let you rub my tummy for 6... maybe 4 seconds!"

>> No.22917423

that's a pretty charming story. i mean, it's sad the cat died, but it's nice that she got a better owner.

>> No.22917470

>if they use their logo on stuff created on the site
I don't think 9fag has ever created a single piece of original content. Its just a worse ebaumsworld.com (but you probably never heard about the deal with ebaum).


>> No.22917511

My cat does that all the time. It's frustrating.

>> No.22917558

That reminds me of that comic posted on /a/ years ago, about the grandfather telling his grandchildren about the internet, you know the one I'm talking about.
During the whole SOPA/PIPA scare somebody posted it on 9ag as their own creation.

>> No.22917563

I have know for some time that 4chan has a burning hate towards ebaum, but i did not know why before this date. And yes 9fag probably has minimal amount of original content.

>> No.22917582

>that 4chan has a burning hate towards ebaum
Pretty sure anyone that knows about how 9fag/ebaum works hates it. At least any intelligent person.

>> No.22917611

Thanks anon. It was old age, so I'm not as upset as I would be otherwise. But I really bonded with her. Once, she was sick so I put her in a cat-carrier and secured it in my car so she could see out of the window and went for a drive. We got a few strange looks but she loved it, especially when I would down the window and let her feel how fast we were going.

>> No.22917612

Do you have that comic by any chance

>> No.22917720

My cat loves those too. It's the funniest thing ever, because nothing else gets him even remotely excited. Unless it's one of those little plastic milk seal things, he's just a lardly mass.

>> No.22917943

Jesus christ, i haven't heard that song in years.

>> No.22917959

What the fuck is it with cats and potatoes?
An cardboard boxes?

Happens every time I bring home a 24-pack of beer. Soon as I take out a six pack, she curls into the empty spot in the pallet/tray.

Oh, and she likes sleeping on the potato sack.

>> No.22918008

no idea about the spuds, but cats naturally like areas they know the enterance and exit to. Makes them feel secure. Basically their instincts are telling them the box is as good as a cave.

>> No.22918100

I have two Siamese cats, they act like dogs and refuse to leave me alone. They absolutely adore each other, the male is especially loving with his sister.

But if I leave the house the male goes apeshit, tearing apart the house, running around, chasing his sister, screaming constantly.

>> No.22918209

He's never coming home!


Oh anons home. Act normal.

>> No.22918240


Let's get LARPcat in here, she could help.

>> No.22918246


Oh, never mind. Missed that.

>> No.22918256

"I thought you were never EVER coming home ever...
So i panicked."

>> No.22918272

>on /tg/
>caturday comes early


>> No.22918343

Sometimes, while I'm taking a shit, he sits outside the door and keeps calling out to me.

Then I pick him up when I'm done, and he smashes his head into my face for 10 minutes

>> No.22918348

Nah it is caturday in India and parts Australia has had caturday for like five hours already.

>> No.22918470

That sounds fun

>> No.22918546

>this thread

>> No.22918605

It really is. Incredibly affectionate, that little guy. He's also known to sometimes open doors with round knobs.

I was sitting in my room, on the computer one day (I'm allergic so I keep that one room cat-free, door is always closed. Sometimes I let them explore it for fun, though) and I just hear this rattling sound, followed by a creaking hinges and a loud, deep meow

That fucker was pissed

>> No.22918612

hinge* piss

>> No.22918644

Cat: the nyaa~ing might be the best bet.

>> No.22918710

I think you're referring to Feline: The Meowing.

>> No.22918748

I really don't like that type of illustration, but that is still a wicked picture.

Can someone please actually try and make a game we can play with our cats.
Ive just started Player Piano by Vonneght and read the bit where the dude designs a rat system that cats can work with to catch beasties- So i think a rules light RPG should be pretty easy...

>> No.22918763

I swear to god, there's some system or setting I've read about on /tg/ where the PCs are cats in an urban neighborhood fighting eldritch horrors to protect humans. Does nobody else remember this?

>> No.22918766

More squishi because why the fuck not.

>> No.22918796

Find it and run a quest on /tg/ please. will reward with enthuisastic play, pics of cats and internets. Please Anon, Please.

>> No.22918848

Did you name your fucking cat after Dors Feline

>> No.22918849

I don't know what it is though! I've only heard it mentioned here, I can't remember what it's called or even if it was only a theoretical system or something.

Fuck, it's pissing me off! I want to know what this is!

>> No.22918924

Thanks for the cc info brah, I'll be you by morning.

>> No.22918998

Also I'm a cat.

>> No.22919082

o hey guise wats up

>> No.22919120

Fuck off shit poodle.

>> No.22919228


Whoa there tiger. Boomer is pretty much the best dog. He can sing and dance.

>> No.22919278

Howling and jumping around right before he shits on the rug (again) does not count as singing and dancing.

>> No.22919290


>> No.22919315


I don't know how they do things in that dog and pony show you call "being a cat", but if you're a dog that's absolutely what singing and dancing means.

>> No.22919336

Squash hunting. Ask /k/ for more.

>> No.22919364

Mine did that but i always thought he was playing. Didn't scratch for real or anything.

>> No.22919385

>tfw you love cats
>tfw allergic

>> No.22919409

You're probabl y just allergic to dander. There's cats you can get that have minimal amounts of it.

>> No.22919419

Weren't there some genetic breeding projects that made cats that produce pretty much none?

>> No.22919453


There are hypoallergenic cats, I believe.

>> No.22919591

So, are there any interesting cats in fantasy besides the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland?

>> No.22919614

There are genetically modified ones. You also might look into Siberian cats. (Which is a breed, not an ethnicity.)

They're stupid-expensive, though.

>> No.22919615

>> No.22919616

It really looks like some kind of a glitch.

>> No.22919624

The real glitch is how something this beautiful can exist

>> No.22919672

You have no idea how much I adore this behavior. Shit's cute

>> No.22919691

Tried Gorkamorka, didn't work

>> No.22919701

It's a real MYSTERY

>> No.22919721

Get back to gurochan
I'm mostly thinking like this really

>> No.22919740

Mystery of druids.

Also cat Behemot from The Master and Margarita.

>> No.22919754

>Mystery of druids
I can't do it captain

>> No.22919830

When I opened the pic it loaded right to left instead of top to bottom. WHAT IS THIS SORCERY!?

>> No.22920080

my cat was doing this for about a year before the growths in her intestines got large enough to feel. i seriously think she was trying to chew the bad bits out. she lived her last couple of months as a fuzzy nurgling. i'm still finding fossil remains of stuff that failed in one way or another to stay inside her.

>> No.22920161

My father calls our big fat dumbass of a cat 'The Eunuch," because he's huge, neutered, and hangs around the kitten my mother started calling the Little Emperor. So we made the Eunuch one of those tie-on Chinese court-hats for halloween and got him to wear it. He looked like a little Zheng He.

>> No.22920278

Your cat looks like that and your little sister didn't suggest Rammstein?

Kids these days...

>> No.22920316

best dogs

>> No.22920459

No, she was named after Dors Venabili.

You plebeian.

>> No.22920536

Calling a cat Ramming Stone? Really?

>> No.22920815


>> No.22920861

Are we still sharing pictures of cats? Here is mine, looking a lot smaller than normal.

>> No.22920886

Lemme jump this train.

>> No.22920942

Here's another of her watching me play.
I love my kitty.

>> No.22920961


Her name is Lucy, and she is the most talkative cat ever.

On the phone? She meows into the phone.
On the computer? Climbs in front of the monitor and meows.
Gaming? Meows loud enough for people to hear her over my mic and I have to mute it.
Trying to Sleep? Fuck that shit, I want to be pet NOW. She warbles in my ear, paws at my face, and licks my cheek.

One of the best parts about my girlfriend visiting was that Lucy was bugging her and sleeping on her every moment she could.

>> No.22920998

I know that feel. As soon as I get home from work, she will not shut up. Just constantly meowing and headbutting my legs until I give her love. Then she meows some more and bites me.
Does anyone else's cat bite out of affection? At least I think it's affection...

>> No.22921040


Yeah, my mom's cat did that. "Love nips", the SPCA person said.

Maggie's a sweet cat, fat and lazy, but she is a fucking trap- you don't know WHAT will set her off to start biting and clawing.

>> No.22921104

one got out!

>> No.22921115

>Go ahead and paint... IF YOU DARE.

>> No.22921195


>Siblings desire presents, only receive cat clawings

>> No.22921202

I say! What goes on in this thread?

>> No.22921316


Nothing much.

>> No.22921426

My cat likes to sleep on paper. I don't know why.

>> No.22921664

he was a writer in a past life, clearly

>> No.22921688

It's weird that he didn't slap him three times as cats usually do.

>> No.22922172


>> No.22922683

So what alignment would the average cat be? Neutral evil?

>> No.22922717

Do you spend a lot of time around paper or using paper?

If so, the smell may remind the cat of you.

>> No.22922726

>> No.22922768




>> No.22922850

I think cats, at least in my experience, are the definition of chaotic neutral.

>> No.22922932


>> No.22923046

It's actually an image from stuffonmycat.com, which is exactly what's on the tin.

So eat a dick.

>> No.22923177

black master race reporting in

>> No.22923404

One of my cats will do that. One night she just followed me into the bathroom and started meowing for attention, so I began petting her. Ever since if she sees me go into the bathroom, for any reason, she'll follow and expect to be petted.

The other one will climb up on the cabinets, since there's about a foot of space between them and the ceiling, and if I tap my fingers on the side of the cabinet she'll roll over and meow, and I'll reach up and pet her and play around with her for a while. If I try to retract my hand she'll grab it with her paws and pull it back down, and nibble sometimes. She especially likes doing this after a shower, when I'm warm.

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