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hey /tg/ i am trying to download a fuckton of warhammer books cause some kind anon posted a download link

but there are no seeds and its not downloading

can someone please help? is there a way to download without seeds or am i fucked?
i will dump my warhammer folder

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quickly, praise the emperor

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so im fucked?

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Depending on where you're downloading from, you can sometimes get complete torrents from a "no seed" link. Sometimes the stats on a given source just aren't accurate and there are actually one or two in there that'll slowly get it across to you. I've successfully received entire movies before via TPB that both the site and uTorrent claimed had 0 seeds.

What books are you looking for specifically? If I have them, I can give you links for them that I know still work.

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I do everyday

heres the link
hopefully it wont come up as spam

which it did


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Email field?

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email field?

sorry i can be a bit technologically retarded at times

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Put the link in the email field.

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He's saying you can put the link in the email field of the post reply area and it won't be filtered as spam.

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oh thats a cool trick


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maybe try subject field

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subject field works

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It says 1 seed and 24 leechers. Something should be downloading.

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nope nothing

it has an infinity symbol next to the download

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Can you connect to any peers?

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shows up as 0

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Connection Error (PRUDPPacketHandlerException:Transrt unavailable, maximum number of DatagramSockets reached)

That's what I get when I try the torrent

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Basically, no dice, you won't get it to work.

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thats weird

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i reall want those books

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Who has the links to them here? ARe they on /rs/?

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some dude in a warhammer thread posted them

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This thread reminds me again of how happy I am to have graduated from torrents years ago. It may take me some time to find something, sometimes. I may have to pay a nominal fee. But when something is up, I get it. At my max download-speed. Period.
Thank you, Based OCHs.
Polite bump for not contributing

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no one else wants to help?

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i have like no cash
shit sucks

also IG is best faction

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seeing as you are looking for books. have you looked if they are on scribd? shit's 9 dollars a month and you can download as much as you want, DRM-free. or are you even that broke? if so, i suggest you get off the internet and away from /tg/-related hobbies until you get a better job

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but still can no one help?

should i perhaps ask another board?

nice lol

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i am that fucking broke

ll my cash goews to bills because my brother is living with me and my mum and he doesnt do a damn thing to help

i love the guy but fuck

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seeing as I came here from /b/, might I suggest killing him in his sleep?

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no hes planning to join the army once he finishes school

which wont be until next year

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hmm i used a torrent to snag some books, i might be able to find it again idk

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the books in the torrent i posted?

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Is it like the books or the codexes?

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a bunch of both

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just search the books individually. It will take longer but you'll most likely be able to find them all in different torrents

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but there are hundreds of books

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I meant series. You can search for codexes and find multiple torrents and you can search each series individually and find the entire sets it's just spread out

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dont suppose anyone can help?

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For those of us old enough to have descended testicles, usenet will always be superior to torrents.

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im 20

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i didnt find the one i used but heres another, pretty big. that reminds me i wanna finish that path of the eldar series, though idk if i can stand another 10 pages of an elf being fab to impress a girl....

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Eldar Romance?


also link to torrent?

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holy shit, this is one of the best 40k art's ive seen now i know what the model is ment to look like

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By the way, is there a torrent to the newest edition of the rulebook? Sorta strapped for cash right now.

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so im fucked basically yeah?

guess ill have to hunt down the books separately then

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add more trackers:

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For future reference, look up teh hash number and enter it into your torrent search bar (the one in the program) and it will find seeders with matching torrent files.

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im confused?

>> No.22909664

again i dont mess with torrents much im not sure i understand?

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<<It should look like this when you're done

Also, you can manualt add those trackers from the image, you just have to do in one at a time

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>>22909633 is the IP address used to designate the computer you're using. It's not actually used for anything but loopbacks. Trying to send us there would only send us back to our own PCs.

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i use bit torrent if that means anything

oh so i ignore that part?

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in whatever program you use to torrent there should be a search that connects to google (Utorren) and BitTorrent, choose BitTorrent and enter this number (the hash number can useualy be found somewhere on the page you got teh torrent from)


you should get page with links on it, those links have torrent files that have trackers you dont have yet.

The more trackers, teh more seeders you (can) get

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Theres a warhammer book coolection on piratebay. 900 mb worth. Hundred or so seeders last time I checked.

Just search warhammer

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Or here, long story short and im feeling generous:

Use this page, id did it for you:

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i tried but it doesnt show anything

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I know that torrent, its filled with rule books, not novels.

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Again, >
No one else can fucking see it.

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google said i cant connect

>> No.22909796

use my link here >>22909769

>> No.22909809

Ok, try this then;
Go to Bing and paste this number into the search bar


>> No.22909821

doesnt work

>> No.22909838

ok its come up with a bunch of results

what now?

>> No.22909870

those links should all have new torrent files that have trackers you dont have. go to them and magnet or download the torrent files

Also: I now have 3/4 the files and will seed for 24 hrs

>> No.22909884

wait so if i download it
doesnt that mean i will have 2 of the same? im confused

>> No.22909930

your torrent program will detect that the torrent file is teh same as one you allready have loaded, and ask you if you want to add trackers, just click yes
If all else fails, enter each of the tracker addresses from the image i posted here>>22909681
Those are all the trackers i have found for this torrent

What torrent program do you use, If it's Utorrent i can provide pics

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i use Bit Torrent

>> No.22909977

also i downloaded one of them and opened it
and its just asking me to download it again

>> No.22910040

why cant anything be easy?

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is that normal?

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HASH number: 45BB367E93A95EBA8F9AAD853CF578640E6979

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no. it's probably corrupted

>> No.22910187

but thats utorrent

i use bit torrent

you mean a virus?

cause i downloaded it

or tried too

>> No.22910197

i mean i use Bitlord

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just finished downloading. you need an ebook reader to open most of them

>> No.22910221

i already have

but yeah i use Bitlord if that helps

>> No.22910234

i already made teh pic, figured id use it. BitLord should have teh same functions, just in different locations

>> No.22910257

you know, the files are small enough . . . gimme a sec

>> No.22910262

still a tad confusing

>> No.22910269

small enough for what

>> No.22910292

just go onto mediafire dot com and shove this on the end of the url.


It has a fair few codices etc, some may be out of date though.

>> No.22910297

sorry? whats this?

>> No.22910329

an assortment of codices, painting guides, and other 40k stuff.

>> No.22910388

im uploading the whole thing to MediaFire

>> No.22910406

oh ok

i appreciate
idk what but torrents seem to hate my guts

sorry for all the trouble

i feel like a bit of an asshole

>> No.22910415

check here in like ten minutes


>> No.22910441

again thanks

>> No.22910443

naw, iz cool man, we've all been there
jus glad to help.

>> No.22910453

so you downloaded the folder and just put it up?


>> No.22910499

yup its taking longer to mediafire it than torrent it

>> No.22910511

is this supposed to connect to your profile?

cause for me it just directs me to the homepage

>> No.22910512

SHIT, make that twenty more minutes,
i missed the codexs

>> No.22910526

no problem

just gotta keep the thread here

do i gotta log in to use it? i hope not

>> No.22910562

try this folder link:


>> No.22910573

no. you shouldn't

>> No.22910579

says theres no books?

so i just refresh the page when its done?

>> No.22910607

geez, ive got over 300mbps and its still taking forever . . . frikkan MedFire

>> No.22910629

again sorry for all the trouble

>> No.22910649

yea.another 10 minutes. But it might take a while for them to actual become available for download. it usually doesn't. but once in a while it can take a day or so for teh cloud server to acknowledge the upload. That's rare, but it does happen.

>> No.22910656

Not the guy and i don't know how drew it but the guy is Huron Blackheart of the Red Corsairs.

>> No.22910681

cool thanks

also is that a bolter spear?

>> No.22910695

Wait, I've just figured out what you meant. Disregard my previous post, i suck cocks.

>> No.22910713

That's the Custodes. They got fancy spear with bolters built in.

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>> No.22910779

>also is that a bolter spear?
Bolter Halberd, but in essence, yes.

>> No.22910801

The Emprah's own bodygaurds. They predate the space marines and while they are not actually marines they are considered the first marines.

>> No.22910826

so when you say they arent marines you mean they arent enhanced?

but they must be bad motherfuckers regardless if they are bodyguards

>> No.22910828

Adeptus Custodes, the Emperor's Bodyguards

>> No.22910865

they are to normal marines what normal marines are to Imperial Guard. Their geneseed might be form the empra himself (unlike teh G.knights who can go fuck off, teh Custodes had that schtick first)

>> No.22910876

how do they even shoot those things

it would look awkward to grip all the way down the shaft to pull the trigger

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>> No.22910942

ok so to the guy thats put all the shit in mediafire i just want to confirm you put everything in there?


also is this pic Warhammer related?

it looks like a Slaanesh daemon

>> No.22910967


>> No.22910979

it still being moved into teh shared folders but you cna start downloading whats there now

>> No.22910984

no i might wait

just get it all in one go

>> No.22911009

Doesn't look like it was made for warhammer, but it certainly works bloody well for a Slaanesh daemon/sorcerer/whatever.

>> No.22911024

Ok, its says its all in there. have a go at it

>> No.22911035

i know right?

totally fits

>> No.22911063

So to be clear: FREE SHIT HERE!!


>> No.22911151

it says i need to upgrade to pro to download a whole file
what the fuck

sometimes the internet pisses me off

>> No.22911195

Thanks ATH!

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>> No.22911264


is there a way to download this witrhout having to upgrade or register?

>> No.22911282

You have to register to download a whole file. Everything in the file is fair game for anons though

>> No.22911328

so i have to tick them off one by one?

gonna take a while but fine

considering how powerfull and usefull the internet is

it doesnt seem so convenient at times

>> No.22911405

I would suggest downloading in batches. 5-10 ata time is best

>> No.22911423

there is a bit there
gonna take a while

>> No.22911480

any feel free to turn this into a warhammer general thread

cheers for all the help

>> No.22911512

also whats an epub

>> No.22911525

It used in book readers like kindle or w/e. Also your phone. Look up a program called calibre and you will be able to convert it to pdf or word.

>> No.22911543

oh right i have calibre

so i just click and drag any of those files into there?

>> No.22911553

why convert when you can read in calibre.
by the way, on the great dump of books done (thank you, based ATH): anybody else have a problem with jDownloader downloading from mf? It says plugin out of date, but there is now update incoming and i dont want to download part by part...

>> No.22911559

also i have to save these things one at a time

oh boy we are gonna be here for a while

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>> No.22911579

I know DownThemAll used to work for some file sharing sites. Never used JDown though

>> No.22911596

you can select a bunch and then just hit the download arrow

>> No.22911613

it says i need to upgrade to pro

even if its just 2 at a time

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>> No.22911674


>> No.22911696


>> No.22911697

The torrent IS seeding BTW.

>> No.22911735

for me its not

like i keep saying Torrents hate me

>> No.22911755


>> No.22911813

I said id seed. and i got enough speed to dozens of peers

>> No.22911920

some of these files just direct me to a link for amazon?

that happenin for anyone else?

>> No.22912001

also that media fire folder

are you keeping that up forever? i may want to give it to friends

>> No.22912056

im not short of space so yea, it'll be up for as long as i have room. which us months, if not years.

>> No.22912061


>> No.22912105


again i may want to give it to friends

and thanks a ton man

also about this qestion here>>22911920

>> No.22912130


>> No.22912212

thanks for being a patient bro with OP.

I raise my glass to you.

>> No.22912252

aye same

sometimes 4chan isnt filled with assholes and try to help people

>> No.22912285


>> No.22912291

I have a 600+ MB folder with all the codices (including official update PDFs for Daemons and Flyers), but I'm too sleepy to find a place to upload something so big.

>> No.22912295

has anyone found an upload of path of the outcast?

>> No.22912318


>> No.22912362

how hard is it to make a magic weapon

like cant Psykers Enchant a generic marines wargear to make them better?
or is it alot of effort

>> No.22912383

I implore you good sir, please please PLEASE upload that.

>> No.22912388


Psykers don't just 'enchant' shit idiot.

They either use a force weapon (a rare and intricate tool that literally channels their raw psychic power into the victim) or you could find yourself a daemon weapon, which is tainted by the stuff of the warp.

There is no 'enchanted weapon'.

>> No.22912399


>> No.22912413

you dont have to call me idiot man

i was asking a simple qestion

and i know about Force Weapons and Daemon Weapons

i was just wondering if there was any other type of psychic or magic weapon

>> No.22912423


No, they can't. Not like you're thinking.

>> No.22912440


well thanks for telling me

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>> No.22912507


>> No.22912513

Thanks for the image dump, OP. Hope your situation works out for the better, sooner than later.

>> No.22912524

im still dumping man

and how do you mean situation?

>> No.22912532

I thought your brother was cramping your style - if I misinterpreted that, my apologies.

>> No.22912549

oh right thats what you were referring too

yeah soon hopefully

i need to get a job too

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>> No.22912583

is everyone enjoying these pictures?

or am i alone in this thread?

>> No.22912604

I'll help with some Tau concept sketches.

All credit to this awesome dude: http://www.advancedtautactica.com/ewtopic.php?t=14884

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>> No.22912630


>> No.22912641


>> No.22912649


>> No.22912655

thanks man

i need to come to /tg/ more often

i love warhammer but i dont play the actual game

but i do read the books and lore and i like the vidya games

>> No.22912657

Last one because my computer hates saving his files for some reason. But you can browse the thread for more.

>> No.22912684


any other warhammer art?

>> No.22912690

Heh I really should finish mine...

>> No.22912714

sometimes the Tau cant get no love

>> No.22912738


>> No.22912762

that picture brings up a good point

the Imperium of Man are noteriously racist

do they ever team up with some of the less hostile factions
such as Eldar or Tau?

>> No.22912764

My, that looks familiar.

>> No.22912779

Some pretty awesome models, but that's not really relevant. Nothing else besides what I've got from this thread (pretty new to /tg/, used to having most my pics forever in the cloud).

attached is a 70 page story (again from ATT, hopefully he doesn't mind me sharing) that I had a very minor role in editing.

>> No.22912781

is the pic i posted warhammer?
it was in my warhammer folder

looks like it fits

>> No.22912791

forgot to mention, the story is actually pretty interesting as there is absolutely no combat in it. Nice perspective.

>> No.22912798

that a fan made story?

also holy fuck did you just attach a PDF to an image?

i didnt even know you could do that

>> No.22912802

It's definitely warhams.

It's a warhams joke about Farsight.

>> No.22912803

Looks pretty sweet... how did you fuck up that first segment on the dorsal armor so bad though? trick of the light?

>> No.22912810

/tg/ accepts .pdf uploads now.

>> No.22912815

Yeah it's a fanfic. And yeah, I just learned about the PDF thing myself :P

>> No.22912819


>> No.22912856

thats pretty fuckin cool

so if i save image it saves it as a PDF?

>> No.22912857

The small guy with the sword.

Y'see, the Tau (little guys), have the least susceptibility to being driven murdercrazy by the crazy space magic of the races known.

But, one of them has been acting a bit funny, and boy his spiffy new sword sure looks like that crazy demon guy's crazy demon sword.

>> No.22912872

so hes a Tau with a Daemon weapon?
and hes being tainted?

i wonder what a Chaos Tau would look like

>> No.22912910


>> No.22912943

whoo finally

downloaded them all one by fucking one

>> No.22913036

Cheers again whoever posted them

>> No.22913062


>> No.22913088


>> No.22913133


>> No.22913150


>> No.22913183


>> No.22913199

image limit reached guys
hope you enjoyed the dump

anyone else just wanna talk warhammer?

>> No.22913286

It was my first Devilfish/hammerhead from when Tau launched in 3rd and I tried to up armour it with some plasticard and Failed horribly.

It got painted in a million coats of un-thinned Skull white over black primer. Then boxed never to see light again Until I first seen the concept of the Saw-fish, then bathed in the holy Green liquid of fixing.

Been covered up now with some Kneedite but need to strip it back a layer due to a fuck up.

>> No.22914745

this seems to be the appropiate thread to ask if any anon has any space marine-porn

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