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Anybody here DM Deathwatch? I've recently started a campaign and holy crap this system is complex and can get overwhelming in combat situations trying to put your party in a large battle.

Any DM's familiar with this system have any tips for handling the maelstrom of battle?

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The Fantasy Flight 40k rpgs aren't super good at mass combat. In fact, I don't think there's any rules for it outside Only War. Ergo, you should check there.

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Deathwatch has rules for groups of enemies who swing as one and are effectly like one enemy with a huge body to hit.

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Black Crusade's Tome of Blood has improved rules for mass warfare, which are quite simple once you get the hang of them. Some Rogue Trader book also has them (might be Into the Storm, cant remember), albeit they are less refined than the ones in Tome of Blood.

Only War has rules for player characters being a important part of a massive battle. This version goes a little deeper than the one in RT(which is mostly about the players being boss and just sitting the battles out) and Black Crusade (where such battles aren't the main thing of the system as it is more about the player characters. The difference is only slight, tho).

As a general rule, I'd say that it is a VERY bad idea to actually roll-by-roll battle multiple massive hordes against each other while the players are doing their own micro battle. This will only lead to massive book keeping, shittons of rolls with weird modifiers and massive amounts of stress. Generally its a good idea to have the commanders of both armies throw some opposed tactics and command skill rolls and then give the players situations they need to fix or otherwise things might turn Very Bad. Also it might be a nice story/roleplaying element for the players to have differing objectives. As in "the kill-teams mission is to get a gene sample from a broodlord. A broodlord has been sighted on the west battlefield while a huge bio-titan is stomping the puny Guardsmen on the east battlefield. Wat do" After all, they are Deathwatch, not some Chapter force.

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Even the Only War core barely has anything about mass combat, promising to elaborate on it in a later supplement. Which is quite a shame, really, because my consumption of war television and movies have taught me that a squad rarely operates in a vacuum as Only War would have you believe. I imagine most firefights would involve two or more squads working in tandem to combat the same immediate threat. This would translate to a combat scenario with roughly two dozen participating soldiers at least from both sides, which is unwieldy to carry out using the standard 40k Roleplay combat.

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I'd probably go with something like >>22896009 said. I think Rising Tempest had a battle with friendly hordes in it where you had turning points which were like machine gun emplacements or something. Depending on how many turning points you won marked the outcome of the battle. If you want a large scale battle you could do something like this. An elite kill-team wouldn't probably be used as line infantry. They could be taking out artillery, scouting, marking positions for airstrikes, etc. and resolve the large battle accordingly.

Now that were having a Deathwatch thread, what do you think about bolt weapons before and after errata? I've been using pre-errata so far, but I strongly feel I should start using the new rules, the heavy bolter being one factor.

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>>22896009 here, my group has been using the post-errata versions ever since they were released and everything has been quite good. Sometimes it takes a bit long to take down some of the bigger baddies, but then again we also use the Black Crusade/Only War era Righteous Fury rules and crit tables (which also make the battles much more interesting). But then again, the new true grit talent makes killing marines as hard as it "should" be.

In my opinion, bolt weapons should be good, but not so good that you don't need any other weapons than heavy bolters for everyone, even for taking down ships/tanks.

>fhould rlywhy
Yes, indeed captcha, really why use the imba bolters?

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