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Has /tg/ roleplayed in MMOs, MUDs or other online games? Tell us your horror stories, or tales of fun and mirth, friends, enemies, general experience.

I played Champions Online religiously for a few years, made some friends, laughed at a lot of noobs, had a load of guild drama. I have to head off to work in a few minutes so I haven't much time for storytiem, but I'll just say this:
>was in the spontaneous founding of a small guild (they're called 'super groups' or SGs ingame, but since my character talked in Middle English I called it a guild) with some fellow aussies in the middle of the ingame nightclub
>the leader was a bit too nice, he had high hopes and felt that he had to keep everyone together
>we had loads of fun just messing about, not doing much in particular
>one day a drama queen joins and proceeds to take over everything, we had no idea what was coming
>she dresses up like a slut and, along with her ingame girlfriend, who is also a slut who plays some fire alien character, proceeds to invite hundreds of people we don't even know to the group, proclaims herself the leader and turns it into her fanclub
>for the first few months we didn't mind so much, it was nice to have so many new people
>slut and girlfriend have ingame wedding which I didn't attend because I was busy, but I heard it was a bit weird and my friends were really concerned
>group leader and slut have massive argument, slut attempts to murder leader IC, is defended by her fanclub of butch lesbians and ingame wife
>huge attempted coup d'etat and hours of ingame arguing both IC and OOC as we discover that slut is a bit mental, can't differentiate between IC and OOC, actually lives in the same city I do and is really not a nice person
>completely suddenly, slut and her fanclub split off into another group
>leader is devastated and doesn't understand why all this happened
>we don't really care too much and are glad she's gone

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All right, that made me laugh.

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The god of Hell works at a supermarket that's constantly on fire?

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>slut tries to convince literally everyone to come join her new group, many take her side due to her ridiculous ad hominems
>most people unaffiliated with this madness either stop playing or leave the group
>several days follow where slut causes chaos everywhere she goes and spends every minute of time ingame lambasting our group to whoever will listen
>this shit is getting old
>months later, almost everyone has stopped playing except for those of us who were there at the founding, and one new guy
>it turns out that slut only wanted attention and had a massive drama-filled divorce with her ingame wife because she was 'cheating', who then came back because she also was just in it for the drama, then divorced again and married the most horrible slutty mary sue you will ever see just so they could ERP all the time
>this whole time myself being the one with the most RP experience did my best to try and be the mediator, keep everyone calm, became increasingly disillusioned by trying to argue with a brick wall
>myself, one oldbie and the new guy became the three musketeers and just did our own thing, slut got really mad at this for some reason
>now we have all stopped playing, group is dead, slut's group continues to be horrible

I miss those old days, I've never done anything like it before or since, our three musketeers group is split up too since one guy disappeared from the internet and the other guy is busy doing his own thing.
tl;dr some people just want to watch the world burn

I'm sure I've forgotten parts of this since it was a few years ago now, but that's the gist of it. Now I've gotta go to work, so feel free to contribute your own stories guys

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Back when I had nothing better to do I would just screenshot bad bios, that game was a goldmine. I have a huge number of these. If I wasn't in a hurry I'd dump.

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Meh, roleplaying in MMOs usually leads to drama, nothing new here. That is, unless you are playing with a buch of well-known friends, but that's, let's admit it, rare.

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I used to play WoW. That entire experience was an exercise in futility. Also, why I should never have trusted my ex.

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Champions Online, where at least 50% of characters are lesbian demons. Good times.

The game had these private Hideouts for players and I bet it's mostly for cybersex.

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I always try to go on RP severs in MMOs but they never seem to be roleplaying in them.

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THAT BIO IS FUCKING WRONG! Gohan was born during the timeskip between the end of the Piccolo Jr. Saga and the beginning of the Vegeta Saga! HE WAS FOUR YEARS OLD WHEN RADITZ SHOWED UP! FRIEZA HAD NEVER EVEN APPEARED YET! Piccolo basically KIDNAPPED him while Goku was dead! Gohan was not magically "not afraid of anything", he was still afraid of shit plenty of times, YOU LITTLE COCKMONGLER! If you're going to rip off an existing character at least do it RIGHT!

. . .I need to rethink my life.

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I'm inspired by your faith that some weren't. This is a bright day.

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>rp server in wow
>stumbled upon a couple ERP'ing outside sillymoon
>the horror
>the hilarity

I was also part of an RP heavy guild. The guildmaster was some attention whoring slut causing lots of drama unbeknownst to me. Most people were cool and we had a lot of fun though. Until suddenly the group disbanded overnight. Guildmaster deleted it. A few of us tried to reform and get everyone back, but it just fell apart...sad times.

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I hear this constantly from people who RP in WoW. Coincidentally, I'm in that boat too.

Honestly, the only thing that bugs me about RPing in mmos is how some people can't differentiate IC/OOC, or go full retard.


>Playin' WoW
>Chillin', maxin' relaxin' all cool
>Have a bunch of friends
>One is your generic grognard, is alright until you get him started on certain subjects
>generic metal girl
>Grognard falls for metal girl
>metal girl falls for me
>Some weird kid somehow gets pulled into the EC and Pals crew. Dub him the chinless wonder because, well, he lacks a chin IRL.
>chinless wonder falls for metal girl
>Take a break from WoW because MONSTER HUNTER TRI YEAH SON

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I roleplayed in EVE. I was a rock jockey and bit of a space cowboy for hire, doing side jobs outside my corporation's jurisdiction. The corp was pretty roleplay oriented so I had a few YOU ARE THE LOOSE CANNON COP ON THE EDGE moments yelling ats from a superior officer.

Still made my quotas for the week, sometimes doing gatecamp work to get the isk to just straight buy the resources from someone else and a little profit.

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Sometimes you gotta dig for it. It's all over the place in WoW for the most part, but I haven't played that seriously since MoP hit.

Continuing story.

>Metal girl is mad that I'm not around as much as I used to be
>Chinless wonder makes a move
>Shot down
>grognard makes a move
>shot down
>return because of new patch
>Metal girl hurls self at me
>has an alcoholic psycho bi girl of a friend
>Tell her that alcoholic psycho bi girl is a bad idea.
>no she isn't, you're just mad that i'm spending time with someone that isn't you
>long story short
>metal girl breaks up with me
>i say mean things
>she hurls self at weird bi girl for comfort, but not relationship
>weird bi girl makes it extra weird
>drops line like IF I WAS A GUY YOU'D DATE ME
>metal girl keeps coming back to be my friend
>say mean things, she gets miffed, leaves
>repeat ad nauseum

and now I play GW 2 and have shitlords for friends.

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I do Star Wars RP in Second Life.

It's meh at best. Lots of idiots, very little people who know how to RP.

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I wasn't referring to just playing in general. There are a lot of morons in that game.

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many mouthbreathers, yes.

Honestly, most of the people I run into in these games hit me as the kind of people that'll mix windex in with their morning coffee for some extra kick

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The last MMO I roleplayed on was City of Heroes. It was great fun all those years, playing on Virtue and just teaming with roleplayers and generally bantering during missions and stuff...

But everything changed when I joined an RP Supergroup with a bunch of people I'd made casual friends with. Don't get me wrong, a lot of them were great. A good deal of them are good RPers and are still my friends. One of them is my bro, even today. But you see...

Our leader, god bless her, just couldn't say no to people. Felt like it was her duty to make everyone in the group have fun and basically turned "roleplay manager" into her 24/7 job. Her inability to say no to people, her inability to not associate with people unless there was an IC reason, was what allowed one of the biggest assholes I've ever met into the group.

The guy was an "RPer" in the sense that he wrote sequences of long-winded, poorly-composed paragraphs in his emote chat. It was mostly internal monologue, or ridiculous "CQC" his military character could do. He kept a notebook about all character weaknesses and for all intents and purposes was trying to "Win" RP. But that alone was not enough.

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He himself was an absolute asshole. He'd sign onto our voice chats, which had previously just been for silly non-game chatter between friends, and would spend the entire time passive-aggressively throwing "Friendly" insults around, using "I was kidding!" as a shield if you ever took offence. He didn't just do it once in a while, either. He literally said nothing positive about anyone who wasn't himself. Our leader ended up smitten with the asshole, and despite all our pleading she just wouldn't get rid of him.

His character was just him. He had the same humour, talked the same way, and he even used him to harass people he disliked OOC for no IC reason. He'd go on about how terrible other RPers were, all while bandying about one of the most blatant self-insert mary-sues I had ever seen. Sure, he was literate, but that doesn't mean he was any better than the tweens and their text-chat RP.

He made himself the center of attention IC and OOC. His character was this uber badass version of him that always had some snappy "comeback" and talked about how he could totally kill everyone here! He changed the entire mood of the supergroup from "Light-hearted superfriend dramedy" to "GRITTY REALISTIC VIGILANTES WHO ARE BASICALLY VILLAINS!" He took the leader away for hours on end for private RP (and before you ask, it wasn't ERP to my knowledge. I eavesdropped through the walls when I got bored sometimes, and it was just boring romantic tension and his character being an asshole).

Nothing happened in RP that wasn't somehow made to be all about HIM~!

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Eventually, we managed to get the leader to realise he was a scumbag, but by then it was too late. The damage had been done. My bro had enough of the shitty endless drama RP and left the game. Several others disappeared over that time. I left over it, too. One day, though, I learn that he's just gone. No word, left several plots hanging, just gone. People say they see him hanging around the nightclub zone RPing sometimes, but he never shows up to our Base despite being a co-lead now.

And the group fell apart. What was left moved on to different games when CoH was shut down, but the RP was never the same. I swore off MMO RP after that. My experience will always be sullied by it. I remember when it was just three or four friends, sitting around giggling over the fine mess our characters had gotten themselves into. We went serious when it mattered, but we were never under any illusion that we weren't in a silly superhero universe. And I'll always remember how that was ruined by one fucking guy who thought he was the best thing to ever hit the shelves. "I was a nice guy, but I got sick of letting people walk all over me!" my ASS. You were never a nice guy, you were always an asshole.

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I used to play Champions Online, that game was rife with RP. I had a character that was the young daughter of some other person's character, which I RP-ed as a much more innocent Hit-Girl, I also had a Fluttershy rip-off whose RP involved lots of "umm"s and "oh my"s. I made loads of friends in that game but now I don't speak to them at all, mostly as I don't play CO anymore.

The bad character bios were the most hilarious thing in this game, with the terrible costumes some people made being in 2nd place.

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Me and some friend Roleplay in The Secret World.

Always fun pretending to be a permanently drunk German Hobo, who has made friends with a tiny American girl and a Japanese chick, all of whom have magical powers.

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Used to play WoW, enjoyed roleplaying there even though the setting isn't the greatest.

I wish more settings used WoW goblins though. One of my favorite characters was a female Gobbo rogue named Fizzlerix Copperthumb. Ex-trade princess (which is the introduction for every goblin PC) trying to rebuild her cartel. Personality was something like Paris Hilton, but with business sense and knives. She was a lot of fun.

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I really like there Goblins too. I made but never got to really play Cap'm Rick "Rockjaw" Hayes. Goblin privateer (see pirate) currently in-between ships.

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>currently in-between ships.
I can totally see that joke working too.
>Rick "Rockjaw" Hayes?
"CAPTAIN Rick "Rockjaw" Hayes, privateer."
>Captain of what?
"Well I'm in-between ships at the moment!"
>You haven't had a ship in almost a decade, Hayes.
"Well that's just rude."

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Yeah that's basically what I was going with

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My personal hell was being in a guild surrounded by faggots who couldn't understand the mechanics of the classes they played. Any and all attempts to help them succeed were basically thrown away haphazardly.
>stayed in guild cause GF started it and I was trying to be nice

God dammit.

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Man I enjoyed Champions Online so much but Perfect World really fucked it over.

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Roleplaying in Caprice? PREPARE THE BRAIN BLEACH!

... But I have to confess that many of my best ero RPs started there... Is hard but you can find something beside lesbian succubi and lesbian blue werewolves.

Now let's see how Neverwinter goes.

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How is secret world ? worth trying ?

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Hm... remember my days playing in a WoW pirate roleplay server playing a clint eastwood shaman orc who was a medic... but everyone were pretty elves or undead.

I even managed to be GM... and was the worst thing you'll ever image.

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hm... suddenly got alone here?

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WoW RP got me into roleplaying when I was pretty young and dumb. I got lucky with the person who kind of picked me up and was like
>excuse me what the fuck are you doing?
Welp. Now I long for good roleplay, but I gave up after several attempts of organising it.

I live nowhere near where I could find bros to play tabletops with and everything I can find online just sadens me even more. I don't want to push my luck with english RP, because I am too bad for that. I am too much of a pushover to write something coherent on my own, so I just day dream through the boring working shifts I recently got in.

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I never ran into the erp while playing CO.
But then again I played as a super-hobo and went to more costume contests than spent time in the club.

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Hahaha, oh wow. That pic, man.

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I had a lot of fun playing as a non-furry werewolf.

The roleplay community is good if you find it... or fucking ridicuosly retarded if you have bad luck. I just want to play a regular joe with superpowers but I can't have fun if everyone is a freaking god.

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Why did this make me laugh so much?

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Please tell me you have more.

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Oh god that image is fucking killing me.

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>Is this about those forum post I've been making? You said you didn't care.

I lost it.

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I saved the Dwarf in the Deeprun Tram.
I lost most of my stuff when I quitted WoW for the third time and just deleted the whole folder. Was german anyways, but ok... Deeprun Tram it is.

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Hey, what's a good MMO that has a lot of good RP?

I usually wander about hoping to find some people, but it's always just demons and lesbians and demon lesbians talking about special snowflakes.

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>Out of sheer boredom and the need to do a little PvP research, I recently found myself exploring the Deeprun Tram on a local roleplaying server. With exploration under way, I trekked deep within the confines of the tram and found something rather unusual. What was this standing before me? Two naked night elves of course.

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Find a good RP server on NWN 2.

>> No.22895748

>At first the sight struck me with some skepticism. Being from a PvP realm, we don't generally see naked characters bent in front of each other in the middle of nowhere. None the less, the situation quickly revealed itself.

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Post it.

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>I couldn't help but chuckle a moment and retreat back to the shadows from which I came. Had they seen me approach? From the looks of it no. So I watched intently.

>> No.22895761

>Intrigued by this fantastic "roleplaying" experience, I felt it was my duty to perpetuate the general merriment of all. So I gathered my composure and began to engage in my own "roleplaying" theatrics.

>> No.22895762

I had so much fun with NWN1 persistant servers, but I never picked up NWN2 because I figured those kind of things had died out.
Care to share some good experiences?

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Sir, I'm afraid you owe me a new set of sides.

>> No.22895768

>Oh crap. Somehow they caught me. I was roleplaying hidden in the shadows... how the hell did they find me? So I did what any self respecting pervert would do. HIDE!

>> No.22895770


>inb4 Harry

>> No.22895778

>Unsuccessful with my attempt to roleplay, I figured what the hell. I might as well just start a dwarven sandwich while the getting is good. So I charge in gropes a blazing.

>> No.22895782

>Not a moment later, Inotep and Artemisa left me with a stinging remark that will be forever remembered.

>> No.22895786

>Feeling a bit perverted, I felt I would do the right thing and offer an apology.

>> No.22895787

Oh god, dat cockblock. 10/10 would adventure with.

>> No.22895789

I burst out laughing.

>> No.22895792

>With my apology shot down, the feeling of urgency began to overwhelm me. Wait a minute, what a bunch of hypocritical bullshit. I was "roleplaying" hidden damn it. I moved to rebuttal.

>> No.22895804

>This concludes my wonderful adventure on a roleplaying realm. I apologize for the vulgarity that some of this post contains. I don't believe that the essence of a "roleplaying" experience would have been captured as well given censorship was taken. All in all, I suppose only one thing can be said about roleplaying realms:

They rule.

-Tactic "The Dirty Dwarf" Gedran

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Oh christ loads.

The server I used to play on I had a character who hilariously turned into Vaas (before Farcry 3 even existed). He was part of a bandit group with a leader(a player) who'd managed to gain a cult following. We used to raid caravans and rough people (other players) up. He was in a love triangle with some priestess who ended up hating him (was in love with a good ranger type). My guy ended up losing his best bor (another player) in a cave in and had to survive eating Kobolds.

He never actually died, just retired him in the end.

S'all good.

Just having fun getting drink whilst your character gets drunk and just having RP moments like that, making freinds IG. Betrayal, no mary sues in sight, it's awesome.

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Goddamn. Just goddamn.

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That picture confuses me.
Should you post just the top haff, and then post the bottom about 9 months from now?

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5/5, laughed, would read another story. There's nothing quite like ruining cybor sessions.

>> No.22895857

Sounds great.

Reminds me on NWN1 persistant server I made a halfling rogue minmaxed for stealth and used it to spy on people, selling information to the city guard and thieves guild, to fight against the more bloodthirsty elements in the city. I got numerous people imprisoned, got an underworld bounty put on me, and stole an amulet with a seal of diplomatic authority.
I never figured being incredibly stealthy would create so much RP and worldchanging potential.

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I played a lot of Champions Online back in the day, my main was this cat burglar chick who was originally intended to be a regular human who just had really good fighting/stealth skills. She ended up getting turned into a vampire later on, but it didn't stop her from being sarcastic as -fuck- when it came to mary sues. Conversations with them pretty much went like this:

"I am the son of satan/father of all vampires/half-dragon/able to destroy worlds with a single punch/god of antiquity"
"Yep, you and half the other people in here. What, you want a pat on the back?"

She also tended to introduce herself as 'the only straight vampire in existence'. It got pretty funny sometimes, and there was lots of room for good character development for a while. Too bad CO kind of collapsed under itself once GW2 came along.

>> No.22895999

I played some Champions back in the day. I guess I still could. I bought a lifetime sub before it came out. feel free to laugh
I made a little red spiky demon. They changed the way you're allowed to put effects together. You used to be able to stack pretty much whatever you want and shift parts inside and angle and all sorts of crap so you could combine things to look like something else.
Probably the only game I've ever seen that TOOK AWAY massive amounts of customization. Fortunately it seems that I got grandfathered in, so I got to keep the way my character looked, but the second I try to change something on him, it wants to use the new scheme. So he'll always look that way now.

The closest I ever got to roleplaying on him was describing the sound of my voice as smelling like burnt hair.

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I love small groups. Ten people is about the perfect number for a good guild in an MMO.

>> No.22896132

I was a rogue in WoW's moonguard server.
I destroyed two guilds by amping the drama to new heights.

>> No.22896172

Me too man. WoW basically introduced me to fantasy. I had never read Tolkien or anything, so WoW was my Hobbit. It's a little weird really, how much WoW has informed my opinion on what fantasy races should be. The WoW races are clearly the Tolkein races (Humans, Elves and Dwarves), but the differences are huge sometimes, in Trolls and Orcs especially, with Trolls essentially being Urukai who smoke weed, lore wise.

As crazy as it may have gotten over the years, I still really enjoy WoW lore and the "World" or Warcraft in general.

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>Play Star Wars the old Republic
>Meet awesome person
>invited to join their RP Guild
>I hit level 50 (A milestone in that only MMO I've reached max in)
>Go on Raids with the Guild, meet a lot of awesome people
>Can't continue paying to play
>Leave mid-late july
>Come back in November when it's F2P
>Guild is filled with new people, almost none of the oldies are visible
>Person who introduced me is gone
>Guild drops roleplaying
>Guild is now <Drop it Like it's Hoth>
>Sweet fuck, What?

That's the worst of my stories in any MMO.

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This sounds amazing and I would like to know more

>> No.22896731

I played SWG and invested in my characterization pretty heavily and always RPd when interacting with strangers, but that was rare as I was usually on with RL friends.

The only time I RPd for longer than a few minutes straight was one time I took part in an event. Someone needed a pilot for a short plot they had planned and I was happy to volunteer.

The character I used was a rodian neutral with a purple, orange, and white color scheme, nominally the leader of my small guild of bros. He'd been a rebel sgt at one point but had a serious drinking problem and a tendency to disobey orders, fly by his pants, and generally be an irresponsible lout beyond even what the rebellion was willing to tolerate. His response toward his superiors' disapproval was "fine, I don't need you to fight the empire! Imma start my own squadron *hic*!" and thus Veridian Wing was born.

In reality, my force sensitive Trandoshan woman did all the actual organizing and leadership of the Wing.

I don't really remember how the event went besides that we were shot down by pirates and taken captive.

>> No.22896746

OP here, I've returned

It's true. It was a running joke in our guild that Lilith was the most common character name. Walk into Club Caprice at any time, 7/10 of the people there are furries or demons.
When Hideouts were released, most people vanished from the overworld. Although AFAIK our group didn't really do anything in them after the first week (except when new guy bought the moon base and we had loads of fun since we exploited the bug that allows you to escape the map boundaries and fly around space all you like) but the slut fanclub did nothing BUT hang out there for a while, which was great while it lasted.
I tried ERP once, it wasn't really my thing since I can't write porn for crap. I do remember one time though that one of my good guildmates talked about how he got a foursome with three girls in the blimp above MC. That place always had ERPers. Apparently, one of the girls in that foursome was a zombie, so we had a good laugh about that afterwards.

Yeah, I haven't played it for months either. Our entire group kind of folded after PW came in. I tried to make the best of it and just ignore the cash shop stuff and grinding, but new guy got really mad, went on a rant about how it's all chinese grinding, and left. They have vehicles in the game now!

People RPing character levels are dumb. I've had a great time RPing with some great level 6s (nb. in Champions you can skip the tutorial and jump straight to level 6 when you make a new character, so most new people in Caprice will be level 6).

Costume contests were great up until they started being run by biased assholes who didn't know anything about fashion and disalloewd switching. I didn't win anything, but I got honorable mentions. Showing up to a CC with my joke character was always a laugh. Pic related, my glorious joke character.
I considered buying a lifetime sub, but that was back when I was unemployed and now I have the money I probably won't.

>> No.22896757


RPing in space tended to catch people off guard a lot.

Every time I saw a luxury yacht parked in orbit I would buzz the windows and fire off a canned message with something like "This is Green 5 of the Viridian Wing, IMC registration B15-5254667, and in case no one told you, this is sort of a warzone. What are you folks doing here?"

They were usually cybering.

>> No.22896775

I had a great few years roleplaying on WoW.

I roleplay occasionally on GW2 but mostly play NWN for it.

>> No.22896972

Bios dump?

Slapperfish was well-known for having bizarre, really unique character concepts. He had over a hundred characters, most of them only used once. The chaos that ensues whenever he arrives is amazing.

>> No.22896985


>> No.22896988

I RP on CO still (not CURRENTLY because tight on cash and all of my characters are freeform, but will go back when I can afford the sub). It's fine enough still, even with the cash shop. The game itself is boring, but I enjoy RP with some good friends. Though I am also in CORP, Champions Online Roleplayers. It's not so much an SG as a big overarching catch all for people to (ideally) have a community and meet some new roleplayers. We have a select few good people and just the worst fucking idiots imaginable. Sometimes someone interesting comes in or an bad players learns and becomes good, but most everyone are just terrible roleplayers.

>> No.22897005

A typical player bio here.

Ah, I heard of CORP. I never really got into a serious RPing guild outside of my normal group. Partially because my main character was a techpriest and lolcopyright, and partially because I couldn't be bothered.

>> No.22897023

Who do you usually play on CORP?

>> No.22897025

Not the treats!

>> No.22897067

>I RP on CO still (not CURRENTLY because tight on cash and all of my characters are freeform, but will go back when I can afford the sub
My problem, you have it.
Also same problem a friend of mine has.
It'd be nice to get back in the game, but do I really want to spend money on something I probably won't enjoy?
I do have one silver slot, which I can probably erase the character on since it was sort of a joke about one of the guys in my SG who doesn't play anymore. Actually I have a couple of joke characters about that guy, including one time where like six of us (including Thundrax, who is a forum mod now or something) made different national stereotype versions of his character. Loads of laughs.

>> No.22897087

I do roleplay on DDO, for i have nothing better to do.
>pic related, dwarven glory.

>> No.22897094

How is DDO? I never ended up playing it, since LOTRO was so disappointing

>> No.22897105

Oh lord champions online.
i remember seeing quite a few stupidly bad profiles on there.
"i am da strongest hereo on champons online, even if am lo levul"

>> No.22897110

I have way too many alts. I had a gravity guy called Legacy for awhile. Still do, just not sure what to do with him. Now I switch between over the top kung fu detective, teen hero, and an arrow dude.

oh Thundrax is a cool dude, he actually made a "dream team" on a CORP forum post talking about what characters he would use if he were writing a comic. My guy was in there, I felt proud.

>> No.22897112

Surprisingly good. Rogues actually do roguish things, rather than DPS.

>> No.22897132

Thundrax is really cool, the few times I met him he seemed like a great guy. He knows a lot about the lore too, which is awesome.

Also here's the ERP wife of slut mentioned in OP. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

>> No.22897134

Thiiiiink I remember you. I usually played a mad scientist named Dr. Petrovsky.

I also got a spoof hero that suffers from Cerebus Syndrome and a few other alts I cycle through.

>> No.22897140


CORP are bros and great guys. If I'm not roleplaying I have great fun talking with them

>> No.22897149


I paid for and played DDO for months back when it was subscription based.

I tried the free trial of LOTRO for five minutes and uninstalled in disgust.

Take that for what you will.

>> No.22897153

I roleplayed up until the final day that City of Heroes was online.

>> No.22897155

>"i am da strongest hereo on champons online, even if am lo levul"
I have a screenshot of this.

>> No.22897165

oh hey, I always saw you around but never really talked RP'd. Still play?

Now I feel bad for badmouthing them. A lot of the people are very nice, I just always seem to be one when it's filled with the worst people imaganible. I turn off CORP chat half the time just because it's so.. ugh.

>> No.22897174

*sigh* There was a time I was an active member of CORP, but as I'm quite busy and don't have as much fun I had before I finally became that guy that most old members heard about but new members have no idea.

*sigh* I miss my roleplays

>> No.22897179

you are either Punchline or Doctor Comics. Or I am completely wrong.

>> No.22897181

Yeah, I'd be happy to do some scenes with you, since the Channel is so ugh.

>> No.22897185

tfw when you will never explore an MMO for the first time again.
The first time you visit a new zone is always magic, but you'll never have that feeling of awe again.

Interestingly happened to me only once outside of an MMO in Mass Effect 3

>> No.22897186

What? CORP chat can get fun some times.

Is like /tg/ sometimes, where random subjects causes a lot of laugh.

>> No.22897187

If that is Doctor Comics, I just want to say the Destroyers were the best Super Group in any game I've ever been in.

>> No.22897191

Sometimes. Most of the time it is character wanking.

>> No.22897194

Completelly wrong, I'm Markus Camada.

>> No.22897197

it's not always bad, but when it's drama about DA MODS ARE CENSORING MEH and people doing ^-^ kitty faces I just.. I can't man.

>> No.22897198

This is how i paladin

>> No.22897206

the CORP channel? character wanking? Maybe I don't get in that right time.

>> No.22897212

Oh, I do have this gem saved from CORP the other day.

>well, I'm Markus Camada, paranormal detective and spanish reporter fallen in disgrace. I was in one case, facing some quill horrors without any real hope and ready to do an heroic sacrifice

>felt into... don't know, quillphonic well? something full of strange &)#^ and I thought i was going to die for sure

>and... now I'm 14 and naked arround the city

And this is why my characters insist UNTIl should build a fucking info desk in the Qliphotic Realm.

>> No.22897219

Wait, do you mean the in character or the out of character channel?

Because last time I turned on the In Character channel, someone gave themselves the Nobel Prize.

>> No.22897227

... It didn't sound that bad when I made that.

>> No.22897234

mean the out of character. Barelly notice the in character.

>> No.22897236

Oh shit.

>> No.22897239

If this is DDO, it looks pretty cool, I might hav eto sign up for it sometime

>> No.22897260


Besides... didn't do anything that wasn't done in actual comics, right?


>> No.22897267


I played in CO for a couple months last summer, and now RP a bunch with one of the guys from CORP on GW2.

Didn't know him back when I played CO, so it was kinda cool hearing about his previous stuff while we're being Asura master race in GW2

>> No.22897272

Dude, I'm sorry you had to find out this way. But it was bad

>> No.22897283


>asura master race
>freaky little bat-eared hairless midgets
>not wonderful norn master race

YEAH OKAY. You are on tarnished coast?

>> No.22897302


>Being a brainless musclebound bookah

Yep, TC.

>> No.22897310


Well, I'll retcon that then. Just wanted to do a "died and reborn in a younger self" crap and at the same time get rid of a sentient sword that I had in the regular character.

>> No.22897312

I have to admit I role play a demon in co,however I do things differently.I actually acknowledge the flaws of living as a demon without resorting to wangst.
1-moving with hooves is awkward,meaning he relies heavily on flying and is therefore at a disadvantage when flying is hard or impossible
2-His wings are both HUGE and firmly attached to his back.He is incapable of changing clothes efficiently without using teleporting and no one will ever let him borrow clothes as they would end up with big holes in the back
3-his appearance gives mixed reactions from normal people.Some are terrified(a fact he takes advantage of while"on duty")while others are a bit "too" accepting of his apperance.As a result he has never had a girlfriend and he is currently looking for a way to discourage demon fetishist while still maintaining an appearance that can strike fear into the heart of criminals.

Am I doing it right tg ?

>> No.22897322

I had a demon character, but scrapped him because it was dumb and most people cringe when he entered the room

>> No.22897324

>You need to leave
I fucking lost it

>> No.22897327

So, Hero System general?

I'm a big Mutants and Masterminds player. How shocking will I find Hero System? I've been meaning to branch out and try some new things. I tried the GURPS Supers thing and it was alright.

>> No.22897329


Sometimes you just gotta be an 8 foot tall titty monster barbarian, okay.

Where's the RP at on TC? The friends I started playing for managed to exceed my expectations and went full shitlord in less than a night.


I know that person. I end up cringing IRL whenever I see that picture.

>> No.22897344

here are some bio screens I took

>> No.22897347

This thread is great.

I recently renewed my WoW account and it's just not the same. My server is dead. Do you guys play any MMOs that just have an absolute shitload of people? I miss that feeling.

>> No.22897350

Don't retcon it. Do things the Marvel way, and do a soft retcon. Just pretend it never happened, and everyone else will never remember it.

Anyway, it's cool because you're willing to improve, but the main things that were bad are:

1) The Qliphotic Realm is supposed to be the worst thing that there can ever possibly be. The Lords of Hell are terrified of it, and Demons have to be coerced into serving Qliphotic Forces because they are so repugnant. As people were telling you, the Q never puts things back together in a sane way.

2) The nakedness. I was serious when I said I thought this was your fetish.

3) You were ready to become an hero.

>> No.22897362

Your doing it right. Sounds a lot like a half-demon I play with.

>> No.22897364

Oh shit, now I remember. I made Ash, from Evil Dead/Army of Darkness, he really looked the part. Gave him custom powers so his standard energy generating power was punching and kicking, his energy burning power was CHAINSAWHAND and then I gave him a shotgun, all remaining powers became tanking powers that made him more durable. Travel power was acrobatics. His main stat was the one that gives health and the one that gives high energy regen, I focused everything on those two stats. The health stat was the main stat so his damage and health was tied to the same stat, which meant he had more health than everyone else and thus also did more damage than everyone else and did so fast and with melee AoE because CHAINSAWHAND. He'd burn is energy super fast but the punching and kicking would fill his energy in 2 second or so.

He was so hilariously overpowered. That game's balance was none existant.

>> No.22897367


>> No.22897370

is this leet. hello maybe leet.

>> No.22897375


That's a really good question. I kind of fell into a bunch of cool Asuran RPers that I mostly hang out with now, so I'm not really sure where else to go unless you want to brave Divinity's Reach.

There's a a lot of info on guilds and what not at www.guildwars2roleplayers.com if you haven't been there yet, though.

>> No.22897378

Nah, this is AutovonBismarck

>> No.22897382


>> No.22897398

you, I remember you. You were cool people.

>> No.22897399

>The Platinum Council
That's the group that slut made when she split off from us. Apparently they're huge now.

>> No.22897400

Thank you. Who are you?

>> No.22897414

begins with Strange and ends with side

>> No.22897420


>> No.22897421


Haven't been there yet. I started playing....yesterday? Day before? Can't really remember. Decided to get wasted and level. The most RP I've gotten so far was a salad person from the darknest guild flirting with me.

They're bad enough in WoW, I don't even want to think of the shit they pull in gw.

>> No.22897422

Well, the nakeness thing was more like a Terminator shit.

The hero thing is that that character was like a rebirth of an old character I had since the first day and was well known arround the community.

Got bored and decided to redo it because I just love the character's concept.

>> No.22897434


>> No.22897448

Wish I could say I remember you. Who did you pay?

>> No.22897454


>> No.22897455

I did (and occasionally do still) roleplay in Star Trek online.

While I'm mainly on my Klingon (most of the really bad RPers don't bother with the faction because they find being all emo/pure good in an inpure universe in the federation better) I have one character who is a member of the Bajoran militia.

The planet Bajor has a large social map, and an area near a large fountain where people will be playing Caitians (cat people, fur, tails, everything) or Gorn (Lizard people). 4/5 times they will be ERPing.

Being an upstanding member of the Militia, the closest thing Bajor has to a police force, I will constantly walk up to them IC and move them along, telling them that out in the open is not the place for that kind of thing. A few actually listen to me and leave.

>> No.22897463

Legacy, Judge Di, Westside Warden. Few alts who are long deleted by now.

>> No.22897472

Don't you have to have a Fed character at a really high level to play as a Klingon? I figure that's why most people don't have them.

>> No.22897474


I thank God I stick mostly to Rata Sum and with other asura. I've managed to avoid creepy size fetishists hitting on my tiny ass.

Welcome to GW2! Most people are pretty cool, so I'm sure you'll find some folks for your Norn to pal around with in no time. I'm leveling a Charr thief and a human necro priest of Grenth now that I got my asura elementalist to 80.

>> No.22897476

Oh! Hi again Legacy!

>> No.22897481

Now I can only picture a Bajoran character who does that job primarily.

>> No.22897483

Bah! I was just about to log in to CO for the first time in months and it's down for maintenance.

>> No.22897492

It was level 15 when I did it, I think it's up to 25 now. They don't exactly hide the fact Klingons get the short end of a lot of sticks, I got to level cap purely on PVP because I had to.

>> No.22897493

How many of CORP are here?

I haven't been in the game for a while because I'm on exam period.

>> No.22897495

how is the RP in that game? I really like it, do ship to ship combat and such, but have never bothered to find RP in it.

>> No.22897500

i bet you felt you're penis wasn't two sizes too small after that

>> No.22897505

sup man

>> No.22897517

>> No.22897526


It's decent if you can get into the right places, "STORP.ORG" being an essential channel (it was originally STORP, but due to channel bugging we had to change to a new one).

Sadly, ship to ship standoffs like the series is famous for are very difficult to do, I have seen, and set up, inter-ship combat RP, which was fun. Boarding actions are rather popular too.

>> No.22897529

So anyone else play a character that is not conventionally attractive, and other Roleplayers just refuse to believe that is happening?

>> No.22897532

No better feeling then cockblocking furries.

>> No.22897541

I was playing World of Warcraft and my guild was running a lower level dungeon. Our warlock all gave us soul stones or whatever they're called that let's you revive on the spot once you die. Our entire party got wiped but I waited until the enemies left our corpses alone and revived myself. I speced my Shaman to be a healer so I go around and revive the rest of the party. I've never done anything like that ever again,

>> No.22897543

I normally play fat big strong people.

Or orcish people.

>> No.22897547

My main up until I stopped playing was a happy-go-lucky bug alien girl who couldn't speak English very well.
I got date proposals. Apparently someone in my SG wanted to ERP with her.

>> No.22897559


>not wanting to bang a bug alien

>> No.22897560

When I saw the CO bio's I was half expecting to see my own bio for a moment, part of me is glad that it can stay buried.

>> No.22897577

Rolled 62

Any of you still play CO? I was kind of peeved at the fact tonnes of the better flight powers and customisation options are cash shop buys.

>> No.22897579

>gerden = male

>> No.22897583

Well that's just being weird, but they accept you're a bug girl.

My main is fat. She works in a lab all day, and doesn't know how to cook for herself, so she lives off of take out.

Also, she's an Albino with greasy hair.

And people CONTINUOUSLY tell me my character is not fat. That she's a real looker and their characters would be happy to date mine.

>> No.22897592

as I mentioned earlier, I still do, just not right at this moment. Need to get paid before I can resub.

>> No.22897593

You can make shop cash in game now though.

>> No.22897603

Well, got the lifesub and at least I get the monthly allowance so I can buy a suit every month.

>> No.22897609

will I be completely fucked for not knowing everything about Star Trek? Until I started playing the game I was never very interested, but I'm going through TNG right now and love it.

>> No.22897611

I do have some fun stories doing this, if people are interested

>> No.22897617

You get most of them on sub, at least back when I played. I bought Rainbow Flight for my joke character.
If you mean Questionite, yeah it's pretty easy to get but you still have to rack up 200k+ of the stuff for a new travel power. I dunno if you can still get electro flight in the Q-store (or the scrap shop, or whatever), but I was pretty pumped when I saw that. I did buy one of those but I don't even remember what it was.

>> No.22897619

Rolled 97

I had a sub back in the day, loved the hell out of it.
I might re sub if they let you get all the travel powers and super powers for subbing.

>> No.22897630


This thread is making me want to get back on STO.

>> No.22897637

Go for it, this is a stories thread.

The amount of stuff you get for subbing is still worth it, but I dunno if they've added any new stuff that's free for subbers. The last time I was excited about something in the cash store it was the Roi'nesh costume set and oh man was that great

>> No.22897641

>Hear from friend that Habbo Hotel has an active rp community
>Check out RPG section on the site
>Computer screen breaks due to maximum HURRR
>Never again

They had some sort of fighting system where whoever typed the fastest won. Every rp was ruled by a few tough guy characters who could type like motherfuckers.

>> No.22897643

Not so much to do with RP as it does with guild drama
> Playing Ragnarok Online on EuphRo
> Founding member of a underdog guild BRO
> Guild is international with many brazilian players
> Female alchemist joins the guild, all around good person and friend to most
> Male Rogue who used to lead a mercenary guild joins
> Year or so later find out the alchemist died IRL
> Rogue wishes to send his regards and looks up the hospital/funeral home she's in
> No such person exists
> Find out that the alchemist was actually a guy and faked his own death for some reason I'm not privy to.
> Drama ensues.

>> No.22897650

So how many of you still play CO?

I kinda wanna take some of my older characters for a spin.

>> No.22897657

>Habbo Hotel
That exists for reasons other then HIV infected swimming establishments?

>> No.22897665

I do. What's your character, I'll meet up with you.

>> No.22897682

As it turns out, yes.

Mostly Star Wars, Pokemon, and 1950s American RP.

>> No.22897686

How fast are we talking here? GREATER THAN 120 WPM? What do you need to type?
>One day a secretary will rise up to rule them all with Iron Fingers

>> No.22897696

After all of the 'serious' godmoding sues that are evident across this thread, I'm glad someone took it to its glorious conclusion.

>10/10 would let herald the end times.

>> No.22897704

Haven't played in ages, suddenly my login screen was all fucked which made me stop playing, now I wanna start up again.

Of course I can't remember what any of my character were named. Now I'm being told that my update launcher is fucked.

>> No.22897711

the game's down for maintenance for the next hour, that's probably why

>> No.22897716

Yeah, Cryptic got bought out by the Chicoms, so you have to register your account with the CCP.

>> No.22897741

I'm not sure about WPM, but they slam the words out at stupidly high speeds. However, there were often a lot of typos, which would often lead to arguments as to who's lines were valid, who killed who first, etc.

It was something like you had to type X amount of lines to kill someone. You had to type something like
*Cuts your head with my sword*
*Cuts your flesh with my sword*
*Cuts your bone with my sword*
*Cuts your skill with my sword*
*Cuts your brain with my sword*
*Slices through your head*

Without the other person interupting with something like
*Rips the sword out of my head*
*Rolls away from your attack*

The system was fucktarded in that, if you took everything being said literally, by the end of the fight even the winner would be completely severely injured, com0pletely full of holes, and spurting blood everywhere.

>> No.22897766

Right then.

>Walking my daily beat around Bajor
>I had shelled out some cash for the militia uniforms and Bajoran phasers, so I look my part.
>Walk by infamous fountian
>Two Caitians going at it... describing the barbs in local.
>Not. On. My. Planet.
>Walk up
>"Alright you two, I don't know how they do things on Catia, but on Bajor this doesn't happen in a public place,"
>They start getting mouthy, asking me who I thought I was to interrupt them.
>"I am Jaren Helitia. Of the Bajoran Militia, can't you see the uniform"
>"Listen miss Helitia" "Jaren. It's Miss Jaren. Bajoran family names go first. This concludes our lesson now go get a room or I will dump a bucket of water from the fountain on you."

They walked away after that, apparently trademark Bajoran bitchieness works.

>> No.22897777

Bajoran COPS is the best COPS.

>> No.22897791

Not OP but Secret world is fantastic. Has a few issues witht he UI(can't move things around/no bio boxes), but honestly I would have bought it if it was a single player game with shitty multiplayer and not just an MMO

tfw one of the voice actors for the game is Ratchet from Transformers Prime

>> No.22897805

I know I had a some very cheaply bought game time cards that I used right before making me a gold member for a long ass time. Think that ran out.
Well that explains a lot.

>> No.22897818

I want to get in on this, I remember I had a mercenary who was generally a nice guy and mainly did it to see the world. Started off as a joke at all the "Tough as nails emotionless, grimdark" mercs I ran into, but then became one of my favourite characters.

>> No.22897822

wait what
doesn't that mean people who aren't clever, have stupidly bad characters, or can't rp, can easily win if they have fast fingers?

>> No.22897855

Hm.. do you remember Neverwinter nights?

one thing I hate was people doing that strange build of sorcerer/bard/rogue and buff their charisma to fuck.

It was horrible to rp, because they thought they could do all shit with charisma.

"Ey! you stole me!"
"No I didn't"
Rolls charisma, Impossible numbers.
"But I just saw you!))"
"Sorry, I won the skill roll))"
"I love charisma XD))"
That XD haunts me on my dreams.

>> No.22897860

That sounds awesome. Who should I bring, Schizophrenic Meta-Doctor or Ceberus Syndromed Superhero Spoof?

>> No.22897867

Might get back into CO if all you ca/tg/irls are playing.
Anywhere we can meet up, or form a guild?

>> No.22897890

I'd be game to join an SG if I'm going to start up again, although I'd have to resub.

>> No.22897895

i like this idea. i would gladly join.

>> No.22897896

We could always go to Club Caprice.

>> No.22897899

I still roleplay in WoW. I've done it for almost 7 years now, and it's the only thing that keeps making me come back to that game.

It's decent. I'm the leader of a kick-ass guild, and by now, I'm very good at avoiding drama.

>> No.22897900

Guy who asked if anyone was till playing. Does this game have servers or are all characters at the same place? I can't remember.

>> No.22897910

Single Server, multiple instances of each map you can hop between at will.

>> No.22897912


I four am down for this.


It's shards, not servers for CO.

>> No.22897913

Same server different instances

>> No.22897916

Is Minefield still around? Nobody went there after the first few days it opened.

>> No.22897921

I'd gladly join that might revitalise my interest in RPing in CO.

>> No.22897935

aimed at >>22897867

>> No.22897936

Let's go to club caprice and dance in the center of the dancefloor. No one /ever/ does that.

>> No.22897938

You gotta be like level 35 and do a crisis and we got newbies.

>> No.22897941

you guys add @Strangeside if you want. I need to get going so I'll add whoever when I resub to the game.

>> No.22897942

That we are
Another one

>Trill and Caitian going at it (why is it always a Caitian)
>Pants are just coming off.
>Jaren away!
>"Children play by this fountain, it's the middle of the day, keep it appropriate you two."
>You can't tell us what to do, we're big starfleet heroes! (paraphrasing, ofcourse)
>This is Bajor, you didn't help us during the occupation (Second Bajoran trademark, cry about the occupation) some "heroes" you are.
>Quite a few insults by the two later, starfleet in an admirals uniform walks up
>"What seems to be the trouble here"
>"Just a case disorderly conduct and indecent exposure, nothing requiring 'glorious starfleet's' attention."
>"They WHAT?!"

Turns out the admiral was from the same fleet as those two, and felt the same way I did about public ERP. He spent a good ten minutes chewing them out an calling them a disgrace to their uniforms. I bought him a drink after.

>> No.22897950


>> No.22897951

OP here, I also posted >>22897890
as in the OP my username is @Holgast

>> No.22897960

Groovy, definately game for /tg/ guild or other hijinks.

What should I bring? Think I have a alien wasp chick that shoots energy, hilariously overpowered Ashley Williams, horrible liefield creation, cupid the cigar smoking, aviator wearing balding man babby of love and some other shit I don't remember.

>> No.22897968

Right, gentlemen, add @Zarro and head to to Caprice, we'll meet up there and see if we can get an SG going, anyone around that has time to lead it?

>> No.22897970

Anything other then Ashley Williams, I think. Most of us are looking for RP, and it's kind of weird RPing with established characters.

>> No.22897979

Same. I however learned one thing very quickly, early on, through other people:

RP Guilds are not good ideas.

I played on Earthen Ring US, Alliance . Still do! But all the RP guilds I've seen come and go over the years, forever reminds me, they're as well tied to a server as a scotch taped down used condom during a hurricane, and just as fun.

Two guilds were the 'big boys' in vanilla. By BC? One was gone, the other did nothing with their new 'alone' status. Several others popped up, and subsequently died.

You know what stuck around? PVE guilds like the one I joined in 04, and STILL run with today. I watched friends, even my friend turned girlfriend turned fiance over 5 years, guildhop over and over from RP guilds, until I shoved her into a PVE guild that -actually stayed existing- or didn't act like retards to the point where she left in horror.

So my advice, when RPing on WoW: Don't do RP guilds. Ever.

>> No.22897992

It is ok man, anybody who watched the show as a kid would know that it is wrong.

>> No.22897995

Kind anon, please give us more storytime. I am greatly entertained.

>> No.22898006

I have a few stories from CO, though many of them are my character antics and not the dumbness of others.

>> No.22898008

Nightmare LP, when I was like 13, where I got driven off by a jealous white knight cause I asked a player who happened to be female for help.
BlackMUD, where I dominated the game despite being the weakest class (I didn't get any hp increases for 30 levels, out of 50, and half my spells were useless while the other half were bugged). I rose through the ranks to immortality and promptly blew it all because I was 15 and didn't handle the minute amount of power I was given well. I was kicked off and banned.
Dark Pawns, where I built stuff but otherwise didn't play.
And Achaea, where I rose through the ranks to become the highest level character (by screwing over the previous highest level character), guildmaster, High Priest of Eris, and first Prince of Ashtan. Everyone hated me (Nimos) but I was much more responsible with my power there. I pissed off the owner by beating all the avatars of the gods (pcs with top level gear and skills) in combat. Over time the place grew more commercial, and they made more and more concessions (guild, city, religion stuff which had all previously been player controlled then became part of the game, so players had more opportunity but less control). My friend who played a character named Tranquility was fortunate enough to make a few thousand dollars by selling the fighting scripts he made. I was not, and got petrified/banned for a few years.

>> No.22898010

not the Bajoran cop, btw

>> No.22898013

since I'm not subbed to the game atm I don't really have any characters, but I'll friend you all and see what's going on in game at the moment

>> No.22898014

This makes me want to RP a Sheliak in STO.

>> No.22898081

Trying to recover my old account, what the fuck is perfect world? Didn't it go F2P when it was sold? Was it sold again? Because I think I remember it being sold once and making a new account, but whoever perfect world are they know nothing of my email.

>> No.22898089

People actually like my stories? Okay

>Be on Klingon general (Picture is in the thread on my first post)
>Strutting through newly opened up Bajor, most RP groups are up with the story that DS9 is occupied by a group of time displaced Dominion forces and Klingons are rioting on the streets because they don't like Bajoran dickery.
>Couple of humans run up to me, demanding I help them contain the angry Klingons
>"I am a Klingon General from a noble house, I could order every soldier on this planet to stand down and they would"
>"Then do it!"
>They went on about how they were starfleet officers, and 'we' had to keep the peace.
>I stopped them with "You are my enemy, Federation. The only reason one of us is not dead right now, is because I honour the debts of my past wars (my Klingon is in his 80s, and had fought in the dominion war as first officer on a ship in his backstory). Look at these warriors, they cease their fighting against you to honour their past words, or the words of their fathers before them. How do you return this act of good will? You erect barricades, cage them up in a small section of the city, hold them as you would criminals. These Klingons have a right to be angry.

I actually convinced them IC and OOC that the Klingons were right in their rioting.

>> No.22898094

Perfect World is a Chinese Communist plot to steal your bodily fluids.

>> No.22898098

My fucking sides, man, it hurts so much...

>> No.22898103

You gotta make an account with Perfect World, then log into your CO account and link it to your Perfect World account.
It went F2P long ago, but was more recently bought by Perfect World, who changed some shit around.
It's a clusterfuck now, but at least they didn't shut it down.

>> No.22898105

it was bought by Perfect World international, you will have to change your username for some reason if you didn't do it during the changeover

actually wait that means that my username has changed, @holgast was my Cryptic username, my PWI username is avnasishtar
not sure if you can friend me through the old name

>> No.22898114

>dat wall of greentext

You should learn how to properly greentext, newfriend...

>> No.22898115

I can't even connect to the patching server, so...

>> No.22898122

Me neither. Maintenance shouldve ended 15 minutes ago, but guess they hit some problems.

>> No.22898127

>doing anything right
Pick one.

>> No.22898129

Anyone else playing STO? Just redownloaded and waiting fro the launchers tests to end so I can go fly around again.

>> No.22898138


>> No.22898139

CO isn't owned by Cryptic anymore, gj

>> No.22898144

Thankyou for the new trip
If you go for it, good luck, I RPed a Tamarian (Darmok, and Gelad at Tanagra) once. Deleted him, because even using startrek related phrases people wouldn't RP with me.

>> No.22898145

Nor can i.
i belive they are having an update today. it should finish by 17:00 GMT/UTC

>> No.22898151

Yeah it is. Cryptic is a subsidiary of PW now, and it's still the same dev team.

>> No.22898155

Well, the point of playing a Sheliak is to not talk to people, ain't it?

>> No.22898173

I do, though I haven't rp'd in it yet.

>> No.22898174

@Zarro, and join STORP.org. Just stay away from the fountain.

>> No.22898213


Oh fuck me, that sounds familiar as all hell. Was it perhaps the server called Haze? Stuck on a magical island, no way to get off? Everyone had to work together(read: fight each other over every piece of resources)?

Christ, answer me right now, I must know. That shit was like half my early teenage years.

>> No.22898227

CO launcher appears to be back up, but it's stuck on 'loading'

>> No.22898237

Oh geez did anyone RP on Tabula Rasa? I miss that game, roleplaying in there was so cool.

>> No.22898249

I used to and still do wander around DCUO and take screencaps of terrible costumes to share with my buds. Many laughs are had.

>> No.22898262


Stay away from the fountain, right.

>> No.22898266

what happened to that game anyway? I heard loads of hype before it came out, then nothing

>> No.22898282


>> No.22898283

NCSoft didn't market it correctly and then there was a big legal kerfuffle between them and Richard Garriot.

>> No.22898300

New story time

>Jaren has been lent to starfleet as part of an anti-borg taskforce
>"Fine, we are part of the federation now"
>I should note here, all of her abilities revolve around explosives. Because Bajorans have an inclination to terrorism.
>I should also note, that my younger brother also plays STO, and roleplays. Though he still lives at home while I do not.
>Walk into the briefing aboard someone's ship, see me brother there as well.
>On his Cardassian Defense Force Gul. Also on loan.
>For those not familiar, the Cardassians occupied Bajor and did un-nice things to them.
>Everyone in the room stopped talking and stared at us.
>Walk up to the Cardiassian.
>"Don't worry, if the borg get you, I'll shoot you before assimilation kicks in.
>During the mission we RPed through (Defera invasion) the Cardassian does get assimilated.
>"Don't worry, I've got this."
>Rig up every bomb I have as he is walking towards us.
>Doctor manages to save his life, saying the implants took most of the damage
>Chewed out by admiral running the taskforce.

Worth it.

>> No.22898301

NCSoft is literally Hitler.

>> No.22898304

STO Launcher still down. :C

>> No.22898309

Yes, it was glorious, the shouting over audio over gunfire on the battlefield. One of the best RPs I've ever had.

>> No.22898333

what "unit" were you a part of? I was one of the Nightstalkers. God, I really miss that. there was work on a private server but NCSoft sued the guys running it or something.

>> No.22898338

Damn you guys are making me want to play an MMO again.

Anyone got any good ones for RP to recommend that won't kill my crappy laptop?

>> No.22898370


Damn you, answer me. >>22898213

I must know. Long have I gone through the net, never stumbling on anyone that played in that place.

>> No.22898371

I jumped around, never stayed in one for long. Ahh that flamethrower, even though 9/10 times you weren't in a position it would be useful, the 1/10 was worth it.

I do look around for private servers now and then, but NC soft has a tight grip on it. Shame.

My laptop does champions and STO decently.

>> No.22898380

So guys, do you have any hope for Neverwinter? the mmo game.

>> No.22898384


I would not recommend an MMO to RP at. I roleplayed some in WoW, then realized just how shit an unmoderated roleplaying environment becomes.

If you want decent multiplayer roleplaying, I can only suggest NWN2, it still has some worlds running.

>> No.22898435

How gimped will your experience in Champions be without paying for anything?

Eh, I've been through it before and I know not to expect anything really amazing unless you encounter some true bros and just stick with them. I''m pretty drama proof and relaxed anyway, just want something a bit different; especially since my group is pretty hard to get together for tabletop these days.

>> No.22898461

Not too bad, I haven't played in a long time, some of the instances and more cosmetic options where missing. Liars are harder to get I think, and I believe now some of the travel powers are restricted.

STO on the other hand, virtually no difference.

>> No.22898464

You can play the whole game minus some expansion missions for free, most of the paid for stuff is cosmetic. However you can only have two characters on a free account and you can only choose archetype power sets instead of being able to pick and choose your powers.

>> No.22898477

You guys want any more stories?

>> No.22898501


Yes please. Something to do while I wait for maintenance.

>> No.22898632

I think I'll give STO a shot then. What's some good tips for a beginner who barely remembers the original series from his childhood?

>> No.22898638

Strangeside! it's me, Devil Ray! Man, it's a small 4chan, isn't it?

>> No.22898661

I'll jump to a Champions one then.

>Playing character who is literally darkness given form and life.
>Instead of playing it as some emo "oh I'm sooo evil" character as you'd expect, I figured this guy just came into existence, and as such, is a bit naive.
>Highlights include:
>Standing infront of a portal to evil that's spewing darkness, while the other characters are struggling against it, he described it as a "warm breeze"
>Being grabbed be a "forces of light" warrior with the words "Are you joined to the darkness we stand against?!" to have another player respond "Dude, he's darkness incarnate"
>Eating two cakes and teleporting around hyperactively until he was sick
>Attempting to turn reality into a musical after watching The HMS Pinnafore.

That was a fun character

>> No.22898743

Oh shit if it isn't Ray. How you been man? I should be back in the game in a week or so. Will still be busy with school, but we can at least RP sometime

>> No.22898758

When in doubt, memory alpha. Join STORP.ORG channel, plenty of people to help you there. Expect to do things with federation tricorders if you're a Klingon.

Free story:

>Jaren Helita is walking down the streets of Bajor.
>Random fight between feds and NPC Klingons has broken out
>No one disturbs my peace.
>Go in shooting, drop the Klingons in seconds because of level differences
>Starfleet walks up "Ma'am, this is starfleet business, we'd appreciate it if you didn't interfere"
>"This is Bajor, I'm the Bajoran Militia, if it happens here it is MY business. You don't like it? Transporter is down the street and to your right."
>Storm off muttering about "Aliens"

I love the way Bajorans can be racist and no one cares.

>> No.22898804

Been pretty fantastic. GMing like crazy lately. Actually, EVERYONE is GMing like crazy now. I'd hazard to say there is too much RP!

>> No.22898821


You sound really fun to RP with, in all seriousness.

>> No.22898852

I saw all the posts, yeah. I have actually used my off time to come up with a ton of events myself. Also I can't wait to play with you and the rest of the Young Renegades again. Have some excited stuff lined up for Kevlar.

>> No.22898906

has anyone actually managed to get on CO? my launcher is refusing to load.

>> No.22898931

This is sexy, mang. Looking forward to Mike's triumphant return! Maybe next time he can be in the lineup with the cool kids.
>Implying Power Play is cool

>> No.22898958

Man, I used to play CO with that 4chan SG back when it went free to play.

>> No.22898964

Yep. There were people out there that tried to and roleplayed well but you always had a whole army of murderhobos who always wanted to fight. Hardly any character development with those types. Good roleplayers were a rarity. Because the community consisted mostly of male murderhobo fighters, there existed two types of roleplaying. Emoting and spamming. Emoting was basically being descriptive, remaining in character and having fights that were judged on how well you described your fight. While spamming was typing as fast as you could, following the usual pattern. Obviously, spamming dominated the community because it was mostly male dominated.

I was one of those teenagers who roleplayed on it until the "The Great Mute" which basically destroyed the roleplaying community. Basically left once I found out the guy in charge of his Vampire: The Masquerade Roleplay left to Second Life.

The community is long dead anyway and most of the roleplaying community has flocked to retros or some new game.

And I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm using murderhobos like a buzz word. But the majority of roleplayers there always wanted to kill everything in sight. I can always give more information about Habbo Hotel roleplaying.

>> No.22898969

funny you mention that; I'm going to commission that guy soon for Kevlar in that style, so he fits in. I'm planning on doing his PDB page tonight.

>> No.22899008

There was a 4chan SG?

>> No.22899017

I've always tried to RP in GW2, you know doing every event that happens, helping the NPCs that get attacked and just generally getting immersed in the setting.

I also RP in Planetside 2. I fucking hate the vanu. Snow may be completely worthless, but as long as those Vscum want it, I want it for the Terran Republic.

>> No.22899023

Yeah, one that was a mix of /co/ and /v/

>> No.22899062

I found lots of great RP people through just starting to RP after large events.
Too bad I can't stand GW2 outside of it, or I'd be RPing there right now.

>> No.22899067

OP here, it's getting late so I'm off to bed. I'll friend you all when CO gets back up

>> No.22899075


gw 2 rp, at least as a norn character, looks like it can be mad cool with my day-and-a-half experience in it. My current problem is random weirdos wondering if the character is a futa/giant bull dyke/rapist lesbian titty monster.

I like norn because they're the closest thing I'll be getting to legit Chaos Warriors style barbarians in an MMO that isn't complete bunk. The only thing I don't get is the plant people, because plant people freak me out and have salad fingers.

>> No.22899097

Speaking of, how is RP in Second Life?

>> No.22899128

>There will never be another RP community like Virute on City of Heroes

>> No.22899132

I only like the humans, and don't dislike the norn because theyre basically large humans. The other races are terrible, and their lore is horrendous.
If the game was just humans and the norn subrace I would love it very much.

>> No.22899134

Thanks, you ever jump on STO or CO drop me a line.

Anyone managed to get on CO yet? Or is the patching still running?

And Story:
>STO, Glorious General Kuruk of the Klingon Empire.
>Set up RP event, we (Klingons) have taken a prisoner, and the feds have to rescue them.
>Klingon convoy moving through the system, feds attack. It was played as a large fight on both sides, where we were to damage to avoid destroying the other ships. If damaged you were to move back.
>The feds had one ship designated to tractor beam in the shuttle with the prisoner
>That ship, didn't have a tractorbeam..... yeah
>I sent a message to the guy, saying that he can just try to shoot me down instead.
>He tries, I throw his ship into low hull (General's chariot, never underestimate it)
>Defiant class decloaks and opens up.
>I now need a new chariot.
>Emergency transport to planet below, which is covered in borg.
>Kuruk, being the honourable Klingon he is, grabs the prisoner and gets them both to safety out of the way.
>Fed and Klingon teams beam down, looking for the prisoner and comrade (who is who depending on each side)
>Myself and the prisoner bicker a bit (The Klingons are evil, they shoot people. No the feds are evil, they wipe out cultures and impose their own ect)
>Eventually we're found by both sides, one small firefight later the Klingons are on top, and the feds have thrown down their weapons
>Even a non-RPer who was in the field is lined up with the feds
>Kuruk lets the feds go, as part of some higher plan
>Non-rper decides to attack, I (Kuruk) hit him with a jump-kick move
>As soon as my feet make contact with his chest, map instance resets and we're all teleported to the starting points.
>Still known as having a kick so hard it can reset a map.

>> No.22899152

>those static poses
>reminded of the lack of a walk function
Atleast it had several emotes for stances and sitting.

>> No.22899174

Quite a lot of years ago I used to play a sci-fi game on the PC called Phantasy Star Online. I used to play the earlier console versions even before that, but the PC port had just come out a while ago and was actually online, so I picked it up. It was sort of an instanced-based MMO; there were large physical lobby areas where players could gather, but all the actual gaming would be done by them getting into groups and joining or creating a party at the desk. It was long before I knew what roleplaying was or any of that shit.

Anyway I once met this guy who had some crazy high-level equipment on what was basically a starting character; I was mid-level by that point, but I was impressed, so I asked him how he did it. I can't remember word for word what he said, but he was pretty enigmatic about it, and told me "I can show you how to have that kind of power too, if you desire". I was obviously intrigued, and even though it was pretty obvious what items he was using to get that high-level equipment working, he seemed to suggest i'd get something out of it if I humoured him, so I did. We started playing together and he gave me a lot of stuff, really rare, high-level items, and the stuff necessary to use it. Interesting thing is, the whole time he never broke character -- roleplaying a Sith warrior, which I quickly did too when he demonstrated that's what he was going for, figuring it would be worth it to milk more cool stuff out of it. At first I joked about it with my friend; I didn't really understand what he was doing, so he just seemed like a weirdo, but the more it went along, the more fun I started to have with this weird Sith roleplaying situation.

Kind of a shitty end to the anecdote but I don't really remember what happened to that guy -- one of us just kind of stopped playing after a while I think. I remember my shitty internet disconnecting lost him some very rare items at one point, but he wasn't too mad about that. Cool experience, anyway.

>> No.22899182

Oh god STO was fun shit RPing in. It was like you were actually in an episode of Star Trek half the time. Everytime something fucked up I always screamed at my crew, and everyone had matching uniforms.

>> No.22899192

My friend played PSO with me once, it was one of the console versions. I disliked it, don't remember why

>> No.22899197

Welp, launcher is up now. Server still down

>> No.22899220


I've had one human person RP with me in passing, but I had to book it to get some work done on my car.

It was sort-of funny, in that my Norn is just asking if they eat properly etc. since she's as tall as possible and most characters come up to her midriff.

The little freaky dudes with the tech are cool, I like the mole people, Charr seem pretty gnarly if you can get past the yiffbait xtreme. But yeah, the salad people are bad juju for me

>> No.22899237

Try PSO2, it's fucking gold.

>> No.22899259


That's out already? It looks amazing, though I was a little disappointed at the whole microtransactions model in such a grind-heavy game. Last I heard it was confirmed for a western release; has that happened, or are you playing JP?

>> No.22899263


Don't they have weapons in the game that're like kratos' blades of chaos?

When's that shit coming out in 'merica anyway, because I have a feeling sega is going to have a monopoly on my wallet since they bought relic and got the whfb license

>> No.22899316


>not playing an egotistical firstborn who believes all other races are inferior because they're suspect to the curse of undeath

>> No.22899339

>made of salad
>bust out ranch dressing
>eat firstborn
>excuse me sir what were u sayin

In hindsight though, vore nerds probably pull shit like that sans the ranch.

>> No.22899363

I wonder what it feels like to fuck a Salvari.

>> No.22899407

I can't stand the cabbage elves either. They're what you get when some twat removes all the cool bits from generic elves and then designs something to be appealing to teenaged girls and koreans.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Almost as stupid as that damn story thing they try to force you through.

>> No.22899446

I love the humans in GW2, and the norn are alright since they're just giant humans from land of snow and ice. But the other races are fucking terrible, in design and in lore.
I got my money's worth just having fun with humans in the human lands, but I can't play the game anymore because of the shitty races.

>> No.22899450

I really don't know. I'm tempted to download it and learn how to roleplay there. Heard it's mostly ERPing.

>> No.22899478

Am I the onlyt one that actually like salad people just a bit? Sure their story seem rather shitty. But I like the whole plant people thing.

>> No.22899513

So I made a Perfect World account now I have to link it to my old account, but I can't remember my password for the old account, so now what the fuck do I do?

>> No.22899517

But they have genders. They're plants. They don't even procreate, they just grow on a single tree.
And they have leaves and twigs that look like hair.
I like plant people, but not like this.

>> No.22899529


If you hate Asura you're an awful person.

>> No.22899532

Just go to the CO page and click 'forgot muh pass'

>> No.22899563

I would like Asura if they had their own game and their own setting. But now we have a race that has fucking force fields instead of windows and floating architecture is a common sight, yet they use fucking gunpowder guns.
All these races might have been cool on their own, but they are terrible mixed like this.

>> No.22899567

I always wondered what happens if they cut their "hair". Will it hurt or something?

>> No.22899573

On the gender thing, if you pick the fighty story you end up having to defend a couple of fags pretty much at the start.

>> No.22899598


I guess hamburger helper had a hand in that.

I picked the drunk-ass fighty norn story. Joy riding a tank naked, ha ha.

>> No.22899636

Anyone else still waiting with me for CO?

>> No.22899671

Yeah, they're shitty plant people. Could have been so much better if they'd played up the whole "weird, fey creatures that don't share your morals" bit.

But something that creative would have taxed their writing team past the limit.

So now they're all noble-bright, sparkly cunts with no use apart from being generically noble and kind.

>> No.22899680

Me, gonna recover my old account the second their side goes online.

>> No.22899736

Glad to see I've got someone, what kind of character are you bringing?

>> No.22899769

I'd like to.

But I'd probably just roll a Touhou character. ;_;

>> No.22899783

Not sure can hardly remember what I have, most of them are joke characters anyway.

>> No.22899787

I've got a bitter tale of guild drama that led to me and a friend of mine quitting WoW for good if you guys don't mind hearing me vent, I figured I'd ask since this seems more about RPing now and it's not a particularly funny or impressive story, just angry

>> No.22899790

Do it faget

>> No.22899800

There I go, ballsing it all up and not taking away my name from the last Mages Guild Meeting

>> No.22899822


Reinstalling atm. Might bring along my brawler, can't remember her name though. S'been a while.

>> No.22899825

Touhou characters can be fun, part of the reason I liked CO was the massive diversity you could run into.

>> No.22899899


Do it faggot.

I'll post another story of mine when I'm done PVP.

>> No.22900273

Still waiting on this story

>> No.22900476

Maintenance why

>> No.22900539

servers are up it seems

>> No.22900567

Sorry about that, I'm typing from class and we got a break right when you guys asked

>Be mid 2007, 14 years old or so and playing Burning Crusade with my best friend
>Find a neat guild of about 15 people to join with a nice environment and really nice people
>I played a Blood Elf Hunter and my friend played an Undead Warlock
>"Rogueness" is the Guild Leader, he lives off of income from his wife who was pregnant at the time, he played an undead rogue

>About 6 or 7 months after TBC's release we've been a part of this guild for a month or two at this point, we've recruited a few members who've all become productive guild members and we get noticed and recognized for our work with a promotion to Officers
>The guild starts raiding, very casually, and by the time Wrath is on the horizon we clear Kara with ease every week
>Wrath is released and within the month Rogueness brings his best friend, Bro 3, into the guild after he transferred to the server, and Rogueness' wife, Bitch-Tits, has had their child and is able to start playing again
>This is where the fun came to an end, up to this point, even though my friend and I were young, about 16 at this point, we were still respected members of the guild and were treated as equals, but once Bitch-Tits comes back suddenly Rogueness begins to treat us differently
>It begins when we start our first romps into Naxx and fairly harmlessly, Rogueness, and Bitch-Tits I'm sure, decided that we should be policed and only allowed to raid on the weekends, he didn't outright say this as we had enough people who supported us as Officers to where it would cause an uproar, but when my friend, who had gotten into a spot of trouble in school and had been suspended, was specifically denied a space in the weekly Naxx raid it came to light
>Overnight the guild polarized (cont)

>> No.22900572

It's up and accounts are linked, now I gotta download 3883MB which is gonna take a while thanks to muh ghetto connection speeds.

>> No.22900620


Patching atm.

>> No.22900674

Walk into caprice, everyone at the door has a tail

>> No.22900745


In Caprice, at one of the tables around the dancefloor. Blue and silver armour with a large backpack

>> No.22900798

>Rogueness' camp was largely based around srs raiding for srs adults
>Friend's camp contained pretty much every prominent member aside from Rogueness, Bitch-Tits, and Bro
>At this point my Friend and I, as I had gotten into a huge ventrilo argument with Rogueness when I got home the next day, were placed on "Probation" demoted to Recruit and not allowed to attend any raids
>This prompted one of the close friends I had made in the guild, who had been working to get us a "partnership" with one of the largest raiding guilds on the server, to leave and just join the guild he'd been working with, taking a good chunk of our raiding group with him
>Friend and I stuck in and continued arguing with Rogueness and Bitch-Tits over the course of a few days, whether we got to really do anything in the guild at the moment was secondary, we were pissed and we weren't about to just walk away
>We were both pretty close friends with Bro, since he was as his name implies a total bro who really only put up with Rogueness since they were childhood friends, so our plan hinged on him, using some cunning 16 year old reasoning (he's a faggot, etc) we convinced Bro to abandon his support of Rogueness and at the least be neutral in the whole thing
>Rogueness flew into a frenzy and kicked him out of the guild resulting in a cascade of /gquits from nearly everyone following the guild drama
>Mentally exhausted, guildless, and unable to even look at the game without raging, my friend and I quit then and there, we said we'd eventually get back to it, but never did
>We found out about a week later from Bro that the entire thing had been "organized" by Bitch-Tits, apparently she had gotten so jealous of the time we'd (the guild) been spending with Rogueness, and that she had never really fit into our group dynamic (she didn't fill any crucial game role and spent most of her time hogging Rogueness' attention) that she'd worked some kind of mind bug on him and made him do all of that stuff

>> No.22900812

what the fuck where did all my characters go

>> No.22900821

In conclusion:

Fuck you Bitch-Tits, you ruined everything

>> No.22900858

what server are you guys on?

>> No.22900928

did they deleted?

>> No.22900996

That just sucks, always one player like that

>> No.22901002

Why do a lot of girls insist that guys should/never talk about their feelings and then turn around and do shit like this in favor of talking about their own?

>> No.22901010

because girls are dumb

>> No.22901014

It's a shard system. We're in Caprice #1.

>> No.22901047

I've tried to get back into WoW, since I actually have a lot of family that plays it, but I just can't stand playing it much anymore, bad memories, etc, etc

It's for the best probably, since I love the Warcraft lore and hated what Blizzard started doing to it in Wrath, and now I can ignore it and just wait for Warcraft 4, rite guis?... rite?

>> No.22901060

i shall be there ASAP.
just have to patch. not played CO in ages.

>> No.22901097


Ugh. I should be there soon, I hope. Trying to get my characters restored atm.

>> No.22901248

I mostly end up wanting to get back to wow when I think of the good old pvp days playing on my UD rogue and always demolishing alliance in pvp, even when the entire horde team went naked and tried to let them cap a flag. Eventually we'd have to beg them to please sign up for pvp again so we could humiliate them some more. Back when AV would last the entire weekend.

Shit, those were the days. Had some fun switching to Allience during wrath to shorten the pvp queues. Strand of the ancients was hilarious as a gnome sublety rogue as you could shadow step up to the turrets and then hide behind the foot of the horde banners and cap them with out anybody noticing you.

>> No.22901250

Have you linked your cryptic and PW accounts?
(just in case you didn't)

>> No.22901304

I was never big on PvP, I gave it a shot with my Hunter and Rogue, but always found questing and raids to be more fun so I'd spend most of my time grinding mats for the guild bank or working on alts

>> No.22901343

That's what I liked about pvp, all I had to farm was free HKs from clothies.

>> No.22901389

Farming wasn't too bad when you had a bunch of friends on ventrilo or guild chat with you, and dungeon runs were so much fun with friends that I couldn't go back to PuGs even if I wanted to

>> No.22901399

Just found one of my old characters "tech-man".

Made to be an accomplish to one of the best RP characters I've ever seen in champions. Geoffman. A tights wearing superhero who's super strength, speed, flight, and laser vision all came from how highly he thought of himself. Superpowers from pure ego.

He also referred to himself exclusively in the third person.

>> No.22901405


It was something silly. Linked the wrong account to my PW account, but I think it's fixed now.

>> No.22901434

My first character was a shadowpriest forced holy priest because "hurr u heal or i get out, play a lock if u wanna dps, don't care if you out dps the lock". Farming as a holy priest was NOT fun back then, it scared me away from farming forever.

>> No.22901480

Ah, I played a Hoo-man pally in vanilla and was a complete dumbass, asking questions like "Hay guise, which tier should I get first, I'm thinking tier 2 because lol I'm a ret pally and it's called 'Judgement', rite?" I couldn't have farmed if I even wanted to back then, mostly because after a year of playing I was still only level 40 something

I only really started to play the game when I switched to Horde when my friend started shortly after TBC came out

>> No.22901490

Hm... Am I the only one who would never roleplay with beauty characters? can't help but only play with big fat humanoids with ponytail and muttonchops (or sideburns, or whatever you call it)

That's why I'm not happy about playing The Secret World even if I've heard good things

>> No.22901673

I never got into raiding, everytime I joined a raiding guild it somehow disbanded less than a month after due to drama. Then I join a legendary guild on Earthern Ring EU. Deathwing's Nemesis. This guild was a total trainwreck with out compare and it never stopped. From the day it was formed it reared off track and hurled to the ground scraping it's bloody corpse across the ground. For some reason though, it never stopped. It kept going in spite of the humiliating defeats it suffered at the hands of the early bosses and trash mobs in Molten Core and Zul Gurub. Night after night.

Deathwing's Nemesis never even got fully attuned to BWL.

>> No.22901703

my first actual RP character was a demon, but none of that pussy powerful shit, a lesser demon with not a care in the world who was summoned as a child's pet. after a century of torture at the child's hands he snapped, smothering the child (being a wizard having a very extended lifespan) and slit her fathers throat, and leaving 500,000 dollars in cash and a note pinned to the mothers night gown, my first RP fight went something like this...
"I'd kill you in the blink of an eye if I wernt pacivisht you little mijit" (he was some marty sue god BS)
"WHAT DID YOU SAY *stabs you in the kidney*"
he began to fall to the ground (being fair about it) and telling me I'd rule the dai I messed with sxevacariious
he blows a whistle and says his bangaurd are coming to get my ash
"What's that? you want me to keep stabbing you? OKAY!"
kept stabbing his character until he decided to quit and I decided my imp had killed a god.
(all typo's are the fault of the guy stabbed, that is actually how he said it)

>> No.22901745

his name was gizmo
he liked to stab people
in the kidneys
and interrupt ERP sessions with kidney stabbing

>> No.22901767

I played on Cenarion Circle on Alliance and then Destromath as Horde, both US

>> No.22902190

How the fuck do I get to club caprice?

>> No.22902390

I've never heard anyone complain about The Secret World's characters being too pretty before.

I mean, my guy is a bald Russian mobster with a huge beak of a nose and a scraggly little beard and my friend is some trashy, bemohawked chav from west London who never takes his sunglasses off

>> No.22902393

The door, it's in the centre of millennium city.

Though those of us that showed up are giving STO a look at the moment.

I can sense the people near my fountain

>> No.22902433

Right, what was the account name so I can add you for later?

>> No.22902493


If that fails, ERP by the fountain on Bajor, I'll know you're there.

>> No.22902626

So how rampant is the ERP in this game?
It seem everyone is wearing a tail so I fear the worst.

>> No.22902687

Haven't tested the water enough in CO,

STO it isn't that bad, just avoid a few choice areas

>> No.22902723

I think you mean "Hang around them and wait for laughs."

>> No.22902726

It's pretty rampant to be honest at least it was when I last RPed on it although I think most of it is now in hideouts if you're referring to CO.

In STO stay away from Drozana Station and you should be safe.

>> No.22902758

Pardon me, hideouts?

>> No.22902781

I think those are the personal bases.

>> No.22902912

Basicly player housing.

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