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Ugh. Think I may have fucked up here /tg/.

So I was invited to play in a 4e game. They tell me they need a front-end tank. Fair enough. So I roll up a fighter that acts like a big, dumb meathead(yeah, I know it's a cliche). And the party finds my character tied up, and party invitations ensue. Introductions are had, and when the female sorceress introduces herself, my character reacts about how you'd expect a big, bruisy lunkhead to treat a female adventurer: He assumes that the rest of the party is escorting her, and didn't really take her seriously when she claimed she was an adventurer. And, the sorceress' player(also a woman, mind), apparently took exception to this.

She told me I was being a sexist. I calmly point out that I'm just playing a role, and point out that the character in question is not exactly the sharpest sword on the rack. She asks "Well, what if /I/ played a character that hated all men?" I tell her "That sounds like an interesting character trait. Unless you're actually a misandrist, I wouldn't mind in the slightest." She says "Well, those characters are both offensive, and you should really be more sensitive." I ask her "Sooo, in a world where skeletons, dragons, and the literal forces of Hell are trying to kill you, your sorceress would really be caught up with our modern gender concerns?"

Then she tells me I need to change my character, and that her character wouldn't adventure with a misogynist. I politely refuse, and point out that unless the rest of the party wants him gone, there's no logical reason why he would be ousted. The rest of the players were divided right about down the middle, with the DM taking side with neither. So, the DM decided to call it for the night.

So, what should I do here? Should I switch my character to placate this girl? Was she being overly sensitive, or did I really make an offensive character?

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Say you'll be different. Then call her "honey."

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She's being a dick.

I assume you were going to let your character grow to respect her.

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If anything, she should have her character prove herself to the fighter.

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She was being over sensitive because you did in fact recognize he is a problematic character but I would assume that works within the confines of the world. You don't sound like a misogynist, and you sound self aware. If you ACTUALLY handled the person in the way you described then they over reacted. If you sarcastic/snide/etc. then you were both being silly.

But you should NOT change yourcharacter, speak to the person in private on how you will DEVELOP your character through interactions with their character. He will go from gender politics-dumb meat shield to respectful dumb meat shield.

If she isn't reasonable on that front (Allowing interesting character dynamics and shifting opinions) then fuck it and change, better to not bother with the whole headache. Who cares if they think they or you "win." At this point it would be childish.

tl;dr: Don't change, talk aobut developing your character, if the other play doesn't go for it, change, not worth the headache.

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>not simply casting a spell in front of your big lunkhead fighter, allowing you to roleplay the shock, humbleness, and acceptance that may have bonded the characters and allowed for smoother roleplay.

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if you were being a real dick about it I can see it being your fault and you need to change.

But from the sounds of it you were merely playing the character the way you made them.

Talk to her about maybe having the characters trying to one-up each other, in fighting or mere acts, to show which of them is better.

Say you think it'd be fun for them to be sort of rivals, your meathead and her sorceress constantly making their victories seem better than the others.

although, if it causes too many problems just tone it down a bit, or arrange something with her so that once he sees her kill a certain number of enemies with magic he backs down and says something along the lines of him supposing not all women need looking after.

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Phone her, ask to meet her out of game.
Make sure you go somewhere fairly neutral, but alright. Talk and have a good time, hang out, explain that your character is your character, her character is her character and you don't have any right to demand someone else changes their character, plus its going to be a character arc, where he learns to respect her for being a mighty mage, rather than just being female.
And then add in that its the kind of respect that's earned, rather than just treating her polite because she's a woman, validating her as her own person rather than just because she's female, making it all the more significant.
Then point out that MOST people in the world would be mildly sexist, since its medieval. And compared to most? Your character is just a standard ignorant yokel sort, and of course should be treated as such for his views.
Then you two work out some fair way for the arc to go on, with your character slowly becoming more aware that just because she's a woman, don't mean she can't kick all sorts of ass and her learning the value of Tolerance for others.

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reasonable responses


not reasonable


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"Listen, toots, unless you have an ingame, non-metagame reason to hate my character for the way he acts, just suck it up and take it as a roleplay challenge. If you're so determined to make me respect you in the game, prove to my character that you're worth the consideration. Whatever hangups you have over gender politics this side of the game are none of my concern, nor are they the concern of my character, so unless you have a valid, urgent complaint to lodge that can't be resolved through the roleplay, suck it up and roll with it while I still have the decency to treat this as anything other than you attempting to be a condescending control freak."

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Bitch needs to shut the fuck up and cook me some eggs

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>fictional story made up for trolling purposes what do

You sage.

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3/4 responses on this were serious and even handed
1/8 were serious and stupid
1/8 were stupid and/or funny

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if she still bitches, you have found yet another feminazi and i suggest jumping ship. or bullying her out

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Yeah, the woman in question is extremely immature. Part of the joy of playing this game is roleplaying as a character with traits grossly different from your own, or traits that most people don't possess in real life. If your character receives consequences for being who he is, then that's just another part of the game, and a good one too. It makes for interesting stories. It's not always okay to bring up themes like rape because that can open up wounds that go very deep in some players, but even if those themes are brought up, they shouldn't be associated with the player or the DM, they should be associated with the game itself. Nobody at the table wants to rape anybody.

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>> "play[ed] a character that hated all men?"
she's already given you the answer to your quandary.

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>Nobody at the table wants to rape anybody
do you even 4chan?

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I want to rape everyone I've ever playe with. Even the men. Even the ugly men. YOU ARE ALL OBJECTS TO ME! SUCK MY FUCKING COCK YOU DICEROLLING CUMPITS!

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The group continues on their adventure, the sorceress and the fighter constantly at odds with each other with entertaining banter for the rest of the group.
Bad end: the two characters become enemies and go their separate ways
Good end: the two characters learn to work together despite their differences
Fun end: the two characters learn to work together, and even develop an entertainingly competitive rivalry within the group
Best end: same as the Fun end, though it develops into a romantic relationship as well

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Also agreed. /thread

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Man you should be at the start of all these threads.

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This is the perfect response library.

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>Bad end: the two characters become enemies and go their separate ways
How is that a bad end? Imagine the campaign going on for some time, the chars become very powerful, after the end of the campaign carve out fiefdoms for themselves and the animosities grow.
Jump a few years, they have started a war and our new PCs are caught in the middle/work for one side/whatever. Sounds cinematic and fulfilling to me.

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She's a cunt. Don't let her bring IC into OOC for such a frivolous thing. Womyn should stay in the kitchen. Feminist rights are on-hold until they understand what they're supposed to be about.

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It's a bad end for the group and the campaign.

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>feminist wat do

3/10 delivery was pretty good but topic is oversaturated. Should have waited a few weeks.

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Assuming this even happened (which it most likely didn't):
Yeah she is being an immature idiot. No way to reason with someone THIS offendable without seriously fucking them up.
I'd say just roll with whatever you want to play and continue to be civil and polite OOC

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Honestly, I think it depends on just how long you refused to take her seriously. If it was just a throwaway comment, then she overreacted. If you were harping on it half the night, then it becomes a problem on your end.

Odds are, she overreacted.

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Let her know that he will change.
He's a meathead. He respects power.

If you're playing D&D it'll take less than a single session to prove exactly how over fucking powerful she is as a Sorceress.

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Eeh you are in the right, and you stood your ground as a mature individual.

But heres the rub: If even after explaining yourself and she is still being pig headed about it? Either find a different group (Which I don't think is practical), or just do as she asks. You are here to have fun, and the other players are there to have fun as well. If one Player is being a douche about it?
Sure. Whatever. Strike 1. Move on. You sound like a guy that can play alots of archtype and still be happy.

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>DM not maturely mediating the issue

The fuck is wrong with your DM OP?

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Truth be told, I think he wanted to bone her, but he knew I was right, so he didn't want to intervene either way.

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Stand firm. Fight the good fight. Don't give in to the stupidity.

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What a fucking pussy. Why are guys such pussywhipped faggots nowadays?

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Alternately create a new character that is absurdly white-knightly towards her.

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For the similar reasons the term "Pussywhipped" is even in your vocabulary.

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Please speak English.

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>why are roleplaying nerds pussywhipped faggots nowadays
This has ALWAYS been the case.

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Men have always been yanked around by pussy. Its the way of the world.

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Nah bro, it just happened this year.

Also all women are one-dimensionally evil, because feminists.

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I have never, and I mean never, come across a roleplaying group that has a female in it that stays even mildly stable, dramaless or doesn't devolve to shit.

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I suppose those of us who aren't pathetic enough to worship people because they have vaginas don't count as roleplayers, then?

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I never claimed that, I said that guys who embarrass themselves or betray their morals for the sake of a girl in the futile hope that she will have sex with him don't deserve to be called men.

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The is true.

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You're both wrong.

She's wrong for taking personal offense out of character because you are simply roleplaying. Her character has every right to be upset, but there's no reason to try to force OOC change about it.

You're wrong because misogyny in a world of high magic doesn't make a great deal of sense, so the character concept is pretty weak. Women can't adventure? Really?

OP, you made an intentionally problematic character and tried to shield it with flimsy 'but it's realistic' arguments, but the other player got overly offended at your bad choice. What you should have done was work towards a compromise rather than an all or nothing: have the sorcerer show the fighter that she is competent in her own right and he can reassess his opinion.

Frankly I'm disappointed in both of you, OP.

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Hah, a white knight who is so set on protecting her he doesn't move out from in front of her and she can't get a line of sight on anything. He uses his own body to prevent her from entering combat and potentially getting hurt!

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Maybe that's a problem with you. I have two groups with women in them. One of them is mostly women. Both are stable, free of drama and quite fun.

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the DM orchestrated the event to force the players to quit, thus ensuring his dominance

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I have. Outside the one time where we made jokes about her character being raped and she complained she was never a problem. The group lasted for 3 or 4 years and I may be starting it back up in not too long.

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>Play a D&D campaign, have a Fighter that is horribly racist towards Gnomes
>Over the course of the story as a Gnome proves himself to the Fighter, they form a strong kinship
>Great interactions and story enjoyed by all
>Attempt this with sexism

I hate D&D sometimes.

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Agreed, my current group of 6 (myself included) has 4 women and I have had none of them become unstable over the course of 2 years.

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>Be in womb
>Decide to just say, "FUCK IT"
>Testes are contorted and fucking dissolve
>Born without them
>Go through Elementary school like normal
>Hit Middle School
>Everyone is freaking out about girlfriends
>Don't see the appeal
>Hit High School
>Everyone is having relationship problems
>Don't quite get it
>Be the incredibly nice albeit funny-awkward kid that is pretty much a professional extra
>No relationship drive at all
>Make money for me and me alone
>My face when people start flipping out about wanting to bang a chick

Discussing this shit with me is pretty much on tier with teaching a robot, "This strange phenomenon you call 'L-O-V-E' ".

I don't get it either.

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I thought I did. Until we began our second campaign in which she played a pixie and I played a monk who only respected strength (the physical kind) and he acted accordingly when he saw a tiny little fairy. She flipped and started attacking me ooc when I wouldn't change my character's attitude.

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Current group has two women in it. One gets along with everyone just fine.

The other tries to do so, but she and a (male) player have preexisting bad blood and he often baits and instigates to get her upset. Usually it goes alright since the DM and the rest of the players have no problem telling them both to shut up or get out.

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You know, it's possible to want a relationship and not be pathetic about it.

>> No.22888463

I met my fiance in a gaming group. The group didn't fall apart or even get stressed when we started dating or after that.

Might have helped that the other guys in the group were also getting into stable relationships and eventually marriages.

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Enjoy that delusion

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It's also possible for communism to be the best form of government

All it takes is for people to not be selfish assholes!

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You do realize this is /tg/ right?

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yeah /tg/, not /r9k/

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Except she never gave it a chance to progress beyond that point. All it would have taken was one fucking fight of watching her wipe the floor for him to at least start realizing that she's not as weak and pathetic as he thinks. She put the brakes on it before it could even progress.

Also, it would be completely realistic in areas without much access to magic. Are you really going to tell me some backwater village that hasn't so much as seen a magic wand is going to have modern, progressive views on gender? Really? Hell, if you live in the US, go to some shitty little podunk town(particularly in the South) and go see what their views on women were.

>> No.22888603

I can vouch for the whole podunk southern town example, my town has a population of approximately 120 and I just got high speed internet last May. Most other guys in my town see women as either foodmakers or cum dumpsters. Like I said, most not all.

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Is this that table where the girl cheated on the guy because he wouldn't force her to leave a voicemail to her father where she screamed she was a dirty whore while he fucked her up the ass so she cheated on him? I can't believe that table didn't dissolve like Christopher Lloyd at the end of Roger Rabbit.

>> No.22888617

You beat me to it.

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This sounds like an amazing roleplay opportunity. Let the party be divided down the middle and fight out their differences. No cookie-cutter encounter thrown at you by the DM can ever match the drama of a real conflict that emerges organically from among the characters. Maybe you'll all have to roll up new ones afterward, but it'll be a night to remember.

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On one hand it's your character and you should play him how you see fit.

On the other hand how you play him obviously makes her uncomfortable.

If it were me, the way I see it is that I can easily change my character to have some other trait I'll have just as much fun with while at the same time not making another player feel uncomfortable. She is over-reacting but at the same time there is no point in being a dick about it, as that will only lead to everyone at the table having less fun. Play a misogynist in your next game that doesn't include her.

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All of these boards are generally terrible with women, at least from what I've seen. There are exceptions of course, but just in general.

>> No.22888666

What the actual fuck? I've been with some weird girls but never that weird. That's a level that even I would have some problems handling.

>> No.22888676

Yes, it would have only taken one fight, and that's the part where the compromise comes in. OP didn't say he told the player "he'll change when he sees her defend herself", only that his misogyny was justified, so it wasn't offensive. They are not the same argument.

While zero magic places are possible, they are extremely unlikely in DnD and, particularly, in 4e. This is a universe where most magic isn't learned, it's just something you have. Female casters of any variety can pop up anywhere, so unless the setting was very specifically low-magic, it doesn't fit with the game well.

Oh god, no. They just hate each other because she is bad at vidya, to make a long story very short.

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you forgot /v/ and sometimes /co/

>> No.22888685

That's not the point. The point is that on /tg/ we don't whine about "bloobloo tfw no gf", and on /r9k/ that's frighteningly common. /b/ wasn't even mentioned until your post.

>> No.22888736 [DELETED] 


Holy fuck, I am not alone.

>> No.22888757

Oh gods no not /v/ never again. I went there once and it was just terrible. I avoid that board like the plague. Never actually been to /co/ so I wouldn't know.

>> No.22888758

It's 4e. Where spells are just glowy bursts of harmless light if not targeting a monster or don't have text saying they can actually do shit to objects.

>> No.22888772


Holy fuck, I am not alone.

Except for the fact that I do in fact have testicles. I can confirm they exist.

>> No.22888784

My current problem is that we got this one looser who rarely plays but shows up and tries to act like an alpha male around the girl in question.

She herself is find, just the asshole who honestly thinks she is into him is ruining the game even when he is not playing.

Fucker looks like a hobbit version of Kevin Smith.

>> No.22888816

Frankly /co/ is at the other end, where the term 'check your privilege' isn't used exclusively with sneering irony.

>> No.22888835

I might be a bit biased here because I'm a woman and sick of constant misogyny both online and offline.

But consider this. She just wants to play a game and relax. She doesn't want any annoying "real life" issues being brought up in the game. And yes, your character being misogynist doesn't mean you're misogynist, but it is an issue of a real life issue being forced into the game itself.

>But what of rape, murder, genocide and war? Aren't those real life issues, and aren't they a lot worse than mere misogyny?
Well technically yeah, but let's be honest here. Most of us are middle class first worlders who don't experience those sorts of things. So we don't really treat them as "real", and they don't bother us. But this is a real issue people do face.

So if she asked you to change your character, why not? You're playing together. You're supposed to be having fun. Why do something when another person is clearly uncomfortable with it? I mean, if you disliked a character trait of another person's character, and asked them to change it, wouldn't you want them to change it? I mean, will it hurt you that much to compromise so little just to ensure a drama-free game?

>> No.22888861

/co/ sometimes has threads about fake comic girl fans. They quickly devolve into a pile of rage and stupidity but then die out and don't show up for a couple of days. Other than that it's an ok board.

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Well to be honest that shit is just conjecture based on my experience with crazy assed women. All the topic creator would say is that she "asked him to do something sexually which he flatly refused and claimed was demeaning to her" so she cheated on him. Eesh.

Also nice Full House post number. It pays out five to one, baby.

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Best suggestion

>> No.22888905


Sorry, but you're the worst. You're literally denying that rape, murder and wars are real life issues because it doesnt happen to you? Wow.

>> No.22888921

The idea that commoners in a fantasy world as saturated by magic, villains, and heroes as D&D (and especially in 4E) would act exactly like ye olde peasants in Europe is absolutly ridiculous and should really stop being used as an arguement. Even the biggest meat-head around, when confornted with a woman in a party of adventurers, will know that she is there because she is capable. Even if they initially mistake them as an escort, as in OPs example, they should know better the MOMENT they are told otherwise, which should likely be immediately after the mistake is brought to light. Even if the character thinks that women can not be storng warriors, they will understand that anyone with enough mental strength and force of will can be a deadly magic user.

>> No.22888941

I just realized that I had such a number, wow I really have got the dubs and trips outta my system.

>> No.22888943

I don't believe this actually happened. This is just another fabricated scenario among thousands of others, such as the ever titular "elf slave wat do" threads designed to stir up /tg/'s worst elements in one giant troll orgy.

Fie on you! Shame!

>> No.22888951

>topic creator

what the fuck

>> No.22888962

If you have to remake go with this. It'd be a great way to get back at her, unless you're not a passive-aggressive faggot like me.

>> No.22888967

The way to fix drama is to boot the people who are prone to drama, not to try to placate them, because they'll always find something to get up in arms about. Letting one player tell all the others how to play sort of defeats the purpose of a group game. Send her home and let her write a fantasy novel where nobody has opinions she doesn't like.

>> No.22888972

No, you completely misunderstood my point. Please reread it again. I said they are by far the worse issues in real life, but most of use live in stable countries in stable communities when that sort of thing doesn't really happen, so we're not personally invested in that.

I mean, answer me honestly. When were you personally more traumatized? Last time the person you were dating cheated on you and broke up with you, or the last time you heard of some horrible war crime happening half the world away. I'm assuming it's the former. But of course, that certainly doesn't mean you consider breakup to be worse than war crime, right?

>> No.22888973

You're right, that's totally unrealistic. Unlike the real world, where bigotry and prejudiced make perfect logical sense.

>> No.22888975


Understandable, but my one problem is the way in which she called me out. If she pulled me after the game and explained her problem in a civil manner, I'd have explained the situation, and attempted to work towards a compromise. As it stands, I'm not sure if I feel comfortable caving because she bullied me into changing my character. It's not so much the integrity of the character I care about, it's the fact that I REALLY don't want to encourage hissy fits as a viable way for someone to get their way.

>> No.22888976

Its either this or a quest thread or an edition war.

>> No.22888984

If it happens over and over again, sure. If it's a single issue, does it really warrant booting a player out? C'mon now.

>> No.22888990

This is why women shouldn't tabletop.


>> No.22889004

Wouldn't ye standard fantasy world truly function on the disposable male theory?

Since everything is stupidly lethal?

Thus making the first thought of everyone correctly be, she must be an escort, because why the fuck would a woman risk herself?

>> No.22889009

He was asking how he could keep the group together. The whole thing was as wild and depressing as it sounds and the thread somehow came to the consensus it was his fault she cheated on him. It really was just perfection.

>> No.22889019


>Phil Hartman pic

The world misses him..

>> No.22889020

I believe most people wouldn't be so self-centered as to force someone else to stop playing pretend in a way they didn't like.

If you get upset by something, it doesn't mean the world is responsible to deal with your upsetness. It is your job to deal with being upset. Being upset does not afford you special privileges.

I'm jewish. If someone made a roleplay character that actively hated jews, first of all I wouldn't care. It's pretend. Second of all, if I DID care, I would deal with it internally, and not pitch a fit and say "YOU'RE MAKING ME UNCOMFORTABLE FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT."

This is such a non-issue that I wonder how someone who gets upset at this would deal with actual strife.

>> No.22889034

>if it doesn't happen to me it doesn't matter
That's fucked up but basically emblematic of the attitudes of modern western feminists. You'd sooner bitch about there not being enough women in the Justice League than pay any sort of attention to the durka durka conditions your fellow womyn face in the middle east.

>> No.22889055

Oh right, I forgot it's America time and all the assholes are shitting up /tg/. Forget I said anything, I'll just leave this thread now.

>> No.22889056

Sounds like you didn't check your privilege

>> No.22889067

Not the anon you were talking to but that is also understandable. However, think of it like this:

She threw that hissy fit for a reason. It may be an overreaction, and it may even be considered immature, but the situation is serious enough to her to react emotionally to it.

What you should do is exactly as you stated, pull her aside and make a compromise. Maybe even explain that her basically forcing or bullying into the change was something you didn't appreciate.

>> No.22889075

A world full of magic and deadly monsters will not be a haven of tolerance and enlightenment. People don't think straight when they're fearing for their lives. Superstition and petty tribalism will run rampant, and so will superstition, because superstitious thinking is the foundation of magic anyway.

>> No.22889084

>America time
Does your bullshit really fly in Europe? Christ, the cradle has even bigger problems than I thought it did.

>> No.22889087

>Superstition [...] will run rampant, and so will superstition

>> No.22889098

I'm an American and I'll be here the next 7 hours. Hope you don't have anything to do if you avoid the board when we "murricans" are online.

>> No.22889102


I remember you. You posted in another thread and made me go into a shower and rock back in forth while I cried for a while.

>> No.22889142


I think that people would just find more fantastical things to be prejudiced about, and let the more mundane things be. White and black ganging up on green, don't you know.

>> No.22889163

>9:53 EST
>America time
polite sage for your ignorance

>> No.22889179

>being emotionally distressed by imaginary play time
Women are so retarded

>> No.22889183

If the DM won't rule for her to leave that shit out of the tabletop, and won't do it after you've asked about it and discussed it with him, get the fuck out, abort abort. They're a bunch of guys slobbering over some retard bitch, it happens all the time.

If the other players are still there they likely like her or put up with her retarded shit because tits, so you're probably going to lose any fights for sanity with her around, you might get a better response if you do it without her there.

>> No.22889195


Greetings from Germany!
Just letting you know that even from here, you still look retarded.

>> No.22889202

Typical americans who can't handle any kind of criticism without going "hurr durr murrica is best"

>> No.22889219

Make a new character. make a dwarf or halfling character who is an active participant in the "Equal Heights" movement, which demands that fantasy establishments cater equally to both medium and small sized races!

Never again shall a gnome suffer the humiliation of being forced to embarrass himself at shops where he cannot see over the counter to inspect wares. Or where the handle of the door is too high for him to reach without jumping.

Don't provide small-sized eating utensils to the guests at your tavern? That's a racism.

Lets see if she picks up on what you are putting down.

>> No.22889228

>posting a cat picture
Man, look at all that irony.

>> No.22889235


I don't see the problem.

I mean, I'm playing a racist, and people are letting it slide because they think I'm a girl.

Also, the character I'm racist against has a Wisdom of like, 7. I don't think he notices.

>> No.22889241

If you're going to try trolling people then at least do so using things they actually said.


>> No.22889255

Too much work, and if she does she'll just get pissy about it. You can't break a new group out of old habits - hell, it's almost impossible to break a player out of old habits.

>> No.22889273 [SPOILER] 


Glad to help. Cherish your children. For I am jealous and spiteful.

>> No.22889281

1/10 because I am polite.

>> No.22889309

>can't handle any kind of criticism without going "hurr durr murrica is best"
But I hate America. Our government is retarded and a large number of our population are stupid. I'm just talkative tonight.

>> No.22889388


And it's rather hard to be misogynist and expect women to go be in the kitchen, being baby-machines, when you have a world of magic and deadly monsters and you have just as much chance for women to suddenly gain the ability to melt the deadly monsters into goo or heal people's injuries from a monster attack with holy hoo-joo as the men do. I can understand misogyny in the face of a female melee type, but I'd expect any village to hold their hedge witch in as much esteem as their witch doctor, and hold both in as much esteem as at least the town black-smith or clergyman.

>> No.22889405

Talk to your DM about it, and then talk to her about it.

>> No.22889410

Tell her to keep her in-game problems in the game. If her character wont adventure with your character, have them argue about it in game. If she wants to kick you out, make her do it in game. If shes offended, she should blast you in the fucking face, not yell at you out of game. Other than that, it sounds like you two are going to have a lot of character development in your future. Hell, out of game, tell her that she should teach your character to be more gender-friendly, if it comes down to it.

>> No.22889464

Being held hostage to other people's temper tantrums isn't having fun, and that you think that is a reasonable suggestion says a lot about you.

>> No.22889472

On the other hand, youve been invited into a game and literally the first meeting you had with the already set group devolves into a huge pile of crappy trash. You should sit down with the group and calmly explain yourself, and ask if your character could be re-introduced into the group, of course a couple days before the next meeting.

>> No.22889488


Basically. And, hell, even in real life, powerful women in the eras that inspired modern fantasy had people to fuck your shit up if you didn't give them respect. No one was lower on the social ladder of the nobility than a misogynist.

A peasant might get away with it, since you don't expect too much from peasants, but I think practicality came into play. Women went out on the fields with their men and were expected to pull their fair share.

>> No.22889523

I'm Catholic and go to church, that doesn't mean I have to bitch about it when a someone portrays a religion or religious character as evil.

>> No.22889535


>No one was lower on the social ladder of the nobility than a misogynist.

How exactly did you jump to that conclusion anon?

>> No.22889548

That's because of chivalry though. And you're completely ignoring that things like dowries existed back then.

>> No.22889564

What it says is that he's considerate of other people's feelings. I'd much rather play with someone like him, who thinks about how his actions affect others, than with someone who dismisses it as "OTHER people's temper tantrums" and claims that other people's emotions are "holding him hostage".

>> No.22889569

If you're looking for a co-operative role-playing game to relax and unwind after a long day, I would recommend a different stress reviler. I like taking long rides on the bike, working out, listening to music, sometimes I even draw, despite the fact I am not very good.

What I'm trying to say is, unless you find a group of people looking to get the same experience out of a game (relaxing roleplaying experience), you cant expect the whole group to follow you. And you really cant tell someone to stop doing what their doing because its too stressful. Thats just rude.

>> No.22889601


Contemporary reactions to the misogynistic components of the Roman de la Rose, Christine de Pizan's Book of the City of Ladies and her warm reception, the Legend of Good Women and a host of primary sources, including party games and transcripts of noble events.

Why? Do you want me to list all of them?

>> No.22889604

You should threaten to move to Canada. I'm sure that'll finally make the rest of us fly right.

>> No.22889627

>not raping her after she goes gamur gurl

>> No.22889634


Not all sexism is misogyny. Placing women on a pedestal is sexist, as were the legal premises of the time, but that isn't the same as hatred for or distrust of women.

Point is: in noble circles, women were a protected and privileged class of an already protected and privileged class.

>> No.22889656

>No one was lower on the social ladder of the nobility than a misogynist.
Is that why even in the early 1800's Jane Austen had to pretend to be a man for her books to get even a token amount of respect? For real though I love revisionism, I can't wait until the modern world discovers Caesar's myriad female legions.

>> No.22889667


>Using French literature to make broad claims about European class and gender

>> No.22889676

No, I'm thinking Australia. Train an army of direspiders then come back and take over. WHO WILL JOIN ME?

>> No.22889684

The problem is that a lot of ways the world used to work (and in some places still does) is that women weren't allowed final say in much of all, and they were seen as liabilities without much rights.

They also were the ones you were expected not to murder in battle, or be in any way rude around, or to sacrifice your health and safety to protect.

You can't simultaneously argue that it was horrible for women without also understanding that, in a lot of ways, it was horrible for men, too. Keeping the perspective that no matter what life is misogyny because either you don't give women equal rights or you don't give women special advantages they've always maintained puts an interesting spin on this.

If the female player had said "oy you dumb brute watch your tongue or I'll melt your arms off", OP wouldn't have cared *because he was role playing*.

Role playing is not forcing everyone else to do what you want; it's doing what you think is fun with your character in a group setting.

OP, don't waste your time with this group. If they invite the type of players who bring their personal drama into the game, and are the type of asshats who have a DM who keeps a girl around because he's trying to get into her pants, it'll only get worse from here.

>> No.22889698


> Early 1800s
> The era that inspired modern fantasy


Also, for the record: being privileged and protected doesn't necessarily mean you're more free or considered more competent.

>> No.22889710

Ask your GM if you can take a trip to Kyoshi Island? It worked for that party's stupid meathead warrior.

>> No.22889729


> Implying I didn't cite Chaucer as well
> Implying France wasn't one of the most important cultural centers for centuries
> Implying we haven't unconsciously accepted the basic premise that one can make sweeping claims about class and gender

>> No.22889746

Add stinging trees and I'm in, those things are fucking horrible.

>> No.22889748

That seems very sad to me for some reason. Relationships are the bomb, and honestly, freaking out about them is more than half the fun.

On the other hand, no one can kick you in the nuts . Well, they can try, but they never make contact with nuts so the effect is greatly reduced.

>> No.22889755


>making real cultural claims based on idealized literature

>> No.22889763

Wait, so you're seriously arguing we became MORE sexist as time went on as opposed to less?
That blows my fuckin' mind.

>> No.22889766

What he says is that OP should have yieled to the complaint, that's not compromise. Compromise is when two people move from their initial position to a middle ground, that's why the old slur is that when people compromise neither gets what they want.

The girl in OP's story never tries to find a mutually satisfactory solution, she tries to shut down the game when she doesn't get what she wants. In a particularly stupid manner, since the stupid warrior thinking that girls can't fight is a cliched story with a cliche solution.

>> No.22889784

>not understanding love
>not understanding that love is the highest thing we can possibly seek to attain
You can't enjoy fame when you're dead. Being loved is better than being rich.

>> No.22889785

First you apologize.
Not because you should, but because she expects it. Women are placated to all the time, the few of us who treat them as we would a man (like an actual person) throw them off balance. They don't know what to think about it. Deep down she wants the lies, because that is what she knows.

Not all women are like this. There is a minority of smart women who also understand that they get a lot of preferential treatment from the opposite sex based on being objectified.

Trust me, she's not interested in being rationalized with. Treat her like a lesser being because that is what she is, a woman, after all.

>> No.22889805

>implying it's really love

>> No.22889818

This OP, you can either be happy or you can be right.

Choose wisely

>> No.22889825

To think that everyone's problems could have been solved if he had just checked his privilege...

Behold, pigmen. All you have to do is check your privilege and all of this can go away. It's not hard! Just say it. Say "I'm sorry I was born an inferior y-man with an oppressive penis. Please stomp my sexist, millenially tyranical balls, my glorious feminist overlady." It'll be easy and you can go right back to playing your silly little game! Say it!

>> No.22889834

What is love?

>> No.22889844


No. I'm arguing that misogyny wasn't accepted back in the day, at least if we're defining misogyny as hatred for or distrust of women.

And until we can measure sexism in kilosarkeesians, I don't think I can claim one era is more sexist than another.

>> No.22889859

my sides have achieved orbit above Mars

>> No.22889865

Love is free love, love is free


>> No.22889868

>"I'm sorry I was born an inferior y-man with an oppressive penis. Please stomp my sexist, millenially tyranical balls, my glorious feminist overlady."
I think I WILL say this the next time I encounter a feminazi. Thank you for the helpful advice.

>> No.22889881

I remember saying something not unlike that once. Got the campus police sicced on me for sexual harassment.

>> No.22889884

Maybe you need to find female roleplayers who don't suck, or guys who can be around women without going full spaghetti.

>> No.22889897



>> No.22889905

> not responding with baby don't hurt me

>> No.22889913

Just don't say it to a Dominatrix, that ends well for no one.

>> No.22889925

Maybe she's not comfortable with her character being treated poorly by a sexist in-game character because she gets enough of that shit in real life? And trying to justify that because of 'my character' or 'realism' just makes you come off as a misogynist who wants to get away with it in-game because you can't in real life.

>> No.22889943

Why would I do that when there are better songs?

>> No.22889958

Define "ends well"...

>> No.22889968

Him saying that his character is saying sexist crap because he's stupid is bit subtle for the misogynists I've seen.

>> No.22889970

I can't wait until all police exist in the batshit upside down world campus police do and it's a full on feminist police state. They'll be privilege checking stations like Futurama had suicide boots. You put in a quarter and quietly contemplate your privilege on pain of social castration.

Maybe Patrick Swayze could come back from the dead and lead the resistance! And instead of the Wolverines they'd call themselves the Dickwolves.

>> No.22889997

Why don't people like it when I be a dick and ruin games for others?

>> No.22890007

>because she gets enough of that shit in real life?

Then it's her job as a rational human being to politely take the guy aside and explain the circumstances and ask him to stop.

Unless you're suggesting we should hold women to a lower standard of behavior.

>> No.22890015

I got off with a warning even though I had several witnesses vouch for me saying that she was the intrusive one. I will admit I was acting like a dick by saying what I said but it was only because she got so close to my face while screaming about how women were oppressed that she spit in my face a little.

>> No.22890021


My girlfriend is fine in game. Actually our main problem is the sperglord rules lawyer who demands extra shit for his class, and has a meltdown when the DM tells him the argument with him can wait until after the game.

Fucker will sit there breathing heavy reading and rereading the rules. It's obnoxious.

>> No.22890024


Show them that it's not fun or worth the effort to try and play tabletop with people like that, it just isn't.

That sort of nonsense may be how she wants to spend her free time, but not you.

Also, your DM sounds like a pussy.

>> No.22890049


The navigation of social labyrinths created by assholes is temporary; your pride is eternal. I'm exaggerating of course, and i'm not saying act like a dick at every given opportunity, but for pissy matters like these, it might be nice further down the line to look back and know you stuck to your principles and didn't tolerate a whiny prick making something out of nothing. People like that need to be put in their place (idiots, not women), and the alternative is that while you still have to endure her presence in the game, you've also vindicated her idiocy -- good luck trying to play your character next time she disagrees with something.

Perhaps i'm more interested in principle than some, but I really can't stand people like that -- i'd stick to my guns and emphasize that I don't mean anything personal by it; if anything if she's that intent on carrying her OOC frustration IC, it's an excellent point of potential RP and development. If she's not even prepared to compromise that then she's truly hell-bent on being an asshole, and should be denied all the more.

Neglecting to tolerate idiots doesn't have to be separate to being happy if you can take satisfaction in it.

>> No.22890054


If I can't sire a legacy with my family. I shall sire a legacy with no one but me. I shall stand at the precipice of greatness and leap into the light. Leaving nothing in my wake of fame except for those who passed by. I am defunct. I am a waste of matter and space. I am broken at the most basic level. But I must be greater.

>> No.22890065

You should count your blessings the springwater pure spittle of a righteous feminist avenger even touched your grotesque, flawed-chromosome granted facial here, you ladyless male swine.

>> No.22890127

I get where you are coming from, it's just that from what information has been given she isn't willing to accept that. He can either just change his character and not have to deal with her hassling him or he can try to stand up for himself and have the cycle endlessly repeat itself. The fact that his group is divided on it is what gets to me when it should be just between OP and this woman.

>> No.22890133


>implying you're really LWDM

>> No.22890162

You should have breathed all over her, your testosterone tainted mansexual mysogyspit would have caused a meltdown in her privilege checker and caused a fatal meltdown.

>> No.22890185

I am far from ladyless, I do have a girlfriend, she was one of the people to vouch for me.

But you are right, for the first time in my life I was given the chance to be baptized and be cleansed of my filthy male tendencies that oppress women from all over the world simultaneously and I turned it down.

>> No.22890192


If you give into some like her on something like this I wouldn't expect that to be the end of it. She will then constantly bitch, constantly start shit, and generally be a pain. They can either learn to work together (which really really needs some DM intervention) or he can be her bitch. Those are the options now.

>> No.22890193

I imagine it would've been uncomfortable for the DM to stand up for the the brand new guy, instead of the girl he has been DMing for for a while. Just how I see it.

>> No.22890209

Oh god not this again, can you please not do this. This really isn't the time for you to abuse my name.

>> No.22890212


That much is true. Short of calling it a draw and making a new character citing 'unrelated reasons', I guess either response will leave an awkward atmosphere for trying to actually have fun in.

>> No.22890225

I agree that the DM needs to intervene now, I just wish it wasn't such a crazy situation.

>> No.22890226

Nobody has the right to not be offended.

Say sorry. You weren't trying to pick on her and at times you are insensitive. If that doesn't solve the issue then it's time to turn it on it's head.

Roll a misandrist female paladin of holy castration. Stomp on the nads of evil, rip off the dick of darkness. Bite down hard on the head of the patriarchy. . . you get the idea.

>> No.22890240

Do you mind if in my mind I pretend she was hot and shaved under her arms? Because that makes it better for me.

>> No.22890249

Yeah, I would like to not have the campus police come to my dorm again.

>> No.22890262

It shouldn't have been handled out of context at all. If it was such a pressing matter, she should have taken the DM into another room, then the three of you should have sat down away from everyone else, and worked the fuck through it. See, now its a whole big ordeal

>> No.22890269

Actually she wasn't half bad to look at, it's the bitching that made her ugly. She was wearing a sweater that was a few sizes too large so I don't know about the second part. But sure, go ahead.

>> No.22890284

You see, I'm not OP, I'm just another anon posting about the situation so I can't say what OP would have done.

>> No.22890285

So, would you regale us with the tale of the first time?

>> No.22890302

>I am far from ladyless, I do have a girlfriend, she was one of the people to vouch for me.

Clearly she has been brainwashed by the patriarchy for turning on her beautiful freedom fighter sister and not keeping you on the end of the leash you belong on, you rabid misogynist rapist-in-waiting.

>> No.22890306


I know this.

There was a woman in my medieval literature class. Cute, liked to color her hair silver and blue and stuff.

Then she'd always steer the conversation toward gender and rape culture. She yelled that Peter Parker should check his privilege.

The other day I saw her wearing a Dragon Age II shirt.

>> No.22890314

The time when I checked my privilege was the first time. It was after the whole incident that I found out that she called the police on me when I got a knock on my door. I'm glad that my roommate and girlfriend were there to back me up otherwise I wouldn't have gotten a warning.

>> No.22890340

>the bitching that made her ugly
I assume you mean that sneering feministface they all seem to summon from what feels like the pit of dickless despair out of nothing but a purely imagined slight against their sacred womynhood.

>> No.22890354

Yeah sorry man, I'm majorly confused as to who is who, everyones replying to everyone and now my head hurts and my nose is bleeding someone help oh go---

>> No.22890381

You are right, I have brainwashed her so that she is my scapegoat for all the oppressive misogynistic things I do. If only her women's studies classes could have prepared her.

All joking aside, she dislikes the whole feminist movement more than I do.

Tell her about Doctor Light's raping of Sue Dibny in DC comics, her reaction should be priceless.

>> No.22890388

>sneering feministface

Is there anyone in this thread that doesn't have a crystal clear fucking mental image of exactly what this looks like?

>> No.22890431

>Tell her about Doctor Light's raping of Sue Dibny in DC comics
If that shit upsets normal people like me I can't even imagine what it does to a feminist. I bet steam starts shooting out of their fucking ears like in the old Warner Bros cartoons.

>> No.22890457

Nah just her attitude made me change my mind on her overall attractiveness.

>> No.22890489

>Tell her about Doctor Light's raping of Sue Dibny

I don't know what those things are. She probably does and already knows.

Wikipedia tells me Doctor Light is a bad guy. Is it misogynistic to write a bad guy doing something unforgivably evil?

>> No.22890493

That's why I brought it up. If she wants to complain about such things feed her ammo until she pops.

>> No.22890504

>Is it misogynistic to write a bad guy doing something unforgivably evil?
Of course it is. Check your privilege.

>> No.22890515

He raped the wife of a superhero once. Go look up the article on Identity Crisis, that's where it was brought up.

>> No.22890516

I agree with what the general vibe is right now, that radical feminists are fucking awful. Just the fucking worst. But, that's what they are, radicals. If a woman is a feminist, shes not as shitty as that small minority is, she might have some of the same opinions, but we're really painting a feminist caricature right now.
If i was to be honest, this has, in some parts, devolved into a /v/ level discussion.

>> No.22890532


>Stinging trees

Jesus fuck. What?

>> No.22890577

I hate you.

>> No.22890593

Australia, god's playground

>> No.22890596

Our discussion is an attempt at painting it as a caricature as you stated, it's not meant to be taken seriously. I agree with you that there are good feminists out there but right now the discussion is of the radicals. I'm all for women being paid the same wage as a man working in the same job. When the new healtcare bill made it illegal to charge women more for the same coverage that a man would get for cheaper I was ecstatic.

>> No.22890605

Let's face it: any feminist in the first world is just some stripe of these. /v/ reacts to everything with snarling contempt but with these Feminist Frequency fucks they have a point. That little girl that got shot in the head for saying women should be allowed to go to school in the middle east is a feminist. These cunts are just...The children of the revolution, I guess. God help us all.

Whoops. Sorry. I meant goddess. Goddess help us all.

>> No.22890611

Eh, I've seen weirder.

>> No.22890623


They are a tree, really a bush or a shrub, that have tiny little fibers that shed from the leaves that can get stuck in you and make you bleed each time that area is touched. The current remedy is to wax the area. Just getting too close to these plants can cause nose bleeds.

>> No.22890661

Please don't send me to the re-education camp I'm checking my privilege as we speak NO MY LADY NOOOOO

>> No.22890662

That's the thing. Feminists ARE the radicals, there aren't normal and radical feminists because feminism in of itself is a radical movement.

>> No.22890694


That's not true at all. Is campaigning for suffrage or an end to human trafficking "radical"?

>> No.22890714


>When the new healtcare bill made it illegal to charge women more for the same coverage that a man would get for cheaper I was ecstatic.

Why are you ecstatic about rising healthcare cost for men?

>> No.22890721


>Make you bleed each time the area is touched

Fucking Australia man.

>> No.22890736


But they do none of that!

>> No.22890747

what if it works?

>> No.22890776

But Black Dynamite I sell woman from the community!

>> No.22890778

God yes. I can't imagine my lady slaves voting. My men slaves, maybe, but they'd have to own land first. The very thought of it tickles my fancy. Perhaps those sub-human degenerates could own their own savage lands, but only because us glorious Caucasians hadn't shown up to teach them the proper way to do it yet.

>> No.22890779

Yes. Learn what radical means.

Even then, neither of those are feminist ideals. They are egalitarian and humanitarian.

>> No.22890781

I didn't mean to say that everyone participating was doing it, just parts. But I do see your point. It seems that we keep dipping into "well if those particular people suck, well then everyone else they associate themselves with must suck as well!", just look at some of the other responses to my original comment! Trust me here, I hate the radical feminists as much as you, but I think we should all just take a step back for a second and calm down.

>> No.22890801


That's not true. Feminists do both in third world countries.

When you say "feminists" you're painting with a really, really broad brush. Pick your words wisely and don't make blanket statements.

>> No.22890807

>When the new healtcare bill made it illegal to charge women more for the same coverage that a man would get for cheaper I was ecstatic.
Except it didn't do that. Men's health insurance is notably more expensive. The newest bill was more jank about not being legally able to charge women more for using additional services like getting regular pap smears, breast exams, having birth control prescriptions, and anything else that women get whereas if you're a guy under 50 trying to get a urologist it's virtually impossible to get it covered.

>> No.22890822

They didn't rise for men, they lowered for women. If they had risen I wouldn't have been happy at all, hell my preexisting condition prevented me from getting healtcare until then.

>> No.22890824

...Are you serious? Human trafficking is one of feminism's favorite issues. They have regular talks about it.

>> No.22890832


I know what radical means. It was radical for the time, perhaps.

I think you're trying to imply that feminists aren't humanists concentrating on one intersection of poverty and oppression, and in fact are just concerned with making vaginas the rulers of the world.

You sir, are incorrect in that. You're thinking of radfems which normal feminists hate just as much (but for very different reasons).

>> No.22890848

So its like touching insulation with your bare hands? God that sounds awful.

>> No.22890859

It's why I don't talk shit about staya cunts. When even the plants attack you you have to be one stubborn bastard not to leave.

>> No.22890866

But that has nothing to do with feminism at all, that's just having first worlder morality, period.
And just the idea of feminists being concerned about women in the third world is bizarre, most are vastly more interested in describing their equivalent of the Illuminati, the Patriarchy, and how its out to get them, and how they're sending plasma waves to control their brain.

Feminists are people who want men to be want second class citizens, and entirely identify "equal rights" in terms of "men get less rights." Alimony, men having no say in whether their child will be aborted, etc. etc.

>> No.22890868


You're one of those guys who comes into threads about American politics and yells that Bill Ayers is a moderate right winger by European standards, aren't you.

>> No.22890877

>hurrdurr womenz have to earn my respect but men don't

ya'll fuckin' retarded

>> No.22890889

Yeah maybe you're right, I just haven't had a good laugh in a while so I've been joking along with them.

>> No.22890904

>but men don't
you added that

>> No.22890916

Kinda like that, but it doesn't just itch, it has venom too, I wish I was joking, and the venom is so stable that scientists have taken fibers that are over 30 years old and they are just as potents as the day they came off the plant.

>> No.22890921


I don't think you hang out with many feminists in real life, do you?

What you're describing is a caricature and a straw(wo)man.

>> No.22890927

Those radfems are the ones with the most power and influence. Look at NOW and all the times it's actively petitioned against men's rights. This is the face of feminism. It doesn't matter what you or your group of friends does and believes, these are the actual feminists that have an impact on the world.

>> No.22890952

No, see, you're talking about radical feminists, not just feminists. For example, not all green friendly people are, say Eco-terrorists. Not all motorcycle riders are a member of a motorcycle club. Not all Jews are orthodox. Do you see where I'm going with this?

>> No.22890960

Hey OP -

I really like the idea behind gaming Pathfinder and traditional D&D in particular. I've participated in several games but experiences like the one you are describing are part of why I stopped playing. I got really tired of things being sexist in the game and that translating to the players being more sexist out of game. No most of the time it wasn't a big deal; but by the second "I throw your character over my shoulder and carry her in the direct my character wants to go..." a girl really doesn't feel like playing D&D anymore.

I personally can't say I find anything to wrong with your character, you are in character and it is kinda funny. However at the same time I wouldn't want to be in the game. I get enough shit for being a nerd while female as it is; when I play D&D I like to pretend for a few hours that it doesn't matter if I have tits or a dick; I just want to have a good time like everybody else. I should be able to play my character without being harassed or having my character subverted; so should this girl.

As far as advice most of it has already been said, if you can find middle ground meet there (like both of you changing characters). If not go for Higher ground...the white knight character with the reverse issue sounded hilarious.

>> No.22890964

First wave feminism I respect, third wave can fuck off.

>> No.22890965


I like that you're using a nearly-defunct second wave organization as your example, bro. Keep it current.

Most of the ways men are hurt by gender-bias is not misandry, but misogyny backfiring.

>> No.22890979

I do. No True Scots(wo)man fallacy.

>> No.22890981

i dont like that, sir, nope, not one bit

>> No.22891003


It depends on the same basic assumptions, though, which are inherently kind of simplistic and necessarily neglect the rights of men.

>> No.22891022

Like I said before the best treatment is to wax the area so even when you get rid of the little fuckers they hurt. Every time I think of what Catachan may be like I think of Australia.

>> No.22891046


I think that you're confusing the equalizing empowerment of women with the depowerment of men.

>> No.22891070


No, they're not eliminating radical feminists from the pool of True Feminists, they're saying that not all feminists have the same ideas. Crying No True Scotsman on that is like crying No True Scotsman when someone points out not all rectangles are squares.

>> No.22891074

>not misandry
And who are you to judge whether it is or is not misandry?
And what you're doing is a common feminist tactic, you slightly acknowledge the plight of men's right, but downplay by saying "I..It's just a byproduct of the Patriarchy" or "Women have it much worse, just wait your turn"

>> No.22891083

> I got really tired of things being sexist in the game and that translating to the players being more sexist out of game.

There's no evidence of that. And as you said, it shouldn't matter whether you have tits or a dick. It's what your character has. That's part of roleplaying - treating each other the way your characters would.

If you can't deal with issues coming up in roleplaying and if you can't separate in character from out of character, maybe roleplaying isn't for you.

>> No.22891084


And you wouldn't question it if it was a male character played by a male player. OPs stirring shit because its a female character played by a female player. The rest of you are scum for telling him he's in the right.

>> No.22891096

Reverse that: I think you're conflating equal treatment of human beings with superior treatment of women.

Look at most any job and you'll find this is the case: men do their part and then, in the name of equality, do 90% of the rest since women still haven't finished.

>> No.22891109

See, that's radical talk. Normal feminists don't believe in lowering the rights of men, they believe in raising the rights of women, until they're equal.

>> No.22891120

It is the same thing in many situations.
Look at abortion and child custody in general.
The man has no say in what happens to the child or what role he has in the child's life.
The woman literally has every choice in the world when it comes to child birth, yet men have almost none.

Women have birth control options, abortions options, adoption options and men do not. We have no control of what happens to our sperm once it leaves our body, yet women have every right in the world when it comes to reproduction.

>> No.22891148

But they are already equal, hell, I would argue that women are over men at this point.
The only discrimination women suffer is small social shit while men have to deal with actual systematic discrimination.

>> No.22891151


>the plight of men's right

Okay, this shit is getting a bit ridiculous for me. I'm going to go to sleep.

I'm not a femanon, by the way. Your massive flopping confirmation bias erection is getting in the way of you seeing the issue clearly.

>> No.22891182


>plight of men's rights

Yeah, totally. We definitely have to worry about whether or not we're out too late at night, what clothes we're wearing, who we're with, and so on, to not get (sexually) assaulted. We also earn less on average and are less likely to be hired if we're married or plan on having a kid.

And man, I sure hate it when I walk into an LGS and feel like everyone is staring at an alien, don't you? If only I could feel comfortable in public AND private with other Western lower-to-upper-middle-class white males in their 20s. *wistful sigh* :[

>> No.22891183


>small social shit
Like endemic and unpunished rape?

>a women has control over her body
And this is preposterous how, exactly? If a man actually wants custody of the child, he usually gets it.

>> No.22891190

Your head up your privileged checked ass keeps you from seeing shit either.

>> No.22891196

My in experience, so do take it with a grain of salt, the more sexist the roleplay the worse players act at the game table towards other players. It may not change them as people but it does make it way less fun to be there.

>> No.22891202

Well, now just it seems like you have a problem with women, not feminists. Looks like this mystery has been solved, case closed.

>> No.22891225

OP, delete this thread please. It's just going to cause nothing but trouble (and already has).

>> No.22891232

Half of this shit assumes that women never lie about being raped in order to fuck over an old boy friend.

>> No.22891237

> If a man actually wants custody of the child, he usually gets it.

Nigga, did you just go full retard?

>> No.22891265

Unpunished rape?
You do realize how retarded you sound?
The court system punishes criminals to the degree it best can. If a woman comes into a police station saying she got raped, but has no evidence, do you want them to just lock up the guy anyway because of her feelings?

If the man wants custody of the child, he hardly ever does no matter how incompetent the mother is.

>> No.22891268

To be fair, that happens a lot less frequently than most people think.

I'm not saying it doesn't happen (hell, it happened to my cousin a few weeks ago), but it's not nearly as prevalent as you'd think.

>> No.22891280

Okay, normally I'm on your side in this sort of thing, but men are often treated unfairly in child custody cases. To ignore that and claim it doesn't happen makes you just as ignorant as them.

However, that's not feminism's fault nor their job to fix. That's what MRA is for, and they'd have plenty of support from people who advocate both causes if they weren't so completely pig-headed about demonizing feminism that they drive all the moderates away.

>> No.22891281

I have to agree with one of his points. It's the man's child as well so he should have some say in the matter of abortion.Also, courts will always rule in favor of the mother unless she is an unfit mother. I have witnessed this first hand.

>> No.22891285

Are you serious? Women almost always win those cases.

>> No.22891296

It still happens. You shouldn't be judging rape cases on the basis the guy is guilty. You have to prove GUILT. That's how our legal system works.

>> No.22891309

That's what I was saying...

>> No.22891311

Could you please show evidence of this systematic discrimination? I'm a man and don't believe i have ever been discriminated against because of my gender (and i know what discrimination feels like, trust me).

>> No.22891326


Right, and we men are far more likely to be violently assaulted or robbed, we're stigmatized if we bring sexual assaults (which we're statistically almost as likely to experience) to light, we have no institutions or lobbies to help us as a sex and we have no reproductive rights after we shoot our loads. And that's another thing - even if we shed all contact with a woman, if we get married and divorced later, she can charge us money. And we have to pay it, or we go to jail.

Women have problems too, but the discrimination against them is illegal. You can't say the same about men.

Also, using emoticons and *actions* on an imageboard mean you deserve every weird stare you get.

>> No.22891333

yet it still ruins peoples lives, regardless if you are found guilty or not your life is ruined and you may as well blow your brains out.

>> No.22891335


>You can't simultaneously argue that it was horrible for women without also understanding that, in a lot of ways, it was horrible for men, too.

A bit late to the conversation, but this right here is what a lot of people miss when it comes to bringing up historical treatment of women.

Both men and women were treated like shit for most of recorded history. They were just
treated like shit in different ways. Only the nobility and rulers had any sort of quality of life.

This exemplifies it:


Men were, and to an extent still are, viewed as being disposable. Women were protected. Both of these things made life difficult, just in different ways.

>> No.22891336

Not the guy you were talking to, but probably the fact that no one believes a man when he gets raped.

That's not really systematic.

>> No.22891350

Have you ever been in a domestic dispute or been in divorce court or anything to do with the custody of your children? Women are heavily favored and you have to PROVE innocence rather than the other way around in most situations. Men hardly get fair situations in these.

>> No.22891351

sorry, meant to reply to the guy you where replying too.

>> No.22891369

I disagree here, because at the point where abortions are still legal, the fetus is not a person. Why should anyone get any say about a lump of unsapient tissue in growing in another person's body?

>> No.22891372

I know guys who this has happened to. Only one I know personally, though. He approached it logically, and basically proved that she was lying. So, he was seen as an alright dude, and she was a psycopathic slutty liar. You just cant take things for granted, man. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

>> No.22891381

>Like endemic and unpunished rape?

CDC reports show that men are raped by women exactly as often as women are raped by men. Only in the first case it's arbitrarily redefined as sexual assault because it's female on male.

>If a man actually wants custody of the child, he usually gets it.

Bullshit, and not even the point. The point is a woman always has full reproductive freedom at all times. To use birth control or not, to abort or not. Men have reproductive freedom at exactly one point, whether or not they ejaculate. After that they're financially responsible for the child whether they want to be or not.

There was a case of a woman saving the semen from a blow job, using it to impregnate herself, and suing the guy for child support. She won.

The issue isn't that women have reproductive rights. The issue is that men only have obligations.

>> No.22891388

I was molested when I was a teenager by a woman. Either no one would believe me, they would call me gay or told me I should have manned up.

>> No.22891401

I know a lot of people who's parents were divorced. A lot of people. My cousin's parents are divorced. I have not met one yet, where the father did not have joint custody. Maybe I was just lucky, but from my point of view, those numbers seem a bit inflated.

>> No.22891403

I fucking know, right?
You guys (and ladies) ever hear about thismanisarapist.tumblr (whatever the fuck)?
Basically people submitted photos, address (their fucking addresses, man) and personal information about "rapists" without any proof.
And people (admittedly, those who use tumblr are barely people) spread that shit around like crazy.
Rape is awful, but fucking saying "THIS MAN R A RAPIST. LOOK I HAVE NO EVIDENCE. NO REPERCUSSIONS HAHA" is wrong.

>> No.22891410

I know a guy who proved he did not do it either yet it he still gets shit for it.

>> No.22891427

Its more that the woman gets priority if they're both incompetent fuck-ups. But I do agree with the rape part.

>> No.22891436

This so fucking hard.
Even if you prove your innocence in one of these bullshit trials, your life is still ruined anyway because now everyone knows you were tried for this shit. Doesn't matter if you were guilty or not, you're not getting a job ever again.

>> No.22891454

The stigma of being a rapist when you aren't one doesn't go away.

That shit's like hepatitis; it's with you for life.

>> No.22891459

oh hey, it's mishima!

>> No.22891483

It is more then a little unfair; a man should have a say in the life of his child.
But abortion is a tricky subject its just easy to say "You can't have an abortion cus thats my baby" as it is to say. " the glob of cells is half mine and I say it goes."

>> No.22891493

A friend of mine saw her parents divorced when she was a teenager and told me the following anecdote. Her mother apparently committed perjury and presented bruises she inflicted upon herself, claiming battery. Needless to say, she won custody through outright lies.

>> No.22891500

Ahh, thank goodness this is autosaging.

OP, I think this whole thing probably should have been headed off at the character creation process. "So your character's not going to take women seriously without evidence? (Female player)'s going to be unimpressed given her (almost identical experience) in (almost any professional, and many social) real life situations. Don't do that. Even if it doesn't result in an out of game conflict, it's still needless tension."

It got father than it should, and you both could have handled it better. Not having been there, she probably should have been more level with you (being told: "this shit won't fly!" is confrontational, and rarely makes a person pause to think: "maybe I don't need this shit to fly?") You probably should have acknowledged her concern straight up (being told: "hey, for various reasons this thing that is pissing you off is totally not worth being pissed off about!" rarely comes across as anything OTHER THAN: "your feelings and thoughts are irrelevant, you stupid bitch.")

So you all failed. If you still have another chance to game with these people, try to work this conflict out. For your part, the big questions are: "Is thinking and feeling this thing actually integral to my character concept?" From your later posts, I'm inclined to think otherwise, but I know shit about you or your character, so whatever. If it is that important, you need to find an out of game resolution with the player, likely with the GM as a mediator (one of his roles in the social context of the gaming group), and out of game in a relaxed social atmosphere.

>> No.22891520

Might sound cold, but did you go with evidence? If you we're a teen, you would have had the thought to. And really, there was no sympathetic adult, around?
And for a long time, girls would get the same response, told to suck it up, tell them that 'that kind of thing just happens', or just dont/refuse to believe them.
If your story is true (cant really tell over an anonymous image board), I'm sorry that that happened to you bro, that really fucking sucks.

While I have not ever been to divorce court, I do know alot of people who's parents are divorcees (this is me >>22891401 )

>> No.22891524


Child custody, reproductive rights (i.e. having no say for or against an abortion), job employment, job pay (men actually make about 15% less, when all factors are accounted for), awareness of issues in government, child custody, divorce, awareness of health issues (breast cancer vs. prostate cancer), education, conscription, rape and paternity fraud (as well as the view that men can't really be raped), domestic violence issues (men are victims of domestic assault more than women are, believe it or not).

Then there's feminism in general attacking men and spreading false information and distorting facts, which again works against men.

I could go on.

>> No.22891544


Here's an option:

Woman: I am pregnant. I am going to have this child.
Man: I do not feel I am ready to be a father. I urge you to reconsider.
Woman: I have moral or practical objections to an abortion, or maybe I just like squeezing melons out of my nethers as a hobby.
Man: Very well. This document means I am severed from the legal obligation of having to provide for this child, in exchange for sacrificing all legal rights and privileges I may have.
Woman: What an unfortunate occurrence, but such things happen.

Because, honestly, men should have the right to decide whether or not they should be fathers, just like women have the right to decide whether or not they should be mothers.

>> No.22891582

But the converse of that is also horrible, where the man knocks her up, forces her to keep her spawn, and then welches out of paying for it.

>> No.22891583

This would be perfect.

>but but but the baby

The women could have taken birth control pill, could have gotten her tubes tied, could have aborted the baby, could have put it up for adoption, could have left it in the care of the state. The child was entirely her choice and thus her responsibility.

>> No.22891587


I'd have no problem with this, so long as the document had the same limits on it that you can put on an abortion.

>> No.22891607

In a perfect world that would work.

Course, people would be all over that, saying all sorts of things about child abandonment and whatnot.

Also, kids with one parent tend to be fucked.
Especially if that one parent is a crazy anti-abortion lady.

>> No.22891621

Yeah, but why the fuck would you do that?

>> No.22891627


This is because women are viewed as natural caretakers.


This is because men are viewed as sexual predators and aggressors.

See above.

Cite your source.

>> No.22891633


I'm not suggesting the opposite happen. Really, it may be your child, but it's the woman's body, and she shouldn't have to give free room and board for it for the six months (?) it takes for it to be considered a legal person.

If a woman aborts a fetus, I don't think the man should be entitled to anything other than a swift breakup or divorce if he insists on the matter.


I've seen the argument "then he shouldn't have had sex, then!"

They never consider that the same statement might be applied to abortions.

>> No.22891635


If you were staunchly anti-abortion and knew the fetus would be aborted if you didn't pretend you'd be willing to care for it.

>> No.22891638

>This is because men are viewed as sexual predators and aggressors.



>> No.22891654

Yeah, durr.
Sorry, hard for me to think like an idiot.

>> No.22891656

There wasn't really evidence. The restraint bruises went away after a few days and after no one in the family or immediate circle of friends couldn't sympathize or believe me, I didn't know what to do.

>> No.22891657

>be playing my paladin
>new guy comes in a wants to be a rogue
>tell him OOC to hide that shit from my paladin
>steals from a priest right in front of me
>gets mad in and out of character when I confiscate the gold and return it to the priest
>find out he has made a plan to kill my character because of it/(or will ask me to quit playing)

>same session
>monk decides to go against my character at every turn and chance he gets
>blames my paladin for being a shitty paladin
>we spend way to long shouting at each other over this

>I had planned for my character to develop some respect for these characters and get over her pride, and maybe even form a bond
>can't happen because they have changed all their characters to ally with the rogue now and play murder hobo style.
Why are men such assholes?

>> No.22891672

>show evidence of systematic discrimination
>This is because women are viewed as natural caretakers.
>This is because men are viewed as sexual predators and aggressors.
>see above
are you really this ignorant or do you honestly believe that those are NOT discriminatory?

>> No.22891674


A part of the law (particularly with regard to negligence) is that we must consider each person to be rational, competent and reasonably aware of his or her circumstances. Taking away the right to financial abortion does away with that assumption, because it assumes the remaining parent is incompetent.

Really, if a woman knows she's going to be raising a child alone, the rational options would be either abortion or adoption.

>> No.22891676

Because ladies can't a paladin.

>> No.22891701


Look, why don't we just sterilize EVERYONE at birth?

We'll just clone people.

>> No.22891702


Yeah, most of the time it wouldn't be abused, but there has to be some protections in place to ensure assholes don't abuse it. That's why I suggested putting the same limits on it as to getting an abortion, though in retrospect I should alter that so that it's in a reasonable time-frame for the woman to be able to make the decision to abort.

>> No.22891748

Then what class can they play?

>> No.22891757

Women are just angry that they can't fence with their genitals.

>> No.22891758

They probably think it doesn't count as systematic. Which is true, those views aren't codified into the system anywhere. It's just the same "small social shit" that that one person said are the only thing women have to deal with anymore.

>> No.22891764

>child custody, reproductive rights, divorce
I agree with you on these subjects.
>job employment, job pay, education, conscription, rape and paternity fraud, domestic violence issues
Not so much.
>awareness of issues in government, awareness of health issues
This seems (to me anyway) to be more a result of the fact that women have a huge cash flow for these things. If men gathered as much money women do for these subjects, they'd get just as much attention.

My view on domestic violence is that women are physically frailer than men. This does not excuse a woman punching her partner, throwing things at him, ect ect, but it does raise the question of whether it effects the man as much as it does the other way around. For example, one time my girlfriend (now ex) and I got into a very heated fight, and she actually punched me in the chest and then threw a clay pot at me. Thing is, she was a ninety pound skinny blond girl. While that was technically domestic abuse, I didn't call the cops, and I didn't hit her back. Lets say it happened the other way around, I punched her in the chest then threw a clay pot at her. I go to the gym every day, and am pretty fit, coupled with the fact that I've taken many martial arts, would mean that me punching her has much much more of an impact than her punching me, and honestly, if I punched a girl in the chest, unprovoked, I would want the cops called on me. If she was huge, and her punch cracked a rib or something, I would've considered pressing charges.

Phew, what a rant! Sage because so fucking off topic sorry

>> No.22891784


I was, but eventually I figured I can always get a strap-on. Men can't take theirs off when it's convenient.

We're in autosage, don't worry about bumping.

>> No.22891796

Gong-based Bard or Barbarian.
Also druids if playing a female half-orc.
Everything else must be gnomes.

>> No.22891837

A real swordsman carries his sword at all times.
You do not know the weight of the lives you take without that feeling.
This is why women are incapable of being good swordsmen. They don't know the burden of carrying a human life.

>> No.22891853

That's not a lot of options. What about the extra races, can a female use those?

>> No.22891855

Fuck, you're right.

Man, fuck women. They get all the cool things.

I'm going to start Men Who Want Removable Wangs Anonymous (MWWRWA, for short).

It's a safe haven from menhaters like you.

>> No.22891859


Can't I carry it in a backpack or something? Maybe grab a cucumber and shove it up there real quick if I'm caught off guard?

>> No.22891878

I applaud you, good sir.

They are also viewed as money winners, gentlemen, knights, ect. Also viewed as murderers, psychopaths, rapists. Men as a whole are viewed as all sorts of shit. You cant change the way people see you, unless you change the way you look, you feel me?

It sounds like you have an inept and dreadfully close-minded police force. My heart really truly goes out to you. I'm from NYC so I feel like I was thankfully (and thankfully, in some ways) raised in a more open minded community. Fuck now I'm all mad.

>> No.22891883

>want removable wanger
>cut off existing wanger
>glue to strap
>removable wanger!

>> No.22891885

It's not the same and you know it.

>> No.22891913


Well duh. If yours stays hard for four hours, you need to see a doctor. I can fence with mine all day.

>> No.22891922


Women should be glad they are allowed to play gnomes.
If you really want the game to be "liberal" then I GUESS they can be Goliaths and Gnolls, but only Gnoll fighters.
And they can't take Two-Weapon Fighting.
And they have to have a special template that makes them more vulnerable to sonic-based magic.

>> No.22891951

Man, that's not fun at all. Okay.. what if the female plays as a male character? Then can they have more options?

>> No.22891961

What, performance enhancing prosthetics? If you don't got the goods you don't got the goods, that's it. I don't ask a paraplegic womyn to cartwheel, do I?

>> No.22891965

I AM from New York. I'm from the lower east side. This happened during the 90's, so take that as you will.

>> No.22891970

How do you know he want to kill?
Why you haven't kicked the rogue ass and put him in a prison?
Why Monk was butthurted?
Why a Monk would take a Thief side?
What he say to you?
What is the Rogue and Monk alig.?

I'm just curious.

>> No.22891983


You should. Maybe it'll convince them to stand on their own feet and make something of themselves. Fucking paraplegics.

>> No.22892003

Why do you need to see a doctor if its hard for four hours? Mine is doing fine, just truckin' along

>> No.22892040

Why yes.
They can play as a half-dragon succubus with a +5 greatsword.
Or perhaps even a Dwarf illusionist/ranger

It is recommended, however, that they take the duelist prestige class, if for no other reason than that they may feel what it truly is to be a man. Challenging your fellow man to an honourable duel in the showers, slaying a wolf with your rapier in nothing but your boots, wrestling with a bear and finishing him with your hardened point. The life of a man is great, and you should be thankful that you are allowed to experience it.

>> No.22892062

Because maybe the doctor is...A SEX DOCTOR!

>> No.22892109

Fucking leeches, if you ask me.

>> No.22892140

Im at a loss for words, I'm from the LES as well, I figured we were better than that. Still. Fucking hell. Man.

>> No.22892144

They are they scum of the earth.


And the fuckers always win at musical chairs.

>> No.22892162

You two better hook up.

I'm going to be so angry if you don't date each other.

>> No.22892164

This is a game changer. You have just changed the game.

>> No.22892183

How do you know its not been me talking to myself the whole time?

>> No.22892192

I tend to do that.

Sorta a curse, but not really. More like, I don't know, a not-curse. Like being fucking good at checkers, that's what it's like. All the time.

>> No.22892212

You know why they always win at musical chairs. Fucking liberal media. "oh we should let them sit, theyre paraplegics! oh just let them win, take the high road!" I'm sorry, I didnt realize that you didnt have to earn the title of winning any longer. Fucking Obama.

>> No.22892216

I...I..I don't know.

You've made me change how I think about my life, sir or possibly madam. I don't...I don't know if I can go on.
Everything I used to know: gone.

Everything seems so strange.

>> No.22892245

I would have said that I bowed, but it would be lying, my second head just wont go down. Keep it up little buddy, little train who could

>> No.22892284 [SPOILER] 


>> No.22892296

You are the best person ever.

>> No.22892332


>> No.22892402

Now those are some fun options.

>> No.22892466

no your the best

>> No.22892636

Oh you!

>> No.22892651


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