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Wot'z da matter, /tg/? Never seen a gurl before?

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Not like you...but I'd like to see a lot more of you.

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Show us yer squeezy bitz or get da zog out

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Ignore the sage

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Well, I have. Just not an Ork female.

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Hey, Blue, what-
No, wait, I mean hey, Chem-chan, are-
No, I'm getting confused; uh, sup, Tank Gir- No! No, I get it, you're that OCDONOTSTEEL that was mentioned in the latest character design thread and attracted a shitstorm because your author wouldn't admit that he was ripping off Tank Girl, and shoehorning his musclegirl fetish into it?

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>Yoo will neva ave a qt, ten out uv ten evilsunz gurlfrend to smash umies an race karts wiv

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OP is kinda Tank Girl-ish. I preferred Naga's version more.

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>too thouzand and thirteen
>not bein' a blood axe
do you even WAAAGH?

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>nobody posting superior orc women
Come on, /tg/, my boner isn't going to raise itself.

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What's more likely, do you think?

Actual female Orks, anywhere from regular Orks with female genitalia or whatever, or girlish, slim, and overall feminine Boyz that could pass for almost female?

What would you call those, anyway? Cutie Boyz? Trapz?

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Get out of here, half-fae catboy. Nobody likes your style.

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Sure, it looks like a female orc, but not a female ork.

You could probably get away with it in TES or Shadowrun, but that bitch is less buff than a female human and that will not fucking do.

If you really wanted to go all sexy femork, it should be closer to this.

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That would imply orks have genders to begin with.

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>Implying that Ork women wouldnt look near exactly the same as a regular Ork but with a vagoo.
>Implying that Orks would have genitalia.

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Clearly, these are looted 'umies.

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>implying orks dont have genitalia for the purpose of committing sex-crimes against captured umies

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So... Half-fae catork?

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i accept that

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As a heart attack.

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Does your milkshake bring all da boyz to da yard?

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>Implying that Orks would have genitalia.

Explain to me what "danglies" are then?

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A pisstube.

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I tell you what they aren't.
Sex organs.
Because orks, while undoubtedly male, are a single-sexed race.

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Fantasy Flight Games tends to do more detailed, if not outright better, fluff than anything Games Workshop does themselves.

In one of the RT books where you can make Ork Freebootas, they say Orks have no gender, and the concept of genders and sex is completely lost on them.

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You call that a musclegirl...?

I'd hate to see what you consider a "normal" woman.

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This. One of my main complaints with all the femork pictures is not a single one is as muscular as your average Sister of Battle.

Even that weedy wannabe grot Blue is more ripped than these sad excuses for proppa orks.

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Just keep telling yourself that.

They're also the ones that can't make up their minds if Marine guns are just fancier or outright murder to any user outside the Astartes, while still using the exact same rounds. Or whether or not C'tan eat souls or not.

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what's wrong with Chem-chan

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Tank Girl with tusks is my favorite tank girl.

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Any sufficiently adventurous female in a post-apocalyptic setting is just a ripoff of Tank Girl.

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>Not ennuf dakka to cuvva da midriff an' decoll- decore- deco-
You iz muckin about

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Compare to games workshop, with retcons everywhere, Tomb Kings and Vampire Counts in spess, and Sisters of Battle that number in the thousands, yet are everywhere in the imperium.

FFG may derp sometimes, but they're a hell of a lot more consistent than GW.

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Never seen a girl with anatomy that bad, no.

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Doo hoo hoo.

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For what it's worth, somebody who undergoes lots of physical training for the purposes of actually doing stuff with it will likely look much less toned than somebody who goes for straight-up bodybuilding, especially when it's a woman.

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So what's a Tank Girl?
I assume this is a bit of /tg/ history i didnt pay attention to?

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No, /co/ history

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son you need to get on google right fucking now

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Ohhhhh right, i thought it sounded familiar, but assumed from the context it was old /tg/ oc.

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Why are you dressed like that Soma. Get back to your castle.

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Myself, I never got the hate. She was one of the better designed Guard-chans.

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Not the chap you were talking with, but oh Jesus H. Christ on a cracker what the fuck am I reading?

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>She was one of the better designed Guard-chans.
She was a pretty blatant rip of Tank Girl in both design and attitude. Regardless, most of the hate comes from people simply not liking cheesy characters, compounded by her unoriginality.

And then someone wrote porn of her fucking dogs or some shit and it all went to shit.

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Not so much.

But I don't see how this is a problem really.

She is to the Chem Dogs and Tank Girl what Sly Marbo is to the Catachans and Rambo.

I mean you can't really be a fan of 40k and ignore that a lot of it references pop culture in general, and having a Guard-chan that (sort of) emulates Tank Girl is just par for the course and not really a valid complaint. Fat better than the majority that simply served as irrelevant pinups.

>People not liking cheesy characters
Those people have no grasp of 40k then, and don't really matter in the context of the discussion do they?

The "adult-oriented" fanfics I don't even consider to be canon, as they were by and large requested by creeps and cretins. It's be like suddenly losing interest in Indiana Jones because someone writes a rapefic involving him and shortstop. Fuck the fandom. I still like the character.

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You're preaching to the choir, man. I never really cared for her, but I don't get all the hate, either. I didn't even know there WAS a large amount of hate.

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People bring up this dog thing constantly, but I've never seen it. Pretty sure I don't want to either. I'm starting to think most of the Chem-Chan hate originates from either the same guy or the same small group of bitter individuals anyway. Kind of like the hate for Cultist-Chan.

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Ive honestly never seen the dog thing either. Shit, it may be one of those rumors that has no origin.

And I'm gonna be honest, something about Cultist-Chan just pisses me right the fuck off, but I don't go into threads just to say that. Sometimes I wonder if there is like one or two guys going around /tg/ trying to drown everything they deem a “waifu” in shitposts. Sorta like how no one who actually likes Xeno makes Xeno threads anymore, its just some fuck who is so dedicated to hating her he has to invent Xeno fanatics to crusade against.

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Are female Orks extinct in current fluff?
Because I didn't find any evidence against or for in the ork codex.

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I still think legitimately anything can be rationalized.

Just don't expect other people to approve or like it.

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I've seen it. I was browsing the drawthread where it was requested and saw the request fulfilled. I'm not into that sort of shit so I never saved it though.

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You could go the Dakkaren route where she was basically an orky Athena that just randomly grew from the dismembered arm of a warboss one day.

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Pics, didn't happen, etc.

I could make up any outrageous claim about something entirely random too.

That Mr. Culexus guy? Fucked his cat once.


Licked the cat's vagina and posted pics.

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Or I could not and we'll just say I did.

Honestly if I want to play a green madwoman with an Orky disposition I'll just say she's an Ork Hunter gone Digga.

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Not surprised, really, seeing as his two main fetishes seems to be sharp teeth and rotten pussy.

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You seem to be missing the point of my post. I wasnt advocating female orks out the ass, I was just giving an example of how a really corny story reasoned it once. Granted, HLQ ran on cheesecake and silly, but if you are trying to make femorks a thing, I doubt seriousness is what you had in mind.

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You now consider the possibility that cuddles may be named after his cat

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The younger the better.

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Cuddles, Commissar Raege, Culteest, all of them are filthy, sharp toothed fucks. And dont go telling me Raege isnt filthy. Shes a Commissar and you better believe those bitches have a vagina so sour it can kill.

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You know, the more I watch that episode the more I think that D&D has never been better portrayed in popular medias.

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I thought that old tripfag edward actually did used to spank his cat

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I would have thought that female commissars had a strict hygiene regimen so that their troops would be more inclined to try and impress them

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Oh wow

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I remember you, you posted what might have been a rougher version of this on here a few days ago. Then one grognard got mad and tried to shitpost the thread into the ground.

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Nah, man, they take the label of uptight cunt all the way. One whiff of the damn thing can kill a man faster than a bolt pistol.

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Fuck you for making me look this shit up.


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But that is the way of nurgle

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>Not knowing of Sister Bethany
I weep for you

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Cuddles? Filthy?

I rather doubt that.

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Is something wrong orknii-chan?

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>Am I kawaii WAAAGHuu?

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Am I kawaagh ughh?

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Oh, I think we can find a use for -you-, little Orkling.

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Be my waifu!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH!!!!

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reported, enjoy your ban

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Who's reported for what now?

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