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>Title says it all.

Abraham lake has a good deal of decaying plant matter at the bottom. The process of it decaying produces methane. Ancient stores of methane gas will inevitably pop out of the lake bed. When it does, it floats up in large bubbles. If the temperature is cold enough, it can "freeze" into methane hydrate, which is rendered as the pale circular pancakes visible in the photograph.

Breaking these bubbles causes the methane to escape as a gas, and can be ignited to produce plumes of flame.

Abraham lake is not the only source of these flammable bubbles. The Arctic ocean is full of them, and they can be as large as 3000 ft in diameter.

>sciencefriends will know/note that methane is a potent greenhouse gas, much more so than carbon dioxide. Aside from being cool as fuck, this effect is potentially hazardous for Earth's climate.

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Climate change is likely to destabilize the methane hydrates in the Arctic ocean sooner rather than later.

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Umm... The Giant's Causeway.
I don't know jack about what makes the rocks look the way they do, nor do I care to read the wiki right now, but I like the idea of this thread and I'd like some more pictures of pretty places, so I'm posting this to bump your thread.

Also, here's the wiki for anyone that does care: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giantcauseway

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which of course is a bad thing. That said, Centralia Penn. It may as well be mentioned. Were I to do it as a fantasy set piece. It was a mine where they dug too deep. As the depths below are quite literally on fire.

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I love these threads. Unfortunately I don't have any cool information to contribute, just some cool pictures of cool places.

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Church of Old Petrolandia, Brazil

>Petrolandia is a town in Brazil near the river of Sao Francisco, which was moved – or at least part of it was – when a dam was built

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You want another forest temple? Here you go.

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Let's go to the abandoned asylum they said. It'll be fun they said.

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I doubt this old thing works.
>Then why don't you try to turn it on?
Fuck you man. You turn it on.

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Hashima Island, an abandoned coal mining facility.

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Got an idea for ToC

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Who's ready to be sacrificed?

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Maunsel Sea Forts

>The Maunsell Forts were small fortified towers built in the Thames and Mersey estuaries during the Second World War to help defend the United Kingdom. The forts were decommissioned in the late 1950s and later used for other activities. One became the Principality of Sealand.

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>a bit of inspired write faggotry

The world scar is a miles long canyon that is said to cross two continents and be as deep as 7 miles not withstanding the natural caves that go even deeper than that.

The nature of the world scar causes severe fluctuations distorting arcane energies and the vary fabric of reality around it causing it to assume traits from various planes existance. In one area of the scare is a location where the lawful nature of Mechanius imposes itself on the nature of the area, hence the rocks assuming shapes not commonly made by errosion by weather and the creatures that are native to it also assume more uniform aspect with others becoming startling aware and intellegent as a result...

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Kolmanskop, Namibia

>A rich mining village and totally deserted when diamond mining gradually exhausted in 1954.

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Man this pictures are inspiration feel.

As an artist in the making, these are giving me so many ideas.

Thank you!

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During the Eocene the Thulean plume caused extensive flood basalts across Northern Ireland.

When the lava cooled the interior of the flow started reducing in volume. This reduction in volume caused the rock to form hexagons. It's called columnar jointing and mud does it too when you dry it out.

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I have them all saved for drawing reference. True story.


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One of my favorites

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When I was in High School me and a few friends went to an abandoned asylum. We had to break in through a back window. It was hands down scariest place I've ever been in my life.

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Aw, you beat me to it.

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An abandoned house seen in the deserted village Redkovka, some 35 km (22 miles) from Ukraine's Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

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Abandoned Roller Coaster

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fuck this gives me the feels

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What remains of the once mighty walls of Constantinople

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Here's another Petra

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A graveyard for vehicles highly contaminated by radiation, near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, seen on Nov. 10, 2000. Some 1,350 Soviet military helicopters, buses, bulldozers, tankers, transporters, fire engines and ambulances were used while fighting against the April 26, 1986 nuclear accident at Chernobyl. All were irradiated during the clean-up operation.

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All my pictures of abandoned Railroads are awesome.

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Don't go in the water.

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It's a volcano within a volcano.

Geology gives you the best holiday locations.

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Same place apparently.

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Graun's tower, normally inaccessible...

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Until the lake freezes.

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The ice caves of Erebus in the Antarctic.

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>all my pictures of abandoned railroads are SUPER SATURATED

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HOLY FUCK that's beautiful

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The stromatolites of shark bay.

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Did someone say freaky, naturally occurring geometric shapes?

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There's a half submerged window right there. Waiting for winter is for suckers with no sense of adventure.

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Spreepark, Berlin

>An abandoned entertainment park in Berlin

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Man this is a pretty house.

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The abandoned set of the film Big Fish.

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The Moeraki Boulders of New Zealand are a perfectly natural formation, but it would easy to imagine them as some kind of alien eggs, or ancient artefacts.

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Seriously get a hand lens. If you live in an area which has undergone so past orogeny or volcanic phase the crystals you find in everyday metamorphic and igneous rocks will blow your mind.

There's a granite batholith out near me and still get giddy when I find a huge phenocryst of feldspar or a gigantic flake of mica.

Pic related garnets are fucking everywhere.

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Huangshan (Yellow Mountain), China

>Bridge of the Immortals. World's highest bridge.

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And this is my last one. Hope all this inspired you guys.

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Oop, one more.

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Another inviting on the same mountain.

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Fuck you, now I want to go out and adventure.

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Intrusive laccolith in the Andes.

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Kleven, Ukraine

>Tunnel of Love. Just some train tracks.

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I seriously hope you don't just leave piles of gemstones sitting in the dirt.

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Gemstones only become valuable when cut. If a gemstone has an internal flaw, they're garbage.

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This thread is feeltastic

>mfw new friends in art college this year
>they're all crazy and want to go urban exploring for adventure
>mfw we live near the woods

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I want to play a big game of battletech, now.

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I submit for your aproval, the Alhambra. One of the great fortresses of spain and one of my favorite places in the world.

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I've been there too, that city is amazing, and the people are really nice too

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It has fountains everywhere. Even by in its staircases.

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Green Lake, Austria

>"Grüner See", a lake that is dried out almost completely during fall and is filled with crystal clear water from the snow meltdown in spring.

Fucking beautiful. I really have to go there.

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I've been there. Unbelievably gorgeous.

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You're severely underestimating how common some of these minerals are not to mention their lack of gemstone quality.

Go look at rocks up close. You'll be surprised by how beautiful they are.

Here's more garnet schist.

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>Ain't got no info, just got images

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where is this?

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Kowloon, Hongkong

>Kowloon Walled City was a densely populated, largely ungoverned settlement in Kowloon, Hong Kong. Originally a Chinese military fort, the Walled City became an enclave. Largely inhabited by the poor and criminal. It was evicted and demolished in 1994.

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I feel you man. I love the woods. I'm friends with a bunch of guys from an inner city area and they're amazed at how awesome even the woods are not even an hour away from where we live.

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And this is how it look on the inside.

Most of the city never saw natural light. Water, electricity was all managed by the inhabitants.

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Wasn't that in Call of Duty?

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Anyone got any more abandoned railroads and/or industrial areas?

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Why?? Where?

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>Daylight barely oenetrated the rubbish-strewn grille over the City's Tin Hau Temple.

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How's this?

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It's moorish, right?

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They don't look so tough.

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Nothing grand to offer to this thread, just a picture that I took of Todai-ji.

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Do you suppose you could put them in an rar and pop it up on Mediafire or some such site? These are great.

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I think so yes. It was pretty nice though too much open space to be realistic.

The inhabitants weren't just criminals, a lot of food was prepared here by entire families cramped in small rooms and then sold to expensive restaurants in the main city. There were doctors, schools and noodle shops.

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yup, last moor city in spain, th mix of spanish and moor architecture became known as mudejar

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Religious buildings - especially cathedrals - are always good to evoke feelings of awe and impressive-ness.
It is, really, what they were made to do.

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No idea where the fuck this is.

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MY blind guess would be cooling tower at a nuclear plant.

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Pyongyang, North Korea

>Construction began in 1987 but was halted in 1992 as North Korea entered a period of economic crisis after the fall of the Soviet Union. Since 1992, the building stood topped out without windows or interior fittings until 2008. It's scheduled to open partially in July or August 2013

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>Climate change is likely to destabilize the methane hydrates in the Arctic ocean sooner rather than later.
Just pointing this out, but by the time they get unfrozen enough to REALLY fuck with climate change, we'd be so far gone that extinction would be inevitable anyway, and the ball won't roll THAT far for another 200 years even if we keep up our current trends of emissions acceleration. More likely that we'll end up in something like the time of the dinosaurs, inner continents all dried out and transformed into deserts, lush, stormy, FUCKING DANGEROUS coastal territories. Extinction for a lot of stuff, not for humans :P

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Gotta love that tasteful Soviet design.

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The Earth has killed 99.999% of every life form to inhabit it.

>the earth gives fuck all about us.

Its been hotter, its been colder. Change is the universal imperative. All you can do is experience it.

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>Sedlec Ossuary
It's just as creepy as it seems.

>> No.22885215

La Jolla, California

>The Salk Institute for Biological Studies is an independent, non-profit, scientific research institute founded by Jonas Salk, the developer of the polio vaccine.
This is what a rational utopia looks like.

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Squares are honestly one of the easiest to produce crystal formations, anon.

>> No.22885283

Soviet architecture just says SPACE to me.

Buzludzha Monument, Bulgaria

>Completed 1981 it commemorates the formation of a formal socialist movement in 1891. It is now abandoned.

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Great pictures.
Looking at landscapes gives me the best adventure ideas.

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And this is the inside.

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I forgot what gave this lake its green color.

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>> No.22885353

Probably algae.

>> No.22885382

That, or salts, like this pink lake (Retba) in Africa.

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>> No.22885398

Kadinjača Memorial, Užice, Serbia

>I got nothing

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tats not very dwarven of you, you should value the gem for the gem itself, cut or uncut, tis the dwarven way

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You and me both brotha

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>> No.22885499

Let's see if I can find some landscape OC.

Summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, sunrise.

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>> No.22885529

Sorrento, Italy

>A mill abandoned 1866

>> No.22885530

Is this the island in Skyfall?
Excellent thread and i'm only a few images in.

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>> No.22885538

I want to visit this.

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>> No.22885542

Resistance fighters (mostly factory workers) held off a Nazi army for about a month.

Also, this one:
Šumarice Memorial, Kragujevac, Serbia
Build on the place where Nazis executed over 2000 civilians - including all the children from the local schools.

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>> No.22885556

Yes indeed it is.

>> No.22885557

Shit I know that place.
Bishops Castle CO. It's an hour away from where I live.

The guy building it has been working on it for years, almost entirely by himself if I recall correctly.

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>> No.22885571

India. It's a well you can walk to the bottom of.

>> No.22885574

>taking a picture of a guy taking a picture
That's some meta shit right there

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>> No.22885587

Lake Natron, Tanzania

>> No.22885591

Detroit. all the post apocalyptic ascetics of Chernobyl with none of the radiation!

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>> No.22885609

they know lakes traditionally have water in them right?

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>> No.22885623

It's probably safer to wander around Pripyat than enter those parts of Detroit.

>> No.22885625

How is it that we have no pictures from the top of everest? Really guys?

>> No.22885630

Czech Republic, nice country, a small trip away from the capital Prague
suck my balls

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and 2

>> No.22885642

More Lake Natron

>> No.22885656

>> No.22885664

>water so clear you cannot see

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>> No.22885670

Speaking of Pripyat

>> No.22885679

>meanwhile at Mount Doom

>> No.22885688

It's Mars. As in "taken on another planet". Still blows my mind.

>> No.22885703

Speaking of Detroit

>> No.22885715

Have this picture of a volcanic eruption in middle of a thunderstorm.

>> No.22885720

>> No.22885729


>Berlin's first metro tunnel

>> No.22885733

>storm: fuck you!
>volcano: no you!

>> No.22885735

ah, I'm in the middle of the 1st Black Company book and i was wondering what it looked like when the Dominator awoke.

>> No.22885741

and there's this other place... that I just can't remember the name of... it looks like this giant CANYON cut into the OCEAN with water pouring in on all sides, as if it were bottomless, like that giant waterfall canyon thing from the RAVE manga except real...

>> No.22885742

I guess this may not be the place to say it but I really loved the mission in CoD4 where you were traveling through this area. Dat atmosphere, dat decay, dat everything.

>> No.22885750

The Sac Actun cave system in Mexico. Over 100 miles of labyrinthine underwater cave passages.

>> No.22885759

And another shot.

>> No.22885766

Doesn't look red to me. Or is it color-corrected?

>> No.22885780

Image limit is hit, new thread?

>> No.22885800

mars isn't bright red

>> No.22885801

The place is fairly dry to start with, and, as you can see here, had been covered by a thick layer of volcanic ask only a few months prior, courtesy of an eruption of the nearby Ol Doyno Lengai. I'm talking about a foot of thick ash with a solid crust of several inches.

There's water in >>22885642 though - the thin greyish band up right. It may seem small, but the opposite is true.

>> No.22885806

Mars is not red.

>> No.22885822

Mars isn't actually red. Down on the surface anyways. Photos taken on Mars used to be given false colour because people thought the surface of Mars was red and NASA wanted to make the photos appealing.

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>> No.22885848

Wasn't that place used in the Bladerunner movie?

>> No.22885852

that is trippy as all hell.

now i just need a system to justify putting my players in a situation like that.

>> No.22885946

>ship actually moves around
>no more 2 dimensional maps
getting drawing, boy

>> No.22885964

It always amazes me just how much stuff there is underground in the world.

>> No.22885990

That's a damn good VUE scene right there, but it ain't real.

Nice pic regardless though

>> No.22885991

Well thinking about it, the crust is a LOT thicker than the atmosphere, anon.

>> No.22886010

Kind of. As the Russians found out, once you get past a certain distance underground, the rock stops being 'solid' in such a way that a hole or a cave can exist.

>> No.22886092

Yeah, pressure builds up. Eventually you have to CONSTANTLY press out against the tunnel walls, because the sheer amount of heat and pressure makes the walls PLASTIC. The lower down you go, the smaller, and hotter, the tunnels and caves tend to get. At a certain point, digging new ones will slowly close AROUND the person who dug them.

>> No.22886138

Yeah, and that's if whatever's digging them can survive temperatures over a thousand Fahrenheit.

>> No.22886186

I think the plastic walls problem happens before actual lethal levels of heat... not positive about that...

of course, it was discovered in a Russian mine... so who knows.

>> No.22886385

Well, it's a combination of heat and pressure that makes rock plastic like that, but I don't know the exact numbers for each. I do know it takes a lot of heat to make stone act like that, though.

>> No.22886439


Caves are very rare though and form usually just below the water table in limestone beds.

You usually hit boring metamorphic basement after a few kilometres.

>> No.22886522

Detroit Fag here....yeah no, those abandoned buildings are occupied by homeless guys or are used to make meth....not safe at all

>> No.22886577

Detroit is pretty much a black city by now, aka savagery and violence.

>> No.22887362

/pol/ plz go

>> No.22887455


I've been there!

>> No.22887506

Literately, deserted.

I'd have some pictures to share if I was on my laptop. That sucks.

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>> No.22888055

Name a black city that's safe and civilized.

>> No.22888063


>> No.22888296

Really mountainous places like that are awesome. Not nice rolling hills, just sudden spires and rocks.

>> No.22888316


>> No.22888320

I'm thinking that's graffiti, right?

>> No.22888325


>> No.22888366

Yeah, the inside is full of it too, IIRC.

>> No.22888380

Either way it's really fitting...

>> No.22888443

>has never been to Detroit
Dude, I walked four miles through downtown Detroit and only saw one person who wasn't speeding by in a car.

Granted he was cooking something with a spoon under a stairwell, but my point stands.

>> No.22888503

Praise it.

Looks like a large elemental frozen in the middle of punching.

Mah nigga.

>> No.22888569

I wonder if eternal bliss in your awesome mountain temple ever gets boring.

>> No.22888626

Every time you think you might be getting bored, a rival dojo shows up to challenge you to a duel of some sorts

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