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post your stuff here

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loud noises

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i was waiting for this thread

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Damn OP those look great. Nice work.

I can't paint for shit, so I'm gonna go ahead and not post anything.

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First models I ever painted, done about a week ago

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...Yeeah... Same with me..
First models, Ultramarine spike one was done yesterday, 4th model I've painted so far.

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Didn't put on a proper basecoat either..

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I wish I could paint.

All of my models look like shit, despite that I thought it would look good.

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just block in colours, wash and re highlight. Done, one nice looking model.

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Close up of the champion that I painted yesterday, excuse shitty picture quality of shitty phone.

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Practise makes perfect bro. No one starts out as a Golden Daemon winner.

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dat quality

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Modeling ok? Been working on converting the new DW knights into Black Templar Assault Terminators

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Take the picture from further away. Hold your camera (phone, I assume) about 12 inches away.

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Neither of these models are finished.

I just want some input-

Blue shoulders, or no blue shoulders?

I can't decide.

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Painting this guy, the runes look bad, any idea how to make them shine? And the claws and teeth need more shading for a smoother transition

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beautifully focused paper....

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Very cool, amazed I didn't think of that...

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Last guy is actually from somewhere else, and is currently receiving a major overhaul. He's replacing the sergeant who will go to another use

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Also just saw that the torn fleshy bits look way more pink in the picture than they are IRL.

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to much chaos

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>to much 40K


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mah Negruh Ogryn

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Hard to judge when your non-blue shoulders are fucked hard by a bad wash.

I would say blue. I would also say to try green shoulders, the same green from the stick (if possible).

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I kinda dig the regular guy more, but the blue shoulders might look really good with some highlighting and battle damage to simulate a ceramic look.

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I like 40k or Warhammer Fantasy paints more than those other shit wargames.

>i don't even play it
>i only played the video games and read the books

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It's not that it's that everyone plays chaos. Everyone.

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WiP Ork Warboss for my Evil Sunz

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He should be holding a bottle of malt liquour.

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is the leather strap the same colour of the screen of a snafu of the camera?

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What the fuck are you smoking?

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Yeah, I didn't care much because I intended to paint over them anyway.

I dunno about green, but.... Hmm. Lemme go look at some green crons.

Doing that is what I'm working on right now.

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chaos is more fun

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Did some more work on my HQ Raider's freehand.

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That's a great paintjob.
How long have you been working on him?

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paint the main colours, wash the mini, Personally I use a black wash, Then use the first colours again and pick out the highest points on the model.
Easy nice looking model.

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Gods I am tired...

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This is my first time painting without shades do I'm kind of nervous in how this turned out

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Frontal view. Might need to work on the cinders on the right side a bit, it really clicked for me when I was doing them around the rune of Khaine.

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Is Chaos Undivided overplayed? I was thinking about starting 40k and playing as that, like the lore

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No idea, but I'm a very slow painter. That's probably about 10 hours(maybe), spread out over weeks doing bits here and there.

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Just got back into 40k recently, this is my second model.

>tfw looking at the picture suddenly makes me aware of the things I need to touch up.

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It looks pretty good, I will say that the transitions between the skin layers could be smoother. The robe looks great, though.

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For the record I dislike anything space marine or space marine with spiky bits, but play the army you like and damn "overplaying", if you enjoy the fluff, the models and the play style then go for it.

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That's seriously great for a second model.
Took me years to get that good.

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yeah, my flesh painting is not up to par of what I want it to be. I think by trying a couple of skaven stuff I have I might get a better grip on it. I'm pushing myself to use less shades too. Not to mention I have a lot of trouble with making metallics look great.

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Can I ask why you're not using shades? Using washes as a crutch is one thing, but they do work wonders on metals.

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This picture is old as hell from when I first started my Guard army. I'll take some newer pictures later tonight and post 'em. And I need to do a lot of touch up on these guys. A lot of damn touch ups.

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Ass end of my Baneblade lokks sweet, courtesy of my dad. He got me into 40k awhile back. He had an amazing looking Ork army. R.I.P. Pop.

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well I'm using washes carefully on my metals, but I don't like what the washes do to the painting. I feel like its really more comfortable to control the shades and lights with blending, and it looks more natural. For the past few months my focus has been smoothing transitions using wet blending; flesh and cloth being my main focus. After I get to a certain level with both, I'd love to try out nonmetallic metals.

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This is all I have for now.

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After buying the Battleforce about three years ago, and mostly only playing in friendly games with most of my pieces unpainted, I recently decided to actually get off my arse and paint some Tau.

The colour scheme I'm going with (mostly due to availability) is primarily Snakebite Leather, with the odd bits like uniform cloth, character identification, etc being done in Goblin Green. Anyone ever used these two paints together in conjuction before? I'd prefer to know if they work or not -before- I go ahead and ruin a perfectly good Fire Warrior.

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Fair enough. I often start my skin or metal with a basecoat and a wash to get the shading in, then work up from there. I never got the hang of wet blending. The way I do dirty metal on my Skaven or Orks is borrowed from a White Dwarf back when they had proper painting guides. It's a base of boltgun, washed with badab black (nuln oil works fine), then you paint very thinned layers of scorched brown, bestial brown and vermin brown into the recesses and highlight chainmail (or ironbreaker). Tried to get a decent pic of it on my Warboss, but my phone camera isn't up to the challenge.

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Tough to visualize from what you're telling me.


Here. Go fiddle to your hearts content and come back with some of your results for feedback.

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thanks for the advice! this looks amazing. I'm really in love with how you did the ork's flesh. If I can find the damn picture I can put one more picture of a recent project I did.

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>a White Dwarf back when they had proper painting guides

I remember...

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Thanks, the skin is another one borrowed (looted?) from the 'eavy metal team. I'm not a brilliant painter when it comes to improvising my own colour schemes and such, but I can follow a guide and do the technical stuff easily enough so I just mix and match ones I like.

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Useful little tool, that. Is there some kind of table somewhere to show the colour codes for specific Citadel Paints?

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Early days as far as painting goes, basically basecoated at the moment. Still need to sculpt him a new finger.

One of the better Eldar sculpts out there, if not the best. He'll count-as Eldrad once he's finished.

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Watching The Terminator and painting more Necrons.

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Anyone here ever seen a Heldrake or Forgefiend done up in pink and black or have experience converting the Fantasy Nurgle Chaos Lord for 40k?


I just picked up some issues from the past few months and they much better to me. There was a tutorial on using salt to weather your vehicles and a couple different ways to paint rust.

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>that brofist
I'm a fan of your Biel-tan, and this guy really takes the cake! Really love that model.

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I find them very hit and miss. This month's one was a joke.

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Telekinetic brofist?

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If you want to make the inner surfaces pop-

Do a basecoat of the darkest shade of blue you want to use. Then water down a lighter shade of blue (thinner than the basecoat) and paint the inner channels liberally. It won't cover the whole surface-it shouldn't. Do it again with a further-watered down and brightest shade of blue. It makes it look like the runes are glowing.

I did it with a Canoptek Spyder and it looked awesome. I lost the pic, unfortunately.

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Just orderer a Macharius (pic related)
Anything I should think of while asembeling/painting it?

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Here it is. This was fairly easy compared to the project I have now. His banner is still a WIP though

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Damn do I love the Yellow/White necron scheme.

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Das racis

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Ah, wasn't able to get the issue for February.

The DA and CSM issues weren't that bad in my opinion, haven't had a chance to really look at the WoC issue.

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Have you used FW stuff before? Make sure you wash all the parts first in warm soapy water to remove and release agent, otherwise you'll have trouble getting it to stick together and your paint won't stay on.

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Thanks man.

Almost wish I didn't paint the rods after seeing how my unpainted ones look when I turn the display lamps blue.

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I have had some experience with it, tho I never spoed it... but my hydras have had there paintjob for over 1 year now without anything losening.. dono about the basilisks tho, jsut got them based but thanks for the tip!!

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Theres somewhere you can find the necron rods in various colors. Yellow, blue, orange, whatever you like. I actually cant tell you where to get them, but they're out there and they're awesome.

>> No.22883947


Yeah, but yellow ones won't glow.

I can at least simulate glow with my airbrush.

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Look on Ebay and places like that for Lego lightsaber rods.

>> No.22883989


Which I admittedly hadn't done on those, yet.

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I have never painted anything before, so I am not very good

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He's actually going to get a pointing finger made from GS. The model was damaged when I got it.

But him and his two bodyguards were like $10, so I'm not complaining.

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Can I steal the paint job on the crystal.. it'll be red instead... but the shade and highlights i'll take.. more pics?

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looks better than what I paint

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I think it gives it more character

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the lenses look really nice. I'm jealous in how steady your hands must be. I can't do those effects to save my life

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Only image I have right now.

Wasn't that hard though.
Just blend from bright to dark diagonally and paint the edges white.

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a crisis suit I did

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Maybe, but with the way the thumb is sculpted, I can't really make a believable fist without dremeling out the thumb and resculpting most of the hand from scratch.

I'm not that motivated. A single finger is finnicky enough for me.

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I don't know if its the camera or not but the gritty and dirty armor looks really cool. How did you do it?

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Picture of my newly painted Slaaneshi Dark Apostle.

>> No.22884236

Shit, wrong picture, I have another one without that stupid effect somewhere.

>> No.22884241

The gritty armor I got from Dawn of War Dark Crusade. To achieve the look take devlin mud which is the same as the Vallejo medium shade. And dab light patches on your model then dry brush your main color over that.

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Can't find it, got a quick mockup of him and my Helbrute though, both from the Dark Vengeance set, Helbrute has a ton of metal Warhammer Fantasy parts, including a bloodthirsters leg, doombulls' axe and tentacles from the old spawn.

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neat conversion, been contemplating making a nurgle black mace lord with that model.

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Photoshop Filters-A Cautionary Tale

>> No.22884775

First fantasy figure I've done in a loooooong time. I think it came out pretty nicely.

>> No.22884797

Yea, it hasn't even been close to photoshop or the likes, just getting used to my new camera phone.

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Dawn of war shield drone

>> No.22885038


Seriously nice.

I like your rough and realistic style.

>> No.22885117

If you're seriously telling me that there's no Photoshop Filters involved there then you seriously need to get a new camera.

>> No.22885183


I'm looking at it too. I think it's just a weird camera but it totally looks like it's got one of those weird filters on.

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A bunch of Tau on my pallet

>> No.22885562

Space marine and building I painted

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Hello elegan/tg/entlemen. Can I get some feedback on my necrons pirates?

I've tried three color schemes for now.

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Thin your paints, for one

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>painting the clear plastic rods

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Paint was thinned. I just tried a black wash on clear colors, and we all know how well it goes.

Because we had decades of greencrons, fuck them. Also for consistency, since newer sculpts don't get the rods. And finally because I like to play with green stuff.

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Damn, look at it again, I'm terrible with a camera.

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Uh... well I've got this thing. I cobbled it together out of some bitz and scrap plastic. The turret and dakka sponsons are fully posable.

Originally, it was going to be a trukk of some kind, but I'm thinking right now (I stripped off the wheels because I didn't like how the chassis turned out) that I'm gonna make a DED ORKY TRAIN. This can be the front carriage.

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I'm putting together a tutorial for a side project for Deathwing Termies. You want it? I'll make a separate thread for it. Just curious if /tg/ wants it.

>> No.22886178

Trying to work through the Dark Vengeance set, then moving on to other models. Got the Libby and the Interrogator chaplain done, as well.

>> No.22886302

Finished this today along with a old metal Necron Warrior-turned-Immortal conversion.

You're all space[]/spoiler]skeleton jelly

>> No.22886541

And here's the old Necron warrior-turned-immortal

>> No.22886557

Made some progress on a new batch of Warriors and an Overlord.

>> No.22886574


But that's a Tesla Carbine...

>> No.22886618


First one is easily the best.

Liking the effect on the gun rod.

>> No.22886839

Thanks. I need a way to fix the color though (black washes are evil).

Initially, the body was supposed to be Bleached Bone (for a more undead feeling). I was ashamed of myself when I found that I didn't had that color.

>> No.22886883

Almost correct. It's the tesla cannon from the CCB. Teh old necron warrior had only half a weapon and the only weapon i had avaialbe was that tesla cannon. All my other immortals use Gauss blaster so i painted it green to try to emulate a gauss effect. All my immortals are made from old warriors and none of the weapons are the same.

>> No.22886954


Ah, that explains it.

Great to see these lovely old models still in use.

>> No.22887023

First ever paint job coming along...kinda

>> No.22887074

For a first, that's pretty great.

The colors are all within the lines and the paint isn't excessively thick.

Needs a wash, but it's good so far.

>> No.22887205


Looking good.

I love how you've used blue for shading.

>> No.22887206

I like how it looks like there is a face screaming in this rod. Pic related

>> No.22887439

Thank you, and thanks for noticing...I was trying to get it look like there was some blue static pulsing just under the metal
Thanks, will be going over with another blue wash, maybe darken this one a little bit with a black?

>> No.22887742

Damn, that's cool. I'm guessing that's cotton wool strung out?

>> No.22887797

Those guns look gorgeous, like a marbley wood effect.

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Since this started out as a fairly Chaos heavy thread I have a question: Do Word Bearers make use of Psykers?
I'm starting a chaos army and I wanted to do a properly themed Word Bearers group but I'd also like a squad of that can use psychic abilities. I know this limits me to either a Sorcerer HQ or a Thousand Sons squad but I was thinking of doing up a few stylized marines to look psyker-y and use them "counts as" for a Thousand Sons squad. I have a Sorcerer HQ model if it comes to that but like I said, I'd like the squad.
I just recently started reading the Word Bearers Omnibus and I've been through the wiki but I remember/haven't seen anything outright against them.
Thanks in advance for any help.

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I'm not letting this thread die on me

>> No.22891825


Word Bearers have no problems with psykers. They have problems with monotheists, like the Thousand Sons. They have a particular loathing of the Emperor's Children.

I am of the Thousand Sons myself.

>> No.22891848

Mfw sleenesh

>> No.22891889

Righto! Thanks a lot, you narrow-minded scum you!

>> No.22892059

For figures, especially like these, do you guys paint before you assemble or after? I find it difficult to not apply paint to surfaces I don't want when it comes to reaching certain nooks and crannies, and I'm horribly new. I wanted to start painting my Assault on Black Reach set Marines as Alpha Marines but I'm afraid to begin.

>> No.22892118

>do you guys paint before you assemble or after?

It's a matter of personal preference. Some assemble fully before painting, others paint mostly on the sprue, and most will be somewhere in between.

>but I'm afraid to begin.

Well, you can grow a spine and get going, or just accept that you are an worthy being and kill yourself in the most painful and humiliating way possible.

>> No.22892146

I got around this by buying a small deal of play-do. Get a little blop of on the joint areas and it'll keep primer and other spray-ons off with no problem. Comes right off and if it does get stuck somewhere just wait for it to dry and pick at it with a toothpick.

>> No.22892156

Er... uh, thankyou. I'm just worried about making shitty looking "thin yo paint" marines is what I ment.

>> No.22892242


Interrupting with non-40k stuff.

As you can guess, neither of these are nowhere near finished. Probably gonna have to strip everything off the Crusader (the left one), that white is way too bright.

>> No.22892286


Didn't mean to reply, so ignore that please.

Here's some more WIP. The white on the two Cinerators on the left is way too thick, some of the more fine details have vanished completely. These are the first models I've ever painted, so I obviously have a long way to go.

>> No.22892309


Close-up of the two Cinerators.

>> No.22892341


Here's a fellow Cinerator, pretty much finished. Not entirely happy with it, but it's the first model ever I've finished. And I think I've achieved a table top standard finish.

>> No.22892357


And here's the pic.

>> No.22892381


And here's his buddy. Shit was kind hard since I assembled him before putting on any paint. That shield and sword really made painting hard.

>> No.22892395


And finally the leader of the pack, High Exemplar Kreoss. His hat is grey because I accidentally got some Nuln Oil on it, it shouldn't look like that.

>> No.22892408


And a back shot.

>> No.22892662

Going to put some gas-masked human heads and lasguns on some firewarriors and use them as stormtroopers.

hopefully get around to painting them tonight

>> No.22892750

what did you do about the hooves

>> No.22892752

It's me again.
Tips opinions on paint scheme?

>> No.22892806

kept them on

it's traitor guard so mutations = a-okay

>> No.22892873

In the third picture the one on the left looks like he has his hands behind his back. With the way the sizes look different it makes him look like a patient 5 year old next to his dad who is posturing and showing off.

>> No.22892890

I figure here would be a good place to ask it.

I want to be free of GW yolk and my last citadel spray just ran out.

What's a good alternative spray that wont disolve my models or go on too thick

>> No.22892916

Armory Black primer. Has munchkin lookin guys on it. One of my LGS sells it for about 7 dollars.

>> No.22892979

no bad experiences? The first hit on google is http://hivezero.blogspot.com.au/20/10/why-i-hate-armory-primer.html which is a little off putting

>> No.22892980


>That backpack

Jesus, I am not alone! Here I was thinking I was the only Guardfag who thought about some realism on his infantry (carrying lots of shit into battle)

>> No.22893267

My two latest works

some firewarriors

>> No.22893283

y u paint base edges

>> No.22893308

I actually had these done years ago, then redid them, I've boiled all the flock off and it's going to be replaced with sand, so the bases are by no means done

>> No.22893311

not bad, keep it up and you'll get better in no time.If you can get your hands on it I would suggest army painter's "desert yellow primer" it would make your job a lot easier and it would look a lot smoother.

>> No.22893314

Nothing wrong with painted edges.

>> No.22893325

And a Krootox

>> No.22893332

For us as an undercoat or for the actual colour?

>> No.22893357

depends on what you're looking for but it can work for the actual color for sure.

>> No.22893402


Man.. if I didn't already have my Necron lord painted and sealed I would totally paint my weapons some color other than green..

>> No.22893405

I see. Basically I started this army nearly a decade ago when Tau was released and when I was much younger. I painted most of my army in accordance with the instructions in the first codex which is undercoat black, vermin brown base then vomit brown on top.

I've heard now that it'd be better to use a white undercoat, but then anything I did like that would look different than the rest of my army

I just ran out of my black GW spray so I'm trying to work out what to buy.

I only really have a few models unpainted at this point though anyway so I'm not sure how worth it would be trying for a new style for my Commander and some gun drones

>> No.22893411

Is it easy to strip paint if you fuck up? I imagine myself doing it many times, but I don't want to buy expensive models if it's a hassle, or detrimental to the model to try to fix it.

>> No.22893507

Thoughts anyone?

>> No.22893568

This stuff is a godsend for stripping paint quickly and easily. And it hasn't damaged my plastic or metal yet.

>> No.22893627

I usually don't see much of a difference in the final product, but white lets you get a brighter color easier than a black base coat does. Black does make it easier to have some shade in recessed areas though.

>> No.22893787

Kinda new to miniatyre painting but gotta ask about washing or actually how do you actually do it becourse haven't found a decent guide to.. umm.. "How to"

>> No.22893856


>Paint base color
>Wash with appropriate contrasting color (If painting Tan, gray, brown, green, then wash with Badab Black)
>Repaint, leaving darker color in the cracks and crevices of the model

>> No.22893884

Jumping in on the thread late here, but will that shit take of spray paint? I got a Rhino I sprayed with Krylon camo ultra flat, and that shit ain't coming off.

>> No.22893890


>If you don't have badab black, then Chaos Black watered down will do the same fucking thing.

>> No.22893915

It's taken off enamel paint and regular wal mart spray primer. I would say probably, this stuff kicks the crap out of simple green.

>> No.22893945

Reading this makes me smile.

>> No.22894053

Did the whole starter squad this week, but I haven't updated the pics yet. This however came out quite nice I think. First time I tried some oil washes for serious, most work is done with the airbrush.

>> No.22894087

Just painted this. Shoulders, backpack, and some odds and ends aren't finished yet.

Excuse the quarter, my friend asked me "how big those army guys you paint" are.

>> No.22894136

That gem is nice looking. How did you do it, mine always end up looking like shit.

>> No.22894156

maroon red, highlight with brighter true red, VERY CAREFULLY make a white cross on the edges of the gem, paint over that with light red so the white makes the edges even brighter red, cover in a gloss coat paint.

Time consuming but worth it. Also wash the edges black and be careful not to get it on the center of the diamond/gem.

>> No.22894178

I'm with this guy.

>> No.22894193

Thanks, I'll give that a try next time.

>> No.22894230

I just got Liquitex Flow aids

Literally best $5 I've ever spent. Makes VGC actually work.

>> No.22894233

Yeah, no problem man.

>> No.22894240

Fuck that's amazing.
The blood looks legit real. None of that cartoony fantasy blood crap.

>> No.22894320

Is it easier to paint a model with or without the pauldrons?

And yes, I know, >mold lines.

>> No.22894329


>> No.22894342

How you SHOULD paint is no backpack, no pads, no gun but sometimes I get excited to assemble and slap that bitch together.

It's easier if you leave the guys how you have them right now. Glue on the pads, pack, and gun when everything's finished and paint them then.

>> No.22894364

>but sometimes I get excited to assemble and slap that bitch together
I know exactly how you feel.

>> No.22894387


I use super glue so ripping and tearing them apart isn't that bad.

>> No.22894402

Dude, I was just about to ask...

How do you remove super glues from plastic minis?

>> No.22894427

I use an x-acto knife or I sand it down with my sander bit on my dremel. Not that bad. I don't know if it's the proper way or not though.

I use a much smaller version of pic related for sanding small parts. It leaves a nasty grain though so don't use it on exposed parts.

>> No.22894452

I havent painted for nearly...well id say about eight years. Dug up some of my old space marines the other day. Good god. Have fun with these, folks.

Starting out with a group shot, from my iphone. You can see the detail really pop, with all the...umm..moving on

>> No.22894458


This >>22893568 dissolves the glue on my models while getting stripped. Does a pretty thorough job too.

>> No.22894468

Neat color scheme bro. Digging the Deathwatch guy a lot.

>> No.22894479

Here is Biker Guy, followed by Power-fist and Plasma Gun dude. Behind him is Bolter and Power-sword Man, but no one likes him because he got the best shoulder pad out of the whole chapter, the fucker.

>> No.22894482

some deathcults and techmarines I've been working on

>> No.22894502

My first unit. Be gentle.

>> No.22894521

Here's Jum- Pack Dude. Apparently, the only thing i had to capture him in his bloody glory was a rock. I chose this particular angle for the shot, because I thought it wold be cool to free hand a smiley face onto the top of his jump-pack, which did not turn out well.

I wish i could find my dreadnaught, that guy was cool.

>> No.22894525

Really dope for your first unit. I wish I was half as good as you are when I first started.
What are you using for their bodies? I can't quite make it out. Looks like Dark Eldar Wyches? Very clever Elusive, you cheap bastard.

>> No.22894533

over all thats pretty good for a first go at painting. You have pretty clean lines over all. The next step would be to try adding in some highlights and or wash. I would go for a wash since they're all pretty close to being done it will pull a lot more detail out of the model and can tone down how bright some of the colors are.

>> No.22894555

yes they are wyches, fuck I'm going to spend 15 bucks for two models just to get the metal ones when in 5th I was running 4 squads of 6 death cults and 6 crusaders. Oh and the crusaders are converted off of the LotR easterlings.

Then the techmarines are even kit bashed.

>> No.22894595


And I thought Warmahordes models have nasty mold lines.

>> No.22894608


>Spess Wulfs

Mein Neger

>> No.22894630

That's what's up.

>> No.22894663

here's my psykers I've got 12 of them now all around this stage of painting.

>> No.22894675

Elusive, what armies do you play?

>> No.22894682


It depends on what you're aiming at. For a tabletop standard, glue it together, lay down a covering base coat and paint away. In a squad of 10-15-20 men, you wont see the difference on the field of battle. Take the saved time and spend on your characters instead. If you think about it, these will be the models people will pic up and say "whooaa! awesome!", not your average Joe - infantry guardsman standing in you're left corner of the board.

If you go airbrushing, you might glue together for time saving purposes, and the fact you can paint it more easily when the parts are still on the sprue some times.

>> No.22894694


*you might NOT glue together for.....

>> No.22894701

of all games?
Sisters (small but getting some molds set to copy them)
Orcs and Goblins

>> No.22894741

one of my old rangers

>> No.22894855

and my last post for the nite,

>> No.22894875

What are you talking about, these are fucking awesome
Though I love tacky color schemes

>> No.22894960


Where the fuck did you get that staff from? I have an Astropath that needs something like that.

>> No.22894996

You ever remember something embarrassing you did a long time ago, and you're just like 'man...' Thats what it was like when i found them. Not that 40k is bad, in fact i still love it, when i made them, i was going through that 13 year old grimdark 2edgy4u phase.

The color scheme was made when i finished painting the old Nid vs Space Marine starter set. I got more Space Marines, but had a fuck ton of purple and was like whats the best thing with purple? Turquoise of course!
Also got some help from that auto army painter on the website.

>> No.22895002

I'm not sure I can get that in Australia. What could be an alternative? I've tried simple green and metho. None work. I know turpentine melts plastic so I can't try that.

>> No.22895023

Just use some of your terrifying fauna or snake venom.

>> No.22895025

Any of you guys play tyranids?
Never touched 40k tabletop, but if I did I would probably play nids.

>> No.22895036

Do you have fairy power spray? It's the same thing.

>> No.22895063

Not that I know of. I have heard Simple Green is an alternative to it though. I might try it undiluted.

>> No.22895074

Simple green works, it just takes longer and has a pretty distinct smell.

>> No.22895113

painting a Galrauch conversion using the warpfire dragon and black dragon kits

>> No.22895135

I'm looking at starting into the 40K and I really like the idea of Black Templars. What kind of miniatures should I be looking for in particular?

>> No.22895159

What colours should I use for painting Thousand Sons? I know it's basically blue and gold, but still, I'd love some advice on this.

>> No.22895160

Dude, detol works a treat, the brown bottle stuff. Mix it 50/50 with some water and it strips the shit straight down to the plastic. Plus it's reusable 2-3 times. So far, no damage to a bunch of Genestealers I've got soaking in it, and they've been in it for well over a month now. That stuff is a god send. A bottle will set you back about $7-9 from Coles

>> No.22895196

those are really well painted, but damn you gotta drill them holes for those gun barrels. its such a let down to see painted holes on there.
especially since they are painted so well

>> No.22895248

Old group of plasma I did. I need to take a picture of whats on my bench now.

>> No.22895264

Dark vengeance is an amazing box.

>> No.22895272

I fucking love every miniature in it
Though the Chaos ones might have a bit too much details for a starter box miniatures

>> No.22895282

>> No.22895287

>> No.22895305

The thing you need to remember with miniatures is less is more

>> No.22895334

I don't believe I am following on this.

>> No.22895362

Pin your thaints.

>> No.22895371

My, those are some beautiful pots of paint
Looks fucking sick, what's on the base?
You should put a wash over their faces

>> No.22895377

They are, thats the funny thing. As well for the camo, it looks better from a distance with the texture.

Look at the Guardsman in the middle, thats all one coat of paint, for all the colors on him.

>> No.22895385

Recommendations? All I have is an old badab black.

>> No.22895391

Basecoat a Really Dark Blue, colour it up using a lighter blue, Wash with Black, add second wave of Blue, but leave some black in the recesses. Highlight with Ice-blu mixed with white.

Am I missing anything?

>> No.22895397

Painting models for my players in my D&D Campaign, part of their (Albeit belated) Christmas Gifts. Campaign starts soon hopefully...

>> No.22895509

Agrax earthshade is better for faces, though badab black can also work. I'd still highlight the face with normal flesh color after washing it.

>> No.22895667


Nice job. Are the pink made just be a pink layer and then a wash, or are you highlighting too?

>> No.22895740

Very cool! Have you painted any of them?

>> No.22895791

Is the guy with the baige necrons with yellow tubes still here? Can you post the paints for your color scheme again? I love and want to try it on some of my infinity minis.

>> No.22896395


>> No.22896460

Now resized

Not too happy with the lighting on this picture, but it was taking with a phone anyway

>> No.22897056


I know I'm late but here goes:

Dryad Bark -> Steel Legion Drab -> Rakarth Flesh -> Pallid Wych Flesh

Averland Sunset -> Yriel Yellow -> Casandora Yellow Wash -> Yriel Yellow/White Scar highlight

Leadbelcher -> Nuln Oil wash -> Agrax Earthshade wash -> Runefang Steel highlights.

>> No.22897145

Anyone tried to strip finecast of paint with success? Doing it with greensoap should be pretty safe right?

>> No.22897205

Typhus wip. As of now I am still working on the base for him. I attempted to use some green stuff to try and sculpt a fleshy base with tumor like growths. I tried to highlight the very top of the raised flesh with a pale flesh type color but it didn't come out well. Any tips on how to make it look nice? Comments/ critic are always appreciated.

>> No.22897217

All i see is a HUGE fucking mold line on that horn, im not one to care about mold lines but its fucknig huge and very very noticeable.

>> No.22897225

Dunno what greensoap is, but simple green or dot 3 castrol break fluid will strip anything.

>> No.22897241

I've just found around 40 space marines, 3 razorbacks 3 dreads and a bunch of ICs down in my basement! I don't know what chapter I'll do though.. Suggestions?

>> No.22897256

I've stripped PP plastiresin with success, I don't think finecast will be any different. Don't leave it in the dip for the full day however, check on it from time to time in between.

>> No.22897258

What am I missing? Eldar runes on a DE vehicle?

>> No.22897275

Right, my only concern is that it will ruin the finecast material, it works fine on metal and plastic thought.

>> No.22897318

Yeah, Eldar runes on an Eldar vehicle, what's the problem? Dark Eldars speak Eldar, not Undercommon.

>> No.22897351


Isn't it a bit like putting Christian symbolism on a Jewish vehicle?

>> No.22897372

Well, no. The runes themselves are fine, it's the same language. Sure, Dark Eldars don't worship Khaine, so it's still a bit strange, but the runes are not the problem here (the big bloody and flamey Khaine would be).

>> No.22897384

2 latest Red Corsairs for me. I don't like the bolt pistol on the second guy so I'm considering recolouring it

>> No.22897401

naw, been waiting for their bases, just got them primed now

>> No.22897425

Jesus christ how had I not noticed that
I got rid of it pretty well before painting but apparently all nuln oil decided to go look for it. The entire kit had fucking horrible mold lines anyway. I abhor cleaning and assembling in general as well.

Thanks, going to try and get rid of that when I get home

>> No.22897621




>> No.22897644



>> No.22897651

A digga nob I made for a digga force to support my orks.

>> No.22897723


You post more when you have more carriages, or I will hurt you.

>> No.22897731

I still think yellow with bone doesn't make that good of a combination, as soon as they're not under your nose the scheme sort of blurs together and neither of the two really catches the eye.
It's a shame because they're painted really well

>> No.22897782


Oh fuck, diggas!

Looking nice, man.

>> No.22897798


>> No.22897827

>digga force
"Digga mob"

I can't help but feel he's missing an Iron Gob. Nobs are basically naked without their gobs.

>> No.22897879


The word mob had completely slipped my mind.
I've been meaning to get him a gob for some time.

>> No.22897893

Added some glow to the monolith portal, once it's dry I'll give it a glaze so that it matches the slightly more orange tone of the rest of the army and then make it a bit brighter in the middle.

Also got some more Warriors basecoated and an Overlord done. Might finish the Warriors today or just move onto the Lychguard.

>> No.22898024

Damn GW, why are the new spyders so ugly? I also hate the nighscythe design.

Nice paint scheme anyway. What are you doing with the scarabs' bases? Looks like rusted fences but I'm not sure with the distance.

>> No.22898099


I love the new Spyders.
Sold the old ones because I found tem too ugly.

The scarabs have rusted pipes and pieces of scaffolding. These are from my first Necrons ten years ago. Will just have to repaint the sand and give them yellow eyes to update them.

>> No.22898182

Ugh, so I've been painting on and off for 5 years. Get my friend into the hobby and he's been at it for a week and his stuff looks leagues better than mine.

Is painting genetic or something?

>> No.22898215


Yeah, talent plays a large part.

Has he had any prior artistic training such as painting on canvas or in photoshop?

>> No.22898450

>Is painting genetic or something?
Yeah, that's why some painters re-shape the brushes with the mouth. The small quantity of saliva allows them to paint with their DNA.

>> No.22899180


>> No.22899206

It's a good kit , lots of cleaning to do though, I had the vanquisher variant and cleaning and assembly took about 4 hours .

>> No.22899799

I'll post a few things I've been working on. The first two are a couple bases I made out of some reclaimed polystyrene. Dissolved in acetone, then put into a lubricated plaster mold of some GW bases I had.

The acetone leaves bubbles in the plastic, so there's lots of variation in texture. Some larger areas were patched with greenstuff, and other areas were left untouched. It seemed to give a stone-like texture so I decided to attempt to paint some.

First one was more supposed to be a sandstone-like look, but I think it's too orange at times.

>> No.22899872


Second one, was trying to go for more of a basalt/trap rock look. First drybrush looked great, but then I had to touch up some other areas and ruined it. I've had a couple people comment that it looks like metal, but I have a feeling that may be from the varnish I used. It's supposed to be satin, but it still seems to give a gloss. Any ideas?

>> No.22899928


And this was one other base I finished up yesterday.

Sure, none have models for context yet. I guess I'm just tinkering with bases at the moment. After this one, I guess I'll post my WIP wizard conversion from a high-elf spearman I started a long while ago...

>> No.22899982


This was before I shaved off the rest of the sides of the helmet. I've got a bit more to whittle down around the neck, and then I've got to patch up the hair before I greenstuff the brim out on his hat.

>> No.22900167


Here's the first mini I painted. Malifaux. Yes, it looks terrible. XD

>> No.22900187


Backside. Also terrible.

>> No.22900282

Is it just me, or is that thumbnail sidesways

>> No.22900309

So I'm trying to get a large force out, so I bought that army painter quick shade. Now I like the overall effect it has, but I used enamel silver and gold, and little did I know that the quickshade would eat away at the enamel, so I lost some of my details after the while dipping process.

Feels bad man

>> No.22900383


Second mini painted.

>> No.22900405

i find engraving tools are the best as they just remove a very small bit and that usually happens to be the nasty ass mould line that sticks out :D

>> No.22900413



>> No.22900431

How do you guys thin your paints?
I'm still having trouble with that part. I remember someone saying they dip their brush in the water cup, then the paint. Which I tried and like so far, I mean the paint goes on a little thin, but nothing a 2nd coat didn't fix.

>> No.22900460



>> No.22900507


I guess I use a wet-palette now, sometimes dipping the brush in water, brushing off a little bit on some toilet/facial tissue/paper towel, and then into the paint on the palette...but am not sure if I'm getting the results I want or not. it takes me 2-3 coats...one barely covers, two touches up, and three for any missed spots or details, I guess. But that tends to be more for the base coats of things.



>> No.22900529

So.. Fucking.. Ugly..

>> No.22900579


Yes...it's not even close to being finished. I'm not sure what part of that you didn't understand...


>> No.22900686

I use a normal pallet. Drop paint (with Vallejo paints, so it's easier), then drop water and mix (NOT with the brush, it fucks them up). Ideally, you would use a pipet, but the non-business end of a brush is fine enough for water (and mixing).

One drop of water for one of paint is my standard dilution. Ten to one for washes.

>> No.22900707

Based a warwalker. The scatterlasers need a lot of TLC.. but I'm not really in the mood for fussing with white. The grey areas aren't bare plastic, just undercoat. Camera flash makes them more obvious than I'd like.

Back to working on the Farseer, I think. Might base a support weapon while I wait for the GS to dry.

>> No.22900774

The models in general are just fucking horrid, even now the high elves are sorely outdated.

>> No.22900815


Haha, yeah probably. But I got them for free, and I'm not using them for play so it's not an issue if they're "outdated".

>> No.22901123

its a GK force staff, the one holding it in both hands has the head of the force staff added onto the haft of a nemesis force hammer.

>> No.22901251

Alright. Buy Liquitex Flow aid. Mix 1:20 with water.

Buy a water dropper like vallejo bottles. Mix equal part paint with water mixture.

Also a wet palette. Make one. I did the other day and it cost me $8AUD.
What you need:

Plastic clear tupperware container, the shallower, the better. Mine is a 2 litre/ 0.75 gallon or whatever container.

Get Absorbent dish cloth. Ones that are like that yellow material, soft and that. Put that on the bottle. Pour boiling water (to kill bateria).
Have the dish cloth soak/damp, excess water in container is fine.
Now get BAKING PAPER/PARCHMENT PAPER. cut it out to the size of the lid/inner container part.

Put on top, press gently down. Voila.

>> No.22901293

Here is a pic for reference. You can leave paint in there for days if you put the lid on. Also, wash it out every week as it can start to smell. You can go longer but I like to clean brushes/table a week. It's good practice.

>> No.22902236


This isn't quite finished yet, but I've got to figure out the best way to stick in a green-stuff vine in there.

>> No.22903074

>> No.22903601

Why can't DE worship the Eldar god of War and Murder, exactly?

>> No.22903742

To use a cliche, your paint could use thinning slightly.

Better advice though - paint the torso before you add the arms. It's really hard to get detail in with a brush with the arms covering it.

>> No.22903757

Macharius's are helluva old tanks. Might be worth rusting it up a bit, maybe give it a name to reflect its years of service.

>> No.22903775

Uh... will do?

This shitty webcam can't take in all the stuff I've added. I only noticed after I uploaded that one of the dakka sponsons is jutting off-screen and the spiky stuff above the gretchin is doing around about the same...

>> No.22903829

Because their background says they consider the Eldar gods as gigantic faggots who deserved getting killed.

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