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Ok fa/tg/uys, what's your biggest problem with 40k models APART FROM price, finecrap etc...
Mine is the scaling, especially on vehicles, like the leman russ.

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Niggas who dont paint their armies

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Scaling on some infantry and vehicles as well.

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This, at least prime them for god's sake

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Mine is how obvious that the dudes designing the sculpts have never bothered to do more than glance at what they're designing.

It's like, everything is fine if you don't really look, but c'mon.

Just seriously.

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Not enough chicks with rocking tits and asses that don't stop

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I actually like the Leman Russ, terrible proportions/realism and all.

However, the rules balance can go fuck a hole in the ground.

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That GW lets it models make models and then the rules writers write rules for what they are stuck with.

It leads tons of worthless options that some codecies are literally riddled with.

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>bought first army in 2004
>2 40k armies, 2 whfb armies, 3 necromunda gangs, 2 mordheim warbands
>painted/primed models can be counted with your fingers

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booner achieved

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Rage? No, I will just get more looks from spectators. Chicks dig painted armies. Most cream themselves just from seeing my Trazyn.

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