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Good 'ol WH40K general.

>vidya gaems

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>Orks with tits

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Oh my.

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U jelly?

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M-must defy the witch.

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When was the last time someone mentioned love for White Scars? Poor White Scars.

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Official Thread Music


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I laughed.

On the topic of 40k, I've GMed myself into a corner in Only War.

The players have taken over an enemy convoy, and stolen their uniforms on their way to the enemy base to sneak in and stab their general to death.

The problem is, I now have two more players joining in and no way to connect them with the group until the end of the adventure.


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>mfw a BA battleforce is 15 bucks more than I remember

Dem prices, GW. The reason you will never get my money again.

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The new players, what are they playing?

Could you have them drop in at the base 'by chance' where they meet your current party, and realize they are both out to off the general?

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As an Imperial Fist player, I might as well ask this. How good is a Thunderfire Cannon against Guard? Everyone and their mother plays Guard at my FLGS, and I was wondering if it was worth the 30 quid.

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Captured loyalists? A scouting party from another regiment with the same idea? They're spies and want to help the PCs?

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I haven't played a game in years, so I cannot be of help, friend.

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Techpreist and a Kasrkin.

Problem is, with the first players wearing enemy uniforms, and traveling with enemy soldiers they convinced to defect, if they ran into eachother they'd probably end up shooting first.

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I've been really wanting to get back into 40k. But goddamn these prices are ridiculous.

Would Orks still be the cheapest way to into army?

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Captured loyalists, that might work. Especially as there are supposed to be some captured NPCs from an allied regiment.

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I think the other guy hit it on the head: captured loyalists.

Hopefully your main party can seize an opportunity to save them from execution and turn the camp on it's head.

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This seems like the best bet.
Once the players are in the camp, drop word that there's some prisoners being held there, that they were caught with some very important enemy intelligence. Essentially anything to make the players want to free the prisoners.

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Three Thunderfire cannons shelling ranks of soldiers with the seismic rounds and keeping them pinned? Throw two squads of scout snipers, two squads of 3 bikes, and a Captain on a bike with digital weapons and harass those fuckers into submission.

honestly there is an all-bike SM player at my LFGS and he only plays that set during tournaments because it is unbeatable. He threw in snipers and a whirlwind and they were just cheese.

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I throw in Scouts with cloaks in a reinforced ruin.
It's funny when they get 2+ saves against everything.

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Replace "might" with "more than likely".

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Yup, that's what this player did. His scouts shot my defiler with enough glancing hits to make it useless in a single turn. Even though my CSM were fearless, it hurts when there is a constant barrage of 16 sniper shots hitting them, and a whirlwind dropping mines in all the walk ways.

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Oh god lol

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Where's the orky love?

I'll be fixing that.

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Considering trying out an Ork army.

Something about them... maybe it's all the dakka.

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Oh lawdy no, you need at least three battleforces, lootas, some battle wagons and a couple FW if you want to be competitive.

But we're still the funnest army to run with imo.

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I played 40K up to around a decade ago. I stopped playing at around 4th edition I believe. Lately I've been wanting to pick it up again. I used to play crons but I don't really feel like playing them anymore because of their limited customisability and because Ward made them boring with the new codex. So the question for me is, what army? I've been looking at the Dark Vengance set as a quick way to start playing with friends. I am more partial to taking Chaos because I'm none to keen on the dark angel's paint scheme (pre-heresy or not) what would you guys think of me taking the Chaos army from the set and painint them up Malal style? I've also heard that the CSM in the dark vengaenace box are underpowered, anything I should pick up to put them on par with the DA?

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Movie Marines are best marines.

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I'm new to 40k, do the blood ravens have a reputation as thiefs or sumthin?

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Any suggestions then?

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Play Crimson fists and give them all sombreros.
Draw a mustache on the Dreadnought's coffin.

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>so randum, lol xD

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Haha, oh dear.

Play all the dawn of war games... or just google bloody magpies, click on first link.

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Not really.

They're most beloved chapter in the Imperium and receive many gifts from their brothers and allies.

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and two bottles of greenstuff if you want them to be chaos.


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Ebay/craigslist/kjiji/whatever applies.

Always people selling off cheap models.

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Joke units can be fun, if you take it too far it can look retarded/not make sense, but people can have a little creative freedom imo.

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>250 buckaroos

Is that an actual deal or a "GW" deal

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Hope you like being the underdogs. And having jack-shit for Str 9+ weaponry outside of a Nob charging with a PK. They're painfully limited on 'dakka' that involves anything above the strength of an Autocannon, as all their Str 8 is 1-shot, and their Zzap Guns (what would be their Anti-Tank) are ridiculously overpriced and worthless 63% of the time for the role they were intended for. Plus they are not an army that gets much in the way of unit customization or options. Meaning you field -x- unit and unless it's a battlewagon or Nob mob, your options basically amount to what size you field them at, and whether you take a Nob with a PK or a Nob with a PK (because there is no other worthwhile weapon for your Nob leaders).

That said, the army can be fun to play, provided your opponents aren't try-hard fucks who list-tailor their army each game. And IA8 does a lot to help the Orks out and make the game more enjoyable, as well. Just remember "boyz before toys", "Shootas > Choppa/Sluggas", and "Never field Warpheads, Weirdboyz, Zzap Guns, Flash-Gitz, Stikkbombs, 'Uge Choppas (except in Nob Mobs), Stormboyz, or DeffDreads as anything other than a troop-choice. And generally speaking, Looted Wagons are really only useful if you can't use Imperial Armor 8, or you don't have the points for a real Heavy Support vehicle (*cough* Battlewagon).

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This is great.

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They have received many gifts from their primarch, Carmen Sandiego

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For GW it's a good deal you get around 400$ I think in models for the 250.

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Well now I don't even want to try to get some Orks going, lol.

Looks like another year of not getting back into the game.

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The womanly hips always bothered me.

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Damn, that's not bad. Just a shit ton of money and I don't have any paint or brushes either.

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I've drifted away from 40k models. I've become a /k/ommando, buying guns with my money.
>inb4 prove it/what do you have

I have a question. Which models could churn my /k/ommando side back to 40k?

They need to aim with their sights. They need to have actual ammo on the model. They need actual ranged weapons worth a damn. Otherwise it's just necrons for me.

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Did you watch the video of him creating that piece? It was over an hour but when you've got time at my work, you've got time to kill.

It was quite something, and even though compared to the standard marine we always see, it does look very slim, he did attempt to make it more 'realistic' on purpose. And I like it.

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Why would you let real life ruin a fictional setting/game?

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>Is there pay for being a Guardsmen?
>They will never see home again
>they *did* give you a flashlight (FTFY)

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prove it.

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Tau if you're an anime lover that wants the pulse rifle/mecha/rockets/markerlights everywhere.

Orks if you want bullets and guns covering your guys head to toe.

Imperial guard if you want firing lines of epic proportions and lots of heavy weapon groups and lots and lots of armor.

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If you're fighting to defend your homeworld, like Cadians or Armageddonians(?), then you'll always see your home.

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He can't, he's worse than Tau commie scum:
>he's nogunz

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Tau is closest of those three. Sergeants are forced to use pistols in IG unless using vet squads. Orks are opposite of my agenda.

Because preference.


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Fuck off.

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Get that shit meme out of here.

The guard are not grizzled underdogs full of bravado.

They are one of the most reliably powerful forces in the game.

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Megaforces are how GW offloads surplus stock of kits that sell poorly due to low viability on the tabletop.
Yeah, you save some money instead of buying them individually, but the problem is that there's always at least one unit/vehicle that you would never buy off the shelf.
If you bought only the useful kits contained in the force separately, that would be cheaper.

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I'm sorry, I don't remember putting NO FUN ALLOWED in the subject field when I made this thread.

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The Tact Muhreens and the Captain+his squad are all pretty useful.
A landraider and a Rhino are always welcome. The Drop pod is really good in quite a few lists. The dreadnought may be shit now, but it may make a comeback.
Scouts are utter shit though.

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I can't fuck off if you don't bend over first.

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yes because Guard are a hard army to play all about individual heroism. Fuck all that

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Go huff Xenon you piece of human waste.

>> No.22880843


even though scouts are regular taken as part of a SM allied contingent along with Lysander and Sternguard?

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I guess if you're going straight shooty go tau, but be warned your fellow tau players are some of the worst I've ever had to deal with in my twenty years of 40k.

But then again it's based more on what the people are like not the thing they like.

Still I cringe everytime I see the uberbrony tau player creep show up to the local shop with his army in pic related.

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If only that meme had any merit and wasn't just tripe guard players throw out while pretending their army isn't good due entirely to a bullshit codex.

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Are bronies always Tau?

>> No.22880884


>Sniper Scouts

6th Edition Called. It wants you to eat 30 Rending, Precision Shots per turn coming out of 3+ and 2+ Cover for 510pts.

Its like your squads don't even have sergeants or special weapons!

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You do know that Bronies play the Imperium more than any faction, right?

So don't throw them at the Tau.

>> No.22880917

I'm rarely bias but the creep and a good friend of mine are both bronies, and they both play tau. Also played a game in Chicago when I was passing through during a work related trip oh god the Tau players in that shop, it was like a weeaboo circlejerk decorated that entire place.

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Yeah, no - I've never met a Brony who didn't play Tau.

>> No.22880933

>It wants you to eat 30 Rending, Precision Shots per turn coming out of 3+ and 2+ Cover for 510pts.

Seriously? Wow.

>> No.22880936

I should have put in "Join the Imperial Guard today!"

>> No.22880938

I'm just stating what I've seen, not trying to shit on the tau but somebody has to bear the weight of the bronies.

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I laughed.

Gritty tau with camo and transparent glass bases, using role-played military tactics at 1k level or something.

I really didn't want to do crones. What the hell should I collect as mili'tau'ry?

>> No.22880951


I've never met a brony who didn't play some type of marines.

>> No.22880985

You guys really dont know fun, do you?

>> No.22880993

Yeah, seriously. Most marine players want the game to be no fun.

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Counts as bikers.

>> No.22881018

>Why would you let real life ruin a fictional setting/game?
Because the fiction setting/game ruins itself.

>> No.22881025

If anyone has to bear it, then it's the Imperials.

Most 40K brony art content involves the Imperium. Most Pony Conversions are of Imperial armies. There are scarcely any Tau pony content.

You don't get to pass your shame on the Tau, you scoundrel.

>> No.22881027

Oh lawdy, will people actually play against that army?

>> No.22881050


For my troops choices I prefer to take 2 or 3 units of Sniper Scouts for 170pts each and a Bastion with Quadgun (150pts) to infiltrate one of the squads into just forward of my deployment zone. The ones in the Bastion get 2+ cover.

>> No.22881052

But I play orks, like I said I'm pretty neutral on the matter.

>> No.22881062

If somebody pulled a holocaust on pony lovers, I would seriously fund them. Something isn't right with an adult that is that into a fucking children's TV show.

>> No.22881069

>If anyone has to bear it, then it's the Imperials.
>Boohoo, we have to bear it due to the rampant marine-wankery in the game!
Your damned right you do, faggot!

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What you are calling "fun" I experience as "annoy twats who like to pretend they suck who are actually brokenly good so when they win its extra epic"

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As annoying as bronies can be, marine-infatuated 40k fans are just as obnoxious.

>> No.22881104

Meh they're weird and they're online fanbase is a total circlejerk, but my good buddy is a brony and he's alright. He does avoid any kind of pony merchandise ect.

I think the proper term would be "normalfag"

>> No.22881122

>just as obnoxious

The fact that there is an /mlp/ board to quarantine those faggots and not a /40k/ board says something. It says you're kinda wrong. My opinion.

>> No.22881123

I don't want to discredit your mission, but even if they have a weird hobby, they aren't hurting anyone. I'm sure Hasbro likes their dollars just the same as the children that the show was originally intended for.

>> No.22881139

Then you're just simply ignorant.

It's the Imperial who carry the mark of the Pony. Pray that your Orks don't do the same in the future.

>> No.22881155

I'm all for people doing what they want to be happy.

But seriously, those people are fucking weird. I've had the misfortune of meeting of bronies in real life. Weird, man. Something off about them.

And this is a guy who doesn't care if you're gay, bi, purple, etc.

But brony? I try not to associate with you.

>> No.22881169

Alright with all the brony crap out of the way back to the real subject!

>Good 'ol WH40K general.

>vidya gaems

>> No.22881175

Wait up.

/tg/ was created to quarantine 40K from other boards. It's the only reason it exist. Ha...you share something with the BRONIES!

>> No.22881193

I never experienced that, ever. Then again we only have one person in my store that plays guard. Most people who find those pictures funny are people who find that the guard get ridiculous sometimes in the fluff.
I think you just need to get the stick out of your ass.

>> No.22881196

But /tg/ encompasses so much more than 40.

>> No.22881209

Why does Lysander only have toughness 4 when he tore his way out of an Iron-Warriors fortress world with no acid spit and naked?

>> No.22881214

Just speaking from life experiences
no need to get hostile also, let's get back on the subject I grow tired of this.

>> No.22881239

We seem to be getting a new codex. Just hold out until we get some previews.

>> No.22881244

Well, to be fair, most any 40k content involves the Imperium. They're the most varied group in the setting, what with the guard, the techpriests, marines, =][=, sisters, rogue traders...

>> No.22881262

Oh gawd, 40k bronies is an actual thing? It's like a disease spreading everywhere. I swear if I see a brony playing 40k at my FLGS he's getting harassed nonstop for being a faggot.

Truly horrifying. And I don't even play space marines.

>> No.22881267

It grew little beyond it's original purpose. /tg/ is /40k/, /40/ is /tg/.

So don't knock on /mlp/ when your situation over here is basically the same.

>> No.22881275

If somebody pulled a holocaust on tabletopgamers, I would seriously fund them. Something isn't right with an adult that is that into playing with fucking tiny plastic soldiers.
I don't even watch it, but your hypocrisy is fucking stupid

>> No.22881277

I'm cringing for it, I imagine it'll make us terrible.

>> No.22881293

Perhaps I should have narrowed it down then.

Marines are the most affected by the equine plague.

>> No.22881308

Indeed. If the rumors prove to be true, then I'm seeing 7e Orcs and Goblins all over again...

>> No.22881315

I've never been to /mlp/, but I have this sneaking suspicion that it never grew beyond its original purpose, and never will. So it's never the same situation.

>> No.22881325

This isn't >>>/v/ let's get back on the subject at hand.

Good 'ol WH40K general.

>vidya gaems

>> No.22881358

>Marines are the most affected by the equine plague.

That's like pissing into a sea of piss, really.

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>> No.22881369

you started this nigga, now deal wit' it

>> No.22881383

>>22881123 here.
>>22881262 I used to be part of a steam group called the alfa legion, but left because I lost interest. Picked up quite a few friends from there, that have slowly revealed their interest in MLP. I have realised that they have gotten into MLP due to reasons of depression, lack of direction, etc.
From what I can tell, MLP is becoming an alternative to religion for atheists.

>> No.22881385

If something has preferred enemy space marines does that count towards other codexes as well like dark angels, blood angels, etc or just those playing vanilla marines as if it was the others shouldn't it specifically note armies from hat codex?

>> No.22881387

Anyone have some battle images?

I love 40k fightan pics.

>> No.22881392


Last time I checked, Bronies had yet to rape myself or my family, unlike what apparently happened to you. If anything, I applaud them for managing to piss you 40kids off so much.

>> No.22881400

When are we going to get another 40k vidya gaem with these magnificent bastards?

>> No.22881422

probably the next one. I have a feeling relic was told to wait until after the necrons were updated by GW, so they could show off the necron's new toys.

>> No.22881432

Okay I'm soon starting a CSM army
I already have dark vengeance but nothing else
I'm looking for a general Undivided army (specifically Word Bearers, gotta love their fluff) and I want a fluffy army which is also competetive
Any tips on what to get and use/drop from the box set?

>> No.22881478

Girls, GIRLS, you're both pretty now quiet down and let the adults have a discussion.

>> No.22881484

With Ward, it's like there's a chance we'll actually get a decent codex with interesting new lore. However, there's also a chance that we'll be a trainwreck with no viability and a bunch of ridiculous retcons and whatnot. Unfortunately, given OnG 7e, I'm feeling like we're going to get the latter.

>> No.22881495

>> No.22881524

Warhammer 40k - A universe filled with genocide, murder, corruption, and debauchery

My Little Pony - A show for children ages 2-7 designed to teach them morality and ethics.

Which one makes more sense for attracting adults?

>> No.22881541

Tau's playstyle is supposed to be based on modern military. (Long range, all guns, no swords, long-range missile support, mobile infantry squads with suppression (pinning), drones, etc).

I say 'supposed to be' because all crunch is ash before the wrath of the Cruddex

>> No.22881547

With Ward, and the fact that Orks are not space marines, or some previously "gets back up" equivalent of them, I'm willing to bet my retirement fund on getting a trainwreck. At least that way I can be happy knowing I can retire twice as early!

>> No.22881569

Except there is love and acceptance of 40k on other boards, at least /v/, /b/, and /gif/, if not others.

Bronies? Yeah, everyone wanted them to get the fuck out.

>> No.22881583

>Which one makes more sense for attracting adults?

Neither. Ones a game for teenagers obsessed with rule of cool. The others a tv show for children.

>> No.22881600

"nigga. U gunna get raped."

>> No.22881601

This nigger doesn't know anything about chess, the game of kings.

>> No.22881609

>defending pony faggots
>in a 40k thread

I never said my loathing for bronies was fair, good, or otherwise, but seriously, defending them?

>> No.22881616


>> No.22881630

Ghazzy gets killed by some Ultramarine initiate. Gets sucked into the WAAAGH! where he finds the color red and stabs it, rendering all red vehicles normal. He then fashions the color red into a power klaw. He kills Gork and makes his teef into power armor.

This is all fair and not retarded at all.

>> No.22881643

I want Ghazghkull Thraka's saga to continue/come to a close.

I like to imagine maybe he'll actually kill Yarick then regret it for the rest of his WAAAGH.

As he hold up Yaricks skull which now makes the centerpiece of his banner

>I've burned entire worlds and killed more gits than I could eva count, but you yarrick you waz da best, dere just ain't nobody that could ever be as killy as you.

>> No.22881645

Stop posting now, please. The conversation has moved on.
What units aren't viable in the dark angels codex? Which units are no-brainer pics?
Has the codex followed usual codex creep?

>> No.22881648

And which one is closer to being an adult? Rule of Cool teens, or girl toddlers?

>> No.22881652

W-When did Warhammer get so expensive... I SWEAR the last time I looked, starter box sets were £50...

>> No.22881655

I posted this in the Grey Knights thread but got no responses. Now it is entirely possible it is because this is of no interest to anyone on /tg/ but I will post this nonetheless in hopes of receiving some thoughts...

know I might get some flak for this (or more likely, no respone at all) but here is goes anyways.

I'm running a Draigowing army,

An ordo hereticus inquisitor
some henchmen (mystic and a couple of warriors)
some paladins
a landraider
a stormraven
and a vindcare

Anyways, this post is not asking for mechanical help but rather thoughts on the fluff I'm putting together for my army.

Basic Idea is that the information that the Grey Knights/Inquisition/Imperium has on Kaldor Draigo is incorrect, some might even know that it is incorrect but they keep up the charade as the truth would be bad for morale.

The truth is Kaldor Draigo has spent an uncertain amount of time in the warp and has been twisted by it. Following a number of battles in which he appeared he took a small number of loyal paladins with him back into the warp, his motives are uncertain but he seems content to slaughter any whom he comes across, he has been seen in the company of highly unsavory allies at times but after a battle he and his forces always disappear into the immaterium. Recently reports of these incidents reached the ears of the inquisition. They sent an Inquisitor of an Ordo Hereticus to investigate these claims, he has not been heard from since. (hence the inquisitor in my list)

So what do you think /tg/?

also any tips for modelling subtle chaos corruption onto Grey Knights would be appreciated.

>> No.22881665

I want rules for grimskull in the new ork codex. He's earned my respect as a Warboss.

>> No.22881677

Neither. Both are immature.

>> No.22881700

I'd like to see rules for Gorgutz myself.

>> No.22881708


No. Keep that worthless pile of shit from some marine fan-service game out of the Ork codex, please.

>> No.22881721

Fuck you. Not really.
I hear the fliers are pure bungus. Belial-wing is quite solid, as is anything with the FNP Banner.

>> No.22881733

>not conceding that shit for toddlers is far more immature than shit for teenagers
Brony detected.

>> No.22881736

When was that, 3rd Edition?

>> No.22881741

Stop we've moved past the argument

>> No.22881818


>not pic related

It's like you hate fun.

>> No.22881862

Played a game with a bunch of new terrain that i scratched built.

It was the explode the radio tower objective special mission in the back of the book. 2000 on 2000

Blood angels with allied traitor tau vs Tau.

My army 3 hammerheads, 2 broadsides, 1 skyray, 6 crisis suits 2 commanders, 1 barracuda, 24 firewarriors 20 kroot. and 4 pathfinders.

against about 30 marines, 5 assault marines, vindicator, ball predator. hammerhead, devilfish, scout marines, hammerhead, stealth team with drones and crisis suit commander and 12 kroot"

boy was it fun. i was defending the tower but lost it and wasn't able to table him by the end of my turn (it was close, 1 hull point, 1 scout marine and 5 stealth suits remained.

some highlights
>The sky ray suffered two glancing hits in its first turn only to answer back by immobilizing both space marine vehicles out of range in the next turn.
>the barracuda killing a space marine librarian in a fly by.
>a lone enemy firewarrior being the last of 3 firewarriors who managed to stick by the building for a turn to win it for him after all the space marines had been killed.

It was such a close game, i'm really enjoying 6th edition a lot. rules seem to be a lot more seamless.

>> No.22881948

Hey guys could you help me out?

Ive been playing 40k for a bit now at my local gaming club.

Something that has always confuses me is when you are below 25% strength in a unit, for example 2 out of 10 space marines are left and must fall back WITH NO LEADERSHIP TEST. In particular what about Space marines falling back when they have 2 out of 10 men, are they not immune to fear? No one at the club really uses it and Im so confused.

I thought I should ask here rather than make a thread.

>> No.22881954

The Newcron fluff is preferred by the majority who weren't necron players and have actually read it. Unfortunately, it is always the minority that is most vocal (see: the two haters in every thread about any game ever).

Those who were necron players hated it, because of course you're going to hate it if your favourite army gets changed into something else, regardless of how good/bad it is/was.

The crunch, though, is incredibly internally consistent. It's high-powered, but so are all of Ward's codices, and it takes a skilled pilot to use most effectively. Outside of Cronair - which is the result of a fundamental problem with 6E, not just the work of Ward- no one list in the Necron codex is unbeatably cheesy.

Flayers are pretty terrible (for those not in the know, they're 13-points-each MEQ's with only a 4+, and only three AP- attacks in CC at only initiative 2, although they at least have infiltrate), but nothing else in the codex is so bad as to never see play.

There is some powerlevel overlap between units (why ever take lychguard or praetorians over Wraiths?), but even that example is two different force org slots. Customization is largely limited to HQs and unit selection, but that's mostly true for all non-marine codices.

Model-wise, their aesthetic might not appeal to most (too egyptian for the mindless death-robot fans, too robot for marine fans, too cluttered for tau fans, etc), but you must at least concede that the level of detail is as high as anything GW puts out, and the multi-part and multi-unit kits are fantastic. I was able to fashion an entire squad of immortals with just the guns left over from my tomb blades, some magnetized warriors, and $10 of bitz.

And I mean, come on. Just look at this swanky motherfucker.

>> No.22881956

>A weedy freeboota who's never lead a proppa WAAAGH across multiple worlds and solar systems.
Doesn't even compare to Gorgutz.

>> No.22881970

I kinda want Snagrod as an HQ. Ridiculous amounts of fire. He's essentially a burnaboy who made it up the ranks to warboss.

On a related note, who's the warboss on the edge of Tau space that's been looting their dakka for upwards of a few decades? He sounds like he'd be an awesome model.

>> No.22881974

Yeah, anyone who wants that hack of a warboss, Grimskull, in the codex definitely hates fun.

>> No.22882015

> In particular what about Space marines falling back when they have 2 out of 10 men, are they not immune to fear?
They should still be immune to fear even when falling back under 25%, I'd think.

Pictures of your terrain?

.... why do you use a Skyray over more broadsides/hammerhead?

>I'm really enjoying 6th edition a lot
Flyers are a mess. But otherwise, I consider 6th a complete improvement.

I really love Vargard Obyron's model, you guys.

>> No.22882022

You so rarely see the "below 25% unit strength, can't regroup" due to how loyalist marines saturate the game. Generally speaking, anything below 25% strength that breaks will never be able to regroup, barring some exceptions, namely marines who auto-regroup and practically wave away all the requirements to do so.

>> No.22882028

>He sounds like he'd be an awesome model.
Yes. I dunno who you're talking about, but.... yes.

I'd expect some awesome kitbashes even if he didn't have an official model.

>> No.22882039

so this is entirely unthoughtworthy then?

>> No.22882152

As much as I hate the Eldar, I have to admit, Eldar fans in general are a hell of a lot more sane than the others.

>> No.22882197

No, just no.

Above all other Xenophiles, the Eldarfags are the whiniest and most wretched bunch.

>> No.22882210

I've been running some sessions of Deathwatch and have decided to use the errata weapon rules, mostly because the heavy bolter feels too strong. A quick google told me to engage the devastator in close combat or use line-of-sight and cover for the enemies, so last session I tried to do this while still using the old rules, but combat remained pretty much revolving around the devastator. Does anyone else feel the heavy bolter is too strong pre-errata? Do bolt weapons feel like pea shooters using the changes?

>> No.22882213

Found it. WAAAGH! Grog, page 28 of Ork 5e.

Led by Grog Ironteef. Initially just to go h2h with Kroot for fun. Tau showed up to help their allies. Grog got pissed, declared an actual WAAAGH!.

Got his ass kicked repeatedly. Went back to brood, eventually came back a while later with a largely shooty army. He's completely stopped all colonization efforts in that part of the galaxy, and even managed to start pushing the Tau back.

He uses sneaky tactics and tons of kommandos, and most of his vehicles and dakka are looted Tau equipment.

Would make for an awesome HQ/army theme.

>> No.22882256

Eventually society reaches a point where everything is allowed to be penis shaped because technology is so advanced.

>> No.22882262

Let's remember that if we all only know 2-5 players of any given race, our anecdotal sample size is skewed.

And everybody plays marines, so any crazies other factions have, marines have too. Literally everyone I know through 40k has a xeno army, and a marine army.

Though of the marines, space wolf players are always douchebags I've found

>> No.22882267

didn't have more hammerhead turrets, and its still another tough vehicle, its a target they don't want to shoot, can't let live, and when out of seekers still provide a nuisance.

plus it looks cool.

The yellow egg thing is where there was an imperial bastion which was the radio tower. it was corner and corner with the other bunker.

There's a trench works across the table. and a factory behind it. While some ruined buldings and a wall were in the other half of the board.

>> No.22882281


>> No.22882290


From the other angle, this was there the attackers deployment edge was. his vehicles spent most of their time here but the 6 stealth suits and the vindicator where still around at turn 7 to prevent me from tabling him for victory. (didn't help that night fell at the end of the game.

>> No.22882291

Space Marines get fear immunity from the rule: And They Shall Know Know Fear. Not from morale itself. Also, I'm having trouble parsing out what you're saying. What's this "with no leadership test?"

>> No.22882317

>plus it looks cool.
Suppose I can't argue with that logic.

>its a target they don't want to shoot
Hmm. That's not something I ever thought about before. It might not be quite as strong, but people really don't want to shoot at skyrays. God damn do people love shooting at broadsides.

I like the terrain. Paint your shit, yo. It'll look snazzy as hell. And painting buildings is easy, way easier than you'd think.

>> No.22882318


Lastly the trenches, our kroot had a shoot out in these trenches before the end.

Also all of the vehicles except for the hammerhead facing the wrong way and the devilfish were still alive, it was a very close game.

>> No.22882323

>Imperial Sanctioned VR Missions

>> No.22882427

And while it got lucky in this game with its shots, its also helps that a sky ray can get all of its shooting done in one turn. A rail gun is pointless if its blown up first turn, doesn't matter how many more shots you could have gotten. A skyray can fire all 8 of its missiles (if you get the marker lights) in one turn. this game it really paid off immobilizing two vehicles allowing me to split his forces better. and two marker lights are never bad to have additionally.

Skyrays aren't terrible, just better to have hammerheads. Plus tau vehicles are amazingly durable at the moment the way disruption pods work.

This is part of a campaign where we started with a pitched battle and we both have to destroy a radio tower at even points against the other and we both have to have a final siege game, and who's on offense is determined by who wins a normal pitched battles inbetween the outpost missions, i've lost two in a row. and i need to push back. Thinking of going full tau armored company next game for the novelty of it.

>> No.22882467

>This is part of a campaign where we started with a pitched battle and we both have to destroy a radio tower at even points against the other and we both have to have a final siege game, and who's on offense is determined by who wins a normal pitched battles inbetween the outpost missions, i've lost two in a row. and i need to push back.

That sounds awesome. Any more details? Do you use different point values?

>> No.22882478

Also yeah i built almost all of those yesterday and the day before yesterday, i'm all out of white glue. (most of the factory was build before that but not finished.

Still need to add a few things to some of the buildings before i paint them.

I also built this ruined warehouse.

>> No.22882506

>that picture

Gotcha. I just assumed you'd had the terrain for a while because your army was unpainted as well, and I figured you hadn't painted the terrain because it was after painting your army on your to-do list.

>> No.22882510


Is that a threat?

>> No.22882554

Only in the HQ mission will it be 3000 on 2000, its just the other special scenario in the back of the 40k rule book. Its just a variation on a linear campaign but with victory objectives for both sides.

we rolled some planetary effects for a death world so the atmosphere will always be poisonous, but mysterious terrain will always be mysterious to represent different biodomes.

His cover tau tactics keep winning over my armoured and crisis suit might. Stealth suits are tough fuckers now.

Nah i'm slow at painting and i'm painting some bretonnians at the moment . (really slow, i really should finish my army i do one knight every time i sit down to paint.)

but we just started this 40k campaign.

>> No.22882579

>this thread

>> No.22882591

I don't get it but I saved the fuck out of that image.

>> No.22882629

When a xeno try to get 'atchu




>> No.22882649

How come at the end of every Omnibus I read that there's a free miniature to be had, but there's no codes or anything but their website and customer service number.

>> No.22882714

Do you think it will be out before the summer? I have a friend who was getting into Orks but i dont want him to waste his money on the old codex if a new one comes out.

>> No.22883151

as an atheist, I take that as an offence

>> No.22883190

This. No one likes a fucking brony

>> No.22883199

Because GW does not know the meaning of such a word. I would assume they meant to write "expensive", "costly" or "overpriced".

>> No.22883271

I didn't mean that as a blanket statement, it's just that their fanaticism can be equally as great as star trek and star wars fans, and if either of those groups don't have religiously loyal fans then I don't know what faith is.

>> No.22883463

bumping for thoughts on this.

>> No.22883984

I don't know what shape your penis is, if you consider that penis-shaped.

>> No.22884322

2 AOBR ork sets
1 battleforce
3 1/35 and 1/48 scale ww2 tank kits
3 same scale ww2-vietnam era planes
1 extra-large imagination
there ya go, an army of up to 2000 points

>> No.22884422

I'm just going to go ahead and bump this again.

fuck you, that's why

>> No.22885734

/r/ing "I was... going to say... 5 the Emperor..."

>> No.22886029

Would Black Templars make for good allies for a guard army? Just about one squad and a HQ to take care of some of the assulting.

>> No.22886052

If what you want is assault power why not use BA? Death Company are ridiculously good on the assault

>> No.22886084

I like the models and fluff of the Templars better

>> No.22886639

guys why isn't there a 40k play on broadway?

>> No.22886663


>> No.22887175

Then by all means bucko, load up on your iron crosses and undying fervor in the God-EMperor because you're goin' crusadin'

>> No.22888275

>Vargard Obyron
His model is in the top 5 of warhams, imo

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