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Any fans of Delta Green hereabouts? I've not actually got the books, or anything about them, but I've heard a great deal about them. CoC updated for the modern day, with an X-Files style conspiracy emphasis.

Anyone have any experiences with it? News about if it's good or bad? It looks like it's out of print, at least from my half minutes scanning.

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Aw come on. Nothing?

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I never got into Delta Green when it was a big thing, or using the core rules. I did get into Nemesis when I started my ORE kick and ended up reading a bundle of Delta Green stuff because it's pretty much the same.
Unfortunatly I never got to play any of it because my group is horrible and hates fun.

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It's pretty amazing. Great writing, better interpretations of some parts of the Mythos than the actual Mythos writers (such as Derleth) - really interesting all around.

There's a new edition in the works as well, and they just re-released most of the old books as cleaned up pdfs - still worth buying, because the new books are basically just bringing the Delta Green timeline to 2013 and making a new system, so the fluff in the old books is still valid.

That said, it's a game of investigation and horror - if your players seriously can't understand why legwork is important, or need you to explain that waving a gun around in public is not typical FBI procedure...


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I've enjoyed Delta Green, I'm currently writing a campaign using Delta Green as my main source book and using BRP Creatures to help flesh it out. It's pretty much gonna be Lost but with answers and the answer is abominations from outside of time and space.

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I've been running Delta Green for the past 7-8 months with my friends, and we're having a great time. I had them go into Club Apocalypse, which is alot like the Merovingian's club in Matrix 3, except with gouls in the basement.

The only thing is, I want to emphasize the horror aspect, or maybe do some more investigation, but my players have a tendency to have things go pear-shaped all over the place.

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All the Delta Greenists are still waiting on the standalone book to come out. Since it's going to be a standalone there'll be huge changes, so it's hard to want to play mechanical games knowing they may get invalidated soon.



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Also, this picture is the best summary of the Delta Green mood and experience. Your game should feel something like this if you're running it, and if this sounds good to you, you should play it.

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I've got a few DG stories. Want me to share, or will the Sanity Loss be too much? Note that because my players are insane, actual DG experiences may vary.

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i say go for it, sanity be damned

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Check out DriveThruRPG.com, Delta Green is now out for Print-on-Demand, as well as PDFs. The Print-on-Demand versions of the books are brilliant, amazing quality, and the game itself is probably better written than what most of the actual Mythos authors have ever written.

It's well worth getting, you won't regret it.

Go go Gadget Sanity Loss!

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