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First leaks are out, from warseer:

So I'll start with the thing everyone is waiting to here.

50 Great weapon, Khorne Marauders with full command are 580 points, they do however retain their statline

Now on the more mundane things that have changed.

Mark of Khorne; frenzy
Mark of Tzeentch; +1 ward save
Mark of Slaanesh; Auto pass fear, terror and panic
Mark of Nugrle; Flat -1 to hit in close combat

Marks on a per model basis

Mutant regen is gone (except throgg), and troll vomit is no longer magical, same cost

Chaos ogres gain impact hits

Dragon ogres gain halberd option

Forsaken are basically the same, same point cost, with a chart of rollable USR, ranging from asf, poison, etc
MofK on Forsaken is hatred, MofS is Swiftstride

Eye of the gods are all stat increases, except for 12 which turns characters, and chosen champ into Daemon Prince, units gain stubburn

Valkia always gets +1 S when she rolls on eye of the gods

Sigvald always rolls +1 A on eotgs, and gained T5

Chaos warriors same statline

Warhounds true core

Chariots as normal true core

Hellcannon gains 5+ ward, everything else is the same

Chaos lord stays the same, mounts change a little manticore for example, and marks are somewhat cheaper, mundane gear drops in price

Chaos sorcerers, lores as rumoured, same statline

Daemon Princes!!!

A wait for it... Mazing.

Chaos lord statline, ws9, S6, 5+ ward, Magical attacks, Unbreakable , must take a mark Khorne is +1s on charge, Nurgle is -1 to hit, Slaanesh is armour piercing?, and Tzeentch is re-roll 1's on ward and channel attempts

New stuff:

Chimera, SofM stats with a 4+ armour, for X points gains regeneration, for Y points gains s4 flaming breath weapon, tail attack has rules d3 attacks that are +1 to hit in rear

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Slaughterbrute is basically just a attack machine, bound uses are lord or hero ws, and opperates as normal (S7 or 6 can't rememeber exactly can check later, t6, 4+ armour) or can be unbound in which case its frenzied (which it can't lose), and Random movement 2d6, can buy 2 more s5 attacks

Hentical beast, less killy bound spell's effect is roll a d6, 1-5 are d6 T test + effect, 6 is whole unit + effect.

On Magic really great spells basically all made to turn the army into a killing machine, some of my favorites are 2 slaanesh spells 2 and 6 are hexes that give the unit ASL, and random movement d6, Treason is no inspiring presences or hold your ground, Phantasmagoria and Pavane, are both there. Nurgle has a lot of spells that are hexes and augments depending on who you use them on. Curse of the leper gives +d3 T to allies or -d3 to enemies. None are AoE if I recall correctly. Gateway on a 10+ for S is 3d6 hits, instead of 2d6

Skullcrushers get regular MC stats, Juggers have 3 attacks at s6 on the charge, Riders buy lances for 3 or EW for 5. Juggers have magical attacks and are only +2 to armour.

That's what I got from the top of my head, if people present questions I'll do my best to reply.

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Juggers are T4, 3 wounds

Daemonswords is gone, Magic items are if I recall correctly, Hellfire sword, Sword of change, The nurgle mace, helm of many eyes is now armour, a slaanesh item that gives you an additional attack for every wound you cause (might be a gift actually), The chalice is pretty meh to be honest.

Eye of the gods is all stat increases +1 bs is 3, +1 attack, +1s, +1 I, etc. Chosen before game roll, get to roll 3d6 and remove on die.

Gifts are mostly pretty cheap, there is one where you trade your attacks for double strength, flaming +5 ward against flaming, poison + 5 ward against poison, scally skin, third eye is back but it doesn't steal spells, an item that gives you +1 spell and +1 to channel.

Oh glean magic, lore of tzeentch, your oppenent loses a wizard level, and a randomly determined spell, which you then gain.

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War shrine is a bound spell, chariot with no impact hits, and doesn't take dangerous terrain or have swift stride

d3 units are given a roll on eotg.

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Banner of rage is mofK only makes frenzy unlose able, if a character with the banner joins a unit they gain frenzy,I'm pretty sure blasted standard is also there can't recall all what it did to be honest.

There is a slaanesh banner or item that lets the unit roll 1d6 for Ld.

Oh giant is much cheaper, and mark of Slaanesh is +1 I

>Can you expand on the eotg table some more please since its involved so much is it similar to csm one or is it same small table with few changes?
>Do marauders come with light armour as standard or do you buy it?

Its pretty much what I said so far, 2 is take a ld test if you pass your -1 Ld and stupid, fail and your a spawn or removed, Stubburn, as is LD, 12 is daemon prince, 7 is a re-roll for that turn, everything else is a permanent killing stat increase.

Marauders are same as now you pay for all their gear in addition, you start with a naked dude.

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Have chaosogres or dragon changed in some way ? And in which slot is this beasty chario thingy ?

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This guy might get a chance to shine now

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off my head, ogres have impact hits now. Gorebeast chariot is special, normal once are core.

Dunno about the Dragon Ogres, they gained halberds tough

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Great, so now I'll have to buy a pile of Daemon Princes in case I roll well on EOTG.

Fuck you GW.

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>A naked Chaos warrior is 6.25% cheaper, shield same, additional hand weapon same, halberd tripled in cost, Great weapon 150% increase.

Almost as if someone is trying to tell us something...

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>War shrine is a bound spell, chariot with no impact hits, and doesn't take dangerous terrain or have swift stride
>d3 units are given a roll on eotg.

Fuck yes.

Glad to see they buffed the rules when they realized just how massive and cool the model is.

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Or just trying to balance items that were no-brainers in the last book.

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>50 Great weapon, Khorne Marauders with full command are 580 points, they do however retain their statline

11 points per Khornate Marauder? OUCH!

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Anything about animosity between marks?

Can Khorne lords join Slaanesh units for example?

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>Juggers are T4, 3 wounds
>and are only +2 to armour.
Shame, wasted armoursave. Atleast they got
the extra wound, but I'll miss the short lived T5.

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>+1 bs is 3,
W-why would it even..?

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S3 is the only case where t5 w2 is harder to kill than t4 w3

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>Chaos Lords are WS9 and S6 base.


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Learn to read, that's Daemon Princes.

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It was originaly intended to have been carried by a large number of marauders.. but noo, they changed it to two horribly nondescript blobs instead. That's almost up there with the Nagash miniature change.

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I quite like the blobs.

The amount of marauders needed to carry something that heavy would require another frame and would make the model half as tall.

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There's way to few units with T5 in the entire game, also the iconic extra armour save of the jugger is wasted on the unit.. Something should make up for that. But I do like that they don't fuk about with 3 wounds on some and 2 wounds on other similar units through out different lists. Atleast they're being consistent.

Math-hammer has nothing to do with it.

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>would make the model half as tall.
And twice as awesome.

Now its just a retarded mess of on their own decent bitz (except the blobs, they're horrible).

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I hate the statue with the large chaos icon.

I just covered the skull pit with plasticard and putting the cultist and altar there and some skulls and some Asdrubael Vect bitches.

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Seems like those are the leaks we get for tonight, more is sure to come tomorrow, stay tuned

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So it seems. Thanks for bringing them to our atention.

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I'll start paying attention when I hear something more about Sisters.

What I'd like is a decent anti-psyker option, more variety for the basic Sisters, a few new HQ or elites options, and better transport options. So basically, I'd like a redo.

What I'll probably end up getting is plastic versions of what we've already got with maybe one jank option.

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>I'll start paying attention when I hear something more about Sisters.
Wut? Keep your filthy Forty Kay away from my glorious squared ranks of miniatures rumors.

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I hope I can still make my troll army.

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And here I thought we were doing a GW leaks thread.

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>expecting leaks for a product that may or not be coming out at some point possibly in the future, who knows?
Chaos Warriors are coming at the beginning of February. That's the only reason people know things about them.

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By all means post what you will. It just took me by surprise.

>Juggers have 3 attacks at s6 on the charge
So +1 attack and +1 Strength when they charge? Why not just give them their Impact hit back? Gawd damn it, why do they have to mess up all the nice coherent statlines?

>> No.22868018

Yes, and they're not the ONLY product coming out in the near future, are they? Thus my apparently grievous misunderstanding that talking about other upcoming product lines would be acceptable.

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Yeah. The book is in teh stores and some have been reading them (up for sale on Feb 2nd).

>> No.22868075

>Gawd damn it, why do they have to mess up all the nice coherent statlines?
Still, that said, the big arse horns, spikes and blades the current miniatures have it's probably proper that they get a +S charge attack like others with the same. Also nice to see GW actually using their Devastating Charge special rule (+1 attack on charge).

Still, they should have had Impact hits (again).

>> No.22868094

Are you saying that Sisters are coming out in the near future? Have you been smoking finecast?

Being serious for a second: no. No other GW product is coming out so soon that we have definite information on the rules.

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>Have you been smoking finecast?
Think we've all inhaled our fair share of plastic glue melting fumes in our days..

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>A wait for it... Mazing.

>Chaos lord statline, ws9, S6, 5+ ward, Magical attacks, Unbreakable , must take a mark Khorne is +1s on charge, Nurgle is -1 to hit, Slaanesh is armour piercing?, and Tzeentch is re-roll 1's on ward and channel attempts

The one thing I wanted from the book was for Daemon Princes to be good, so I'm fucking satisfied now. I finally get to use my Be'Lakor model in a game and not have it suck ass!

>> No.22868192

Eh, you're right. It's for Q3 2013.

Luckily I'm in no hurry.

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A) is sigvald still in?
B) How much do trolls cost and does throgg still make them troops?
C) what does the vortex beast do?

>> No.22868253


These were all answered already.

>the same and no one knows
>bound spell, makes stuff take T tests

>> No.22868259

>A) is sigvald still in?
>Sigvald always rolls +1 A on eotgs, and gained T5
Apparently so as the rumor says.
>B) How much do trolls cost and does throgg still make them troops?
Warseer (the source fo the rumors) generally don't allow the posting of point costs.
>C) what does the vortex beast do?
Blast things (according to a slightly older rumor). No greater details given about it aside from its blasting.

>> No.22868322

No rumors about the hinted about new Nurgle units though?

Maybe they'll shown to be for the Daemons fo Chaos next month. Still, with special units for S and K, why not some T and N love too?

>> No.22868401


>Tzeentch love

That Vortex beast is pretty damn Tzeentchy.
I agree though, Nurgle needs to get more love. Poor bastard is way too unrepresented.

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Thanks guys. glad sigvald stuck around, I can tell these next two months are gonna rape my wallet.

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It indeed is, or if you will just chaos and its warping effect (often attributed to Tzeentch though) in general. The Slaughter beast might just as well be Khorne , but shows no marks (so its just chaos in general I guess, but still grows a collar that could be interpreted as a CoK, even if not supported by its mechanics).

>> No.22868496

Hatsings (or some one else of the usual suspects) did mention some rumor of a sort of bloated fly thingy for Nurgle. But I guess we have tow ait and see (perhaps it was ment for DoC, perhaps it's a later release, perhaps it don't exist at all).

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>So I've double check warshrine. It gives a 3d6 roll and you remove the die you want. For example if you roll 2-3-5 you can have 7, 5, or 8 result. Which means unless you roll triple ones you aren't going to see insanity which still functions the same.

That's nice, not as random, a bit of choise and unless it rolls three sixes I don't have to swap out my characters for a DP.

>> No.22869816

any other leaks? Slaaneshi standards, magic items, or spells maybe?

>> No.22870205

Nothing massive, but he is still posting some small clraifications on things and the ocsasional extra "rumor".

Covering some of the spells now (but his english is even worse then mine so it leaves alot to the imagination at times).

>> No.22870285

>The one spell that gives ASL, and Random movement d6, the frenzy spell is there, and the number 6 spell does ASL, and Random Movement plus some other effect.

Also the "remove unit" spell now adds an extra d6 of hits instead if it scores 10+ in strength apparently.

The signature spell for Slaanesh was that 24" whip, straight line everyone gets hit with S3 AP, which don't sound that great untill you cast an eye on the affinity of the Lore..

Also as mentioned, dickery, random movment and ASL dickery spells.

I like the nurgle spell that buffs or curses +/- 1d3 Tougness depending on your choise of target.

>> No.22870290

Kind of interesting, if Throgg does indeed make Trolls core, then you can have a complete monster army. Throgg, Lord on Manticore, Troll core, Chimera specials, and Brute rares.

>> No.22870320

Isn't the warshrine being a bound spell worse? Doesn't that mean it can be dispelled now?

>> No.22870358


Also 1d3 units gets the benefit from it if it gets through.

All spell like abilities are being changed into spells though (it's all the energy of the warp after all).

>> No.22870382

Oh I must've read over the D3 unit part. Neat.
And they're special choices now rather than rare, so that leaves room for more Skullcrushers and a Hellcannon.

>> No.22870396

Also the units gets their choise of 2 dice results out of the 3d6 rolled when looking at the 2 to 12 table effects.

>> No.22870496

No more 4+ Ward from it, instead a +1 bonus to existing WS (or well a 6+ I guess if you have none). Which arguably could give a Tzeench character a 4+, +1 (MoT), +1 (Shrine); 2+ WS, perhaps? Good thing it's a spell (also; it gives Khorne armies something to throw power dice at).

>> No.22870498


That would be hideously expensive and a very low-model army.

>> No.22870528

It would be a very cool army, I think.
Cannons might kill it dead though.
Wish I could do it, but I don't have the funds. Only thing I have for it at the moment are 6 trolls.

>> No.22870536

Played the Troll army on two occations (had to try it atleast twice) and while that was fun it's nothing I'd ever have as a standing army (not that I have any real standing armies really).

>> No.22870544


When you field them, do the voices from the Hobbit.

>> No.22870557

So disapointed in the voices of the troll king and the giants in the hobbit. Way to human.

>> No.22870571


But so fucking entertaining.

"You wot?"

"Yeah, that'll do it, all right."

>> No.22870813

Well, judging from the sound of the spoilers, I'm not too upset. The marks being per model is pretty annoying. I wanted to try a 40+ warrior horde, but now it is obscenely expensive rather than horridly expensive.

>> No.22870867

That's Daemons I think. Ridden by Plaguebearers.

>> No.22871025

Most likely. Which means no love for WoNurgle (so far).

>> No.22871080

Maybe there will be a Tzeench and Nurgle unit like there are the Seekers and Skullcrushers, but somehow, I doubt it. GW isn't so thoughtful.

>> No.22871258

If there will be it won't be for quite a while when WoC need some support wave with WD ruleset or some such (though they said something about no more new units in WDs recently, but we'll see).

I guess the Vortex monster could be Nurglefied quite easily and its bound spell ability is a toughness test so it fits quite well with Nurgle (after some minor conversion work on it).

>> No.22871357

Or just buy a cheaper model and convert it. Because 90$ for that shit is insane

>> No.22871457

Well I only pay what comes out to about $75 or less for mine, and I like the sculpt (even if the over all pose is a bit lackluster, atleats it has lots of bits and some texture to it).

>> No.22871502

I could only afford a chariot and the book. I'm going to end up making my own chariots out of plasticard and my spare plastic Juggernauts though. (since my army is Khorne).
Though I'm not sure if I'll count those chariots as the heavy special ones. The chariot I bought will be a hero/lord, though.

>> No.22871627

Yeah I was thinking of making a Juggernaught chariot instead of that horribly atrocious Gorebeast one (even the normal horses looked bad, liked the actual chariot carriage, might do something about the big horns).

Already have enough of old WoC chariots to cover the need of normal ones.

>> No.22872435

fuck yeah mah trolls are coming to town in low point games.

got 12 different ones now, gonna pick up throgg on sat. provided my LGS get him.

>> No.22872574

Well, that is if he still makes them core.
Throgg was really impressive because he was a hero with an amazing stat line. I'm worried they'll make him a lord with a similar stat line, and change him heavily.

>> No.22872669

It's just a special character.. Who cares? He's fun to use for a game or two now and them but do you really base your core structure around him and run with it?

>> No.22872721

oh hell I thought that dude said he still did, sorry about skimming as I read.

But yeah Throgg was impressive, I'm really hoping at the very least they keep his vomit attack and his ablility to allow trolls within his command to use his command instead of theirs.

he's an interesting special character, but if he makes trolls a core unit then yes I might very well change how your army is constructed.
He just allows you to construct your army in a different way and get some use out of an otherwise mediocre unit.

>> No.22872974

Yeah but not in any really interesting way. Now if there were alot of variety to the different kinds of abilities the Trolls could have.. Sure, then I could see some future games baing quite fun. But just Trolls, as they are in that one fixed unit choise. Ugh.

>> No.22873044

Granted they aren't ogres but it's a fun army to play with. and how many people honestly would expect it? Throgg is a cool character and his fluff ain't bad, sure I would like more trolls too, after all the goblins get 3 different types, but for the most part they are similar.

>> No.22873462

I just have a hard time understanding how some one could settle for such a bland army (after that one or two games)?

>> No.22873558

why does someone play any other army? or play their army a particular way?
Because they happen to like it, as I said previously I intend to use this one for small games. I have 3 other armies that I can pull out whenever I want, Goblins, Daemons, and an actual WoC army.
I'm building it because I want to, others might like to build it because it's somthing interesting that you don't see often.
It's a game, games are supposed to be fun, and if people want to enjoy the hobby they have to find their own version of fun.

>> No.22873821

Well then it is a once in blue moon army after all.

I get that.

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File: 16 KB, 444x319, m2730241a_99800201015_WoCTzeentchLordCFC02_445x319.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

+1 wardsave from eotg stacks with the mark, say hello to 2+/2++ Tzeentch Lords

>> No.22875933

This. I always meant to try out a Throgg list but the lack of a model held me back.

>> No.22876161

What about dragon ogre shaggoths, and Kholek Suneater? I haven't seen anything about them ...

>> No.22876171

Will Juggs and Slaneeshiriders be viable?

>> No.22876186

I think shaggoths got cheaper, no idea if he got the increased defenses he needs. Kholek is in, although no specifics has been leaked yet

>> No.22876192

Jugs prolly, Slaneesh mount prolly not

>> No.22876239
File: 66 KB, 600x621, NurgleWarriors.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nurgle Warriors with shields might be the new anvil of choice due to the flat -1 to hit. Their natural WS of 5 combined with access to low level shadow lore and miasma signature, they will be very very hard to hit

>> No.22876262

>I love you for answering, and for having some knowledge

>> No.22876308

Might be time to do a Nurgle/Khorne list or something.

>> No.22876337

Are Marauders as cheap and effective as Grey Hunters?
How does the slaughterbrute compare to the vendetta and nightscythe?
Can a sorc use divination powers?

Guess the codex is complete shit.

This comparison will be made from Beasts of War in an annoying british accent. Wait for it.

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File: 120 KB, 873x627, chimera.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For those who haven't seen it yet:

WoC now has a flying monster, as in thunderstomping monster, in the special slot. It has a metric ton of attacks, +4 armor save and regeneration. It has the same stats from StoM. Oh, and it has a S4 breath attack...

>> No.22876437

Seems like I swithced them around:

>Is Kholek still in the book? If the answer is no, just don't reply. My heart will break
>lol Kholek is there cheaper and largely unchanged, although someone did mention his armour save was lower, I didn't follow up on it so I can check if I remember.

This was posted on warseer by Baluc who is the current source of the leaks

>> No.22876447

then my work on my kit bash for Kholek has not been in vain ... GLORIOUS

>> No.22876818

> Nurgle has a lot of spells that are hexes and augments depending on who you use them on. Curse of the leper gives +d3 T to allies or -d3 to enemies. None are AoE if I recall correctly. Gateway on a 10+ for S is 3d6 hits, instead of 2d6

Nurgle confirmed for flexibility

>> No.22877072

>horrible plastic DP
>Not Be'Lakor

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File: 4 KB, 250x242, 1301693236831.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More info from new source:

>I had a brief overview of the book today. What worries me is the third eye of tzeentch gift can still makes a lot of cheese, though not in the same way as it used to. Tzeentch mark still improves ward save (you can easily get 3+ ward) and the third eye makes you rerol 1´s in ward saves. It´s not Kaelth´s like, but almost. Lore of tzeentch is not that impressive now, but the stealing spell one can be pretty nasty if casted by the previous, almost unkillable, mage. I hope its not like this or I missed something in my brief overview.

>The rest is more or less ok, though the 50% rise of marauders and their weapons upgrades makes me think they wont be seen so much anymore. The chaos ogres having impact hits in the same way as OK ogres have is nice, and they got cheaper as well. And the cannon having magical attacks, 5+ ward save and -1 to panic checks and the rest staying the same makes it a better choice now.

Waaahahaha, that 3++ / potential 2++ lord gets to reroll his wardsave rolls on 1, this is a whole new can of worms

>> No.22877312

More info from Baluc:

>On price increases. The book strongly incurarges MSU, or MMU to get the most of it. Pricing marks per model for instance makes knight inspite of going up per model cheaper at the end of the day. 6 Khorne knights with full command in 7th = 360 points, new book = 312. You will want unit champions because you will want every opportunity to get Daemon Princes, yes that's right your unit champions can become Daemon princes.

>Marauders of every type were straight up undercosted, there isn't any argument about it, at least there shouldn't be. 8 points for a Ws4 I4 dude with a flail is really solid, and makes sense in comparison to other 8th edition books.

>Halberd warriors cost one point more than before, at 17, but shield warriors are 15 and additional hand weapon cost the same. Giving you the player the choice on how to proceed. "Cheap" warriors backed by an extremely controllable warshrine, that buffs d3 units, or more elite warriors who don't need the help.

>I can for see mono-khorne players taking warshrines as a buff machine.

>The Hellcannon is a monster that shoots, please don't ever forget that, 210 points for a T6 5-8 wound monster with a 4+, 5++, which is also unbreakable, it has also been reaffirmed as a s5 template, its also no longer a warmachine so no Iron curse icon against it.

>People asked for god specific items, so banner of rage, pendant of slaanesh, and such are there, if you want to min-max don't blame the book for being really well balanced.

>> No.22877317


>Skullcrushers destroy any ogre unit. For 78 points per model you put out 6 s6 attacks on the charge per model. Is there any army that can say the same? 3 skullcrushers for 234 points.

>EotG is much more controllable from a shrine, meaning you can tailor your blessing for your in-game situation. yes 4+ ward is gone, but you can now stack blessings, one of those stackable blessings is ward save, another is armour.

>If you think Warriors got worse in combat I've great misrepresented the new book, if anything we've gotten much better, and much more flexible in how we bring death.

>> No.22877372

>Baluc, can you please post a detailed list of all chaos gifts? We could start making some prince builds, that would be awesome 7:^) .

>To be honest there are like 18 of them... so I can't remember all of them.
>For 50 pts there is Daemon blade which gives d6+3 attacks
>There is an gift that lets your double your strength for loss of attacks, but to be honest I didn't look too hard at it because a khorne daemon prince is s7 on the charge anyway
>25 - There is an familiar (which is a gift but also arcane), which gives +1 to channel attempts and 1 additional spell
>20 points for 5+ scally skin
>Collar of khorne is 45 pts?, and MR3
>The poison and flaming ones I mentioned earlier
>There a god specific one for each mark, can't remember them at all right now.

>Daemon Prince is M8, so wings are an optional upgrade, Chaos armour isn't a gift, just an option, same with wings. He gets 100 points of gifts and 25 points of magic equipment.

>Marks are different for Daemon Princes
>Khorne (hatred tzeentch), -1 strength on the turn he charges
>Tzeentch (Hatred Khorne) re-roll ones to channel, and ones for ward saves
>Nurgle (hatred slaanesh) -1 to hit in close combat
>Slaanesh (Hatred Nugrle) armour piercing

>Ws9, S6, I8, unit type monster, I'll double check today if he's still a large target.

>> No.22877379

Oh God .... I have priapism .... I am so excited about this book

>> No.22877412


>Khorne (hatred tzeentch)
>Tzeentch (Hatred Khorne)
>Nurgle (hatred slaanesh)
>Slaanesh (Hatred Nugrle)

They reworked rivalries?

>> No.22877461

More from Baluc, although it's his input, not new info from the book

>Not every army functions the same way. Chaos wins by forcing combat, we've been giving the units to be the premier combat army. We don't redirect we kill redirectors, we don't shoot we take out losses laugh, and keep fighting.

>Your view point sadly is very 7th edition. BS shooting is easy to counter, and to be honest not really that effective against units. BS shooting is how other armies deal with re-directors and support units. Warriors of Chaos use cheap flying monsters. Also warriors are cheaper! If you use reasonable unit sizes, and reasonable builds, I'm seriously considering just stock undivided HW&S warriors, I haven't thought about them for nearly 10 years.

>You haven't seen the book, but one of my friends warrior heavy list is 100 points cheaper in this book than the last. Not having shooting doesn't mean your infantry need to be under costed it means you need methods and tools to shut down your opponents shooting, and mitigate casualties.

>50 marauders with gw and mofK was a gimmick because you chose to invest in said gimmick has nothing to do with Robin Cruddace, GW or anyone else. Every one with half a brain knew that combination was going to jump way up, just as they knew it was too cheap.
We all knew Marauders were too good

>> No.22877665

Source, AmoraK on warseer
>Edit: not sure if it was mentioned already, but a marked character can´t join a unit with a different mark, and two different marked characters can´t join the same unit. It was about time, I´d say

>> No.22877681

From Baluk:
>Soul feeder lets you heal wounds for wounds done, its like 10 points I think

>> No.22877690

beats the hell out of the 100 points it is in the deamons codex

>> No.22877700

Source once again Baluc
>Chaos Warshirne
>Bound spell LVL4
>d3 units within 12" get a roll on the EotG table, roll 3d6 and remove one die of your choice to gain result.

>Chosen when deployed, or coming on the table from reserve roll on EotG table, roll 3d6 and remove on die, roll does not effect characters

>> No.22877728

Even more Baluc, in respons to another post:
>To be fair Disks are more expensive... And glean is a random spell
>Spawn are 5 points cheaper, and no longer 2for1
>Or your champion can become a DAEMON PRINCE!!
>Giant is 200 points, my favorite build is MofS Giant for I4 monster killing craziness, giants basically auto win combat against other monsters if they go first.
>I wouldn't spring for the breath weapon on the Chimeras, I think 245 for regen will be great.
>Slaughter brute uses either lord or hero ws and Leadership (he's ld 5 on his own), no marks.
>Mark characters can't join unit of a different mark

>> No.22877761

I, too, have been waiting to here this.

>> No.22877775

More info trickling in from Baluc

>Without point costs, Daemon prince buys each level for the normal cost, starts with none
>The 600+ ones are less than 6, for instance you can take kholek at 2200 points
>Archeons swords of chaos get hatred and ItP
>Sigvald is T5 now, always gets +1 attack for eye of the gods
>Valkia gets +1 S for every eye of the gods roll
>Gifts and magic are seperate
>chimera comes with tail attack
>Daemon Prince is a monster
>Forsaken are frenzied, Mark of Khorne gives hatred

>> No.22877813

>The 600+ ones are less than 6, for instance you can take kholek at 2200 points

>The 600+ ones are less than 6, for instance you can take kholek at 2200 points
Oh god the humainty

>> No.22878074

AkaroK on chaos ogres:
>They come with a pair of points more than an ogre bull, but they have heavy armor as well. Options and stats are the same as before, and the charge is exactly the same OK ogres have, including the d3 impacts if you roll 10 or higher on the charge.

>> No.22878143

More from AmaroK
>About standards, they keep the frenzy banner (you never loose frenzy but you have to use it with a unit/char marked with Khorne) and the banner that gives protection for shooting, but its not 5+ ward save, but halving the strenght of the shoot after a succesfull roll (2+ I think, if you roll a 1 it doubles the strenght of the shooting).

>About magic items, the helm of many eyes stays the same, improving your armor save on top. Theres a sword that can create spawns when slaying models, a chalice that may turn your character into a demon prince or wound it (rolling a d6 chart) and some other items. About gifts there are more than magic items, the fanciest of them is the third eye of Tzeench, making you rerol the 1´s for ward saves, only for Tzeentch miniatures. I hope this isn´t as cheese as it smells :S

>> No.22879033

>Warriors are cheaper
>Marauders are more expensive
Well... I guess that is ok, I only spent about 60 bucks for 60 marauders.
>Daemon Princes everywhere
B-But I don't have any...
>240pt Chimeras
Really tempted on picking one or two up.

>> No.22879275

Sorcerer Lord of Tzeentch with Third Eye, the 4++ ward item and one lucky EoG roll can get rerollable 2++.

>> No.22879320

What if you put said lord on a monster?

doesn't the mount get the ward save too?

>> No.22879459

ward saves of the rider never affect the mount unless otherwise stated.

>> No.22879511

So...is it too early to say that crud is redeemed, at least in fantasy?

>> No.22879563

It does seem like he did the opposite than he did with the chaos marine book.

Maybe he just likes fantasy more?

>> No.22879567

Cruddace doesnt seem to fuck up as much in fantasy as he does in 40k. the 8th ed army books (of which he did Orcs & Goblins, Tomb Kings and the Empire) all stick to the same power level and work well within the 8th ed rules, with no major rule fuck ups, and with no obviously over- or underpowered units.
they should keep him away from 40k

>> No.22879575

I have a ton of Beastmen models.

Does this mean I could run them as Forsaken?

Pretty cool.

>> No.22879583

I use Gors and Bestigors for marauders.
Who is to say you can't? Just don't play them.

>> No.22879589

Actually, are there any current 8th ed army books that are dramatically broken at all?

>> No.22879610

This sounds like buffs. Why is the best Army Book in the game getting buffs?

>> No.22879611

What I meant to add is.

Are Forsaken any good? Also most of the Gors dual wield, so they seem pretty out of place for Marauders.

>> No.22879613


kelly wrote CSM


Vetock (DA codex guy) wrote O&G

>> No.22879615

Gonna wait on the book to arrive here.

Since I ordered it just to read. Throgg is one of the best models in the game now IMO.

The fact you can link your Chaos Lord to Slaughterbrute, meaning the SB gets your Weapon Skill.. Which will go up if you CL wins +1WS on EOTG. In the WD Battle Report, the Chaos Lord ended up with WS10.

>> No.22879631

>Theres a sword that can create spawns when slaying models, a chalice that may turn your character into a demon prince

Wow, GW is sure pushing the Spawn and DP models lately.

>> No.22879634

But where is Be'lakor.


>> No.22879635



Skaven have their abominations, 100 slave blocks and so on. DE have teh pendant and underpriced monsters. Pretty much everything OP in Fantasy now is from 7e books.

>> No.22879653

Because it's getting buffs where it should have them, getting nerfs where it needs them.

Warriors of chaos should be about... Warriors of chaos, not a horde of Marauders who are both stronger than Empire and able to match them man for man.

>> No.22879664

my mistake

Not really. Most of the insane stuff is caused by the 7th ed books interacting with 8th ed rules.

>> No.22879668

Was it kelly who butchered the Chaos Marine book and took all the cool custom options out like Legions and stuff?

>> No.22879683

So instead we're getting a horde of warriors of chaos who are both stronger than Empire and able to match them man for man?

>> No.22879688

Actually pretty good to hear, now if there was only some way we could convince them to release them more often so we have Editions being.. editions for everyone.

>> No.22879693


Yeah. Warriors of Chaos are a bit cheaper now, except Halberd warriors which are a bit stronger. Marks are per model, which means cost scales with big blocks.

Marauder with MoK and great weapon is the same cost as a Grave Guard now.

>> No.22879696

Warriors of chaos got a bit cheaper, doesn't mean you can march huge blocks of them around though.

>> No.22879699

Most broken things in fantasy are 1 general thing per army book, and one thing that is broken only against some armies per army book.

>> No.22879703


you mean the 4th edition dex? that was gavthrope...

>> No.22879729


Legion rules only existed in 3e.

Additionally Chaos Undivided is being phased out as the emphasis on it was the idea of some 3e devs (doesn't take much to figure out this means Haines and Chambers). You see this in the removal of Mark of Undivided/Chaos Glory and mandatory dedication of daemon princes to a single god.

>> No.22879746

I want Suneater to be released as a real model. A huge, model. He would of been an amazing model to release.

Who knows the Lizardmen update now.... We'll prob won't get Lord Mazumdi now.... I guess we'll be left with Coatl, maybe those big bird things.... Hopefully a Kroxigor SC. Gor-Rok model... But I doubt a lot. Still, 2014 long way away.

>> No.22879764

its almost an anagram of Black Crusade

>> No.22879765
File: 109 KB, 476x600, what the shit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wait, so we'll have to buy a Daemon Prince model for every unit champion and character in the army?

>> No.22879783

i always thought Gor-Rok should have been the special kroxigor character

>> No.22879785


>Legion rules only existed in 3e.

Yeah, but they have existed in the fluff for far longer. Why is a World Eater Terminator worse in combat than their average mook?

>> No.22879789

Or do what I am going to do.

Buy the bases, buy chaos warrior boxes and model Super Saiyan hair on the champions you make and stick them on the bases.

>> No.22879833

This is brilliant

>> No.22879835


For the same reason it was in 2e. Because developers want it to be.

Players are free to make up shit as justifications though, for example "Berzerkers think terminator armour is for the cowardly who don't want their blood shed for Khorne".

>> No.22879883

"Khorne terminators suffer from a fault in the suit, with the arms actually being to short for the armor itself, meaning whilst inside the berserker is frothing and maddened with rage, the little arms just swing around adorably"

>> No.22879889
File: 384 KB, 350x565, 1299269974105.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


That's a great idea.

Might model them so it looks like they are in the middle of ascension with the ground cracking under them while they're held aloft by lightning or colourful flames.

>> No.22879919
File: 181 KB, 800x600, IMG334.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Luckily enough I play Thousand Sons so my Terminators and Warp Talons can actually get a 4++ save to simulate the Rubric.

>> No.22879925
File: 85 KB, 600x873, FulgrimSaiyan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Yeah, they should be somewhat aloft to silence complaints about TLOS issues.

>> No.22879946

>This is what it is to be a warrior of Khorne!
>And this is what it is to be a Daemon prince of Khorne!
>And this.. is what it is... to go even Beyond!

>> No.22879949


I don't think anyone is going to complain that you didn't buy 12 official Daemon Prince models though.

But good point on the line-of-sight.

>> No.22879979

Big Back Banner or Banner on the stand.

Everything is solved by Banners.

>> No.22880090
File: 94 KB, 304x405, ascension2[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Everything is solved by Banners.

Nah, I'll let the levitate on winds of change, enveloped in green and pink flames.

And yes, Jesus was totally a Demon Prince.

>> No.22880160

But you can't hit banners, you need to hit the body of the model.

>> No.22880178

>Implying the mighty and proud banner is not an extension of the champions will.

I pity your warriors, for they do not carry the glory of the gods.

>> No.22880186

its not a banner, its a mutation that looks like a banner

>> No.22880188


>Ouch, right in the heraldry!

>> No.22880206

Then my Mutalith will actually be 1" tall, and everything above will be a banner that looks like a mutation.

>> No.22880233

Im hoping the turn into daemon prince will be re-rollable if you have no DP model with you. I dont fancy my chaos lord with all 100pts of gear and mount turning into a gear-less daemon.
unless the DP keeps any magic items the lord has, in which case, awesome

>> No.22880273


Think that's bad, imagine in 40k when your tooled-up rolls high on the table and becomes a naked, wingless Daemon Prince.

>> No.22880295

40k daemon prince ascension automatically grants the power armor upgrade, even if it was a cultist champion.

>> No.22880310


Granted, but you lose your Wings and Black Mace.

>> No.22880315

yeah thats great when i had a guy in terminator armour with the burning brand, sigil of corruption and mark of tzeentch, on a disc

>> No.22880353


Serves you right for taking an illegal Terminator Disc Lord.

>> No.22880473

true, but it is often a penalty more than a bonus

>> No.22880957

Think of it like this!

>They shot my banner? Screw this shit, I am going home...

>> No.22880976

>Entire army of Ogres considering of Gnoblars with very big, ogre shaped banners.


>> No.22881014


>I... I spent like three weeks making that...

>> No.22881038

Can Daemon Princes in the new book carry wargear?

Is so, maybe they don't lose it?

>> No.22881053

>Big Lord of Khorne sitting at a tiny spinning wheel whistling happily.

>He made it out of his mothers washcloth.

>> No.22881197

On a slight unrelated note, what type of simple Green to people use to remove paints?

Busting out the ancient models of chaos I have, time to remove my 12 year old selfs thick coats of paint!

>> No.22881208


25 points of magic items, 100 points of gifts.

>> No.22881578


That is a really good looking model.

>> No.22881686


I love the crown on his tusk.
Nice touch.

>> No.22881903


I didn't even notice that! It really is. Is this what GW are going to look like now? Because I might get into the game if that's the case.

>> No.22882536


From Baluc:
>The Warshrine isn't units, it is models with the EotG rule.
>Daemon Princes have their traditional hatreds, and are bananas, I made a 1+ 5++, S7 on the charge s4 flaming breath weapon, charmed shield, hits on 2+, 2+ ward against flaming, roll a d6 for each unsaved would on a 6 regain a wound, flying, not large target monster for under 400 points.

So the 10 point soul feeder gives you a d6 chance to regain 1 wound per wound done then. Seems a bit more balanced than the being a super cheap version of the daemon one

>> No.22882595

So if your Lord changes into a Daemon prince.

Logically he keeps all his magical items then?

>> No.22882626
File: 1.18 MB, 1944x2592, IMG_20120815_141212.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guess I'll be using this bad boy soon. At fucking last.

>> No.22882863

>warshrine isn't units, it is models with the EotG rule.
So... it doesn't affect units anymore, just D3 champions/heroes?

>> No.22882904

As long as one of them turns in a DP it's worth it.

>> No.22883072
File: 43 KB, 400x432, wh-vomit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Trolls have lost their rolls on the EotG table, and their vomit isnt magical anymore sadface.jpg

They are 10 points cheaper tough, only 35 points for a troll, so I guess it's ok.

>> No.22883142

Some random questions answered by Baluc:

'Questions (my own and ones i have seen recurring, consolidated below to ease the process of answering)'

>1.Warshrine, details on how it functions?
1. Warsrhine is a bound spell, when cast, d3 models with eotg get a roll on the table

>2.Hellstriders, what happened to them with the update (points and rules?)
2. Same as WD update

>3.Can all unit champions become DP's or roll on EOTG? If so where do they appear since they cannot join a unit? Same question if a character is bunkered? Can DP's join units now?
3. Yes Champions from any unit can become a DP

>4. already answered (edited out)

>5. Does EOTG still say you MUST challenge? If so does it apply to characters only?
5. All characters and champions must challenge and accept if possible

>6. Throgg, does he make trolls core?
6. Yes he makes trolls core, trolls are 35 points per model

>7. Price of Gorebeast Chariot? Price of Slaughterbrute? Price of Mutalith?
7. 140 pts, both less than 215

>8. Is chimera tail attk's included naked
8. Included

>9. Any info on Chaos Ogres options
9. Chaos ogres are 33 points with heavy armour, 4 points for marks, 2 for slaanesh, 3 points for additional hand weapon, 8 for great weapon, get ogre charge

>> No.22883177

Warshrines sound awful now. I'd rather have useless results and have it affect a unit rather than constantly spamming it praying I'll digivolve my champions.

>> No.22883402

I dunno, they're not super expensive and they effect alot of champions around them, they could easily power deathstars to be... more deathstarlike.

How do Khorne Forsaken look? any good at all?

>> No.22883456

Forsaken are basically the same stats as in the previous book + the 1d6 random effects each turn. Khorne mark gives them hatred as they already have frenzy

>> No.22883493

How does that translate well to the table, I never really used them.

Honestly I never really played much with my Warriors, it's just I am getting back into it and I have a huge force of Warriors/Beastmen I can muster.

>> No.22883527

Khorne mark gives them hatred as they already have frenzy

I could see Khorne Forsaken and Nurgle HWS Warriors making a pretty decent hammer and anvil based off this.

>> No.22883577


Chaos Ogre with Great Weapon is an Irongut with 2 point discount? Lol.

>> No.22883605

Gamesworkshop balancing

>> No.22883652

From exterminatus:
>Planquins get w4 looses poison and gets demonic attacks goes down to 40 pts. With new rule of taking mounts wounds I guess they will really beef a exalted of Nurgle.

>> No.22883688

Too bad there isn't a palanquin model that is not Epidemius,

>> No.22883696

I'm so going to make a flying disc lord with 2+/3(2)++ rerolling on both armor and wardsave

>> No.22883833

>not playing as based imperium

Heretics pls

>> No.22883845

>playing 50 shades of spees mareeens

>> No.22883864



>> No.22883892

>caring about shitty GW fluff

>> No.22883944
File: 2.67 MB, 400x225, implying.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22884046


>My little /v/ can't be this samefag.

>> No.22884226

Why the hell are you bringing up 40k all of a sudden

>> No.22884595

Nurgle spells, from Baluc:
>The reg spell has been changed to 5+ regen, or +1 to regen saves
>There is a tear template spell as sig
>there is augment spell that makes the enemy is btb -1 Ws and I, or boosted is d3
>Cures is augment +1 or boosted +d3 ro hex -1 or boosted -d3
I think the Cures is curse of the leper and affects Tougness

>> No.22884843

Tzeentch spells spolied by Sparfunk:
>Blue Fire of Tzeentch (sig spell) cast on 5+, d6 str d6 hits with warpflame rule.
>1: treason of tzeentch hex, cast 7+, unit must use lowest LD in the unit and cannot use IP or HYG
>2: pink fire of tzeentch, DD, 8+, teardrop that moves towards target, models touched take str=d6 hits
>3: bolt of change, magic missile, 8+, str=d6+4 hit with multiple wounds d3 and warpflame. penetrates ranks like a bolt thrower, no armour saves allowed.
>4: glean magic, 8+ direct damage, targets a wizard within xx" caster and the target roll off and add wizard levels to score. if you win then the enemy suffers a str 3 hit with warpflame rule, loses a wizard level and forgets a random spell. you then gain that spell and its lore attribute when you cast it. if you lose the roll nothing happens.
>5: tzeentches firestorm, 13+ direct damage. small template that scatters, everything hit suffers str=d6 hit with warpflame. can make it bigger, scatters more.
>6: infernal gateway, 16+. as the old one but if you roll 11 or 12 for str it does 3d6 str 10 hits instead of 2d6.
>warpflame = any unit that suffers a wound from a spell with this rule takes a T test. if it fails it takes d3 wounds, if it passes it gains regen 6+ for the rest of the game. if they already have regen it gains +1 to its regen.
>The tzeentch lore attribute is you get a power dice for each 6 rolled when casting spells. only the wiz that got em can use em.

>> No.22885140

Aw, but I loved having guys beat themselves up with Treason.

>> No.22885227

Old Treason was only good against a very limited amount of units (High Elves, im looking at you), and usually those units were vulnerable to other kinds of damage spells as well.

>> No.22885256

Also, new Treason negates all leadership influence from characters, and the reroll from the bsb. That my friend is amazing

>> No.22885308

God damn the lore of tzeentch is going to great against elves.

>> No.22885400

It's like lore of fire, only cool

>> No.22885560

With them breaking up chaos undivided, I wonder if they'll do something for beastmen as well

>> No.22885613


Does it override Strength In Numbers?

>> No.22885652

Dunno, would be awesomesauce if it did, but I doubt it

>> No.22885673

I'm not saying new Treason is bad, I'm just saying I'll miss old Treason lol. And I guess it's uses were limited... but having Swordmasters off themselves all over the place NEVER got old.

>> No.22885802

Why not just put a model that isn't Epidemius on his palanquin? Worked for me.

>> No.22886090

So, could a chariot/cavalry army work for Chaos or am I dreaming?

>> No.22886109

I don't see why not. Chariots are awesome, knights are awesome (though now you have to buy Ensorceled Weapons, bummer), skullcrushers are cav, heck you could even have Marauder Horsemen.

>> No.22886117

The Chariots look fucking boss, especially the lord mounted one.

Personally, I'd love to run one too.

>> No.22886173

>Thundering might of Chariots, Knights and Bloodcrushers smashing everything before you.

Glorious. but how would one build one? Chariots can't be a good core choice.

>> No.22886177

Can a Battle Standard bearer take a Chariot as a mount?

>> No.22886188

I've probably missed it but are Dragon Ogres cav*, or just monstrous infantry? Because they'd be pretty cool to run in a Chariot/Cav list if they are.

*I think they were in the old book? Or acted like it anyway...

>> No.22886199 [DELETED] 

They are in the new book.

I think so?

>> No.22886201

>chariots can't be a good core choice
Why not? From what I know they're the same as earlier.

>> No.22886202

If not, depending on their speed, you could count them too.

Centaurs are technically cavalry too.

>> No.22886221

Well, I always thought your core units are supposed to be the common anvil unit you place to try and pin down their battle line.

Chariots are not like that, at all. Honestly, I never saw how Chariots could be useful period besides flank charges.

>> No.22886229


Aren't they monstrous beasts?

>> No.22886241

Charge into the enemy. You're getting impact hits, horse attacks and two warriors on each chariot.

>> No.22886249

Skullcrushers are pretty durable (though I think they lost 1 toughness?), I don't see why they couldn't be an anvil...

Depending on the size of the enemy unit anyway.

>> No.22886250

How does that stop or even break a 40man unit?

>> No.22886262

Might just be a Marauder and Warrior now, but still good I guess.

>> No.22886269


In theory then, could mounted Chaos work?

And could it be a fairly cheap army?

Chariots are only £25

>> No.22886291

It dishes out a large amount of damage - though maybe not as much as a unit of warriors, it is also cheaper.
Chariots aren't as expensive as you may think. Knights can take up a lot of points for $ value, though.

>> No.22886294


Skullcrushers have 1+ saves with T4 and W3. They're about as durable as demigryphs and killier though more expensive.

>> No.22886305

>Chariot army of slaanesh using Chariots, Knights, Chaos ogres and Hellstriders

Gotta go fast, chaos edition.

>> No.22886326

So in theory, due to being cheaper, you'd charge large blocks with more than one chariot at the front.

Now, I can't remember rightly but, do Light Cavalry deny rank bonuses?

>> No.22886403


So the basic gist I get from this army is use Rare points for Skullcrushers to form a solid block alongside some knights, with chariots and maybe hounds to round out core and provide some hitting power while the heavy knights work as a meatgrinder?

Could this actually work?

>> No.22886404

That is the idea.

Couldn't find anything about it in my rulebook, but the rulebook is hell to find rules in.

>> No.22886418

if the army could find an easy way to deny rank bonuses, it could easily break armies apart like a fast moving sledgehammer.

>> No.22886437

I think you can make anything work, if you try hard enough.
You could use dogs or Marauder Horsemen. Heroes can be on Chariots and Lord can be on a Juggy

>> No.22886444

I am now beginning to think.

Can Chariots take marks?

Do they get ward saves under Tzeentch

>> No.22886470

Obviously I am not trying to be uber competitive with it.

But I have alot of skaven players and large goblin armies and quite frankly, the idea of a SUPER ELITE army of cavalry makes me pretty damn happy in the pants.

>> No.22886471

They could take marks under previous edition

>> No.22886486

I'm really wanting to try this gotta go fast army idea, maybe with a Chimera or two (cause it sounds like they're gonna be really good) if I can find space in my special choices.

>> No.22886511

I think special will be rough - Knights, Hellstriders, and Gorebeast chariots are all in Special.
Core will be Chariots, Dogs, and Marauder Horsemen.
Rare is just Skullcrushers.

>> No.22886513

Special choices seem very bogged down with very good units actually.

But I also want to try out this fast army, seems fairly cheap and might actually work out well.

>> No.22886526

Don't forget Dragon Ogres as Special.

Also, depending on the movement of those large beasts, maybe a slaughterbrute or two.

>> No.22886542

Could Chimera be technically used as a tarpit? With regen and a scale save, it seems pretty cool.

If not, flying ubermonsters could easily charge on the flanks.

>> No.22886589

I figured fast cav Hellstriders/Marauders would do that job. Chimeras would become a target, I think, though, and that could distract fire from your Chariots and Knights.

>> No.22886607

I suppose so, it needs to be against units it can kill enough of to win combat tough, it has shitty leadership

>> No.22886624

That's true. It looks like playing Chaos with this book is going to be defined by pushing up against the 50% special limit a lot.

>> No.22886638

Good point, probably better used as a bullet magnet/flank charger.

I like this idea /tg/

I think I'll go with it.

What marks where though?

Khorne makes things killy, but frenzy would be a dampener on style would it not?

>> No.22886659

Khorne on chariots. I think the mark affects the horses as well as both models on it.

>> No.22886673

Oh wait I forgot they changed marks to being per-model basis. I'm not sure then.

>> No.22886679

Brilliant, smashing through everything with Brass-shod hooves!

>> No.22886685

Isn't the entire chariot model considering one model though?

>> No.22886703

Originally yes, but who knows if it was changed somehow.
A lot of this is up in the air and based on spoilers, which are vague.

>> No.22886765

Assuming the points of chariots are close to current.

How many chariots could you fit into a 2,000 point game?

>> No.22886802

Chariots w/ Mark of Khorne are 150
Chariots as mounts are 100
Exalted Heroes are 110 naked
Lords naked 210

>> No.22886814


If you have him with the Enchanted Shield he goes down to 1+ armor.

>4+ from Chaos Armor
>2+ from Enchanted Shield
>1+ from being mounted

>> No.22886891

Doesn't 'Steadfast' just ruin your day though? Warriors (in this case Knights and crushers) are good at grinding down units, but even so they'll take too bloody long to do it...

>> No.22886906

I can't remember for the life of me what the points requirement is for core units.

>> No.22886921

I'd say you could easily stick 10 in there and be conservative, 15 if your pushing it.

Regardless, chariots are better used as tools, you should probably not use more than 2 chariots in a list due to steadfast. They are godly as flank chargers

>> No.22886942

I think the tactic is slam chariots, crushers and Knights into the front, then use something like Marauder horsemen, Hellstriders and Chimera to hit the flanks to negate the steadfast.

>> No.22886953


>> No.22886960


A quarter of the army list.

So in a 2k game it's 500. In a 3k game it's 750, etc.

>> No.22886962

So with the cavalry army, it's best to use the chariots minimally and instead use hounds and horsemen to fill out the ranks.

>> No.22886981

Ugh, well, i'd rather take chariots over horsemen to be honest, they die to fast for my taste

>> No.22886990

Disruption doesn't negate Steadfast.

>> No.22887005

It doesn't?

Thats bullshit. No wonder fast cavalry are a bit useless.

>> No.22887032


Which it really should. Such a simple solution to such a stupid problem, yet GW didn't do it.

Oh well, here's hoping for 9th to be better.


Yep. That's why most people don't care for cavalry at all. Sucks, I know.

>> No.22887050

Yeah, it's basically the biggest obstacle to this blitzkrieg chaos idea.

>> No.22887061

Yeah, that's what basically killed all-cav chaos since 8ed hit... :(

>> No.22887066

Are there Any decent things that can disrupt steadfast? Or is it simply unstoppable to have all these stubborn units?

>> No.22887079

Now now, the lord of change has a solution:
>1: treason of tzeentch hex, cast 7+, unit must use lowest LD in the unit and cannot use Inspiring Prescense or Hold your Ground!

>> No.22887086


There's one thing, and only one thing: having a unit with more ranks than the opponent.


>> No.22887102

And with units of 40 being super common, can't outnumber shit with a cavalry army.

>> No.22887117

By the way, is the new version of the EotG rule still worded so you only get to roll on the table if you kill heroes/lords, or can you do it after killing unit champions too?

>> No.22887145


Yep. I mean, unless you're going for a cavalry horde death star or something. Then you might have enough. Maybe. Your opponent sure as shit won't like you, though.

>> No.22887158


I guess in the Battle Report the Chaos Lord gets a roll after killing a champ.

But then again this is White Dwarf we're talking about, so take that with a grain of salt.

>> No.22887170

>won't like me.

If it crushes those puny footsloggers, I will relish the chance.

Nothing seems cooler than commanding an army of terrible mutant viking knights.

>> No.22887196

Well, Steadfast is based on the number of ranks. So having a couple of buses of 30 or 35 marauders should do it. Fortunately, being fast cav, they get plenty of free reforms to move around too. Just make sure the killy units make the charge at the same time, or the horsemen end up as salami

>> No.22887276

Yeah, I'm pretty sure they did that in WD when the last book came out too, but the actual rules never supported it fully (and the FAQ eventually denied it). It pissed me off to no end.

>> No.22887321

I think at one point they admitted that they wanted unit champion kills to trigger it, but I can't recall when

>> No.22887723
File: 225 KB, 600x800, 20121231_181343.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was doing a monokhorne army, but now I'm tempted to start making some of my extra warriors into Nurgle Warriors... For options later.
Unfortunately they've all got Halberds! I'd rather just Shield+hand weapon.
I got them all in a trade, and they've got Slaneeshi helms. Maybe I should trade them for NIB ones.

>> No.22890495

I heard there are starting to be leaked screen shots ...


>> No.22892438


>> No.22892778
File: 95 KB, 768x1024, IlfiNc5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So with this thread in mind, what should a starting Chaos player have on their to buy list?
Always been more of a hobbyist than a player so maybe not start with 40 Warriors that's gonna totally kill my buzz.
Atm I have like Archaon on foot for a lord, Crom the conqueror for a hero, chaos sorc, some Warriors, some marauders (probably under 10 of both) and a old Chariot

>> No.22892927


>some Warriors, some marauders (probably under 10 of both)

Aside from the obvious "get more Core" I don't know what else to tell you. Best thing to do is to play a few games with proxy models that you want to test out, see how you like them. And if you do, well, go get 'em.

>> No.22893108

You should invest in a box of warriors, a box of marauders, a box of dogs, a box of knights, and a Hellcannon.
I wouldn't mess with special characters yet. Save Archaeon for when you're experienced with your paint job, especially since he can only be used at 2500+ points or so.

>> No.22893149

I assume for box of warriors I need to get the halberd hands too?

>> No.22893157



Try, oh please try, to find one in metal. Buying the Finecast one is just asking for trouble.

Why? Easy: the metal mold is infamous for its defects. That plus Finecast equals HORROR.

>> No.22893200

So pretty much just buy the battalion?

>> No.22893209

Nah, they're good, but not needed. Unless you're hardcore wyswyg.
Finecast one wasn't so bad.

>> No.22893235


>wasn't so bad

Really? I heard it was fucking terrible. Then again Finecast has never been consistent...

>> No.22893250
File: 257 KB, 698x800, 20121230_220101.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It was a pain in the ass to clean, but I hear the metal one is a nightmare to assemble. Which assembling this was was difficult, but I can see how metal would have been harder.

>> No.22893340


It was a pain in the ass.

It's the only model I've ever had to use a FUCKING HAMMER to straighten. Still, it was totally worth it the end. Thing feels hefty as fuck. It just wouldn't feel right to me if it were all light and shit.

>> No.22893371

Get the Warriors of Chaos army box to start with - it gets you a selection of all the core units + a unit of 5 knights, which look fairly awesome and are fun to paint and run things over with. After that... well, according to the new spoilers the sky is the limit. A unit or two of warriors, 30 marauders, some chaos hounds and a chariot will fill your core nicely, so you can shoot for bigger models after that.

Get the new beast if you like it and can afford it, pick up the Chimera since that is rumored to be a new awesome beasty. The Bloodcrushers are an interesting unit, especially if you like the massive, unstoppable cavalry motif. Generally just look for what you think looks interesting - most everything seems fairly viable for warriors now (Forsaken might be a bit meh, but hey, maybe not) so you can adapt depending on what you think looks good.

Warriors will still remain the hard core of your army, but you've got options to run lots of monsters now if you feel the urge to.

>> No.22893375

Wishlisting time! Listed in no particular order of plausibility.

I suspect they'll get Adamantium Will as standard. Maybe some characters that add Deny the Witch bonuses as though they're a psyker of Mastery Level X.

Exorcists with either static attacks or a more favorable dice total (2d3, 2d6, d3+2)

Immolators that have ranged flame templates (forget the name of the USR) and either Flamestorm Cannon or Heavy 2 Heavy Flamer statline

Drop to 10 pts/model on base seesters
Faith Points based on squad size, number of HQ, or points value - something that lets FP scale up more effectively.

Squadronable Pengines for much cheaper than they currently are (with a new MPPK). They were neglected in the last couple incarnations, so they're about due for a comeback.

A new flyer that looks like an angel or summat.

>> No.22893548
File: 86 KB, 768x1024, 7JEnbun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My lgs has -20% on GW stuff
Should I get somethng extra to go with the batallion, something to paint when I'm bored of my normal colour scheme of cold steel
Bloodcrushers? Spawns? Marauder horsemen? Probably want Be'Lakor for Demon Prince, but then again judging by this thread I might need more than one... They don't have the Hellcannon..

>> No.22893581

Warshrine is a good choice

>> No.22893745

Alright, that's in the shopping basket now.

>> No.22893867


If you're getting a Daemon Prince then yes, I highly suggest the Be'Lakor model. He's a little small compared to the plastic one but he more than makes up for that by looking intimidating, as opposed to looking like a goofy cartoon character.

>> No.22894030

never liked Be'Lakor honestly, I really like using the greater demon models especially the old second edition ones.

You could also make your own, it's simple really my friend did a bunch that was using the tomb king giant scorpions as the bas but replacing the tip of the tail with the mutated body of a champ.

>> No.22894268
File: 31 KB, 323x322, 357v8b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

order sent. 140 euros

>> No.22894354
File: 86 KB, 599x803, large1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You ask and shall recieve

>> No.22894362

So if Marauders got a price increase, is it finally safe to just ignore them completely for Warriors?

>> No.22894363
File: 104 KB, 599x803, large-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22894371
File: 87 KB, 803x599, large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22894376

Forsaken are the same price and basically still do the same thing. AND cost 70 AUD for 10.

Yeah, still not using them.

>> No.22894404

They have chaos armor now, and recieve a random mutation each round, a unit of 5 or 10 could be worth it. Its largest boon honestly is the move to core, and that marauders got a lot more expensive

>> No.22894410

thx but I think this thread bump limited a while ago

>> No.22894415

Oh, that's actually pretty nice. Still... I'm not paying that much for a box of 10 guys.

>> No.22894476

New thread >>22894460

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