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I made a thread about this the other day but it didn't get much response so I'm trying it again:

How much access to Eldar technology to Exodites actually have? I know they reject most of it for reasons but in times of crisis do they use other tools from the arsenal? Also, do they even have Aspect Shrines and thus the warriors devoted to those paths?

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No love for the Exodites? What if I told you the reason I need info on them was because I plan to send some Guardsman PCs to exterminate them in my Only War game?

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From what I can tell, exodites are yeoman to the strictly structured city-dwelling Craftworld Eldar.

The Path works because it focuses eldar on solely one bit of existence, and the craftworlds have the resources to support such a life. They have Paths for everything, be it Dreamers, Mourners, or Poets, so some aren't so materialistically productive or badass to Eldar society as others.

Exodites concentrate on survival and living somewhat primitively-this is what distracts them instead of the Path from the temptations of Slaanesh. The Path can't really work on Exodite worlds because there's not enough resources to support a whole group of Mourners who do nothing but cry all day.

Once again, from what I can tell, Exodites do have access to eldar shuriken and las technology.

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Exodite artwork sucks.

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I imagine they probably have all that shit stashed away in some Webway construct hidden behind all the treehouses and standing stones.

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In Path of the Outcast, an Exodite Warhost has access things such as Laser Lances, laser cannons, and rifles (all mounted on things like carnosaurs and megasaurs). They have access to technology of that fashion but not enough to properly defend their world. It's made clear that these were simply enough to be able to defend themselves from the indigenous creatures and they did not have enough numbers nor the weaponry to defend themselves from an invasion (in this case, Orks). Clearly, if they had highly advanced weaponry, it would have been used in as grave a situation as that.

They're made out to be more yokel-like in Path of the Renegade where their grand defense strategy was "smash Ravagers/Raiders with Pterodactyls". Although, such a sudden raid probably meant they were not able to gather those types of resources as readily.

In addition to those basic forms of weaponry, they had/have Eldar Knights who, to the best of my knowledge, are comparable to something like Imperial Knight Titans (again don't quote me on this). On the other hand, they're super old and are rather odd when looking at current Exodite fluff (they have soulstones). So, despite not having an armory or population comparable to something like a Craftworld, I'm sure they have enough weaponry (and dinosaurs) to combat an invasion depending on how large it is. Despite being rednecks by Eldar standards, they're still Eldar and sure to have toys.

Despite not having Aspect Shrines (this being a strictly Craftworld practice as far as I know) chances are your PCs are going to encounter them as the biggest threat they'll probably face would be Craftworld cousins coming to the aid of their bumpkin brethren. It's certainly a major threat to the world and population if your PCs are in the process of "extermination".

They're also featured in Promethean Sun and that may invalidate everything I just typed (still haven't read it). I'd look around at older fluff for answers.

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It's strange they'd use 'laser' weapons when it's said they still have bonesingers so they can make wraithbone tools. Seems like it'd simply be easier to make and resupply shiruken weapons since they rely entirely on that resource.

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Probs pretty difficult to attack exodites without said exodites getting some major craftworld backup. Eldar can, after all, see the future.

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Needs more Hair metal and dino-riders!

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Though I'd imagine most Craftworld farseers are too busy scrying on what shit might go down in their own neck of the woods to keep checking on their sanctimonious third cousins.

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Though this does bring up a good question, would the Imperium consider an Exodite colony the same as a Craftworld and avoid attacking it directly altogether?

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more like easy pickings

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Yeah, but you can see the word "easier" there.

The exodites don't do things easily. They make their buildings by quarrying stone, not growing it using psychic powers.

The laser focusing crystal in an craftworld lasblaster would be grown by an artist, shaped by thought and song and grown to be perfect for focusing.

An Exodite would carve it by hand. Yeah, his heightened sense of sight would mean he'd find it easier to see imperfections that need to be carved away, but that also means he'd spend years to make it up to his standards.

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>The farseer had been trying to organize the Exodite warriors for hours, without success, they seemed reluctant to do anything but toil on their indigenous artwork.

>"Cousins! The mon'kei are almost upon us! We must gather together a warhost to defend this maiden world from their predations!"

>The tribal warrior chief looked up from his idle carving of a wraithbone figurine and after a long nasal groan spit a gigantic gob of flem right at the farseer's feet, replying in his rather backward dialect, "Bubba..bring out the Elder Knight."

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So would the stats for a lasgun be roughly comparable?

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Lasblasters are the Eldar equivilent of Lasguns. They're used by Swooping Hawks and Corsairs.

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What do you think would be a good stand in for the laser lances?

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I mean other than the fact you can ride in on a dinosaur and stab a bitch with them they're just lasblasters on a pole. So, maybe houserule that when charging into melee they work like a force weapon.

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Yeah, probably best to count them as combi-Power Spears/Lasblasters for simplicity.

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Might I also recomend the Saurians from Black Crusade's "Hand of Corruption"?

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They seem to be the same as the laser lances that the Shining Spears have, but unfortunately I don't think anyone has stats for that.

From what I've had the Exodites have access to most Eldar tech, they just don't have it in very abundant amounts. They also aren't much into organized defense forces. In Path of the Renegade, they look down on the group of Exodites who ritually watch over the buried webway gate since it's seen as a waste of time when there's already so few hands to plant/harvest food and so on.

When it does come down to defense they would probably organize as militia. The Exodites are tribal, and do spend time at least ritually fighting each other, especially the Dragon Knights who do some sort of honor deal. Again in Path of the Renegade, their initial response to the Dark Eldar raid is poor, but after a while they apparently blot out the skies with all their pterodactyls, forcing the Dark Eldar to end the raid. Mostly though they rely on Outcasts (who can chill without feeling judged), Biel Tan (who think the Exodite worlds are the future of the Eldar race), and Saim Hann (whose culture has similarities with the Exodites)

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My plan was to treat them sort of like early Native American attacks; hit and run, guerrilla style with a lot of massacres on undefended settlements and some pretty grisly murder scenes. Ideally, the PCs won't know for sure who they're fighting for awhile. Just ghosts in the darkness.

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>an Eldar 'exodite' community - a day before its destruction at the hands of the Tarantulas Space Marines

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So are they killing off the whole world so the Imperium can move in? Or are they making a smaller strike?

A smaller strike will probably come up mostly against the more tribal aspects of the Eldar.

All out war though? They'll probably start seeing a lot more Eldar level tech, and it wouldn't be unusual for Rangers, Corsairs, or even one of the Craftworlds to send a team in. Biel Tan and Saim Hann would be most likely.

Remember, the entire Maiden Planet is covered in the web of the World Spirit which ferries warp energy, but also acts as a local webway and connects to the full Eldar webway.

I'd expect the lasblaster mentioned, some melee weapons, then power weapons and maybe ranger long rifles. Start bringing in beast mounted heavy weaponry (probably any of the standard Eldar ones) as well as attack from the beasts themselves. Eventually stuff like knight titans and Outcast/Craftworld backup.

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It's important to note Rangers get their cameoline cloaks from Exodites. So it's likely that the first attackers will be using similar cloaks.

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It's being settled and turned into an Agri-World, but during first-phase clearing the workers detail just..disappears. The PDF goes to investigate, the ones that come back are shell-shocked, telling stories of ghosts that came out of the tree tops and cut down their brethern, of las blasts that came from out of nowhere and hit with pinpoint precision in the heads and hearts. They refuse to go back in. The Governor, whose convinced some sort of worker uprising, calls for help, they send in the near Imperial Guard regiment (the PCs).

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Probably the best heavy weapon would be the Bright Lance. (Stats are given in the Koronus Beastiary)

It fits with the Exodites love of lasers and weapons that resemble traditional weapons.

They have also been mentioned as using Firepikes, for which stats can be found in RT's Hostile Acqusitions.

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Ok, right on. I'm definitely okay with playing up the tribal aspects of the Exodites. Hit 'n Run tactics make sense. You could definitely play up the mad beasts rampaging through the lines with tooth and claw. The World Spirit also creates a planetary webway to keep them popping up in crazy places. They also have World Singers that act like Farseers if you want to throw in psykers. Leaving behind no survivors, but taking trophies and leaving warning signs behind would also work well.

Also, no good Eldar story is complete without the big battle being nothing more than a distraction for some completely separate little goal. The IA 11 story is a great example of this. Precision strikes leaving no survivors, equipment mysteriously malfunctioning, Corsair attacks become more frequent, then suddenly a webway gate is spilling Eldar Titans and super heavies into a headlong battle against Imperial Forces. Thousands of dead Eldar from a dying Craftworld all to distract the Imperium from the small strike team that was retrieving the armor of a lost Phoenix Lord that Imperial forces had unknowingly built over

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What a bunch of dicks!

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Oh nice! I'm not sure how the conversion is, but on the tabletop a bright lance is 36" S8 Ap2 Lance, Firepike is a longer range meltagun, and a laser lance is a 6" S6 Ap4 Lance. Drop the range, damage, and pen of the bright lance and you should have a pretty decent laser lance. In CC it's S6 AP3, but only on the charge. Maybe something like a relic blade?

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Eldar man...

I'm actually working on some Exodites for my Eldar force. Would it be odd if I painted them with deliciously brown skin? Or gave some masks like pic related, but then very sleek and shiny weapons?

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And instead of dinosaurs they're riding these?

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Masks? Rad.

Shiny weapons? I feel like their metal-work may not be up to modern standards. I'm thinking just a sort of well-worn look that you see on old machetes and such. It's not crappy metal, but it's weathered.

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Shiny more in the sense of the glowing blue lights that seem to be the easiest way to visually say "it's from the future". Basically, try and contrast their homey outfits.

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The way I'm planning on running it, there will be a few skirmishes with the PCs, a lot of Vietnam style patrol attacks or firebase raids, but in the end there'll be a big battle, where ideally the PCs help secure a major victory..but not total victory on the planet. Instead, once commendations are handed out and backs slapped they're moved to another planet in the sub-sector that's heating up while this one goes temporarily quiet.

My grand scheme will have the PCs regiment juggling warzones and having to decide where to send their 'unique' expertise, with consequences for the other worlds.

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Well, the nearest we've got to stats for a power lance (which laser lances act as) is the witch lance for Dark Heresy.
We remove the anti-psyker and throwing rules, and the stats would be:
1d10+4 E, Pen 6, Power Field.

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Their weapons may be made by hand, but they're hardly primitive. They're most likely mono-blades and similar.

Dark skinned eldar have been mentioned before, and Exodites would be working under the sun a lot, so I say go for it.

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Most likely the final big battle would be defending the world shrine. So yeah, giant dinosaurs of various types, world-seers, and guardian constructs.

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But let them get away with the Infinity Circuit, probably off to start another shrine, cursing the damnedable monk'eigh all the way.

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Little known fact.

The Exodites are also incilded in the Blood Feud between the Dark Eldar and Craftworlders.

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Oh hello blood feud guy. Thanks for showing up. Odd how a blood feud is never mentioned, and we already talked about Path of the Renegade a few times, the book in which Dark Eldar raid a Maiden world because the World Singer is useful to them/funny. Just like how they see every race in 40K. Not because of some blood debt or something stupid of that nature. Oh well.

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They're not included, it's just that Eldar of different philosophies don't always like each other.
Dark Eldar think that Exodites are easy prey, and foolish.
The Exodites think that dark eldar are foolish idiots one step from damnation.

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I just love it when the lore supports my case.

Did you know the Dark Eldar actively seek to sabotage any hopes of the Imperials and Crafteorlders getting along?

Did you know they frame Craftworlders for their crimes?

Did you know that they take sadistic pleasure from putting their cousins in mortal danger of Imperial retribution?

Denying the Blood Feud is denying reality!

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The thing is that each of the 5 types of Eldar are convinced that their way is the only way to proceed, and the others are all idiots.

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>posts lore
>doesn't mention any blood feud
>implying the Dark Eldar are only trolling and sabotaging the Eldar

Look, kid, you might as well start namefagging since you're already an avatarfag. We get it, you have something to prove and think you're funny. But it just gets old. The joke is flat.

The Path of the Renegade also has the Dark Eldar working with an Outcast because, again, he's useful and they think it's funny. They bring him into Commoragh, and integrate him into the society there.

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Another question, do we have any hard data on how Exodites live? Is it in bog-standard elvish tree cities or do they vary based on the maiden world? Could some be nomadic or atleast a more mobile population considering their ability to travel through the World Spirit's interconnected gateways?

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We see a settlement in Path of the Outcast.

I think their might be some details in the old Knight lore indicating they were nomadic, following megasaur herds.

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A faction that antagonizes and victimizes its sister faction across the ages with such glee has no reason to do so? I think not. Even if the Blood Feud is not mentioned you can feel it in the lore. The Blood Feud is simply the name Tahril gave to the ancient hatred between both parts of the Eldar race.


From the name. Outcast he turned his back on his brethren. So it's natural that the Eldar will seek to corrupt that person.

One of those Books has a redeemed Dark Eldar. Do you know what was the first reation the Craftworlders had to him? KILL IT KILL IT!

They are two sister factions in a struggle. Sometimes people switch sides. It's not proof of anything.

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Well, they seem to basically be the equivalent of the crazy guy who builds and stocks a bunker in his backyard because the world's about to end. Only it turns out he's right.

Since they're usually very individualistic and base a lot of their life around the beast herds, I'd imagine quite a few are nomadic. Scattered settlements, loners, and hidden huts also seem likely. Apparently they use every part of the "dragons" and herd them at times, so farming communities are a good bet. Some of the art even shows them with huts on the back of the largest dragons. The World Stones that house their version of the Infinity circuit and help protect them from the degredations of Slaneesh would probably be a focal point.

Also, as you mentioned, the type of Maiden world might be a determining factor. Although they're all pretty lush, it seems they can vary from jungle to forest to plain and everything in between.

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Actually, this brings up a question. I know dinos are the big thing with Exodites, but do they ever use any other animals? Or are all the maiden worlds populated by dinosaurs exclusively? Not that they aren't awesome, but I was going to do a beastmaster unit and I was thinking about incorporating other creatures.

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I mean you could conceivably use whatever animal you wanted, considering the maiden world they've come from. I just don't think there's rules for anything but the dinos because 'Wooo Dino Riders!'

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