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Last thread:

Well, seems like old players are starting to run low on the ol' creativity juice, but the newer players are starting to get the hang of it. Anyways, there will probably be a kind of break after this; Unless anyone objects, there will only be a few discussion threads during the break.

@Nad: getting low on ideas on what to do? Remember that you have one Wormborn being kept 'hostage' by the Thickblood Heretics, and what became of your Zamburaq Cult idea? You could've expanded them further.

Also, refreshments for your mind: http://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/845468/

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der bumpen

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I say that from now on there must be a break between continents. Now we had western, vyrii, Central south/north evo and central in a row. No wonder people lose some motivation. Also longer games take larger toll in real life too.

I say we keep hiatus after this and while so i want you to pick a book and read it. Reading books is better for ideas as you sometimes lose focus from it and start thinking things. Playing games isn't that good because games keep your focus with their ADHD content and you rarely start thinking about anything. And then you just copypasta stuff from the vidyas to EVO.

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So bords and space station 13?
I'm interested.

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I have a good book to read: http://www.xenology.info/Xeno.htm

As for those who, like me, had no idea what Space Station 13 was, links here:
> http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Space_Station_13
> http://wiki.nanotrasen.com/index.p?title=Jobs

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I too lazy to writing this out as a story right now. Just going to say what happened. It will be horrible. I'll rewrite it later for the wiki article.

Later in the evening, Urrelus, brother of the Huraanic emperor, along with a royal guard witnessed another guard with red hair and brown skin leave the emperor's bedchamber. A firemane. The two see that he is covered in blood, and assume the worst. The guard captures the firemane, and Urrelus checks on his brother. The emperor is dead.

Or, that is the official story.

It was Urrelus who snuck into his brother's bedchamber in order to kill him. Not in his sleep though. Urrelus decided that Nolein Mro'Calur should know why he was to die. He was a incompetent ruler. While there was peace with the world outside of the empire, he was oblivious to the problems within. People were dieing in the streets from illness and starvation. It was with the blade belonging to the firemane guard that Urrelus struck down Emperor Nolein, pinning the blame. The other guard was a hired accomplice.
Nobody would question the guilt of a Firemane, as their skin and hair told of their VietKoburrong roots. By the general populous, they were labeled thieves and murderers.

Continuing with the 100 year time skip later.

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Given the Slizer breath weapon, would that maneuver be called "acid rain"?

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Some stay dry and others feel the pain, bro.

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Well done, IG.

Can't wait for East Continent, or South Continent for that matter. I've got all kinds of ideas for them. In fact I'm working on stuff for the Gantu now, in between car-insurance and episodes of Evangelion.

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Racism in real life? Not so good. Racism in this story. Fuckin Epic!
drawbro, are those your distinctive lines i detect?

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generic kwagos shit. The northern kwagos are for the most part a peaceful people. They live off the land, prepare each summer for the coming winter. There are sometimes small inter tribal skirmishes, but they are few and far between. There is no set leadership for the northern kwagos tribes, nor do they need one. Each tribe has it's own leader or system that works for them. They have language both written and spoken, simple metalsmithing and wood working, enough to maintain their way of life. The Legion and Huraanic forces mostly leave them alone as they stay put, are not nomads, not hostile, and most importantly, they trade. The tribes are quick to adapt new items and technologies that come into their possession, often taking something new, and using it in an entirely different way then previously expected or interpreted.

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Bump before bed.

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I'm having problems with forging tungsten with current tech as it would be impossible. Heat it requires is way too high for normal forges. Also there is the problem that it is really heavy. I don't want to be party pooper but i just can't see how it could be used this early.

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Hmm, it could be an alloy of sorts? With some tungsten in it, but mostly other metal or something? I'm not too good with metallurgy.

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gentleman log'ead approves of all Primordial threads

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I'll flesh this out later, but since Urrelus Mro'Calur took the throne, the empire became more stable internally, but more aggressive outwardly.
Other nobles didn't take well to the shift in power, since his methods threatened their power over their lands.

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Yeah it would need to be some kind of fantasy/alien metal to get it work but then it might get nasty with such "imbalanced" metal. Super hard/ductile metal that is easy to shape?

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or maybe not so much the material, but more to its molecular shape.
Can tungsten even buckytubes/nanotubes?

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Some hints.
Iron age furnace: 1100°C
Bunsen flame: 1300°C
Solar furnace: 3000°C
Tungsten melting point: 3400°C
It can be smelt in an electric arc furnace. Or you can try this:
> http://www.tungsten.com/tungmade.hl

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hmm, true... wikipedia's article said that pure tungsten could be cut with a steel hacksaw.
So whatever we have here, this 'tungsten' is markedly different from ours...
we need a physics/quantum theorist on the case.

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Guys, we can't change the atoms... it would be a mess. Tungsten is hard to melt but pure tungsten is pretty bendable. And unpure tungsten is brindle. That's all. And Atoms structures is not quantum theory, it's chemistry and physics.

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Nice trips. Thanks for the info. Glad we have such a whiz to sort things out for us like that.

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And getting tungsten pure is another story...

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Inan'Cic is amazed by the industrialization of the ruins. He had known that they held secrets, but not to this degree! He takes special notice of the large forges, interested in the crafting that goes into them as well as what they are used to create. He hopes to learn

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Inan'Cic notices symbols carved that look like the ones in their own ruins in points the walls are not destroyed that much.

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that was my problem too onol. I think the only faction that could reasonably smelt tungsten in this era is either then enclave or the TA of the south continent. The faction that has tungsten now is brand new and is accomplishing in scant turns what it took the others entire threads to do. It came across as an "I win" button. My other problem is tungsten is heavier then lead. Much like other problem points in the game, it can be dealt with.

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> Bitching about "I win" buttons
> Tanacs Anez-whatever.
> Log'edz.


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Inan'Cic does his best to learn what he can about the crafting methods of the Hastun, taking back what they are willing to teach him to use to further the growth of the Rii'Dan. He tries to convey how he feels that he has little to offer in trade for such knowledge, but is willing to do what he can as reparations for such gifts.

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There are no "I win buttons" in this game. The point of this game is to create an awesome setting, not to win.

Anyways, I am probably gonna update the Zu-nul next morning.
It seems that my creative block is breaking down earlier than I expected, which is good.

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Perhaps not, but there is bullshit jumping ahead to later timeframes. Like say... steampunk in tribal.

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I admit, Tanacs Azseg became more of a power house than I expected. They went from united tribes to industrialization. Mostly from an economic-political-social union with a neighboring nation of Shwirms they plopped themselves next to. Then somehow gears the oamenii were experimenting with became steampunk, and then.... well, Nongent wants Tanacs Azseg lands to be devestated by industrialization and the Blungs when we return to south.

Also, the other player tribe of log'eadz became dorfs. We are not good at restraining ourselves

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see that's just it: "somehow". it wasn't a logical explanation, an evolution from one thing to another. it just "happened". sorry to be a prick, but i had to speak my piece.

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In the end as long as the players are having fun, i font care how advanced they get so long and they dont try to force other players to play by their plot. How fucking boring if all tribes are the same. Like nad said its about setting. Carve out a chunk of the world and make it yours. Make it alive. Fill it with imagination and wonder. I cant fault the TA because its cool, fun to read and plays nice with others.

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i suppose you're right, i just get irritated easily.

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On my phone but i just got a kick ass idea for the metaplot. Ill need to talk to bronze and notrip later. It involves the formation of a pseudo rome. Persicution of certain pusmals, hidden trade, and evential fracturing during conflict with a large cult nation.

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Feel free to use the Marajha and their philosophical tensions as well for that.

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Bumping with Gantu Warriors.

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Looks like I'll have to read over what other people were actually up to while I was just haphazardly burning down patches of jungle.

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O hey, that's from one of fromAether's evo games wasn't it? The Cave or something?

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PFM- pure fucking meta
So that is what is missing from this particular session of evo and this continent. I normally have some overarching meta plot that i slowly try to drag the players into. The more that jump into it, the more fun it gets as we all start fleshing out a very basic scaffold i set up. It usually goes in wild new directions.
Here is how im going to use and abuse the NPCs for the rest of this game. How you guys react is up to you.
The Legion, as well as other elements have been hunting the Pusmal tribes as a source of cheap labor. This has resulted in many pusmal tribes disappearing, or relocating. They move ever towards the center of the desert seeking salvation in a territory that is unbeknownst to them, the Zul-Nul lands.
The firemane VKB are going to be acting up again, due to recent persecution that is only partially deserved.
how this could go down
This what i would like to see happen as it gives the game major direction and hurts no one. the Huraanic, Legion, and Bronze tribes, who's name i cant remember at the moment, are all trading as it is. Bronze's people still trade with and probably would keep their Pusmal allies secret. Profitable after all. The legion's practices would slowly influence the huuranic tribes, resulting in slavery, but with their own take on it. In genereal there is some cultural exchange, and a big pseudo roman style empire forms. You have leaders on all sides who have an idea of how things should be run.
For the zul' nul, they eventually discover the large concentrations of the pusmals under their lands seeking salvation. This could be useful to them if they wish it that way. Eventually the pusmal's hard feelings towards this large western empire on the continent bleeds into the zul'nul's mindset as the legion might end up traveling the "wastes" and poach what are now zul-nul tribe members, or wards of their tribe at least.

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Moving on, the northern kwagos tribes continue to just live life, and explore/ trade. The far south with molden, razorclaw, and sock have their own plot going on that is beautiful on it's own.
Internally if the large empire forms, there would be conflict happening in the background. The same could be said of the Zul-nul but more as cultural drift as you get further from the strictly regulated heart of their territory towards the fringes. Even though there may be settlements that the main tribe would brand heretics, they still worship zhen-qual, despite what could be seen as incorrect practices.
These are all ideas, if you like em' run with em. if you hate em' dont bother with em. I have some spare room so im going to talk a little bit about the next game, and planning for it.
The map, resources, and life- Metal is probably going to just be metal this time around, when you find it, you roll to determine a quality of it, then that is your quality of metal. This takes care of a tribe having expert meturgy knowledge or rubbing people the wrong way with things too advanced, at least in materials. Players can keep track of their rolls. So you roll a 2 for metal finding, you find a very minute amount, but you get a natural 20 for the quality? well this is damn fine metal indeed. Get another 20 on the smithing? damn fine items you made there. Later on in the story you can attempt to further refine the material, but not in rapid succession and not without a major reason, like you are going from making small metal items, to trying to include the metal in architecture. This method worked in the past, i think its the best, it leaves a lot of room for imagination instead of set values.

Tracking resources on the map, and territory. I'm going to say what you find, and leave it up to you where you put it unless I specify. When it comes to territory you dont have to dominate it, or even live in it to claim it, but it has to have been explored.

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So now i get to the closer of my rant. I think too much thought went into the mechanics of this session of the game. While neat, the game mutates constantly, and what worked last time might not work this time, or some things may be a constant. As important as it is for the GMs to maintain an idea of what the metaplot is, and to be flexible with it. Its also important for the players to maintain an idea of their meta plot. I think we get a lot of attrition in the game because people either cant adapt to the changing situation, or just dont know where to go. IG and myself talked about taking this game into a post digital era, possibly into early space exploration as the final step in the setting.

I look at each continent and imagine what it would be like to campaign there, and they all offer something. West has a very war torn, but bright outlook on life, they are going forward, and if shit would stop falling apart, they could get there faster. In central, we have what is probably the most primitive land, where strength is the law. East offers a more relaxed pace where there is a sense of wide eyed wonder and growth, self discovery. South is a welcomed break taking us into awesome, with great innovations and cooperation at the point of a knife.

The best part about it all is how much it changes, kind of like pirate law, the metaplot is more of a guideline per say. You guys bend and break it, and the GMs try to patch, mend, and modify. good night.

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The workers come and indicate to the koburrog where they are too curious. After being stopped on observing for many interesting things, the workers finally force the ruler to tell them what they want. He then draws something looking like a Riidan and then a smaller one next to it. He circles it and then covers it with the hastun symbol. Maybe they want workers, or maybe youg Rii'dans...

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Inan'Cic quickly sketches a copy of the image, drawing three smaller Rii'Dan. He then draws the Hastun symbol over one of the three smaller ones.

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More than anything, it was a lack of inspiration for the Marajha. For the Gantu & Korobushka I helped make them from the start, and I poured a lot of myself into them. The "magic" if you will, just isn't happening with these pusmals.

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Rolled 5, 15, 7, 20, 19, 5, 11 = 82

Rolling for things that have been discovered, invented, and improved over the 100 year skip. I'll self judge these and then write how they happened.

Discovery of latex, domesticating new forms of livestock (three animals), improvements to smelting, improving health of the populous of the cities (2).

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Rolled 17, 15, 11, 11, 6, 8, 1 = 69

When logging further north, some trees secreted a white substance when the bark was pierced. This was mostly ignored other than the fact of how it had to be cleaned off the tools after every use. It usually would be allowed to dry and just be peeled off when the tools were needed, since the blades were protected from corrosion.

>Livestock 15, 7, 20
Making two small things from the 15.
Resel Trees have raised for their berries. Over time, a new breed has been cultivated which produces larger fruit. While not raised for food, Fotels are kept to keep pests, such as sulls, from getting into everything.

There were attempts to tame the Orangulongs for their meat and fur, but they were quite intelligent, and difficult to contain. The only way to get them was by hunting.

Parrotfaces.They were found not only to be large, but also not pure poison. Over several generations, they were made docile and accustomed to being fenced in. They were trouble at first, because they would eat the wooden fences. Stone was an easy solution to that problem.

>Smelting 19
Gunpowder has long been known to the Hu-raan since they took in VKB deserters. One of the ingredients, sulfur, is fed to the fires. Bellows are constructed to pump in more air to increase the heat, thinking that it should melt out the metals quicker. It is found to not do just that, but also melt out new metals of other ores. Iron is extracted from red and orange rock.

>Health 5, 11
Miracle cures come and go. Some do work, but not noticeably. Some even cause more problems than the cure. Others, just do nothing at all (especially hair ointments).

One thing actually does improve life in the cities. Turns out cleanliness help prevent disease. Bath Houses begin appearing in the major cities.

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The discovery of cleanliness helping disease smells like bullshit to me. Perhaps, as a result of living closer together, they start needing to bathe more, as everyone can now smell you? The effect would be the same, but they wouldn't find out germ theory this early either, which is the territory you might have mentioned.

> Fortune apologizes beforehand if he sounds like a dick.

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The Hastum seem to accept. THey let Ilan'Cic take some information. He will have more after his tribe pays.
The band of Hastun head back to the south with also their own airship and the koburrogs.
They go to the Rii'Dan ruins to select their prizes. They select rather the younger ones or the ones that don't speak. They show them and let the Rii'dan get them.

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Hundred year time skip. Peasants living in filth got sick more often than the nobles, who didn't. For koburrogs, 100 years is 10-12 generations. Eventually the connection was made between cleanliness and health. It wasn't sudden.

>> No.22907853

Forgot to mention farmers. They get dirty, yes, but don't often walk through streets littered with just about everything (including the contents of chamberpots).

High rolls would have resulted in basic medicine and creating sewers.

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I'll post my hundred year time skip on Saturday, or maybe friday. It's going to involve the Black Band getting bigger, expanded Yakushin holdings, and a confederacy

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Fair 'nuff.

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Inan'Cic walks into the camp, the Hastun following behind. The camp's guards gather, raising their weapons, but Inan'Cic waves them down. He tells them he will need to converse with them and some of the others about something and pulls them aside. A small contingent of the guards waits, refusing to let the Hastun enter the camp.

Inan'Cic gathers a large group of guards, telling them what he has made a trade for. He pulls forth the information he has obtained, telling them of possibilities they could make with this, and how they could survive even longer. He informs them that they only have to give a small portion of their young, and the Others seem to be interested mostly in those who are rather young or partially anti-social, a relatively small selection for the advancements they could gain. A group of the guards are uneasy at best, some becoming enraged at the concept. Inan'Cic manages to dodge his way through an explanation that roughly that many die each year, and such a loss is actually less so, for their children would probably have a better, more secure fate with the Others than any future that could be offered at the camp. This placates the guardsmen, for now. Quietly, they gather up the children the Others had chosen, sneaking over when they strayed too far from the camp and bundling them off to the transport ship.

With this done, Inan'Cic requests the rest of the "payment" at the soonest possibility, but expresses the hope that the two have peaceful negotiations in the future.

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Talked to nad in IRC, and this is what came of it.
Over the next century suzumo came and went. The drake and it's mate continued to make numerous hybrid children who served the tribe well, allowing for further expansion as well as acting as sub commander's to zhen-qual, effectivly letting the zul-nul control a large, large swath of the desert via satellite tribes loyal to the ideas of the god worm, reinforced by the will of the wormborn. Trade increased slightly with the outside world, enough to exchange cut and polished gems and glass for metal and captured suzumo slaves.

Some wormborn would mentally break down over time and need to be brought back for reconditioning. Others ran for the boarders of the tribe, living amongst the "heretics". Some heretic tribes were in actuality loyal to zhen-qual, but have deviated far outside her own accepted vision. They are either forgotten or too remote to be of use.

The Exiled suzumo aboard thickblood have gone through several generations, reproduced and have come to view "the scout" the nameless wormborn who came to live amongst them as a leader of sorts due to her very long lifespan. Her children and children's children now make up part of the "exiles". She had managed to come to terms with reality and survived, she has now passed but left a strong desire to educate and uplift their ground dwelling kin through peaceful means.

The Zul-nul have further refined glassworking and craftsmanship of clothing and armor. Their tunnels and cities have expanded and gilworm fisheries now host a breed of gilworm that does not exist in the wild. The fat gilworm.

The old koburrog primitive electrical toy was studied first, as a novelty, then a matter of curiosity, then a burning desire to understand. In the end, it's properties were partially replicated with static electrical generators and primitive glass/ metal capacitors. Juvenile and larval sandworms would crawl in a metallic rich sand jar, generating charge to be stored.

>> No.22911916

Electricity is noting amazing right now. It is used to stun pools of gilworm for a more humane and efficient slaughter. It is used to power glass encased filaments that glow dim red into the near IR spectrum, perfect for the originally nocturnal suzumo who illuminate the night or darkest of tunnels with them. Finally they use it to interrogate and punish.

The Widespread capture, and enslavement of the pusmals forced many tribes to abandon their homes, or dig towards regions away from their hunters. Often when they would fight back, their tunnels would be filled with burning debris to smoke them out, or suffocate them. The Zul-nul would eventually discover a very large, somewhat haggered and desperate population of pusmals digging away at the land below their own tunnels. It started with one digger working in a long abandoned tunnel, as he worked to reinforce the ancient structure, he heard a strange scratching on the other side of a dead end. As he began to dig to get at it, the wall came down. There he stood face to face with a glassy black eyed, pink skinned creature of which he had never seen before.

>> No.22912251


Actually more likely the nobles would just think that they are more healthy because they are better people than dirty peasants.

>> No.22912306

>Yeah, but there are a lot more peasants to notice things.

>> No.22912316

Accidental greentext

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The two main Zu-nul cities, Az Khalat, and Sul Az have both grown in size and might, as well as further defined their roles in the Zu-nul nation.
Az Khalat, is the focal point of the Zu-nul culture, religion and military strength. The crag where it is located is now filled with tall sand spires, and buzzing activity of the suzumou. Zhen-qual rests in the center of the city, leading her people trough her agents.
Sul Az, is the city of glass and furnaces. It is the center of knowledge, production and learning. This city of artisans produces glass, ranging from jewelry, to tools and weaponry. All metal the tribe can get it's hands on is also further refined in this city.

There are also two other, smaller settlements out in the desert, both located along the Great Road. These two settlements, along with numerous even smaller outposts, trade the glass, water and gems of the Zu-nul with the outsiders, in exchange of metal, wood and other products.

The Zu-nul tunnel network spans a massive area underneath the desert. This underground superstructure allows the suzumou to quickly move un-detected across their territory. The Zu-nul, hunters, raiders and traders actively patrol the desert, in search of prey, easy targets, and trading opportunities, which all empower their people further.

>> No.22915427

Rolled 10, 17, 5, 9 = 41


In the city of Az Khalat, some of the artisans and the wormborn have started an ambitious project. They seek to build a great structure around Zhen-qual, a massive temple, where she could be revered by the faithful.

The archives of Sul Az have grown during the passed century, and the librarians tending it are ever hungry for knowledge. A grand project has been started, which seeks to map out the whole world ( which in the Zu-nul mind set, means the desert. They aren't really aware of how little their desert actually is.)

The discovery of the small, pink underground creatures is surprising. Perhaps in past eras, the reaction would have been more violent, but in this age of growth, it was received with curiosity. The pusmals are studied by the wormborns and the librarians, as the strange creatures seem to behave in intriguingly intelligent manner.

Zhen-qual herself, has grown more reserved during the passed century. The information Drake had obtained from the other godworm, and the seeming failure of her own experiments have caused some concern in her. The behavior her hybrid descendants display, their co-operation with each other and her servants is...abnormal...but very effective. It gives her strange ideas...For untold ages, each generation of godworms has each tried to solve the Great Task, but none have succeeded in anything but passing down what they learned to the next generation. What if the Godworm's tried to co-operate? Perhaps then, the Great Task might succeed?
She decides to send emissaries, specially made wormborn, to seek out her kin from the desert. She would welcome them, and hope that this common goal would unify them to work on it together. The idea seems alien to even her, but...this co-operation has allowed her failed experiments to thrive in unprecedented manner...

Rolling for:
Constructing the great temple.
The great mapping project.
Studying the pusmal refugees.
Zhen-qual sending the emissaries to find other godworms.

>> No.22915687

Buzzing about, workers move large stones, fly back and get more stones. They are held in plase with their new skills and knowledge. Sheets of formed obsidian, tempered and treated are installed side by side with sheets of glass. It is going to be a grand thing someday, but for now it is but a foundation. a big fucking one. The scouts fly out going day and night, marking with an ash pencil where they have been, what has been seen. Within a decade or less the desert will be thoroughly mapped, but this has brought about concerning reports that there are new colors past the desert. wet desert. soft moist sand...they have no words for these new lands. a desert with large plants. too much water. too many smells. The pusmals are rather timid, and all that can be observed is they are clearly a bit gaunt, tired, and very hungry. The emissaries were thought lost after a while, but eventually contact was made. She was disappointed to find out there were fewer of her kind then was expected.

Some of the child like pusmals observe the workers moving stone, and scuttle up grabbing the biggest rock they can, then begin to lug it towards the temple project. The adults seem antsy, but their large queens are quite lethargic towards it all.

>> No.22916381


The Zu-nul continue to construct their new temple, using all their expertise in it's making. Even the physically stronger preatorians partake in the construction efforts, as the structure is made to glory Zhen-qual's might.The temple is built upon a solid, sand cement and obsidian foundation. The builders are busy making detailed calculations and plans for the architecture of the structure, so that it will be sound and safe.

The mapping project continues, but the explorers grow more and more confused about these new strange lands beyond their dry desert. They try to take samples of what they find, and find perhaps local suzumou groups, who they could convert and find what they know of the areas.

The librarians observe the pusmals curiously. These things clearly possess some sort of limited intelligence. They try to figure out how to communicate with the pink things, while also providing them with shelter, food and water, so they may recover. The Zu-nul cities are large, and full of empty chambers. Mostly because the workers tend to build stuff, both for practice, and in case of disasters where extra chambers could become handy.

Zhen-qual is increasingly concerned about the news of how few her kind were found. Like all godworms, she isn't exactly fond of her kin, but their sudden disappearance makes her worried. The Great Task, has always been seen as a type of competition between the Godworms, but now she isn't that sure if that view has been the correct one.
She decides to send some of her servants and spawns to the few worms the emissaries found as gifts to show her good will, and to also figure out what has been killing her kind.

Rolling for: (6rolls)
Continued temple project.
Mapping project.( Acquiring samples, locating local suzumou tribes and finding out more about the strange lands. 3 rolls)
Further studying and caring of the pusmals.
Zhen-qual's further contact with her kin.

>> No.22916388

Rolled 8, 8, 6, 2, 4, 20 = 48


The Zu-nul continue to construct their new temple, using all their expertise in it's making. Even the physically stronger preatorians partake in the construction efforts, as the structure is made to glory Zhen-qual's might.The temple is built upon a solid, sand cement and obsidian foundation. The builders are busy making detailed calculations and plans for the architecture of the structure, so that it will be sound and safe.

The mapping project continues, but the explorers grow more and more confused about these new strange lands beyond their dry desert. They try to take samples of what they find, and find perhaps local suzumou groups, who they could convert and find what they know of the areas.

The librarians observe the pusmals curiously. These things clearly possess some sort of limited intelligence. They try to figure out how to communicate with the pink things, while also providing them with shelter, food and water, so they may recover. The Zu-nul cities are large, and full of empty chambers. Mostly because the workers tend to build stuff, both for practice, and in case of disasters where extra chambers could become handy.

Zhen-qual is increasingly concerned about the news of how few her kind were found. Like all godworms, she isn't exactly fond of her kin, but their sudden disappearance makes her worried. The Great Task, has always been seen as a type of competition between the Godworms, but now she isn't that sure if that view has been the correct one.
She decides to send some of her servants and spawns to the few worms the emissaries found as gifts to show her good will, and to also figure out what has been killing her kind.

Rolling for: (6 rolls)
Continued temple project.
Mapping project.( Acquiring samples, locating local suzumou tribes and finding out more about the strange lands. 3 rolls)
Further studying and caring of the pusmals.
Zhen-qual's further contact with her kin.

>> No.22919052 [DELETED] 


>> No.22921430 [DELETED] 

Why so silent?

>> No.22921458

dont have time right now, so bump bump, but ill be back later.

>> No.22922754


>> No.22923181


>> No.22926766

Modified for story, past experience, skills, blah blah.
The Temple project continues on with the assistance of the pusmals, though there is a language barrier, they are more then eager to try to earn their keep. The queens squabble or fight amongst each other but mostly get along. It should be note that the pusmals are excavating the old collapsed tunnel systems of the zul-nul. Strange brown, wet sand is brought back, as are jars and jars of water, and trinkets gained from other tribes, bits of plant. Not too much of any one thing, but enough to show the diversity of the new lands. There were a few local suzumo tribes who practiced slightly odd methods of reproduction, including paralyzing a nearby kwagos tribe and laying their young within the abdomen of their prey. Very little more was learned with this quick out and back excursion. The zul-nul are poor at taking care of the pusmals, but they seem to be self sufficient enough now that they have at least some food, and a place to rest. They draw pictures of what look to be gorrirogs and submissive pusmals, then a great journey. To Zhen-qual's shock she has found only six other fully grown godworms, and none of them are as well off as her, two are close to dieing from lack of food, one is still semi mobile but has it's own suzumo tribe. the other three are fine. Zhen-qual has made a very good first impression, and now returns with emissaries from all the other tribes numbering in about 50 guests total, each with their own ways and traditions.

>> No.22930122


>> No.22931279

Rolled 19, 6, 4, 7, 14 = 50


Taking note of the Pusmals aptitude for construction work, the Zu-nul workers and librarians try to do their best to figure out how to communicate with these pink creatures. It is apparent that they are much smarter than they look like, and their construction work could be put to good use.

The librarians study the samples brought from the far away lands, and catalog their findings in their archives. The disturbing pattern of the desert seemingly turning into strange lands everywhere the explorers went, is not yet revealed to the public, as the librarians themselves aren't sure of what to make of it.
Some of the wormseers however have managed to find out about the new suzumou tribes of these new strange lands. It is their task to seek these tribes out, and convert them to Zhen-qual's glory.

Zhen-qual decides to send food aid to her kin who are the worst off, so that they wouldn't starve to death. She hopes that this act will gain some of their trust. She knows very well that Godworms generally don't trust each other that much, but she hopes that her kin can see the logic behind her actions. Together, they can pool their resources towards the Great Task, and share their findings, hopefully, speeding up the project.
She orders her wormseers to welcome the guests, and learn their traditions. She hopes that a stable ground for further co-operation will be established

Rolling for:
Figuring out how to communicate with the pusmals.
Collecting more samples and further studying them.
Sending wormseers to convert the tribes of the far away lands.
Zhen-qual aiding the starving godworms
Welcoming the emissaries of the other godworms.

>> No.22931556

Days of exhaustive practice, hand gestures, and vocalization has revealed the pusmals communicate with sound, and body language. Talking, while using hands, a subtle stomp of a foot. They can communicate with sound only, but they loose some of the meaning, or subtly of it, even humor. The learning process was quick with the aid of the librarians translating, and the workers having a similar personal nature to the drones. In the grand scheme of things, both tribes are drones in varying degrees of responsibility who serve their queen.

The sample gathering is again sparse as the scouts must travel far and fast. They return this time with rumors of an oasis so large they could not find the edge as it met the sky, and the water was bad. They brought several vials of the salt water, as well as some drift wood and dried fish. The missionaries who would seek to convert the tribes were beset by many problems, and were not greeted as kin, but enemies. Only one returned to tell the story, he brought with him a severed limb from the foreign tribes. Their language was not the same, and they were slightly brownish in color compared to a proper suzumo, nor did they have worms to call their own.

The amount of food she has is sufficent enough for her and her tribe, but Zhen-qual was actually limited to how much she could share. The food she offered only slowed the inevitable process. She ordered that detachments of builders go and work with the other tribes to bring them gilworms, and aid in practices that help to feed her kin. She was too close to let her plans fall apart now by loosing precious resources.

The tribe welcomed the strangers. They were in actuality not much different from their own people. Save that they did not worship zhen-qual, they revered her, but would not claim her as the one true savior yet. Odd that she showed so much patience with the unbelievers, but who where they to question the wisdom of their god?

>> No.22932759


The Zu-nul workers see the value these pusmals could provide in the construction projects of the nation, and because of this, they offer to help the pusmals to re-establish themselves within Az Khalat, receiving food and shelter, in exchange of help in construction work.

The Librarians are growing increasingly concerned about the "borderlands" as they have started calling these strange areas outside of the desert. What strange madness lurks there? Monstrous creatures, groves of strange plants, and endless oases of poison water. They decide to continue collecting samples, and studying, and even setting up small outposts, hoping to slowly understand these lands better, before releasing the info to the rest of the tribe. Not even Zhen-qual is fully aware of these studies as her interest are focused elsewhere.

The returning missionary tries to rally a small force of elite warriors, to head out to strike vengeance upon the heretics. These primitives of the badlands will feel the Wrath of Zhen-qual! The force is mostly composed of praetorians and worm riders, equipped with best armors and weapons of the tribe.

>> No.22932762
File: 95 KB, 800x800, Zu-nul elite armor.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 4, 2, 19, 14, 5, 11 = 55

The builders follow the orders of their god diligently, and do their best to construct gill worm farms for the other Godworms. Most of them had never realized that other godworms even existed, and this confuses some of them. However, they still seek to fulfill their mission successfully.

Zhen-qual realizes the need to slowly alter her people's beliefs, and she starts the work by ordering the wormseers to establish some sort of religious dialog with the emissaries, while also discussing trade agreements and other potential co-operation. This whole act of "diplomacy" is strange and new for both her and her tribe, but she fears that if she continues to use her usual brute force efforts with the other godworms, she might compromise the Great Task in the long run.

Rolling for: (6 rolls)
Integrating the Pusmals to the Zu-nul society.
Continued studies and sample collecting.
Establishing outposts in the borderlands.
The Missionary's strike force against the violent borderlands tribes.
Constructing gillworm farms for the other godworms.
Religious dialog with the emissaries of the other godworms.

>> No.22933196

The pusmal's are very happy to work with the zul'nul, but they cannot read, nor do they speak the language well yet, and do not understand what is and is not ok. The process has begun, but they mostly dig in the tunnels that have been long abandoned. When a pusmal is bored, or distracted it seems to dig out of habit. The borderlands are hostile and attempts at study and collection are outright abandoned while fortified outposts are built. Each one looks somewhat like a teardrop formation, a bulbous spire that tapers out towards the top. They are both impressive and absolutely alien compared to the landscape around them, but offer defense, shelter, and more. They are a beacon to other tribes who would seek them out. The strike force finds the heretics, sitting around doing nothing, being worthless. They are given no pause, no purchase to even defend. Thin glass blades neatly remove heads, limbs, or cut open thoraxes to spill guts and goo. Survivors ran, terrified of the vengeful "dark ones". The villages were looted for all useful things. More firebombs, these tribes also traded with the koburrogs. Clearly they are a corruptive force. The workers are very distracted by these new godworms, and have a hard time focusing on the task at hand, their curiosity overwhelming in these strange lands. The dialog is short, but it looks to be progressive. They are receptive to the ideas being offered to them, and are sure their own godworms will also be receptive. It is odd to note for them, that there are no wormborn in the sense of the zul-nul from the other tribes. At best there are some suzumo that are abit more brutish, or slender, but nothing to the extent of this tribe.

>> No.22935537
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on the subject of the tempered glass blades, a few possible layouts for the blade.

>> No.22935774
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>The Legacy of Urrelus Mro'Calur
During the lifetime of Emperor Urrelus, the capitol took more control of the scattered provinces. Taxes collected were put into maintaining the road and irrigation systems that keep the empire running, and feeding the legions. Laws were changed to a unified set rather than handled locally. To top things off, all highly ranked military commanders were appointed by the emperor himself.
Many of the noble families who had long ruled various provinces of the empire felt threatened by these changes. For the past couple generations, the emperor of the time wouldn't know much about the land they ruled, thus the local administrative noble houses were mostly unchecked by the royal city. Generations later, there'd still be some resentment toward the monarchy.

From framing the guard, a number of firemanes fled the empire's persecution, a few returning to their ancestral roots. Many others would work to redeem themselves in the public eye by assisting in hunting down VietKoburrong bandits.

Merchant companies that dealt with the Zu-nul often could make large profits. In return for linens, wood, metal tools, pottery, and food, they'd return with valuable gems and glassware.

>> No.22938301


I am definitely liking those designs. It think that I'll use them all, in different types of weapons.
The Glass blades would probably be only cutting weapons, instead of piercing ones, as the glass breaks easier than metal, and I think that it would be pretty hard to make a reliable piercing weapon from glass.

>> No.22938525

The Rii'dan young were employed for every tough task. Mining manually the dissoluble ores (arsenic and alum), blacksmithing, growing synthetic methane chimney forests, taking care of Hivogs, serving as expendable second hands or as reactants for alchemists...
Their lifespan is short which is fine to the Hastun. Once gotten rid of the first generation they were able to shape their education as they wanted. They were not learnt to talk, only obey colour orders. Hastuns manages to be gods to them. They were no longer Rii'dans, just mindless slaves. Their reproduction rate was so high that they were not always able to consume enough of them in time and had to get rid of some in purpose of keeping the population under control.
> =!=
The place has become a big food supply since Koburrog slaves allowed to build massive underground attics. A new process of conservation has been found. Saturating the inner atmosphere with methane to limit the proliferation of bacteries and adding acid to limit fungi growth.
> =o=
More methane chimneys have been grown. The place is a small forest of them. Taking care of the hives beneath and enriching the dumps with the inside of their second stomach (in an indescribable vomiting process). The ground is only a murky dung dump. The top layer is a forest of balloons being filled with methane to fuel the entire Hastun industry. And to trade with the Rii'dan that now need it to use their technology. Further collaboration is led with the Rii'Dan mostly food and methane trading but also collaboration for hunts. A napalm strength is a nice help for Koburrog hunters and scout on the ground are needed for Hastuns.

>> No.22938547

> =][=
Blacksmithing has been greatly improved. The slave strength was useful to shape bigger pieces of metal. Better alembics were made of metals instead of short lasting metal covered wood mush.
Alchemy is not what it used to be. The knowledge of the white one have been absorbed by the wrong ones, with incompatible belief. They try to lead the work in unproductive ways, trying to reach perfection states: the ultimate solvant, the immortality substance, the ultimate substance combining the sky, the being and the fire (always resulting in explosions). They also believed that the one able to absorb the essentia of every living thing would be able to see over all the schemes of the world.
Inbetween, the proximity with Hu-raan roads and gorrirog fortresses may have lead the Hastun to meet new folks...

>> No.22939178

With the understanding of how to craft metal, the Rii'Dan begin to rework much of their society. They redesign one of the still standing ruins to be a forge, tearing what materials they need from the rest of the ruins.

Their crude weapons are re-designed to have the metal worked into them rather than just lashed on with rope.

Metal plates are designed to be added to the leather armor pockets, allowing for even greater defense, but at the added cost of increased weight.

Written language has begun to return to the Rii'Dan. Inan'Cic began to extensively research the symbols that were on the map, and those that could be recovered from the ruins. Eventually they piece together what they can, making guesses at the rest. The result is something that is similar to the symbols, allowing for rough translations, but is rather different.

The Rii'Dan now have a pair of "settlements". The first is set up around the forge in the ruins, with some simple, yet durable shacks set up among the rubble and built into the remnants of buildings. The second is a mobile series of carts that the Rii'Dan built which they use to travel across the plains, exploring their surroundings while also searching for more ruins in the area. Inan'Cic has long since passed, dying in an attempt to make a metal glider. His legacy remains though, with further leaders looking into the idea that ruins might contain secrets they could decipher and regain their former might with. The second group travels with a large group of riders on Lasmar and Kiteburrogs, who patrol outwards from where the carts are.

A secondary concern for the second settlement is to locate and aquire means of obtaining more metal or a location where they could set up a mine.

>> No.22941141
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>> No.22942790
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>> No.22943818

The existence of Tentouz was known to the Hu-raan. Ages ago, during the last Bladerunner swarm, the early kingdom reinforced Ry'lai warriors in their attempts to rout the bugs. In times since then, the two civilizations have fallen out of contact. Only on occasion is one of their Float Frillas seen crossing the sky.

It was little surprise that the empire would encounter more of the odd creatures.

I almost forgot that the Ry'lai are the major Enclave presence in Central.

>> No.22945600
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Our eventual goal...

>> No.22947665

Provided that we don't burn the planet to a husk first.

>> No.22947996
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That sounds like a challenge!

>> No.22950343


>> No.22951585

The legion often looked down on those who were not of their own kind. What was not looked down upon was their wealth. Frequently the legion forces could be found throughout the huraanic territories, and even stretching down into nuteria. Some trade was made with the barbarian Kwago tribes of the north, but all too frequently the Gorrirog's learned an important limitation. They hated the cold. Cold brought about stiff joints, sickness, and poor constitution limited them to only traveling during the summer months to interact with the kwagos. In the past a brief attempt at conquest had been made. While they carved a large swath into the northern lands, come winter, they had to retreat as quickly. This knowledge became a problem for them. Attempts were made at warm wraps and clothing, but the Gorrirog's were ill suited to even the very humidity of the north, as it would cause breathing issues.

>> No.22952848


>> No.22954162


The Zu-nul workers continue the construction of the Temple Prime, with the aid of the pusmals. Everything is prepared in extreme detail, and careful calculations are made to make sure that the structure will hold it's own weight. This is a temple that will honor Zhen-qual, and every bit of effort it put into it.

The missionary strike force sends the recovered loot back home, while majority of them stay in these lands, reinforcing the outpost fortresses and hunting down heretics for conversion.
The borderlands hold intriguing resources for the Zu-nul. The Librarians are especially interested in wood, that seems to grow in abundance in these lands. Wood is a precious resource for the tribe. It is the main fuel, along with usmal fat, that they use in their furnaces, and securing a steady supply of it would be extremely beneficial.
The Librarians also begin to study the firebombs that the strike force recovered. How did they work, and how could the Zu-nul use them?

The workers sent to aid the other godworms continue on their task, despite the distractions. Some of them are however, started interacting with their host tribes, exchanging traditions and stories with each other.

>> No.22954170

Rolled 5, 4, 15, 7, 14, 9, 4, 8 = 66


Zhen-qual wonders the lack of wormborn among the emissaries, and eventually concludes that the other godworms either didn't send their best agents to her, or they simply lack them all together. It seems more and more clear, that she is in fact, the most dominant godworm in the desert right now. Her followers number in thousands, while her peers are only scraping by. It is clear to her now. She is already victorious over the other worms, they have no choice but to ally themselves with her, and they too, must have realized it.
By unifying her kind, the Great Task will be completed sooner. She is sure of it. She orders her agents to continue the negotiations with the visitors. A grand proposal is made, for all the known godworms and their tribes. They can join with Zu-nul as allies, for common good. They will be allowed to maintain their traditions, as long as they still strive towards the Great Task. They will be given necessary aid and knowledge, so that they can construct the infrastructure needed for supporting themselves. In this new union, the Cabal of Worms, all the godworms and their tribes, can focus their efforts on their common goals and the Great Task.
Yes. The plans are in motion, and the chess pieces are falling to place.

Rolling for: (8 rolls)
Continued progress on the Grand Temple.
Capturing any survivors of the heretics, and converting them.
Investigating wood sources.
Studying the firebombs.
Continued infrastructure aid for the other godworms.
The workers establishing cultural relationships with their host tribes.
Continued negotiations with the other tribes.
Zhen-qual's grand proposal.

>> No.22954242

Rolled 18, 11, 13 = 42

The Craftsmen who live in the second settlement continue work on development of the gliders, looking for a way to incorporate a rigid design to lessen the strain on the Koburrogs who use it.

Scouts in the second settlement look around for places they might discover deposits of metal as well as more ruins in the area.

Rolling for:
adding a rigid portion to the gliders
searching for Ruins
searching for Mine-able resources.

>> No.22956779


>> No.22958668
File: 193 KB, 800x800, Zu-nul elite skirmisher blood.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No mercy, no respite, for the heretics deserve none.

Trough our loyalty, we are vindicated. Trough our faith, we are empowered. Trough our might, we are made righteous.
Our faith unites us.
Our unity, makes us strong.
Our strength makes us powerful.
Our power, allows us to protect.
Under our protection, there shall be peace.
In peace, there will be unity.


>> No.22961569
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Exceptional as always, Nad.

>> No.22962768

I've been late. Lot's of stuff to make up

The Black Fortress (actually built of white stone) grows in the Sutul hills. From here, the Black Band grows as well, recruiting young drifters, orphans, and impovershed families to swell their ranks. By the time the hundred years have passed, they are the equivalent of a millitary for the Yakashun*1 Confederacy (more on the Confederacy later). Jevers doctrine of fear stuck, and the Black Band makes the most of its still small numbers by using terror tactics refined over generations. The southernmost Teloki city of Begopat was brought to its knees after its king tried to wage war on Okel. The king was kidnapped, the city guards sent running, and terrifying rumors spread amongst the peasants. The Black Band brought the King of Begopat to Erumer, to show him the might of the Yakashun. From atop the Council-Hall of the Patriachs, the King was shown the fleet the High Patriach had gathered to smash the Begopatan invasion. Ships filled the bay of Votoz, and spilled out into the coast beyond. The king then signed the historic Concord of the Confederacy. In this document, Begopat entered into an alliance with Okel, Hastira*2, the Mansion coast*3, Mentual and the Exile Isles. From then on, the power and strength of the Black Band became legendary. They were the guardians of the Confederacy, and Lords of Terror. Black winged angels and benevolent devils. Their ranks swelled, and they now keep the peace within the Confederacy, and contain its enemies, under the watch of the Sindsgeyer (the ruling council of the Black Band) and the mighty Deslor, Grandmaster of the Black Band of Jever, in the Year 200 A.E*4

>> No.22962781

The Confederacy is a union of several nations, or more accuratley, a peace-keeping alliance of several nations. The Confederacy was the brain child of the High Patriach, Ohaider the Beloved. Grandson of Zokulza, who had presided over the Yakashun when they made contact with a diverse array of nations, ranging from the strange yet close by Stusval, to the distant but powerful Legion. Ohaider came to the mantle of High Patriarch at a young age, only twenty years old, but he had ambition as great as his grandfather. He sought to take the economic cooperation fostered by his predecessors, and turn it into something stable, having seen the threat of destruction posed by other growing though distant nations, the strange fanatical insect-men of the desert, and ever present threat of a future unified Kingdom of Nutera. The young patriarch spent his whole life binding the areas settled by the Yakashun to the island home of t heir forefathers, with limited success. The city of Mentual was eager to stay close to its forebearers for its well established ties to other nations to the south of Nutera, but they shared the same independent streak, making it difficult to keep them under thumb, and their own Patriarchs would occaisionally rail against "Okel Favoritism" and "Okelot Entagnelements." Hastira had changed hands from being a Yakashun port to the capital of a vigorous Hastiri Kingdom, which had fewer cultural, and racial, ties to Okel or any of the other members than anyone else. The mansion states had resentment for how they percieved the Patriarchs, and okel in general, to have "abandoned them" after the craze of mansion building stopped. The other nutran isles distrusted their cousins, and envied their sucess. All of this combined with each future members general populace having a healthy disintrest for other nations.

>> No.22962793

>>22962781*1 The name of Yakushin for the culture/socioeconomic group descended from the Yakush clan has changed to Yakashun over the intervening 100 years

*2 Hastira has grown to become the focal center of Hastiri cultural and politics, with the tribe evolving into a small, feudal kingdom

*3 Patriachs no longer build mansions on the coast north of Old Nutera, but hamlets surrounding the old mansions have grown into a string of small towns, and they now assert their independence of the Patriachy while remanining in the Confederacy due to a lack of a strong millitary

*4 After Exile

more on the establishment of the Confederacy later

>> No.22965395
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Must I bump this all by myself?
Alright, discussion time.

What has happened to the Bord Empire itself in the time that the ship crashed and millions of years later to now?

What would be the reactions of the Joorod?

>> No.22965745
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It's located in the polar regions of West Continent, probably buried under layers of sediment.
They may be in for a shock once they realize in the far future that they're the descendants of bird-like aliens.

Idea for naming the continents. Use references to other evo games in the past, such as the original Evolution Game, Species Saga, Convergence, and even Evo Quest.

>> No.22965807

No, no. Not the ship, I mean in the millions of years since the ship has crashed, what's been going on in the Empire since then?

>> No.22965873

Whoops. Misread that I guess.
Considering the fluff for them that exists, not much. Existing. Denying change.

>> No.22967913 [DELETED] 


>> No.22967917
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Bumping with Central Flying Slizer.

>> No.22969080

The final pieces of the gran temple are locked in and the suzumo engineers look upon their creation. The lead architect in particular looks up, and then back down at his hands. For just a moment he feels as if he has created somethign that eclipses the greatness of zhen-qual herself. He has outdone his god. It is a very private thought, and a very fleeting one as soon he feels ashamed and humbled of such blasphemous thoughts. He picks up his tools, his notes, and heads home to plan for the next great work.

The survivors of the heretics were few, and they fought violently unto death. As the last holdout of heretics, a dark brown leader lay on the ground broken, a victorious praetorian stood over him. "We came to save you, from yourselves, but in the end i can see, that there is no reason in saving trash!" He jammed his metal sword into the leader's chest and twisted. The last of the heretics shuddered, gurgled blood which poured out his mouth, flashed a final panicked luminescence display, and died.

The wood resources of the foreign regions are abundant, many things to burn, and no greedy merchants to pay for. The tribe was able to stop buying wood.

The firebombs are the same that have always been found off koburrog, and those they would deal with. They are able to discern some of the base components of the bombs, but not all of them.

Aid trickles into the godworms slowly but steadily, it is enough to show that the zul-nul can support them should they choose to take what is offered, and it is very likely they will.

The workers try their best to fit in with the other tribes, and while they stick out badly, they are polite and hard working. the other tribes are as loyal to their worm as they zul-nul are to zhen-qual, and will not make decision without the worms consent. The grand proposal is met with caution, perhaps even a bit of fear that this great and large tribe would simply work with them out of greater good.

>> No.22969189

The new gliders quit resembling squirrel suits, and start to look more like hang gliders, or giant kites. A new enterance to some ruins is found. It is a large metal door built into the side of a small hill, this is more metal then they have seen before, easly enough to build a village out of metal. ((this suffices for both the mining, and the ruins roll. get to explorin'))
haha! awesome.
so much going on internally, its fun to watch man.
The empire has probably fallen and risen several times over again. The ship that came to borgas 4 was the killshit serious second empire, in the time ship traveled, the second fell, giving rise to the third, who are the fat happy bords we all know and love.

>> No.22969789

Can anyone post the evolution charts. My HDD bombed and I would really like them back

>> No.22970161


Many of the charts are on the 1d4chan page, though for the most up to date charts, you will need to ask Notrip.

>> No.22970305
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The construction of the Grand Temple took many Zu-nul generations. During the process, many new techniques were learned, and old ones refined. The colossal structure is adorned with obsidian plating, giving the illusion that the whole structure is in fact, forged from the black glass. It's crimson tinted windows filter incoming light, and turn it into reddish hue, pleasing to the eyes of the suzumou. Besides the main chamber, where Zhen-qual rests, there are numerous other chambers and corridors. Archives, places of study and meditation, offices and housing for the wormseers and even barracks for the most elite warriors of Zu-nul.
Overall, it is a massive complex, created for the purposes of worship and service of Zhen-qual. Great ceremonies are held in honor of the completion of this temple and suzumou from all around the Zu-nul empire flock to see this Grand Temple.
Within the temple, Zhen-qual is hidden from the world, and is capable of instructing her agents in peace.

The aid of the Pusmals had great effect on the construction work, and because of this, these small creatures are taken in front of Zhen-qual herself. She greets these pink creatures, as equals in her service, and from that point onward, the pusmals were considered honorary members of the tribe.

>> No.22970338
File: 3.13 MB, 1208x1681, Central territory map.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 19, 8, 14, 8, 17, 10, 4 = 80

The borderland outposts continue to gather samples and study them.
There are 4 of these outposts, 3 in the southern borderlands and one in the north.
Station 1 is located near the mountains, in the arid plains.
Station 2 is at the edge of the southern jungles.
Station 3 is at the borders of the southern marhslands.
Station 4 is far up north, at the edge of the northern plains.
(located in the map. The yellow lines indicate the largest "highway" tunnels)

The Zu-nul librarians continue their studies with the firebombs. Perhaps the materials that cause the bombs to burn with such intensity could be used to make the forges of the Zu-nul burn hotter?

The fear of the others only confirms Zhen-qual's suspicion about their weakness. It is clear that she is dominant. The others need to be convinced that there is no other option, but to agree to the proposal. She sends Drake to the other godworms, so that they would see her might, and willingly submit to the cabal. Zhen-qual values the wisdom of the other godworms, and does not want it to go to waste.

Rolling for: (7 rolls)
Fully integrating the pusmal refugees to the tribe. (maybe they even take on the Zu-nul religion?)
The sample gathering and studying of the 4 outposts (4 rolls)
Studying applications for the firebombs.
Convincing the other godworms to agree to Zhen-qual's grand proposal.

>> No.22970395

Here you go. Some aren't fully up to date, but they're close.


>> No.22970823

fucking awesome thanks man

>> No.22972072
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The Joords were pretty sameface. Working on a Darwin's Finches esque drawing to fix that.

>> No.22972625
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So many joords.

>> No.22973778
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Rolled 2

Oh aggorods, you so crazy


From the growth of the Hastun, their settlements no longer went unnoticed by the Hu-raan. The only real experience had with those of the same race had been the Ry'lai. The empire would send messengers to contact them, to see if these Tentouz were part of their civilization or not.

Rolling for contacting the Enclave/Ry'lai.

>> No.22973937
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Rolled 9

>Rolling for contacting the Enclave/Ry'lai.
I'll judge it myself. Slizers. Messengers ran into a hungry slizer. They didn't stand a chance.

>> No.22975775

Praise Hasvut! Zhen-qual was clearly their salvation, and the world before their obstacle to drive them towards her most magnificent. Pusmals are now part of the cult. From the mountains come hard rocks, the pusmal seem excited about them more then the suzumo. From the southern jungles comes a large variety of wood, various plants, and more. The pusmal use them to create fiberous material, and woven mats, and even an alcoholic beverage that they seem to love. The beverage was not so strong that it ruined the functions of the pusmal, but seemed to be highly nutritious as they consumed little else. From the marshlands they find an odd smell coming from under the rotting water. ((gas)). From the far north they trade and risk heresy, posing as another tribe they interact with a tribe of wandering koburrogs who are light skinned and brown of hair. For something so small as trinkets of glass and food the tribe has gained the recipe for "bang powder". To the koburrogs, the seemed to be more shocked that the suzumo did not know how to make it....they also had to learn to read that local alphabet of koburrog. Pusmal are excited about the limited metal they see, as it has not been seen before. While the queen can breed workers more suited towards digging, tools speed up the process. As do explosives. Some members of the tribe would use certain elements of the explosives to burn a brighter flame for the forges. ((multiple attempts)) Drake is a fearsome creature, but more fearsome is the legion of hybrid worms that swarms in a pack with him. Those that would refuse saw their best warriors eaten. Submission was life, and so they accepted the leadership of Zhen-qual.

>> No.22976010
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The ancestral grounds of the ry'lai seemed to be abandoned. The scouts searched high and low, but there was only the blowing of the wind, and the screech of a slizer as it descended upon them. When the first scout group never returned, a more heavily armed scout group was sent out. They found the chewed and regurgitated armor and belonging of the first scouts as well as their base camp. What they did not expect to find were ruins.

>> No.22976488
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Introducing the Umbakt clan of barbarian raiders.
They are a group of extended families, ranging from different tribes, that have rallied underneath one banner.
The Umbakt clan lives in the middle ground between the arid plains that border the great desert and the massive forests that stretch to the north. The members of the clan has had a past of violence and hardship, which has made them rugged and tough people, who prefer to solve problems with brute strength. Their technological capacity is along the same lines as it is with the rest of the northern Kwagos tribes that are displayed here: >>22873526

The Umbakt raiders, were formed in the aftermath of Legion's violent incursion to the north. Most of the members of the clan, rally from the tribes that were decimated under legion's advance. These people found a new purpose underneath Makal Umbakt, a brutish male kwagos, who had started looting the equipment of the legion, modified them to his own use, and then used them to exact vengeance upon the legion forces. His band of revenge seeking warriors grew quickly, but the Legion withdrew from the north almost as quickly, leaving the group without a clear target.

For a while at least. Quickly, these barbarians began targeting traders and caravans, occasionally making weeks long treks to the south and east, seeking easy targets to raid and pillage. They use quick and devastating charges, bringing their foes to their knees before a proper defense can be set up.
As these barbarians grow in numbers, so do their needs.

>> No.22976505
File: 10 KB, 224x447, legionary armor.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 20, 4 = 24


The scouts were dismayed to find that there was little sign of the Ry'lai in the area, but the ruins perked their curiosity. Three of the scouts would explore the buried buildings while the rest would report the news back to the royal city.

More scouts would explore a wider range through the west in search of the Ry'lai.

Rolling for ruins exploration, and searching the western end of the frilla forest for signs of the Ry'lai

Any possibility of digging into the Anee'imay den?

>> No.22977310
File: 84 KB, 800x600, Umbakt stronghold.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 11, 15, 16, 8, 15, 8 = 73


The Umbakt raiders are on the move. Makal Umbakt wants that proper walls are erected around the stronghold of Golakt, so that the it could be defended better against hostile creatures roaming the plains. He sends some of his warriors to cut down lumber for this task.

Other warriors are sent out to hunt down suitable prey for the clan, and scout the vicinity for other potentially usable things, as food supplies are starting to run low. The females of the tribe, are tasked with gathering edible plants from the vicinity of the settlement, as well as finding a proper water source, instead of the small pond the group has used thus far.

In addition, Makal sends a group of his warriors to east, as the rumors of many prosperous settlements existing in those lands has reached his ears.

Rolling for.
Gathering lumber for walls.
Hunting down prey.
Scouting the nearby areas for usable stuff.
Gathering plants.
Securing a proper water source.
Locating raiding targets in the east. (I assume that the Huraan empire's existence is pretty apparent and widely known, seeing how they basically cover 1/3 of the map.)

>> No.22977652
File: 1.81 MB, 3264x2448, photo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 8, 5, 14, 15 = 42

Enthused, the scouts return with the news and bring workers to the site to begin work on dismantling the doors to use the metal for construction. While this process is taking place, a small group is sent within the ruins to see what can be discovered.

Scouts begin to explore westward of the ruins, searching even further and learning more about the continent. They travel abroad wearing the armor pictured, which is largely leather save for the metal piece over the face.

The main village continues to develop their buildings, building defenses into the forge building and constructing walls around the village. They use what rubble hasn't been consumed in the construction of the other buildings or the forge. The village is roughly centered around the forge, with houses and workshops spreading outward.

Rolling for:
Door dismantling
Ruin exploration
Scout exploration
Village beefing up on defenses.

>> No.22978223
File: 43 KB, 800x800, Cabal of worms symbol.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 3, 6, 17, 12, 2, 4 = 44


A new era is dawning. Never before, have the Godworms collaborated together for common goals. The Cabal of Worms has been formed.

Zhen-qual's first priority is to uplift her kin to passable status, with the technologies that the Zu-nul have developed. Of course, she will make sure that the most valuable knowledge and technologies do not get shared, so that she can keep the upper hand. She also recognizes the need to reshape her cult, in order so that they will accept the followers of the other godworms as their allies.
The seeds of new beliefs are sown in the minds of a new generation of wormseers, in time, they will preach about how the salvation will come from the service of the Godworms, instead of just Zhen-qual, though she still will be considered the most powerful and wise of the godworms.
In order to uplift her kin, she sends teams of her followers, composed of various experts such as librarians, builders and her wormborn agents. They will aid the other tribes to advance, but at the same time, the wormseers will subtly instill beliefs that lend their loyalty to the Cabal, and her, instead of just their own godworm.
The great plan is unfolding as expected...

As Zhen-quall weaves together her plans, the librarians continue their studies on the samples recovered from the borderlands. They are intrigued by the strange liquids the pusmals are brewing, and decide to test their properties.
The smelly swamp is ordered to be investigated closer.
The librarians also begin to study the bang powder recovered from north.

Rolling for: (6 rolls)
Uplifting the other godworms and their tribes to passable status.
Modifying the Zu-nul faith.
Instilling loyalty in the other tribes.
Studying the alcohol.
Investigating the smelly marshes.
Studying the bang powder.

Also, ng, could you mark the other godworms, and the territories their tribes have to the map?

>> No.22978581

The scouts proceeded with great trepidation into the ruins. All around them were signs of abadoned activity, perhaps under a century, within the considerably more ancient buildings. Holding their torches up they caught sight of old koburrog symbols. The old empires...this was a place of legend, but the building was mostly picked bare. Level by level, more of the same, down they went. The bottom floor had a giant hole in it that gave into a sloping tunnel adorned with painted images, not by koburrog hand. The pictures conveyed a story of a prosperous tribe of pusmals, then an attack by outsiders, and cages. Then a city above the ground, and one pusmal who runs back. It shows of a great tunnel and a generation spent digging under the slaver city. Then the city is shown in the ground. It is quite apparent this Koburrog empire met it's end from having it's city collapsed from underneath. Pusmals...who woulda thought? In the tunnels they find the beginnings of more buildings. It would appear after the destruction the pusmals moved in. The scouts made a crude map and journeyed on for the better part of a day, even having to stop and eat rations. They found an odd facial ornament. ((anee'imay glasses.)) and eventually started coming across pusmal skeletons, more and more, until the ground was thick with them. Where the bones were piled highest, there was a heavy reinforced door. Inside they found a scant few more skeletons. These were all Koburrog. The building though...It was lined with shelves and twisting rows of walls, piled to ceiling were bound tomes in an unknown language. Books scattered on the floor, in stacks. Everywhere. Is this were the survivors spent their final days? fighting pusmals in the dark, until their food ran out, lost and alone?

>> No.22978734

>Sometime within the 100 years jump.
As they scouteed to extend their empire, Hastun started spotting various foreign activities.
But before entering in direct contact, they tried to discreetly observe the foes.
They observed tall stone walls east of their quarries.
Traveller's caravans passing down the strange road.
Going upper on the north, some elite scouts spotted really stealthy flying creatures troops.

>Anyone wanna play these interractions with me?

>> No.22978922

There is still no trace of the Ry'lai. They are perhaps gone from the region? The scouting party finds a hidebound tube with caps on either end. Inside is a map, it is of a land mass, but only of the edges. At the very top of the mass it shows islands, and only these islands have a feature to them. The rest of the map shows lines. Upon returning to the city it was discovered this was a ry'lai wind map. Valuable to tentouz tribes, they were not sure what the land mass was though.
Enough lumber was gathered to build simple walls, or earthenwork mounds with wooden spikes, but sadly not both. The hunters went into the forest and found their quarry, the stalckars, Knogos, Holuns. Good meat, good leather and bones. A hunter gets a broken arm but it was one of his smaller limbs. They laugh about it on the way home, carrying the carcasses of their kills on long sticks between them. A simple hunting tune is struck up. The nearby area has wood, abundant small loose stones, and easily gathered surface metals and land well suited for farming. The females come across a patch of heart like coral pozen. They are good to eat, but their juices stain everything a gory dark red, including mouths and hands. The effect is permanent on most objects and will stain skin for months. They managed to gather a few bushels, but are chased off by false bolova ((im sure i butchered the name. walking electrical plants with mouths)) A simple well is dug right in the middle of their settlement, with good authority on an elder that there is water in the ground. Indeed there was. The raiders find a small farming village.

>> No.22979163

((this door is fucking huge.)) The door is actually two giant doors that slide together form a tight seal. The doors are cracked open just wide enough for a single koburrog to slide in sideways if they really squeeze. Which is what happens. Several smaller tribal members are elected for the task, and look at the great and corroded metal doors with fear and awe. They are at least 20 koburrogs tall. As they start the task of getting in, it is apparent they are at least 8 koburrogs deep from front to back. Who could have such wealth as to make such a huge door?! Outside smiths create a hot fire on the side of one of the doors in an attempt to melt it, the fire succeeds in turning a portion of the door red hot, but more heat is needed. or perhaps explosives. One of the ruins scouts trips over something. Looking down it is a skull. Terror and panic ensue for a while until composure is regained. The ruin is actually in very good condition. The floors are a shiny rock, in squares. The scouts find a great body of water, the ocean. The village grows quickly from the recycled material, and a simple castle is beginning to take shape.

>> No.22979579
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the tribes are kept from starvation, but are still heavily impoverished and rely on food and materials from the zul-nul. The other suzumo see their prosperity and look at their own gods with slight disappointment. It will not be inside this generation, but the next that the general population follows the tenants of the new faith unquestioningly. Doubters will have to be reeducated or weeded out, but all in time. The support of the zul-nul gains the loyalty of the other tribes and they soon are satelite operations of the tribe proper. The pusmal have two beverages. A beer which is essentially a liquid meal with a very low alcohol content. It is high in calories and nutrients. The other is a spirit. The alcohol is distilled in a special set up and this stuff burns brightly, and gets you drunk. Several suzumo test subjects flew into the sides of buildings. Apparently bugs dont hold their booze well. A mysterious fireball errupted from the ground and blew apart a scout. The bang powder goes bang. The bang is accompanied by an explosion. Koburrog luck for researchers studying koburrog items. The building they are in resembled a spire, at least it did until it was blow in half at the middle. there were no survivors in that floor.

>> No.22982809
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>> No.22985149
File: 32 KB, 449x405, anee'imay.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 17


"How hard can it be to miss flying frilla trees?"
That essentially is the thoughts of the scouts searching through the frilla forest. They had though that such things would have stuck out a bit.

Rolling for deciphering the wind chart, by comparing it to the maps of the empire and desert.

I'll get back to the Anee'imay later.

>> No.22985205

Oops. Only wrote half.

After what was looking to be a wild goose chase, a sign of their presence was found. It looked to be some sort of crude map with odd lines covering it. It would be brought back to scholars in Era'mark to be deciphered.

>> No.22986589
File: 45 KB, 829x570, Hu-raan village2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Things have come a long way.

>> No.22987468
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Bump before bed.

>> No.22987606

As dumb as it may seem, when i see how far the tribes have come, how far our players have taken things, i am happy and a little proud. I cant wait for the time where i go "we are done with the game gentlemen, now its time to explore this world we created" and I hope you guys will want to come and play. Be the Lem, The Joorod, the Log'ead, Hoppa or so many more. Because here, something as mundane as descending into the lower city to fix a broken ventilation fan has high adventure written all over it.

>> No.22990113


>> No.22991791
File: 87 KB, 800x600, Umbakt stronghold.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 17, 16, 14, 17, 9, 19 = 92


The tribe decides to erect simple walls with two gateways, that are guarded, for their protection.
With more wood, perhaps, in time, the fortifications could be made greater. The massive Frilla trees overshadowing the stronghold could provide the tribe with extra wood, though harvesting it is another task entirely. However, the Umbakt are not daunted by this task, and thus, Makal sends his men to gather as much lumber and frilla bark as they can.

As the kills are prepared, the hunters separate the useful parts from the meat. Shells and bones are put aside, so that they can be fashioned into tools, weapons and armor. Some of the hunters have also gotten the idea of trying to capture some of the smaller knogos species, maybe keeping them around and raising them for food, thus saving the time from hunting.

The tribe begins to use the red juices for marking their equipment, and making "tattoos" from it.
Some of the females are also trying to plant more of the heart pozens, so that the tribe would have a steady supply of them.

The Raiders prepare to attack the farming settlement during the night. They make simple torches, that they can light up and set the settlement on fire, hopefully sewing confusion and chaos in the defenders.

Rolling for:
Gathering more lumber.
Developing ways of harvesting frilla bark.
Utilizing the shells and bones of the kills in tools, weapons and armor.
Capturing smaller knogos critters.
Farming the heart pozen.
The success of the night raid.

>> No.22992289

Rolled 7, 14, 3, 15, 14, 10 = 63


In order to establish a working trade and transportation network between the members of the Cabal, Zhen-qual orders that the tunnel network is to be expanded to reach the other tribes. The first focus is on reaching the the closest tribes (3,4,5) as the work needed for reaching them is the lowest.
All the while, the worst off tribes are being supported, while the infrastructure is being developed.

Although the tunnels are a good way for transporting relatively small amount of supplies and people, the formation of the Cabal has increased the traffic in these tunnels tremendously, and some times, the amount of material is far too great to be transported in them. Some of the workers have started widening these tunnels, so that they can pass trough more traffic, but until then, the tunnels will be somewhat clogged.
Because of this, the artisans of Zu-nul have begun devising new ways of transportation. The first concept is a sled, that is dragged over the sand by hybrid worms. These sleds could be packed with supplies and then transported quickly to the other settlements.

The Zu-nul librarians are intrigued by the flaming qualities of the alcohol, and decide to study it. It could be yet another potential fuel for their furnaces!
The other librarians try to recover what they can from the team that blew up while studying the bang powder. They also decide to continue the studies, this time outside the cities, in an open place.

Rolling for:
Spreading the tunnel network to the other tribes.
Continued support and infrastructure development of the other tribes.
Improving the tunnel network.
Developing the worm sled.
Studying the flaming alcohol.
Continuing the studies on the bang powder.

>> No.22995088


Why so silent?

>> No.22995825

the windchart shows that the ry'lai no longer dwell in this region but are far north, on islands. At least this is what they interpret.
chopping down frilla "saplings", stripping bark, and aggressively looking for any form of wood, the tribe gains extra lumber. Bark is pried off of a tree where it is loosest, with a large metal rod and some help. Very little of an animal is not used, and what is not used is burned, so nothing goes to waste. The tribe's armor is soon supplemented with animal parts. A very small crop of heart pozen is grown just around the edge of part of the fence. The raid goes shockingly well. The town is looted, inflames, and it's people dead or captured in a moment.
the tunnel network only expands to the closest two tribes, while the overland route is augmented with wormsleds to take care of a badly backed up tunne network. This enables the tribe to support their new allies very well. Alcohol has many uses, burning, cleaning, drinking, mixing. Good for forging too. The bang powder does not kill everyone this time, and research has picked up, they are quite close to figuring out how to make it. This excites the pusmals most of all.

>> No.22997971

Bumb before bed.
Keep the thread alive guys.

>> No.22998662
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What will one day become of us?
The child asks.
What shall be our legacy?
The proud king wonders.
What is our destiny?
All folk do wonder.

The worlds are waiting for us. The sky begs to be filled with our conquering children, or pioneering generations. Across the sea of black velvet, the thousand lights are calling. Will we answer?

>> No.23000762
File: 18 KB, 640x400, Vierache wing-glider concept.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bump with concept drawing.

>> No.23001221
File: 158 KB, 900x1227, bloom_by_digitalcutti-d467ell.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

An unassuming world, swirls of greens and blues. A marble of colours in the dark of space. Spinning, spinning, ever spinning.

Beneath its clouds lies the greatest gift of the universe. Life.
Every world desires life. Begs for it even. Every sphere aches for companionship, to be blessed with the gift of love that life brings. Every world to be granted such a boon treasures it. Some even share it. Their life spreading to the stars and landing on other worlds.

Have you ever wondered? Every world we land on seems to be raining at the time we land. My child, this is but exaltation. The planet is crying tears of joy. It is our compassionate welcome from the cosmos.

>> No.23003772
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>> No.23005259


>> No.23006128

apply bump, await for content.

>> No.23006588

forgot this: The Umbakt return with two new types of farm animal, small Kwagos, and Tall long necked Kawagos, a particular variant that might be able to ridden with time.

>> No.23006689

Rolled 7, 2, 13, 7, 7, 4, 16, 20 = 76

The extra lumber is put to use, in reinforced fortifications, pens made for the newly acquired knogos critters, and the rest is stored for future usage. The massive Frillas overshadowing the stronghold still hold massive amount of resources, if only the tribe could access them better. Bringing down these massive trees is starting to become an obsession for Makal, and he orders his men to develop better ways of cutting down trees.

The tribe begins their work at taming the captured knogos critters. Raising them in the pens, and getting them accustomed to the confined life.

The successful return of the raiders is worth of a great feast. The members of the clan celebrate, by eating great food, wrestling and fornicating. In the morning, the village is a mess, but the Umbakt don't mind, as it brings a homely feel to the stronghold.

Some of the females decide to attempt to develop better ways of making food, from meat and the heart pozens.

The males begin to split up the loot between the warriors. The captured koburrogs are put to work as slaves, forced to gather lumber from the forests to the tribe's needs.
Scout's are also sent out to seek new targets for raiding.

Rolling for: (8 rolls)
Reinforcing the fortifications.
Developing better ways of cutting wood.
Taming the captured knogos critters.
Population increase due to the celebration.
Developing better ways of brewing food.
Seeing what stuff the raiders managed to loot.
Using the koburrogs as lumber slaves.
Finding new raid targets.

>> No.23006740

Simple watch towers are built to peak over the fence, and wooden spikes now rest in front of the fence to prevent climbing attempts. A kwago attempts to cut wood in a new way, but looses a hand. The status quo will stay for now. The creatures who fall out of line are swifty beaten with sticks, or pinned down until broken and tame. A celebration is planned, they are going to need meat, and perhaps a new area to hold it. Heart pozen's are now cut in half, and scooped out and chilled. its tasty. The raiders mostly get large piles of grain, and cloth. The village had little. The koburrogs who survived have no desire to die, and start working with the lumber quickly. They are also interrogated and it is discovered there is a lightly guarded treasury/ armory a day's ride from their own settlement.

>> No.23006852


The work on expanding the tunnel network continues, so that the discrete movement of forces and resources between all members of the Cabal, could one day, be a reality. For now however, most supplies to the most further off tribes are delivered with the wormsleds.

The massive increase in the resource needs of Zu-nul, due to the formation of the Cabal, causes them to expand their hunting grounds all around, but especially towards the southern borderlands, hoping to exploit the untapped resources and prey of these strange and unfamiliar lands. Hunter teams are sent out to seek prey and targets for raiding.

The two tribes in the mountains sides (5,6) are currently getting the most aid, but they are at the same time, being molded into useful forms. The infrastructure being built in their territories, enables them to start exploiting the natural resources of the mountains, rocks, obsidian, and ores, that are then sent to Sul Az to be refined. Slowly, they are being incorporated to the trade network of the Zu-nul, for now, they will receive food and aid, but eventually, they will be able to buy the food they need with their resources.

>> No.23006856

Rolled 1, 17, 12, 18, 12, 6, 17 = 83

The aid sent to the raider tribe (3) focuses on building infrastructure that would reduce their dependence on just raiding (Usmal farms for food and saliva), while maintaining their strong warrior culture. They are encouraged to hire themselves as mercenaries or warriors to other tribes, or traders in exchange of resources. Already, Zu-nul warriors are being joined by the warriors of this tribe, in their hunting and raiding groups.

The two tribes with natural wells (1,4) are helped with the technologies that allow them to expand, and better maintain these wells, as well as ways how to farm gillworms in abundance. The food wealthy tribe especially (4), is being groomed into a tribe that can produce enough food to feed many more tribes.

The northernmost tribe (2) is located near the rich forests of north. They are aided, and encouraged to harvest this wood, which they can then trade with the rest of the Cabal.

Overall, Zhen-qual is grooming each of the member tribes of the cabal into useful assets, focusing on their strengths and making them dependent on each other for co-operation and survival.
The librarians continue their studies on the bang powder.

Rolling for:
Expanding the tunnel network.
Expanding hunting grounds.
Grooming the mountain tribes into resource bases.
Grooming the raider tribe into reliable warriors.
Grooming 1. and 4. tribes into food producers.
Grooming 2. tribe into a wood source.
Continuing the bang powder research.

>> No.23006962 [DELETED] 

The tunnel network suffered setbacks, but with the pusmals living down there, it is only time until it is expanded to usefulness. The hunting grounds are expanded to hunt creatures in cycles giving time for each population to grow again. Hunting seasons are invented. The raider tribe needed the heavy hand of the Praetorians on their shoulders to guide them, but they gave up their ways to function as told. The overall food resources of the cabal grow greatly as regions 1 and 4 become dedicated gilworm farms. The last tribe has trouble increasing wood output, but in the coming season they begin to get reinforcements, stripping bark and branches. The Bang powder's secrets are finally understood. Simple chemicals and fire. What to do with it was up to those who now knew it's secrets.

>> No.23007070

The tunnel network suffered setbacks, but with the pusmals living down there, it is only time until it is expanded to usefulness. The hunting grounds are expanded to hunt creatures in cycles giving time for each population to grow again. Hunting seasons are invented. The raider tribe needed the heavy hand of the Praetorians on their shoulders to guide them, but they gave up their ways to function as told. The overall food resources of the cabal grow greatly as regions 1 and 4 become dedicated gilworm farms. The last tribe has trouble increasing wood output, but in the coming season they begin to get reinforcements, stripping bark and branches. The Bang powder's secrets are finally understood. Simple chemicals and fire. What to do with it was up to those who now knew it's secrets. The impoverished mountain tribes are bolstered with food, workers, and help. The pusmals are naturally adept at cutting and digging through rock, so many are sent to them. It is odd to watch them work, but a pusmal will lay down many round logs and slowly roll a heavy stone forward while moving the logs. In this manner the wormborn propose a thought to Zhen-qual: Can a worm be moved?

>> No.23007310
File: 9 KB, 549x250, suzumo electrical.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

imagined as the very first of the suzumo's functional versions of this gear.

>> No.23007513

Rolled 7, 20, 9, 9, 15 = 60


The information about the treasury causes the Umbakt warriors to prepare for a new raid, so that they might actually get some good loot, instead of the pointless stuff they brought back.
The poor quality of their loot had made the celebrations quite mellow, and the warrior now felt that they needed to prove to the rest of the tribe that they could actually bring back some good loot.

As the warriors prepare, the females begin to study the loot themselves. They adore the cloths, as they are things the tribe is in short supply of, and they begin to plant the grains, so they could grow more food.
Some of them females have also started storing the red juice of the heart pozens, that is left in excess from scooping them. The juice is stored in clay pots, for future usage.
To better store their food, the tribe has started constructing a special structure for it.

With the koburrog slaves, the tribe now has an abundance of wood for building and maintaining their fires. Still, the prospect of bringing down one of the towering frillas is still the target of Makal's obsession. Perhaps the looted weaponry could be used to make better cutting tools?

Rolling for:
Preparing to raid the treasury.
Planting the grains.
Storing pozen juice.
Building a storage structure.
Fashioning better cutting tools from the looted weaponry.

>> No.23007749


As the Cabal grows stronger, and more unified under the guidance of the Zu-nul tribe, Zhen-qual is starting to be satisfied. The stage was now set, and the work on the Great Task could once again, begin. Her plan regarding the Great Task is as follows:
Each of the godworms will start a breeding program, that aims to emphasize certain traits in their spawn, such as smarts, speed, toughness, and so on.
Each godworm, specializes in one trait, so that they could be better understood. What is learned is shared, and the best spawns are hybridized, in order to combine their strengths.
In time, this process should refine and eventually reveal, the core of the Essence, which will bring fort the Ascension.
The idea of moving a worm some of the wormborn presented to her, seems childish and naive in comparison. Upon ascension, there is no more need for movement.

In the mountains, the newly understood explosives are being used for breaking up rocks more easily.
The rock and ore supplies from the mountains force the artisans of Sul Az to refine their ways of metal extraction and smelting, as they have previously mostly worked with bought metal, or relatively clean ores.

Up north, the efforts are directed at developing better ways of cutting into the massive trees growing there, and developing a method of dragging the logs on the hard soil, where the worms cant drag the sleds.

>> No.23007754

Rolled 9, 15, 12, 17, 19, 12, 15 = 99


Inside the Great Temple of Az Khalat, the wormborn have started their own projects. Unbeknownst to Zhen-qual, the shadow persona all her agents possess, is slowly growing more dominant, more powerful. More and more wormborn embrace this persona, breaking the bonds of their indoctrination, and gaining increased independence and adaptability. Most still remain loyal to Zhen-qual, but others flee and become renegades.
Each iteration of this persona that is absorbed by Zhen-qual upon the death of her agents, reinforces the baseline one, granting it more knowledge and experiences. Thus, each new generation of wormborn, upon embracing the persona of Knixi, gain a massive wealth of knowledge and understanding beyond what Zhen-qual intended for them.
The wormseers are trying to find ways how to unlock these hidden memories of this persona easier. Breaking the bonds of indoctrination isn't an easy task, as it requires the near breakdown of one's persona, and then rebuilding it anew, with the help of the newly awakened shadow personality.

Meanwhile, some of the renegade wormborn have taken another approach. They are trying to spread the shadow persona around, so that "Knixi" would never die. They capture other wormborn, and forcibly connect to their minds, "injecting" the shadow into them. Some are even trying to do this to normal suzumou, with varying results.

Rolling for: (7 rolls)
Starting up Zhen-qual's grand plan. (Breeding program, that will probably take hundreds of years to start having proper results.)
Using explosives to help out mining rocks and ore.
Refining metal extraction methods and smelting.
Developing better wood cutting methods.
Developing ways of transporting logs on hard soil.
The hidden project of the wormseers.
Seeing how successful the renegades are at spreading the shadow persona.

>> No.23009647


Where has everyone gone?
Only few people are left updating, or visiting the irc.

>> No.23009662

Rolled 6, 16, 13, 12 = 47


From the finding from the maps, it could be figured that the Tentouz the south were probably unrelated to the Ry'lai. Even with this known, it'd be important to keep tabs on them. Scouts would be sent explore further north to see what's up there, while also keeping an eye open in particular for Enclave Airships.

With this known

Rolling for exploring in the north, looking for still-rooted float frillas, gathering information on the tentouz from the Hitangan, and the Nuterans.
>I know that if anything, information won't be much at all.

>> No.23010889

Zhen-qual's grand program is off to a solid start. Selectively picking the best traits from each batch of worms she moves the best of the best to a specialized enclosure, where they will be brought to breeding age and their progeny will repeat the process. The desert will have the rest, lax practices include a possibility that the gene pool may be tainted by hybrids. time will tell to what degree. The repercussions of zhen-qual's hybridization experiment reach long and far. Across the desert in the onyx fields, and in the dirt fields, land worms and onyx worms both have become hybridized to some degree, now larger and smarter, exercising pack hunting skills. It is the sandworms that retain true intelligence though. The desert now has occasional encroachment from these new predators, and they must be dealt with.

The explosives are useful, but the tribe bought a few koburrog slaves from the legion slave merchants. Their lives were given in exchange for proper training and use of these new tools. At the moment the tribe does not realize the weapon potential of this, their minds not yet geared to such things. The pusmal's rejoice as they are soon making great headway in the tunnels, and quarries. The zul-nul start to gain self sufficiency in metal, but it is only a start.

Forges are now heated in phases, at each phase metal is extracted from the forge, then heated again to get the next metal. This way the metals are more pure and varied.

Small explosives are used to fell trees, and large two man saws help to break them up. Smaller saws are used again to further refine the lumber into planks. The zul-nul find a use for the sawdust in the form of pulpboard material. The pusmals are somewhat skilled at the lumbering industry with some training, but require hard hats and padded coverings, as they cannot fly or move fast enough to get out of the way of falling things.

>> No.23011095

smaller logs are cut to size to make "rollers" then laid out in a row while a big log rolls along them. This was time consuming and hard work. Trading captured VKB to the slavers for knowledge, the tribe gained access to wheels and simple cranes. This helped a lot. The wormseer's project is successful, a somewhat traumatic but effective process allows them to survive the breakdown of indoctrination and within a few days, resume life. Questions came and went, but they understood why zhen-qual did what she did. To make them more perfect, to serve her better, but now they could make themselves more perfect. The renegades spread the shadow personal to the regular suzumo in the outlying tribes quite well. This imperfect imprint is more the base desires, urges and cunning of the Knixi preset. It has two repercussions. Smarter, more questioning average zul-nul, and those who join flesh when they die impart this "understanding" to their worm. early versions of wormborn are starting to pop up from sources that are not zhen-qual, they are vastly inferior to the current generation, but markedly different from their normal kin. This even effected the renegades in that some "uplifted" suzumo questioned them, wanting to know simply why? why were they doing this?

thickblood noted the goings on of his smaller kin, in their service to zhen-qual. "recruiting" and learning what can not be understood from observation. His charges took well to the last "wormseer". While he could not mind link like the godworms could, the organic radio that all wesper originated species share was more pure. He began a broadcast to the outskirt villages. Perhaps, now or later. a century or more did not matter, it would be time to chat with the worms. This apparent cooperation was something never seen before, and very sudden. It was apparent the worms hated his kind, but with time perhaps mutual understanding could be attained.

>> No.23011300

((i would like to see a response to the ruins, if you are short on time i understand, but it sucks to be ignored, even if the hu'raan simply burn the library.))
The exploration to the north takes them into Kwagos territory, the scouts are attacked by an angry barbaric Kwagos. They loose some of their gear, but the orders were simple. Press on till you find them. The scouts headed all the way north, having to trade more of their equipment for warm clothes, their sandals and leather armor provided no warmth here. These barbarians were kinder up north. Along the way they made a charcoal and paper map where they had been, what they had seen. Eventually they came to the frozen beaches, with waves slamming chunks of ice and frozen slush back towards the coast. In the distance through a haze they saw a truly massive ship, and above it, a floating frilla.

((hitangan do not exist anymore, they are a conglomeration of Hitangan and the alphas, the old cultures effectively gone))
A forest of floating frillas is found, apparently abandoned, as it grows like an orchard, in neat rows. The legion knows of the tentouz and share with them their library entries from the swarm war. It shocks the seekers of information how heavily edited the stone tabs and leather scrolls are. Many parts are scratched or burned away, but the description of the tentouz and where they went is quite accurate. North with metal men, not seen in years. They give scholars a battered collection of relics from the war, no longer useful to the legion. It included simple single shot hand cannons, pieces of armor, and a detailed map of another land.

The Nuterans are very aware of tentouz tribes in the area, as well as sightings of a new airship unlike what was been seen several by generations ago. This new tentouz airship was seen heading west from their location.

>> No.23011444

Didn't have a fully developed idea of what to do with them at the time of that post.

The tomes were recovered from the old library and brought back to To'kwar. Translating the would be an impossible task, as the written language of the Hu-raan developed independently of any others. The books only serve as baubles collected and traded by the wealthy.

>> No.23011715


Ng, did you miss this?

>> No.23012869

i did miss this.
The raiders preparation is modest at best, torches, an axe, and plan to strike at night. The females plant the grains outside their village, and within a few days little sprouts are noticed, soon after the grain plans are growing like weeds. The plant itself is edible, but the grains are the prize, able to be made into bread, and other kwagos tribes seem to want them for "beer". This brings some wealth to the tribe as they barter for wood, metal, food and fur. The pozen juice spoils and ferments in the jar, becoming a type of sticky, thick liquor. A pit is dug deep, it is a sort of false cave, nothing too grand. Some of the Knogo milk they have stored in jars has spoiled (do knogos make milk, i have no idea. Something makes milk on this planet.) the spoiled milk was disgusting, and the food cave deemed a failure. Months later the cave was re-explored and the curdled milk had taken on a new appearance and was solid. And edible. cheese has been made. The looted weapons allow for superior cutting tools, and a new technique to fall the massive frillas has been developed. They approach this like cutting down a tree, they needed to approach it like digging a mine. First they would dig into the base of the tree, then make a room, then expand outward, finally they would start a fire in the hole they had made, this would eat through the tree and cause it to fall over, in theory. barbarian theory. barbarian theorist? quite. quite.
One collector of the books spent his days idly looking over his horde. This book had many faded pictures, and each picture had a symbol next to it. as the book went on it showed multiple symbols next to pictures....this was a child's book. Each symbol did indeed look roughly, almost abstractly like the image it was next to. There were modifier symbols, but by the time he was done, he knew Large animal, small animal, flying animal...there were other symbols, but this was amazing.

>> No.23014536 [DELETED] 
File: 246 KB, 800x600, Cabal flag.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The pieces of Zhen-qual's plans are now in place, and all she needs now is time. Following her guidance and example, the other godworms also begin their experiments, all striving towards the Great Task.
This sudden unification of the godworms, and their tribes, with the technology of Zu-nul, has allowed the tribes to utilize resources they previously didn't access, and advance collaboratively, thriving towards their common good.
The suzumou under the banner of the Cabal, are legion. Their numbers constantly growing, with the influx of the resources from the strange border lands and the clever management and trade of their own native resources.

The Cabal is a nation that has never had an equivalent in the suzumou history. Their technological, cultural and military capacity are formidable, and they are poised to keep growing. The forges of Sul Az are creating more and more weapons and armor for the countless warriors, underneath the desert, the tunnel network is being relentlessly expanded, and the hordes of the hybridized worms roam the deserts.
All this, is fitting quite neatly to Zhen-qual's plans.

Of course, there are random elements, the untapped potential of the simple electric devices and the newly discovered explosives, as well as the steady spread of the Shadow persona and the other, unseen schemes of the wormborns.
However, for now, the stage is set for the next era, and the coming ascension.

(This could be a good place to halt the progress of the Zu-nul for now. The Cabal of worms has formed, and grown into a powerful entity in it's own right. There will probably be conflict in the future, but I don't think that we should start major conflicts at this point. If you have anything you wish to ad ng, feel free to. As I said in the irc, I can't possibly cover all the interesting shit happening in a massive nation.)

>> No.23014571
File: 247 KB, 800x600, Cabal flag.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The pieces of Zhen-qual's plans are now in place, and all she needs now is time. Following her guidance and example, the other godworms also begin their experiments, all striving towards the Great Task.
This sudden unification of the godworms, and their tribes, with the technology of Zu-nul, has allowed the tribes to utilize resources they previously didn't access, and advance collaboratively, thriving towards their common good.
The suzumou under the banner of the Cabal, are legion. Their numbers constantly growing, with the influx of the resources from the strange border lands and the clever management and trade of their own native resources.

The Cabal is a nation that has never had an equivalent in the suzumou history. Their technological, cultural and military capacity are formidable, and they are poised to keep growing. The forges of Sul Az are creating more and more weapons and armor for the countless warriors, underneath the desert, the tunnel network is being relentlessly expanded, and the hordes of the hybridized worms roam the deserts.
All this, is fitting quite neatly to Zhen-qual's plans.

Of course, there are random elements, the untapped potential of the simple electric devices and the newly discovered explosives, as well as the steady spread of the Shadow persona and the other, unseen schemes of the wormborns.
However, for now, the stage is set for the next era, and the coming ascension.

(This could be a good place to halt the progress of the Zu-nul for now. The Cabal of worms has formed, and grown into a powerful entity in it's own right. There will probably be conflict in the future, but I don't think that we should start major conflicts at this point. If you have anything you wish to ad ng, feel free to. As I said in the irc, I can't possibly cover all the interesting shit happening in a massive nation.)

>> No.23015065

Rolled 8, 18, 10, 18, 3, 16 = 73


Knogos don't make milk. They are nothing like mammals really. I would imagine that only furlong descendants make milk on this continent.

Anyways, the raiders head out towards their new target, planning on utilizing the same tactic that granted them such a stunning victory last time.

An experiment is also started on cutting down a frilla tree, far enough away from the village, so that there is no risk of the trees falling on it.

The tribe takes liking to the pozen liquor, and tries to device ways of making more of it easily. Pozen farms are expanded as a start.

Some of the females try to find an easier way to grind the grains into flour that can be then baked. They currently just use stone slabs that are bashed against each other with the grains between them.
The females of the tribe try to use the fibrous parts of the grains by tying them together and thus, hopefully, emulating the cloths they so adore.

Makal knows that his people can't be entirely dependent on the prices of their raids for armor and equipment, and thus, he begins to device ways of making basic armor and weapons from materials available to the tribe.

Rolling for: (6 rolls)
The success of the raid.
Cutting down a frilla tree.
Developing better ways to make pozen booze.
Developing better ways of grinding flour.
Developing basic cloths.
Finding ways how to emulate the looted weaponry and armor.

>> No.23015480

I'm thinking what we need is an overhaul of the wiki. We go over the nations and tribes etc. and update all our articles on them. Obviously we'll just work on our own tribes, but I really think it needs it before we go any further.

It will also allow newcomers to get a good grasp of things if they wish to join.

>> No.23016800
File: 241 KB, 333x500, 1337373386496.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One does not simply cut down a frilla tree...

>> No.23017056

That picture is greatly exaggerated.

>> No.23017076

We've never treated it as such. I was under the assumption that it was an accurate depiction of Frilla size. Have you all been playing an elaborate joke on me?

>> No.23017408

It was a bit of a joke when I drew it. Roughly a third of that height at the tallest (which is still close to the height of the Empire State Building, and 4x taller than the largest trees on Earth).

>> No.23017452

All this time... WHY DID YOU LIE TO ME?!

>> No.23019122

Are frilla trees used to make wood? I never thought we were clear on that.

How does get wood?

>> No.23019168

My understanding was that Frillas shed bark the way humans shed skin cells. These shed pieces are thick and broad. It is from these massive cast-offs that Frilla wood is acquired.

>> No.23020946
File: 1.01 MB, 1561x1134, Marajha Halls copy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now that the Marajha have "mysteriously vanished", their halls of stone can serve as dungeons, full of beasts of the deep.

>> No.23021144

Rolled 18, 16, 12 = 46

It is figured that there is no more information gathering that can be done without finally making contact. From what was heard from the Legion, communication would be difficult, for tentouz do not speak. Numeran information would give an idea of where to search.
With offerings of good will, emissaries are sent out.

The hand-cannons were similar to the mortars, but smaller. They can be handled by teams of two or three. It must be made smaller for individuals to use at all.

Up north, the scouts try to contact the ship. Yelling just strains the throat and yields no results. No mortar rockets are in supply for use as flares. Perhaps a large smoke cloud? Without assistance of old acquaintances, communicating with other tentouz would prove exceedingly difficult.
>Please don't end up as a 1...

Rolling for locating the major Hastun communities based on information from the Nuterans, downsizing of the hand-cannons, and signaling the Ry'lai/Enclave ships.

Correct. Frilla Trees shed board-like scales of bark. Cutting a tree itself down would yield a massive amount of lumber.
I'd guess that the reason for shedding would be to get rid of parasites growing on them.

>> No.23022116

Furlong derivative milk cheese! its as horrific as it sounds! This cheese is popular amongst the tribe, but other kwagos think your people might be insane. The target was soft, the raiders however were under prepared. Half were lost in the attack, but it was ultimately successful, while the defenders fought to the death. The treasury held gems, gold, multiple bolts of fine cloth, weapons and armor enough to outfit a large company. There was more here then could be carried back in several trips.
Some frillas are fucking huge, some are not. Be careful what you do in primordial lest it become cannon...that said central frillas do not grow quite so big. The kwagos set to work digging and burning into the base of the giant tree, it took weeks of work, all the while the tree made spores that caused illness, its sap would cause rashes, still they worked on. The sap was collected in great barrel fulls for future use. On that final faithful day, a central continent giant frilla fell, gouging open a hole in the fores. The tribe would not need for wood for generations. ((in all fairnes they coulda kept taking the equally useful shed bark, but the guys wanted to take down a tree. fuck it.)) Pozen booze can be made quicker in one large container instead of many small ones. This container can be heated and the alcoholic vapor siphoned off. A simple windmill has been made, with a tiny bit of input from a traveling fur trader who recounted the design from his own childhood home. The females had the drive, but ended up making scratchy twine yarn, good for bailing hay or sticks, not so much for wearing. The armament is loosely duplicated with local resources, though for now the new supply of looted armor should be sufficient.

>> No.23022223

I like that picture of the halls, far better then i imagined. As for frillas, they are sort of the natural giving tree. The do shed their bark regularly, and their bark is pretty close to wood in terms of durability and thickness. Also frilla wood may be mildly..or severly toxic depending on the variant of the tree.
A hastun outpost is located! they are not exactly hiding, it is a bustling empire of fungi forests with homes atop them, and smoldering forges. The ground around the trees is thick with spores, shit, smoke, and fog. A grunting animal bumps into one of the scouts and continues on it's way. High above a tentouz has seemed to have noticed the scouts and flashes several colors quickly to those around it.

The hand cannons are effectively downsized, this reduces their power, but also makes them viable for individual use, the reduction in projectile size is somewhat offset by

Those aboard the warship at sea consider bombarding the smoke for a moment, before being smacked by their superiors. "idiots." Slowly the frilla ship makes way for the coastline, growing ever larger as it approaches. It stops above the scouts and simply drops a long rope ladder.

>> No.23022233

When it refers to what is official or not, the term is CANON. It refers to the Catholic Church. The books of the Bible are also known as "the Canon". Also, the process of naming saints is called "canonization".

CANNON is a giant gun. It is only used as a noun (to my knowledge).

>> No.23022401

>PS: You should join us in the IRC.

>> No.23023145
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It's dangerous to go alone, take this [bump]!

>> No.23024070


Any comments on this?
Is it a good wrap up of the Zu-nul for this session of central?
I might ad some lore tidbits, and maybe some rolls even, if I get any ideas.

>> No.23025219

hey man, real life has had me by the balls so i've not had much time to post. I think its an excellent wrap up. I remember a while ago we talked about names for the thickblood creatures to have. if you got one, please put it down. as neither Chowesper or Thickblood really work for a species name.

as for the exiles, i imagine their equipment is different then the zul-nul as they focus on being even more light weight and maneuverable with their jet bug back packs. Probably goggles or a helmet.

>> No.23025273


Shame that I can't recall the names that we suggested in the irc.
That equipment makes sense for the exiles. I imagine that they work in the outskirts of the cabal, dealing mostly with the outlying settlements, in order to avoid being detected.
Some of the renegade wormborn could collaborate with them to some extent, though the hatred towards the exiles is still very strong, even among the renegades. The renegades aren't really united however. They are individuals, who each have their own reason for fleeing from Zhen-qual's service.

As for the Umbakt tribe, I will probably develop them slightly more. I basically intended them to be to the Huraan what the barbarians were for rome.
For now, they are a minor nuisance, but in time, they might grow in power.

>> No.23027176


>> No.23028811

Rolled 7, 3, 16 = 26


The raiders make many tours to the treasury, taking with them anything of value. The loot was enough to supply the needs of the clan for years.
As they return back to their homes, the dead are mourned, and a new, grand celebration is held, in honor of their bravery, and the success of the raid. Cheese, ale and good food is served, and adult members of the tribe does their best to replace the lost warriors.

The fall of the great frilla was a moment of intense satisfaction for Makal. It was a symbol as much as it was a great deed. It showed him and his people, that they were capable of anything they wished. If such a massive, eternal tree could fall due to their efforts, surely, nothing mortal could stand in their way.
The fallen frilla is about a kilometer away from the fort. Makal wonders, if his people could drag it back, closer to the fort, in order to showcase the might of their people to the outsiders.
Smaller logs are placed on the path of the frilla, and the koburrog slaves and the strongest men are ordered to start dragging the massive tree. (It is probably a young frilla, so nothing immensely huge, seeing how it is at the edge of the frilla forest.)

In the stronghold the females continue to develop better ways of preparing food. Thus far, most food is cooked over open fires. Some of the females try to improve the heating methods, in different ways. Some attempt to utilize the same method that is used in heating up the pozen juice in order to make beer, but in more intense way. They fill pots with food, and place them on fire, hoping to heat up the food, but not burn it.

Rolling for:
Population increase due to the celebration.
Dragging the frilla closer to the fort.
Improving cooking methods.

>> No.23028819

Rolled 13, 19, 12 = 44

The scouts follow the coast, hoping for an obvious landmark they could use for reference.

A small contingent of Rii'Dan are sent into the ruins, with what little supplies that fit through the door being passed through to set up a small base-camp on the far side. They build a small shelter using hides supported on sticks and set up a small fire pit on the floor. Bedrolls are scattered around the fire before they set off with some torches into the depths of the ruins.

The Rii'Dan who were working on melting the door decide to wait until the exploration party comes back, hoping for something inside that might allow for the door to be dismantled.

The main village, named Ts'Phan, continues their construction, becoming more ambitious in their castle design. The huts nearby are fortified and walls are built between them, incorporating the houses into a rough city walls.

Rolling for:
Exploration along the coast
Ruin Exploration
Main Village Construction

>> No.23030586
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Oh how far we have come since these heady days...

>> No.23031534

bump until tonight. then results

>> No.23032927

>The scouts climb the ladder, making it known to those on board who had signaled them. Koburrogs from the south. Oddly, it seemed as though they knew who they'd find aboard. They provide an old emblem, the marking of the Hu-raan kingdom, alongside a note requesting aid from the tentous in communication with others of their race.
This is the first time in nearly two-hundred years since the last contact between the Hu-raan and Ry'lai. They seek aid in making contact with the tentouz far to the south.

Would the Ry'lai/Enclave have record of Huraanic writing?

>> No.23036968


>> No.23039988


>> No.23040807

To put on the to-do list alongside updating the wiki page, we need to get around to giving the continents and seas actual names. There's some discussion in the IRC on the topic.
The two main ideas for name sources are using mythological figures, or mixing up the names of things from other evolution games. Below are some ideas copied from the chat.

Mythology based names:
Tawa, sipapu, kachina, Pahina, Masauwu
West - Nibel (Nibelwinter), Central - Scorpius, East - Dong Kuo

Game based names:
Flehes, Gentis, Telmon, Etam, Daevma
Definitely need a name made from some part of Evo Quest.

>> No.23040837

Probably should have included this.

>> No.23042266
File: 40 KB, 600x800, td14S.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the population is modestly increased, with enough children soon running about and living in pouches as to replace the fallen. The frilla is pretty damn big still, and not draggable. One moment of triumph for the tribe is the discovery of cooking, and cooking pots. sometimes a little beer makes the food taste better, and this leads to experiments with bits of plants and what not. Soon food is seasoned well, and new types of alcohol are developed. Life is good within the tribe. less good for the slaves.
The landmark the scouts found was a village settlement of foreign origin. There are many two legged creatures in a wide variety of activity from moving small boxes, to building huts, to apparently walking into the ocean with strange armor on. Suicidal perhaps?
The lem aboard the ship were divisions of those from the first contact so long ago, and attempted to communicate with enclave sign language to no avail. The koburrog were many generations removed from their ancestors, and the lem did not understand the writing. A tentouz floated up from behind and placed a tentacle out to pick up the emblem, it understood the emblem, the writing had evolved a bit, but with little effort could be understood. With a piece of parchment and a wet ink brush it laid down a flowing greeting and questions on what has happened in the time since, as well as why they sought out the enclave.

>> No.23042787


During the following few years, the raids conducted by the Umbakt are reduced, as the tribe focuses on raising the new generation, and lives off from the spoils of the treasury raid, trade and the products of their own farms.

Makal seeks to make the massive frilla into a monument of his people's might. The bark of the tree is being harvested, and the tree itself is being carved hollow, slowly but surely. Makal thinks to make the fallen tree into a grand house for his clan, a "castle" if you will.

The Umbakt heavily trade with the other kwagos tribes, and interact with them in many other ways. Festivals, tournaments and so on. Traditions, beliefs and culture is being exchanged, and the life is good for the northern Kwagos tribes.
The wealth the raid of the treasury gained the tribe, empowered them and helped them grow.
For now, the Umbakt are one of the many northern Kwagos tribes. They aren't unified, but they share many common beliefs and cultural traditions. Their numbers are steadily growing, and eventually, the time for new grand raids will come.
But for now, there is peace and prosperity in the north.

>> No.23043786

Ideas for other names; my personal list of nonsense words.

>> No.23044905

A couple more.
Onmut and Gistyn

>> No.23046991


>> No.23050345

Are people still going to do some rolls, or are they ready to wrap up their tribes?

>> No.23051181

Wrapping up I'm guessing. Time to use the rest of the threads life for setting discussion.

>> No.23052772


>> No.23054473

INDEED. What shall be our topic?

>> No.23054690

Naming continents, making small additions to the ecosystems, improving information on races, drawing joke pictures. Any of the above.

>> No.23054936

We could clear up some confusion (mine). I am not all that familiar with the plants available in other regions beyond the carnivorous ones. There was also that confusion about the frilla earlier. I think some love to kingdom Plantae is due.

>> No.23059135
File: 194 KB, 524x575, ClanElder_17.00-08302012.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sure is quiet in here...

>> No.23059203

Which continent do we want to discuss for plants?

>> No.23059279

Well, one, the frillas. I know the shedding part, ng relayed that, but what are those coloured strands that dangle from them?

Second, since we're about to head there, the plants of the East.

>> No.23059567

Those are luminescent streamers.
Frillas are odd because they are aware of the world around them. They are able to communicate with each other with their light shows. There are never dark nights in a frilla forest. I'd guess that some of them are covered in many, many small compound eyes.
The reproduce asexually via spores (all of them are clones of their parent tree), and can live for thousands of years.

I'm having some troubles finding a picture of a sapling at the moment, but they're these dog-sized things which walk around to find a place to permanently root themselves. At this age, they operate on the mental levels of a reptile. Mostly instinct. I'll get one from the other computer later.

>> No.23059731

As for plants from East, there are azraches, tapascus, vindras, and of course, more frillas.

For the most part, azraches are trees with photosynthetic bark which produce fruit.
Tapascus are just odd. Some are like trees, one is a vine, and others are just shrubs.
And vindras are just just blue grasses with broad blades. Many species have large tubers or bulbs.

And then there are the things which are the three tangled together mixed with some lem'uy, known as skulks.

>> No.23061358

Bump before bed.

>> No.23062762


>> No.23063112

frilla saplings root at various points, some root at dog sized, some at dump truck sized. depends on the species of the tree.
unrelated but after talking to nad about south's blung field, it is nourished by the rain, the sun, the ground, the things that die on it, and the rich volcanic ash that falls on it in regular intervals.

>> No.23064359

Thanks, that helps a lot. I still think perhaps we could stand to work some on botany a bit more. The Frilla certainly are shown some love but I know that there's a lot more plants which could do with some attention.

>> No.23065727
File: 224 KB, 1976x1476, eastplantchartnoazrach.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here are the Tapascus and Vindras.They're pretty strait-forward.

>> No.23066043
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Ask and thou shalt receive, indeed!

>> No.23068900


>> No.23071293


>> No.23072053
File: 1020 KB, 1500x919, jscervinimap.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anything else needed for plants?

>> No.23074335
File: 38 KB, 800x600, 1545245-gendo005.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes... more plants are required! I'm getting that strange urge to try out the green thumb, the one that always comes when I get that gardening catalogue in the mail. I see all those fruits and flowers and think: "yeah, that'd be awesome in my yard!"

Anyway, I'd love to try and create a whole greenery of plants, the way I tried to with the Busharri and all those other little grasses. Try and add some "small wonders" to the world, if you catch my meaning.

>> No.23075502

I'll get the Azrach chart done later. I forget if the fruits are budded off asexually or not, considering Yantar descent.

>> No.23075592

Perhaps I shall add to the roster...

>> No.23078142

Well, the major biomes for East are mountains, jungle, the massive swamp, coastal plains, the burning plains, and the frigid north. And of course, there are the blended edge areas.

>> No.23078493

Hey thanks for all the help man, really. I understand some of the mechanics of the Eastern biomes much better now.

>> No.23080132

I'm gone for a couple of months and this is what's been created....holy shit

>> No.23080331
File: 153 KB, 1300x1456, Azrach chart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was about to make an Azrach chart, but it turns out that I already had one made up.

Someone from Southern Continent, I take it? Most of this had already existed long before then. South was one of the last ecosystems developed.

>> No.23080467

good to see you again man. the world has been spinning, but you have not been forgotten

>> No.23081700
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bump before bed

>> No.23082032 [DELETED] 

I was on a job higher up in africa, great too see the Civ threads, all awesome.

When the next Civ thread roles up, I'll be glad too join up.

>> No.23082103

I was on a job higher up in africa, great too see the Civ threads, all awesome.

When the next Civ thread roles up, I'll be glad too join up.


I was referring to the Civ threads and the Vyrri and, yes I did have a shitty little evo in the southern threads.

>> No.23084306


>> No.23085765

Bump for the Bump God!

>> No.23086390

sounds kick ass man. give the game about a month or so. i think a lot of us reached burn out on some serious back to back games. i;m also figuring out how i'm going to theme the next session.

>> No.23086508

Sounds good, gives me some time to think up some ideas, and pitch them in IRC sometime. Are we gonna do East or South?

>> No.23087909

East I think is the next on the cycle, followed by South and then Oceanic.

>> No.23088132


Assuming that the oceanic will even get a next thread.
The game kinda died down during the oceanic tribal, and not much happened in them.

>> No.23088290

Maybe it just needs some changes.

>No resources
>Frowgs and Shrohans only
>Final destination

>> No.23088345

>No more than three rolls per post
>No more than three rolls for the same thing
>No metal

>> No.23088461



>> No.23089176

Do not insult me. I was merely... busy. Going back to school soon and all that.

>> No.23092111


>> No.23092927

Well, maybe not you, but some of us are p. burnt out.

>> No.23093024

I just hope you folks come back, is all.

>> No.23094694

give it a month or two. probably two. This gives us all some cool down time, as well as letting the other players do other things in life. Fortune can run fortune, there is freakquest, and anything else. Even just being away from /tg/ for a while.

I doubt there will be a return to oceanic, it did not get much attention and at the same time has accomplished it's setting generation.

I am really tinkering around with the next "phase" i've been reading the threads, watching where activity picks up and drops off on subject material. I already have some plots for certain players established who were more aimless in east, as well as some overarching meta plots that effect everyone. I'd also like to press cultural development. By that i dont mean a huge fleshed out list of things that are not seen in game, but little things. Like "the culture likes this thing" like the one tribe of koburrog who suffered greatly at the hands of a particular Ot'dol, and how those creatures may go on to represent their demons within that culture.

>> No.23096742
File: 919 KB, 2408x1156, skulkexplanation.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Adding to the pre-East to-do list: working out of the issues with Skulks.

>> No.23097749

What do you mean? Like, to use the Gantu, they like the ocean, and they like individual freedoms?

That picture only raises more questions.

>> No.23098029

Old picture describing one idea of how their reproduction could work. This idea was based off of angler fish. The male of the species fuses to the female, or in this case, the free-walking body fuses to the immobile tree. Legs are broken down, revealing the stamen as well as a point to drain out some "lemuy juice". Tree is pollinated, and then seed-pods form.

>> No.23099755
File: 167 KB, 500x500, 1339734861619.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bump before bed

>> No.23100251

So i sat down for a while and thought about the skulks. Since I was the one who played them and made them without dropping out, here is my fix.
Soil rich in lemuy microbes would not often interact with mobile lifeforms as they were not in one place long enough to establish a necessary density of lemuy to be proper hosts. The local vegetation however was a much better host. the microbes had a strange effect on the plants though, over time the structure of the host was deformed to better suit the microbes. Nearby plants would slowly fuse onto eachother as part of a larger system. In initial generations of exposure, there would still be separate plants. After repeated generations of exposure though, cellular hybridization began to happen. Chimera plants. Where there were once three local plants, there was now one local host form that suited the microbes well. This "new" plant was entirely dependent on the microbes for stability and management. Without them, it would become unstable and die. Without the plant, the microbes would die.
A present day skulk is a very adaptable creature. Their diet is protein based, but they can consume plant matter. More often plant matter is consumed to aid in regeneration to bodily damage. As plant matter is eaten, the skulk will begin to take on more and more characteristics of what it is eating, as it is replacing what they have lost. In this case, skulks are what they eat. This can result in radical variation between tribes, and even more so between continents.
Most skulks retain the ability to reproduce via spore/ seed and a long growth period in the ground, but a more common practice in skulks who are not feral is to establish a mother tree. This allows for greater genetic variation, and a more rapid population growth.
In times long past skulks adapted their ability to produce scents to unconsciously produce pheromones that over time can subtly influence other species to varying degrees.

>> No.23100286

This thread has been around for twelve days.

>> No.23100328

Skulks are adaptable in a lifetime on an individual level, slowly transforming their bodies to benefit them in their current environment, this is often an unconscious process based off of stressors both physical and psychological, as well as food sources.
Most tribes of skulks exhibit a trait mostly unique to them due to their relative isolation. Zelzasiel skulks are rather close to the baseline, but have contracted skulcrow taint. This taint was a modified strain of lemuy microbe and bord nanotech slurry, granting them a type of group mind "whisper".
Skulcrows started off as a deviation of the skulk that resulted in dessicated husks slowly regaining mobility. Initially skulcrows operated by capturing, impaling, and drying out skulk husks for transformation into more of their kind. This practice became modified by using other dead plant matter, and eventually animal matter. nasty things really.

>> No.23101017

Lem'uy skulks are an odd breed. Instead of having a microbe "bloodstream," they simply have a single "macrobe" inside. Their bodies are less adaptive. Only azrach/tapascu/vindra composite plant will hold together around it. Even then, the bond between the plants isn't as strong. Parts of the body tend to be wilted. Basically, there's some separation between plant and Lem'Uy in them.

>> No.23101931
File: 216 KB, 400x270, 1345250679398.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23103957

Currently working on adding species to the wiki pages.

>> No.23107118


>> No.23108584

if you were the one who created that, i'd like to talk, but it always bothered me how that came outta left field. The lem'uy were all microbes that were a degraded derivative of the original macrobe on the continent were the skulks developed.

The "blood" of a skulk was supposed to be this collection of microbes that worked as a colony, when cut it would ooze out like a stretch armstrong toy, then slowly suck back in.

>> No.23109067

That came about from the dice event. At the time, you even liked the idea.

>> No.23110638

bumb before bed.
Let's see if we can manage to keep this thread around for a couple of more days.

Here is a topic for you guys to discuss:

Would it be helpful to gather the local fauna and flora into some sort of info picture, that could be posted at the start of the tribal games, so that the players would know what sort of critters and plants exist in the area where they live?
For example, a player who operates in the plains of the eastern continent, could just check the plains flora and fauna picture, and know what lives in his general surroundings.

>> No.23111104

Sounds like a good idea to me. Also, we may need to make some additions as these are all that have been developed for East:
And the typical Frilla Trees.

>> No.23114590


>> No.23114609

Absolutely. I for one would heartily appreciate such information, it could also attract new blood more easily.

Also, in regards to the species updates on the wiki, they're great, but the are ambiguous, that is, the names are listed, but which critter in the picture they're referring to is not very clear. I can't tell which is the Red Wesper or Blue Wesper.

>> No.23115034

Many of those entries have been in place for some time now. Some are improperly labeled and out of date.

>> No.23115088

sorry I haven't been particpating for the past few weeks. School has me tied up, and mass effect is taking up my free time.

I'll just write up a little bit of the conversation that formed the Confederacy of Colcath (the sea that surrounds Nutera)

King Delusat of Begopat:"You've gathered the fleets of your allies in your own harbor? Do you not worry these outsiders, colonists to the north, distursting exiles and these koburrogs might betray you, try and sack your city?"
High Patriarch Ohaider: "I do not. But you seem to fear your own fellow Teloki more than I do these strangers"
KDP: "Such is the way of the Fallen Kingdom. Ever since the War of the Two Brothers, and swarms afterwards, there has been mistrust and infighting enough for a hundred wars. And to show I was not weak, I had to try to conquer you and this city."
HPO:"It sounds like you feel as if you are a prag in a pit filled with leatherheads."
KDP: "Sometimes I do. I wish only for safety and security, not to rule a New Kingdom like those other fools. Yet hear I am, defeated in war before it has even begun."
HPO:"What will you do now? The other kings will see weakness in you, and you face certain death if you return to your city. They will come for you, sooner or later."
KDP:"It is the only option I have now, to wait to be conquered. Who knows, perhaps the fellow that takes my city will be on his first step to building the New Kingdom."
HPO: "Hardly something I would like to see. You Teloki are much easier to manage when you are fragmented.
KDP: "And what will you do about it? Conquer my city yourself? The other kings will not allow it. They might race to my defense, not being able to bear the sight of an Exile ruling Nuteran land, but they would then argue over would rule my city in my stead. Perhaps that would be even worse than dying on the walls of Fair Begopat, with shield an spear and loyal soldiers by my side."

>> No.23115120

HPO: "You sound resigned to your fate"
KDP: "I am"
HPO: "What if I told you.... there was a way to save yourself and your city?"
KDP: "There is none"
HPO: "But there is."
KDP: "What do you want Exile?"
HPO: <presents a document to the king> "Read this"
KDP: <the king reads for a full hour, then looks up at the Patriarch> "This is... unprecedented... and dangerous."
HPO: "Very dangerous. That is why I wish for it to occur. But for that, I need YOU, King Delusat the Honorable of Begopat the Fair. I want YOU to join this confederacy. With us by your side, the other kings will not be able to touch you, and my own security, and our mutual wealth, will grow."
KDP: "The other kings will likely declare war on me for this, siding with the Exiles."
HPO: " I think not."
KDP: "Why so?"
HPO: "Must I spell it out for you?"
KDP: "You need not... but I would appreciate it if you did"
HPO: "Yes... well... To the north, the Hu-raan are gaining influence, and may soon be at the borders of the northern kings. The southern kings have let up on clearing away the bladerunners, and they will soon return, though not enough to destroy the kingdoms again. And King Solosa is absolutely mad and will start a war at some point. If you join this Confederacy, you will be able to stand against the other kings. Who knows, one day Begopat the Fair may become a new Kelza the Eternal*."
KDP: "You speak well Patriarch...."
(The conversation continues, ending with an agreement to hash out the full extent of the obligations of the Confederacy at a grand meeting, which formed the Confederacy of Colcath)
*Kelza was the name of the former capital of the Old Nuteran Kingdom. It was known as the Eternal, because it had existed since the earliest days of the settling of Nutera. It is now a ruined husk, infested with blade runners

>> No.23117941


>> No.23119608
File: 6.05 MB, 2826x1732, maplabeled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I decided to start labeling some landmarks. Just the ones I know so far.
Did I label the right sea, or were you meaning the ocean?

>> No.23121782


It seems that we really need to come up with more names for the landmarks.
Kinda related to the whole names of the continents and the landmarks is the fact that each species most likely has their own names for them. Of course, that is true with humans as well, but in Borgas 4, there are about 20 different species, with many species whose method of communication is utterly alien to the others.
So what I am getting at is that the language barriers between the species are in some cases, massive, and in the past, they have not necessarily been addressed that much.

For species who use vocalization for communication, the language barriers can probably be breached between them, to some degree at least, but there are also species who use scents, body language, bio-luminescence and even electric fields to communicate. How these species can speak with other species, whose method of communication is entirely different, is an open question.

>> No.23124308


>> No.23126119

Some of the various islands "chains" that the enclave has claimed as naval depots have names like two points, or three points.

The giant scar on the eastern continent could use a name, as it is huge and really visible from space. I imagine the high concentration of lem'uy microbes in the area causes it to glow somewhat, more so at night, as well as having very strange plant life in the area.

On the south continent we have the huge divide between the two parts of the landmass, i imagine those are sheer cliff faces and not sandy beaches, as well as the volcanic regions, or the mountain range+ lake that the korobushka call home.

>> No.23128119

True. But part of this is also more for spicing things up and player benefit. Different races have names for the world itself, but we all refer to it as Borgas IV.

Everything other than geists would have the ability to read at least, but then they have the alternative of something like braille.

>> No.23130344

Why not just call it that? The Great Scar or Scar Canyon. What is that by the way? Some massive canyon or something? I must have missed that day in class.

>> No.23132225

bumb before bed

>> No.23134418
File: 32 KB, 612x507, Wooly Boomers.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's mostly the impact crater from the meteor which carried the original Lem'Uy. Over millions of years, it filled up with sediment. Large caverns formed in parts, and then a massive earthquake made said caverns collapse. That's how I understand it.

>> No.23134665

A meteor that big? It would have annihilated the planet! Wouldn't the ends of that create a mountain around the edge rather than caverns, as material is pushed out. I hope I don't sound like that guy.

>> No.23135074

Well, craters are larger than the meteors themselves. Although thinking about it, it's probably not ALL crater. As hills and tunnels, I'd guess that the area around the crater has long eroded away and filled in the crater. Probably just stuff from before things were actually thought out.
Underground rivers probably dug the area out over millions of years, then the earthquake made the roof collapse. It's likely not to me near as apparent as it appears on the map.

>> No.23135826

An alternative answer could be that some Lem'Uy microbes evolved to digest local earth, making soil loose in some areas. Kinda like a mushroom ring, but instead of mushrooms it's Lem'Uy variant, and it caused the Scar by destabilizing the ground underneath. A little quake later and the Scar happened.

>> No.23135828

I knew that much, but what I meant was that a meteor big enough to make a hole that big would have been large enough to evaporate all the water off the planet.

I'm sure I'm just not getting it. That said, for all my criticism, it's a cool idea. Having the arrival of the Lem leave a visible mark on the world, both in terms of physical features as well as culture.

>> No.23136666

Here's a possible solution. The crater is just the round knob at the end of the curve. Fills up with water, forms a lake. Over millions of years, an underground river was formed around a raised section of bedrock by water action and Lem'Uy species breaking down the softer stone.

>> No.23136746
File: 3 KB, 150x145, checkem.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks like quads confirmed my idea.

By the way, since this is just discussion, no need to namefag.

>> No.23138760
File: 387 KB, 1024x768, 1339194199628.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23139320

Whatever you guys come up with is fine by me. Don't mean to be a Negative Nancy about it.

So it's decided then? It's a very large canyon, I take it? How deep do you think it goes, and what's at the bottom, if anything?

>> No.23141089
File: 51 KB, 800x600, 1336838637661.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Morning bump.

>> No.23141241

Hmm, if you guys want something to discuss, then why not the other planets in the Borgas system?

>> No.23141501

Well we'll need at least three others, seeing as we have Borgas 4...

Would the three other planets be rocky planets like Borgas? There was talk a long time ago about including Fortune in the same system as Borgas, and idea I wouldn't mind at all.

>> No.23141622

Since the other three would be the inner solar system, they'd be more than likely to be rocky planets. In the past I suggested that a gas giant moved into the inner system, closest to the star. Such things do exist.

Assuming that the star is a main-sequence yellow star, I'd say that Borgas IV would be close to 1 Astronomical Unit away from it.

>> No.23141665

Well, someone in the wiki has been proposing six planets. That can work, methinks.
So far only Borgas IV is the one with the solid concept...
Borgas I: either a small, barren, rocky planet (like Mercury), or a small gas giant.
Borgas II: ???
Borgas III: ???
Borgas IV: the planet we know and love. Terrestial planet.
Borgas V: ???
Borgas VI: probably the chilly one. Ice planet perhaps?

Also, these planets can have moons. So far, we need to determine if the Borgas solar system is actually a yellow sun like ours, or two small binary stars orbiting each other.

>> No.23141704

Only counted up to 6 on the wiki because we haven't decided on the number of planets. There are probably somewhere between 8 and 11

As for a gas giant, thermal expansion makes them puffy.

>> No.23142060

Ideas from IRC

Borgas I: Hot Jupiter?
Borgas II: Rocky, nearly no atmosphere
Borgas III: Rocky. Boiling from greenhouse effect?
Borgas IV: Life!
Borgas V: Gas giant with many moons?
Asteroid Belt
Borgas VI: Gas giant?
Borgas VII: Gas/ice giant?
More?: Gas/Ice giants + an asteroid belt
Asteroid belt

Oort Cloud-like area

>> No.23142331

So the Borgas planets are part of the same solar system?
I thought it was supposed to be the names of the Bord colonies and that Borgas 1 was very far from Borgas 4 (so in a far system) and that's why the Bord ship travelled a thousand year and only dumb chicken with cancer got out of it.

>> No.23142366

This is the Borgas system. Typical scifi planet naming. Name the star, number the planets.

>> No.23142711

Yeah i know. I thought that Borgas was the home planet of the bords and it was a colony numbering.

>> No.23142927

For the original colonization attempt, that took place millions of years ago. Records are probably lost of it.

>> No.23144450
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That would have meant that Borgas IV was the 4th bord colony (obviously) which doesn't really fit to the whole large and great empire idea.

I am not sure if the following is entirely canon, but here is my general understanding of the history of the bords:

1st empire was born when the bords achieved interstellar flight. They (presumably) utilized generation ships to colonize other solar systems. In these generation ships, the travelers lived and died, developed their own traditions and cultures. 1st empire rapidly grew and expanded, but splintered into small, warring sectors almost equally fast, due to the cultural differences between the new colonies. This age of warfare went on for an undefined age, until a new faction that managed to subdue them others emerged with their superior technology.

The 2nd empire was born from a faction of bords who had developed extremely potent technologies (high energy weapons, super advanced nanite systems, AI and so on.) This faction managed to conquer the other bord factions of that time, and grew supreme. During this golden age of technology, the bords expanded once more, with long distance sleeper ships which were maintained by advanced autonomous robotics and nanite systems.
They formed a mighty, more unified and technologically very potent empire, that was dominant for again, and undefined time.

The 2nd empire collapsed, when the technology of the bords went full skynet against them. Their dependency on their automated systems made the bords extremely defenseless against their hostile creations. What ever caused their nanite systems to go independent, was probably very similar to the (unknown) reason that caused the first vyrii nanites to form.
The 2nd empire collapsed quite fast, as the degenerate viral nanites used the unified communication network of the empire to spread themselves far too fast for any proper defense.

>> No.23144465
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The 3rd empire, the one we are most familiar with, rose from the ashes of the 2nd. How they survived against their former creations is anyone's guess, but they did and they managed to carve themselves an empire, that was almost as mighty as the ones that preceded them. Their whole gist is the abolishment of almost all advanced AI and nanite technologies of the 2nd empire, while they almost completely embrace the weapon technologies of the past. They are the most long lasting bord empire, and they have managed to maintain their stability and unity trough strong militarism, fascism and very potent method of control over their citizens. The 3rd empire plays into the natural behavior of the bords, who are quite lazy and self obsessed creatures. The 3rd empire provides easy living, entertainment, and pleasures for it's citizens, giving them no reason to rise against the authority. Of course, this easy life is just a cleverly disguised prison, and those few who do not fall for it are picked out by the system, and placed in fields where their abnormal behavior is of use.

In short, the 1st and 2nd empire both failed due to certain faults in their social design.
1st, for the lack of unified culture, 2nd for their complete dependency on their technology, and uncontrolled technological advancement.
3rd empire has eliminated those faults. There are basically no cultural differences between bord colonies of the 3rd empire. And while the life of a normal bord is very tied to the automated technologies, there are no true AIs behind these techs. As for technological development, the 3rd empire has a tight leash on it, in order to prevent the re-creation of the self replicating machines that ravaged the 2nd empire. Presumably, these machines still exist, and they are the main enemies of the 3rd empire.

As for why Borgas IV hasn't been colonized by the 3rd empire, during the collapse of the 2nd, records of the colonies were lost.

>> No.23146288

There's only one small issue I see. Judging by the nanotech contained on the ship here, it was Second Empire. On the other hand, it was a generation vessel.

I'm thinking that while sleeper ships were developed, there were either issues with long-term suspension, generation vessels simply weren't decommissioned, part of this ship's mission was of a Vault-tec esque experiment on super long-term space travel, and/or some other reason.

>> No.23146578

It should also be noted that one of the main reason for the expansion of the 3rd Empire's borders was to acquire new resources to endlessly feed their populace's appetites. The military is seen as another kind of high, adrenaline junkies if you will.

Those bord who see through the prison are put into government, taught that they are better than other bord, and that is why they rule. Those who escape the prison become wardens, if you will. Free thinking, while uncommon, is rewarded, if you will.

>> No.23146611

the ship could very well be from one of the powerful technologically advanced colonies of the first empire. Not as advanced as what was to come, but still far superior to what was before and existing around them at the time. This also really plays into borgas4 being "lost". Keep in mind though, as our little creations develop and eventually create powerful radio signals, there may be some eventual contact.

>> No.23146695

I would be fascinated to see what happens to the Joorod in light of discovering they are aliens to the world. What will that do to their cultures and identities?

>> No.23147377

Bump limit hit?

>> No.23147394

Seems so.
15 days. Thats got to be some sort of record.

>> No.23147852

want another thread for discussion, or some quiet time and the next one will be in a month or two?

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