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Hi /tg/ I have been reading the books for about 5 or 6 years and i figure I would like to get into the tabletop. I have looked into it and Dark Cengeance seems like the best deal. But here is the thing, I have never really painted before unless I needed to. so I have a few questions I was hoping someone could help me with.

What would be the perfect one size fits all paint set I should get?
What is that one fucking tool you have , you know the one that makes something a million times easier that you dont know what you would do without, but is usually not mentioned or purchased at first?
and finally
Is there anything I should buy to go with dark vengeance? I have heard chaos gets fucked over but im more concerned with balance and then the cool units i should get.

Thanks /tg/

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Not sure about a paint set, there's probably a DA specific one out there somewhere.

My preferred tool is a hobby knife. Not sure what others look like, but mine looks like a bladed dental tool. It makes it so easy to clean up flash and if you're into modifying, it can be your best friend. A pair of wire clippers is also a good way to get bits off a sprue.

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1) If you want to paint mostly the dark angels parts, maybe the current 50k paint set would be good for you,as you get a good load of colors for them. If you want to paint the chaos part too you would need to expand your paints.
Maybe paint set, some base paints like the old dheneb stone (rakarth flesh?) for the terminators, a base red, a layer red, some gold and 1-2 washes.
Would be easier to tell you what to get if you would write what you want to paint.

2) A clipper to get items out of the sprue easy and a sharp knife to get rid of mold lines.

3)Do you want to play chaos? Dark Angels? Or just the starter missions? The starter box is VERY good if you want to start Dark Angels, you get a unit of normal marines and the two special units like ravenwing bikes and deathwing termis. You can even use some figures in there to represent unique HQ choices. (Termi captain = belial with sword , Ezekiel = scriptor , Azrael = chapter master).
Chaos got the short end of the stick (although the better looking models) sadly. If you want to play them as real army you probably will have to invest into a unit of normal chaos space marines, some bikes or a heldrake and heavy support choices like obliterators.

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ignore all the typos I made

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I did.

Im just trying to paint whats in the box. maybe ill get some units just for display once i learn how to paint well but for now me and my cousin want to play and we are not going to have our own armies.

im sure he will play with the DA once in awhile and I will play CSM once in awhile. ill make sure to pick up a model razor and clipper.

My cousin and I dont really know what the fuck we want to play. im assuming we will just play starter missions and stuff until we know the rules. its basically just that ive been reading the books for so long i got the wild hair up my ass to play and my cousin is my vidya bro so he said he would give it a shot.
is one of the model vices worth the 8 dollars to free up another arm for painting?

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If you have very shaky hands it could help maybe. Never had to use one though, simply one hand holding the base thats sometimes rests on the table is good enough for my needs. Make sure to not grab the model itself if you can avoid it.

I have not painted the DA or cultists so far, but for the other chaos stuff I use:
- black primer (spraycan)
- Basecoat red parts with mechrite red
- Basecoat metal with chainmail
- Black wash (Nuln Oil)
- Red layer with Red Gore
- edge highlight red parts with thin khaki, then red wash (carroburg crimson), highlight metal with chainmail / mithril silver.

For the daemonic skin I mostly use the base pink, a red wash and then mix pink/white to highlight.

If you want to paint other chapters you would have to change this though.

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