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>digging through some boxes
>find the very first necron army book that i bought day 1
>super stocked that this mysterious race previously seen as just a piece of art listed as "unknown xenos" in an early 40k book is getting an army, and its evil space tomb kings!
>models are cheap as shit and break very very easily.
>"m-maybe they will improve when they get new models..."
>years pass
>they finally get a revamp.
>plot nerfed to FUCK

Whats your biggest /tg/ related disappointment?

and while im at it, did they ever deal with the "one of the lords of terror is probably a C'tan and the assassins work for him" thing?

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>Oldcrons vs Newcrons thread

Fuck yes I love these.

>and while im at it, did they ever deal with the "one of the lords of terror is probably a C'tan and the assassins work for him" thing?

Assuming you mean Terra, I don't think that was ever suggested. The Callidus Assassins wield phase blades made from/by the C'tan, and Culexus Assassins carry the pariah gene which was planted into humanity by the star-gods to be harvested when they woke up, but there wasn't anything hinting at the C'tan being in direct control of the Officio Assassinorum.

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I think he is mistakenly refering to the Inquisitor in the Xenology or the bulky Governor in the Oldcron Codex.

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>When you have a big, ever-expanding back story, it never pays to be too tidy with it
...cue the arguing of a thousand neckbeards.

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>a year or so ago
>only have enough $$ for one army
>new to playing the game, but always a fan of the setting
>remember looking through 3rd edition Tyranid codex when I was a kid
>"Tyranids are so cool, their units are very customizable, weapon stats scale to model stats, cheap Monstrous Creatures combined with hordes of cool little bugs"
>Buy Tyranid codex and box of Hormagaunts
>enjoy painting them, buy more
>assemble massive army of Tyranids
>6th edition comes around
>start realizing something is wrong with codex
>Everything is laughably overcosted, half the units are just trash to begin with
>Hive Tyrants pretty much strictly better than the classic Carnifexes in 6th, except no drop pod option
>Genestealers can't even charge after outflanking, my key strategy in 5th, Broodlords can't use any witchfire at all
>Venomthropes pointlessly nerfed for no reason
>no allies or decent AA turret options
>no internal balance, no variety in strategies, only three or so "spam this unit" builds that still get stomped if matched against Dark Eldar or Grey Knights, terrible shooting except for overpowered Devourer, no grenades for melee
>not much plays like the concept of Tyranids I fell in love with to begin with
>still another year of what was once GW's premeire Xenos race being an obscure niche army in Marinehammer

Still a fun army to play, though. Apparently someone went 4-1-0 at TSHFT with them, though. So perhaps all hope for the swarm is not yet lost. Time to copy his list, spam Flying Hive Tyrants, Tervigons, Zoanthropes and... Mawlocs?

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>liking evil space tomb kings
>not liking Newcrons
...I don't follow. Newcrons ARE evil space tomb kings.

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How have I not seen this before?

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>6th edition comes around
>start realizing something is wrong with codex

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...We're in 6th already?

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>Genestealers can't even charge after outflanking
Hang on, hang on, don't you still have the Ymgrarglbargl stealers or whatever they're called? They can do it, right?

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>6th edition comes around
>start realizing something is wrong with codex
Be glad you didn't play them 5e. You would have really been in for a shocker.

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and that is what makes them objectively better than the oldcrons.

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I've made my peace with Newcrons. The C'tan getting pissed on was a little disappointing, but honestly the "The C'tan Did It" gag was overdone previously. And in some ways the new stuff makes the Necrons seem even more badass: sure, they don't have intact dark gods on their side anymore, but that's because they fucking KO'd said gods.

Plus, we got Trollzyn from the deal.

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Please reread my post.

I was new.

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>Whats your biggest /tg/ related disappointment?
When I heard FFG was making a new Mutant Chronicles game I got stupid excited. Then they said it would be pre-painted. Alright; I played AT-43 at the time and didn't really have space to paint so I can dig it. Then they said it would be 54mm. Wait, what? Then it turned out to be based on that god awful excuse for a film that proceeded to anally rape the franchise almost to a point of no return.

I've never been more disappointed in all my years in this hobby.

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>The C'tan getting pissed on was a little disappointing,
Yeah I thought so too. I was hoping for a full blown erasure.

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>be about 12 years old
>have acquired many White Dwarves which I read repeatedly, and some Epic minis, but never really played a game
>be hanging out in Games Workshop looking at stuff
>get asked if I want to play a trial game of 40k
Hell yes!
>opponent is another kid
>he cheats like a bastard and the game is allegedly over before I play a single turn
Whelp, I guess that was 40k.

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The mighty Phaeron Imotekh the STORMLORD is the single greatest thing to come out of the Newcron Codex.

Creed, Vect, Calgar? All but hapless children to the greatest commander this galaxy have ever seen.

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Except when confronted with a certain species of loveable, green oafs.

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>because they fucking KO'd said gods
i prefer saying that they pokemanhandled them.

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No, Trazyn the Infinite is much better.

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>and that is what makes them objectively worse than the oldcrons.


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My dear lady...

And so began the great bit of fluff in the history of 40k.

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fixed for people without taste maybe.

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Hey bro! I borrowed your scepter for a little bit, hope you don't mind <3<3<3

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>what was once GW's premeire Xenos race being an obscure niche army in Marinehammer
Sup guy.
Welcome to 2006.

And to a lesser extent 1997.

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you think so? how should i use him? i was thinking about throwing him with some lychguard and a cryptek with the harbinger of shadows then deep striking them near enemy units to be raped, also dispersion shields and canoptek wraiths, any other ideas?

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Obyron is best Newcron due to this one quote exclusive to the digital codex.

'Honour is honour. It does not change to suit circumstance, and it does not stoop to encompass squalid creatures such as you.'

- Vargard Obyron to Indrinyo Dawnstar, Autarch of Iyanden (deceased)

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I was just starting at the tail end of 5th. I remember Tervigons, Hive Guard and Trygons being literally the only build that was any good. Transport heavy armies were the worst to deal with. Doom of Malan'tai in a pod and Genestealers could get to the enemy quickly, but monstrous creatures were very unreliable and overpriced, and died to No Retreat wounds if there were any gaunts in the same combat as them.

6th is better than 5th for Tyranids. But it's a bad codex either way. Black Templars and Sisters can at least take Guard allies, Daemons, Tau and Eldar are getting new codices this year:

Tyranids? Who knows when Games Workshop will actually pay attention to them. They're still technically a newer codex.

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My biggest /tg/ related disappointment is the disproportionate amount of people who play Pathfinder and D&D.

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Trayzn is a second rate Overlord with no vision. Let him play with his trinkets and collections like a child.

Imotekh will bring forth the resurrection of the Necron Empire and will cleanse it from the vermin who infest it. Then he will take his rightful place as the ultimate ruler of the galaxy.


Good thing he has that senile lord to take care of them.

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>barely woke up
>already crowned yourself a king
>the true and rightful silent king is still restoring necron glory

i have nothing to say

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Apparently Ward had heard your pleas and the rumor mill puts the nid dex at early 2014.

But long range rumor mongering is sketchy at best. But as the old Tyranid spiritual goes:

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All eyes on my pulsing scepter and none for the big game.

What a pestilent fool!

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>985.M41 Conqueror’s Fall
>The Stormlord’s Tomb Ship Inevitable Conqueror comes under attack by a Black Templars fleet whilst en route to the Sautekh coreworld of Davatas. The architect of the assault is none other than Marshal Helbrecht, come searching for a long anticipated revenge upon the warlord who humbled him on Schrödinger VII. A broadside from the battle barge Sigismund strips away the Conqueror’s shields an instant before the Black Templars’ boarding torpedoes strike home and, within moments, the decks of the Inevitable Conqueror are swarming with vengeful Space Marines. Pride compels Imotekh to stand and fight, but his forces are in disarray and so logic wins out, dictating withdrawal. The Stormlord therefore teleports to an escort vessel and makes his escape. Helbrecht is incandescent with fury at this foe’s retreat, but consoles himself by personally setting Imotekh’s beloved flagship on a collision course with a nearby star, and blasting to smithereens those other Necron craft too slow to flee.

Their number is legion, their name is death.

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The Silent King renounced his right to rule and exiled himself. The Throne belongs to those who can prove themselves the most worthy.

As the ruler of the most powerful and largest Dynasty, None is more worthier than Imotekh THE STORMLORD!

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I stopped playing SC2 after patch 1.4 for similar reasons. Zerg had been UP from launch and despite Blizzard's official, published data verifying this commonly-known fact they further nerfed zerg with the result of TvT mirror matches composing the GSL finals for months to come.

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I borrowed the command protocols for all your tomb worlds, too. And all your C'tan shards.

Thanks, babe.

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Sorry, I can't hear you over the best VILLAIN SPEECH EVER!

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>conspiring to take over the galaxy
>conspiring to overthrow an empire of which a single space marine chapter almost beat you
>conspiring to betray the guy who saved your entire race from eternal slavery to the C'tan
>thinking you are the ruler of the galaxy
>not accepting who the true ruler of the galaxy is(pic related)
>not leaving the galaxy because you are a second-rate empire, and leave mankind's birthright to its rightful rulers


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I wonder how he will handle his beloved Ultramarines and several other chapters almost being destroyed by a Tyranid scout fleet.

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>The Tomb World of Thanatos is a hollow planet, and hidden at its heart is one of the galaxy’s greatest treasures – the Celestial Orrery. Crafted by artisans of the Oruscar Dynasty long before the onset of the War in Heaven, this web of hologram and living metal is beyond price for its artistic value alone. Yet the Celestial Orrery is far more than mere decorative finery. The tiny pinpricks of glowing light suspended within the impossibly intricate matrix record the positions of every star in the galaxy. Snuff out one of these lights and its physical counterpart will go supernova long millennia before its destined time, bringing fiery oblivion to all nearby worlds.

>Such an act cannot be performed without consideration, however, as each star destroyed in this fashion upsets the fundamental forces of the galaxy, setting off a catastrophic chain reaction. Only with further manipulation of the Celestial Orrery can these forces be returned to their proper balance, and this invariably takes many thousands of years of constant and precise micromanagement.

>With so much power at their fingertips, it is well that the Royal Court of Thanatos is not given to maniacal displays. Rather, they see themselves as gardeners of creation and dispassionately use the Orrery in a precise and sparing manner, pruning the galaxy only out of need to prevent it from becoming wild and overgrown. Alas, this restraint is not something universally respected. Unending war rages across Thanatos’ barren continents and in the skies above, as the armies and fleets of the Oruscar Dynasty strive to prevent the Celestial Orrery from falling into the incautious hands of aliens and other Necrons alike.

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>The nobles of the Oruscar Dynasty were ever bitter rivals with those of the Sautekh Dynasty. Whilst the power of Sautekh was spread wide throughout the stars, Oruscar’s holdings were limited to a handful of hallowed ancestral worlds laden with technological wonders. This rivalry is not ended, merely dormant. Both dynasties are, thus far, pursuing the wider goal of reclaiming the galaxy – but such a state of affairs is unlikely to last forever.

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Considering all the chapters he smashed in the newcrons dex, I don't expect any issues.

If there's one thing ward fluff gets right 100% of the time, it's hyping up the army.

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Hey /tg/ can Imotekh's lightning hit flyers? If it does, does it force Grounding checks? Can you take cover saves? In area terrain? Jink? Can you Go to Ground? Is it a shooting attack? Is it Imotekh's attack or a game rule? Can you use a Cryptek's re-roll to see if Night Fighting persists even if Imotekh and the Cryptek and his squad are off the board somewhere in space, waiting for their Nightscythe to make it to the fight?

>captcha: psynou
>Not even PSY is safe from Imotekh's lightning

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look at the fucking foreshortening on those swords.


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Probably won't give a damn

To be honest, while I like the new Necron characters and think their new lore is an improvement, Necrons overall all feel like they were shoehorned into the setting and I think would have been better off only mentioned in the fluff along with the other deadly xeno races.

>> No.22835302

That actually is a really good villain speech, though I believe that Trazyn handed over Starbane to the Ultramarines in that concurrent Necron vs. Space Marine/Eldar WD battle report (because sadly SMs have to always win, even against their allies), so we probably won't being hearing about that seer anytime soon.

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>>conspiring to betray the guy who saved your entire race from eternal slavery to the C'tan

Conspiring? No, Imotekh did more to help the Silent King accomplish his goal than any other Necron except maybe for the Traveler.

If there will be unity in the Necron Empire, it will be under the Ankh of Sautekh.

>Thinking a single Chapter can defeat the ambition of Imotekh
>Thinking the primitives have the right to squat on his lawn
>Thinking pathetic little mortals have any rights AT ALL!

Fleshbag you just went for Eldar.

>but such a state of affairs is unlikely to last forever.

And so begins the Game of Thrones!

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Isn't Starbane the Farseer Ward created so his dudes had someone to kick around?

>> No.22835354


Nah, the Ultras didn't really win that, considering they got backstabbed by their Eldar allies (as usual) and Trollzyn handed Starbane over to the Ultras just to fuck with the Eldar as well.

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only for faggots wouldn't know good if it kicked them in the balls

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My biggest disappointment is when I play death marks and my opponent doesn't agree they shoot the turn they come in if its during his turn.

>> No.22835401


Show him the rulebook then.

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Considering Eldar have been bent over and fucked almost every book/release since early forth I'm not surprised.

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There's no date given for the Battle of Traitor's Gate, but the codex has Starbane leading the failed defence of an Exodite/Tomb World in 999.M41 (during which his powers of farsight are thwarted by Necron telescopes). In addition, he is destined to meet Pedro Kantor again, and supposedly kill him.

>> No.22835429

They dont.

>> No.22835452


Page 36 of the rulebook.

A unit gets to fire (or run) in the Shooting Phase of the turn it deep strikes.

>> No.22835464

>spess muhreen captain who died like a dog in the game is still alive in the fluff
>space elf farseer who won the game for the good guys and survived is captured and made the spess muhreens' gimp

>> No.22835473

it's probably a symptom of them shitstomping everyone until 4th.

>> No.22835489

It says they can fire or run as normal. Normally you don't get to fire in your opponents turn.

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But spess elfs are meanie pants. They killed an Ultramarine.

>> No.22835509

>died like a dog

>> No.22835517


"As normal" means following the normal shooting restrictions.

>> No.22835529


I think they're afraid of killing off a special character in a battle report.

I remember a 6th ed WHFB batrep in an old white dwarf, though. The vampire lord Zacharias the Ever-Living goes about summoning undead left and right like the badass he is, wipes out a unit of Cold One Knights with a single spell, and kills Malekith's slutty topless mom in single combat(talk about impractical armor, what are dark elves thinking, seriously). Then the fluff below describes her(non-canon) death scene involving her getting eaten by giant bats.

>> No.22835536

>It took more than six of the treacherous Xenos to fell just one Ultramuhreen

>> No.22835537

I think I have to give it to them, RAI and RAW it seems deathmarks shoot when they appear behind that unit of terminators you just beemed in.

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File: 1.42 MB, 1155x1611, 051.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh, and uh, they also slaughtered the Imperial garrison and tried to pass it off as the Necrons' fault. Unsuccessfully.

>> No.22835556

Silly space elves. No wonder they're a dying race.

>> No.22835557

You'd lose your shit if you read Priests of Mars

>> No.22835579

Let no one say that WHFB is not the more metal of the two games. Though both 'hammers are of the iron lineage, it is Fantasy which speaks louder and more purely of the brutal thunder.

>> No.22835590

Eh, I'm not really mad. Space Elves might be my favourite faction, but that doesn't mean I can't find their incompetence in the fluff quite amusing.

Also I actually like Ward. Wardhating seems no fun at all.

>> No.22835593

but It Has neither.

>> No.22835594

>Fire Dragons
>countering Monoliths

Aren't they immune to melta?

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Not anymore.

>Necron vehicles are composed of a semi-sentient alloy capable of incredible feats of resilience and self-repair.

>If a model with this special rule suffers a ‘crew shaken’ result, roll a D6: on a roll of 1, the result is applied normally; on a roll of 2+, the result is ignored. If a model with this special rule suffers a ‘crew stunned’ result, roll a D6: on a roll of 1-3 the result is applied normally; on a roll of 4+, the result is ignored.

They, like all other Newcron vehicles, also have crews now.

>> No.22835654

I know that feel aspect bro

>> No.22835659


>> No.22835694

>taking a 10 man devastator squad
>not fielding metal boxes instead
>not putting the Fire Dragons in metal boxes and only dumping them out in front of enemy vehicles

I understand that these aren't meant to be competitive lists, but wow... just wow...

Not in the new codex.

>> No.22835717

Priests of Mars though.
10+ howling banshees vs. 1 Arco-flagellants
Arco-flagellants wins without a scratch.
What was graham even thinking?

Though in fairness, the Avatar of Khaine does wipe the floor with the Black Templar Chaplain.

Also Vettock has an Eldar titan get taken down by small arms.

>> No.22835732

>>plot nerfed to FUCK
Before every plot point in 40K was "CTAN DID IT" and necrons were just random mindless undead

Now they have personality and their lore isn't bumfuck retarded reverse-mary sue

>> No.22835736

Still not mad. This stuff don't bother me. Although I do like to shout

>> No.22835744

>Vettock has an Eldar titan get taken down by small arms.

He has an Eldar titan get taken down by Terminators weilding Plasma weapons, something which is entirely possible on-table.

>> No.22835765


Attempting to conflate tabletop performance and fluff reality is just asking for nonsense.

>> No.22835768

>something which is entirely possible on-table.
Assuming they roll 24 6's for Armor pen that aren't saved by the 4+ invulnerable (3+ if moved) before it kills them with it's 10" blast, autowounding, AP1 cannon.

>> No.22835775

so basically Vettock assumes the Eldar Titan is standing still and not firing back.
Either that, or there were a lot of dead terminators.

>> No.22835779

>not Fortuning your titan

>> No.22835781

Nobody even inferred that you were mad. Its something you brought up yourself. Maybe you saw someone smarter than you say it and you're just parroting them. Maybe you genuinely think its relevant. Most likely you're just retarded.

>> No.22835806

Oldcrons were bad as shit. Anyone that likes the oldcrons were NOT around back then. In third edition, when they came out, they royally fucked the plot over and were extremely unfun as an army.

>> No.22835812

More dead terminators than are probably in the deathwing.
Especially since in the fluff, titan power levels increase more than spehs mehreens.

>> No.22835824

>I'm not really mad
>Priests of Mars though...
>nah, still not mad
As for the rest of that... que? What's relevant? What did I see someone say? Why are you being so weirdly aggressive?

>> No.22835837

Wait, can somebody explain the differences between the Oldcron and the Newcron please?

>> No.22835842


>> No.22835906



Slaves of C'Tan

No personality

Sole purpose was to harvest souls for the C'Tan

No real backstory or culture

Traveled via lightspeed



Some Necrons now have personalities

Broke the C'Tan into shards and uses them

Use the Webway to travel

Have somewhat of a backstory and culture

Divided into dynasties, each with their own goals.

Pariahs are gone

>> No.22835908

Yeah, they took that out and gave it to Space Marines

Fucking ceramics

>> No.22835937

Given that the Newcrons had an interstellar empire that frequently warred with itself before the C'Tan, we can infer that they probably also have FTL, but is slower than the webway.

Kind of like how Tau Warp-jumps are stupidly slow in the grand scheme, but their empire is small so it works for them.

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>Dear Sasham, it’s taken me a century to insinuate my way into your inquisition. There are few of my kind capable. Most are mindless, *pure*, undistracted by personality. But there are those of us who remember. Lords and ladies of another age, converted and purified but not *cleansed* of memory. I remember the frailty of emotion, the weakness of the flesh, the imperfection of mortality.

>Hiding amongst your kind was no challenge at all. In my bearing, in my diaries, in my notes, I have *been* Inquisitor Ralei. Am I not a convincing counterfeit?

>You want to know who I am, yes? Yes. Let me show you.

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So is there a Tomb World with a giant Necron statue that shoots flames and shouts REMEMBER ME?

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Newcron is tedious rerunning of the same territory as every other army in every other fantasy or science-fiction wargame, in agonisingly complete detail.

Oldcrons were, at the least, different. And all of the old players liked theM for that difference.


EXACTLY, imbecile. You are proving the exact opposite of your point. They were one of the least playable armies. They had literally one functional strategy, and it was mediocre. Any opponent knew how to tailor their list to beat your, unit-for-unit, the instant you said 'Necrons'.

We know they were played by enough people to support a modest range. So if they were played, but terrible on the battlefield, and only had a handful of interesting models in a small range what made anyone like them? THE FLUFF.

This is why the Newcrons were so despised. Almost every actual Neron player had only held on because they liked the fluff, and didn't mind having bad rules. So when the new book came out and sacrificed all of the fluff for better rules, it took away the thing they valued most for something they didn't really want.

The overwhelming majority of Oldcron players at best resent the new fluff and at worst stopped playing because of it. The new players were the ones attracted by new fluff and at-the-time overpowered rules, and they are the shrieking fans of the change. They are also, for some reason, woefully insecure enough about having chosen an army for potent rules that they need to pretend they were always Necron players, to pretend they didn't choose it to win. And that means saying you chose it for the new fluff, and in turn, that the new fluff is good.

There are people who actually enjoy the new Necrons for their own merits, and I have no problem with them. But they are not the insipid faggots who feel personally offended by the simple prospect of someone liking them the old way.

>> No.22835991

more than likely.
Certainly wouldn't be out of place.

>> No.22836008
File: 1.37 MB, 207x207, 1357547031166.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22836012
File: 23 KB, 280x210, Robot Ghost of Christmas past from the future.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wouldn't doubt it.

I still cant stop imagining this when I hear about the batshit neuroses these newcrons have, though.

>> No.22836015


Don't even play 40K but saw this reply in passing and recognized an A+ post when I saw it.

>> No.22836095
File: 102 KB, 1024x730, 1341776490231.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


excuse me?

>"I'm da hand of Gork and Mork, dey sent me to rouse up da boyz to crush and kill 'cos da boyz forgot what dere 'ere for. I woz one of da boyz till da godz smashed me in da 'ead a' I 'membered dat Orkz is meant to conquer and make slaves of everyfing they don't kill. I'm da profit of da Waaagh an' whole worlds burn in my boot prints. I'm death to anyfing dat walks, where I go nothin' stands in my way. I iz more cunnin' than a Grot an' more killy dan a Dread. I'm Warlord Ghazghull Mag Uruk Thraka an' I speak wiv' da word of da gods. We iz gonna stomp da 'ooniverse flat an' kill anyfing' that fights back. We iz kill anyfing that fights back. We iz gonna do this coz' we're da Orks an we was made ta fight an' win."

>> No.22836100

...you DO realize you still can have oldcrons right? All the update gave them is option to not be murderskeletons ALL THE TIME.

>we don't need better rules! They are making everything worse somehow!
no, fuck you. I sure do enjoy an army that isn't sucking mehreen diick 24/7/365

6/10 made me respond

>> No.22836135
File: 182 KB, 702x950, Farsight_and_the_Eternal_Dawn_by_IgnusDei.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The only quote that the Tau have that's any good.

> Each must find their own way. If those in our heartland had witnessed the savageries of the void as have we they would know this. The hand of each of the starfarers is turned against the other; none will join their strength together just to see their ancient enemies prosper. Neither should we.

This is Farsight breaking the 4th wall and telling the Ethereals to get grimdark like the rest of 40k.

>> No.22836140
File: 3.14 MB, 2418x1754, Necrons.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>That man is beset at all quarters by traitors, mutants and fiends is self-evident. But in truth none of these evils shall be our undoing.

>When the end comes it will be not at the hand of any mortal being of this or any other realm: death will come at the hands of the ancients, those who determined our fate aeons before we stood erect upon the holy ground of Terra and gazed up into the starry night.

>> No.22836147

Ghaz is not a villain. The comical Orks as a faction are not villains.

So take this rambling somewhere else!

>> No.22836167

He is a moron.

Without Eldar. Imperials, and other races, the Tau won't stand a chance. Does he really think the Tau can do anything alone?

Dude is confirmed to be a moron and more stupid and naive than the Ethereals.

>> No.22836180
File: 799 KB, 659x1000, 1339436462079.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


this ork right here doesn't look too comical to me, just face it

I'm right

>> No.22836194

The tau are a small elite force like the space marines, but that just re-emphasizes that they really need someone with some good manpower, like humans that don't want to be slaves to a soul eating warp deity or to chaos.

>> No.22836200
File: 781 KB, 622x838, Final_Report_(Necrons).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The Machine is strong. We must purge the weak, hated flesh and replace it with the blessed purity of metal. Only through permanence can we truly triumph, only through the Machine can we find victory. Punish the flesh. Iron in mind and body. Hail the Machine!

>> No.22836212

>broadside from a battlebarge strips a Tomb Ship's shields "in an instant" (!)
>Space Marines BOARD a Tomb Ship(!!)
>and WIN (!!!)

What is this shit?
Ignoring the ridiculousness of Space Marines pwning the shit out of a goddamn Tomb Ship in a boarding action I just want to focus on one thing.

Somehow the BLACK TEMPLARS one of the most intolerant xenophobic chapters of an entire engineered race of intolerant xenophobes CAN READ NECRON AND KNOW HOW TO DRIVE TOMB SHIPS.


>> No.22836235
File: 1.01 MB, 1260x1470, 1338222626326.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


maybe the necrons just use steering wheels or something, i mean, why wouldn't they?

>> No.22836241
File: 773 KB, 1111x1611, 32.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>We are born for a darker purpose than that of mere existence. There will come a time when the stygian night never ends, where dead stars will spread before us like islands that slumber on the ocean, and when the beings that hid like shadows will feed on us forever.

>> No.22836247
File: 1.05 MB, 1149x1611, 65.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The Vaul-moon shall bring forth the Dragon

>The Master of Death will drink deep from Isha’s Eye

>That Which Lies Outside will be drawn to the harvest

>And the Jackal-God shall turn brother against brother.

>The four shall take their place amongst the stars,

>Their legions ascendant, unstoppable as the night

>A deadly shroud shall fall across the spirit

>And the galaxy shall mourn.

>> No.22836253

Outside the webway, Necron Ships are slow and easily boarded by the faster Imperial vessels. Especially, if it was in an ambush.

They do have Tech Machines, right? they can program the ship to cruise into the sun.

>> No.22836258


You CAN'T have Old Necrons. The Old Necrons are defined by pan-racial uniformity. They are as a race a vast and inexplicable force, that act less like individual creatures than the still-spinning cogs of a long-broken machine. Their 'personality' is not a force, but a ghost in the machine, enough pieces of fractured code amassed over years to produce something like the shadow of a mind. Where the barest handful have something akin to their former sapience, it is just a fragment working out of time, like the final stages of dementia, a brief moment of lucidity puncturing endless repetition of acts no longer necessary or even relevant.

Their number is Legion, their name is Death. It is their fundamental premise. It is their name, purpose, character description, and plot synopsis, in the same way that 'I am the Law' is for Judge Dredd. As soon as this is no longer the rule with the most fragmented exceptions, it ceases to function at all. The fundamental premise is defied. You can no longer replicate what you had without restoring it; it would be like trying to remake the French language after changing its written form to the Japanese syllabary. It is like making a comic in which Judge Dredd is merciful, forgiving, and personable, then attempting to keep the franchise unchanged. You can't the basic premise is no longer what it was, and when the shadow your premise casts over the setting changes, what you can see in the light will never be what it was.

Don't tell me that having a fraction of a faction as an exception to the new rule is as good as having the old rule restored. That is idiocy.

>> No.22836263

If they need human resources, why are they throwing them away by sterilizing them?

>> No.22836284


>Outside the webway, Necron Ships are slow and easily boarded by the faster Imperial vessels.


>> No.22836292

Newcron Codex.

Dolmen Gates entry.


>> No.22836305

>Outside the webway, Necron Ships are slow and easily boarded by the faster Imperial vessels

It didn't use to be that way.
Once upon a time Necron ships raided Mars itself.

>they can program the ship to cruise into the sun.

They know Necron program code?

>> No.22836309

What he said.

So what is the change in the Necron fluff?
I don't play 40k but that was one of the armies that appealed the most to me when I was considering playing years ago.

>> No.22836325


They are slow in regards to interstellar travel as they can't enter the warp.

Compared to an imperial ship outside the warp they're faster.

>> No.22836336


That paragraph is in regards to warp travel, doesn't even mention combat speeds.

>> No.22836348
File: 102 KB, 429x681, necron-webway.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is the bit in question.

>> No.22836355
File: 337 KB, 800x620, Problem Astartes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm okay with the Newcrons, but I started with the Oldcrons and there are a few things I like far better the old way that they really didn't need to change.

Flayed ones for instance actually used to be way more interesting than they are now. They were necrons who not only vaguely remember what it was like to be alive but were also for some reason not properly sealed in stasis like the rest of their kin. The countless millennia drove them utterly mad. They were horrifying in the fact that they ripped the skin off living beings and draped it around them selves in a desperate attempt to feel alive again. They weren't some stupid "robot plague" that mashed meat against their metal face, they were truly frightening examples of transhumanism (or transnecrontyrism) gone horribly wrong in every way possible. Now they're just as stupid as their horrible sculpts.

One thing I also really liked about the oldcron dex was that most of it was not narrated by them selves, it was narrated by things like Ad-mechs who were shitting them selves because they couldn't understand how the fuck necron technology worked. Or Farseers who remember what horror the Necrons represent.

Now, the whole "the c'tan did it" bull did drive me up the wall, but I must admit I enjoyed the thought of the omnisiah being the Void Dragon.

I am glad necrons have more character, I just wish they had kept the edge of horror to them. Some of the new named characters just seem too saturday morning cartoon villain to me.

>> No.22836358

>They know Necron program code?

Tech Priest can hack into Eldar and Tau Tech. I guess they can do the same with Necron Tech as well.

>> No.22836362

wordless servants of slumbering Star Gods with technology that makes a mockery of human understanding of the laws of physics

robot drag-queens that putter around in the webway making long-winded speeches getting their asses rammed by battle barges

>> No.22836365


That bit means they take longer crossing the galaxy than a warp-capable vessel.

In a space battle where both ships are using thrusters they're faster than an imperial ship.

>> No.22836377

''Slow voyaging'' indicates that the Ships aren't really that fast or agile.

>> No.22836379


>Some of the new named characters just seem too saturday morning cartoon villain to me.

Seeing as one of them is based on Mumm-Ra I agree.

>> No.22836383

and then they wonder why I hate newcrons

>> No.22836391

>wordless servants of slumbering Star Gods with technology that makes a mockery of human understanding of the laws of physics
Yeah I remember why I liked them again. That's cool.

>robot drag-queens that putter around in the webway making long-winded speeches getting their asses rammed by battle barges

That better be a joke.

>> No.22836399


The paragraph is about their lack off Warp engines.
When compared to Warp Engines they are slow.

>> No.22836407


Using combat thrusters to maneuver during space combat isn't "voyaging" though.

>> No.22836417
File: 163 KB, 817x706, immortals speech.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>That better be a joke.

It's an exaggeration for the purposes of deriding the Newcrons, but there is some truth in what he's saying. The overall tone of the faction is mahoossively different from what it was previously.

>> No.22836437


It is an accurate summary. They are Tomb Kings in Space but with more 'personality'. If you consider kid's cartoons to have personality.

>> No.22836464

Giving the necrons webway access comes out of no where and doesn't make sense at all for them. Webway is an eldar thing always was.

This retcon is what annoys me the most it was uncalled for and serves no reason.

>> No.22836481

Wow that is pretty lame. The appeal to me was a silent death march across the stars.

I can see why people are mad.

>> No.22836486
File: 516 KB, 862x1300, 4325.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>steamroll your enemy with a giant Monolith-spamming army-teleporting superweapon

Now that's some tactical genius right there.

>> No.22836495


The reason they did that is because they've decided that FTL is impossible without Warp engines.

>> No.22836501

Citation i.e. Proof of this?

>> No.22836517

But the Tyranids use this weird gravity wormhole thing.

>> No.22836521


The Battlefleet Gothic Necron booklet.

>> No.22836531


That will probably be retconned aswell.

Back in 4th they were using Warp jumps, will probably go back to that.
Or they'll just be slow.

>> No.22836534

That's odd considering they took off the nids from warp travel and gave them a real space FTL via Narwhals.

>> No.22836535

So fluff from the age of the oldcrons?

>> No.22836540



It hasn't been retconned though, so right now it's all we have.

>> No.22836543


Which was only necessary because they decided that being exactly the same as everyone else contributed more new ideas to the setting than being different to the extent it boggled the fuck out of everyone.

>> No.22836546

Outdated fluff.

>> No.22836572


So we have no fluff on the combat speeds of the Necron fleet.

Then we don't know whether they're slower or faster than imperial ships during a boarding action.

>> No.22836591

I would say slower looking at the ''Fall of Conqueror'' fluff piece.

>> No.22836627


Seeing as that story features an Imperial Barge exiting warp and crippling the Necron vessel I'd say it proves no such thing.

The only thing it proves is that a Space marine ship can cripple a Necron Ship if it gets the drop on them.

>> No.22836655
File: 582 KB, 1176x1740, cell1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pretty much. Necrons used to have "inertia-less drives that was so fast it was almost akin to teleporting. When the Oldcrons assaulted mars their ships pretty much just appeared in orbit and then the admech shit a brick. They took down the ships, but getting that close to mars unnoticed and so quickly had never been heard of before. The down side to Necron ships is they went insanely fast in a straight line but couldn't maneuver worth balls.

I don't know why they retconned this, there was no reason for it. It's like they thought if necrons kept their physics breaking technology AND got personality they would be too OP in the setting or something stupid like that.

>> No.22836696

>The Stormlord’s Tomb Ship Inevitable Conqueror comes under attack by a Black Templars fleet whilst en route to the Sautekh coreworld of Davatas.

Nothing suggest the the Templar came out of the Warp. It looks the Fleets met each other in the field and the Templar managed to close in on the capital ship.

>> No.22836713

Yes...then they gave them a device that could destroy the entire galaxy.

The Orrey is ten times more bullshit than the Engines.

>> No.22836726


So they just happened across each other in the middle of space? Sounds very unlikely.

More likely would be the Navigator aboard the Templar ship noticing the Inevitable Conqueror and dropping from warp.

>> No.22836733


Imperial vessels don't travel in deep space using nothing but thrusters though.

>> No.22836808

>A broadside from the battle barge Sigismund strips away the Conqueror’s shields
This is the first time I hear about Necron ships having shields, not to mention the bullshit about getting pummeled so easily. In the last book of the Word Bearer's Marduk (Dark Creed?) a Cairn class is getting bombarded by an entire Chaos fleet and doesn't even fucking notice.

Necrons getting nerfed rustles my jimmies.

>> No.22836863

It wasn't just any ship. It was a really important one or something. Anyways, I am happy.

The Imperial Fleet is shown as the dominant force in SPESS, as it should be.

>> No.22836878

>It wasn't just any ship. It was a really important one or something.

>> No.22836918

It's the overlords favorite ship it should have been really powerful.


>> No.22836920


Oh look! Fluctuating power levels! I've definately NEVER seen this in 40k before

>> No.22836964

>Whats your biggest /tg/ related disappointment?

Huh. Deja vu.

Definitely not Newcrons. I fucking hate how the C'tan are responsible for almost everything in the goddamn galaxy. There's almost no race you can play that didn't have its lore meddled with by the C'tan in some way. Seeing them get sharded and pokeballed felt good, even if it didn't retcon all the bullshit.

>> No.22836981

All tombships are supposed to be a terror, they're capital ships for a reason. Loved that representation - a rare sight on the battlefield, but when you see one, offer a prayer to the Emperor.

Something that you should be doing, meatbag. Prepare to be harvested.

Something that has always annoyed me.

>> No.22837069


>> No.22837084

>Though in fairness, the Avatar of Khaine does wipe the floor with the Black Templar Chaplain.

Wait wait wait, the Avatar of Khaine actually wins a fight? This book might be worth reading just for that...

>> No.22837358

>I fucking hate how the C'tan are responsible for almost everything in the goddamn galaxy.

- Planted the pariah gene in humanity's ancestors
- Have followers within the Adeptus Mechanicus

- Played some part in leading Abaddon to start the Gothic War

- Tainted Kaela Mensha Khaine with the aspect of the Reaper after being defeated by him
- Imprinted primordial fear of itself into the racial memory of every species in the galaxy except for the Krork

Void Dragon:
- Influenced mankind's technological development after being imprisoned on Mars by the Emperor

What else?

>> No.22837359

They don't. Sterilization is only rarely used. Look at the latest Caiphas novel where in the first chapter he is already talking to human descendants of a Tau sept world.

>> No.22837391

You should be hating the Space Marine bullshit in this case, not the Newcrons.

>> No.22837411

Thet lowered the human population of Kronus from an overwhelming majority to less than 5% of the planet overrall population.

>> No.22837465

Orks and Eldar were created to to battle the C'tan.

The Warp is in its current state because the C'tan started the second War in Heaven.

The Nighbringer indirectly caused the birth of Slaanesh

>> No.22837478
File: 986 KB, 1280x1024, dc_archive_orestan_plains.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The humans left on Kronus found life increasingly difficult for them – many had embraced the Imperial return and now found themselves subject to reeducation or other penalties.

>In the wake of the battle, humans freed from centuries of alien bondage took to the streets and exacted some measure of justice upon the Tau civilians left behind. Revenge led to madness and soon Asharis was ablaze, Farseer Taldeer having as much concern for the lives lost there as a man might for the ants under his feet.

>> No.22837489
File: 421 KB, 640x800, in the void.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It was rumored that the Outsider might be the Tyranid Hivemind.

>> No.22837529

Purely fan speculation, which, quite frankly, never made much sense. The Hive Mind is a psychic phenomenon. C'tan are purely material creatures.

>> No.22837543

Orks were created to combat Enslavers.

>> No.22837597

Imothek + drives that let them pop up wherever the fuck they want = unstopable rapetrain.

The only reason the Oldcrons didn't rape the galaxy was because they made them stupid as fuck. Now that they've given the Necron some capable commanders, this kind of tech would be insane.

That one at least has the half-assed excuse of being a double-edged sword of galactical proportions. Pop the wrong star and the entire galaxy goes out in a blaze.

>> No.22837669

The Tyranids avoided the Dyson Sphere where it was hinted the Outsider hides.

That's about it. The rest is fan speculation.

Nope, they were created as Kroks to fight the Necrons.

In the time the Enslavers showed up, all the Old Ones were dead or dying horribly.

>> No.22837691
File: 56 KB, 344x508, Abaddon_the_Despoiler.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>capable commander

>910.M41 The Storm Grows
>Imotekh’s campaigns are halted briefly by the Imperium’s resolute defence of forge world Hypnoth. Imperial Guard and Space Marine reinforcements flood into the battle zone, and though they cannot achieve a lasting victory, they succeed in tying down the Necron assault for several months. Encouraged by the prophecies of the astromancer Orikan the Diviner, Imotekh finally breaks the stalemate by launching a series of attacks on Hypnoth’s supply worlds, Praedis-Zeta and Nyx.

>The first two raids perform entirely as expected, with the worlds laid waste and their vital supplies destroyed or claimed by the Sautekh forces. However, an unforeseen Tyranid infestation on Nyx wreaks havoc amongst the Necron forces and threatens to completely derail Imotekh’s entire campaign. Nevertheless, Imotekh rises to the challenge, weaving a strategy that manipulates the Tyranid swarm into venting its fury on the remaining Imperial defenders. With both sides thus distracted, Imotekh is able to extricate his remaining forces.

The 5th edition rulebook presented Abaddon with a similar situation in the form of the Imperial Navy fortress Cancephalus. He went for its supply world first and brought Cancephalus down without even touching it, freeing up an entire sector for his fleets.

>> No.22837694

Who can blame them? The Tau were oppressing them and persecuting their religious freedoms.

>> No.22837715
File: 52 KB, 407x597, Derpadon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dismissed and ignored due Derpadon.

Move along now!

>> No.22837719
File: 86 KB, 485x662, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is ridiculous. Necrons have no biomass, how can Tyranids possibly give two fucks about them?

>> No.22837744

They were in the way of the Tyranids. Standing between them and the Biomass.

>> No.22837821

Waaait a second.

Nids do devour metal and stone, and so it means they can devour the Necrons.

>> No.22837831

Necrons leave no bodies behind..

>> No.22837839

If they can do that why don't they just eat the whole damn planet?

>> No.22837840


-Khaine got raped in varous ways by teh C'tan, some even claiming he was turning into one by the shards imbedded in his body (which shouldn't even fucking wok since the warp is supposed to be anathema to C'tan).
-Contradicts Eldar lore that SLaanesh is responsible for ruining Eldar ressurection by claiming "The Nightbringer did it!"
-Destroyed the entirety of Eldar mythology by making the Eldar biological weapons, ripping apart much of the Eldar mystique.
-Eldar used to make the webway, when Necrons came out it became Old One tech they inherited.

-Were created as biological weapons to fight C'tan.
+Gave nightbringer the finger and told him to zog off.

-War in Heaven is now the reason the warp is such a turmoil in the first place.
-Theories abound on how Nightbringer is responsible for sending the Eldar down the spiral that caused The Fall and the brith of Slaanesh.

-Important Grey Knight demon capture objects are C'tan tech.
-C'tan tech is the reason the Cadian Gate exists.

Farsight's Dawn Sword is rumoured to be C'tan tech.

And that's what pops into my head now. Might be more later.

>> No.22837878

They sorta do.

Planets devoured by the Nids are left as husks.

They got teleporters inside them. If the teleporters are damaged and rendered down by the Nids acids, then the Necrons can be eaten up.

>> No.22837894

Yes, Kronus happened. And it was an exception, not the rule.

>> No.22837897


>> No.22837905

No, if the teleporters are damaged, they get destroyed by vanishing in a similar green light as the teleportation. Either way nothing gets left behind, Do you even Codex?

>> No.22837931

Only one nid lifefom, and only with the purpose of spewing molten metal at enemies.

>> No.22837972

>Abaddon showing why he's a fucking warmaster for a change.

I fail to see how this changes my point. The only reason the Oldcrons didn't stomp the galaxy was because of lolplot. They had drives that could pop them up wherever they wanted and were lead by fully-powered reality smashing gods. They *should* have wiped the floor with the galaxy, but only didn't because... well... plot.

>> No.22837984

>Planets devoured by the Nids are left as husks.

Yeah, but if they can eat everything, why not... y'know... eat everything? Leaving a husk implies inedible.

>> No.22838061

I think it was because only a small group of them awakened and the only fully awakened and powered C'tan was the Deceiver and he was the weakest among them.

The whole Oldcron end game was the Deceiver awakening the Necrons and his brothers, getting his brothers to agree to unite their forces, and then dominate the galaxy.

>> No.22838079

Too much of an effort, I guess, plus time constraints.

They have a schedule to keep!

>> No.22838086
File: 176 KB, 700x549, Necron threadvasion.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I thought the only thing holding the oldcrons back was the dismal population that was actually active. They were terrifying to the imperium but they were an extremely rare occurrence. Hell, most of the necron problems back then was consistently stumbling upon ancient ruins and then being unlucky enough to wake the bastards up because, surprise surprise, they weren't actually ruins. Just dusty.

The old codex's main point seemed to be, "When we wake our rusty asses up, all you living types are right proper fucked." A continuous message of, "Death is coming.", "Beware the red harvest." ect.

>> No.22838091

FFG disagrees!

>> No.22838164

Why don't the Necrons just blow up Terra?

They have the power to do that. The Imperium without Terra is like a headless chicken with no legs flopping around in its own blood. An easy conquest for the Necrons.

>> No.22838181

no plot advancement allowed.

you can seriously ask "why didn't fraction xyz destroy terra yet?" and the answer would always be the same

though a warhammer 42k based on this premises and a few other factors would be awesome. but that is just me dreaming

>> No.22838205
File: 571 KB, 1000x754, 40k_Band.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because terra has the Plotosphere. It's like an atmosphere made of plot armor.

>> No.22838207

It would be way to messy and generate far too much paperwork.
And they guys in charge of the Orrery doesn't like messy, or paperwork for that matter

Also it would mean that the Overlord in charge saw humans as a threat, instead of just ants to be squashed under his metal feet.
You must realize that these guys have been around for a couple of millennia more that humanity and have survived the greatest apocalypse the galaxy has seen to current date in 40K. This kinda breeds a certain dismissive attitude to what they see as the "lesser races".

>> No.22838230

>the Mechanicum secession with techpriests leaving and bringing with them Vostroya, Iron Hands, Techmarines and Titans will never happen ;_;

>> No.22838252

Grimdark reason: Because the emperor truly is dead, and without the corrupt Terran bureacracy, the imperium would swiftly enter a golden age.

>> No.22838383

Pretty much this but with Tau. Especially since the only friend I had that played 40k played fucking blood angles and we always played on a small table.

Needless to say I always lost, huge. So I gave up on 40k altogether. Sometimes I consider buying some Fire Warriors and some paints just for kicks, but I'm a poor student now and Tau is shit now. My paints has dried and my models is still at my parents house.

>> No.22838431

FFG is also notoriously inacurate when it comes to xenos. These are the same people that claim C'tan can unleash warp horrors, for crying out loud!

>> No.22838442

oh i would play the shit out of a mechanicus army. too bad it seems to be such a niche interest. it wouldn't even have to include titans or marines, just techpriests, some machines and tanks and theched-up super-guardsmen

>played on a small table.
oh how i hate that shit. it makes games really boring, no matter if you win or lose because of it

>> No.22838470


And that's part of the lolplot and scripted stupidity of the Necron. With their inertialess drives, it should have taken zero effort to just hop from tomb world to tomb world to wake up all the Necron. But they didn't, because, y'know, plot.

Oldcrons were riddled with plotholes.

>> No.22838472

I think he really enjoyed winning though, I never got more than one turn of firing before his jumpers had reached my lines.

>> No.22838550

they do, depending on whether or not their internal teleporter crap gets fucked up. in Faith&Fire a SoB yanks a Necron skull(that's been dead for 15 years or so) out of some rubble and angrily shows it to an AdMech

>> No.22838596

As opposed to now where they literally can destroy everything and everyone but they don't because "the balance must be preserved oh no".

>implying you know anything about the motives for ancient stargods in the first place.

Plotholes of oldcrons were due to the fluff being not fleshed out enough, old and not properly written (sometimes). The concepts were much more interesting than "bickering demented egyptian robot-nobles in space".

>> No.22838612


Because it is by far the most heavily guarded solar system in the galaxy. They describe the defenses in some fluff and it's basically like an entire segmentum's military assets, in a solar system.

As for why the Necrons don't... All the fluff is poorly written in that book. It is Ward after all.

>> No.22838621
File: 32 KB, 578x173, 1543.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>implying Imotekh lost that conflict

Pathetic human tech-dabblers and the freakshow fighting beside them were swept away in days before the true masters of mechanism.

>> No.22838654


C'tan motive was to set up an empire of destruction and eat people forever as their normal food tastes bad. As basic as it goes, they are junkies.

>> No.22838683


If their internal teleporters don't work they self-destruct.

The codex is very clear on this.
Faith and Fire is wrong.

>> No.22838685

The Defenses mean nothing. The Necrons can blow up Terra and the whole solar system with one swift motion of their metallic hands, thanks to the Orrey,

>> No.22838736
File: 347 KB, 903x1278, 574.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Maybe the self-destruct mechanism was flawed too?

The oldcrons were supposed to phase out as well, yet the Templars disagree on that.

>> No.22838740


>waahwaah stop taking teh misteriz away from my robot zombie misteriz army! :(

>> No.22838836


See that green glow?

That's them phasing out.


Just repeating what the codexes have said, no need to get all flustered.

>> No.22838912

>As opposed to now where they literally can destroy everything and everyone but they don't because "the balance must be preserved oh no".

The orrey isn't no so much "mythical balance" but more "if we push the wrong button at the wrong time in the wrong place EVERYTHING dies. Including us."

As a weapon, it's really fucking inconvenient.

>implying you know anything about the motives for ancient stargods in the first place.

Yeah, see, that would be lolplot.

>> No.22838931


Firstly, it's codices, not codexes. Secondly, all codices are basically propaganda to hype you up about your selected army.

>> No.22838939

After the Space Marines had amble time to play with their corpses?

>> No.22838953

And the novels known to contradict eachother and every other piece of fluff on a surprisingly regular basis are the height of accuracy. Sure.

Codexes may paint their armies in a favorable light, but they're also the cornerstone on which all other fluff is build.

>> No.22838959

oh cool, are we finally calling people out on codexes? Sweet!

>> No.22838963


It's codexes, we're not in the middle ages and we're not speaking Latin.

And even so, the newest codex was released after Faith and Fire, so what transpired in that book can be considered retconned.

>> No.22838967


Nah, it's just random green glow from broken crons.

They've laid on ground long enough for the Templars to haul their carcasses into piles and put heads on spikes. No phaseout for them - oldcrons have learned to fear the Angels of Death.

>> No.22838979

If the Necrons self destruct, then pieces of it will remain behind.

Scraps and bolts.

>> No.22838984

or is it them getting back up?

>> No.22839001


>If the Necrons self destruct, then pieces of it will remain behind.

Not according to the codex, it disintegrates entirely. It's also indistinguishable from a phase out.

>> No.22839020

Mind giving us the text?

>> No.22839029


Looking it up now, a minute.

>> No.22839050
File: 58 KB, 625x439, englishplz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It's codexes, we're not in the middle ages and we're not speaking Latin.

it's not just fucking Latin and it's not just a fucking middle ages thing. it's plain as day contemporary english.


>— n , pl codices
>noun, plural co·di·ces

>pic related

>> No.22839053

>-Khaine got raped in varous ways by teh C'tan
No he didn't, the only battle between him and a C'tan we know of has him winning.

>some even claiming he was turning into one by the shards imbedded in his body (which shouldn't even fucking wok since the warp is supposed to be anathema to C'tan).
Fans being stupid.

>-Important Grey Knight demon capture objects are C'tan tech.
No, they're Ne(w)cron tech.

>Farsight's Dawn Sword is rumoured to be C'tan tech.
By fans.

>> No.22839059
File: 299 KB, 1298x586, Necron.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22839087


Except this isn't the same codex as the latin word refers to.
It's also referred to as codexes in GW's own publications.

Also, I could care less what its called.

>> No.22839096

>implying that geedub hasnt been using the 'word' codexes since forever.

do you even 40k?

>> No.22839107

>Also, I could care less what its called.
>but i'll reply to you informing you that i don't care. so there. neener neener chicken dinner.

>> No.22839109


>> No.22839113
File: 206 KB, 405x720, 1350451478416.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sauce please.

>> No.22839117


>being this oblivious

>> No.22839125

nb: it's "codeekays"
more or less anyway. not codissees.

>> No.22839135

GW almost exclusively uses 'codexes' when referring to 40k codex books. I imagine it's like how they say "miniatureS designers", as "sometimes
people refer to them as miniature designers, but
they're not small. Some of them are quite large

>> No.22839137

>No he didn't, the only battle between him and a C'tan we know of has him winning.

Except that the bit about the shards piercing him and ding weird stuff to him was from a white dwarf article.

And then there's the rest of that post.

>> No.22839152

damnation crusade, issue#2.

>> No.22839165


Except it's not a bound manuscript, it's a regular book called a codex.

Therefore it uses an english pluralization to distinguish it from the latin word 'codex'.

>> No.22839214

thing there though is miniatures designers means something entirely different from miniature designer, specially in the context of the situation.

miniatures designer : a person/persons that design miniatures.
miniature designer : a designer that is small in scale compared to others in his/her profession.

it's like saying "i want extra hot fudge". do you want more hot fudge or do you want your hot fudge to be hotter?

>> No.22839219
File: 5.73 MB, 2448x1715, The_Birth_of_Fear.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Except that the bit about the shards piercing him and ding weird stuff to him was from a white dwarf article.

In which he beat the Nightbringer.

>> No.22839237
File: 363 KB, 816x607, 1256876198476.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

someone got schooled, pic very much related

>> No.22839259

>still thinking words have only one meaning.

Closest, and quite honestly the most applicable definition to this is

Archaic. a code; book of statutes.

Considering that each codex carries the rules and outlines (as well as a bit of the lore) of each unit for each army.

>> No.22839296


Except in this case it's a book with the name 'codex', it's not a codex.

Hence the word should be treated as a name gramatically.

>> No.22839332

>given a definition that says a rulebook IS a codex.
>its a book named codex! that's why it's called codex! never mind it has rules in it, which makes it apt to call it a codex! the only reason it's called a codex is because its got it in its name!

what are you, stupid?

>> No.22839335

>Khaine cursed by Necron shards in his body, regardless of the previously established fluff that the Warp is anathema to C'tan.
>Nightbringer sowing the seeds for the bith of Slaanesh.
>Nightbringer also surviving and recovering in better condition than Khaine.

Khaine ma have won this batle, but this is still shitloads of C'tan wank that rips chunks out of Eldar fluff for the benefit of the Necron.

>> No.22839348


Ceci n'est pas une pipe

>> No.22839351

it uses an english plural because no-one at gw or in gw's audience gives a fuck about latin
there's no reason to try to make some etymological correctitude argument, language is defined by usage

>> No.22839387
File: 82 KB, 853x761, DarkVoice_SC2..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Imagine you're Andy Chambers and want to introduce your race of ancient evil mystery beings into the game.

You're not allowed to take a piss on Space Marines to make your creation look powerful, Guard at the time are a joke to everyone, you're also writing the Tyranid codex so can't touch them, Orks are a joke too and you don't even remember Sisters exist.

So you take your dump on Eldar.

>> No.22839403

I'm kind of bummed out that it's pretty much impossible to make a necron encounter in a PnP 40k.
I tried once and after a couple of days of struggling I came to the conclusion that no matter what you do, making your party have any interaction with anything necron is a death sentence.

>> No.22839407

out of curiosity, where does this "english plural" stance come from? i know GW has repeatedly erroneously used the 'word' codexes, but where else is the term actually used to refer to multiples of a codex? i admit in my laziness all i did was look up codexes on the first result page of google, but the only time codexes referred to something that wasnt corrected by "the right term is codices" is a guy referring to codexes as meaning multiple codecs (coder decoders).

>> No.22839412

The Newcron Codex treated the Eldar 10X worse than any Oldcron lore.

Remember that.

>> No.22839429


It also set them up to be their greatest enemies and had them raze a whole bunch of Tomb Worlds.

Eldar are basically the Van Helsing to the Necron's Dracula.

>> No.22839439

But it also shat on the C'tan, which makes everything okay.

>> No.22839448


Nah, there were isolated incidents in timeline where Eldar had their asses kicked, but the War in Heaven dynamic was changed from "Everyone else died, C'tan and Necrons went to sleep and wait until food grows back (with civilization and weapons so they can shoot them and develop Space Marines to destroy them)" to "Eldar force crons into hiding".

>> No.22839485

It showed the Eldar as incompetent clueless morons who had millions of years to destroy the Necrons and yet they just ignored the monsters beneath their feet and somehow forgot about them.

>them raze a whole bunch of Tomb Worlds

The damage the newer races did to the Necron Empire with their ignorant expanding and exploring dwarfs the damage the Eldar inflicted on the Necrons.

This shows that savages with little technology have outdone them in Necron busting.

>> No.22839500


You got me.

Now let's hope Ward gets the Eldar and turns them up to eleven.

>> No.22839519

The Necrons quit the field because they learned through their FARSEER that the Eldar are bunch of morons who won't do much damage to them in their slumber and will ultimately destroy themselves.

Also giving the Necrons the Webway? Only unimaginative bastard would do such a thing. At least Crud created the Narwhals for the Nids!

>> No.22839537

Except Van Helsing actually got shit done, unlike the Eldar.

>> No.22839550

>It showed the Eldar as incompetent clueless morons who had millions of years to destroy the Necrons and yet they just ignored the monsters beneath their feet and somehow forgot about them.

Which is still better than the Oldcron "Eldar? Ahh, ignore them. I'm tired, let's take a nap."

>> No.22839554


Well, maybe they're the Hugh Jackman version.

>> No.22839570

>It showed the Eldar as incompetent clueless morons who had millions of years to destroy the Necrons and yet they just ignored the monsters beneath their feet and somehow forgot about them.

Wasn't that what the whole Slaanesh thing was about? They probably didn't finish the job because they were too busy buttfucking.

>> No.22839578

The Eldar don't even have the excuse of trying to avoid the Necrons or not finding them. Exodites actually settled on Tomb Worlds without giving a fuck about doing anything about the Necrons sleeping there.

>> No.22839588
File: 54 KB, 358x440, Flayed_One.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Elderps did have one notable success: they successfully made the Oroskh Dynasty really sick by infecting them with the flayer virus.

>> No.22839597

In the Oldcron fluff everyone was getting raped by the Enslavers including the Eldar. And also the C'tan and Necrons were in their full power. They had an excuse.

In the newer fluff the Enslavers didn't play a big role. The Eldar have fleets of ''innumerable'' vessels and the advantage of a weakened enemy. Did they follow through and wipe out the Necron? Nope, they forgot about them. Blaaargh!

>> No.22839602


The Necrons also couldn't stand against the Eldar after the War in Heaven, which is specifically spelled out in the codex.

Orikan's divinations about the Fall didn't happen before the Great Sleep, just thousands of years before the incidents, and it is unknown if he shared them with anyone never mind the Silent King. Any speculation that he did is without proof - but even if he did the only thing it would mean is that Silent King would feel a bit more confident about ordering his crons to sleep.

>> No.22839626

Even he racked up a rather impressive killcount, all things considered. The Eldar have yet to actually win against the Necrons, in the fluff. They won in a WD Battle Report, but Ward wrote fluff about how they failed hard in the post-game.

>> No.22839635


C'tan and Necrons going to sleep at full power was one of the most retarded things about the old codex.

They had a perfect chance to enslave life and ward off the warp with their wards when it would be recovering from the Enslavers and there was nothing to resist them. Yet they go to sleep and allow the development of empires and a raging warp with chaos gods, never mind some dude who can solo the most powerful C'tan and imprison it forever.

>> No.22839649



>> No.22839681

>In the Oldcron fluff everyone was getting raped by the Enslavers including the Eldar. And also the C'tan and Necrons were in their full power. They had an excuse.

Yes, and the new fluff is an improvement on that. Now the Eldar are actually doing something to hunt the Necron, little as it is, while the Necron had an actual excuse to go into hiding. They'd just gone through a major revolt and suffered massive damage, they were in little position to challenge the Eldar.

The Oldcrons just won a war, were pumped high on adrenaline, at the height of their power! Then all of the sudden the Enslavers show up and the Necron... don't fight them and kill them?


Once again it was only lolplot that stopped the Necron from just going out there and stomp things.

>> No.22839718

Did you really think the glorious C'tan God would drink from the disgustingly tasteless energies of the stars while waiting countless cycles for life to flourish again?

So far only one craftwotld what they're doing in the fight against the Necrons.

The other Eldar are ignorant of the danger and just don't care.

It's up for the Imperium for clean this mes.

>> No.22839719


>> No.22839730

You just hate change!

>> No.22839754

>Did you really think the glorious C'tan God would drink from the disgustingly tasteless energies of the stars while waiting countless cycles for life to flourish again?

No, I'd think they would go out there and stomp the everloving fuck out of the enslavers *before* they kill everything.

>> No.22839766


>Did you really think the glorious C'tan God would drink from the disgustingly tasteless energies of the stars while waiting countless cycles for life to flourish again?

Yes, because good things come to those who wait. Also Eldrad said Deceiver's foresight was better than his so they didn't have the excuse of not knowing.

>> No.22839771

You just hate vague fluff and bad rules!

>> No.22839785


Enslavers and daemons attack from the warp, the C'tan and their Necrontyr slaves were helpless before them.

>> No.22839789
File: 77 KB, 469x437, trollcron.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I could say the same thing applies to all the people complaining about the introduction of the Oldcrons.

>> No.22839807

... That would make sense, if not for the tiny detail that they didn't just won a war against the goddamn masters of the warp.

>> No.22839817

>So far only one craftwotld what they're doing in the fight against the Necrons.
>The other Eldar are ignorant of the danger and just don't care.
Not really. Alaitoc are the only guys who are actually trying to deal with this, but their efforts are spearheaded by Farseer Starbane, and they are thus doomed to fail. However, the Necrons have come into contact with Iyanden as well, and I'd be surprised if Ulthwe wasn't aware that the billions, possibly trillions of imperialistic robot skeletons are waking up all over the galaxy and that they have been doing so for thousands of years. In the end, the Eldar are either supremely incompetent or just apathetic.

>> No.22839818

Why do you think we feel all warm and fuzzy inside whenever an Oldcron/Newcron fight breaks out?

>> No.22839824


The Old Ones were finished off by the beasts of the Warp their own minions had spawned.

>> No.22839838
File: 76 KB, 817x992, 1323186385507.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If i remember correctly they ran out of enemy to harvest. the enslaves killed the survivors of the war in heaven. (there were survivors but not enough to sate their gods hunger)

problem is that the necrons became the wannabe Eldar. Winny people lamenting over their fallen empire. who use shards of their god in battle.

>> No.22839861


Eldar had left a world filled with soulstones into the center of the Eye of Terror, conveniently there for Chaos or Dark Eldar to take and sacrifice to Slaanesh.

>> No.22839873


Necrons know the shard is best used as a slave, Eldar worship the shard. That's a vital difference.

>> No.22839885

All Eldar worlds in the Eye of Terror are filled with soulstones. That's where the Eldar get them fro to begin with.

>> No.22839913


But those are soulstones without a soul, harvested for newborn eldar.

The ones in this one were already full of souls (somehow although Fall happened just before the Great Crusade) and there was even a wraithguard army.

>> No.22839933

I bet you don't know how to spell the name of the element that drink cans are made of, the synonym for port and what we call different bandwidths of visible light.

>> No.22839938

>problem is that the necrons became the wannabe Eldar. Winny people lamenting over their fallen empire. who use shards of their god in battle.

As oposed to the wanabe chaos gods they were before?

>> No.22839941

... that use the web way....

>> No.22839952

Can't we all just agree that, old or new, the Necrons are still the most skubtastic faction in the game?

>> No.22839965


people became vocal about their opposite opinions to him despit the fact that he is tecnically correct

>> No.22839970

... The fuck is this shit from?

>> No.22839977
File: 80 KB, 750x870, 1357326976328.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>c'tan slave wat do

>> No.22839980

The older Eldar survived through the Warp Apocalypse which was the Enslaver. They had to rebuild themselves as a species. So excuse them for not hunting the bloody necrons.

Newer Eldar despite being in ascendance just did pathetic damage to the Necrons. How did that happen. Everywhere you throw a stone in the galaxy you will most lucky find a tomb. There are millions of Tomb Worlds, guts, MILLIONS!

Come on....In order for the Necrons to ''improve'' their fluff the Eldar took the Guass flare for this retcon.

Yes really.

Only that Craftworld understand what they're facing and how to handle it, being the only Eldar who didn't magically forget.

Any war by other Eldar on the Necrons won't happen for the sake of ancient duty. Oh..no, It will be because the Eldar are prejudiced against the Necrons for their crime of soullessness.

>> No.22839991


Angel Exterminatus. It's historically relevant because Fulgrim sacrificed all soulstones on that world to reach daemonhood.

>> No.22840005
File: 58 KB, 625x470, bureaucracy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tecnically correct

>pic related

>> No.22840011


Eldar shouldn't try to wage wars because of ancient duty anyway, ends badly for them.

>> No.22840022
File: 31 KB, 537x310, Sunstorm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The only place where the Eldar Gods were badass was in the Older fluff.

Bloody hell, The Necrons want to rub out all our cool fluff!

>> No.22840033

>Only that Craftworld understand what they're facing and how to handle it

>> No.22840035

If talkin is all bout how da boyz shoutz it at ya, den why don't gitz talk like okrz den?

If youz want to look real flashy when you talk wit letterz den you got to use proper spellin.

It makez ya look like someone who needs a good krumpin if you spell bad and don't get me started on who Americans krumped spellin

>> No.22840065

>Angel Exterminatus
... And people wonder why I am skeptical when they claim novels to be a better source of canon than the codices.

>> No.22840094

Eldar at the time of the War in Heaven were probably hardass fuckers. They were powerful psykers that spawned gods just by existing. They wielded weapons gifted to them by the one of the two most advanced races in galactic history. They were practically immortal since they could reincarnate, and would therefore accumulate combat experience much like Orks grow in size. And they spent an indefinite amount of time, possibly thousands or even millions of years doing nothing but wage total war against alien gods and their soulless minions.

>> No.22840097
File: 351 KB, 579x900, Eldar (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22840107

I bet they said that 60 million years ago when the Necrons went to sleep.

>> No.22840111

But that all changed when the fapping nation attacked

>> No.22840140

So, since newcrons are "anything goes", can I finally have an army of frenzied necrons painted white and red who run into battle mimicing the laughter of their opponent's race, tearing fleshbags apart and scattering their remains everywhere, caring less for efficensy and more for having some god damn fun? Make them all flayed ones, but some using weapons, I dunno.

>> No.22840169

Stick some blue on them and call them Americrons.

>> No.22840207

Tomb World gets a mass destroyer affliction, the central computer tries to save as much as it can, but eventually it too goes corrupt. The last vestiges of contact preserve some sainity, but little of it remains.

The result is madness. Pure, brutal, unchained madness.

>> No.22840340

well after fucking over the necrons/ctan the enslavers fucked over the galaxy, the old-ones bailed and the necrons that were left fucked off underground, and the Eldar fought of the enslavers then partied until the fall.

>> No.22840519

Or wait, since "necron lord but INZANE LOL" is now everyone's favorite necron schtick, how about we bring that idea to its logical conclusion?
A necron faction led by 9 lords, each one thinks itself a member of the other factions.
And since necrons are weird and can not into feelings, each one is a borderline racist caricature of the respective factions, without question offensive. The warriors are even more chaotic, the more sapient unites proclaiming themselves halfspessmarine-halftau-halfeldar and so on. They fight for universal pece and harmony at gausspoint, basically being space liberals.

>> No.22840579

>A necron faction led by 9 lords, each one thinks itself a member of the other factions.

The image of a Necron using supertech and claiming it's psychic power while a bunch of Eldar try toconvince him otherwise is hilarious. Do it.

>> No.22841098

Sup elegan/tg/entlemen. This seems like the best place to ask this.

For now it's only a pipe dream- as I lack the funds to do any serious purchasing or army-building- but at some point in the as-near-as-I-can-make-it future I'd like to build myself a small Cron army.

My first question is this:

Are any of the Necron characters truly worthwhile fielding, as opposed to using a 'stock' HQ?

TL;DR- pros and cons of gearing your own HQ versus using a Special Character for 'Crons.

>> No.22841287
File: 90 KB, 900x1050, necron_by_obrotowy-d31fmqs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Providing a few Necron pics that I shamelessly ripped from DevArt to hopefully get an answer. I'll try not to bump irresponsibly.

>> No.22841385
File: 472 KB, 800x1132, 2bbb6018a5898ede1fb4f39256fe4689-d4n6agk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.22841471
File: 180 KB, 900x1165, necron_overlord__monochrome_by_nicholaskay-d5e58qw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.22841848

In classical latin, yes it probably would be codeekays, but in English it codissees, just as the plural of matrix is maytrissees and the plural of vortex is vortissees

>> No.22841896

only a retard would think that someone called a miniature designer was a small designer, rather than someone who designs miniatures

>> No.22842735

Pretty much all of them are, really. It more depends on what your tactics are to see which one is preferred.

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