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I going to a make punk rock themed Sisters army, reference pics /tg/?

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Come on, are you guys so obsessed with keeping up lore purity that you can't allow punk Sisters?

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please respond

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Tank GIrl.
Read it, watch it, model it, paint it.

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I'll die before I respond.

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read tank girl
picture nrelated

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> Posts from beyond the grave.


Google image search up some punk girls. I'd post some of my own, but they're all NSFW (it's kind of my fetish). Watcha gonna name them? Order of the Steppin' Razor?

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1.Go to punk shows
3.Realize that heavy metal ladies have more style
5.Make a heavy metal sisters army instead.

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I'm afraid your job is futile OP, unless you go back to rogue trader and 1st and 2nd editions of 40k to see how it was done before SoB were turned into pure nuns.

nowdays its all saintly and pure, but back in the day you had some serious BSMD/metla going on.

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I don't have anything against punk sisters. Honestly I fluff my sisters to be radical feminists who believe men are more prone to chaos corruption then womyn. By it Slaanesh and their perverse nature, Khorne and men's need to dominate and commit violence, Tzeetch and their pride/madness, or Nurgle because Nurgle makes promises men are gullible enough to believe.

Hanging around radical feminists makes it easy peazy. And I'd be one of their Inquisitors, enjoying the power that comes with stripping guardsmen generals of their rank, or sending a space marine brigade to their deaths because I'm bitter I never got to be the glorious patriarchel hero/success the more privileged imperial factions promote.

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Here you go OP, switch out or convert some of the weapons and mix them in with regular sisters.

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i'm out

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>tfw I will most likely never date a punk rock goddess like the cougar I dated in college

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That sounds like a lot of work. Models nobody likes and very little models from other companies to work with. I guess you can paint those man-faced things funny colours.

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>prone to Chaos corruption
Shit nigga, you dumb.

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All of my punk is of the Cyber variety, hope you don't mind.

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>believe men are more prone to chaos corruption
Learn to read, bozo

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>Responding to a jim profit troll.

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w-why is that 2d laser so unsettling

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I'm surprised noone has posted any of the old Heavy Metal babes yet. I mean, they're even wielding weapons similar to bolters

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well bisley isnt really punk as much as metal

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even if he does come close

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Crank up some Sex Pistols or Ramones cause i'm about to bring the punk

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Sisters of Battle in leather corsets? count me in!

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Okay so she doesn't have a bolter yet... Maybe she just got transferred from the schola or something?

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Can you say... Repentia Mistress?

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acutally i think this one counts

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I'm liking all this sudden love for homebrewed Sororitas Orders.

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it's in the air, man. new Sisters codex this year!

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OP here: That was actually my reasoning for them. I was going to have regular Sisters as the core troops and have the punk rockers be the Dominions, Repentia, Retributors, ect. Now sure how I want to do the Serphiem (might have to either use their current models or put wings on regular Sisters).

Thanks dude! Next pay day I'll order two sets

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>buy marines
>apply makeup and hair

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