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40k/Fantasy question: what would it take for you to consider a new wave/codex/army book release for [your favourite army] to be successful?

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Got a bad feelin' bout this, guys

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Eldar: A proper identity (in terms of stats). Nothing really matches their fluff, let alone the way they are advertized by GW on the official site. New plastic Wraithguard and Warp Spiders would be ace too.

Tyranids: Written by Ward. Made into a proper reserve-manipulation army. FOC re-balanced. Good options in every slot. Allow MC to carry troops like the Armorcast Malefactor.

Tau: See picture.

Orks: No idea. What do orks need actually?

Sisters: Plastic support. Also written by Ward.

Black Templar: Rolled into Codex: Space Marines & Friends. Just kidding, make BT into the kings of footmarines.

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>Chaos Daemons
I don't know if its even possible to save them.
If you were to try I'd suggest making them actually playable. Even the Sisters of Battle are more playable than them.

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Fuck you my friend. With the White Dwarf updates Chaos Daemons have some broken as shit units. What do sisters have i ask you

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>MFW Ward did everything right and people still complain

In all honesty I love my new codex and wouldn't change much.
The only real problem is what other people tell me how I should feel

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Well sculpted and detailed miniatures with a good set of bits and options to them. Would love if they were interchangeable as well (like Jes work with parts of the DE set, the Tyranids and most SM sets and so on).

Less CAD, less blubbery details and unstructured surfaces.

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They have faith. Faith that one day their salvation will come in the form of a proper codex and full plastic support.

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Tyranids: Less expensive Carnifex and Harpy, more useful genestealers, warriors, pyrovores, lictors, venomthropes. Return of the super-customizability of older editions, especially options for extra armor/wounds/toughness and grenades.

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Also, proper balance, both with other armies and internally.

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>stop sidlining non marines
price drop
plastic steel legion box, command squad + HWT
plastic vostroyan box, command squad +HWT
plastic mordian/pretorian box, command squad +HWT
Plastic cadian vet/stormtrooper box
finecast tank commanders from the plastic regiments

>bring over some FW stuff
>on foot firewarrior commander
>firewarriors not being shit

>plastic sisters
>either GK level sister codex or combined Inq. codex

bring back looted wagons using the rules of the vehicles they are, eg. looted russ has a russ cannon and armour, not genric stats

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Iron Hands.

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Kais as a "whole army" choice. He's worth 2000 points and is the most broken thing ever.

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Flyers that are between Heldrake/Vendetta and the worthless DA ones in terms of power.

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Fantasy? how about an actual game that doesn't suck ass?

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As far as I know with the new FAQ Daemons have actually been winning tournaments.

Well screamers and flamers anyway.

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This guy's mostly got it. Making relevant changes:
Eldar: A proper identity (in terms of stats). Nothing really matches their fluff, let alone the way they are advertized by GW on the official site. New plastic Wraithguard and Warp Spiders would be ace too.

Tyranids: Written by Ward. Made into a proper reserve-manipulation army. FOC re-balanced. Good options in every slot. Allow MC to carry troops like the Armorcast Malefactor.

Tau: See picture.

Orks: Looted vehicles

Sisters: Plastic support. Also written by Ward.

Black Templar: Rolled into Codex: Space Marines & Friends.

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My scythes will blot out the sun!!!

Flyers aren't bad until people can throw out 6+ without batting an eye.

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>Eldar: A proper identity (in terms of stats)

They already have one, S3 T3 I5 4+.

>Nothing really matches their fluff

Are you kiddding me? Aspects match the fluff so hard it cripples the army (no mixed units)

The problem with Eldar, in my mind, is that Dark Eldar already fill their niche (fast paper tigers) better than they do. So now their only choice is to be "Dark Eldar but slower, can't hit as hard but are more durable".

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Prices going down.

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mai nigga

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Prices not increasing.

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For wood elves? Maybe make eternal guard better, or our archers a little cheaper.

Other than that, I still like it.

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Orks also really need some better elite options. Our elite options are pretty much "smaller boyz squad with different weapons", then nobz and meganobz.

As far as heavy support, flashgitz are way overpriced for what they can actually do, and the limitation of one 'ard boyz squad per army seems really arbitrary and dumb.

Then there's the issue of grot artillery, which is aboslutely useless. The artillery pieces should just be integrated into regular grot squads, or the heavy support option should be able to field more grots.

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As a daemons player, let me be the first to tell you that screamer/flamer spam does not count. It just doesn't. It doesn't make the army interesting or fun again. It's just one fluke spam combination. It's boring and crappy and should not count as the army as a whole.

Worse still it makes someone who just happens to like the screamer models into a pariah "power gamer" for the next codex or two.

Anyway to fix daemons... just fucking erase the waves rule. Problem 90% solved. Then figure out what the fuck you're doing with daemons, tyranids, invulnerable saves and eternal warrior and just STICK WITH IT. doesn't matter if daemons lose EW and bugs in synapse gain it, or if daemons keep it to fit the fluff. What matters is that they fucking STICK WITH IT FOR MORE THAN ONE BOOK.

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Good rules; cheese is acceptable as long as it's just some delicious cheddar cheese like the new Deathwing rules and not smelly, disgusting brie like Necron's Flying Cir-cusss. Fluff that shows how cool the army is, but nothing egregious(looking at you, Khornate Grey Knights). And, MOST IMPORTANTLY, Models that are both cool and that fit the aesthetic of the army.

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not god tier cheese

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Additionally; I play Dark Angels and I consider this Codex to be a success. Mostly because Terminators are my favorite Marine models and I friggin' love deepstriking fifteen of them on turn one in a 1000pts game.

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forgot plastic kreig

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blood ritual grey knights was an example of a potentially good idea mangled in execution.

It was an attempt to portray them as psykers, technocratic shamen and sorcerers schooled in daemonic rituals all at once. Which IS what they are best as, but since this was in the same book that finished turning them from wizard terminator trios into yet another marine chapter BUT PSYCHIC... they ruined it.

In theory a group of amoral psykers clad in ruinic terminator armour who are trained and sanctioned to use otherwise heretical sorcery to bolster their psychic powers and who are well schooled in blood magic, daemon binding and other banned practices that they use alongside ancient and nigh-magical high technology to trap daemons in pocket dimensions... well... that's a hard idea to really fuck up, isn't it? But, they did.

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Let's not forget the whole "let's give GK a dreadnought but make it different and special".

And thus, the baby carrier was born.

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Man I thought they were going for "knight titan, but somehow improbably make it lame"

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Maybe it was supposed to be a titan.

I really have no fucking idea what it was supposed to be, honestly, I just know it's pants-on-head retarded.

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Yeah, while I feel the Eldar codex isn't where it needs to be, the problem isn't with differentiating stats (they even boost the Exarchs like they should) and it's not that they aren't designed to match their fluff. It's that they almost universally suck at their job. Fire Dragons are the only Aspect Warrior that are the best at what they do, and what they do is have a bog standard meltagun. Others like Dark Reapers are alright at what they do, but are too overcosted to ever be worth it.

I also have to agree with you on the the issue of not making them Dark Eldar. Fast and deadly is taken, fast and durable doesn't seem like much of an army concept, and fast tough and deadly is bad game design. However, I think they can fill a unique role. I'm kinda guessing that they'll end up with a lot of USRs and their own special rules. I wouldn't mind a mix of fast units and separate tough units, similar to what wraith units offer. One thing Dark Eldar have a problem with is not being able to take anything that isn't a fast paper tiger. They pretty much have to play it all the way to the hilt every time.

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Tau: I'd like someone to make the alien auxiliaries even mildly worth it. Kroot are good only as cheap cannon fodder, Hounds are slightly more choppy but otherwise pretty easily turned to mincemeat, Krootox are too expensive for what they are, Vespids... are just made of suck. I'm not asking to cheese the shit out of them, but making it so that they at least serve some function beyond that of a fleshy wall which yells 'ow' when you shoot it would be appreciated.

Also, a final and sensible version of the fluff. Right now, depending on where you ask, the Tau are either Space Hippies on one end of the scale or Stalinists on the other. I don't much mind which version they settled on, but knowing for sure would be nice.

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Vespids would be great if they were just a little more durable. They've got a niche role but they're pretty great at taking out marines and the like.

I'm completely with you on kroot, though. Also, Tau need more auxiliary options, if GW added the Demiurg it would be wonderful.

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I'm of the opinion that if they didn't give GKs a book, cut 80% of the units, and made them an allies only army for use in a supplement, the release would've been awesome, and made sense.

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I wasn't talking about the units, but the weapons. Why do Eldar pay a premium for weapons that pale in comparison to the 'inferior' technology of the Imperium? Keep the lance at home and give me plasma cannons and lascannons at the bargain price please.

Why are shuriken catapults so laughably short-ranged? Do you think it actually matches all the hubbub the eldar make about being on the decline and blablabla?

These stats. Not unit stats.

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Ward doesn't do models, Jes Goodwin did that.
Even the best have their awful moments.

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My problem with the Vespids is their criminally short range. They usually only manage to get a round or two of shooting in, if you're lucky, before being assaulted, whereupon they promptly die to anything more sophisticated than a Gaunt.

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>Even the best have their awful moments.
Which is apt description of grey knights as a whole.

>> No.22829763

That's a fair point. Luckily, I think that's a matter of 4th edition. Especially now with the changes to rapid fire in 6th, I imagine a lot of the weapon problems will get ironed out without too much difficulty. That said, I would love more multi-mode stuff like the Fire Prism. Even by itself in an allied detachment that thing has been kicking ass just by being able to engage a range of threats.

>> No.22829792

Exactly, if they were more durable they would be much better off, because that with their high initiative could give them a chance in melee. Honestly, though, I would give them a second attack too, because even with high initiative a single S3 attack per unit isn't going to do much.

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...You obviously have no idea what you are talking about, at all.


Look at the Dark Angels and Chaos codexes and compare the flying units in them. They're about par for each other. Now compare them to every other flyer. GW is clearly working towards toning down the capacity for abusing flyers. And, TBH, I actually don't think the Dark Angels flyers really look -that- bad. Heldrake has much more survivability, while DAs have much more offensive power, and the points costs are almost identical.


I think we all know this really is the best answer. Not even joking.


Run some fucking allies to fill your holes. Even sisters can be competitive with a properly tuned ally list


The only thing he did right was bring everyone else up to par for 5th after Wolves and IG fucking shattered the entire system. Yeah, he's a great rules writer...so long as he only has to worry about balancing what happens around his own dex's. IMO, the guy worked wonders for trying to un-fuck 5th, but his writing style just doesn't mesh for 6th.

FYI: I play DA, crons, daemons, IG, and CSM. I stand by all claims resolutely.

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Fantasy player here

WoC and DoC: please stop overpowering these armies they are cool, they look awesome but playing against them or with them is boring.

Skaven: they're fun but too many stupid rules that makes them overpowered

Dwarfs: more movility, more kickass units. cannons are cool but saying "I attack you with my band of super demons, or ultra powerful unit" is way more fun than shooting your way to victory with cannons in 1 or 2 turns.

Wood Elves: just new coedx please, this guys suck ass

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>but his writing style just doesn't mesh for 6th.
6th's writing style has been copy and pasting old fluff.
I think his Ultramarines fluff before the battles section meshes pretty well.

>> No.22829899

They get the Guard Special then?

>> No.22829931


I was mechanics-wise, not in regards to fluff.

As far as his fluff writing goes.....just let a fucking pre-schooler do it....

>> No.22830006

>just let a fucking pre-schooler do it....
Very likely, if Cruddexs are any indication it's common method employed by GW for crunch writing.

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Who cares about competitive? (I do, but it's not the issue here) The problem is that daemons are boring. They are boring because they are nearly mono-build. Moreso with the new Tzeentch stuff.

Even the fluff bunny lists have to build their army around compensating for the wave rule's stupid mechanic. They either ignore the rule and take the units they want, and the stupid rule only comes up every third game, or they split their army into an alpha wave and beta wave, and it only comes up every third game, or they take two groups of identical units and ignore the rule altogether.

A rule whose entire mechanic is to force the player to find a way to render said rule ineffectual is a dumb rule. It should simply not exist in the first place.

Get rid of waves and daemons become a lot less boring. Not having to account for them in list building opens up the entire codex to see more use. Fuck allies. Allies aren't always fluffy and they're a lame fix.

>> No.22830075

Which is annoying because I swear to god I would write all these things for free.

I don't understand why the fuck they keep it in-house under lock and key. At least have open rules testing or something. It's stupid.

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I am a Chaos Space Marine player and I consider my latest release succesful. It is far better then the previous codex which made Traitor Marines pretty much loyalists with spikes but less equipment, and it isn't overpowered and cheesy. Pretty much gives you tools to play a good game but won't win it for you.

>> No.22830340

>I don't understand why the fuck they keep it in-house under lock and key.
Because when it's released neckbeards on the internet, including /tg/, start telling each other how excited they are and what they want to buy and takemymoney.jpg. It seems to work well enough to sell models, which is what they want to do.

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You know what? I can totally get down with that. Albeit, I play mono-slaanesh, but I can still see where you're coming from.

>>Allies aren't always fluffy and they're a lame fix.

The first thing that popped into my head was Goatboy's power-build list of crons/GK that he posted on BoLS. It was pretty dumb.


I've always kinda been under the impression that one of the big reasons they don't have open rules testing is simply because warhammer is a game with so many variables in it that even the most similar games ultimately play out completely different from each other(terrain, reserves, fluke rolls that completely turn the tide, etc...). But, maybe that's just MORE reason to have open rules testing. Truth be told, however, I really think the biggest problem in that regard comes from the codex writers, even more so than not having open testing. Every single one of them writes differently, and a few of them can't write at all.


I was kinda 50/50 when it first came out, but after the DA codex came out I was completely sold on both ends. I desperately hope that GW maintains the trend they've started with these last two. They both have superb internal balance, and their external balance is only limited by the unupdated dex's.

>> No.22830562

plastic everything

no fincecost, plastic

>> No.22830578

>I desperately hope that GW maintains the trend they've started with these last two
Neither of them are by Ward and Cruddace. The true test of 6th edition has yet to come.

>> No.22830644

One of them was done by Phil "WOLF WOLF WOLF WOLF" Kelly, it passed one test.
And you could argue Vettock was a test as well, since this was his first 40k dex.

>> No.22830816


How long has it been since Cruddace even wrote a codex for 40k? Does he even work on the 40k dev team anymore? Fingers crossed it's a no...

And, honestly, I would be okay with Ward writing the vanilla marine codex. Considering that it was the first codex of 5th(read: before IG and wolves), it actually is pretty excellent, and seemingly as withstood the test of time quite well. It was never overpowered, and has never been bad. Even now, 5 years down the line, the first codex written for 5th still works for 6th. Beyond that, I think a lot of the bad mechanics that got worked into Ward's dexs mostly stemmed from the fact that he was trying to maintain some semblence of order after the power creep in 5th broked it within the first year of its release. So, I think I would be okay with giving Ward one more chance, preferably with the next vanilla marine codex.

>> No.22830886

Tau are getting Cruddex'd.
Ward is apparently on Nids and Orkz. 2013 and early is looking to be the year of the xenos.

>> No.22830914

Existing. Whoo chaos dwarves.

>> No.22830934

>Ward on nids
Free at last!
Free at last!
Thank Ward almighty, we are free at last!

>> No.22831122

the original before they bumped the size up, far better lookin imo

>> No.22831182

Looks like Xenos-Spawned Tech-Heresy they got from those Commie Tau Bastards.

It looks positively beautiful. Why can't GKs into Suits when they're supposed to have the best equipment?

>> No.22831592

Really a fucking Cruddex for tau? There goes any hope of me acctualy starting a tau army.

>> No.22831662

Orks might be good for Ward. Silly fluff fits them better than most armies.

And a stronger army is always welcomed

>> No.22831672

I haven't played any armies with Cruddexes, can somebody explain why they're so despised?

IG and Tyranids seemed very competitive to me when I played against them...

>> No.22831695

basically everything in my army would need to get shittier or more expensive or both.

>> No.22831747

>Tyranids seemed very competitive
Must be 6e nids or you're not very good. They had only one viable list in 5e and it was barely good enough for casual play. 6e cut them some slack though, praise be to based Ward.

The IG are good, but it's a few specific units, they have a laundry list of worthless shit that makes one think, "Why would you even take that?"

>> No.22831896

Alright, that makes sense.

I guess I just never saw anyone field the bad units, and so didn't realize what they were like.

My judgment of whether the armies were competitive or not was based on observing other people play, I'm well aware that my army isn't competitive but it isn't supposed to be, it's just a fun Ork list.

>> No.22831951

Its attitudes like that which make people like Orks and Ork players. I personally don't see a reason to play a not fun ork list since Orks don't lose.

>> No.22832061

three ogryns is the same price as a fuckmothering vendetta.

Yeah, IG has problems.

>> No.22832478

Actually, they do have an outside testing crew now. Those two great, well balanced 6th edition codexes? I know for certain DA was tested by the outside crew, and if I remember correctly so was Chaos.

I would point you towards his Fantasy Orks and Goblins codex. He does not like orks and they do not like him.

>> No.22833464

>I would point you towards his Fantasy Orks and Goblins codex. He does not like orks and they do not like him.
40k is a different system. And I think he would work well for them. But I have heard this a lot.
I will view it with cautious optimism.

>> No.22833509

Fire VVard.

>> No.22833631

>Giving Cruddace more codexs
hahaha, surely you aren't serious.

>> No.22833710

Eldar: Infantry level star weapons. In fact, Guardian Sgts that aren't warlocks. Defenders with BS4, Storms with WS4. Units no longer requiring a Farseer to be buffing them and debuffing their target every turn.
Lizardmen: Coatl and Skink Priests getting Heavans or Beasts. Also, Saurus getting slightly cheaper, or slightly better stat-wise.

>> No.22833786

yeah fuck Vvard, he doesn't do anything anyway.
He's probably why GW has raised their prices so high, they have to pay for his dead weight. What the fuck kind of name is Vvard anyway? One v should be sufficient.

>> No.22833813

Not making Eldar look like a bunch of pussies (They already are, but that's beside the point).

>> No.22833844

He could be named after Vvardenfell. But who would name themselves after a fictional island from a video game?

>> No.22833848

I think Vvards official job is Ward's personal blow job provider. Shows what they consider money well spent

>> No.22833901

A prick that's who.

>> No.22833997

really, I heard he's Kirby's personal blow job provider, but he only provides them when GW raises their prices.

>> No.22834043

certainly would explain why they raise prices so much.

>> No.22834828

In 2nd edition, a shuriken pistol was a bolt pistol with an extra -1 to the armor save, a shuriken catapult was a storm bolter with an extra -1, and guardian squads used lasguns.

3rd edition screwed over the Eldar(and Orks) in that they decided every faction needed their own unique weapons. Since shuricats were going from elite units only to base weapon, they got a nerf to be like the bolter but different. Unfortunately, rapid fire got buffed every edition since, and 12" range weapons on troops that aren't Tyranids is pants on head retarded.

My personal wishlist:
Shuricats are 24" rapid fire with AP4 and Dire Avengers get Relentless.

Guardian Defenders get the Swooping Hawk gun instead.

Wave Serpents get back the FUCK YOU force wave of super tank shock they had in Epic Space Marine. Any unit the Serpent moves over is pinned, and the rear ramp counts as an assault ramp.

Decide on a way to differentiate the combat roles taken by Striking Scorpions and Howling Banshees.

Basically, I think Eldar should be the "Even more elite than space marines" army.

Bear in mind I don't play Eldar I play Tau.

>> No.22835947

>Shuricats are 24" rapid fire with AP4 and Dire Avengers get Relentless.
Maybe shred instead of AP4
>Wave Serpents get back the FUCK YOU force wave of super tank shock they had in Epic Space Marine. Any unit the Serpent moves over is pinned, and the rear ramp counts as an assault ramp.
Yes I love this idea.
>Decide on a way to differentiate the combat roles taken by Striking Scorpions and Howling Banshees.
Maybe banshees should get their own weaponry, something that would allow them to swap between the various power weapons.

Personally I would like exarchs to be able to supplement a squad of aspect warriors into wither be better at what they do, or be able to fulfill a secondary role. Kinda like how the Scorpion Exarch can take a weapon that makes the squad better at taking out hordes (biting blade) or MCs (Scorpion Claw). Maybe make the Dragon's breath flamer AP2 and something for the other Aspects

>> No.22835958


Well, they dropped the ball on the Heldrake, that's for sure.

Then again, they probably told the management about it, and they said "nah, we want to make sure it sells, buff it even more".

If GW wanted to start fixing the game in any real capacity, they would use the power of errata to deal with some of the crap that already exists (heck, they just buffed the Night Scythe!).

>> No.22836021


Why? Why on Earth would GW give the Orks a new codex right now? They have the most well-balanced, well-written codex in circulation right now. They are very nearly perfect. They do well (but not too well) regardless of the edition or the meta. Shooty edition? Fine. Assault edition? Still fine. Vehicle edition? A little weak, but still fine. Foot edition? A little strong, but once again, still fine.

With armies like the Sisters of Battle and the Black Templars desperate for an update just to become something more than a cruel joke, and other armies needing new codexes just so they can be nerfed back down to proper proportions (not that such a thing will ever happen unless Ward Fantasy Daemons occurs again), giving the one faction that is EXACTLY where it needs to be a new codex is downright silly, because their quality currently has nowhere to go but down.

>> No.22836109

>giving new codices on a 'who actually needs them' basis
That doesn't happen. It's done when they've finished work on the shiny new models.

I agree, though. Orks are relatively recent, they'll be wanting to put out other releases first.

>> No.22836143

Space Marines: Chapter traits. Reasonable heavy weapons costs. Cheap transports. COST BALANCE STANDARDS SET FOR ALL MARINE VARIANTS
Variant Marines: As marines, except actually cost-balanced around standard marines.
NotQuiteMarines: Daemonhunters balanced around standard marine costs.

Inquisition: Alien Hunters, Daemon Hunters, Witch hunters in one big book. Repressors in book. Cheap transports. Faith Powers not restricted to two-per-unit-type WD crap. Fucking daemonhunters either nerfed down to everyone elses level, or everyone else level brought up to theirs.

Eldar: Cheap transports, reasonable heavy weapons, a heavy 2 and heavy 3 starcannon. Aspect Warriors that don't suck within their role, and have statlines priced with their cost.

Ig: Unit Doctrines. Toning down of the 'blah blah hq gives special shit thats doctrine like' thing.

Tau: Human helpers. Better alien help. Less arbitrary restrictions on MUST TAKE units.
Give tau the Special Commanders Change The Army Comp thing that everyfuckingbody does now. I want to see Stealth Army, with stealths as troops. I want to see elite suit armies, where the humans and aliens fill all the meatgrinder roles and let the tau train up to badass status with suits. I want to see farsighters that aren't hamstringed and actually ROCK in melee.

I want more necron.

>> No.22836146

>Black Templar
>Needing a codex

No. No more Marine books. Enough is enough.

>> No.22836166

Guard player here, we really don't need anything.

Every unit not named Ogryns is good when put in the right list.

>> No.22836185

I believe every army should be in the format of third edition Eldar: A single "core" book for that army, and a second book that had the variations on that.

Orks, and Waaaaghs!
Eldar, and Craftworlds
Chaos, and Legions
Imperial Guard, and Regiments
Tau, and Septs.

This is really a win for everybody.
For players: All space marines get updated at the same time, so fringe chapters (Black Templars, etc) don't have to wait two editions. Xenos get more attention, as they're no longer under-represented.
For Games Workshop: Most players are buying two books, you do the math.

>> No.22836218

Metau Gear?!

>> No.22836227

>implying enough is ever enough

>> No.22836316

Black Templar are in a really weird place right now, about where IG were when they were first written. Some things really, really good and some things really, really bad. They need a codex but Tau, Eldar, and Sisters all need one first.

>> No.22836350


>Every unit not named Ogryns is good when put in the right list

I disagree.

Rough Riders are still shit.

>> No.22836418

This is how you Dreadknight.

>> No.22836426

Also this.

>> No.22836784

Firstly may I comment on how handsome that man in you picture is.

Now I think that the Ultramarines (being the greatest faction in the game) could use a little update and some re branding to be as successful as they deserve to be.

A new strong character as the head of the Ultramarines will increase their popularity tenfold.

Sicarius should be replaced by a new chapter master, one with attractive long brown hair and a sexy beard.

He will be excellent on the table top and interesting in the fluff, The wonderful writers at GW should emphasise how he leads the Ultramarines with the strength of a man with many real friends always like him and laugh at his jokes, yet be wise like a man who girls like to talk to and want to kiss.

Macragge is such a boring name, it must be changed to better fit in with the uniqueness of the setting, perhaps a name like Mat would be more interesting to newcomers.

GW should trim down all of the unnecessary Space Marine chapters like the Black Templar ,Salamanders and Legion of the Damned.
GW needs to focus more on the Space Wolves, Grey Knights and Ultramarines.

Oh and GW needs to drop the Sisters of Battle as well, those good for nothing piles of crap do nothing but shit up the brand.
If I had my way they would all be skinned alive and torn apart. (that's kind of hot)

Finally I think renaming the Ultramarines (though radical) would really help.
Seeing as they are the protectors of all that is good in the galaxy I would call them the Wards of Mat, It has a nice ring to it.

>> No.22836860 [DELETED] 

so beautiful ;_;

>> No.22836943

Not even. A squad of 5 can have two meltaguns and meltabombs on the Sergeant for 80 points.

That's ridiculously cheap, and if you blow the shooting you can still assault the vehicle of choice with krak grenades, which the squad has stock.

They're good.

>> No.22837036

Do none of you dumb niggers realise that Coteaz was prototype WitchHunters? Think about it. SoBs become acolytes.

>> No.22837209

I'm going to be rather crossed if Nids get ANOTHER codex before Eldar, Daemons or Tau, whose average age by now is what, 8-9 years?
And the Nid dex is 3 years or so correct?
Not to mention sisters and no the White Dump does not count. In my gaming group there is a sisters player who are sticking with them no matter what, but he knows from the get go he is gonna be trembled to bits by the swarm of IG, GKs, Wolf wolfs, necron and so on, but he just writes it off as being his WD that is screwing him over and their time will come, he flatly refused to believe GW would give a relative young codex a jump ahead in the codex queue, because he had to believe there was a sliver of fairness in GW's black heart.

I kind of want him to be right.. Is that a bad thing?

>> No.22837262

>Chaos Space Marines - Mark of Tzeentch that's actually worth taking on non-sorcerers. (My renegades are Tzeentch themed)

>Black Templars
AACNMTO is a standard Black Templar special rule. Emperor's Champion is optional and must accept and issue challenges.

More named characters.

Anything else that reflects that they are practically a Legion. I'd argue that they are the last remaining loyalist Legion.

This one is probably selfish and overpowered, but I want it anyway: an option to equip both Bolters and the Bolt Pistol/Chainsword combo for Initiates.

>Sisters of Battle
A Faith system that is not the current one. The old system had its flaws, sure, but the current one was a nerf on an army that was already an underdog.

A bonus to Deny the Witch rolls.

Another unit or two that adds long range firepower.

All plastic models.

Inquisition integration like in the GK codex.

>> No.22837331

Dwarfs? A centerpiece, naturally, like all fantasy armies. Probably some big hulking machine with runic powers.
I would also love it if something like striking runes from Storm of Magic was implemented. Dwarfs are just a bit boring because they lack 2 phases.
I'd also like something that's a bit faster. Like bear cavalry. Dwarfs riding bears to inflict savage pounces on their foes.
And of course fix Gyros without partials and remove that awful fucking FAQ on flame cannon

>> No.22837437

>I kind of want him to be right.. Is that a bad thing?
No, it's not.

And I wouldn't worry. I think I read that the person that was the source of that info is 0/6 predictions.

>> No.22837456

More like

>> No.22837460

Accidentally a word.

he is 0/6 in his past predictions.

>> No.22837556

>Codex: Craftworld Eldar

>Exarchs = Stubborn, exarch powers are squad upgrades.

Farseer = mastery level 1, can upgrade to mastery level 3, may take 4 powers. doesnt roll for eldar powers.

Pheonix lords = FNP, Fuegan gets 4+ FNP

Autach = seize initiative 4+, 2 warlord powers.
DIre avengers =24" Assault 2 shuricats, Bladestorm is all weapons are salvo 2/4

Guardians = min unit size 5, defenders get bs4 and support weapon options(d-cannon/vibrocannon, ect), storm get ws4 and plas/haywire grenades

Scorpions = stealth for 10pts

Banshees = furious charge for 10pts, ap 2.

Wraithguard = 35pts, FNP.

>Fast attack

swooping hawks = Skyleap = swoop like MCs, intercept = Vectorstrike with Haywire grenades.

shining spears = get s6 ap2 PW on charge, haave unwieldy maul afterwards

Warp spiders = Deepstrike without scatter for 10pts, Enter reserves at end of asssault-phase for 10pts(roll deepstrike mishap table)

>Heavy support = BS4 for 5pts for all guardian units(falcons,warwalkers, ect)

Dark Reapers = skyfire and intercept for 35pts each

Wraithlord = twinlink is optional, FNP

>Vehicle upgrades

Shock field = 15pts gives assault transport can not be combined with holo fields.

Holo fields = 15pts gives shrouding

star engines = 25pts may flat out in the assault phase

Shadow Weaver= unit hit is in dangerous terrain.
Starcannon=36" S6 AP2 Heavy 3
Vibrocannon= causes ap- penetrating hits on vehicles.
Brightlance= 10pts cheaper

>> No.22837779

but they just are not a legion...

>> No.22838361

I want Ward to make 40k Daemons so I can finally insert some flavour in to my Chaos Space Marines army.

>> No.22838504

1) DE PFP confers 4+ FNP.
2) nightshields now give stealth.
3) Reavers and scourges get points reductions.
4) Warriors can now take 2 heavy weapons per 10 guys. (break that SM mould)
5) Wyches are ws5 base.
6) Succubus can be taken in 3's, cost 40 points each, get powerweapons for free.
7) Raiders are AV 11/10/10. The front arc is very small, so this won't change much.
8) Mandrakes can always infiltrate as though there was no LOS, they have powerweapons.
9) Reavers with grav-talons can immobilise enemy vehicles on a 5+ when bladevaning. They may immobilise any non-flier this way. One per turn.
10) Voidlances are now S10 AP1 Lance, they draw a line through the target out to the maximum range. If the weapon penetrates the target the line affects the next valid model behind it and so on until the weapon reaches its maximum range. Each successful model hit in this way reduces the strength of the weapon by 1. Voidlances may now be taken on Ravagers/raiders/trueborn squads at 40pts per weapon.
11) Darklances are now AP1.
12) Disintegrators can be taken by warriors.
13) All current one-shot weapons are now no longer one-shot. They are treated as a normal weapon and retain their existing profile.
14) Stinger pistols are now available to any squad leader upgrade, Archon, Succubus or any other leader unit that is purchased on a per-squad basis.
15) Court of the archon units may be assigned to any squad.

>> No.22838615

Probably pop-y, Bowie-esque tunes with lots of synth, neon, or at least bright, clothing, and plenty of compression and reverb on the drums.

>> No.22838794

Turn all of 40k neo-80's and me and Mat Ward will be best friends forever.

>> No.22839367

Vibra cannons doing pen hits? Giant dong shaped weapon fucking land raiders in the AV14-butt with the sheer force of its vibrations? That is so Eldar.

>> No.22840115

still retarded

>> No.22840521

you need to get that vibrating wraithbone penis-cannon out of your ass bro

>> No.22840609

>forgot platic krieg

Person who wrote that here,

1. can't belive this thread is still ticking
2. Forgeworld do krieg
3. fuck krieg
3.5 krieg are just [for] emo faggots

>> No.22841320

>40K nazis are for emo faggots.
there are also, you know, NAZIS.

>> No.22842009

>Eldar: A proper identity (in terms of stats). Nothing really matches their fluff, let alone the way they are advertized by GW on the official site.

Is complaining about how bad Eldar are the new "check your privilege"?

>> No.22842047

No, but getting on someone's case for fretting about how bad their non-imperial army is.

>> No.22842052

I would say that would be nids considering no one got raped in the rules as hard they did.

>> No.22842326

Its because Orks is also a popular army. Therefore, they can get more monies.

>> No.22842364

I hear that GW does listen to some extent. I think it was faeit that said that the Nids got bumped up because of how bad their rules are.

Though faeit is a rumor mill so should probably be taken with a grain of salt.

>> No.22842406

Female space marines.

>> No.22842453

They're a lost legion.
PMS led to their fall to Khorne.
do you even 40k fluff?

>> No.22842845

I want the outdated Fantasy books gets updated and bring back the Dogs of War so I can make the Band of the Hawk.

>> No.22846342


I thought of some more.

1. Cheaper models. Really if they just did this I wouldn't bitch ever again and I'd consider it fair trade
2. Bikes have Hit and Run. It never made sense to me to think that guys on foot can lock bikers into combat. Especially not jetbikes that are flying at ludicrous speed and stop on a dime due to close combat.

Chaos Daemons
1. Go back to the old Horrors models, but plastic. Any version will do since their current look is the worst of them all.
2. Better survivability after the deep strike. Hell this goes for everyone. The fluff is full of jump pack marines landing right into close combat and bloodletters stepping out of the warp already swinging and killing

Space Marines
1. Ability to buy special rules for your generic captain, like Veterans of the Long War for Chaos, for custom chapter customization.
2. Price adjustment and/or buffs to bring them in line with later 5th edition/6th edition codices.

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