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Yo /tg/ first time posting here.
I was thinking about getting into WH40K, specifically the Imperial Guard. I was wondering, is the Guard strictly color-coded like the Marines and do they all have to wear green armor with khaki uniforms like this fucker or would no one bat an eye if I painted them more grayish-brown with camo patterns or something similar?
The visual aspect is kind of a big deal to me. (that's why I'm not buying the starter pack, green space marines, what the fuck)

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Each regiment has its own color scheme. The Cadians (which is what your picture is) are the poster-boys of the IG, which is why they're everywhere. Paint them however you want.

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You know there's literally zero mandatory color coding in 40k, right? The books actually encourage you to make your own SM chapters/IG regiments and give them unique color schemes.

Even the starter pack. You could say they're dark angels successors and paint them, say, fuchsia with maroon and teal highlights.

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You are not bound to one color scheme. Urban camo would be great, too.
Check out "imperial guard color schemes" on Google. You may be pleased.

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Well, I'd assume that IG would use camo based on the enviroment they're usually fighting in, but I'm no expert on the matter.

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Consider your wallet before you get into 40k, it can be quite the financial drain.

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The marines do crank out camo, They did in the badab war.

Unless forge world changed that.

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They still do. The Codex Astartes has tons of camo suggestions based on terrain.

It's just down to your chapter's interpretation whether that means

a) here are some examples of camo


c) You can't use any camo at all anyway because there was a blurb three chapters earlier (in one specific edition of the codex only found on rimward worlds in the Galactic north) about camouflage being weak and cowardly.

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Thanks guys, now I'm more eager to sell my belongings.
That does look better than default Dark Angels.

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guard regiments wear camo depending on their environment they are currently fighting in. also each regiment seems to have a default uniform.
Tau also use camo (something most tau players seem to forget, but its their army and they can do what they want)
and space marines occasionally will darken their armor for camouflage on night worlds or ash combat zones.

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don't Cadians already have like 50 color schemes? I seem to recall that being in an IG codex.

(paint them however looks badass to you, disregard the picture on the box, acquire wenches)

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Not only do they not need a colourscheme, they don't need those uniforms, I'll post a few non-cadian guards.

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I know, but I wanted to start with basic Cadians. I'm just not crazy about the deep green with dark sand pants (I don't know paint names yet).

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....or steal non-Cadian color schemes and slather them on Cadian minis

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Love these guys, considering a regiment of them when I've got some extra cash

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>(I don't know paint names yet).

Take this. It's dangerous to go alone.

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I want to give that Creed a bowler hat so bad.
I'm gonna get me a Creed and sculpt that hat for him.
It's going to be glorious.

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>implying a sombrero wouldn't be better

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That bit about camo and the like being cowardly is canon.
It's just that that's the specific view of the Red Scorpions, who are kind of mega-puritan.
>Camouflage is the colour of fear... I have no need to hide from my foes... I have no fear of death. My colours I wear openly, they proclaim louder than any words, "I am proud to live - I am proud to die".
-Carab Culln of the Red Scorpions

This is from Warhammer 40 000 Compendium, which also includes... camouflage patterns from the Codex Astartes.

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Sorry, not bowler, homburg/Anthony Eden (?).

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They brought back Changeling Pink, didn't they? I use it for my Emperor's Children.

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>I use it for my Emperor's Children.


(they also have Changeling Pink, but it's one of those faggy "dry" paints for people who don't know how to wipe a paintbrush on a paper towel)

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or is that closer to Tentacle Pink?

Pink Horror is more magenta-looking.

I haven't actually used a "dry" but I refuse to believe they aren't just left out in the open for a few hours before they close the pots.

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What was even the point of changing all of the names of paints anyway?

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I prefer a lighter pink, though, which is why I use that.
It's more fabulous.

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I know in their financial reports, Kirby said something about protecting their copyrights or whatever, but that's ridiculous. I mean, first off, you can't copyright a color. That's absurd. And second off, no way is any court going to say GW has the copyright to the word "Abbadon" on a paint, so they might as well have just left it as the even less copyrightable "Chaos" Black, for example.

It's probably something more like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbbZc2pak

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They have copyrights on their production method... Which the original is used by several companies you FUCKING dolt it is not the god damn names they are worried about

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so why change the names...

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sorry I can't hear over my faboulosness

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Does anyone know a place where I can get some good custom bases? I'd like temple/gothic ruins types of ones, the only good ones I've been able to find are pic related MAS ones that are a bit off from what i'm looking for.

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>messy hair

Oooooh shit, the commissar is gonna have a field day.

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>messy hair
>dirty uniform
>sitting in dirt
Please report to your Mordian Commissar for immediate BLAMMING.

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Secret Weapon maybe?

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>dat thousand-yard stare

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There are different guard regiments, and even differently specialized companies. You can even get like 10 different styles of models for guardsmen depending on what look you like and how much money you're willing to spend.

So you can paint your guys however you want them to be painted, just say they're from a different regiment than the ones in GW showcases.

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You can't copyright a production method either. You should educate yourself about intellectual property rights before calling other people out on things you are incorrect about.

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If you're going Imperial Guard, prepare to take a second job and then call out sick from that second job a lot so you can try to paint all of them.

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